The Indian Doctor (2010) s02e04 Episode Script


1 We thought he had too much of Ceri's own brew.
Then he passed out.
He's never fainted before.
Stay back.
This man has smallpox.
I baptise thee in the name of the Lord.
I did a bad thing.
A bad thing, what do you mean? I don't want to go to hell.
I don't want to die.
Leave my daughter alone.
Get out! Daddy.
Get out, go on.
The vaccination unit has arrived from Cardiff.
They'll be ready to start vaccinating in an hour.
What you talking about? We're not ill.
I don't need it.
I suggest you give it to someone else.
If you refuse to be vaccinated then I cannot allow you to work amongst the sick.
Emlyn told me you helped him write that letter to me.
What were you trying to do? I didn't know it was for you.
I didn't know.
I hate you.
Hello, Gina, is the baby all right? No, I just heard Oh.
Can I come over? I don't want to be on my own.
What's that? Hey.
Maybe Emlyn caught himself the robber.
You've been asleep for hours.
I thought you were hibernating.
You know what hedgehogs need when they come out of hibernation? Hmm? Their breakfast.
Are you ready to repent? Prem.
That's the second lot today already.
Feels like an age since I've seen you.
It was only last night.
I brought you some food.
If we had bread.
I'm not hungry.
Mr Richards' temperature has come down slightly, he's sleeping now.
Yeah, he's responding well.
Prem, sit down and have something to eat.
Sorry it's such a strange breakfast.
We're running low on everything.
You look tired, Mummy.
There's nothing wrong with me.
I'm not such a sheltered, old lady you all seem to think I am.
I could stay here today if you like? Kamini, I didn't allow you to come to Britain just to work as a skivvy.
Things'll be back to normal before you know it.
This can't go on forever.
It will unless we find the source.
Dafydd Lewis.
I've got to tell his wife Mary.
It's better if I go.
Look at the colour in those cheeks.
I know, you'd never thought he'd been sick.
Now, he's looking much better.
Ever since he was baptised, he's been getting stronger and stronger.
You'll have to wait, love.
Same as everyone else.
Patience is a virtue, Mrs Harris.
Everyone's running out of food.
Emlyn was saying that we might need to start rationing.
Oh, well, if Emlyn was saying, we'd better get on with it, then.
Mr Lewis, I'm going to give you some oxygen.
This will help you breathe a little more easy.
Can you hold it? If you could start cleaning his wounds, please.
Don't worry, we'll soon have you shipshape.
Let me know as soon as his temperature is stabilised.
How did Dafydd get it? We don't know.
Prem is trying to find out.
Is he going to be all right? Prem says he's as well as can be expected.
He's never been ill in his life before.
Anyone can be infected.
You and your children have to come and get yourselves vaccinated.
Please, this is a terrible disease.
You've seen it for yourself.
If I was going to get it, I'd have it by now.
That's not how it works.
It can lie Reverend Todd says Reverend Todd should mind his own business.
These are off, Nan.
They can throw away the mouldy bits.
This lot won't last more than a couple of days at most.
You'll be surprised what people can do with a tin of Spam and a potato if they have to.
It's like in the war, we had to use our heads.
And every meal, all the more delicious because of it.
And nothing wasted.
Well, the sooner everyone gets vaccinated, the better.
I remember one lad, had an uncle who was a farmer down west.
Oh, I forgot I had these.
And this uncle slaughtered him a pig but he wasn't allowed to give it him because of rationing.
So, he got hold of a hearse and a coffin and he put the pig in the coffin and drove it, in the hearse, all the way to Trefelin.
All the people in the villages standing to attention and taking their hats off as the hearse went past.
A pig never had such a send-off.
People had respect in those days.
Sian, will you listen now? Look at us two, we've both had the vaccination, we're the picture of health, even the baby.
We had a heck of a feast in Trefelin that night.
Those were the days, everyone pulling together.
You cheated.
I did not.
I saw you.
Once a cheat, always a cheat.
We'll be leaving at the end of the day, Mrs Sharma.
Only so many card games a person can play.
Especially when she's such a bad loser.
In three days, we have vaccinated just ten people.
It's been a complete waste of our time.
People will start coming soon, I'm sure of it.
That's what the doctor said.
And are you sure that he's had no contact with Dan Griffiths? And this was definitely his first time playing cards at Ceri's barn? Fine.
Thank you.
