The Indian Doctor (2010) s03e02 Episode Script

The Gold Rush

1 ALL GASP IN SURPRISE The new Trefelin.
A bigger and better new town to be built right here, right where we're standing, in place of the old.
We've got to do something bigger.
Something that will really hurt his stupid new town.
I'm pregnant, but I don't want to be.
Does Emlyn know? No.
A supermarket, fancy that! I'll buy you one when I win the pools, doll.
Everything's maybe with you.
You're so busy saying it, nothing ever changes.
Nothing ever happens.
I'm on sick leave thanks to you.
Make the most of what you've got, cos pretty soon we're not going to have the money for the roof over our heads.
This isn't what we agreed on.
You make sure they shut that mine.
Just make sure it happens.
MUSIC: "Midnight Hour" by Otis Redding PHONE RINGS PHONE RINGS AGAIN Basil Thomas.
Everything's under control.
No, but that was never going to happen overnight, was it? And Mr Graham.
He's the inspector, advises the board on closures.
He's in my pocket.
I'm confident we'll have the results we want by the end of the week.
You don't need to remind me.
I'm perfectly aware of the consequences, thank you.
LINE GOES DEAD HE SIGHS FRUSTRATEDLY OWL HOOTS Shhhh! OWL HOOTS DOOR CLICKS OPEN DOOR SHUTS Dan! What's the matter? I've, er, brought your books back.
I don't understand - have I upset you in some way? Dr Sharma's put my dad on sick leave.
He won't be earning any money now, so I'm going to have to find a job.
You're leaving school? Dad says we won't have a roof over our heads if he can't work.
Let's think about this.
There must be some way that we can get some financial help or Dan.
Thanks for everything you've done for me.
Dan, please don't go.
Let's just He's leaving school.
FOOTSTEPS ECHO You do know what you're doing, don't you? Watch and learn, my boy, watch and learn.
Chewing gum.
SPARKS FIZZLE AND POP Well? Maybe there's a bit of damp there or something.
Whoa, don't go near it yet, man.
LOUD EXPLOSION Stand back! Are you all right? I think so.
I reckon old posh boy is going to throw a bit of a Che Guevara when he sees this.
What's that smell? Eh? It's, erm It's coming from you.
What? What? Your face.
You look like a beetroot! I'm glad you find this so funny! I don't.
What am I going to tell my mum? You tell her that I was saving her from being corrupted by capitalists.
She'll still want to know what I've done to my face.
This is your badge of honour, man! A testament to your bravery.
Is it? This is just the beginning, Daf.
We've got a lot of work to do tonight.
Come on.
Come on! All right.
I had no choice about Owen, you know.
You're sure? There's no way he can carry on working? Until I get the blood test results I wouldn't want to take the risk.
Dan's beside himself.
I'll go and see Owen tomorrow, have a chat.
Maybe there's another way.
What other way? I don't know.
But I'm sure that Dan leaving school isn't the answer to Owen's problems.
So much for my special occasion.
HE LAUGHS GENTLY BANGING AT DOOR You'd better answer that - it might be Dan.
RUNNING FOOTSTEPS Don't you think we've done enough for tonight? Giving up now? Sorry, but your face is ridiculous! Hilarious.
Where you going? Come on! Kamini, we have a visitor.
I hope I haven't arrived at a bad time.
No, not at all.
These are for you.
Thank you, they're lovely.
Dr Sharma, we did get off to a bad start.
I thought this might make amends.
I hear you might be partial to the stuff.
Well, thank you.
Please, sit.
I'll get some glasses.
OWL HOOTS I bet that's where they keep the explosives.
Only one way to find out.
Where are you going? Al? Stay there! Stay there! OWL HOOTS Have you or your wife had the chance to discuss our leaflets yet? Leaflets? I was passing the village hall earlier today and Basil gave me some leaflets to show you.
I would really appreciate your opinion on the plans for the health centre.
Yes, of course.
And I don't want to jump the gun but I will be looking for a new partner.
All the equipment will be state of the art.
We have a full-time nurse, and here .
we're planning a whole specialist rehabilitation section.
Well, I must say, it all looks very innovative.
Innovative, yes, but the primary concern will be with the patient.
I don't want to seem presumptuous but, as a fellow doctor, I know you'll agree the patient comes first.
I think we could work very well together.
OWL HOOTS Al! Al! Got 'em.
