The Indian Doctor (2010) s03e01 Episode Script

The Prodigals Return

1 MUSIC: "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix Kamini, I'm only going to look at it.
I know.
If it's too much money Which it probably will beMummy's promised to help.
Oh, that's nice.
I'll be back for the interviews.
"Dear Mummy, I am sorry I have taken so long to reply to you.
"I hope you didn't worry.
Everything here is fine.
"We think we might have found a bigger surgery - "it's part of a big house.
"Prem is finally going to see it today.
"Life here is still busy.
"Sian is getting used to living on her own since Gina and the baby "left for London.
"She's back to her normal self.
" Oi! Get out of here! You! Oh! "Megan and Emlyn have settled well into married life.
"They seem very much in love.
"Dan's doing very well in school.
"He's such a clever boy.
" Let's go follow it.
"I really want to try to get a job "but Prem still needs plenty of looking after.
" "And, no, there's still no news on the baby front, "but I'm going to try what you suggested.
"As you always say, "Anything is possible to a willing heart.
" Dan! What are you doing here? Good morning.
I wasn't sure I got the time right.
You were expecting me.
Yes, to show me around the house.
To show you the house? Estate agent, no? I see! No.
We're the owners.
I'm Basil Thomas.
This is my brother Robert.
Dr Prem Sharma.
What a coincidence, my brother here's a doctor also.
Very pleased to meet you, Dr Sharma.
The local GP, I presume.
I'm sure you two will get along famously.
Well, look, we're very sorry to have wasted your time but I'm afraid we've decided to take the house off the market.
I do hope you're not too disappointed.
Not at all.
My wife will be, though.
We were looking for larger premises and she had her eye on this place, but pretty sure we couldn't have afforded it.
Again, sorry to have wasted your time.
Actually, it's a relief.
Good day.
Good day.
Good day.
It's as much of a dump as I remember.
Why did you have to tell him I'm a doctor? It's always good to introduce yourself to the competition early on.
Hello, Father.
We're home.
Come on, baby brother, chin up.
Remember why we're here.
A new start.
A new project for us both.
It's what Daddy would have wanted.
And aren't we just thrilled about it(?) Do you want to be stuck in this village all your life? I don't care.
I like here.
Do you think it was a Mustang? Whatever it was, the person driving it went to school.
He didn't go to my school.
How do you know? School is school.
Anyway, you will never get a car like that unless you finish your education.
I can do it.
I can leave in the summer anyway.
All the more reason to work hard now.
Off you go.
I'll be checking with your teacher you were there.
My mam used to swear by this for these summer colds.
You go and sit down, and I'll bring it in to you.
Shouldn't you be in work? My work is to look after the people of Trefelin and that includes my wife.
I hope you're not thinking of going to work today.
I'm sure Annie can cope for one more day.
Maybe you should pop by and see the doctor.
And tell him I'm tired? Don't be silly.
Is that enough? Are you warm enough? Maybe you should go back to bed.
Emlyn, I'm fine.
Would you like me to stay with you, perhaps? And have the crime rates shoot up just because of me? No.
You go.
We've got to smash the system, Daf.
Do we have to do it today, Al? Yes, comrade.
Every day is a new beginning, a new dawn.
Have you got the banner? Banner! Come on.
If you can just take a seat.
Well? It looks like it's going to be a busy morning.
Tell me.
The house.
It's been taken off the market.
Never mind, there will be others.
Anyway, we're happy here.
Send the first one in.
Of course.
Come in.
Mrs Williams.
Please, sit down.
I didn't know that you were interested in becoming a receptionist.
Oh, I'm not.
Ah, well, today I am interviewing I'm here about my Aled.
He spends all day sitting around the place with that layabout Daf, talking a load of old rubbish about politics.
He's got pictures all over his wall of that foreign gentleman, you know, the one with the beard.
What's his name? Oh, you know I'm so worried about him.
Abraham Lincoln? No, Aled.
Yes, of course, Mrs Williams.
Mr Che something Guevara.
He doesn't even get out of bed until midday.
Che Guevara? No.
Mrs Williams a healthy interest in politics is hardly a medical matter.
Well, it will be.
My nerves can't take much more of this.
He needs to stop messing and get a proper job.
Could you talk to him? Please, Dr I'll see what I can do.
Thank you, Dr Sharma.
All thebest.
You look lovely today, Sian.
Oh, go on with you.
