The Indian Doctor (2010) s03e05 Episode Script

Into The Light

1 New Trefelin, a bigger and a better new town, to be built right where we're standing in place of the old one.
She doesn't want to be with me.
That's what's making her sick! She's not sick, she's having a baby! It's not too late, you know, for you and me to be together.
What? You've won the pools! Tenthousandpounds! This new town, Sian, it's an absolute gold mine.
All they have to do to secure a deposit for a brand-new house is hand me the deeds to their old property and they'll be sitting on a small fortune.
This was Mam's house.
I don't want a new one.
Dan! I'm not listening to another word.
Come out! You must come now! COLLIERY SIREN Boys! Boys! Somebody's got to help me now! Come on! Prem? Yeah, it's Emlyn.
We've found Owen.
Yeah, the rescue boys are making it all safe now.
Yeah, I thought you might want to be here.
Yes, I understand.
I'll be there shortly.
Thank you.
That was Emlyn.
He's at the mine.
Owen? They haven't brought him up yet.
The rescue team have been there for hours.
They have to make sure the tunnel is absolutely safe first.
I have to get back.
There are formalities to complete.
I had a lot of time to think down the mine, Kamini.
You deserve better than this life I've given you and I'm going to make it up to you, I promise.
I've got you.
That's all that matters, Prem.
This is all his fault, isn't it? Who? Dad.
I hate him.
Dan Leave him to me, Prem.
I don't want him thinking like that, not on top of everything else he's going through.
He doesn't, he's just lashing out.
I think we both know that.
You didn't speak to me for weeks when Rani died.
But it passes, all that anger.
It'll be the same for him, and then he'll heal.
Like we did.
Is this my fault? What? What happened to Griffiths.
What makes you say that? He wouldn't have been down that mine if I hadn't given him those pills, pills you begged me to give him! Griffiths rather did the begging himself, from what you told me.
It was an accident, Robert.
A simple, tragic accident.
Yes, but that's not the point.
You can't blame yourself for any of it.
He was only down there because of me.
And if you'd stopped him working and he'd been out in the village and hit by a truck, that would have been your fault too? No, of course not.
These things, Robert, are just What? Acts of God? In a manner of speaking, yes.
Excuse me.
They're still working on the supports.
Any idea how much longer they'll be? I think that rather depends.
Depends on what? On whether they find any more explosives.
What? The tunnel didn't collapse all by itself.
Somebody blew it up.
Emlyn! 'This wasn't supposed to happen, Basil.
' A man was not supposed to die.
We're in real trouble here.
Actually, you're the one in trouble, you being the one who planted the device.
On your say-so! I rather think that's your word against mine, don't you? What are you saying? I'm saying don't panic, keep your mouth shut and then maybe, just maybe, I won't throw you to the wolves.
They're not going to be content with just checking for a few supports now, you know.
They'll go over that whole mine with a fine-tooth comb.
How can you be so calm about this? And then they'll start looking for the person or persons responsible, and we all know who that is, don't we? Yes.
Me and you.
And they'll know, too, once you tell them who you saw making off with the dynamite from the store.
Daf and Aled.
Do that, and everything will be fine.
Don't, and you'll be the first person to suffer the consequences.
I'll make absolutely sure of it.
'I can't believe somebody would do something like this.
' Basil Thomas said it himself, first the new-town model, then the telephone kiosk.
What will Daf and Aled do next? Daf and Aled? Yeah.
Singing silly songs, marching round with banners - yes.
But you seriously think they're capable of doing something like this? I don't know what to think, Prem, not any more.
That's the God's honest truth.
Winston, pass me that a second.
Thanks, boy.
The rescue boys found this.
It's Owen's.
If I could find out where those explosives came from, it would be a start.
I've got to check the stores again.
'You killed Owen Griffiths!' An accident? Why do it in the first place? Why blow up that mine? A business matter.
It doesn't concern you.
Business? What sort of business? My sort, no-one else's! Not when everyone finds out what you've done.
