The Innocent (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL LIMITED SERIES How long have you been on those pills? Are you even taking them? I just want to see my daughter more than two days a week.
What can I do about it? It's what the judge said.
-How long have you been out sick? -Only a day.
Enough already.
Lorena! -Don't shout at her.
-Lorena! Don't shout at her.
I'll go get her.
Lorena, damn it! Come on, we're leaving! Come on, say bye to your dad.
You'll have a great time with Mom.
You'll see.
When will I see you? Real soon.
Bye, darling.
-I forgot my homework.
-Never mind.
-I can't go to school without it.
-Lorena, please.
I'm not leaving here until we go and get it.
Take the keys your dad gave me.
You go.
-And hurry up.
Your name is Lorena Ortiz.
You were seven when the person who said he loved you most abandoned you.
A part of you is buried with him.
You shut out the world and tell her you won't go home with her.
And you unknowingly do her a favor.
Because that's just what she wanted.
Look at her.
Sister Irene is the closest thing you'll have to a mother for 13 years.
You've never been around so many people.
Yet you've never felt so alone.
Lorena! You hit hard to let out the rage you feel towards your dad for abandoning you.
But you don't learn to forgive him, just to isolate yourself so nobody else can hurt you.
When you become independent, you want to leave the pain behind.
You want to grow strong.
For the first time, you don't feel alone.
You find what you were looking for… JOIN THE POLICE …the best way to get even with your past, with your dad.
He'll live inside you, but you'll be better than him.
Even if four centimeters stand in your way, you won't give up.
Javi's a born fighter.
And it rubs off.
Nobody will ever reject you again.
And when you think you've made it, something knocks you back down.
You can't tell him you're pregnant.
You don't want to be a mother.
You fear having a family like yours.
You'll tell him you're stopping training, that you don't want to box anymore.
But you won't tell him the main thing: you had an abortion to prevent having a family with him.
And everything turns sour.
You study every case in the archives until you drop.
And you're the top of your class again.
Five years later, you're Detective Ortiz.
The youngest homicide detective in the department.
Nobody calls you Lorena anymore.
It's been 30 years since the night it all went wrong.
You're the same age he was when he abandoned you.
Loneliness weighs on you.
Until a call takes you back to where it all started.
Good morning, Chief.
How long has she been dead? The autopsy will confirm it, but the preliminary forensic analysis suggests less than six hours.
-Any signs of violence? -No.
Textbook suicide.
She jumped out the window.
We're Homicide.
Why are we here if there was no violence? We're not here because we're Homicide.
The director begged the judge to call us and give you the case, Ortiz.
It's your case.
Hello, Lorena.
Director Baltierre.
She didn't come down for breakfast.
I went up to her room, and she wasn't there.
When I went to close the window… It'll take time for this school to recover from such a tragedy.
I don't want to seem insensitive, but why me? -I always thought you were a good girl.
-I was a troublemaker.
A trustworthy troublemaker.
And that's just what I need now.
You know suicide is a mortal sin, one of the most serious.
It wouldn't be the best publicity for a Catholic institution.
No, if any journalists call the station, we won't tell them anything.
Thank you.
I've thought a lot about you over the years.
How's life? Are you married? Any children? No.
-She prayed before jumping.
-She was very devout.
Did she have any reason to commit suicide? Was she sick? Not that I know of.
We have medical checkups every year.
Issues with anyone? She was a saint.
Do you know her? No.
What do you know about her life prior to here? María was a very private woman.
FORGIVE ME She spent 15 years at the Santa Federica convent, an enclosed order in Girona.
As well as teaching social studies, she handled some orders.
-Did anyone see or hear anything? -Not that I know of.
FORGIVE ME The handwriting from the notebook and the photo match.
Crespo, it's the victim's handwriting.
She hurt or betrayed the woman in the photo, wrote the note saying sorry, and then jumped.
The ink is old.
She wrote that note years ago.
-What sense does that make? -None, for now.
But when we find out who that woman is, we might know why the nun committed suicide.
Finding out who the nun was will be tough.
There are three María Luján Calvos in Spain, none of them ours.
-She had a false ID? -I spoke to Director Baltierre.
-She didn't suspect a thing.
-Facebook? Instagram? -She didn't even have a cell-- -Call Santa Federica convent.
-Have them send anything they have on her.
-I already did.
It's no longer a convent.
It burned down.
The Girona Council bought the ruins.
They hold the convent's records, but most were lost in the fire.
They don't have anything on María Luján Calvo either.
You seem different today, more distant.
What's on your mind? How long have I been coming here? What good has it done me? There are good phases and not so good ones.
It's part of the process.
Sometimes I feel I deserve it.
Deserve what? The shitty life I've been given.
Do you believe in karma? What I believe is irrelevant.
According to karma, we're free to choose between good and evil.
If you've done good in this life or a past one, you'll get good things.
But if you've been evil… I've caused too much pain.
Who have you hurt? She hit the ground face-first.