Oi! Oi! What you doin'? Oi! Stop! Come on! Woo-hoo! THEY LAUGH LOUDLY Come here! So this is my chance to give something back, to make a real difference to local people's lives.
Yes, yes, it's certainly something we could discuss.
And, of course, we need someone to run the place.
I believe my brother's already mentioned that to you.
Well, that sounds very exciting.
Well, you've certainly given us a lot to sleep on.
If you don't mind, I think that's where I'm heading.
Oh, of course.
Sorry, I do get a bit Thank you, Doctor.
I'll leave those with you and we can have a chat about it in the week? Of course.
I'll see myself out.
Well, that was interesting.
So? Will you really think about what he said? Of course I will.
Why don't you go to bed and I'll get changed? Then I have something to discuss with you.
Really? That is, if you can talk after all that whisky? Don't be too long.
Looks like we're on a home run with the people of Trefelin.
Shouldn't be long before they're all signed up.
Drink? Er, yes, thanks.
You have got good news for me, haven't you? They still haven't come to a decision.
You mean .
you haven't got the mine? No, but I'm sure with a bit more cash they'll be more than There is no more cash, you idiot.
My people aren't going to wait.
What people? The sort of people who take great pleasure in destroying anyone who wastes their time.
You can't close down a mine just like that.
It's not a big problem, really - projects like this, there are always delays, aren't there? A new town isn't going to happen overnight, is it? It's not that simple.
What do you mean? You've got yourself involved in something far greater than your little mind can ever imagine.
Trust me, Mr Graham, one way or another you will close that mine.
Or your life won't be worth living.
Get out.
Well! Hello, you beautiful piece of lovely thing.
Are you all right? Never better.
Come, come.
HE SIGHS So, what did you want to talk to me about? Well, I saw Basil today.
He was telling me about these wonderful new opportunities in the new town.
And he said PREM SNORES Prem? Prem? PREM SNORES Help! I need somebody Help! Not just anybody Help! You know I need someone Help! When I was younger So much younger than today Can I offer you a lift, Mr Griffiths? Why.
Do I look like a man on his last legs to you too, do I? Not at all.
I've years of work left in me, but try telling that to Dr Sharma.
He wants to put me out to grass like one of Ceri's old mares.
Do you know what I think? That he needs his head examined? I think you need a second opinion.
From Dr Thomas.
My brother.
Here, jump in.
Help me if you can I'm feeling down And I do appreciate you being round Help me get my feet back on the ground RADIO: Won't you please please help me When I was younger So much younger than today DOOR OPENS Kamini, I know, I'm sorry.
The lab are on the phone.
They said you called them about Owen's test results.
Robert! Ro-bert! Wakey-wakey! Basil Come on, get up.
I wasn't asleep.
I was getting in touch with my inner self.
Yes, well I need you to get in touch with Owen Griffiths.
Griffiths? Just come across him sounding off about our Indian doctor.
Seems he's got a bee in his bonnet about Griffiths' health.
Wants him to give up work.
I said you'd take a look at him, give him a second opinion.
I don't think I should be telling a sick man that he's well.
He's the mine foreman, Robert.
You get him on our side, the whole of the pit could follow.
I can't abuse the trust of my patients.
Yes, but you haven't actually got any patients yet, have you? He's a soul in need, Robert.
A simple villager trying to do the best for his family.
A man in need of a good doctor.
Just because he isn't in the first flush of youth, Dr Sharma's trying to pension him off.
But he's not the doctor you are.
He hasn't got your imagination, your way with patients, your touch.
Or your pills.
A couple of those and Griffiths will be a new man, you know he will, even if your last practice didn't quite see it that way.
But here's your chance to prove them wrong and begin your new practice.
Yours, Robert, yours and no-one else's, with a real success story.
Now, get dressed.
I'll bring him in.
Oh, there was a call for you.
Someone called Graham.
Graham? Did he leave a message? Just said he could fix it.
He's going to find you at the hall later.
Is there a problem? No, no problem, chop-chop.
How soon will the final results be ready? Please, just get them to me as soon as you can.
Thank you.
Still no news? The sooner I get the results, the sooner I can start treating him.
But, ermit's not looking good.
BREATHLESS: Dr Sharma, he doesn't understand.
He'll tell a man he's good for nothing but the knackers' yard, and that's where you'll be before you can get a sick note from him.
