The InBetween (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Made of Stone

1 What's going on over there? Previously on "The InBetween" Meet Damien Asante.
- Welcome.
Tom Hackett.
- Good to meet you.
Yeah, he's a former profiler with the FBI.
Transferred from LAPD.
I'm here now, all right? I'm with you.
I saw some strange stuff last night, and I think it might be related to your case.
Whatever she says in there, I'm counting on your discretion.
Please tell me what the hell we're talking about.
My daughter has certain abilities that can be very helpful, visions and communication with the dead.
The spirits, they seem to know that you two are connected.
Maybe if you stopped using what she gives you, then leave her alone.
Late '80s, six women murdered.
Took their eyes out.
Strangled them.
Perp's name was Ed Roven, executed October 2nd, 2005.
Everybody run Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit He'll be hopping along Hey.
We need to talk.
It's late, and I'm not in the mood.
Come on now.
After y'all used me to catch the bad man? I didn't use you.
I don't even know you.
You sure about that? You're the guy who sings that creepy song.
You know, I was a big help to your daddy.
You should think about getting to know me better.
The name's Ed Roven.
And I already know your name.
What do you want? I was hoping me and you could be friends.
That is not gonna happen.
You speak your mind.
I like that.
Then you're gonna love this.
Get the hell out of my house.
Don't come back.
All right then.
But if you find yourself wantin' a little help from over on my side, you just give me a holler and I'll come running.
Hear? You have to stop him.
Stop him.
Just check back at the station.
Yeah, we'll go ahead and call it in now.
All right.
- What have we got? - Elliot Sinclair.
Says his wife, Karen, left the house this morning with their 13-year-old son, Jason.
Every day, she drops the kid off at school at 7:45, then heads to work herself.
But then Mr.
Sinclair received an email from the school saying that Jason hadn't arrived.
Uniforms check the route? No sign of them.
If Karen was taking Jason somewhere, she would have told me.
What time did the school email you to tell you Jason was absent? Uh, around 8:00.
I have a big project due, so I was already at my computer, and I called Karen's cell and then Jason's cell.
Both went to voicemail.
And then I did the Find My Phone app.
It said it couldn't locate them, which, you know, Karen's phone is never off.
And then I, uh, called 911.
Have you left the house at all this morning, maybe to go out looking for them? No, I work from home, so I don't I don't really drive anymore, and we only have one car.
Shouldn't you guys be putting out an APB or, um, I mean, an Amber Alert? Isn't that what you do in a case like this? Absolutely, but before we do, is there any chance at all that Karen just decided she needed a little time to herself? What do you mean? Was everything okay between the two of you? Yeah, everything was great.
I mean, we're about to celebrate our 15-year anniversary.
God, I mean, guys, something is wrong.
Maybe you can come down to the precinct with us, go through some mug shots.
It could be someone was casing your house.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, whatever you guys need.
Well, do you mind if the uniforms look around while you do that? It's just a formality.
Yeah, whatever you guys need to do.
But I'm telling you, they're not here.
No, that's it.
The woman said, "You have to stop him.
" All right, I'll keep it in mind.
Anything else? That's it for now.
I gotta go.
Your husband's here, and he brought pastries.
All right.
Well, love to you both.
I'll talk to you later.
- Hey, sweetie.
- What a nice surprise.
Don't you see patients on Wednesday mornings? Yeah, I'm taking a few weeks off.
How come? I've just been kind of tired lately.
- I need a break.
- Oh.
A break, that sounds lovely.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
It's just someone came by the house last night, a spectral someone.
And he said that he helped Tom with the Shannon Bell case, but he didn't strike me as the helpful type.
What do you mean? It was just a vibe I got.
I might ask Tom about him later.
I already told the guy to get lost.
Did he listen? Yeah, I did that thing where I put up a mental block, kind of like a locked door.
Doesn't work for everything, obviously, but it should keep him out of the house.
- Coffee? - Yes, please.
You know, when your mom was going through this, the hardest part for her was dealing with malevolent energy.
She had ways of trying to block it out that were not healthy.
