The Indian Doctor (2010) s02e02 Episode Script


Mum Kamini! Welcome to Wales.
It seems I have an ally in this house.
Mrs Bakshi.
Please call me Pushpa.
And you must call me Herbert.
No-one understands.
Reverend Todd won't baptise Nye.
What if he died? This is very important.
What is? I've got something I want to say.
Maybe it would be an idea to put your feelings down on paper.
Dan, you are in serious trouble.
Answer me, Dan.
I'm sorry please, I'm sorry.
You're soaking! He used to have a den at the old mine.
We could try there.
Let's do that.
It's really important we find him tonight.
Look It's there.
Dan? It's Dr Sharma.
I'm here to help you.
Everything's all right.
Let's take you home.
Oh, no What is it? No closer.
I'm sorry Dan, it's not your fault.
You're all right, Dan, just lie still.
No Stay back.
It's smallpox.
What do we do? We have to keep him here until we can find a place to isolate him.
I'll have to call Cardiff.
They should have some vaccine.
I can't leave him here.
Find him some water.
But keep your distance as much as you can and make a mask, anything's better than nothing.
Prem he coughed all over Nye.
We're all exposed.
Verity Are you awake? What time is it? Half past six.
OK I just wanted to say thank you, for helping me yesterday.
Having you by my side means a lot to me.
I'm grateful.
Prem Where have you been, where's Kamini? Come inside.
What's happened? Where's Kamini? Kamini's fine.
We found Dan, he's got smallpox.
Smallpox? I need to speak to the officer for medical health.
It's very urgent.
No, you don't understand, I have a suspected case of smallpox.
So you please get him out of bed! Go straight through.
Just get it here as fast as you can.
Morning, Doctor.
You're up early.
Emlyn, we have a serious problem.
Do we? It's Dan.
He's very sick.
He's got smallpox, Emlyn.
Nefoedd wen Kamini's with him at his den.
I just spoke to the officer for medical health.
They've not got enough vaccine for the whole village.
We should get him to the hospital.
No That would spread the disease.
You have to isolate the village, set up roadblocks.
People will panic.
Emlyn, this is my mother-in-law, Pushpa Bakshi.
How do you do? And we need somewhere to nurse Dan.
Can you think of anywhere? Well There's the old sanatorium.
It hasn't been used for a while, but it might do.
It'll have to.
I should alert everybody.
You have to set up the roadblocks first.
But I don't know if I've got the authority I mean, I need some orders.
I am your authority.
If we don't contain this disease, people will die.
I'll go and open up the sanatorium.
I'll come with you and set up a bed.
No, you can't go.
You might get infected.
I was vaccinated in India.
I know what smallpox can do, and you need my help.
I'll see you there.
I'll fetch the car round.
We've, erm got the prayer meeting tomorrow night.
I want to drum up some interest, I thought perhaps it's something that we could do together.
I've got a bit to do here.
The house needs cleaning.
You could do that later.
I'd rather do it now while I'm feeling fresh.
I understand.
Perhaps we could go for a walk together later.
That would be nice.
Excellent! I'll look forward to that, then.
Stay right back! Get the isolation area ready.
We're just going to get you in bed, and you can get some rest.
I'm all hot I know.
Dan, you have an infectious disease, it's very important no-one else gets it.
So you have to stay in here on your own for a while.
On my own? You have to be brave.
Can you be brave for me? I don't want to die.
You're not going to die.
We have to go now, but someone will be just outside that door.
Please don't leave me.
Prem, we can't leave him here on his own.
Until we're vaccinated, we have no choice.
I don't think I can do this.
You must.
It'll be like losing Rani all over again.
I know.
But right now we have to focus on Dan.
Right let's get these gowns off.
Inside out don't touch anywhere where there's virus.
Don't leave me here on my own I've got the key.
Keep this door locked.
Please take me home with you.
Nobody gets in or out.
Keep the key with you at all times.
Mr Sharma What's all this, then? You're going to have to turn back, sir.