You've some pills, your brother was telling me.
Some sort of miracle pills.
Miracle pills? From what he was saying.
They're not exactly a cure for everything.
Let me try them at least.
For a trial period, say? HE WHISTLES HE SNIFFS Whip and Lick.
Our Gina's favourite.
PHONE RINGS Won't be a moment.
Trefelin Stores.
No, Ceri Joseph does not live here.
Who is this? Sorry? What pools? Ooh! Can you hang on a minute? I'll take this in the back.
Won't keep you long.
Daf? Have.
? Are you wearing make-up? It's for the fancy dress.
Fancy dress? The Revolutionary Party of the South Wales Valleys' May Day ball.
But it's July.
Not once the revolution comes.
Then every day will be May Day.
Come on, byt.
Oh, yes, you can tell me.
I'm Ceri's next of kin.
Sorry? Can you say that again? Could have been an accident, I suppose.
A what? An electrical short, maybe.
Sergeant, this is arson! You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out who's behind it either.
Those two rebels without a clue, Daf and Aled.
If you don't believe me, take a look at that fat one.
He's out there right now prancing around like Danny La Rue.
Thank goodness it didn't take hold.
You know This really is something, isn't it? That's the new school.
Is it? A cut above the old one, eh? You know, I used to stand in our playground looking out over the village, dreaming that one day, one day I'd do it.
Do what? What I wanted to do more than anything else in the whole wide world, Emlyn.
Make my father proud.
He cast a long shadow, Emlyn.
Gave Robert and myself a lot to live up to.
Well, like all fathers, I suppose.
Mine was the village bobby before me.
Fine man.
Big shoes to fill.
But if our fathers were here now, I believe they'd want more for us.
To live bigger, better, somehow.
Do you know what I see, Emlyn? When I look at this A toy car and a toy house? The future.
Our future.
Maybe yours too.
Now there are three steps to heaven Just follow steps one, two and three.
Has my special order come in? Sian? From Cardiff.
Oh, I don't know, Mrs Sharma.
Do you want to have a look? You haven't unpacked yet? I haven't had time.
Special occasion, is it? Hm? The make-up.
This isn't make-up, Mrs Sharma.
Thisis war paint.
Wah-wah, ooo.
GROANS IN FRUSTRATION Is this a good time? Don't mind me.
Don't worry.
Kamini was all fingers and thumbs too for the first few months.
I had to go around clearing everything out of the way.
If there was a chair, she'd bump into it.
If there was a vase, she'd knock it over.
It's normal.
Well It's normal to have doubts too.
I don't have doubts, not like that, Prem.
Not about the baby.
That's good.
That's good.
When you're alone and life is making you lonely You can always go, downtown When you've got worries All the noise and hurry seems to help, I know Downtown Ceri! Sian! I've been thinking about you, Ceri.
Have you? Now, I don't approve of gambling, as you know, but I was so moved by all you said about treating me if ever, by any slim chance, you actually won anything.
I meant it, every word.
And so I want to show you just how grateful I am.
Oh? Tomorrow evening? My place? Best bib and tucker.
It's just .
grey, Prem.
Every time I look forward Everywhere I look, I see grey skies.
Grey town.
And when I think of the future, I see the baby, of course I do.
But I don't see me and Emlyn.
Tell me what to do.
Oh, yes.
Much better.
Are you thinking of trading up, Sian? Well, and strictly between me and you, I'm considering a new business proposition.
To be honest with you, I never thought your original choice totally befitting, not for the lady who's about to run the most successful supermarket this side of Cardiff.
Shw mai? Ti'n iawn, achan? Mr Griffiths.
How are you feeling now? How do I look? Well.
Well! Top of the world.
Someone's started early today.
Haven't touched a drop.
Just been to see my new doctor, that's all.
Dr Robert, a complete miracle worker.
Feel 20 years younger.
All that time going to see Dr Sharma getting nowhere.
Feeling worse every day.
Five minutes with Dr Robert and I'm like a spring lamb again.
Just think, Sian, if he could do all of that for me, what he could do for you.
Now then, let this new man see this new Jerusalem of yours.
What's that doing there? Lighter fuel.
Aled? What is all this? Last night was Painful? Was last night.
But tonight .
tonight's the big one.
Dr Sharma! Doctor! Owen.
I've been chasing up your blood test results.