We'll be long gone before then.
Long gone? This is our home now.
We've made plans.
The new town.
There's no new town, is there? I made you a promise, do you remember when you turned up on my doorstep in a blind panic, about to be struck off? Nowhere to go, no-one to turn to.
I promised I'd look after you, and I did.
And that's all that matters my promise to you.
Brother to brother.
Now .
you just sit here.
I've got to see some people.
And in a few hours, when I return, it'll all be over.
No-one's going to believe you weren't a part of this too, Robert.
You're in this up to your neck as well.
This is terrible.
Absolutely awful.
Poor, poor Dan.
I'll have to cancel his paper.
I wish we could all get in that time machine on the telly and go back to how everything was.
What time machine? The Doctor's.
What doctor? Not what, Who! Oh, I'm not in the mood for this, Ceri.
I'm really not.
Basil? Have you heard? About Owen? I can't believe it.
I simply can't believe it.
I'll have to cancel his Pigeon Post, too.
Really brings it home, doesn't it .
how everything can be snatched away from you, just like that? Indeed.
Makes you thankful for what you've got.
Makes you want to hang on to it, too.
I'm sorry, Basil.
For what? I know this probably sounds silly and you're going to be cross with me, but I've changed my mind.
I'm not going for that big new house and brand-new shop.
I'm sticking with what I've got, and, er as I said I'm going to be thankful for it, too.
So if you could drop my dates back, I'd be very grateful.
That store's hardly my responsibility, Sergeant.
No, no, I'm aware of that.
Lots of people have access to it.
And I'll be talking to each and every one of them to find out if they've seen anything unusual lately.
Unusual? Yes, people lurking nearby.
People who shouldn't be there.
Anything suspicious.
Actually, I was going to mention that.
Mention what? I did see two men.
Daf and Aled, I believe they're called.
They were in the store a couple of days ago.
Running away from it, in fact.
I did an inventory afterwards and there was actually some dynamite missing as well.
Four, in fact.
You were going to mention it? What? Yes.
Why didn't you, then? Well Slipped your mind, did it? Better things to do, is it? It was going to be in my report.
And the little matter of explosives being stolen from your store didn't strike you as being serious enough to inform the police? Only it sounds pretty serious to me! And I'm sure you'd feel the same if you'd seen a man die because some lunatic went and let the whole lot off! Aled Williams and Daf Jones, was it? Yes.
And you'd be willing to identify them? Yes.
I'd better go and see them, then.
I'll be back for your formal statement later on.
Yes, Dr Robert Thomas.
What? So that means he left your practice just over a month ago.
I'm sorry, what do you mean, he didn't leave exactly? A-ha.
What kind of disciplinary matter was it? Megan! Robert, what's wrong? It's all gone wrong.
What? I have to leave now.
I just can't stay here.
Robert, what on earth is going on? Meet me at the train station.
Look, I've got you a ticket.
Please, Megan, don't let me down too.
I'll be with you now.
Oh! Basil! Sian.
I understand.
Really, I do.
This has all been such a shock.
Andfor me, too.
Iobviously didn't know Owen anywhere near as well as you and the rest of the village, but I've lost people too people close to me.
My dear, sweet wife, for one.
Well as you know.
So I know now's really not the time to make a decision like this.
Any sort of decision, really.
Look, why don't you give it 24 hours? Hm? Sleep on it.
And if you still feel the same in the morning We'll cancel everything.
How does that sound? All right.
24 hours.
All right.
'Whatever happened up at that mine' has got nothing to do with those boys.
You know what they're like.
They talk a lot, yes, but it's just a load of hot air.
They're not bad boys.
Most of the time, they're just pottering around in here.
Oh, Emlyn! So this is what they call pottering, is it? Only I call it something else.
I call it sabotage.
If not murder.
And so will the judge.
Your father wanted the best for you.
That's all this was about.
Last chance, ladies and gentlemen, your very last chance.
This really is it.
