The Indian Doctor (2010) s02e05 Episode Script

The Source

Mummy! Kamini! Welcome to Wales.
What do you want? I want to see the treasure, same as last time.
You know you can go to Hell for that? We were expecting the vaccinations unit yesterday.
We have one case of smallpox.
There'll be many others unless we act now! Reverend Todd, the vaccine has arrived.
I don't need it.
I suggest you give it to someone else.
If God wants me to do his bidding, he'll protect me.
Mr Todd, you cannot leave the ward now.
Do you understand? And He put forth His hand and touched him, saying, "Be thou clean".
You're in love? I was walking down the high street and there she appeared, right in front of my eyes.
Emlyn told me you helped him write that letter to me.
What were you trying to do? I didn't know it was for you.
I didn't know.
Leave my daughter alone! Get out! Daddy! Get out! Go on! I don't feel very well.
Are you all right? My baby! What can I do? If it helps, pray.
"Home news now.
"The smallpox outbreak in the South Wales valleys "appears to be coming under control with no new cases reported.
"Although the area is still restricted, "a number of vaccinated members of the press "have been invited to attend a news conference "under the auspices of the local doctor and constabulary.
" Right.
Er, thank you for coming today.
I'm sure you're all very keen to hear about the progress we're making here in Trefelin.
So I'll hand you over to Doctor Prem Sharma, who'll update you.
Thank you.
Er, as you all know, Trefelin's first case of smallpox was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago.
Since then, through a combination of effective policing and vaccination, we have managed to bring it under control.
I believe that our programme has been successful.
Fresh food supplies are now arriving.
The vaccination unit has returned to Cardiff, having completed their task here.
With their agreement, I have kept back a small amount of vaccine to complete the vaccination of the local community within the next 24 hours.
So, I am pleased to report that I believe that in Trefelin, we have turned a corner.
Well, as I'm sure you can appreciate, Doctor Sharma's got a lot of work to do.
Just the one question, if the doctor wouldn't mind.
Not, not at all.
Esther Adams, national radio.
Congratulations on such an effective campaign.
That's very kind, but I must emphasise it is a collaboration between the police and community that has enabled us to control the situation.
There's one thing I'd like to clear up, if I may.
Of course.
How did smallpox arrive in Trefelin in the first place? Well From outside the village, obviously.
Outbreaks are usually associated with the arrival of aliens, aren't they? Aliens? From overseas.
Bringing disease with them.
From places with How shall I put it? A less scrupulous approach to public health matters than this country.
There is no evidence to suggest that this outbreak began that way.
But you don't know for certain? Is that a no, Doctor? We're still investigating.
You still don't know how this disease arrived in Trefelin? No.
Excuse me.
This is just a test, Verity.
The Lord is testing you.
Testing us both.
Testing our faith.
We just need to be strong.
Trust in the Lord.
She's the one, Doctor.
One what? She's the one who misquoted me on the radio.
I'm sure of it! I'm going to give her a piece of my mind.
No, Emlyn.
Leave it be.
It won't help matters.
You have to make this stop, Doctor.
Make sure no-one else has to go Find out how this terrible disease came here and stop it.
I'll do everything in my power.
You promise? I'll do my best, but I can't promise.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could.
Right, then, ladies and gentlemen thank you very much.
The press conference is over.
Mummy, what are you doing with those? Sit down.
I'll make you some tea.
I must get back.
New admissions? No, none at all.
I want to look in on Mrs Evans.
Megan Evans? How is she? Responding well to treatment.
Poor woman was just exhausted.
Oh! Don't say it.
What do you look like, Kamini? Sometimes I wonder myself.
It took courage for both of you to come here.
And it takes courage to stay.
Was that a compliment from your mother? You deserve it.
What do you think? He seems fine to me.
He looks hot.
I'm not surprised, with all those layers.
We could've lost him, Nan.
I can't help it.
We could've.
Well, we didn't.
And we won't because he's had his vaccine.
Don't start this again.
I couldn't bear the thought of losing you, Nan.
I'm not planning on going anywhere.
Neither was Mary's baby.
Let's get this finished, shall we? We've wasted enough time on your nonsense already.
Mr Todd? Mr Todd? Verity? 'Verity?' Doctor Sharma.
This is a surprise.
You know that I've come to see Verity about her vaccination.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
She's not here at the moment.
I'll wait until she comes back, then.
She's gone away.
Gone away? Yes, I'm afraid so.
But she's been exposed to the virus.
As have I.
