The Indian Doctor (2010) s03e04 Episode Script


1 I'll do my best to make it look like an accident, of course.
But I still can't guarantee it won't look like sabotage.
This is one of the biggest houses.
I thought you'd be pleased.
Pleased?! But this is the future, Megan.
Yours and mine.
A girl likes to be wooed.
How do you woo? That, Ceri, is for you to find out.
Of course! Your mother had to be involved.
This has her meddling fingerprints all over it.
Mummy said be loving and sweet and maybe he'll listen, but I knew that was never going to work.
It's the colliery, Prem.
Owen has collapsed.
It's all set.
So that would make it? Eight o'clock.
Boys, come on! Closing time! It's done.
Good work.
Loneliness Is a cloak you wear KNOCKING AT DOOR Prem? KNOCKING KNOCKING CONTINUES Oh! It must be nice to be a lady of leisure.
I overslept.
Would you kindly tell Dr Sharma, if it's not too much trouble for him to get out of bed, there's a patient here to see him.
Dr Sharma's not here.
Owen Griffiths was taken ill at the mine last night.
You'll have to tell her.
Things are coming along.
By the end of the day, most of the village should have signed up.
I need to talk to you about Megan.
She's very upset.
Oh? She wants the house deeds back.
HE LAUGHS Her husband signed, and a deal's a deal.
Robert, no new town means no new surgery.
No new surgery What good is a new surgery without patients? I need to get Megan to agree to join my practice.
If she does, we'll get the rest of the village in no time.
I need patients.
I need deeds.
All right.
Ask her to wait one week and if she's still not happy, I'll review the situation.
And she can have the deeds back? Yes.
She can have them back.
Good enough? I thought I might invite her to go for a ride in the car today, actually.
Megan and our policeman will need a house each at this rate.
Dr Sharma's not here.
When will he be back? I really don't know.
It's an emergency.
If you want to wait, Mrs Daniels will look after you.
Oh, don't bother me.
I'm up to my eyes.
Where is Dr Sharma anyway? Sulking, I expect.
Hello? This is Mrs Sharma, Dr Sharma's wife.
He came to the mine to treat Owen Griffiths last night.
I just wanted to ask, do you know how Mr Griffiths was? I see.
Thank you.
Are you all right? Yes, I'm all right.
I stayed out at the den.
Dad was getting on my nerves.
Have you seen your father today? Haven't been home yet.
Get yourself cleaned up, I'll make some breakfast.
What have you done to your face? I'm camouflaging my injuries so as not to arouse suspicion.
Good idea, Daf, you don't want to attract attention to yourself.
Well, well, if it isn't Trefelin's very own terrorist threat.
I'm sure Sergeant Dorkins will be wanting a word with you two about all of this nonsense.
Don't know what you're talking about.
Circus is in town, is it? Only I heard they were looking for a couple of clowns.
Come the revolution Ignore him.
Come on, I'll buy you a pint.
Stop fiddling with it, man! It's agony, man! I think it's infected.
I'm going to go see Dr Sharma.
All right.
Just don't tell him anything.
I am nothing if not discreet.
I'll see you in the pub.
Dan, you shouldn't stay out all night.
It was fun.
Your father will be worried.
Probably didn't even notice.
Dan I need to talk to you.
Mrs Sharma, could you please come down? It's rather urgent.
When you've finished your breakfast, go home.
Mrs Sharma! Your father needs you.
Mrs Sharma, your assistance is required! She's been giving me an earful and I simply haven't got time for it.
I've got awful bad toothache, Mrs Sharma.
Will the doctor be back soon? I really don't know.
Can you do something, then? I'm not a doctor, I can't prescribe medicine.
Thanks, Mrs Sharma.
If you see Prem, tell him he has a patient The chapel's booked for 12 o'clock.
I think I have some clove oil, somewhere.
BANGING Stop that, you'll bring the whole lot down.
Calm down, Emlyn, you're a police officer, for goodness' sake.
We've got to get out of here.
Sit down! We'll take deep breaths.
Someone will have heard the explosion and they'll know how to get us out safely.
How is he? His breathing's a bit shallow but I've given him a sedative, so he should sleep for a while.
So, what do we do now? Just sit here, is it? Yes.
That's exactly what we do.
Hello, is that Littlewoods Pools? This is Ceri Joseph's next-of-kin here.
Yes, his sister.
You wouldn't know it if you saw us together.
Oh, yes.