Our offer to exchange your deeds for a deposit on a brand-new house must end today.
Another hour or two at the absolute most.
I beg you from the bottom of my heart, don't waste this opportunity of a lifetime.
Final day.
Don't delay.
Sir? Please.
Come in.
So? You worked out what they are? Amphetamines.
Prescribed to Owen by Dr Robert Thomas.
What kind of doctor prescribes amphetamines to a man with a heart condition? I rang his old surgery to find out.
He was suspended over a month ago for prescription misuse.
And he's done it again.
He was suspended, Kamini.
It's criminally negligent.
And it might have a direct bearing on the cause of Owen's death, too.
I need to have a word with Dr Thomas.
For the record, do either of you two boys know what .
this is? Dynamite.
"One of the suspects immediately recognised "the explosive" "found in his accomplice's" "gardenshed".
Look, all right.
We did use one stick of dynamite on the phone box.
We didn't mean to.
We meant to blow up the sign.
But that was an accident.
What about the other sticks? What other sticks? The ones you put down the mine.
I suppose that was an accident too? We didn't put any down the mine.
Of course we didn't.
We had two.
We put one by the sign and left one in the bag.
By the phone box.
Something went wrong with the trail we lit.
Next thing, it was coming towards us.
So we ran.
Then we realised we'd left one in the bag.
With the other stick of dynamite in it.
Next thing we knew Boom.
You don't believe us, do you? There's an old saying The first rule of policing, some people say.
If it looks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck chances are Is it a duck? And you two boys look like a pair of dead ducks to me.
Wait, wait, wait.
Why would we do it, Constable Why, Sergeant Dawkins? We're on the side of the working man.
Why would we blow up the mine? How did we even get down there to plant the bomb? You! Donkey.
Oh, yes, it's perfect for a family of your size.
A lovely spot.
One of the best, ifnot the very best.
Excuse me, ladies.
That cop's been sniffing round.
Course he has.
A serious crime has been committed.
He's onto us, I'm sure he is.
Did you say what I told you to say? Of course I did.
That you saw Daf and Aled running away from the dynamite store.
What happened? Well, he went off to investigate.
Now, will you stop panicking? Everything's going to be fine.
Have you heard? Heard what, Sian? The mine.
What about it? It wasn't a collapse, it was deliberate.
Good heavens.
Really? Who would do such a thing? Daf and Aled.
Really? Emlyn's already arrested them.
They're in the police station.
Prem! I need to talk to you in confidence.
Sorry, Megan, it'll have to wait.
I have to see Dr Thomas.
Actually, this is about Dr Thomas.
He just came to see me.
He was in a terrible state.
He kept on saying how he had to leave, go away, how everything had gone wrong.
What did he mean? I couldn't get anything else out of him, but he dropped these.
He needs help, Prem, I know he does.
He's in trouble, big trouble.
I wouldn't ask otherwise.
Do you know where he is? No.
But I know where he will be.
Why just two sticks? What? You took just two sticks of dynamite.
That's what you said.
Why not more? You were there.
You were in the store.
You must have felt like kids in a sweet shop.
We didn't have time to get any more.
That inspector Graham.
He suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
We didn't expect anyone from the mine to be there.
Not at that time of night.
So we just grabbed what we could and ran.
Mrs Sharma.
Pardon me.
I, erm I was wondering if you'd had a chance to discuss the job offer with your husband? Only, if there are any questions you would like answering, I'm sure I could help.
Actually, I did have one question, Mr Thomas.
Fire away.
Are you aware that your brother's been prescribing unlicensed and harmful prescriptions? That's a very serious allegation, Mrs Sharma.
I have evidence.
Perhaps you'd like to discuss this somewhere less public.
Well, I'm shocked, of course.
So you really didn't know? I'm totally shocked.
If it's true, of course.
There was no doubt, according to his last practice.
Well, there we are.
His last practice.
What do you mean? I know Robert's methods did sometimes attract rather a lot of, how shall I put this, professional jealousy.
