The Indian Doctor (2010) s02e03 Episode Script

The Miracle

1 Dan, it's Dr Sharma, I'm here to help you.
Everything's all right.
No, stay back.
It's smallpox.
I stood there like a flaming idiot, talking nonsense! Maybe it would be an idea to put your feelings down on paper.
Mmm, what did I say?! Oh, come on, you're driving me mad! What do you take me for? I'm not one of your Cardiff tarts, you know.
Show me some respect.
There are only seven doses.
I'm going to have to chose.
Just seven people? I don't need it, I suggest you give it to someone else.
If you refuse to be vaccinated then I cannot allow you to work amongst the sick.
Mr Todd, you cannot leave the ward now, do you understand? 'It is reported, meanwhile, 'that the smallpox outbreak in Trefelin in South Wales 'is now under control.
'An official source confirmed that one child has the virus 'but there are no other reported cases' Why are they taking so long? 'And it seems as if the worst is over.
' What did he say?! Hello? Officer for medical help.
Yeah, Dr Sharma here.
We were expecting the vaccinations unit here yesterday.
I'm sorry, what is your name? Mr Rogers, we already have one confirmed case of smallpox.
There'll be many others unless we act.
If the unit isn't here by the end of the day, I'll be holding you responsible.
Thank you.
They're treating it like the common flu.
I'm going to see Hello, Dr Sharma speaking.
No, that's quite common, Mrs Davies.
I'll be there as soon as I can, yes.
Of course, I'll come and see him.
Prem, there's a patient waiting to see you.
Mr Griffiths.
Dan's father? If he's rude, angry and would benefit from giving his liver a rest, then yes, it is Dan's father.
I'll go and see him now.
What did Sian want? Baby's still not well.
Mr Griffiths could do with a bath.
Doctor, I want to go and see Dan.
It's just not possible.
He's still contagious.
He's my son, I should be with him.
I'm afraid you can't, we have to contain the virus.
Once you've had the vaccine, you can see Dan.
Reverend Todd is allowed to be with him.
He's not allowed.
His actions were misjudged and potentially down-right dangerous.
He's in isolation too now.
Well, I could never be more grateful to him.
Dan would be on his own, whilst you are sticking up your posters! Mrs Davies.
Nye's still not well.
He's got a rash and he's hot.
We've been up with him all night.
We're so worried! Mrs Davies! Where is he? Upstairs.
I thought the injection would stop him getting sick.
He should never have had that injection, he was fine before he had that! Is he going to die? No, Mrs Davies, he's not going to die.
But the rash! Isn't that how it starts? This is a heat rash.
You've just been keeping him a bit too warm, that's all.
Nye's looking much better.
Is he going to be all right? He'll be fine.
Just keep an eye on him and keep him cool.
Thank you, Doctor Sharma.
I'll show myself out.
Look at him He's not right! "Is thy God whom thou serviced continually able to deliver thee from the lions? "And then said Daniel" Dad? It's me, Daniel, Reverend Todd.
Drink this.
Rhwbeth arall, Mrs Jones? Ma' Tecwyn wedi bod yn bihafio'n od yn ddiweddar.
Emlyn Miss Jones, what are you doing here? Her cat's disappeared.
You shouldn't be out.
It said on the radio that everything was better now.
Well, it isn't! Please, go home and stay there.
And tell everyone you meet to do the same.
What IDIOT spoke to the press?! Me actually.
What? But I didn't say the worst was over.
Why didn't you get them to speak to me? You were busy! All I said was that it was under control and there were no more cases.
I'm sorry if I said the wrong thing, right? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have spoken to you like that.
Emlyn, I need your help to put these posters up around the village.
Everyone has to know that they HAVE to have these vaccinations.
At least it's all written down this time.
Can't be accused of saying the wrong thing now, can I? Thank you.
You almost took the flipping bumper off! If you hadn't shouted If I hadn't shouted we'd have given a sheep a free lift all the way to Trefelin.
Mr Rogers? Who wants to know? I'm the doctor.
We spoke on the phone.
Oh, so YOU'RE Dr Sharma.
Yes, this is my wife, Mrs Sharma.
Very pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm Carwyn and this is Meinir.
We're so relieved you came.
How quickly can you set up? Er, get my list for me, love.
About an hour.
I'll let everyone know.
Try to keep your mind on the job, will you?! Excuse me, everybody.
The vaccination unit has arrived and they'll start vaccinating in one hour.
What you talking about? We're not even ill.
In the meantime, I cannot stress enough the importance that you stay at home and do not mix with other people.
When can we go back to work? The sooner you have the vaccine, the sooner you get back to normal.
Gina's baby had the vaccine and he's dying.
He's not dying.
I saw him earlier, he's very much alive.