There's no need for that, doctor, not any more.
But I do want to say, no hard feelings.
You've been a good friend to the family and I'll always be grateful.
And Mrs Sharma, she's been like a second mother to my Dan.
So I hope you won't hold it against me.
Hold what against you? That I'm with a different doctor now - Dr Robert up at the manor house.
Owen, we're in the middle of your tests.
You can't just do something like this.
But I'm within my right, aren't I? Yes, of course, but So if you could make sure my records are passed on to my new doctor.
Thank you.
Thank you! Bag.
Shouldn't something have happened by now? Don't say it's gone out? Well, this was definitely not an accident.
So, I think it's fair to say that what happened to your display was no accident, either.
Terrorists in Trefelin, Sergeant Dorkins, and we both know who's to blame.
Those malcontents Daf and Aled.
I think it's probably time I had a word.
We can't have saboteurs destroying our plans, Emlyn.
The people of Trefelin will have justice.
Excuse me, Sergeant.
Day tripper Day tripper, yeah Day tripper Day tripper, yeah Mr Rowlands? Mr Rowlands, are you in there? Who is it? It's Dr Sharma.
Could you open the door, please? No! They'll push their way in.
There's no-one here except for me.
Don't be ridiculous.
I can hear them.
Hear who? Them.
And they're baying for my blood.
Listen to them.
SHEEP BLEA I can only hear some sheep.
Mr Rowlands, if you open the door maybe I can he So, why haven't you? Why haven't I what? Married.
Come on, it's all been about me since you got back.
What about Robert? I haven't met the right woman, I suppose.
Or too many of the wrong ones.
No surprises there, I guess.
Not like you.
Me? Megan's still here.
That's a surprise.
I thought she'd left years ago.
Megan's married the local bobby.
That's a surprise, too, I didn't expect that.
Still, at least Megan's happy.
Hang on a minute.
I'm not so sure about that.
So, what's the truth about Megan? And what's really wrong right now? I think I'll probably get back.
Five minutes.
What? Just give me five minutes.
What for? I'll show you.
Look left for me, please.
And right.
When did these feelings start? About a week ago.
Everything was going great.
I'd even started taking some vitamin pills.
I felt on top of the world.
I'm sorry, vitamin pills? Someone camping on one of my fields gave them to me.
Can I see them, please? He didn't have enough money on him to pay me, so he gave me these.
I have to say, they made a difference in about half an hour.
Mr Rowlands, these aren't vitamin pills.
These contain LSD.
It's an hallucinogenic.
It's also prescribed for a Mr K Moon.
Oh! What time does the last shift finish? Seven o'clock.
I'll go down there an hour or so before.
The whole place is closing for maintenance anyway.
If anyone asks, I'm just doing a couple of safety checks.
They'll be busy dreaming of a whole weekend off to worry about you.
I'll do my best to make it look like an accident, of course, but I still can't guarantee it won't look like sabotage.
I don't care if it does.
Might teach a couple of people a lesson.
Our two freedom fighters, Daf and Aled.
You just do what I paid you to do.
Let me worry about everything else.
I'm taking these with me.
Mr Rowlands, please don't accept any medication that hasn't been prescribed for you by a doctor.
I'll check up on you soon.
You take care, doctor.
They'll be waiting for you, you know.
Mr Rowlands, I've already explained, they're just sheep, just doing normal sheep things.
It was the tablets that were making you imagine the scenarios.
The effects will wear off soon enough.
Wolves in sheep's clothing! Remember that.
I will.
Thank you.
SHEEP BLEA BLEATING Robert! Robert! That's one thing that hasn't changed.
What? You'd always say it, even when we were kids.
"Robert, stop! "Don't push me any higher!" So I'd stop and you'd say.
? Don't! MEGAN LAUGHS Robert, erm, I know all I said .
but I am happy with Emlyn really.
I am.
If you say so.
I do.
It makes it all more strange, that's all.
What does? That you've a husband you're happy with waiting for you at home.
And you're here with your old boyfriend.
Dr Sharma.
Can I have a word? Of course.
I'll be in the surgery later if there's a problem.
That's sort of the point.
I've decided it would be best if I have a Welsh doctor in future.
Dr Robert, in fact.
Well, we are going to be living and working together in this new town of theirs before long.
Fellow founding residents, in fact.
So, er, I think it would be best.
Ha, there you are.