The thing is, we're having a family meeting tonight.
And Ceri, that's my brother, asked me to find out how much Oh You can't, can you? No, I understand.
Could you just tell me how much the jackpot actually is, please? SHOP BELL TINKLES You all right, Sian? Oh, yes! I was just Hot, isn't it? What can I get you? 20 Gold Flake and a box of matches.
CHANGE JINGLES How's business? Yes, pretty good.
We're almost set to go.
Can I ask you something? I love my new house, I really do.
But, say I unexpectedly came by a lot of money, say, ?10,000? I'd want to know your secret.
Say I won it or something.
Could I, just between you and me, give it to you? How very generous of you.
I mean Ah.
You'd like something in return.
A big house, with a garden, and carpets.
And a kitchen like in Good Housekeeping.
Certainly, I'll look into that for you.
Are we talking ?10,000 cash? Oh, no! I was just wondering.
Thank you.
Goodbye, Sian.
DOOR OPENS DOOR CLOSES Hold it down, then suck in.
How's that? A bit better.
Now, you can enjoy your wedding day.
Yes, Mrs Sharma.
Sorry, the doctor is You'll get yourself arrested walking around like that! Why? We haven't done nothing! You look tough.
Now, go away, silly boy.
Shoo! It's awful itchy.
How on Earth did you get a burn like that? Scientific experiment went a bit wrong.
It looks quite serious.
You're going to have to see the doctor.
Please, Mrs Sharma, I just need something for the itching.
I can't prescribe any medicine.
Please, Mrs Sharma.
Anything, Mrs Sharma, please.
I'll give you something Mummy used to use, but only until Dr Sharma can treat you properly.
Oh! Thank you.
Thank you! SHOP BELL TINKLES I hope those weeds aren't for me! These? No, no.
They're for the chickens.
Very nutritional.
I thought, for a moment, it was your attempt at wooing! No, no, no.
Um, are you reading anything interesting? Fancy having a garden like that.
Oh, now that's what I call an arch.
And a rocker.
Fancy having a bar in your own home? Yes! I'd better dash, I've got to see a man about a But I thought you were here to ask me on a date? Of course.
I knew there was something.
Because I've got some rather special news for you.
But you'll have to take me somewhere rather special so I can tell you.
Of course, of course.
I've got just the I've got just the thing.
I'll be back to pick you up in an hour.
Lovely! DOOR OPENS, BELL TINKLES That'll be two shillings and sixpence, and the deeds to my house, please.
Here's your money.
My brother has news for you on the other issue.
Shw mai, bois.
Shw mai, Ceri.
Oh, you shouldn't have.
What? Oh! The usual? Make it a pint of Dutch courage please, Megan.
Special occasion, is it? He's got a way with the ladies, that one.
Can't say I noticed.
Some men, well, just have it, the rest of us How the hell did Emlyn get you, eh? Sorry, bach.
I'm not the best person to ask for romantic advice at the moment.
Trwbwl ym mharadwys, Megan? And there it is.
You are soon to be the owner of a brand-new home.
Oh, thank you.
Don't forget this beautiful handbag.
All right.
Thank you, Mr Thomas.
Not at all.
Mr Thomas! Can I have a word, please? You certainly can, Mr Joseph.
Please, sit down.
So, you've finally decided to come round to it, have you? Well, I can't be single for ever, can I? No, no, you certainly cannot.
Once you're the owner of a brand-new home with all mod cons, you'll be fighting the ladies off.
I don't know what a new house has got to do with it.
Oh, well, the farm needs a lick of paint, I admit that Mr Joseph, I am offering you a brand-new home with central heating, hot water, wall-to-wall carpets.
Now, all I need in exchange Wall-to-wall? No.
I just want to ask you to know how towoo a lady.
Woo? Woo.
Woo who? Can you keep a secret? Fancy a lift? You had something to tell me.
Not here.
OK, then.
Drop me off at the Police Station, then.
Thank you.
I need love, love To ease my mind I need to find time Someone to call mine My mama said You can't hurry COUGHING FAINT VOICES What was that? Somebody's coming.
Help! Help! MUFFLED: Over here! Help! Help! We're over here! We're going to get out! Help! The mine's closed for maintenance.
But I heard voices! They'll be checking the winding machine.
Will they hear us, then? No, they're in the red seam.
They'll be heading back this way later.
A couple of hours maybe.
A couple of hours? Do we have enough air? Ah, they'll be back before we run out.