I'm too busy for idle chat.
Even busy you look lovely.
I need to ask you something.
I need you as a wife.
What? Well, I need someone to agree to be my next of kin and And I need someone with a phone number.
But Who on Earth? That road hog nearly ran me off the road this morning.
And why do you think you would make a good receptionist? Because I know all about germs.
Did you know they're everywhere? Yes, but you can leave the medical side of things to me.
Your job would include answering the phone My last employer was very happy with my telephone manner.
May I? Of course.
Bring, bring! Bring, bring! Bring, bring! Bring, bring! Bring, bring! Who was your last employer? Petra Sewage Works.
Blockage or seepage? That's veryvery good.
Oh, look at you, just like film stars.
Wilfred Thomas' boys.
I can still remember baby-sitting for you like it was yesterday.
Such lovely little cherubs, you were.
I used to kiss their fat little bottoms.
And how long are you staying? As long as you'll have us.
Won't you find this a bit dull after the bright lights of London? You were missing our Welsh cooking.
And we missed the fresh air of home, didn't we? And the wonderful simplicity of the people.
So Look, we'd like to invite you to attend a party we're throwing tomorrow in the village hall.
Will you come? We'll be honoured to attend, won't we? Honoured, aye.
Until tomorrow, then.
Until tomorrow.
Oh, you look like your father.
Ta-ta, now.
What on Earth am I going to wear? Myn uffarn i.
Mind the shop.
Guess what? The Thomas boys are back.
Oh, look at their car.
It isn't.
It is! It's Basil and Robert Thomas.
Owen Griffiths.
Haha! Good God! How you doing? Well, well.
Bit smart for the likes of us now, aren't you? Not at all.
Not at all.
Beva Brendon and Winston Pew.
Well, what are you all drinking? First round's on me.
Guess what? Basil and Robert Thomas are back! So, what makes you think that you would be suitable for this job? I'd be good at keeping the patients amused.
Why do bees hum? I'm sorry? Cos they don't know the words.
Haha! Thank you for coming in, Mrs Roberts.
I was wondering, what is it that you think you can bring to the role of? .
Any short hand? Why did the chicken cross the road? I'll be in touch.
Last one.
(Thank God.
) Mrs Daniels.
Mrs Daniels, thank you so much for coming in.
And I was a doctor's receptionist before the war.
He's certainly given you a glowing reference.
"Reorganised all medical files, cross referenced against "surname, age, blood group, gender.
" Very impressive.
Why did you stop working, Mrs Daniels? Well, I felt like it, dear.
You reduced waiting times by 50%, revolutionised the appointment system If I offered you the job, when could you start? Oh, I'm not sure that I want it yet, dear.
I'm sorry? Well, it's a big step, isn't it? Yes, I suppose Thank you for coming in.
I'll let you know.
Whose is it? Somebody who thinks they're above the law, I'd say.
How fast do you think it goes? Too fast.
Must belong to someone really rich.
They can afford to pay that then, can't they? I was really very sorry to hear about your father.
Wonderful man.
Did so much for our community.
Thank you.
To Wilfred Thomas.
Afternoon, Mr Graham.
Pint of dark, please.
Here, I'll get that.
I wouldn't bother if I was you, Mr Thomas.
NCB Inspection Team.
He's sniffing around to see if he can close us down.
Your father wouldn't have stood for that.
Oh, well, we're all friends here.
Well, how did it go? Total waste of a morning.
Well, there is one candidate you haven't considered.
Really? She's a university graduate, she can type, very hard working and very efficient.
She sounds ideal.
Who? Me.
You're too good for this job, Kamini.
Anyway, you're too busy with the housework.
Dr Sharma.
Any chance of a quick word, Dr? Ah, come.
Well, Mummy, time to put your plan into action.
It's just that I'm really worried about Megan.
She's tired, very up and down, very snappy.
It's as if she's always angry with me.
I know they do say women can get a touch of depression after they get married.
Life changes can cause some depression but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.
Listen, don't tell her that I came to see you, will you? But Could you come up with some excuse to go by and see her? Er Of course, Emlyn.
I'll drop in tomorrow.
Thank you, Prem.
There you go, lads.
Can we take drinks off a capitalist? Think of it as wealth redistribution.
Whatever happened to Megan? Megan Howells.
She works here usually.
She married Emlyn Dawkins.
Who? Fatty? He's done very well for himself.
He's the village copper.
