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Episode 3

Nothing here.
Who's had access to the body? The usual staff.
What are you looking for? I demand to know who's been in contact with the body since she was found until now.
The chain of custody is in my office.
They called you Sister María, but you were Emma Durán.
Nobody is born a nun, definitely not someone like you.
You could never take control of your life.
Someone else always did.
He recruited you in Bogotá, offering you work in Spain.
For months, you danced and sold your body for him at El Paraíso Star, the biggest strip club in Marbella.
He's Aníbal Ledesma.
The worst thing that'll ever happen to you.
There you met Kimmy.
The veteran.
She lasted the longest there.
She introduced you to a world where you had to know the rules.
And you quickly mastered them.
Aníbal put a roof over your head, and you shared it with Kimmy.
And your friendship started to grow.
Until he became infatuated with you and promised you'd be his princess.
And you were for five years, captivated by his magnetism.
You believed the fairy tale.
When they bust him for drugs and he gets six months, you stick by him and take care of El Paraíso.
When he gets out, you feel you're finally in the place you deserve.
But you're wrong.
Kimmy had warned you about his temper.
Who the fuck is stealing from me? The spell is broken.
You think I'll put up with this shit forever or what? Do you? He drags you into his hell.
Until you say, "Enough.
" You plan your escape and take a secret with you.
The kind you take to your grave.
You should save her, but you think there's no choice and leave her behind.
SANTA CATARINA BOARDING SCHOOL You run until you find the only person who can bury your past.
Please, I'm begging you.
You beg her.
And you get another chance.
You'll be reborn.
On the outside, you'll become someone better than you were.
But you know you're still you.
You burn inside.
But you find out how to have it all.
The best of Emma and the best of María.
It isn't easy.
The worst of you remains, casting a shadow on everything.
FORGIVE ME Nobody is born a nun, especially not someone like you.
We don't know who she or the alleged murderer are, but we think she was pushed.
I don't recognize her.
And do you know this woman? I don't know her.
Any connection to Santa Catarina Boarding School? -No, I've never heard of it.
-What about you? Me neither.
Do your kids go to Sunday school? No, they're my children.
Just mine.
Mara's my sister-in-law.
My brother died a few years ago.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, why are you asking all this? The victim was a nun at Santa Catarina.
On Saturday, two days before she died, someone called her from your landline.
My landline? Maybe my kids called by mistake.
The call lasted six minutes.
-Whoever called didn't do it by mistake.
-I'm sorry, but they must have.
Do you visit often, Mr.
Vidal? -Only to look after the kids.
-Were you here on Saturday? Mat isn't their usual sitter.
Carla is.
-She was here on Saturday-- -Carla who? Solá.
Thanks for your time.
Anything else, you have my card.
I'll get the kids moving.
We're late for school.
Where's Olivia? I'm the one asking the questions.
What did you tell her? -Nothing.
-All the better for Olivia.
From now on, don't try to contact her.
-Are we clear? -Don't leave.
I need to talk to her-- Please.
Hey! Stop! Come here! -What are you doing? -Look at him.
He's nothing but trouble.
He has some balls, coming around here.
Haven't you heard? He wants to buy the house across the street.
This is Carla.
Leave a message.
This is Detective Ortiz.
Please call when you get this.
It's important.
The prints we found on the car.
The nun's alleged murderer has no record.
At least not in Spain.
When could we find out if he has a record elsewhere? -In Europe? Today or tomorrow-- -Make it today.
Detective Ortiz? I'm Hugo Navarro.
Do I know you? I know Mateo Vidal.
I know you spoke to him.
I'm a neighbor of Mara Bernal, his sister-in-law.
I saw you-- Did she give you my card? I have a friend in the police.
He helped me find you.
Do you have a few minutes? Please.
It's important.
If that guy does anything to her, I swear I'll lose it.
Calm down.
I've been looking into it.
We'll find her.
Olivia paid 32 euros for a taxi after you left her at the airport.
And we know she's at a hotel.
 Room 2507.
These are all the hotels she could get to for that fare.
But only these hotels have a room 2507.
I called them all.
There's no sign of Ibai Sáez.
But this man could've booked the room.
I'll get the CCTV footage.
There must be footage of Olivia or one of them entering a hotel.
What are you doing? -Is this Olivia's laptop? -Yes.
Her most recent activity might help us find something.
But find what? She's hiding something.
Be ready for anything.
The judge ruled it negligent homicide, but he wasn't there.
I was.
And Mat was after Dani.
He killed him.
And I bet he wasn't honest this morning.
-He's hiding something.
-Why do you think that? After you left, he ran after a Fiat Tipo.
I asked my friend to look up the vehicle, and… The report.