Three out of the four men who were playing cards at Ceri's have been infected but none of them seem to have had any contact with Dan.
I have to speak to Ceri.
I could do that if you like? I know you're busy.
That would be really helpful.
I'll try and talk to Dafydd again.
If you don't disperse, I'll arrest the lot of you.
Listen! I understand your frustration, boys.
So, who's going to be paying our wages while the mine's shut? What will my children eat? Dirt? They'll be plenty of food when the cows are dead from starvation.
It's still illegal to congregate.
This is a very serious disease.
What are you doing about it then? I brought you some food but it seems like you're busy.
Could say that.
We're doing everything we can to bring the situation under control.
Sitting behind his desk, that's what.
Notice, the police station's open.
Go back to your homes and wait for more information.
Gentlemen! Thank you.
Now, I'm going to count to ten and anyone left in here after that will find themselves barred from the pub for life.
You ain't going to do that.
I'm the landlady, I can do what I like.
She's counting now.
This situation needs sorting.
Damn right.
Stay in your own homes and do not go congregate.
All right.
We're going.
Never underestimate the power of a pint.
I already have tea.
Thank you.
Look at where it comes from.
Your shop? India.
I know tea comes from India, Mrs Davies.
I'm sorry about what I said to your mother, by the way.
But it was a bit of a coincidence, her arriving on the same day as the smallpox.
Anyway, I was thinking, this could be the culprit.
If tea carried smallpox, then not only would this whole village have been dead and buried by now, but this island would be taken over by sheep.
Tell me, Mrs Davies, have you been vaccinated yet? Delicious.
Thank you.
I was starving.
They're right, though.
We do need more food.
But nobody's going to deliver with all this going on.
We could leave the village, though, couldn't we? We've both been vaccinated.
People don't want us anywhere near them.
If we could arrange a drop-off point in the open air and Prem says as long as we stay six feet away from anyone, we'll be fine.
Calling PC Jones.
Calling PC Jones.
'PC Jones receiving.
' I need a favour.
Feeling better? More comfortable? Good.
Three out of the four people playing cards at Ceri Joseph's have got seriously ill.
Your illness has progressed further than the others', which means that you probably got infected before them.
Have you had any contact with Dan Griffiths? None at all? No.
Do you remember when I treated you for that little infection last year? After you went to Cardiff with the rugby team and met a certain lady.
She was no lady.
You were no gentleman either.
Have you done anything like that since? I learnt my lesson.
Mary would kill me.
Verity speak to me.
Did you lie with that man? God will save you if you ask forgiveness.
Mr Joseph.
How are you feeling? Very well, Mrs Sharma, yes.
Listen, I would not have held that card game if I'd had known, Mrs Sharma.
Well, what's done is done.
Now, I'll need to find out who you've been in contact with.
Have you been out of the village at all? To the mart to sell some lambs.
I need you to write a list of everybody you've been in contact with in the past month.
You'll have to come with me and get vaccinated.
Certainly, Mrs Sharma, I'll just go and wash my hands.
Ceri? Yes.
You've got a lot of food here.
Well, potatoes, carrots, runner beans, some apples over there.
We're very short of food in the village.
I'm sure if the price was right, we could come to some arrangement, yes.
Right, well, let's get on with it.
Oh, this is no job for a lady.
You're lucky I'm not a lady, then! I'll go and get you some suitable clothes.
'Nan! Reverend Todd is here to see you.
' I'll be with you now.
Mrs Davies, how's the baby? Oh, he's chattering away like he'd never been ill.
I can't thank you enough for baptising him, Reverend.
But if it's food you're after, I'm afraid I don't have any.
Megan and Gina took what was left round the village this morning.
Look at that! I'm like Old Mother Hubbard! God provides me with enough sustenance.
Of course he does, of course he does.
I came for something completely different.
You know that more people have been taken sick? I know.
Dreadful, it is, just dreadful.
And Dr Sharma doesn't seem to be able to cope at all.
Well We need to utilise the power of prayer.
We need people to come together to pray with one voice.
I'm holding another prayer vigil this evening.
But the hall's been locked.
In my home.
Can you help me spread the word? We must keep it secret as there are forces that would stop us.
Of course I'll help you, Reverend.
I don't believe it! That's three games in a row.
I shouldn't have won.
Why ever not? I've done something bad.
No Mitching off school, stolen apple or two, they're not bad things, they're just normal.