My overriding memory of Fatty is his red face after rugby.
Blood, mud, tears and snot.
Oh, Mrs Sharma.
Hello, Owen.
Mrs Sharma has taken a shine to my boy Dan.
Dan won't be home for dinner.
I'm taking him to the library for a school project - it's about cars.
Mrs Sharma.
Basil Thomas.
This is my brother Robert.
I believe we met your husband earlier.
Oh, really? Yes, he said you'd be disappointed, the house no longer being for sale.
It's a beautiful house, Mr Thomas.
If it was mine, I wouldn't sell it either.
Thank you.
My brother and I are hosting a social event in the village hall tomorrow evening.
We'd be honoured if you could attend - your husband, too.
We'd love to.
Thank you very much.
Come on, Dan.
West Bromwich Albion - nil.
Leicester City - four.
Tottenham Hotspur - three.
Sheffield United - two.
Stoke City - two.
Everton - one.
West Ham United - one.
Emlyn Dawkins, it's been years.
Robert Thomas.
Who'd have thought, back in school, that you'd be giving me a parking ticket one day? Ah.
Revenge for all those rugby tackles, huh? Listen, must dash, but I wanted to let you know my brother and I are having a homecoming party tomorrow evening - do come.
Oh, thank you very much.
I'll certainly bare it in mind.
And make sure to bring that beautiful wife of yours.
Congratulations, by the way.
If she's anything like the woman I remember, you are a lucky man.
What a day.
Really? Oh, dear.
I met Basil Thomas today - he seems like a charming man.
Charming, really? Have you met his brother? He's also a GP.
Apparently, they're back to stay.
Really? Maybe that's why he said the house wasn't on the market any more.
Well, we couldn't have afforded it anyway.
Old places like that need a lot of work.
I wouldn't have minded.
It would have given me something to do between all this housework.
It's a pity you didn't go and see that place weeks ago.
Then maybe we could have bought it while it was still on the market.
Systematically, two Ms, two Ls? Do you think he'll be disappointed if he saw us now? Probably.
Stuck in the 19th century as he was.
He never understoodyou must move with the times.
Not for me.
Fatty's face was priceless when he realised it was me he was giving the parking ticket to.
Careful, that's my future patients you're laughing about.
So what do you think of our Indian doctor's wife, huh? Maybe worth getting to know better.
Man alive.
What on Earth did Father want with this? Maybe there was a dark side to him after all.
Maybe he skulked around at night murdering the natives.
I can't believe Megan married Emlyn Dawkins.
Forget Megan.
She'll be fat and 40 now.
You always were a coward.
Too many teardrops for one heart to be crying Morning.
You left my shop unattended yesterday.
We could all have been murdered in our beds.
We weren't in our beds.
Figure of speech.
When a cow needs milking, she needs milking.
Anyway, I was trying to ask you something yesterday.
I'm doing the pools Gambling, work of the Devil.
No, Sian, listen Megan It went out in the night.
You should have let me do that.
It's done now.
Are you feelingany better? A bit.
Have a good day.
You, too.
Oh! Robert Thomas.
Can I come in? If you're part of a pool syndicate, then you're gambling.
Whatever you call it, they need my next of kin and they need a telephone number.
And if I win You won't.
The pools are a con, everyone knows that.
But if I do I'll take you out.
I hope you're not harbouring indecent thoughts.
Of course not.
You carry on like that and you'll get a good clip around the ear.
Hi, Dr Sharma.
Oh, can I help you, Dr Sharma? Well, these oranges look nice.
I'll take six, please.
Three, four, five and six.
Are you moving back for good? That depends on whether I get any patients.
I might be taking over Dr Morgan's old practice if you're looking for a doctor.
We're with Dr Sharman.
I was in private practice in London but I wanted to come home.
You know, give something back to the community.
Thank you.
Is that enough milk? Personally, I like it stronger but some people like it like that.
It's perfect.
I didn't know you got married again.
After my first husband died, I suppose I didn't like to be alone.
But Emlyn, he's very Sorry.
You must think that I collect husbands like football cards.
Did you ever marry? Is that how you spell orange? It doesn't look right.
Oh, doctor, a word.
Where are they from? Oh, just shoo! You'll lose me customers! South African oranges are evil.
Why don't you sell Welsh oranges? I'll tell you what, boys, I'll get some, shall I(?) On the orange grove on my Welsh hillside(!) Daft, the pair of you.