The same car tried to run him over yesterday.
Witnesses say the driver got out and threatened him with a gun, but Mat told the police he didn't remember that or anything at all.
Convenient amnesia, don't you think? Yes.
Does your cop friend have a habit of leaking police information? No.
Of course not.
He helped because he knows Mat's dangerous.
I see.
On Saturday, you were with Mara Bernal's children in their home.
Did you call Santa Catarina? Relax, nothing's going to happen to you.
I didn't make that call.
Was it the kids, then? I wasn't with them.
It's exam season.
I was way behind.
Mara doesn't know.
I don't want her to find someone else.
I need the job.
I asked him if he could cover for me.
Who? Who was with the children? Carla, help us.
OK, I'm in.
I recovered her search history.
Nutrition and pregnancy.
The fetus in the first trimester.
Checking the weather.
She looked up a name, Rodrigo Gallardo.
"Rodrigo Gallardo.
" He's a retired cop.
Want to see who he is? Impossible.
-It makes no sense.
She couldn't know him.
-Someone looked him up here.
Have you used this laptop? Will you order sushi while I shower? Oh, no, I can't eat it! It's raw fish.
I keep forgetting.
Mat, I have the CCTV footage.
We could also call and ask for Rodrigo Gallardo.
But he's an ex-cop, so we might make him suspicious and lose him.
Better not to risk it.
Right, Mat? Mat? Mat, are you listening? Mat? Now we know why she locked the door.
Vidal never called the boarding school on his cell.
No problems with the law since he got out.
He's a partner in his brother Ismael Vidal's law firm.
-Ismael died of a stroke in 2014.
-Anything else? He's lived with Olivia Costa in Horta for seven years.
She's a consultant.
She's also clean.
Nothing ties Mateo Vidal to the school or the nun.
The only link is he was at his sister-in-law's when the call was made.
Call the Prisons Department.
What for? I want to compare Vidal's prints to the suspect's.
Only they have them.
He went straight to trial after he fatally pushed Daniel Vera.
We need all the info we can get.
Maybe she can help.
-Sonia Miralles.
-Daniel's mother? Exactly.
Vidal's phone records show they've been talking weekly for years.
Yes, it's fucking weird.
I don't know what their deal is, but Sonia Miralles must know Mateo Vidal well.
Vera? -Yes.
Detective Ortiz.
-Is your wife home? -Yes.
Please come in.
Do you regularly meet with Mr.
Vidal? We meet at the National Art Museum.
-When did you last see him? -Yesterday.
The first time, at the museum.
Then he called me, and we met again.
Relationship problems.
Is that what you talk about? We talk about everything.
But mainly about Dani.
It's good for me.
It's… It's like therapy.
Do you know this woman? Could you link her to Mateo Vidal? No, I don't know her.
She was found dead yesterday.
She fell four floors.
She was a nun at Santa Catarina Boarding School.
Do you know if Vidal has any links to that school? You suspect Mateo Vidal was involved? All we have is a call to the victim two days before she died.
-We think he called her.
-So he was involved.
Didn't I tell you he was sketchy? When you made me visit him in prison, I said he was whining.
You believed him.
When was that? At the start of his sentence.
He kept saying he was so sorry and wished it'd been him, not Dani.
I swear if I could trade my life for your son's, I would.
And that he needed us to forgive him.
He tears him from us and thinks he can fix it by apologizing.
Don't you say his name or compare yourself to him.
Calm down, damn it! Or you'll have to leave.
Well, he can't.
Apologizing isn't enough.
And he only got four years.
Which were no use, of course.
What do you mean? Don't you know what happened to an inmate in that bastard's block? -Jaime, please.
-No? His name was Manuel Romero.
I remember clearly.
He ended up with a broken neck, like my son.
He fell from the cellblock walkway right in front of Mateo Vidal's cell.
It was filed as an accident.
Ask the inmates what they remember about Vidal.
Everything in order? Sorry to bother you.
-Carlos, it's not a good time.
-Something's going on.
Two Special Crimes guys searched everything.
-They took the nun's body.
-No shit! Our Lady of Cleavage was hiding something big.
The government's cremating her.
What? They're cremating her? -Excuse me.
-Yes? -There are others in line.
Carlos, I'll call you back.
-Which inmate have you come to see? -Roberto Aranda.
You two shared a cell.
What can you tell me about him? I guess he's in trouble, right? And what I know could make it worse.
It depends on what you know.
What about this? INMATE DIES IN PRISON You want the real version or the official one? I know the official version.
Then, come on! A guy like Romero, built like a house, dies like that? Breaking his neck in such a stupid way? -Do you think Vidal was involved? -I don't know.