It's all right.
I'm not her.
By the way, I'm gonna take some time off from work, a few weeks.
I've just been feeling kind of tired.
I know.
You told me.
When? Just now.
See, this is why I need a break.
Hey, do you have any soy milk? Yeah, in the fridge.
Please, take a seat.
First group are known thieves and carjackers.
Okay, what's the second group? Those are sex offenders.
Let us know if any of these photos jogs your memory.
There'll be an officer right outside if you need anything.
Hey, lady, move it! Sorry.
Okay, thanks.
Uniforms are done with their search of the Sinclair house.
There's no signs of violence or a struggle, nothing pointing to Elliot as the perpetrator.
Well, he seemed genuinely concerned about his family.
He let us search the house without a warrant.
Called 911 as soon as the school let him know Jason wasn't there.
But statistically, when a wife and child go missing, the husband's involved somehow.
There's something else as well.
Cassie called this morning.
She said she saw a woman and a child, and the woman said, "You have to stop him.
" - Stop who? - We don't know.
The woman she described wasn't Karen Sinclair, and the boy was too young to be Jason.
Now, listen, I know all this is new to you, but I have a feeling there's a connection.
Preliminary background check on Sinclair looks clean.
Nothing on his record worse than a speeding ticket.
Friends say they seemed happy.
Speeding ticket? He said he didn't drive.
This was back in Port Townsend.
He let his license lapse when he moved to Seattle four years ago.
What does Sinclair do now? Technical writer.
She's in PR.
Any financial problems? Not that I can see, but it looks like they did move in a hurry and pulled the kid out of school in the middle of the year.
Sinclair sold the printing company, took a loss on the house.
Moving, career changes, these are all major stressors.
Maybe the Sinclairs weren't so happy in their new home after all.
Here's Karen Sinclair's minivan at 7:38 waiting at the Columbia Street light.
Her driving appears normal, nothing erratic, no speeding.
She goes right past the turn for the kid's school, enters I-5 north at Cherry Street.
She's headed out of town.
And that's where we lose her.
Maybe she was taking Jason somewhere and forgot to tell her husband.
Or maybe she didn't tell him on purpose.
But wouldn't she have reached out to the school and her work to let them know she was okay so they didn't sound the alarm? Yeah, makes sense.
Zayn, call the Forest Service.
Ask them to send up a couple of drones.
Maybe we can pick up the van again.
I don't have a good feeling about this.
That might be Karen's car, but I don't think she's - in control of it.
- Let's talk to Sinclair again.
It's Cassie.
Everything okay? Yeah, I just, uh, wanted to ask you about something, someone, actually, who came by my house last night.
But you seem busy.
We're working this possible kidnapping.
Look, give us a couple of minutes.
We'll meet you in the conference room.
- Mr.
- Hi, did you find them? - Are they okay? - We haven't found them, but we do have some information.
Karen's minivan entered I-5 headed north.
Do you know why she would do that? No.
Oh, my God, someone took them.
That's the only explanation.
Please, you guys, you have to find my family.
We're doing everything we can.
Sinclair, can you think of anyone in your life who would want to do this? - Do you have any enemies? - No.
- Does Karen? - No! Everybody loves Karen.
I'll ask you again.
Are you positive there are no problems in your marriage? Is there any chance that Karen could be seeing someone? We're happy, okay? I'm telling you, they're in trouble.
So you got run over by a minivan, over by a horse? You got run Yeah, sounds crazy, but pretty sure they're connected.
How come? Hoofbeats, both times, I heard hoofbeats.
Okay, it's it's not always literal.
Sometimes it's open to interpretation.
You just have to sit with it for a while.
Was there anything else? Yeah, the husband was driving.
Are you sure? Positive.
I'm sorry, I have to get to work.
Hey, didn't you say you wanted to, uh, talk to me about something, someone? You're busy.
It can wait.
- You sure? - Yeah.
I gotta go.
The whole "I don't drive" thing, maybe it's a cover.
Have you seen Elliot Sinclair? He just said he had to go to the bathroom.