But it's dangerous.
There may be side effects, but that's nothing compared to the devastation of a smallpox outbreak.
Look! Dan! My son.
It's a miracle! Come on, Dad.
Owen, you have to take Dan home now.
The boy is still infectious.
Please, Owen.
You're risking other people's lives.
Come on, let's go home.
Please, you must get vaccinated! It's very important! I could have you arrested.
Bore da, fy merched bach pert 'i.
Oes brecwast 'da chi i fi heddi? Rita, mas o'r ffordd, a bihafia nawr.
Wel, wel, wel, fi 'di gweld bo chi'n fishi.
Bois bach.
Un ti yw hon, Rita fach, ife? Meinir, do you take sugar? No, thank you.
I'm on a diet.
And don't we know it?! Four for me, please, Kamina.
I'm not as sweet as I look.
I've designed a simple, but effective system, working primarily by the number four.
Four by the window, four by the wall and four queuing.
What do you think of that, Kamina? I'll tell you what Meinir thinks.
No point working in fours or any number at all if we haven't even got one turning up for the injections.
I'll talk to them.
Maybe they haven't understood how urgent it is.
Sounds like a good plan, Kamina.
It's Kamini.
Very nice name, that is.
"Very nice name, that is"! Oh, for goodness sake! I was only being friendly.
We all know where that can lead! It only happened the once and that was four years ago.
Oh, well! That makes it all right then! Mae 'na dafarn yn y nefoedd, medde nhw Shw' mae, ladies? Hi, lads.
The eggs are ready for you to collect, OK? About seven? I look forward to it.
Seven, it is, then.
OK, boys.
Shw' mae, bach? Shw' mae, Ceri? Worried about your confession, are you? Something like that.
Best get it over with then, eh? Yeah.
Ta-ra, bach.
Ta-ra, cariad.
You shouldn't be out, you know the rules.
It's about the letter.
It's lovely.
Is it? I haven't had a letter like this since I was in school.
Not that it's childish or anything.
I'm not always good at saying what I think, so I thought if I wrote it down Emlyn.
I'm sorry.
I think you're a lovely, kind person.
It's just that it's too early for me, you know, after Gareth.
I just can't imagine being with anyone else.
At the moment.
Of course.
I'm sorry, I should have thought No, don't you apologise.
I'm glad you wrote it.
It made me feel special and that doesn't happen very often.
I hope we can still be friends.
Of course, we can.
Does that mean you're going to make me a cup of tea? This won't hurt.
I don't care if it does.
It proves that I'm sober if I can feel it.
Dan was hungry.
I hope you've been feeding him properly.
I'm sure Owen's doing his best.
I know I haven't been the best father in the world but I've changed.
I feel like I've been given a second chance to be a proper dad.
And how long will that last? I'm sorry, Owen, but Dan is very sick.
You we're barely able to cope when he was healthy.
How will you manage now? Please, if I ever go back to my old ways Then Dan will come and stay with us.
That would be the best thing.
We'll get back tomorrow to see how you're both doing.
You've been so kind to Dan and to me, it would mean a lot if you came to the reverend's thanksgiving service.
Todd's holding a service? For Dan.
And I'm going to be baptised.
Ah, Mrs Lewis.
Is Dafydd in? No, I've no idea where he is either.
Anything else? No, no, not really.
Oh, could you tell him that the eggs are ready for collection, seven o'clock tonight? I'll collect them.
No, you can't! I mean, yes, you can, but my hens very jealous of women.
The last woman who came, Mrs Pritchard, collecting for the blind.
Nothing happened, no, no.
But my Rita never laid any eggs for two years.
You have a hen named Rita? Rita Hayworth.
Same colour hair as her feathers.
You don't mind, do you? I'll send Dafydd.
You'll enjoy your lovely boiled egg for breakfast.
I can't wait! Ta-ra, Mrs Lewis.
You need to go to the surgery, get the vaccine and then stay at home.
I want to go and see how my grandson is doing, if Sian will allow me through the door.
Not with this virus still around.
You know the rules.
Not that anybody's taking any notice.
I thought it was all right.
It said on the radio that "the worst was over.
" Yes.
I was misquoted.
They phoned the station.
I didn't want to cause a panic so I played it down and now Dr Sharma's blaming me that everyone thinks it's all over.
Oh, no.
I'm sure he doesn't.
You didn't hear him.
He was really annoyed.
Well, Dr Sharma probably felt that you were close enough friend for him to blow off some steam.
You think so? Definitely.
I think he's under a lot of strain at the moment.
And he has been a very good friend to me.
He won't mind me saying this, especially now that it makes no difference But, it was him that suggested I write that letter.
If I say the truth, he practically wrote it himself.