Are you ready? Okay, the first thing we do is open the skull.
This victim has saved us some work, which was nice of her.
Enough of the jokes.
Her brain's smashed to pieces.
And so is her skull.
The rigor mortis and vitreous show she died about 2:00 a.
Every bone in her left arm and her legs is broken, but there are no signs of superficial or internal premortem injuries.
Toxicology is pending, but her internal organs look normal.
So far, everything points to death by major frontal impact.
That is, the nun wasn't beaten up before she jumped out the window.
-Or attacked or assaulted-- -Anything I didn't know? "Hannibal.
" The Roman conqueror who crossed the Pyrenees with elephants.
-Hannibal was Carthaginian, not Roman.
-What's the difference? Like 500 years of difference.
-Why would a nun have a tattoo like this? -The tattoo is just the start.
Breast implants.
Three hundred cubic centimeters.
A D cup at the very least.
A nun with silicone tits.
First, I thought, "She's a nun, but she's still a woman.
Maybe the poor girl was insecure.
" Not at all.
-She had very few inhibitions.
-What do you mean? The vow of chastity wasn't her strong point either.
The night she died, she had sex.
-Front and rear.
-Consensual? It appears so.
She has traces of lube in her rectum and also under her nails.
She applied the lube herself.
Quite the Frankenstein.
Claudia! What are you doing? Is something wrong? Claudia.
Don't be afraid.
We're here to help you.
The night Sister María died, what did you see? I should have been in my room, sleeping.
Yes, go on.
Just pick one.
The worst one, you'll see.
But we were playing.
Of course, the worst one! We call it the bracelet game, and we take turns each night.
You do different things depending on the color you get.
The game's banned, but everyone has played it at some point.
That's why I didn't speak up before.
I was embarrassed and scared.
Then what happened? I heard footsteps.
Who was it? I don't know.
I didn't see their face.
But it was a woman.
About what time was that? Sometime between one and two.
I just wanted to get back to my room… and not get caught out there.
Do you know if this was the woman you saw? I don't know, I'm sorry.
Oddone will see you now.
Follow me.
Of course.
Sounds great.
Perfect, we'll have dinner, then.
Okay, see you later.
Sorry for the wait, Detective.
Matías Oddone, lawyer for Tetco.
-We spoke on the phone.
-Thanks for seeing me so soon.
-Not at all.
How can I help? -Right.
The patient in question.
We know very little about her.
She was using a false name, and she had Tetco implants.
You should have her ID in your database.
The serial number is 15121979.
These implants are easily 15 or 20 years old.
-I'm not sure we keep such old data.
In any case, can I see the warrant? The warrant? The court warrant.
There are laws regarding patient privacy.
No one's trying to find out medical secrets about the patient.
We know she had implants.
I just want her name.
Surely you have other ways to confirm her identity.
Unfortunately, not in this case.
Bring me the warrant, and I'll be happy to help you.
Now, if you'll excuse me… Marta, please.
First, he said some bullshit about not keeping old records.
Then, he made a fool of me.
He wouldn't give me the victim's name.
It was insulting.
I need a court warrant to access Tetco's database and get Sister María's real name.
I'm afraid not.
Excuse me? They won't give us a warrant.
I just got a call.
Who called you? -We'll talk at the station.
-No, who-- I can't help if you're not honest with me.
In our last session, you mentioned some torment.
What you say is confidential, you know that.
There are exceptions where you'd be forced to break that confidentiality.
You can't spend your life running away.
Let me help you.
We still have ten minutes.
I'm meeting someone.
-It's you.
Yes, I wasn't sure, but it's you.
-You have the wrong person.
-New Year's Eve 2003.
We had a great time together.
Your name was Emma.
Your name was Emma.
Hey! He won't answer my calls, but we need that warrant.
The judge won't answer the phone.
It was him who called me.
-To warn me.
-About what? Who doesn't want us to know who the nun was? Focus on the investigation into her death.
-Forget about her identity.
-We have no case without it.
-I won't stand idly by.
-Do you want my advice, Ortiz? Don't swim against the current.
You'll only get tired.
She hid under a false identity for ten years.
-Who was she hiding from? -I don't know.
Why doesn't the judge want us to know who she was? -Who's pressuring the judge? -I'm not saying it's not fishy.
It fucking reeks.
But let's focus on what we have.
There are no signs of violence in the room or on the body.
Nobody heard anything, no screaming or noises.
-Until we prove otherwise, it's suicide.
So keep your eyes peeled.
Didn't anyone check in here? I'm sure they would have.
Why? Look at this.
FORENSICS She threw it in and didn't flush.
Why? Why sit in the middle of the room? It's a bar napkin.
It has writing on it, but I need to study it to tell you more.
-Get going, then.
The pillowcase.
It doesn't match the sheets.
We have three sets of sheets, but only two pillowcases.
One's missing.
-You lose a sock in every wash.
The pillowcase could've gone missing, or someone could've taken it.
I'll finish eating and send you my report on Our Lady of Cleavage.