- When? - Uh, a while ago, actually.
Maybe 20 minutes.
He's on the run.
Peter Rabbit and the little red hen Talking things over in the high-wire pen Along came McDonald with his trusty gun And he goes When I told you to leave my house last night, it wasn't an invitation to come and bother me at work.
You're gonna want to hear me out, Cottontail.
Don't call me that.
All right then, Cassie.
Don't call me that either.
I'm here to offer you a quid pro quo.
- What? - I help you, you help me.
I know what it means.
Why would I want your help? I know things.
I have certain skills.
Your police officer friends, they Don't even start.
The answer's no.
Think it over.
After all, a boy's life is on the line.
What? [HUMMING.]
What are you talking about? [HUMMING.]
What are you staring at? You wanna help me set these? Sure.
We put out a BOLO on Sinclair, and we sent a photo to Border Patrol.
And we have officers searching the neighborhood.
Yeah, well, with a 20-minute head start, we're already behind the eight ball, so keep me posted.
Elliot Sinclair's phone, six-digit lock code.
Okay, I'll start with birthdays and anniversaries.
Just give me some time.
Here's what's bugging me: Elliot started calling Karen's cell from their home phone as soon as he got the email from the school at 8:00.
But she was on I-5.
He couldn't have driven them out of town.
Maybe he's working with someone then, because an innocent man doesn't take off from a precinct bathroom leaving his coat and phone behind.
Unis canvassed the Sinclairs' neighborhood, grabbed this off the security camera next door.
Time code reads 4:58 a.
Okay, so our bad guy sneaks into the garage, hides in the back of Karen's car, waits for her and Jason, and then forces Karen to drive them out of town.
That's not clear enough for facial recognition software to ID him.
Let's get this photo on the wire.
I want it seen by every bus driver, train conductor, cab, and car service in town.
You got it.
Forest Service got a hit off one of their drones.
They think it's Karen's minivan.
Go, go! Stay tight.
I got left.
On scene, mile marker at 34.
Eyes on tree line.
Copy that, Victor.
135-34, stand by.
You heard it, clear.
All right, it's clear, guys.
Stand down.
Spread out.
Let's walk it back a little bit.
All right, glove up.
We'll start to work on the vehicle.
Get some tape on it.
Did you hear that? There's someone over there.
Got something! She's over here! All right, 360, let's go! Herd up, red search.
She's still alive.
Medic, over here! Let's go.
Where the hell is Jason? Establish a parameter of 800 yards.
Organize into teams.
We need to search these wood for Jason Sinclair.
Yes, sir.
Lock down the area.
Get the K-9 units out here right away.
- Let's go! - Let's move! Yeah, okay.
Thanks for the update.
Search teams have combed the woods.
No sign of Jason.
When can we talk to Karen Sinclair? She's still in critical condition.
They don't expect her to regain consciousness for several hours.
Doctor says she was struck with her own car, just as Cassie said.
Why would somebody want to do that, run a woman down? Has some kind of meaning for him.
It's personal.
Ah, looks like the security photo of our bad guy paid off.
A cabby from Seattle Metro says he was a fare this morning.
Delafleur to OR three.
- Martin Keel? - Yeah.
Seattle PD.
What can I do for you gentlemen? Your driver, Alan Saget, told one of our officers that he picked up this gentleman as a fare early this morning.
The guy was waiting in the cab line at the Hyatt downtown.
He was dropped off a few blocks away from a house where a woman and her son were taken.
The driver can't remember how he paid.
We're hoping it was credit card.
Yeah, sorry, fellas.
He paid cash.
Is the cab here? Yeah, it's up front.
Now, I can have Forensics out here in ten minutes to sweep for prints.
But if you make me get a warrant, it'll take longer.
You say this is about that missing kid? That's right.
You walked right past it, number 821.
Much appreciated.
Ready for hipster happy hour? As ready as I'll ever be with two dozen Mason jars and a carafe of pomegranate margaritas on deck.
Searchers continue to comb the woods, but there are still no signs of Jason Sinclair, who has now been missing almost 12 hours.