But I've got a delivery to make.
There's smallpox in the village.
I'm off! Rhys! There you are.
Where have you been, boy? All right, Uncle Emlyn? I'm deputising you.
You are now a police constable.
You've got the authority to arrest anybody who mucks you around.
Oh, smashing, Uncle Emlyn.
Nobody in, or out.
Got it? No problem, Uncle Emlyn.
And it's Sgt Dawkins from now on.
Rightio, Uncle Emlyn.
I mean er Sgt Dawkins.
I mean it, Rhys.
You let me down, and I'll have your guts for garters! This is big.
Really big.
Her Majesty's Police Force is depending on you.
Got you.
Right I'll be back as soon as I can.
Uncle Emlyn? I'm a bit peckish.
Couldn't ask Mam to rustle up some sarnies? I'll see what I can do.
Rhys you're going to have to let me through.
Yes Let me know when the vaccine's on its way.
Roadblock's set up, Doc.
Where is it? Valley Road.
There's a roadblock just outside of town, on the Valley Road.
Tell the driver I'll pick it up from him in person.
Thank you.
We have to get the word out but in an orderly fashion.
The more people know about the disease, the less likely they are to panic.
What should I tell them? Well the virus spreads where people congregate.
Especially in confined spaces.
People have to stay at least six feet apart from each other.
You'll need to close the pit, the shop, and the pub.
Start with the pit, then.
Shut that, and everybody in the town will know something's up.
I'll head down there.
You head round town.
Doctor People are going to ask where Dan's got it from.
What do I say? We don't know.
What I mean is with your mother-in-law coming over from India, people might put two and two together.
What, and make five? It takes ten days for this disease to incubate.
My mother-in-law's been vaccinated.
She cannot be the carrier.
You tell people that.
Hello, Mrs Sharma.
I know I'm late, Nye's kept me up half the night.
Gina, there's a problem.
You mustn't come into work.
Dr Sharma's going to sack me, isn't he? No.
No, it's Dan.
He's sick.
He could have infected you.
I'm OK.
He could have infected Nye.
Hello Rhys.
What are you doing? I'm on official business.
Can I ask where you're going, Mrs Evans? Oh, don't be daft, Rhys.
I'm taking these to Gareth's grave.
No you're not.
Turn around.
Huh? No one in or out, those are my orders.
There's smallpox in the village.
Smallpox? Oh, don't be daft, there hasn't been any smallpox around here for years.
This is a prank, isn't it? Mrs Evans, if I have to use this, I will.
The whole country's depending on me.
Now turn around.
You don't have to wave that thing at me.
Get going! I'm going to talk to Emlyn about this.
If this is your idea of a joke, you're in a lot of trouble, young man! Mmm What did I say? Oh, come on, you're driving me mad! What do you take me for? I'm not one of your Cardiff tarts, you know.
You have to show me some respect.
Give me a cigarette.
Why are you doing this? You're the one with the wife, why are you doing this? When it comes to the other, I just can't help myself.
How very unusual.
I don't feel good about it.
I don't usually mess about with girls from Trefelin.
I'm not from Trefelin.
What's your excuse? Well, there's nothing else to do around here, is there? Still, three more weeks of this misery and I'll be back in London.
What's it like there? London? What, you've never been? We almost went for a game.
If we'd have got in the final, we'd have played in Twickenham.
That's in London, isn't it? Just about.
Wife expecting you? Don't you mention my wife.
And the kids, they'll be wondering where Daddy is.
That's the hooter.
What are they doing clocking off now? There must be trouble, I've got to go.
Don't go! I'm on the rescue team.
Right, boys? Owen.
Dr Sharma, what's all this? Why are you bringing the men up? Owen, I need your help.
There's a serious problem in the village, a medical problem.
Someone's contracted smallpox.
One of my men? No.
Well, that's something.
If any of them is carrying it and they go down in the lift together, by the time they reach the bottom they'd all have it.