Owen knows what he's talking about, so conserve your energy.
He's probably out chasing criminals or some other urgent police business.
Come for a spin, just half an hour.
He won't mind.
I don't suppose he will.
Not now.
Natural medicine, it's the future.
Imagine, you bring her in through the front door.
She slips off her shoes, feels the soft wall-to-wall carpets beneath her feet.
You flick a switch and on comes the central heating Hold the boat, now, all right! That's all well and good, but she wants me to take her out on a date TODAY.
I'm getting there, I'm getting there.
You tell her you're moving out of that dilapidated old farmhouse and into a modern town house.
Oh, I'm a farmer! Where would I keep my chickens? Mr Joseph, these houses Mr Thomas! I will happily discuss this on another occasion, but now, RIGHT now, I want to know how to woo a lady.
Well, ahem As I said, Sian loves glamour.
She yearns for the movie-star lifestyle.
Make her believe you'll do something for her that nobody else will.
In my opinion, a little alcohol never hurt either.
Good! Good, good, good! Well, thanks for your time, Mr Thomas.
About that house, I'm sure we could accommodate those chickens! Chickens, my friend? Chickens are the very last thing on my mind right now.
HE CHUCKLES Have you seen my dad? Sorry, boy, I'm on a mission.
Ah, Mr Thomas! My dad made a mistake.
We don't want that new house.
Daniel, I'm afraid your father signed a legally binding contract.
You might be a little young to understand what that means I know what that means and I know that my dad made a mistake.
Now, run along like a good little boy, before I throw you out.
WHEEZING, SPRAY PUMPS COUGHING How far underground are we? Only about 100 foot.
Follow the seam that way, you're right below the surgery.
So, the police station must be That way.
How am I doing? Really well, Owen, really well.
I don't know how you can stand it.
Stuck down here day after day.
All on your own.
We are not, though, that's the thing.
BREATHLESS: You have youryou have brothers with you.
That's the key to survival.
It's a closeness that you don't find anywhere else.
My father and his father .
both worked down here, so I followed them down here too.
Didn't ever want to do anything else.
My father was a civil servant.
In the health department.
In Ambala, four or five hours from Delhi.
But I didn't want to file papers for the rest of my life.
I wanted to be like the young men who came round for dinner.
Talking about making life and death decisions.
Making a difference.
So I became a doctor.
I always wanted to be a movie star.
BOTH SNIGGER No! Hey! Hey! I had the talent for it.
I won first prize for recitation at the school eisteddfod.
BOTH LAUGH But what I really wanted was to be like Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable.
Mickey Rooney.
LAUGHTER I'm sorry, Emlyn! That was just really unexpected.
That was everybody's reaction.
"Oh, you'll never make it to Hollywood, you're Welsh.
" And then Richard Burton only went and did it.
That could have been me.
Enjoying the life of Riley.
Travelling the world, drinking champagne Married to Elizabeth Taylor! You lucky devil! Yes.
Although Megan is much better, isn't she? Isn't she, Emlyn? I bet Liz Taylor wouldn't say no to central heating and an inside toilet! OWEN CHUCKLES Owen! Oh, mam fach.
Sian, you're a vision of loveliness! What took you so long? I thought you'd stood me up.
Attending to detail, my dear.
I'm taking you to the pictures.
Ooh! What are we going to see? One Million Years BC.
With Raquel what's-her-name gallivanting around in next to nothing? Yes.
I'm not watching that.
It's disgusting.
Yes, it is.
What about Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, with that Welsh boy Richard Burton in it? We're a bit old for fairy-tales, aren't we? I want a bit of romance.
Got it! The Good, and the Bad, and The Ugly.
Is that romantic? Very.
That's the one, then.
But before we go, you had better sit down.
We haven't got time to waste.
It'll take a bit of time to get to Ponty.
My queen, your chariot awaits.
I've made some home-made apple juice just in case we get thirsty on the way.
Oh! It's a bit strong for apple juice.
Ceri, I've got something to tell you.
What? You've won the Pools! I spoke to them this morning.
You're rich! I am? How rich? ?10,000.
Aren't you pleased? I'm not rich, Sian.
What do you mean? We're rich, my little cherub! What's mine is yours, my little flower of the forest! Oh, Ceri! Oh, Sian! To you and me.
And our wildest dreams! On you go, my little cherub.
Ohh! Leg up, leg up.
Leg up.
Oooh! SHE SQUEALS WITH DELIGH Hold tight now.