I know that when Vidal got here, he couldn't hurt a fucking fly.
But after that bastard died, nobody laid a fucking finger on Vidal again.
What was Vidal's relationship with the deceased? Romero would annoy and fuck with the new guys.
Make that shine, OK? Go on.
But this time, he came up against someone different.
And Vidal fucked up.
He did something he shouldn't have done.
He broke a rule.
You can't fuck with the hierarchy in prison.
-Where are you going, you pussy? -What are you, a bookworm? And, of course, Romero could never forgive that.
-Where you going, princess? -Surprise! Look at the bookworm.
Kick him hard.
But Vidal didn't back down.
Quite the opposite.
Four years here really change you.
He got ready.
He got ripped, gained muscle.
That was Romero's mistake.
He assumed the muscles were just a front.
Where are you going, you skinny runt? For a walk? The cigarettes I lost.
Give me my cigarettes back.
They're mine.
Where are you going, dumbass? -Son of a bitch! -Kick him in the balls! The only logical explanation is that he pushed him.
Do you know if Vidal had any ties to this woman? Why's she dressed as a nun? -You know her? -Yes, I know her.
Everybody does.
What an ass.
The kind that makes you think, "She must shit candies.
" She was an inmate's girlfriend.
He served time with us.
Come here, pretty! Ledesma.
Aníbal Ledesma.
Aníbal Ledesma? He was here at the same time as Vidal? Yes.
So Vidal could have met Anibal's girlfriend.
-Crespo, any news on the prints? -Mateo Vidal is more than he seems.
-I'm on it.
That gun isn't Olivia's.
-Then who hid it there and why? -Maybe the guy from the video.
-Or the one who ran me down.
-Why? I don't know, but there must be some fucking explanation.
The simplest is that if it's not Olivia's, it's yours.
Hide the gun.
You lied to me earlier.
You knew the victim.
She was Aníbal Ledesma's girlfriend.
Who's Aníbal Ledesma? An inmate who served time in the same block as you.
I don't remember them.
I didn't mix with anyone in prison.
The sitter says you were at your sister-in-law's when the call was made.
Not her.
It'll be our secret.
Don't worry.
Yesterday, someone tried to run you over and pointed a gun at you.
But you say you can't remember, so you didn't report it.
A witness says you ran after the same car this morning outside your sister-in-law's.
-A witness? Who? -I can't tell you.
Tell me what's going on, or you'll be in more trouble.
Nothing's going on.
-Who are you? -I don't have to answer.
 Neither does he.
Vidal, I'm trying to make it easy for you.
Are you going to arrest him or not? Let's go.
Tell me the truth, or you'll never see me again.
Did you know the dead nun? No.
-Did you call the boarding school? -No.
If you weren't Isma's brother, I'd have quit already.
I'll call you if I find anything on the CCTV.
We still have no leads, Colonel Prieto.
If someone finds the tapes before we do, heads will roll.
I'm flying back to Madrid tonight.
I can't return empty-handed.
The secretary won't leave me alone.
Zoe Flament, PI.
She has a record for hacking but avoided prison.
-Guess who her lawyer was.
-Mateo Vidal.
His brother, Ismael.
Either she's in it with him, or she's protecting him.
-Do we have his fingerprints? -Not yet.
I'm calling the Prisons Department every five minutes.
Keep trying.
We need those prints.
Of course.
There will be no problems.
Thank you.
Mateo Vidal.
Four years for manslaughter.
He might've killed another inmate, but it wasn't investigated.
This morning, he denied knowing her, but he's lying.
An homage to Aníbal Ledesma, the victim's partner, who served time in the same block as Mateo Vidal.
We'll soon have his prints, which will probably match the suspect's.
But rather than arrest him, I want to follow him and find out what's going on.
Crespo, close the door.
I asked for a list of Aníbal Ledesma's prison visits.
Today we'll find out who the nun was.
Your stubbornness will cost me my job.
Do you get that? I can cancel the visitor list request.
But why not finish this? We almost have the killer.
Amanda Prieto, head of Special Crimes, just called.
The nun's death is their business.
She'd been wanted for almost a decade.
The colonel doesn't want us interfering.
You won't get anything you asked for.
Close the case and move on.
Understood? Mat, I don't have anything yet, but I spoke to a police contact.
I know who told them about you.
-Who? -Honey, lunch? Yes, give me a sec.
Does the name Hugo Navarro ring a bell? He lives opposite your sister-in-law.
What does he have against you? Mat? Mat, are you there? Tell me when you know where Olivia is.
I'll smash your head in, you bastard.
Come here! You beat me again.
As always.
Why the hell are you at my house? -I know it was you.
-I don't know what you're talking about.
You called the cops to get me in trouble.