And there's no guarantee that for either of you, it won't develop into something more serious.
You understand there's an exclusion zone in place for villagers? Try telling that to a headstrong woman of 17.
I will, personally, and in no uncertain terms.
Now, where has she gone? She's she caught the London train this morning.
Stop the train? The London train? There is only one train.
I've never stopped a train before.
You're the local policeman, you have the authority.
It only left 10 minutes ago.
It wouldn't have got far.
This is what I'll do.
If I take the mountain road, I can cut down onto the cattle track.
That runs down to the line.
The fjord will be dry, so I can take a shortcut through there, cross to the other side, then head the train off before it gets to Abercwm.
Or you could phone the signalman and ask him to put up a halt sign.
Or I could do that.
Nan, this is stupid.
Everyone in the village has had it, apart from you.
You always think you know best.
There's a time and a place for everything, Gina.
Yes, and it's time you were vaccinated.
When everything gets back to normal, what will people say when they find out you haven't been treated? You might still you know.
There's nothing wrong with me.
I've got the constitution of an ox.
A mule, more like.
You're so stubborn! That's enough, Gina.
Ooo, I hope you don't grow up with your mother's temper.
There's no need to speed.
It's only when things like this happen that I'm allowed to put my foot down.
Let's just get there in one piece, shall we? Stop, stop, stop, stop! OK, try it now.
No, no, no.
I don't understand it.
I've checked the dynamo, the fan belt.
I've only had it a couple of weeks.
OK, give it another go.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
When was the last time you filled her up? Ah.
That would explain it.
I've got a jerrycan in the boot.
But, then again, come to think of it It's empty, isn't it? Right.
How far is it to the train station? About a mile and a half cross-country.
Let's go.
We're not going to walk it, are we? No, we're going to run.
This never happened in Z Cars! She's not down that end.
No-one's seen her up this end either.
No-one's seen who? Have you lost a patient, Doctor? Not exactly, no.
But you are looking for someone.
No-one of any importance.
So you stop a train, inconvenience all these passengers for a matter of no importance.
Is that how things are done in this part of the world, Sergeant? A young girl's gone missing.
Is she the source of the outbreak? What? Is that why you're looking for her? She wouldn't be a member of your family, would she, Doctor? Only I understand your mother-in-law has recently arrived from India.
She's not a member of my family, no.
A friend? I wouldn't say a friend either.
But she is from another country, like yourself? I suppose you could say that she's a foreigner, yes.
She's originally from Richmond.
Richmond? Richmond! In Surrey! I thought you said she was a foreigner.
She is, Miss Adams.
You forget, this is Wales.
Dydd da.
I've checked with the ticket office, Verity didn't buy a ticket.
What's he playing at? Yes, tell him it's a late update.
If you hurry, we should just make the lunchtime news.
I don't care if he's busy, tell the editor he's got a scoop on his hands.
Richmond girl goes missing from Welsh smallpox area.
Verity wasn't on the train.
She never boarded the train.
You don't seem to be surprised about this, Reverend.
What is it that you are not telling me? She is sick, isn't she? I pray that she will return to the ways of the righteous.
We have to do more than pray.
We have to find her, and quickly before she infects someone else.
What is it, Reverend? The Lord will protect those whose faith remains strong.
You asked me once, did I have children? I had a daughter.
I lost her to an illness.
An illness that I could've done something about if I had only been given the chance.
Not a day goes by that I don't think, could I have saved my daughter? For pity's sake, for your own sake, Reverend, save your daughter.
I don't know where she is.
That's the truth.
But she is sick, isn't she? And a surprise development in the South Wales smallpox outbreak.
Our correspondent reports that a suspected carrier of the disease has gone missing.
Police are searching for the missing teenager.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Health authorities are still trying to locate the source of the small pox outbreak.
The fist victim, a young boy, who was said to be in a It's my fault, I shouldn't have done it.
Done what? Ask the preacher girl.
Ask the preacher girl what? To show me her treasures.
Her what? You wouldn't understand.
Thank you for taking him, Nan.
I will be home later to help you with those food parcels.
Nan doesn't mind, does she? I will see you back at the shop.
Say bye-bye, Mammy.
Hello Regina, Mrs Davies, I am so glad you are here to get your vaccination.
Now, if you would like to come through.
No, I mean, it will have to be later.
I've got the baby to look after.
And food parcels.
It will only take a minute.
No, sorry, I have left something on the stove.
The last time I did that the pot was ruined.