What's the problem, Owen? Lads the doctor has something to say.
I'm sorry, I have some grave news.
This morning I diagnosed a case of smallpox in Trefelin.
Are you sure? I'm afraid so.
If any of you are carrying the virus, it would spread like wildfire in the mine.
You should all go home.
What about our money? I'll talk to management, see what I can do.
Who's got the disease, Doctor? Eh Until I've informed the family, I'm not at liberty to say.
Come on, we need to know.
It's confidential, Bryn.
How would you feel if I discussed your medical records in public? We all know about his piles! Go home, all of you.
Check that your wives and children are well.
If they feel feverish or start to vomit, then isolate them.
And then contact me immediately.
Now please, go.
How long is this likely to go on for, Doctor? Owen, there's something else.
What? The case of smallpox, it's Dan.
Dan? How? I don't know yet.
They're keeping him at the sanatorium.
Oh Oh, my boy.
I'll take you up there.
Boys, boys what's going on? They shut the pit.
Smallpox in town.
We've not had smallpox round here for years.
Oh, it's horrible.
You end up covered in scars, like a monster.
Who's got it? Well I don't know, but Ladies, you shouldn't be congregating.
I'm sorry, Mrs Davies, I've got orders to close this shop with immediate effect.
You can't do that.
Yes, I can.
Now please shut the door.
But I haven't got anything in, not even a loaf! The rest of you should be at least six feet apart.
What are you doing? You were over there just now.
Well I was six foot away until you moved! Beryl, come back here.
I'm not moving! Ladies! Who do you think you are? Will you please go back home? Emlyn, your nephew is in a lot of trouble.
He told me There's a smallpox outbreak.
It's true? I'm afraid so.
Well, erm, should I shut the pub? Yes.
Megan, I've got something I need to give you.
What? I've just heard the news.
How many cases? I'll come to the pub later.
Just the one so far.
Dan Griffiths.
Dr Sharma's got him at the old sanatorium.
He'll need my help.
Where is it? I'm sure Dr Sharma will holler if he needs any help.
I could do with a hand to get everybody back to their homes.
Of course.
Ladies, please, clear the street.
Come on, get back to your homes.
Thank you.
Verity, where have you been? Just out for a walk.
What's going on? Go home, immediately! Do you remember the last time you saw Dan? I couldn't tell.
When I'm drinking it's all a blur.
He's here.
You can't go in there.
You can't stop me seeing my own son! Keep your voice down.
The child needs rest.
And who the hell are you? Dad! Dad, help me, please! Let me in! Please, Owen, it's not helping.
Dan has smallpox.
Until you're vaccinated, you cannot go in.
Then vaccinate me.
As soon as it arrives from Cardiff, I will.
What the hell should I do? Just stay calm.
My son is dying.
And you want me to stay calm? Dad? Dad, get me out of here.
Please, Owen.
Where did he get it from? That's the question, isn't it? I'm sorry.
I have to call the vaccine.
Don't worry.
I'll be fine.
The road's closed.
Turn back.
I saw smallpox during the war in Egypt.
I know what it does.
And none of my children are going to get it.
So you get out of my way, boy.
I've got a job to do.
So have I.
Stop that! Stop that immediately! Stop that! Get back in your car.
I've got children.
So have a lot of other people.
Now do what I say.
Nobody leaves, nobody enters.
No exceptions.
You're doing a fine job, Constable.
Keep it up.
The number one priority is to find the source of the infection.
Whoever it is that gave it to Dan.
OK, now here's Dan.
And the people he's come into close contact with.
He coughed all over Nye.
Don't forget yourself.
Well, she may have been exposed, but I'll put a circle around her to indicate that she's been vaccinated.
Who else? His father? Todd? Dan runs a mile when he sees Todd.
I know he went to Sian's shop.
OK, I'll put Sian in a circle, outer.
Erm I can't think of anyone else.
Maybe Dan will be the only case? Dan is the only case we know about.
But there will be other cases.