I think an interest in world politics is admirable but I think your mother would really like you to get a job.
My job is bringing about the fall of the imperialist and capitalist system.
I made a mistake, now shoo! Is there anything wrong with Spanish oranges? They had a civil war there.
- Er, it's over.
Who won? - They did.
So, will you be my next of kin? Yes! Hoo-hoo! I'll see you soon.
Prem, that's a nice surprise.
Dr Sharma.
Hello again.
Robert, isn't it? Robert's a GP, too.
Yes, I know.
Megan's an old friend.
I'm not visiting in a professional context, yet.
Although, I do need patients.
I've been asked to take over Dr Morgan's old practice in Treherbert.
Really? See you soon, Megan.
Good day, Dr Sharma.
You coming in? Erm, no, no.
I wasn't going to stop.
Haven't seen you in a while, so I thought I'd drop in and give you these.
And see how you were.
Just a bit tired, really.
Nothing that a good rest and some oranges can't cure.
You know you can drop in and see me any time.
My door is always open to you.
I know.
See you soon.
Hope you feel better.
Thank you.
What do you think they're doing? Don't know.
Must be for the party.
Loads of booze.
We should infiltrate.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I've been waiting Well, I'm sorry What on Earth? Why are you here? Your filing system is in a terrible mess.
Whose are these? Ooh, his and hers.
But they're not labelled.
How do I know whose is whose? Well, he came in first, so the colder one will be his.
Mrs Daniels I'm sorry, I can't do anything until I've sorted out this shambles.
I've never seen anything like it.
How on Earth have you been managing? Kamini, what's she doing here? Did you offer her a job? Of course not.
I thought you did.
I did.
Did I? I'msure I didn't.
Anyway, please, could you help? I'd love to, I'm just so busy.
Sian, you look radiant.
Thank you so much for coming.
Thank you so much for asking us.
Ooh, doesn't he look smart? He looks like a ponce to me.
How do you do? Oh, lads, are you coming in as well? Onlywouldn't have thought this was your kind of thing.
Still, all welcome.
All welcome.
How do you do? Hey, you look nice.
Any special reason? I told you, it's the Thomases homecoming party.
How was Mrs Daniels? Oh, filing all day and now I can't find a thing.
Poor you.
Could you tie that for me, please? Do we really have to go out? Why? Did you have something else in mind? Yes to find out who's at the door.
Emlyn, come in.
Thank you, Prem.
How are you? Fine.
Fine, thank you.
Never better.
Just thought I'd pop by to say hello.
Well, come up.
Thank you.
You on your way to the? The village hall, yes.
Only Megan's not feeling too clever, but I thought I should go and show my face.
Hello, Emlyn.
Actually, we were going to give it a miss.
Oh, well that settles it.
If you're not going, then neither am I.
Funny thing for you now.
Megan and Dr Robert used to court way back, you know.
Really? And now she has you.
Come on, let's go for half an hour.
You can wear the etchkan Mummy sent for you.
I think you should tell Mummy to stop sending expensive things that I'm never ever going to wear.
Don't be grumpy.
Prem is cross because he doesn't like his new receptionist.
I didn't say that.
I offered to do it.
If we're going to go, then let's go and get it over and done with.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to thank you all very much for coming along this evening.
I have a confession to make.
This isn't just a party.
This is a chance to change your lives.
This is a decade of progress.
All over the country, things are changing.
And as my late father, God rest his soul, used to say, "You must move with the times.
" So, imagine if you will, what it would be like if you didn't have to carry that heavy coal bucket around any more.
Imagine if you could have a hot bath any time you wanted it.
Imagine a warm house, hot water and clean clothes, and all at the touchof a button.
Well, imagine no longer.
What I'm describing is already a reality over most of the country and I believe that, together, we can make it a reality right here.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present .
New Trefelin.
New Trefelin, a bigger and better new town to be built right here, right where we're standing, in place of the old.
A new shopping centre, pubs, cafes, even a new and expanded medical centre, attractive the very best Welsh doctors, people like my own brother here Robert Thomas.
And And if you agree to my plan, one of these beautiful new homes, complete with hot water, central heating and a washing machine .
could be yours.
These are working people, Mr Thomas, they can't afford new houses.
That's where you're wrong.
That's where you're wrong because, in return for your loyalty and the deeds to your old home, I can promise each and every current resident a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a brand-new home at the heart of this new development.