Why don't you just admit it? What? Do you think that I haven't worked it out? What are you talking about? You're terrified of needles, aren't you? Nonsense.
I'd best get back to that pot.
Come on, Mrs Davies, it's for your own good.
Mrs Davies.
I'm sorry, doctor, I can't stop.
I have got to save my pot! Nan! Mummy says you are needed urgently at the hospital.
Did she say why? One of the patients needs to talk to you.
Megan? She didn't say.
I should be out there helping.
Doing something.
That is why you got sick in the first place.
Trying to do too much.
I am rested now, I feel fine.
Smallpox handler's lung that is what is called.
Mainly caused by overwork, according to Doctor Sharma.
He's told me all about it as well as all about the history of the vaccine.
He's a fascinating man, that doctor.
A lot of people around here don't know it.
I'm sure some do.
And he said you have to rest.
Build your strength back up.
So, I've bought you a few treats.
Grapes, some boiled sweets and a few Welsh cakes.
I'm really not that hungry at the moment.
Just take a look.
Maybe later.
You might change your mind.
Ah, well.
Maybe later, then.
Owen! Mrs Sharma.
Have you come to help me deliver the food parcels? Actually Actually, it's your help I need.
Well? It's Dan.
Is there a problem? That's what I was hoping you could find out.
Doctor Sharma What is it, Dafydd? They said you were looking for a young English girl, we all know who they meant.
Go on? Me and Verity We never actually You know But? We did fool about.
Fool about, Dafydd? You should have told me.
We really need to find her.
Is that how I got it, from Verity? We couldn't possibly know that, not yet.
Is that how my little girl got it too? Was it me, Doctor? Did I kill my own daughter? No, of course not.
Emlyn, I need you to come with me to get Verity.
Do we know where she is? I've got a pretty good idea, and we need to contact Reverend Todd.
Oh, sorry about this, Nan.
I didn't know I'd need to work on today.
Now, Mrs Davies.
What's this? It's for your own good, Nan.
You're the last one in the village that hasn't been vaccinated.
No! It's really nothing to be ashamed of.
Plenty of people are frightened of needles.
Could you do Nan favour and not mention it? And we have a strategy to deal with it! I'm not actually frightened, not really But, have you? Developed over centuries.
Handed down from generation to generation.
So, what is it then, a pill? Some sort of herbal remedy? I don't like gas! It hurts! How can it? I've just taken out the needle! I'm telling you, I can feel it! She hasn't done anything yet, Nan, honestly.
It's just in your imagination.
It's all right for you! Oh, for goodness' sake! I'm not a pin cushion! You're a grown woman! Help! Oh come on, Mrs Davies, it's just a little prick! That's what I'm afraid of! Oh Ah Hold on, Nan.
Verity! Verity? Verity, it's Doctor Sharma.
I know you're sick, I can help you.
Verity! It's all right, you're safe now.
Doctor Sharma! Verity! Verity, my Verity.
Right, let's get her into the car.
No, no, no, no.
Reverend Todd She's not going with you.
I weakened before, I don't want to fail again.
You'll do what the doctor says.
I said no, she's my daughter! Reverend, there's no time for discussion.
Your daughter could die if we don't get her to a hospital.
Doctor Sharma, the daughter you lost Did she go to a hospital? No, I was hundreds of miles away when Rani died.
I should have been with her, but I wasn't.
I'm here.
I don't want to leave my daughter's side.
My faith is strong.
I have faith, in medicine, in my abilities as a doctor.
We will not let what happened to my daughter happened to Verity.
Please, Reverend.
I need your help.
Verity needs your help.
Your father's worried about you.
He seems to think there's something bothering you, something about Reverend Todd's daughter? It's not Reverend Todd's daughter, not really.
And it's not him either.
It's his treasures the things he brought back from Africa, his minister clothes and I used to go up there and try them on and pretend I was a preacher.
Do you think that upset him? Reverend Todd? No, God.
Do you think that's why I got ill, because I made God angry? Was he punishing me? He's probably had bigger things on his mind.
We managed to vaccinate Sian today.
Sian? Keep on like this and I'll have to start believing in miracles.
Don't you start.
I've had enough of divine intervention from Dan.
Dan's got religion now? Is that what he wanted to talk to you about? Owen had a bee in his bonnet about Dan and the preacher girl.
He thought there'd been some inappropriate behaviour.
Turns out there was nothing more inappropriate than Dan dressing up in some of the clothes Reverend Todd had brought back from Africa.
Dan was in such a state, he thought he'd upset God or something! Prem? Prem? I'm sorry, I don't I don't understand.
