The Innocent (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

-What? -I'm leaving.
It's only just started.
I have a race on Sunday.
I'm off.
No, Mat.
Don't leave.
See you at home.
Get some rest.
I will.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
Excuse me.
Do you have a light? I don't smoke.
What's up? Come with me a second.
Hey, Isma, your brother's bothering my friend.
Looks like she's having a fucking great time.
Get him and leave, or we'll throw you out.
-Got it? -Hugo, leave it.
-Hugo, man.
-Stay out of it.
Are you deaf? Let's take this outside.
Come on.
Isn't that your brother? -What's up, Gonzalo? -Isma, leaving already? No, they are.
They were bothering my brother.
I'll smash your head in, you bastard! Come here! What are you doing, asshole? Beat it! Leave my brother alone, dumbass.
-Hey! -Hey! For fuck's sake.
Come here, you bastard! It's always the same.
-Shall we go inside? -Yes.
Oops! Shit.
I'm sorry, man.
What's wrong with you? -What are you doing? It was an accident.
-Get off.
-You're in for it.
-Stop! Get out of the way.
Stop it, for fuck's sake! Let go of me! Stop it! Mat! -Mat, leave him! It's not worth it! -Go inside! Go inside! You'll have to catch me! Let go of me.
Stop! Stop, for fuck's sake! Your name is Mateo Vidal, but everyone calls you Mat.
You were still in college.
And you never meant to kill him.
Limited liability companies… That morning, you were just another law student.
Your brother convinced you to study with him.
Yes, we're partying tonight! Look nice.
And this is the first day of the rest of your life.
No! Mat! You wanted to hug his parents and tell them you never meant to hurt their son.
And you felt their pain.
Dani! His name was Dani.
You have to be strong.
You still find it hard to say his name.
I was outside with a beer.
He came over and pushed me.
The trial didn't go as you expected.
Next thing, his friends were on me.
Everyone saw you get into a fight where a guy ended up dead.
Mateo Vidal Rivera, I sentence you to four years in prison for negligent homicide.
Four years in prison.
The maximum sentence.
But that won't be your only sentence.
For the first time, you understand what fear truly is.
Inside, you have to forget everything you learned.
Being top of your class doesn't help inside.
Get out of the way, kid.
You wonder what would've happened if you hadn't let her drag you back and you'd left the party.
Dani! You learn to be strong.
And you get ready for the life that awaits you.
We wanted to tell you something.
You're going to be an uncle! He reminds you that the world outside keeps turning.
And you trick yourself into thinking you'll also have a place in it.
But your first leave is another sad day in your life.
Your parents flew through the windshield in a car crash.
They're laid to rest in their hometown, the place they left to give you a future… To Mom and Dad.
…and where you returned to find it.
Do you know her? Her name is Olivia Costa, and you spend the night with her.
You make plans and agree to meet the next day.
But you don't tell her you're on leave and have to go back to prison.
You imagine her waiting.
You want to hold onto that image, convinced it'll be the last one you'll have of her.
But you're wrong.
Three months after you leave prison, Isma hires you as a paralegal at his law firm.
He asks you to select candidates from a consultancy for a case.
And there she is.
Two years later.
You haven't forgotten her.
Nor she, you.
She tells you how she's been the last few years.
You tell her a bunch of lies about why you didn't show up to the date.
You want to live in that bubble forever.
She fills your future with hope.
You think everything's finally okay.
VIDAL BROTHERS ASSOCIATES But happiness is fleeting.
One morning like any other, Isma is on his way to work when he has a brain hemorrhage.
You feel like life is punishing you.
And that you have to accept who you are to move forward.
You tell her you were in prison for accidentally killing a guy.
You say you'd understand if she wanted to break up.
But she doesn't.
And four years later… Pregnant? Yes.
Four weeks.
What happens now? We'll do an ultrasound.
If Olivia's fine with doing it here… Yes! I don't have a regular gynecologist, so… -Okay.
I'll ask you some questions to complete your record.
-I'm sorry, it's-- -Go ahead.
-You sure? -Don't worry.
Hello, Mrs.
If you talk that fast, I can't understand you.
It'll be a few months until they proceed with the foreclosure.
We can talk about it in my office tomorrow, okay? Okay.
No, don't worry.
In the OR.
I'll be in my office.
Excuse me.
TWO MONTHS LATER You'll love the neighborhood.
It's really quiet.
-Yes, we know it well.
-Oh, great.
The house has AC, aluminum windows and doors, and double glazing with a thermal break.
You can take a look around.
There's no hurry.
-That's very kind.
-I'll be waiting in the kitchen.
You think our baby will like it? Do you know what I like? Me.
Well, yep.
Let's see the bedroom.
It's amazing.
There's so much light.
Look, honey, we can put the walk-in closet here.
Come and see.
Mara's house is over there.
His or her cousins would be near.
I can't think of a better place to watch my family grow.
If we're moving, we'd better do it soon.
Before my belly gets too big.
I don't know who it is.
-Hello? -Is that Olivia Costa? Yes, speaking.
Sorry, honey, it's work.
Yes, go ahead.