Help me! Help me! Help me! [WHIMPERING.]
Please let me go.
All right, kid, thanks for letting me know.
- Cassie? - Yes.
She said the kidnapper is bleeding out Jason Sinclair.
Is there a chance she's wrong? Well, she wasn't wrong about how his mother was injured.
Any updates on Elliot Sinclair's whereabouts? Not yet.
Did CSU send over the prints they pulled from the cab? 50 sets, but I just landed on a possible.
Give me a minute to dig into this guy.
Maria, get a team together.
Start calling medical supply companies, sales, rentals over the last two weeks.
Not to hospitals, just residential deliveries: bed, IV tubes, hypodermic needles, whatever it takes to draw blood.
Got it.
Hey, Hackett, I got into Sinclair's phone, and you gotta see this.
Looks like right before Sinclair took off, he got a text message from a blocked number.
"If you want to see your son again, click the link and follow directions.
Come alone.
Leave your phone and ID.
If you tell the police, he dies.
It's time to pay for what you did.
" You tried the link? Yeah, it's one-time use.
It's dead.
What did Elliot Sinclair do that he needs to pay for? Something bad enough to warrant running down Sinclair's wife.
And if Cassie's right, something bad enough to torture and kill his 13-year-old son.
He has certain skills all right.
The fingerprint we pulled from the cab belongs to John Llewellyn McPherson, age 45.
That's the guy that broke into the Sinclairs' garage.
This license was issued in Port Townsend.
That's where Elliot Sinclair is from.
Maybe the bad thing he did happened back there.
Does McPherson have a connection with Sinclair? Not that I can find, but McPherson's in the system.
- For what? - For hacking.
The guy was pretty much a Boy Scout for 32 years and last September, he's arrested for hacking into the Port Townsend DMV.
Served three months.
Did he say why he did it? Nope, just did his time.
When he got out, he sold his house.
No current address.
Probably going under an assumed name.
McPherson said Sinclair needed to pay for something.
Does McPherson have family? Has he ever lost anyone? Nothing on the record.
Never married.
No kids.
Start making some phone calls to old neighbors in Port Townsend.
These two men are connected.
Find out how.
Got something? Yes, I spoke with John McPherson's old neighbor in Port Townsend.
She told me that in 2015, McPherson's girlfriend and child were killed in a hit-and-run.
Shortly after that, McPherson began to unravel.
The girlfriend's name, Christie Marcus.
The baby, Tyler.
Cassie says this is the woman that she saw at the house this morning.
- The woman who said to stop him? - Yes.
But we ran McPherson's name through vital records.
He wasn't listed as a father on any birth certificates.
You don't have to be biologically related to a child to consider yourself their father.
Here it is: February 25th, 2015.
Christie Marcus and her son were out for a walk when they were struck by a car.
Driver kept going.
They bled out on the road.
A witness later reported seeing a white Mustang speeding by his house around the time of the accident.
Police never solved the case.
Mustang, like the horse.
Cassie's hoofbeats.
When McPherson hacked the DMV, he was doing his own investigation.
He was looking for the driver of that car.
And he found Elliot Sinclair.
That's why Cassie saw Elliot driving the minivan.
He's the one that put this whole thing into motion when he killed Christie and the child.
McPherson is killing Sinclair's family the same way his own family died.
Hey, new info.
We just woke up a lot of angry medical supply store owners, but we may have a lead.
Palace Medical sold the items you described four days ago to a private buyer.
They were delivered to 4114 Cranwell Avenue in Rainier Beach.
Landlord confirms he rented the place last month to a guy matching McPherson's description.
Good job, guys.
Have a tactical unit meet us there.
You got it.
Sinclair! West bedroom clear.
You okay? Are you enjoying the show? Show me your hands! Get on the ground now! You guys are early.
You're still gonna be too late.
He won't say a word? Not even to ask for a lawyer.
He's trying to run the clock down.
He knows Jason doesn't have much more time.
- Anything in his house? - It's clean.
What about the video feed? McPherson's bouncing the thing off of ten different satellites.