-I just have to sign it.
-Don't sign it yet.
You're not done.
A lot of things don't add up.
Reconstruct her head.
Fixing that mess will take hours.
Are you sure it'll be worth it? The pillowcases are cotton.
If you find fibers in her mouth or throat, we can rule out suicide for good.
If you don't find anything, never mind.
-Excuse me, sir.
-Not now.
Who is it? Someone found her before we did.
She was hiding in a boarding school in Barcelona.
The police tried to identify her by her breast implants, but we stopped them.
Drop everything you're working on.
This takes priority.
SPECIAL CRIMES UNI Teo, what is it? Bea, darling, don't wait up for me.
I'm leaving for Barcelona right now.
An urgent case.
When will you be back? I don't know.
I'll speak to you in the morning when we arrive.
I love you.
You asked for discretion, but it's out of my hands now.
We don't know how she died.
We don't even know who she was.
May the Lord forgive her someday.
Weren't you ever suspicious? She didn't have acquaintances outside the school, or family.
She didn't use credit cards or a cell phone.
The school gave her everything she needed.
She was a model Catholic.
These are the calls made and received in Sister María's room in the last 15 days.
Check if any numbers stand out or aren't related to the school.
Do you think Sister María didn't commit suicide? Please go through the calls.
Blood? Lipstick.
It's a phone number.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
That was the idea.
Come on.
Don't be so harsh.
Didn't I make myself clear? We have nothing more to discuss.
A gin and tonic, please.
Hello? Now? Why? What's up? Fine, I fucked her.
So? Why'd you deny it before? I never thought it'd come to this.
-I'm in trouble if my wife finds out.
-You already are.
You were the last one to see her alive.
What the fuck do you mean by that? For now, the official hypothesis is suicide.
But some details prevent us from ruling out other causes.
Wait, I didn't kill her, if that's what you're suggesting.
And I want my call.
Do you have a lawyer or shall we assign you one? I'm not calling my lawyer.
I didn't do anything.
Who are you going to call? My wife.
What? I have to tell her something.
What? I cheat on my wife.
That doesn't make me a killer.
But this might.
A 70% loss of vision in her left eye, a burst blood vessel in the right, a broken septum, and a ruptured eardrum.
I don't know why your wife stays with you.
Where did you meet her? I bought her a drink.
We went to a hotel.
I dropped her off.
The usual.
She wouldn't tell me her number, what she did, or where she lived.
-Or even her name.
-Where did you drop her off? Hey, I didn't kill her.
-I'd never do a thing like that.
-Where? His prints aren't in the room.
They all belong to the victim or the nuns who do the cleaning.
He could've worn gloves.
Talk to Traffic.
Check the footage.
See if he left her where he says and went home or if he followed her.
-Go ahead.
-Come by the morgue.
-All right.
Carlos has the report.
You check the traffic cameras.
Twenty euros says the bastard followed her to the school.
I won't slave away like this again, overtime or not.
My son is eight weeks, he can see things now-- Was it suicide or not? She had cotton fibers in her trachea.
The poor girl was gasping for life for some time while someone covered her airways with something soft made of cotton, which could've caused her to die by suffocation.
Do you want to see her? My facial reconstruction is my fucking Sistine Chapel.
Now she can have an open casket.
-Now? Why? What's up? -Are you still in a meeting? No.
I'm with the guys from the office.
We're having a drink with the client.
-Okay, don't be late.
-Don't get mad.
I love you.
We don't really have to talk much.
Hey, what's up? -I thought-- -If you go on, you won't see me again.
In case you change your mind.
What do you have? You just lost 20 bucks.
The guy drove away.
-He's not our man.
-That's too bad.
Wait, what's that? A passerby? Check the cameras in the area after the time of death.
Be right back.
You can go.
I told you you were wrong about me.
You didn't kill her.
But I'm not wrong about you.
FORGIVE ME Where does she live? I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know.
Where does she live? Where does who live? I have no idea.
Where does she live? Where does she live? I don't know.
I don't know where she lives.
I don't know.
Kimmy, it all went wrong.
I've caused too much pain.
EAT SHI -Do you have anything? -Look at this.
Ten past two.
The nun is already dead.
It's him.
Son of a bitch.
Wait, here comes the best part.
He took his glove off.
He's going to throw up.
Zoom in.
I want to know whose car that is.
Please get out of the car.
We need to check something.
Excuse me.
-Director Baltierre? -I checked the call list, as you asked.
There's a landline I can't link to the school or Sister María.
-The call lasted over six minutes.
-When was that call made? Five days ago.
At 3:00 p.
-Two days before she died.
Director, which page is the call on? The top of 14.
It ends in 8730.
Lorena, do you think whoever made the call is linked to Sister María's death? We'll soon find out.
Hello? Lorena, we have the prints.
Where's the nun? Special Crimes Unit.
Wait here.
CALL ME WHEN YOU CAN Subtitle translation by: Tom Sullivan
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