What? Yes, I'll be there.
-When are you coming back? -Friday.
Inés hasn't sent my schedule yet.
I don't even know where I'm staying.
At least it's Berlin.
It could've been worse.
-Are you sure you have to go? -It's a short flight, babe.
It'll be fine.
The German consultancy wants me there.
Hey, baby… -I have to go, honey.
-Yeah, I know.
Sorry, it's not that.
I saw Hugo, the guy who started the fight with my brother.
He was with Eva.
The girl who caused it all.
They ended up together.
And I saw that they live opposite the house we like.
What a coincidence, right? -I don't care about her, but he-- -Baby.
It's okay if you don't want to.
We can keep looking.
I don't want to keep looking.
I like that house.
Will you order sushi while I shower? Oh, no, I can't eat it! It's raw fish.
I keep forgetting.
XOXO -I hope the meeting goes well, okay? -Okay, thank you.
-I'll call you when I arrive.
-Go get 'em.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
Hello? I'm running late, sorry.
Hurry, I have to get back to the bank.
Sorry, I had to take Olivia to the airport.
How is she? She's off to Berlin for work.
I asked you how she is, not where she went.
I went to Berlin with Isma.
That's the only time I've been.
Jaime and I went there with Dani.
And I'll never go back.
Me neither.
Unless… Dani.
Would you like to go back to Berlin, Dani? Do you want to go back to Berlin, Mom? Would you like that, son? Can we stuff our faces with currywurst? But no museums.
Just amusement parks and graffiti.
The three of us can go today to spend the day.
Let's go.
As a birthday present.
Mat? -Would today have been his birthday? -Today is his non-birthday.
I dreamed about him again last night.
He was a man, like you.
He had a wife and two beautiful daughters.
And we all went to the beach.
To that beach.
Jaime and I used to spend our summers where that was painted.
In my dream, we went back and we were older.
We were grandparents.
She's pregnant.
You asked me how Olivia's doing.
She's pregnant.
I thought you might've known.
Your husband saw us at the gynecologist's.
-Not now, Sonia.
Please, she's pregnant.
Your dad told me that… you're making me a grandma.
I can't keep doing this, Sonia.
I really can't.
She's pregnant.
This isn't right.
-I have to go back to work.
-I'm begging you.
Goodbye, Dani.
See you soon, Mat.
-Has the meeting started? -It's running late.
Don't worry.
As you all know, my brother wanted us to be approachable.
That's what sets us apart from other firms.
What do clients want? How do they see us? What do they expect of us? It's a very fragmented market.
We have our philosophy of client intimacy to help us keep growing.
Yes, we'll grow.
But we want meaningful, ethical growth.
Exponential growth is dangerous.
It could affect the very structure of the firm and spark a downturn.
It's essential that we know… Excuse me, Mat.
Abellán just called.
The men from the bank are there.
Call "Olivia work.
" Duarte Consulting.
How can I help you? Inés, it's Mat.
Olivia's not picking up.
I need the number for her hotel.
It's an emergency.
Hi, Mat.
She booked the hotel herself, but we always use the same one.
The Radisson Alexanderplatz.
I'll send the number now.
Radisson Alexanderplatz, how can I help you? Mateo Vidal.
I represent Mrs.
Celia Abellán.
We have a writ.
I understand, but my client is in the process of a property claim.
She'll settle her debts with the bank once the judge rules in her favor.
If he doesn't, she'll leave the property and accept the default.
Not our problem.
Read the agreement carefully-- Read my lips carefully.
As I see it, you have two options.
Postpone this, pending its resolution or carry out the foreclosure.
But when the judge rules in our favor, and if you read that carefully, you'll see he will, I'll become your worst nightmare.
Because I'll make your lives fucking impossible.
Celia, you can open the door.
How are you? -Are you okay? -Yes.
They left, but they'll be back.
Never let them in.
Thank you for being so kind to me.
-I have to go.
Call if you need anything.
Call Olivia.
Hello? Olivia, are you there? She can't come to the phone.
Who are you? Someone who knows your wife's deepest secrets.
Put her on the phone.
I told you she can't come to the phone, Mat.
Why not? She'll have to tell you that herself.
Witnesses say the car that ran you down was a Fiat Tipo.
Did you catch the license plate or any other details? I don't remember a thing, sorry.
You don't know who the driver could be? Or why he attacked you? Are you sure? Mr.
Vidal, someone pulled a gun on you.
It doesn't seem like an accident.
We just want to help you.
Don't move.
I don't remember any man or anything you're talking about.
I don't know how to help you.
This is what I've found out.
I've checked every hotel in Berlin.
There are no bookings for Olivia Costa.
Her cell is still off, so it's impossible to locate her.
We could check her card transactions, but my contact at the bank is on vacation.
I'll take care of that.
Find out who owns this car and who this is.
Where's that from? You said you didn't tell them anything.
The paralegal works for the police.
You'll get us into trouble.
With my record, they would've grilled me.
I had to lie to get them off my back.
-I hope you know what you're doing.
-It's personal.
I don't want another PI.
I want you, Zoe.
I need someone I can trust.