When did you come across your last case of smallpox in Africa? Just before we came here.
I need to take away everything you brought with you, anything that may have come into contact with anyone else your vestments, your clothes.
I need to do some tests.
And less of the backchat this time, or I'll be adding another new experience to stopping a train arresting a preacher.
Excuse me.
It has been announced that the smallpox outbreak 'in the Welsh town of Trefelin is officially over.
'Although the original source of the virus is yet to be ascertained, 'mass vaccination of the area has allowed normal life to resume.
' Come on, we're going to be late! Yes, I'm still here.
You're sure? Thank you.
Well? What did the lab say? You won't believe his.
Dan wasn't the smallpox carrier, neither was Verity.
So, who was it? It wasn't a person.
What do you mean? It was Todd's robe, the robe that he brought back from Africa.
The virus would only have needed to survive a matter of weeks but Long enough.
But I still don't understand, if Dan was infected and Verity was infected, why didn't it infect Todd? Exactly.
Reverend Todd? Doctor Sharma.
Tell me, do you take confession? It is my duty to help in any way.
May I ask who wants to confess? I think you do.
You were exposed to this disease more than anyone else in this village and yet you remained untouched.
It was God's will.
So you said.
You're immune, aren't you, Reverend Todd? You'd had smallpox in Africa.
The test on your robes revealed that they were covered in the virus.
People here had faith in you and you lied to them.
Emlyn will want a word.
I want to see my daughter.
I'll tell him to give you some time.
She's in there.
Owen comes running to me asking, "What is this eggy bread?" As if it's some exotic Indian delicacy! How amusing! We can go to Cardiff next week.
There's an Indian restaurant they might be able to get us some jeera or garam masala.
Kamini, I won't be here next week.
What? I'm leaving the day after tomorrow.
But we've hardly spent any time together.
I came here to see if you were all right and you are.
I'm very proud of you both.
But Mummy We can talk about it later.
Why don't you go home and put the kettle on - I'll get what we need.
I don't remember prescribing all this! This is from your pupil.
Emlyn has been quoting you chapter and verse ever since I came in, telling me what's wrong with me.
He's a good man.
I know.
So, what should I do? It's not really for me to say.
I'm asking for your advice, Prem.
As a friend or a doctor? So you think I should accept? If you want security, loyalty and commitment then, erm you could do far worse than Emlyn.
Does that mean I should marry him? You'd never have to worry about your bike being stolen again.
What about us? I, er I can never give you what you need or deserve, Megan.
You drove my mum away.
And now you do this to me.
Verity, please.
Please forgive me.
Doc? I'm just going to see Megan.
She's coming out today.
Doc? Would you mind if I asked your advice about something? You don't need my advice, Emlyn.
No, no, you misunderstand me now.
It's nothing medical.
You really don't.
Trust me, I'm a doctor.
Well, things are finally getting back to normal around here.
Perhaps now you'll get to see some of our beautiful valley.
I doubt it.
I'm leaving the day after tomorrow.
So soon? I am sorry to hear that.
We didn't give you a very warm welcome, did we? I've been made very welcome, thank you.
And Kamini will be fine without me.
Ah, well, the children always say they don't need us, but they do, you know.
These are for you.
On the house.
Thank you, Mrs Davies.
The pub is open! Voice of an angel! Hold fast there, gentlemen! Not so hasty! There'll be no drinking in this establishment, not until I have made a very important announcement.
Megan Evans has done me the great honour of agreeing to become my wife.
Would you care for another pickled egg? I don't want another pickled egg ever.
In my life.
Yes, I'm sorry about that.
I think they came from Sian's shop.
I could have guessed.
It's so beautiful here, so peaceful.
I asked Emlyn where we could go where nobody would find us.
Oh, how very romantic.
I know this isn't the life that you wanted, no London practice, no cosmopolitan society Prem I just want to give you everything that you need, everything that you want.
You are the only thing I want.
I was thinking, after your mother goes back tomorrow, why don't we go away for a couple of days, just you and me? Prem We could take the car to the Gower, hit the beach Or we could just put a "do not disturb" sign on the door.
After all, we'll have the house back to ourselves.
We WILL have the house back to ourselves, won't we? Your mother's not going back tomorrow, is she? She's going to stay, just for a little while.
Great, that's just great! But I thought you two were getting along so well.
Yes, relatively.
So much for my romantic plans.
Now, what do we do? Now, why don't we make the best of it, Doctor Charmer?