You should have seen the things I got up to when I was your age.
No, son, all the bad that's been done has been done by me.
He's late.
I hope he hasn't panicked himself into not coming.
It looks so peaceful down there.
You wouldn't think anything was wrong.
No You wouldn't, would you? You're handling this very well, you know.
You make me feel calm.
Isn't that pretty? You wouldn't think, would you, that nature could be so beautiful and so cruel at the same time? You can't have one without the other.
I mean, er I'm not very good with words, but I know what you mean.
Calon lan yn llawn daioni Tecach yw na'r lili dlos Dim ond calon lan all ganu Ca Dr Sharma, I'm very sorry for the trouble I've caused you.
I think we've found a way of feeding the village.
Ceri's promised to come for his vaccination later.
Can't stop now, see you back at the surgery.
Off we go, Ceri! Hello? Good afternoon, Owen, may I come in? Reverend Todd.
Having a bit of a clear-out? Well, I've gathered a lot of rubbish over the years, both outside and inside.
How's the boy? Better.
He's sleeping at the moment.
Can't be easy, bringing up a daughter without a mother? I do my best, with God's help.
It's not easy for you either? No How does a man be a good father to a son, eh? By following God's word.
I'm holding a vigil this evening in my home to pray for the victims at this terrible time.
Come and tell God your troubles.
He will help you.
But Dr Sharma said we weren't to It's my home.
Thank you.
You're very welcome.
Come and help with these, Nan! Oh! Hello, Mrs Davies.
Oh, hello, Mrs Sharma.
I brought eggs and vegetables for the rations, but we're very short of space at the surgery.
I was wondering if there was any wages could store them for us? Take them through to the shop, plenty of room there.
Take these.
I'll just go and get the other boxes.
Mrs Sharma? Here he is now.
You said times like these were about helping each other? My father made a fortune on the black market during the war, which was very wrong of him, of course.
I could tell the whole village what you did while they were struggling to feed their families, but I won't Thank you, Mrs Sharma this time.
Oh, there won't be another time, Mrs Sharma.
I'm very trustworthy, I really am.
I mean, Reverend Todd even chose me to spread the word about his secret prayer meeting! You can pay me later, all right? Sorry? Pay me later! Pay me later, right? You want money? No, no.
You can pay me later.
Oh, you want to know the time? It's Oh! You've left your money.
No! You can pay me later! You've got to go to Ponty? What?! Oh, we can pay you later! Pay you later, right! Yes.
Oh, I haven't played charades in a long time.
Prem, Todd's having another prayer meeting in his house tonight.
Is he deliberately trying to give the entire village smallpox? I'll have a word with him.
Thank you so much.
Mr Todd? See you.
I hear that you're planning to hold another prayer meeting.
The people need God's help.
You're putting people's lives at risk.
If people want to pray, who are we to stop them? Prem? I've got masks, gowns, soaps.
I've been wanting to talk to you.
Me too.
I don't quite know what to say.
I shouldn't have mentioned that stupid letter.
That makes two of us.
Are we friends? Of course.
Thanks for the supplies, Megan.
Right, Mr Jones, if you could roll your sleeve up for me, please? This won't hurt a bit.
Just a small pain.
I know how it feels! There you go, thank you.
How many people have we vaccinated today? Five.
Good, good! Word's getting round.
A few more days and we should be done.
We can stay one more day, Mrs Sharma.
But that's your lot.
See what you can manage.
What?! What?! You're a good doctor and you know it.
Thank you.
You're just not very good with people.
Thank you! Especially your own wife.
Kamini and I are fine.
You think so? I value Kamini very much.
I never thought you were good enough for my daughter.
But the girl loves you.
She wants a family of her own, Prem.
So the people with babies, do they get one packet of Rusks? Apart from Mrs Williams with the twins.
Give her two.
The vaccination unit are threatening to leave.
Prem will have to ring the ministry in the morning.
A day should be plenty of time to get the whole village done.
So, these are the rations you and Sergeant Dawkins collected? Mm-hm.
You two seem to be getting on very well.
Beef soup, hm.
Right, what shall I do now? Oh, you're home! Nobody will go hungry tonight, and now I'm going to make a feast.
Sometimes I think I don't appreciate you enough.
Don't be silly.
I have farmer's hands.
I chased chickens for their eggs, I dug vegetables, we all worked so hard.