-I told them what I saw.
-You know nothing.
You wanna screw me over again? Look at me.
I asked you a question.
Look at me! People still talk about Dani's death.
Coming back isn't a good idea.
They don't know what we know, what you didn't say at trial.
Wherever you go, trouble follows.
Look what happened to your family.
Mat! Don't fuck with me.
What are you looking at? You're no better than him.
Are you OK? What is it? Get a bag.
What for? Thank you.
Wow! Hello? What is it? Where are you going? To clear my head.
I should have told you that I was seeing Mat.
-I'm sorry.
-I already knew.
What? I thought you were cheating.
I wish the PI had told me it was an affair.
Private investigator? But… why didn't you ask me? Why didn't you at least reproach me for it? What for? To… To talk, to… -I-- -You did nothing wrong that day.
Neither did you.
There'll be more Muse… or whatever concerts, but you only have one grad party, Dani.
-I pushed Dani to go to that party.
You can't blame yourself, Jaime.
You can't.
But I didn't push him to the ground.
Neither Mat nor you wanted it to happen.
It was an accident.
He pushed him.
He pushed him and meant to kill him.
He broke his neck.
I hate that son of a bitch.
And you meet with him.
Excuse me, Sister.
There are some men who want to speak to you.
Irene Baltierre? What do you want? We'll start by searching the deceased's bedroom, but as you can see, we have the judge's permission to turn this building upside down if necessary.
Why? What are you looking for? EMMA DURÁN MAZAS, BORN JULY 18TH, 1981, BOGOTÁ GODPARENTS: DAVID MARGALEF AND IRENE BALTIERRE You recognize these documents, right? Sister Marta, can you give us a moment alone, please? I'll join you.
The fact your name is on the deceased's baptism certificate is no coincidence.
But if that isn't enough motivation for you to cooperate, we could discuss the interesting connection between the FARC and Emma Durán's mother.
And what you were doing in Colombia around that time, Sister.
-Emma! -What are you doing here? -I need your help again.
What's wrong? I'm in big trouble.
I hadn't seen her in 20 years.
When she turned up, she said her life depended on my help.
I told her I needed to know the truth before I could take her in.
So she told you? Never.
And even so, you let her in.
I owed it to her mother.
And she never mentioned anything about some tapes? As I say, I don't know anything about any tapes.
Her killer was looking for them and didn't find them.
And I fear they won't give up.
Unless you help us, Emma will be the first of many victims.
Including you, possibly.
Soon after she arrived, she asked me to hold on to something.
She called it her life insurance.
"Mundial Savings.
" A safe deposit box.
TELECOMMS PARTY I've been waiting a year for this concert.
You only have one grad party, Dani.
I won't suck up to Marcos to get a job at his company.
He's a scumbag who always gets into fights.
No way! Wow! Imagine arriving at the party in that car.
Make your dad happy, come on.
What's going on? Thank you.
I'm going to the party in my car! Why are you here? Sorry to intrude, but I have something that may help you.
With Mat.
My friend said he's a suspect in a nun's death, but only the Prisons Department has his prints.
He's not in the system, and they won't give you access.
I have them.
Good night.
Mateo Vidal is innocent.
What? Can we go home now, please? Everything OK, guys? Everything's fine.
Yes, fine.
Good night, Chief.
What? Mat, no! Lorena, don't do it, please.
Hello? He just left, but I'll call his cell phone.
From the British Police.
The print from the car belongs to a retired Spanish police officer.
He was arrested in 2011 for drunk driving in Gibraltar.
The name of the nun's killer is Rodrigo Gallardo.
-Hello? -I'll pick you up in ten minutes.
What? Where are we going? To get Olivia.
-Hello? -Lorena, where are you? Heading home.
Why? We found Rodrigo Gallardo.
Where? Good evening, Hyatt Hotel.
How may I help you? Hello.
Can I speak with room 2507, please? I'll put you through now.
Hello? Who's this? He's in the room.
I'll come too.
Mat, he's dangerous.
Put it in your pocket, just in case.
So I can hear everything.
-Welcome to Mundial Savings.
-Good evening.
-Special Crimes.
We talked a minute ago.
-Good evening.
A patrol officer found him.
Open the door.
Unless you open up right now, I'll call the cops.
Neither of us wants the police here, right? Come on in.
Come in.
Olivia! Shit.
Ma'am! Ma'am! Ma'am! Ma'am! Mat? Mat, it's Zoe! Mat! Open the door! Ma'am! Give me the card.
Hello? Hello.
Is someone there? Mat! Hello? Open the door! Open up! Open up! Open the damn door! Damn it! Where's Mat? Subtitle translation by: Tom Sullivan
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