I've got some news, Dan.
News that's going to change our lives.
Go on, open it.
I've bought that house in the new town for us.
What about our house? We're going to have a new one.
I don't want a new one.
I like this one.
But you'll like the new one a lot more.
This was Mam's house.
If your mother was here she'd feel just the same.
What happens when you can't work any more? I can work.
Dr Robert says I can work.
In fact, I'm going in for the afternoon shift right now.
Dr Sharma said you shouldn't.
I told Dr Sharma I'm as fit as a flea.
But that's not true.
Dan! I'm not listening to another word.
Understand? CLOCK TICKS Megan! Emlyn, we need to talk.
Not now - I've got something to show you.
PIANO MUSIC PLAYS Penny for them? That's what Sian always says when someone looks far away.
Penny for your thoughts.
Although I'd pay rather more for Sian's right now, she's acting very strangely.
I know.
She's decided to leave the surgery and join Robert Thomas.
Sian? Why? I don't know.
You know Sian.
She'll be back.
Owen's left the surgery too.
They're not the only ones.
It seems that New Trefelin wants a new doctor.
A Welsh doctor.
This is our home, Kamini, these people are our friends.
All of a sudden it feels like I'm living on a different planet.
I'm still with you.
Wellsay something.
How dare you? What? How dare you, Emlyn! Butthis is one of the biggest houses.
I haven't stinted here, you know.
How could you go behind my back like this? It's got central heating and everything.
Why would you even THINK of making a decision like this without talking to me first? I thought you'd be pleased.
PLEASED?! That you'd presume you know what I want? Where and how I want to live?! But this is the future, Megan! Yours and mine! Megan! We're man and wife, Megan! DOOR SLAMS HE SIGHS My demob suit, 1946.
FARMYARD NOISES Matching handkerchief.
Agh, well, well, well.
Hat! HE CHUCKLES Right, let's see.
Oh HE SIGHS Kamini, that was INDIAN MUSIC PLAYS Samosa? And Lassi! And HE LAUGHS Where on earth did you find fresh mango? It's what we used to have when we were courting, remember? We used to go to that little shop just off Connaught Place the Maharaja? Maharaja'sCoffee Emporium.
Coffee Emporium.
And the last time we went there, we had Balooshai! Balooshai.
That night that we had the balooshai .
that was the first time First timewhat? You know, first time I'd ever had balooshai.
First time for me too.
That was some night.
Yes, it was.
MUSIC: "I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher KNOCK ON DOOR Ooh, Ceri, come through.
Now, I've a rather special starter and cawl for the main.
I hope that's all right for you.
I brought you a Babycham.
Babycham? Unless you prefer beer? I've bought in some wine.
Wine? Mateus Rose.
It's all the rage in London, according to Basil.
They're all drinking it up there.
Decant it for us, will you, Ceri? I'll just check on the dessert.
You can tell there's a holiday coming, when our gaffer makes an appearance.
LAUGHTER Hmm, what do you think? It's a bit fruity, isn't it? Tastes like pigswill to me.
Oh, Ceri! Am I fighting a losing battle here? What? Trying to give you a taste for the finer things in life.
Oh, I wouldn't say that, Ceri bach! HE LAUGHS I remember something else about that night.
What, balooshai night? Me too.
Ohthe moonlight.
Not the moonlight.
The crickets singing in the trees.
LAUGHING: Not the crickets! Was I on a diet? No! It was the first time we actuallytalked.
That we could get married, have a family.
Do as we please, and no-one could stop us.
Come on.
Where to? If we're going to talk we'll be much more comfortable lying down.
MUSIC: "When A Man Loves A Woman" by Percy Sledge What is it? It's a fondue! You dip things into it.
Go on.
Pick something - anything you fancy.
Ohhhh! No! No, Ceri.
Now, I'm not saying no.
And I'm not saying yes.
What ARE you saying? I'm saying, a girl likes to be wooed.
Wooed? Wooed.
How do you"woo"? That, Ceri, is for you to find out.
HE CHUCKLES Yes, when a man loves a woman I know exactly how he feels PHONE RINGS It's all set.
I've given the last of the miners a good hour to get out.
Then up it goes.
So, that would make it Eight o'clock.
No mistakes.
KNOCK AT DOOR I promise, if it's not a patient and not an emergency I will get rid of them, I promise.