A new home that will, in time I'm sure, prove to be the shrewdest investment you will ever make.
And what's in it for you? Shut up! No, no.
He has a point - a fair point.
Now, obviously, new Trefelin will bring with it many challenges and opportunities.
Let me be honest, profit, and I intend to be around to enjoy it all.
But tonight, ladies and gentlemen, friends, I want you to join with me and share in this dream.
So, please, have another drink, have a good look at the plans.
I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and individually, if you so wish.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
That sounds very interesting.
No police station, though.
It's all very interesting.
Nice to see you again, Dr Sharma.
Dr Thomas.
Emlyn, on your own? Meganmy wife, is busy.
What a shame.
Please, help yourself to drinks.
I think I will, you know.
So, what do you think? It's very interesting.
Is it based on the development at Milton Keynes? There are similarities, yes.
Towns like this, Dr Sharma, bear the future of pedestrianised town centres and purpose-built car parks.
Where does the mine fit in? I don't see the mine anywhere.
Well, we are in discussion with the Coal Board about that and I'm confident we will reach a mutually profitable agreement What is mutually? Excuse me.
I'm so pleased you could come.
Thank you so much for inviting us, Mr Thomas.
Oh, first names, please.
Call me Basil.
Do you work, Kamini? No, not at the moment.
I studied English at university - I was hoping to do something with that.
But, when we moved to Trefelin, other things took priority.
Well, we should talk.
You're exactly the kind of educated person I'm going to need to get this new town built.
Excuse me.
An American-style supermarket, ladies and gentleman, just like the latest ones in London.
A supermarket, fancy that? Well, I'll buy you one when I win the pools, girl.
You'll spend it all on your chickens.
Nobody expected this, did they? Or this new health centre.
You know, maybe we should have stayed in India.
Or maybe I should have taken that job in London after all.
Maybe we need a new receptionist, but maybe you couldn't choose one.
Maybe you'll go to see the new house and then leave it until it gets taken off the market.
So, ladies I'm not getting into this now.
thank you for allowing me to share in my vision.
Maybe you'll move to a new practice.
Maybe you'll apply for a job.
It's not always up to me, you know.
Everything's maybe with you.
You're so busy saying it, nothing ever changes.
Nothing ever happens.
a new dream of a new Trefelin, a town finally worthy of the brave Welsh men and women who have toiled, fought and died so that we may share in a better future.
I hope that you agree.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Got your dinner money? You should see Dr Sharma.
I'm fine.
No, you're not.
You're always short of breath and I can hear you coughing every night.
I'll come with you.
You're not missing school because of me.
No doctor, no school.
There must be a lot of upkeep on an old place like this.
Ooh, Mr Thomas.
You used to steal my bon-bons, Sian, I am sure you can call me Basil.
You know, I can really picture you, Sian, in charge of a new, modern shop.
All mod cons.
Produce from all over the world.
It all sounds very exciting but the thing is, Basil, I don't think I can afford all that.
I didn't come here to ask for your money, Sian.
What do you think I am? I came to invite you out for lunch.
Lunch? If you have a prior engagement, I understand.
It's very last-minute.
Nonot at all.
It would be an honour.
The honour's all mine, Sian.
Come in.
I've put them in appointment, not alphabetical, order.
You're next scheduled patient is Mrs Megan Dawkins, who has yet to appear, so I've moved Mr Rogers to the top of the list because of his cough.
It's Beg your pardon? His cough, it's filthy.
Er, Mrs Daniels, have you seen any of my pens? I appear to have lost all of them.
A place for everything, and everything in its place.
What are you doing, boys? Making a stand for the rights of every common man, woman and child being exploited by imperialist capitalists for monetary selfish gain.
Goodness me! And there I was thinking all you ever did was lie in your little beds dreaming up protests because you're too lazy to do a real day's work.
Hope you got a Blue Peter badge for that.
It's cyfalafwr, not cyfalafydd.
And you don't need a soft mutation on Prydeinig.
because the word is masculine .
which is more than can be said for you.
Your blood pressure's quite high, you have some fluid on the lungs, hence the coughing, and you have an irregular heartbeat.
Now, this might be just down to a virus or being run down, but these are also the symptoms of heart disease.
Sounds like I should be planning my funeral.
No, not at all.
With the right care and some changes to the way that you live, these things can be managed, but I'll have a much better idea once your blood test results are back.
In the meantime, I am putting you on sick leave.