Understood? Understood.
Do you think the videos and this guy are connected? -No.
-No? That's too much excitement for one day.
Has your wife cheated on you before? Not that I know of.
Your friend wants you to know she's cheating.
Why send a video? Why isn't she answering my calls? Maybe it's her way of breaking up with you.
Why threaten me? -Maybe she's playing with you.
-She'd never do this.
None of it makes sense.
-It does.
It does.
There's always a reason.
Think of something that can help us.
Yes, I'll be there.
Sorry, it was work.
I'm going to Berlin for a few days.
Olivia always tells me where she's staying.
She lied to me.
What else? No, I can't eat it! It's raw fish.
I keep forgetting.
She never locks the bathroom door.
You didn't think anything of it then, but you do now.
I was meeting someone yesterday.
-Who? -It has nothing to do with this.
It might.
Do you want my help or shall we keep wasting time? Dani's mom.
The guy's mom.
I've been meeting her every week for years.
And Olivia doesn't know.
Olivia doesn't fully know you.
Why do you think you know her so well? -Will you help me? -Let's look at it another way.
What if all this is about you, not her? Four years in prison is a long time.
I've been out for eight.
Maybe that's not enough for someone.
Mat, did anything happen in prison I should know about? See why I don't want to go to the cops? You think Olivia's having an affair? The video is pretty clear.
But sometimes, things aren't what they seem.
Jaime's seeing someone too.
I don't tell him about you.
He doesn't tell me about her.
You know, I always felt the way Olivia reappeared in your life was odd.
Fate? Another accident of fate.
How many accidents of fate do you think you get in life, Mat? What do you need? I need you to track her credit card.
I assume you don't have a warrant.
It's between you and me.
You work at a bank.
You can do it.
Thanks for coming so quickly.
You're like your brother.
I'm sorry it's such short notice, but Carla has exams, so she can't stay.
I might be a while.
Some colleagues want to go out after dinner, but I'll try not to be too late, okay? You can tell me, you know? Tell you what? That you have a date.
I'm sorry.
I heard you talking to him a few weeks ago.
His name is Jorge, isn't it? I'm sorry.
I should've told you, but… the kids don't know about it, and… I can stay all night if you want.
You don't mind? The kids and I will watch a movie.
Go, you'll be late.
Olivia? Honey, I'm sorry.
I just saw you called me.
We're testing the new navigation tool.
I had meetings all day.
With the trip and all, I feel like my head's going to explode.
Where are you calling from? The hotel, but I'm going for dinner in Kreuzberg now.
What was that? The sprinklers at Mara's.
She asked me to have dinner with the kids.
I bet they've convinced you to order junk food.
I left you a message earlier.
Really? I didn't see it.
I got your photo and videos.
What photo? I didn't send you anything.
Are you sure? Yes.
Unless I sent you something by accident.
Where are you staying? The Radisson in Alexanderplatz.
I'm flying tomorrow to see you.
Is something wrong? -No, I just miss you.
-I miss you too, baby.
-I'm back on Friday.
-I need to see you before then.
-Honey, I'll be very busy.
-I swear I won't bother you.
Okay? -Olivia-- -I have to go.
They're waiting.
I'll call you later.
My partner just called.
Everything's in order.
Bye, kids.
The kids are doing homework.
Mara told me to pay you.
No, we'll call it even because of the other day.
It'll be our secret.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
Uncle Mat.
Someone honked.
So? The car that ran you down is a rental.
The rental company is at the airport.
-So you found the guy who threatened me? -No, it's not him.
The guy who rented it has a record of extortion.
He did time for maiming a bar owner who owed money to some Chinese guys.
His name is Ibai Sáez.
Does that ring a bell? Mat, please think.
This only makes sense if it's something personal.
Maybe he was in your block before he went to Alcalá Meco.
I swear I don't know him.
Maybe his name isn't familiar, but his face will be.
Ibai Sáez.
He rented the car.
Hi, Sonia.
Sorry to call so late, but Jaime only just went to sleep.
Did you find anything? She took a taxi from the airport after you dropped her off.
The ride was 32 euros.
She paid with her card and hasn't used it since.
She must be in town.
There's more.
She withdrew 50,000 euros in cash this morning.
From the branch on Via Laietana.
But that's all our savings.
She's clearly mixed up in something she hasn't told you about.
You should speak to her.
Yes, I know.
I will.
Thank you very much.
Try to get some rest, okay? You too.
Call me if you need anything.
Thank you.
-How did it go? -Well.
Jorge is lovely.
We're so lucky, you know? Because we're going to have you and Olivia so close.
And you're coming back to your neighborhood after so long.
I wish Isma were here to see it.
He's still here with us.
PRIVATE NUMBER Will you excuse me? Sure.
Hello? Olivia? This isn't Olivia.
I know who you are.
Ibai Sáez.
Listen up.
Your sister-in-law's doorbell will ring in less than 30 seconds.
-What do you mean? -Shut up and listen.
If you say a single word about what's happening, I'll cut your wife's tongue off and eat it.
Got it? Not one fucking word.
What is it? Subtitle translation by: Tom Sullivan
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