Let's go to see The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! THEY LAUGH Here we go, then.
Let's go.
SHE SQUEALS, HE YELLS Away we go! In a week's time you might have changed your mind anyway.
Why does everyone think they know what I want? If you still want to live in your own house, you can have the deeds back.
Basil gives you his word.
And I'm supposed to trust the word of a boy who used to pull my hair and put frogs in my shoes? HE CHUCKLES He used to force Emlyn to eat mud.
Basil didn't have the best time growing up.
Father was harder on him than he was on me.
He expected more of him, I suppose.
I'll fetch my violin(!) I know he seems hard but he's always been there for me.
In London, well It's a long story, but I went to hell and back.
Basil, he was there for me.
Come on! I want to show you something.
Mrs Daniels, I'm just going to Julie.
I've got a bellyache.
Don't you want to get married? Just worried I'll mess it up.
Here she goes again, the runaway bride.
She's had more engagement rings than I've had hot dinners, this one.
I think everyone feels that way.
Did you? Of course.
You didn't mess it up.
Girls these days listen to too many of those pop songs.
Marriage is about getting a roof over your head.
Mrs Daniels, I never imagined you'd be such a romantic.
Of course I messed it up, everyone messes it up.
I mess it up all the time, we both do.
So what's the point? The point iswe want different things.
We have hard times, but We're a team.
We work through it together.
He'spart of me.
I can't imagine my life without him.
Lle it wedi bod? I thought you'd done a runner - again.
Is there going to be a wedding today or not? Well? Mrs Sharma .
could I use your flat to finish getting ready? Of course.
I envy you.
Me? A Trefelin landlady? Exactly.
I never wanted to be a doctor.
I did it to please Father.
I'd have been much happier doing something simple.
Simple? I mean You belong here.
I've always felt sodisconnected.
Everybody thinks the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
I think I'm guilty of that.
Fancy that.
Such a long time ago.
Penny for them.
I was just thinking what you said about me.
Let's get back.
I've got a few things I need to sort out.
I've just got one more thing I wanted to show you.
All right, then.
Ti'n edrych yn bert.
Something borrowed and something blue.
You look beautiful.
Thank you, Mrs Sharma.
Come on, bach.
Have a wonderful day.
I'll give it six months before she's back with ingrowing toenails.
Dan, is your father all right? Dunno.
You haven't been home? He's not there.
Pub? I went in, nobody's seen him.
Prem? Nobody's seen him either.
Mrs Daniels, could you call the police station and ask for Emlyn, please? Dan, I need to talk to you.
Your father was taken ill at the mine yesterday.
I didn't want to upset you before I knew what was wrong.
I'm not a little kid any more.
I'm sorry.
There's no answer.
Try the hospitals, the County, Blaenavon.
It'll be all right.
You don't know that.
I lost 300 lost in the last century.
And in 1913, 439 in one explosion! I really, really think you should take a rest now.
Sorry, Emlyn.
I want to apologise.
For ignoring your advice, Dr Sharma.
There's no need.
You can apologise to Dan as well.
You can tell him whatever you need to tell him, when you see him.
I thought the new house would make him happy.
But all he wanted was for me to be a good father.
Save your energy.
This town's causing all manner of problems.
Megan doesn't want ours either.
You should try talking to her.
You know, be open, be warm, be honest.
What? Like you and Kamini, is it? I didn't know where to put myself last night.
That was different.
She took a job without telling me.
She said she tried to tell you, but that you wouldn't listen.
Talk about pots and kettles.
She doesn't need a job.
That's why I became a doctor, to support a family.
She's not saying she needs a job, she wants one.
That surgery's running like clockwork without you.
She's a well-educated, capable lady, Kamini.
You're very lucky to have her.
LOUD RUMBLING We're finished! The maintenance crew will be here soon enough.
No! Megan and me! Don't be ridiculous.
Sit down.
You don't know how it's been.
Calm down, Emlyn.
She won't talk to me, she won't look at me This is neither the time or the place.
Run down, you said, bit of depression.
That's right.
No, Dr Sharma! Wrong! I'll tell you what it is.
It's me.
You don't know what you're talking about.
She doesn't want to be with me.
That's what's making her sick.
She's sorry she ever married me.
She's not sick, she's having a baby.
Take the last train to Clarksville and I'll meet you at the station You can leave here by 4.
30, cos I've made your reservation The station? Don't you remember? 4th of August, 1946.