Did he?! It is often in the most ordinary of events that one can see the hand of God at work, even this afternoon Good morning.
And how are you today, Mrs Bakshi? Wiser than the last time I saw you, Reverend.
I must say, Mrs Davies, I am surprised to see the shop open.
Adversity is to be embraced, not feared.
Life must go on.
Life cannot go on as normal when there's a smallpox outbreak.
Mrs Davies, you are breaking the law by opening the shop.
With all due respect, that law wasn't even necessary before you arrived! I beg your pardon! Nye, he's very ill.
I don't think you should be walking around giving this disease to other people.
For your information, I do not and never have had the disease.
I have also been vaccinated which makes it far more likely that YOU have smallpox.
Good day! He's only a little baby.
Have you seen Todd? He's in the shop with that ignorant woman who seems to have lived in a bucket all her life.
Mr Todd, stop this thanksgiving service.
You could be responsible for an epidemic.
Even after everything you've witnessed with your own eyes you still believe you're right.
I AM right about this.
I'm a doctor.
A higher power than God, it seems! Close the shop, Mrs Davies.
You're all putting yourselves in grave danger by meeting like this.
You'll be preaching hellfire and brimstone next! If the virus catches hold in this community, there'll be no need for me to preach about hell.
Megan! Have you come for the vaccination? A word.
Emlyn told me you helped him write that letter to me.
What were you trying to do? Palm me off on someone else? You made me feel foolish, and naive.
No, I He I thought you cared for me.
I didn't know it was for you.
I didn't know.
Emlyn said that he had feelings for somebody, but he didn't say for who.
If I'd known it was for you, I would have never have got involved.
Did you mean what you wrote? I'm sorry.
Didn't realise you had a patient.
Megan came in for her vaccination.
I'm going to see if I can persuade others to follow your example.
No-one came in today.
No-one? Right! Better start the ball rolling, then.
What do I do? Come with me.
Leave my daughter alone! Get out! Daddy! Get out, go on! Go.
Blessed father, protect us from the evil that men do.
You! You go to your room.
You heard what I said! I'm not a child.
You can't just order me to my room.
You have brought shame and disgrace on this house.
He is a married man with children! Now go to your room! I hate you.
I'm sorry to bother you, Reverend, but Miss Davies.
Please come in.
Have a seat.
I know Gina asked you before, but please will you change your mind about baptising Nye? I understand how you feel, but Nye's father has a duty to his son.
But he won't be allowed back to Trefelin now, will he? Not with this smallpox.
Gina was such a silly girl, listening to Dr Sharma.
Giving an injection to a tiny baby.
Please, don't blame your granddaughter, she probably thought she was doing the right thing.
I don't blame her.
But there was nothing wrong with Nye before he had that injection.
I'm sorry, Reverend, but I'm just so worried! Please don't upset yourself any further.
I will baptise Nye.
Really? Oh! Reverend, thank you so much.
Dr Sharma couldn't save Nye's body, but the Lord will surely save his soul.
I can't say I'm looking forward to being housebound again.
It's not until all this that I discovered how quiet my house was.
It must be, with your son away.
I'm just glad he's doing what he wants with his life.
It's very exciting to be a young man living in London.
I remember when Prem and I thought about moving to London, but Prem fell in love with Trefelin.
Maybe I should move to London.
Be a bit closer to Tom.
You know, cramp his style a bit.
London's a very exciting place.
Especially if you're single.
I'm not looking for anything like that.
That's when it's most likely to happen, when you're not looking.
You never know.
Do you know, I think I'll go home.
Maybe you can knock on people's doors and tell them about the vaccine.
All right.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
I hope they listen to you.
There's always some way of getting your message across.
Would you have a word with Todd about that thanksgiving service? He won't listen to me.
I'll just finish this.
That another love letter? No.
I won't waste my time with that again.
Didn't do the trick? Megan wasn't interested.
Oh, it was for Megan? I'm sorry.
Me too.
You should have told me it was for her.
Why? Er it's just, I would have, you know, written something different.
Or better.
It wouldn't have made any difference anyway.
She says she's still grieving for her husband.
It's understandable.
Or she's letting me down gently.
Police station.
Village hall.
Let us pray.
Almighty God, Father of all forgiveness and mercy.
I hope they're not going to be difficult.
We haven't got the cells to arrest them all! He sent his disciples to ask him, "Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?" Dr Sharma! We weren't expecting YOU to join our congregation.
You must all go home.
And do not gather until you've had the vaccination.
These people are here to give thanks to our Lord for keeping them safe.
You are exposing them to a deadly disease and making them believe that prayer will save their lives! It was prayer that saved Dan's life.
It was his immune system, not prayer.
So you're telling me all these people are wrong.