I can't see how Dan brought smallpox into the valley.
The Reverend Todd only recently arrived from Kenya.
Could it be him? He's been here over a month.
He would have shown symptoms by now.
We have to find out who this is.
And quick.
Drink, Dan.
Dan I need to know if you've met anyone new recently, from outside Trefelin.
Have you come out into contact with any strangers? Dan You must think.
It's really vital that you tell me everything.
Do you understand? Have you been outside of the village? Dan, I need to know everyone that you met yesterday, the day before and so on.
It's very, very important.
I I did a bad thing.
A bad thing, what do you mean? I don't want to go to hell.
I don't want to die.
No, you're not going to die.
Dr Sharma, please, it's horrible.
Just rest.
OK, just rest.
Dr Sharma, please don't leave me again! Please, it's horrible! Dr Sharma, please I didn't mean to do anything wrong.
It was all my fault, I know.
But I am sorry.
Dr Sharma, please! Reverend Todd.
That poor boy.
Yes, this really isn't a safe place for you to be.
I've seen smallpox before, I understand the risks.
From your time in Africa? Yes.
Dr Sharma, don't leave me here.
Have you had any contact with Dan? Not really, no.
Is there anything I can do? Eh, not at the moment.
Encourage people to stay in until we know what we're dealing with.
I will.
I'm at your disposal.
In fact, I'll be praying for us all.
That'll be much appreciated.
I want to go home.
In fact, there is one thing.
Em Dan's father, Owen, is understandably upset.
You might try and offer him some comfort? I'll do my best.
Ram, Cardiff called, the vaccine is on the way.
Excuse me.
Hello, Reverend.
Good morning, Pushpa.
Don't come no closer, turn round.
I've brought the vaccine.
I don't care.
I've got my orders.
But it's the medicine for the smallpox, you daft boy.
I'm not daft, I'm a police officer! Oh, for goodness' sake This is an emergency.
Have you got the vaccine? Yes.
He won't let me hand it over.
One more word from you Don't worry, just put it on the ground and go, thank you.
Good luck, Doctor.
No one in or out.
Not even you, Doctor.
Right, could an officer of the law cross over? I suppose so.
I could get it.
Brilliant idea.
Quick thinking.
Keep it up, Officer.
Thank you, Doctor.
No one in or out.
No exceptions.
Except the law! Megan I've shut the pub, like you said.
Thank you.
We've got to nip it in the bud before it spreads, see.
Horrible, it is.
Is that what you were trying to tell me last night, when you were all tongue tied? Sorry, I I didn't think.
What was it, then? Oh, it doesn't matter.
Oh, you've got me really worried now.
Oh, no, no, no it's nothing like that, honest.
Ah Given what's going on, there's no point in me messing about like this.
We might not be here tomorrow.
Megan, I have written you a letter.
I'll leave it here.
Six feet apart and all that.
Right, eh, I'd better get on.
Good luck, Emlyn.
And to you.
We'll be with you in a minute, Gina.
What? There are only seven doses.
They didn't tell you? They said there wouldn't be much, but I thought they meant at least for 100 people.
We're going to have to choose.
Just seven people? So, who? Number one is Nye.
Owen, Gina and you.
What about you? Kamini, there are only seven doses.
How would it look if I took one of them? Prem, if anyone can stop this thing from spreading, it's you.
And Emlyn, too.
We need him to keep order.
That leaves one spare.
Todd offered to help, he's seen smallpox at firsthand in Africa.
Gina, could you come in and please bring Nye with you? Gina, you and Nye have to be vaccinated.
It's safe, isn't it? There can be complications, but they're not very common.
Smallpox is a killer, Gina.
I'm trying to protect you.
Both of you.
Give me the vaccination.
There, see? Nothing to it.
All right.
Reverend Todd, sorry to disturb you.
Dr Sharma.
The vaccine has arrived, unfortunately not enough.
So, until we get further supplies I'm only going to vaccinate those in the highest risk group.