I waited all day and you never came.
My mum would have killed me.
It's not too late, you know.
For what? For you and me to be together.
What? What are you doing? I thought you needed to talk to Emlyn.
I do, because he thought that giving me a new house would be a lovely surprise and I was horrible about it.
Oh! Well, this is embarrassing.
We still friends? Don't be daft, of course we are.
Megan and Robbie for ever.
Remember? But could you take me back to my husband now? Please.
Why didn't you tell me? Patient confidentiality.
That went well, didn't it? Was she going to say anything? I'm sure she was.
Bet you had a right old gossip.
A right old laugh about stupid old Emlyn! Don't be so silly! Am I? Am I really? How many other things has she told you I don't know about? Stop arguing, the pair of you.
Emlyn, I'm sorry.
You shouldn't have found out this way.
A baby? Duw, Duw.
Can I hear rain? You're 100 foot underground, don't be so daft, will you? And you're quite sure no-one of that name has been admitted? Thank you.
Thank you very much.
No record of them at Blaenavon either.
I don't know why you're so worried.
They'll just have escaped for a boy's day out dog racing or something! Dog racing? I'll phone Megan.
I do hope this isn't a bad time.
Oh, Mr Thomas.
First names, remember, Kamini.
I'm afraid my husband isn't here.
Just as well.
It was you I wanted to see.
Mrs Sharma's busy.
I'm really sorry, but this really isn't a good time.
We're trying to locate my husband.
He went to see Dan's father at the mine last night and it seems nobody's seen them since.
Dr Sharma went to the mine last night? Yes, with Sergeant Dorkins.
You haven't seen them, have you? No.
Well, this clearly isn't a good time, so I'll just, er Goodbye.
We've got a problem, boys.
Whatever caused this collapse must have caused another one further down.
This gallery is going to be flooded.
But the maintenance boys will be back before long.
We can't wait for them.
How long have we got? We've got to dig ourselves out.
Here we are, home.
Safe and sound.
You made me realise a few things today.
Thank you.
Let's go and ask her.
That's all right, Mrs Daniels, you don't need to come.
I'm not coming, I'm going.
I'm sorry.
I'm leaving.
The filing now is all in perfect order.
My work is done.
But Mrs Daniels Mrs Sharma, you and your husband are very lucky to have each other.
Megan's house.
Owen, sit down! Sit down! We're handling it.
We're handling it! Graham, you idiot.
Didn't you check? Because there were people down there.
Well, you'd better bloody well get over there and find out! Everything all right? Patience is a virtue, Basil.
Why don't you shut up? Just shut your mouth.
OWEN GROANS Don't worry about that now.
This is a supporting beam.
You hold on to that while I try and get through this stuff.
Megan! Have you seen Emlyn today? I was going to ask you that.
Didn't he stay at yours last night? We had a bit of a row.
Prem got a call from the mine last night saying Owen was sick.
They both went to treat him.
No-one's seen any of them since.
We've tried all the hospitals.
What about the mine? It's closed for maintenance.
Someone will be there.
Come on.
No, Owen! I'm stronger than you are.
ALL GROAN We're nearly through! We're nearly through! Excuse me.
Dr Sharma and Sergeant Dorkins came here last night to treat Owen Griffiths.
We need to speak to someone who saw them.
Can you let us in? I can't do that without permission, lovely.
Please, it's urgent.
The manager will be back in the morning.
I haven't got the authority to let anyone in.
If you don't let us in, Alun, I'll tell my husband you refused to assist an investigation.
Let them in now.
That's an order.
Emlyn, go.
Owen, go.
Let's go, Doctor.
Quick, quick, quick, quick.
Owen, quick! You must come now.
Yes, I understand.
Last night, she said.
No-one's seen them.
The lads came up early because there was a flood in Llew seam.
There's nobody down there! LIFT WINCH STARTS Our offer to exchange your deeds for a deposit on a brand-new house must end today.
The tunnel didn't collapse all by itself.
Somebody blew it up.
We're in trouble here, real trouble.
Actually, you're the one in trouble.
You being the one that planted the device.
On your say so! Keep your mouth shut and then maybe, just maybe, I won't throw you to the wolves.
Yes, a Doctor Robert Thomas.
Er, I'm sorry.
What do you mean he didn't leave, exactly? What kind of disciplinary matter was it? No-one's going to believe you weren't a part of this, too, Robert.
You're in this up to your neck as well.
I call it sabotage, if not murder.