It's encrypted, then encrypted again.
Wait, are you telling me there is a video feed that Zayn can't trace? He'll trace it eventually, but just not in time to save Jason Sinclair.
Tech is analyzing the video, but it's just a tight shot of Jason.
It's hard to see anything in the background that might identify a location.
There's gotta be something this guy wants, something we can trade for that boy's life.
How's Karen? Did you find Jason? Your wife is still unconscious.
But, no, we haven't found Jason yet.
We need your help.
Yeah, I'll do anything, anything.
We know why McPherson took your family, Elliot.
Because you killed his girlfriend and their son four years ago.
It was an accident.
I got a text on my phone, and I looked down for one second.
And I when I looked up, they were in the road.
- So you just drove away? - I panicked.
I didn't know they were dead.
I swear to God, I didn't know they were dead.
They might not have died if you bothered calling 911.
I was gonna turn myself in, but then my mom convinced me not to.
I was I was driving her Mustang, and then she told the cops that, um that the car had been stolen.
I have been haunted by this for the past four years.
And I know I I know I have to pay for what I did.
But Karen and Jason, they're innocent.
Okay, I what what can I do? Be the man now you weren't then.
Take responsibility for your actions.
Write down a full confession, and we'll give it to McPherson.
And then he'll let Jason go? We'll do our best to convince him.
If you want to save your son, this is your only chance.
Elliot Sinclair is confessing to hitting and killing Christie and Tyler.
He'll do at least ten years.
Really? Ten whole years? If you're looking for justice Who said I'm looking for justice? I get it, John.
You want Sinclair to suffer like you do.
Not just my suffering.
Do you know what happens to your body when you bleed to death? Adrenaline levels rise.
Your blood vessels constrict, causing your head to pound, your vision to dim.
You start to panic.
You feel yourself losing consciousness.
And then slowly, inexorably, you slip away.
That's terrible.
Christie, the baby, they didn't deserve to die like that.
John, think about Christie for a moment.
You really think she would want this? You got your revenge.
- Sinclair's life is ruined.
- No! My son is gone.
My child is gone.
So he must lose his child.
Your son was an innocent, but so is Jason.
Don't make him pay for Elliot's crimes.
You still don't understand.
Jason is just the instrument.
He's a weapon, like the car that Elliot drove into my family was a weapon.
I don't feel anything for him.
Yeah, I take satisfaction in knowing that Sinclair will go to prison.
But while he's inside, if he can think about his son alive and happy in the world, if he can sit and think about Jason out there somewhere, working a job, meeting a girl, if that brings Elliot Sinclair even one moment of comfort, well, that's one moment more than I've had in the last four years, isn't it? Tell Elliot Sinclair the headaches will have begun.
We're out of leads.
We're almost out of time.
I I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe reach out to Cassie.
If she had any more information, she would have called.
Yeah, and I'm suggesting we get a little proactive here.
Excuse me, what's that supposed to mean? When Cassie saw Jason Sinclair being bled out, she was watching the news report.
Maybe we can try to make it happen again, light the fuse.
It's not that simple, Asante.
What she sees, what she deals with, is incredibly rough on her.
I don't ask her to put herself through that.
- Not for me.
- It's not for you.
It's for Jason.
Let her decide if it's worth it.
I'm not sure what help I can be.
He was just in a room.
You know, I might never see him again.
This stuff only happens when the universe wants it to happen.
You first saw Jason off a news report.
Yeah, but it's been on the news all night and I haven't seen him again.
There's a live feed of Jason Sinclair on here.
If there was anything that would inspire the universe to To trigger me? Yeah, this would be it.
Here's the thing, now.
This is rough.
It's it's real.
You might not be able to unsee this.
So I'm telling you now, it's all right, Cassie.
You can say no.
No, I can't.
I'll be right back.
What do you want? And before you say you're here to help, I've done a little research on you.
You have never helped anyone in your miserable, worthless life, and I don't believe you'll start now.
Maybe a little advice here.
If you're gonna do this, you'd better be all in.