But I'm fine to work.
I've got to work.
It can't just stop me.
Owen, as the mine's doctor, I'm recommending plenty of rest and fresh air, and the last place you're going to get those are down the pit.
I I love the colourful clothes she wears Wow! What a beautiful vision this is.
Get away with you, Kerry Joseph.
I'm not listening to your idle talk.
I was wondering, you haven't had any phone calls for me, have you? Phone calls? Why? No reason.
I was just expecting.
Can't you see I'm busy? Basil Thomas is taking me out.
Yeah, but if someone rings asking for me, could you take a message? No.
Sian, you look like a movie star, a cross between Lana Turner and Doris Day.
I had no idea what to wear.
I didn't know where you were taking me.
I thought we'd try Tony's in Ponty.
Not THE Tony's? Not that really posh, really expensive Italian place?! And really busy.
We don't want to lose our table.
Afternoon, Mrs Rogers! I'm just off to Tony's in Pontypridd! Good, good, good, good vibrations Good, good Mrs Daniels sorted out all my pens today.
Nibs at one end, straight, straight, straight, - very annoying.
A little organisation and decisiveness around the surgery isn't a bad thing.
And she's left a message for you - it's by the phone.
A farmer barricaded himself in his house.
Aren't you going to have some lunch? Not hungry.
Kamini I've been thinking about what you said last night - that I don't I'm slow at making decisions.
I probably overreacted a little bit.
Yes, but maybe I don't listen enough.
How about we talk things through tonight? Maybe.
This is going to go straight to my head, I can tell.
Work hard, play hard, that's my motto.
And you've always been a good worker, Sian, with a good head for business.
Stop it now! It's true.
Out of all the baby-sitters we ever had, only you had the sense to charge for it - I admired you for that.
What about you then? I can't believe the little boys who used to fight behind the sofa would one day end up being a doctor and a big shot property developer.
Is there a Mrs Thomas somewhere in the background? If you don't mind me asking.
There could have been.
She She was beautiful, funny, clever.
I'd never have believed a woman like that would have looked twice at a buffoon such as me.
I'm sorry.
I haven't spoke about this for years.
I've been told I'm a very good listener.
Coming! Guess who? Robert? For your hubby.
For Emlyn? For you.
Come on, valleys girl, catch up.
I'll never forget that night, Sian.
I'll never forget it.
We were supposed to be going to the opera.
Madame Butterfly, her favourite.
I had to cancelagain.
These things do happen.
I was married to my work, Sian, even then.
She came second and she knew it.
So, that night, the night of the opera Well, we had a terrible row.
She was angry.
She was upset.
She She stormed out.
Back then we lived by the coast.
Had a little cottage up by the cliffs - it was very beautiful.
So, she stormed out and .
it was dark.
She didn't fall off the cliff.
I really don't know.
We searched for months.
You'll think I'm crazy but .
every time I'm by the sea, I I swear I can hear her calling me.
What was her name? Her name? Brigitte.
Her name was Brigitte.
Excuse me.
And to think, it will all have been for nothing.
What do you mean? This new town, Sian, it's an absolute gold mine.
Gold mine? But if the people of Trefelin don't take up the offer, then it will be made available to everybody else.
Everyone else who has that sort of money.
Oh, money, money.
I'm not after anybody's money, Sian, not yet.
All they have to do to secure a deposit for a brand-new house is hand me the deeds to their old property and By the time the outside world gets to hear they'll be sitting on a small fortune.
No new town! Don't sell your life away! No new town! They're selling you lies! Nothing but lies! No new town! No new town! All right.
Now, I am sure you can make up your own minds intelligent people that you are.
No new town! Just Just take a seat inside.
I'll be right in.
And remember, you're under no obligation.
No new town! No All right, lads, you've had your fun.
Don't you think it's time for beddy-byes? You can't make us leave.
This is a democracy.
We have our rights.
Yeah, we're antichrists.
You what? We're Anarchists.
He means anarchists.
Well, whatever you are, I also have a right to run a legitimate business.
And unless you run along like good little boys, I'm going to take your banner and I'm going to shove it up your Che Guevara.
You understand? Come on, Aled.
I'll buy you a half in the pub.
I think you should listen to your friend Bob Dylan over there.
Call me what you like, Mr Thomas, but I bet I sleep better than you at night.
I was so drunk at that party.
We'd had those liqueurs you'd stolen from your dad's drinks cabinet.