Let me show you the pills your brother prescribed, Mr Thomas.
I doubt they provoke too much in the way of professional jealousy.
Dr Thomas.
Dr Sharma.
You prescribed amphetamines to Owen Griffiths.
Griffiths was my patient.
That is confidential.
That medication was unlicensed and therefore illegal.
And I will be listing it as a contributory factor when I complete the death certificate.
What's gone wrong, Dr Thomas? That's what you told Megan, wasn't it? That you had to get away, that you couldn't stay here any longer.
Was it just to do with Owen's death or is there something else? I had nothing to do with that.
With what? That bomb.
So who did? Who did, Dr Thomas? Tell him, Robert.
If you know anything about what happened, tell Prem.
I could have lost my husband last night.
The father of the baby I'm carrying.
Please, Robert, tell him.
Basil would never have done anything like that.
Not if he'd have known that people's lives were at risk.
But he did, didn't he? I assure you, Mrs Sharma, Robert is a man of integrity.
They would have had no reason to lie.
I'm not saying they are lying, but I think we should keep this between ourselves for the moment.
It is unusual, Mrs Sharma.
Most unusual.
I'll make some inquiries.
I don't pretend to understand the medical side of things, of course, but I will get to the bottom of this.
You have my word on that.
What is that? Mr Thomas's file.
How did you get that? I just took it from his briefcase.
Dan, you mustn't do that.
But look.
There are some things in here I don't understand.
I was liaising with the rescue people.
You're here for my statement, yes? No.
I've come to ask you a couple of questions.
First, are you absolutely sure that four sticks of dynamite are missing? Four.
Because Daf and Aled insist they only took two.
Second question.
Perhaps you can explain where this little lot came from.
Have you got the house deeds? Have you got my money? I didn't sign every one, but .
there should be enough there to serve your purposes.
The mine is not going to be a problem either.
Imagine, in a few short months, all of this will be gone.
No more slag heaps.
No miserable little terraces.
Is this some kind of joke? What? Because if it is, it really isn't a good idea.
Deliver me enough land to build my motorway, that's what I said.
And I have.
You've delivered me the results of a urine sample for a Miss Gina Jones.
What? Sorry.
There has been a bit of a mix-up.
These are Robert's.
My brother.
He's a doctor.
I'll just pop back and get the right file.
We'll wait here for you, Basil, for one hour.
Then we'll come and find you.
Ready or not.
Mr Thomas! Prem.
I'm looking for Basil.
According to his brother, he was responsible for the mine explosion.
Though I'm no clearer as to why.
This may explain things.
Where did you get this? Dan found it in Mr Thomas's briefcase.
There is no new town, there never was.
Find Emlyn.
Tell him about this.
Tell him to get Robert.
He's at the station with Megan.
I've got to find Basil.
So What are you going to do? I don't know, there isn't a lot to stay for, not now.
Are you going to run away again? Pretend all this never happened? That's what you normally do.
Or are you going to face up to thingsfor once? Tell my husband what you've just told me and Prem.
You know what you're asking? Yes.
You're saying testify against my brother.
I'm saying .
tell the truth.
We've got to get out of this place If it's the last thing we ever do We've got to get out of this place Girl, there's a better life for me and you.
Get your things, we've got to go! Now! Robert! All these homes.
All these livelihoods, ruined.
And not for some bogus new-town promise, but for a motorway? A grey, open wound across this beautiful countryside? It's called progress, Dr Sharma.
And anyway .
that's just a proposal.
A feasibility exercise, nothing more.
It doesn't mean it's actually going to happen.
I'm sure it isn't, now.
But that was never the point, was it? You were merely deceiving everybody out of their deeds so that you could line your own pockets.
I've been inviting people to invest, and every investment always carries with it a certain element of risk, of course.
You also tried to make sure that the coal board would have no objections by sabotaging the mine.
Dr Sharma, really! From what I hear, you came pretty close.