YOU'RE wrong.
You refuse to be vaccinated.
You could be infectious, as Dan was.
That's enough.
You can catch smallpox by simply breathing the air of someone who already has it! Any Any one of you could have it! Out.
Quiet! Out.
Out Quiet, all of you! I never thought I'd see the day when the people of Trefelin would act like hooligans! With all due respect, it was Dr Sharma who interrupted my service.
Yes! With all due respect, Reverend Todd, there shouldn't have BEEN a service.
You're breaking the law.
As of now, this hall is closed! And unless you are going to the surgery to be vaccinated, the next time I see ANYONE congregating I shall have you arrested.
Now go back to your homes.
At once! My people no man can prevent us from doing God's work.
We don't need this church to follow the Lord.
If I think of a car, a Mini, and put them both together, that'd be all right, wouldn't it? Car mini.
I can remember that.
Will you stop breathing?! Has anyone come in for their vaccinations? No.
But I have to be honest with you, Dr Sharma.
We feel that we're not being taken seriously.
I can only apologise.
People seem to think there's no more danger.
No sense in us staying if we've no-one to vaccinate.
You can't leave, you have a job to do! And we're not being allowed to do it.
Please, just give me 24 hours.
I'll go to every house personally.
People don't understand how serious this is.
If you leave now, there could be an epidemic.
All right.
24 hours it is, then, Dr Sharma.
Thank you.
Ka mini.
I'll just, er I would like to apologise for being a bit odd this morning.
I hadn't noticed.
Emlyn, you might need to start noticing.
I will.
In future.
Anyway, are you going straight home? Yes, you can walk with me, if you like.
You can be my last human contact for days.
Let's just hope a few more people follow your example.
I'm sure some will.
You were very good, you know, in there.
Just doing my job.
Just take a compliment, will you? You coming? Right.
Leaflets in the envelopes, and we'll mark them urgent.
I don't think these leaflets are going to make any difference.
They can't imagine such a terrible thing could happen in Trefelin.
Let's hope they're right! At least this way no-one can blame you if they're covered in pustules and dying an agonising death.
Even if they survive, they will never look pretty in a hat again.
Maybe you'd like to help.
Anything for the people of Trefelin, who've made me feel SO welcome.
Oh, all right.
One last gesture before we all go back to India.
Who said anything about going back to India? Surely you can't want to stay here after the way they've treated you! They just don't understand how serious it is.
They don't understand anything that's different from the tiny little world they live in.
You're not giving them a chance.
You're not giving Kamini a chance.
You brought my daughter to live in this miserable, grey place.
She has to be nice to people who think we are disease carriers.
Mummy! And she's raising some drunken man's son.
She deserves so much better.
And I wish you thought the same.
I'll talk to her.
Mummy You shouldn't have said that.
You won't say anything.
But I don't feel that way.
You are so blind to yourself.
I've seen the way you look at Dan.
It has been three years since Rani.
It's time to move on, Kamini, and have another child.
We will.
We will.
When this is over.
I am so worried about you, here on your own.
I'm not on my own.
I have Prem.
I'm happy here.
And I want you to be happy for me.
I wanted so much for you my beautiful daughter.
Welcome everyone to the church of our Lord.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket this time.
Yeah, yeah, very funny.
Some refreshments over there to help the old brain cells.
Right, then, let's get started lads.
Kings, clubs, jacks.
Shuffle the pack.
This may not rhyme, but all in good time! Bit of a poet in my spare time, aren't I? Grant that this child may receive the fullness of thy holy grace.
I baptise thee in the name of the Lord.
All right? Thank you, Reverend Todd.
Oh, damn! Well come on Harry, show us your hand.
Oh! That's disgusting, that is! What's in this home brew? Cow manure! Harry? Harry? I'll come with you.
Kamini about what Marjie said.
Dr Sharma speaking.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
I have to get to Ceri's place.
Dear Lord accept this, thy servant, into the bosom of thy grace.
I baptise thee in the name of the Lord.
Thank you, Reverend.
Thank you.
Doc I had no idea.
When you said we shouldn't congregate in the village, I thought you meant just the village.
I wouldn't have organised it otherwise.
In here, Doc.
We thought he had too much of Ceri's home brew.
But then he passed out.
He's never fainted before.
Stay back! This man has smallpox.
Speak to me.
Did you lie with that man? This visit has been a complete waste of our time.
We'll tell them to call in the Army.
Which is what we'll do the minute we get back.
The sooner the better! You're putting people's lives at risk.
If people want to pray, who are we to stop them? I'm holding another prayer vigil this evening.
But the hall's been locked.
In my home.
We must keep it secret as there are forces that would stop us.
I don't feel very well.
You all right? My baby what can I do? If it helps, pray.