Look at my hair.
Look at Emlyn's hair.
Oh! We must have had the same hairdresser.
I couldn't believe it when I heard you got married to him.
Life is full of surprises.
I bet you he couldn't believe his luck.
Megan, I've brought you a lovely custard slice.
We're just looking at some old photos.
How are you, Emlyn? I'll go and put your custard slice in the fridge.
I better go.
No, you keep that.
Till the next time.
Come on, ladies! Hurry up, Iva.
Come on! My lovely baby-sitter.
Sobered up yet? Stop it now! Hmm.
I hope you don't mind, I've brought some friends with me.
I thought they might benefit from a more detailed explanation of the opportunities available to us all.
It would be my pleasure.
Go on, go and have another look.
Go on! Don't it get to you, the way he spoke to us? Like we're dirt under his shoe.
What a man like that thinks of me isn't important but I wouldn't want to see him taking advantage of anyone.
My mam was talking about looking into those new houses this morning.
We've got to do something bigger.
Something that would really hurt his stupid new town.
Quite difficult, bearing in mind it hasn't even been built yet.
It makes a change from this morning.
I knew I could rely on Sian for a complete lack of discretion.
Ahpretty woman, stage left.
Kamini, we're so pleased you could make it.
Your husband not with you? No.
He's on his rounds.
Of course.
Of course.
Well, let's get you a cup of tea, shall we? Robert, tea for Kamini, please.
Maybe you could show these to your husband.
You think he'd be interested? I think he might need a bit of persuading.
Nothing wrong with a bit of caution - cut from the same cloth as myself - but I'd hope you'd both be interested in the new medical practice.
Certainly we'll be looking for an intelligent and experienced practice manager.
Is that something that might appeal to you? Yes.
Yes, it would.
Well I've been keeping this back for you.
I know how disappointed you were to lose out on the manor house, but this is a fine residence befitting the local doctor and his wife.
Of course, it would also make an ideal home for a family.
Would it be possible for me to keep this? Certainly.
I'll speak with my husband tonight.
I'll see how Robert's doing with that tea.
A little house call for you, I think.
A chance to flex those charm muscles.
You were doing a pretty good job of it yourself.
You need to get Kamini's husband onside - he's a well-loved doctor.
Better to have him on our team than to play against him.
Oh, and bring a bottle of Dad's malt along with you.
These Indians are useless with alcohol.
You drinking? You promised you'd stop.
Thisis for medicinal purposes.
I'm on sick leave .
thanks to you.
What did Dr Sharma say? Ha! That I'm not fit to go down the mine.
So, make the most of what you've got .
cos pretty soon we're not going to have money for the roof over our heads.
Right? I don't need any examination.
I know what's wrong with me.
I'm pregnant .
but I don't want to be.
It's not uncommon to feel this way, especially in the early stages.
Does Emlyn know? No.
He'd be over the moon.
He's one of the loveliest people I've ever known .
but it feels like we've been together for 30 years, not just one.
Having a child together may change that.
It won't fix something that's never been there.
I don't expect you to have answers for me, Prem.
I just need some time to think it through.
Something Promise me you won't tell Emlyn.
Of course not.
Patient confidentiality.
Thank you.
Cos I made my mind up You're going to be mine I tell you right now Any trick in the book Get in.
The safety committee meeting is today.
And they'll all vote to close the mine? You don't need them all, just the majority.
This isn't what we agreed on.
I'm not paying you full price until I know what I'm getting for my money.
Roger Gibson and Ron Steadman, both retiring soon, both very greedy.
A bit more comfort in their old age would be very welcome.
And that will be enough for your majority, will it? Guaranteedtrust me.
Get out.
You make sure they shut that mine.
Just make sure it happens.
I'll tell you right now Any trick in the book now, baby That I can find I'll do my best to make it look like an accident, but I still can't guarantee it won't look like sabotage.
I thought you'd be pleased.
Pleased?! But this is the future, Megan, yours and mine! You've some pills, your brother was telling me, miracle pills.
They're not exactly a cure for everything.
Let me try them at least.
Terrorists in Trefelin, Sergeant Dawkins, and we both know who's to blame Oi! What are you doing?! .
those malcontents Daf and Aled.
Of course! Your mother had to be involved.
This has her meddling fingerprints all over it.
Trust me, Mr Graham, one way or another, you will close that mine or your life won't be worth living.