Sergeant Dawkins has had his, you should have yours too.
I don't need it, I suggest you give it to someone else.
You'll be required in your professional capacity, it's important that you remain well.
I plan to.
Without the vaccination, how? I know that for a rational man like yourself, the power of prayer seems a fanciful notion.
But I am a man of faith, if God needs me to do his bidding, he'll protect me.
Reverend, it's a scientific fact Science.
That great faith of the modern age.
You have your beliefs, I have mine.
Why don't we leave it at that? If you refuse to be vaccinated then I cannot allow you to work amongst the sick.
Very well.
Please stay at home.
Your church must remain closed.
Guess who, Valley boy.
I've been here for an hour.
Well, good things come to those who wait.
I love this place.
Do you? You said it was all hick country.
It is.
But this is beautiful.
The first place my dad brought me when I arrived.
I told him I hated it, of course.
I was lying.
Do you lie a lot? When it's necessary.
Like you.
Aye, that reminds me, I have to get back in a bit.
Not before we have the picnic I prepared for us.
Ta-dah! Oh, French, very posh! Naturellement, Monsieur.
Didn't get this from Mrs Davidson's shop.
No, it's from my dad's stash.
Pretends it's for communion, but I see him take a swig when he thinks I'm not in the house.
Really? That's why I like you, Valley boy, you believe everything I say.
Mr Griffiths.
Whose grave is this? Mother's.
Katherine Griffiths, died 1922.
She was a young woman.
Spanish flu.
She died in the sanatorium.
So you came here to talk with her? Something like that.
And what's she saying? She is saying that I'm a drunk, that I have neglected my only son and that I don't deserve to be alive.
Those are your words, not your mother's.
How old were you when she died? Dan's age now.
And after she died, what happened to you? Father began to drink and I went down the pit.
And I've been down there pretty much ever since.
Can you hear your mother's voice, Owen? She's speaking to you, her perfect child.
She's asking you to do something.
Can you hear her begging you? Your mother's with you.
God is with you.
I'm with you.
I thought Todd was an educated man.
It's ridiculous.
Yes, it is.
But I can't force people to have it.
Mummy's been there all day, she must be exhausted.
I promised her I'd take over at eight.
Dan's bedding, it'll be covered in smallpox.
We'll have to burn everything.
Pushpa, you look exhausted.
I am.
How is he? Much the same.
Pushpa, Owen's outside.
I think he feels ashamed about what he said earlier.
He wants to apologise.
It doesn't matter, he was upset.
He wants your forgiveness, could you speak with him? Of course.
Doctor, I want to see Dan.
When can I see him? The vaccine's here, once you've had it, after a couple of days you can sit with him.
I'd like that.
Prem, come quickly! Margie? What is it? Look! Mr Todd.
What's he doing? You must come out of there at once.
A good shepherd must care for all his flock, Dr Sharma.
At least put on a mask, you'll catch the virus.
You think you know the mind of God? Place your trust in the Lord, Daniel.
And he will deliver you.
Mr Todd, you cannot leave the ward now, do you understand? I have no intention of doing so.
I shall stay here until Dan is well, so leave food by the door, go home and rest.
You are not needed here.
"And it came to pass, when he was in a certain city, "behold, a man of leprosy" I'm sorry, Prem, he persuaded me and I left him here.
It's not your fault, Margie.
Should we call the police? Leave him, he's a good man.
He's caring for my son.
"Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.
"And he put forth his hand and touched him, saying, be thou clean.
"And immediately, the leprosy departed from him.
" Leave my daughter alone, get out! Daddy Get out, go on! I did a bad thing.
A bad thing? What do you mean? I don't want to go to hell, I don't want to die.
It's about the letter It's lovely.
The vaccination unit has arrived from Cardiff.
He'll be ready to start vaccinating in one hour.
What are you talking about? We're not even ill.
You are exposing them to a deadly disease and making them believe that prayer will save their lives.
So you're telling me all these people are wrong? No, you're wrong.