Prem KNOCKING CONTINUES It might be some desperate soul in real need.
I know how they feel! Emlyn.
Oh Am I pleased to see you! And erand I'mhere.
Something terrible's happened.
Something medical? What? Oh, no, no, no.
An emergency? Wellno, not exactly.
In that case Megan's thrown me out.
What? We had a row.
Aboutsomething? Well, to be honest, I'm not sure.
And I'm sure it'll blow over, but, er in the meantime Can I stay here tonight? Oh, Emlyn Oh.
Prem Thank you, Prem.
Thank you! You've been such a great friend to me.
I Shall we? Yeah.
I heard.
I'm not interrupting your tea, am I? No.
No, no.
We were just moving onto dessert.
Oh Well, that's good.
Because I had a big dinner.
That looks interesting.
Oh, that's balooshai.
Try some.
Just a second.
Owen? Have a drink, have a drink.
HE GASPS My pills Dan, go for the phone.
Call the medical room, tell him Owen has collapsed.
Mmm This is lovely.
Really lovely.
Thiswasn't some kind of special occasion, was it? No, no.
Not at all.
Just like every other night in the Sharma household.
What, er What is the problem, Emlyn, if I'm not intruding? It's the New Town.
Or at least the idea of us swapping our deeds for a place in the New Town.
What's wrong with your old place? Well, I thought it was a good idea.
Those houses look lovely to me.
Megan doesn't agree.
Actuallyneither does Prem.
And what Prem says, goes.
Kamini Where we live, what we do.
Prem decides everything.
Erm, I'm sure that Emlyn knows that you have opinions of your own, Kamini.
Oh, yes.
Yes, of course! What Emlyn doesn't know is that they're not always listened to.
Kamini does like her little jokes.
SHE LAUGHS SARCASTICALLY I've nothing else to do, have I? That's hardly true.
Oh, I forget - there's the housework, the cooking and cleaning.
Wellyou'll have a fair bit to do before long, from what Basil's been telling me.
Oh? Congratulations.
I'm very pleased for you.
Well, the new job.
Running Dr Robert's medical practice.
Basil's told me all about it.
PHONE RINGS Well It seems that you are perfectly capable of making some decisions without asking me.
Ermshall I answer that? Now all the pieces fall into place.
What this has all been about.
The dressing up.
The fancy food, theadolescent seduction techniques.
All just to soften me up! How dare you say that? You go around being perfect Prem, with your "Please love me" charm, when you never actually listen to anything I say.
I have tried to talk to you.
But nothing as trivial as family could ever interest you.
Not when your precious patients are there to be considered.
Mummy said "be loving and sweet and maybe he'll listen", but I knew that was never going to work.
Of course! Your mother had to be involved.
This has her meddling fingerprints all over it.
Prem Go on, Prem.
Someone else whose needs are far more important than your wife's.
It's the colliery, Prem.
Owen's collapsed.
He's in a bad way.
Owen's not my patient any more.
They know that.
But they can't find Dr Robert anywhere.
I'll get my things.
I'll come with you.
It's the least I can do.
And I'll make up Dan's bed.
Oh, thank you, Kamini.
You can go home now.
Doctor's here, he'll see to Owen.
He'll be fine once we get him up to the surface.
Ah, Prem I don't understand.
One minute I'm fine, the next Don't worry, Owen, you don't have to, that's why I'm here.
How is he? He'll be better once we get him to the surface.
Better still once we get him to hospital.
You take one arm, I'll take the other.
Easy, easy Take your time.
Take your time.
Take your time.
DEVICE TICKS Most of the boys are out already, I think Hurry up, boys! Closing time.
Easy, easy Sit back, sit back, sit back.
Last one.
Come on, boys, hurry up! Come on, boys! I've got something to tell you.
What? You've won the pools! We're trying to locate my husband.
He went to see Dan's father at the mine last night and it seems nobody's seen them since.
Dr Sharma went to the mine? Last night? Yes.
With Sergeant Dawkins.
You haven't seen him, have you? No.
Graham, you idiot.
Didn't you check? Well, you'd better bloody well get over there and FIND OUT! Meganhave you seen Emlyn today? I was going to ask you that.
We're in trouble here, real trouble.
Actually, you're the one in trouble.
You being the one who planted the device.
On your say-so! Don't panic.
Keep your mouth shut, and then maybe - just maybe - I won't throw you to the wolves.