Hold back, and that boy's as good as dead.
What are you saying to me? Ever see little kids at the beach for the first time? They run up to the water so excited.
But when a wave comes, when that cold water hits, they turn and run away.
They're scared of the power of the sea 'cause they know it just wants to suck them under and carry them away.
The inbetween is bigger and stronger than any ocean, so you're right to be afraid.
But if you wanna save that boy, you gotta dive in headfirst, hold your breath, and stay down as long as you can.
How many teams are on the street right now? Officers have hit five storage sites.
So far, nothing.
- How many facilities in the city? - 99.
38 have first floor exterior units.
- We've been trying to narrow it down.
- I've got it.
Last week a guy matching McPherson's description rented a unit at Interlock Storage on Ashby.
Gave his name as Tyler Marcus.
That's the name of McPherson's son.
Unit number 1022.
We're on our way.
Have SWAT meet us there.
I just hope we're not too late.
Lock clear.
He's here.
Stand back.
Keep your post.
Maintain perimeter.
- Clear! - Medic! Is he alive? I'm not getting a heartbeat.
Prepare to defib.
Let's go again.
- Clear.
Is it over? Yeah, it's over.
Oh, God.
I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my chest and I can finally breathe again.
People think grief somehow fades with time.
"Time heals," they say.
What a crock.
There's no cure for this.
You can't accept it.
You can't absorb it.
Grief is a rabid animal you hold at bay.
Every minute of the last four years I have spent pushing it into the darkest corner of my soul, thinking of only one thing: to find and punish the man who stole my family from me.
Now it's done.
Would you like to take a look? They're both alive? That's not possible.
We found him.
What? Just in time.
That can't be right.
That's not right.
What about Christie? What about my son? What about them? Sorry you lost your family.
It's a long road, but Karen and Jason are expected to make full recoveries.
Oh, that is such great news, you guys.
- To Karen and Jason.
- Karen and Jason.
Karen and Jason.
All right, I'm off.
I leave now, I will get home in time for dinner with Brian.
- Oh, that's sweet.
- Brian? Yeah, my husband.
You married, Asante? Not married, no.
Good work today, guys.
Good work.
Good work.
Yeah, he's warming up a little.
Another? [GIGGLING.]
Who's Sally? I'm sorry.
You don't have to answer that.
It's okay.
Um Sally's my fiancée.
Or, at least, she was gonna be.
I had the ring.
I never got the chance to propose.
Did you see her? Uh, the two of you, happy.
But it sounds like something happened.
Yeah, we were living together in LA.
She was studying for the bar, working nonstop.
And she started to have these headaches.
We figured it was stress, so she powered through the exam, then flew home to Seattle for a visit.
She was gonna see her family, take it easy.
And it turns out the headaches, you know, it wasn't stress.
It was, uh bacterial meningitis.
She collapsed, fell into a coma.
It's been six months.
You know, the doctor says if she doesn't wake up before the year is out, then they don't You know, I visit her when I can.
I talk to her.
It's like she's here, but she's gone too.
That's how it feels.
I'm so sorry.
My grandmother had dementia, and eventually she lost the ability to speak, but sometimes she could still talk to me, kind of like a ghost.
If you want, I can sit with Sally and see if she'll talk to me.
I make no promises.
No, I understand, but that that'd be great.
But if it's okay, let's not mention this to Tom.
He doesn't know Sally's the reason I came to Seattle, and I don't want him thinking my head's not in the game.
Thank you.
Guess you and me make a pretty good team.
We're not a team.
I never want to see you again.
I mean it.
What's got your fur up, Cottontail? You get off on scaring women.
That's the only reason you sent me in there headfirst.
You knew it would hurt.
Saved the boy, though, didn't we? Nothing comes easy, Cassie girl, not in this life or the next.
I want out of the inbetween.
I want to see what's waiting for me on the other side.
I hope you like the heat.
Oh, I'm not sure it's as black and white as all that.
But either way, I want out, and you're gonna help me, Cottontail.
Wait and see.
Wait and see [CHUCKLES.]