In the end I had to send Megan home, she looked exhausted! You must be exhausted too.
Not at all! Is there something going on between Megan and Emlyn? Dr Sharma! Dr Sharma! Please look at her.
Let me see, let me see.
It is, isn't it? I'm afraid so.
I need to get her to the hospital.
I need to get her to the hospital as soon as possible.
I'll bring her.
I'm sorry, I can't allow that.
No Mary, I can help her.
You have two other children, make sure they're all right.
Please let me come.
It won't be safe.
Go home, be with your family.
But my baby What can I do? If it helps, pray.
My baby.
My little girl.
You're little girl's in the best of hands.
The best of hands.
"And their prayer offered in faith will heal the sick "and the Lord will make them well.
"And anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven.
"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other "so that ye may be healed.
"The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power.
" Mary, I'm so sorry.
I want to see her.
You can't.
She's still contagious, you haven't been vaccinated.
I have to say goodbye.
I have to say goodbye to her.
No, please! You know, if Mary's child had been vaccinated she might have survived.
But they'd rather listen to that tin pot preacher than me.
That tin pot preacher talks to people on their own level.
Through his lies? You have to make sure people hear the truth.
You have to shout louder than that tin pot preacher.
Prem, I'm glad to see you.
Can we clear the air? I need the keys to the pub.
What's going on? I need to get the loud hailer.
And can you find Ceri Joseph.
Tell him to meet me at the surgery with his tractor and trailer.
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
'And the main news is that the smallpox outbreak in Trefelin 'has taken a more serious turn.
'A ten-week-old baby girl died last night after contracting the disease.
' I know how Mary feels.
It's so lonely.
It doesn't have to be.
This time I'm with you.
Sometimes you have to have a little faith.
Dr Sharma, Ceri's here.
Already people have been infected.
One child has died.
The only protection is vaccination.
'One child has died.
'The only protection is vaccination.
'Smallpox is fatal.
'Already some have been infected.
' Smallpox is fatal.
People have been infected.
'Smallpox is fatal.
'There is no cure.
' One child has died.
The only protection is vaccination at the surgery in Trefelin.
'Smallpox is fatal.
'There is no cure.
' One child has died.
'The only protection is vaccination.
' One child has died.
The only protection is vaccination.
There is no cure.
Many people have it.
One child has died.
What are you doing? We told Dr Sharma we were leaving this morning.
This visit has been a complete waste of our time.
We'll tell the smallpox panel to call in the army.
Which is what we'll be doing the minute we get back to Cardiff.
The sooner the better.
Please, at least stay till the end of the day.
We've wasted enough of our time already.
Sorry, Mrs Sharma, work's work.
We've come for the vaccination.
Come this way.
I don't think you're going to be going anywhere for a while.
Prem, nearly everyone came.
Good, good.
But we still don't know who the source is.
Who didn't come? Sian Davies, Reverend Todd and Verity.
I'm not surprised about Sian, stubborn woman that she is, and Todd! I think I need to speak to Verity.
Oh, thank you.
Oh I thought you liked flowers.
I do! Sorry.
I'm not feeling very well.
Are you all right? Dr Sharma.
Have you come to arrest me? Sadly, no.
I came to tell you that most of the villagers were vaccinated today.
Victory for science.
Apart from a few, you and your daughter among them.
My faith is my protection.
It's that simple? It's that simple.
What about your daughter, is her faith as strong as yours? Verity is young.
Is it not your duty as a father to protect her? I do.
You don't know how lucky you are, you have a beautiful, healthy daughter Do you not love her? More than anything on this earth.
Then you must allow me to vaccinate her.
She's resting at the moment, I'd rather she wasn't disturbed.
Please bring her to the surgery first thing tomorrow.
So you stop a train, inconvenience all these passengers for a matter of no importance? A young girl's gone missing.
Do you think that's why I got ill? Cos I made God angry.
Was he punishing me? What's this? It's for your own good, Nan, you're the last one in the village that hasn't been vaccinated.
No! It's really nothing to be ashamed of! Plenty of people are frightened of needles.
Oh-oh-oh For pity's sake for your own sake, Reverend.
Save your daughter.
I don't know where she is.
I'm asking for your advice, Prem.
As a friend or a doctor? Is that how I got it? From Verity? We couldn't possibly know that, not yet.
Is that how my little girl got it too? Did I kill my own daughter?