And who said that? Actually, I was hoping that you would display some spark of common decency and admit that yourself.
No-one said it.
And no-one will, and do you know why? Because this is all nonsense.
Stuff and nonsense.
And it certainly won't stand up in a court of law.
On its own, perhaps not.
But with a credible witness .
like your brother Robert?! Dr Sharma, Robert hardly knows what day it is most of the time! He's already told me your part in this.
Yes, well, he's sick.
He's an addict.
He doesn't know what he's saying.
You really think a judge will take his word over mine? A friend of mine died last night at your hands.
Rubbish! You might not have been there, but he died because of you, nonetheless.
I'm not a murderer.
You're going nowhere until a court decides whether to believe you or your brother.
I am leaving, Dr Sharma.
Right now.
No, Mr Thomas.
You are not.
Very well.
Let's see .
if this changes your mind.
No, it doesn't.
Do you think I won't use it? Because I will.
You really don't believe me? No, I do believe you.
That's the whole point.
What? You said so yourself.
Stay where you are.
Just a moment ago.
I'm warning you.
You said you weren't a murderer.
And I believe you.
Put that down, Mr Thomas.
I said, put it down! For God's sake, Basil.
Head down.
Ooh! Can I have a bit of hush, please? Can I have a bit of hush? Shush! Tawelwch! Before the presentation, I need to propose a few toasts.
GROANING Firstly to myself.
LAUGHTER Well, if I hadn't put down those little crosses, you would not be having a free drink this evening.
Just the one? Next, Sian, who graciously agreed to be my next of kin.
WOLF-WHISTLING For telephone purposes only! And she will be taking charge of the presentation tonight.
But more importantly, much more importantly .
it's great to see Dan here.
Dad was a good man.
And remember, Dan .
we're all family here.
ALL: Hear, hear! Oh, Megan, Emlyn.
Hey, grab a drink.
No, not for me, thanks.
Oh, come on, Megan.
It's a celebration! No, just to be on the safe side.
Safe side? I'm pregnant.
I'm going to be a dad! The third toast, Megan, Emlyn - and Megan is up the duff! CHEERING You're missing all the fun in the pub.
I'm having a lot more fun right here.
TELEPHONE RINGS Aren't you going to answer that? Are you kidding? It might be your mother! It might be an emergency.
Go on, I'll still be here.
If it is your mother, I'm going to tell her that you've left me for that maharishi! Dr Prem Sharma speaking.
Oh, yes, how can I help you? I'm sorry.
Could you say that again, please? Attention! Attention! We have now come to the main event of the evening, friends.
And I pass over the rest of the proceedings to my great friend Lady Sian Trefelin Davies.
APPLAUSE Oh! LAUGHTER The photographer from the paper is here now, so in the absence of a pools official, we thought it best I do the honours.
APPLAUSE Letter? Letter? Letter.
Oh, the letter! "Dear Mr Joseph.
" That's me! APPLAUSE "Congratulations on your win.
" CHEERING AND APPLAUSE "I have great pleasure in announcing that the jackpot this week was ".
ten" ".
thousand pounds"! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE "As part of a successful winning syndicate" ".
with 1,000 members" ".
that makes your share "?10.
" 10 Ten? Don't spend it all at once now, Ceri! LAUGHTER Well, at least I can buy everyone a drink.
CHEERING Well, not really, because your bar tab is at least ?12 already.
Can anyone lend me a few quid? LAUGHTER You should go double or quits.
Stick it all on England to win the World Cup next month.
I wouldn't waste my money, boy! LAUGHTER Everything all right? I've just been offered a job.
A job? Where? They gave me several options, but all of them are rather a long way away from here.
Leave Trefelin? What did you say? I said I'd tell them in the morning.
That I had to discuss it with my wife first.
So Let's discuss it, shall we? I thought love was only true in fairy tales Meant for someone else but not for me Love was out to get me That's the way it seemed Disappointment haunted all my dreams Then I saw her face Now I'm a believer