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Episode 4

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL LIMITED SERIES Hello? Who's this? Your name is Ibai Sáez.
You're 42 years old, and sometimes you wonder how the fuck you got here.
If you think about it, there's nothing personal in what you do.
You never took initiative.
My partner just called.
Everything's in order.
So you just obey orders and never ask questions.
You find people and follow them.
And you get paid for it.
Sometimes, like in this case, for something that started long ago.
That was the first time you saw him, nearly ten years ago.
In Marbella, we all knew that Mort-looking guy loved whores and cash more than a fat kid loves cake.
But the day you met, there was no time for any of that.
That day, everyone was shouting that Candance Russo had been killed.
That they had killed her.
Candance was a stripper slash hooker with this mysterious vibe that… But then you didn't know what you do now.
And sooner or later, it'll get out 'cause people always talk.
Well, not always.
Sometimes your job was getting rid of people who couldn't talk.
People who tried to fuck with Aníbal Ledesma, your boss.
You worked there for him.
But you were actually there thanks to her.
Who would've thought she'd end up a nun? Before he made her his chick, you had fucked several times.
But paying, like a gentleman.
It was she who told Aníbal about you when you got fired from the worst job ever.
Official bodyguard for city council members.
Is there anything lamer than that? It was the best you could get since one of the members was your cousin.
He was the only one who gave you a chance when you got out of the joint.
You'd spent three years unable to shit in peace in Alcalá Meco.
You were soon running the place thanks to your skills.
But that had its drawbacks.
And the fine dining you like was nowhere to be found.
If you think about it, eating was how it all started.
The Chinese hired you.
They had a little problem with a defaulter and asked you to scare him.
Admit it.
You took it too far.
Maybe that's where it all started, yeah.
Or maybe not.
Maybe it was further back.
But your mind can't go there anymore.
Open the door.
 I know you're in there.
I said open the door.
Unless you open up, I'll call the cops.
Neither of us wants the police here, right? Come on in.
Come in.
Olivia! Olivia! Mat! Mat! Let go of me! Mat! Let go of me! -Get in there! -Let go of me, Sáez! You bastard! Mat! Open the door! Sáez! Sáez, open the damn door! Mat, it's Zoe! Sáez, I know you're there! Open up! For fuck's sake, Mort.
Open the door! Open the door! It's Sáez.
Shut your fucking mouth.
I know Gallardo is with you.
He's not answering.
We need to talk.
I need instructions.
Shit hit the fan.
Okay, got it.
Ma'am! Give me the card.
Open the door! Open it! Where's Mat? -Who are you? -I work for him.
Private investigator.
Open the door! -Which way did you come in? -He didn't go out the door.
Open the door.
I called the police.
Mat! Mat! Mat! Mat, sweetheart! Call an ambulance.
Quick! Mat! Hi, I need an ambulance.
It's an emergency.
Yes, a man is injured.
We're behind the Hyatt Regency.
Mat, look at me.
-No, we don't know what happened.
-It will be okay.
The car was rented six days ago at the airport by a man called Ibai Sáez.
He has a record.
No doubt about it.
It's Gallardo.
Request a wiretap warrant.
For the blonde.
Sooner or later, they'll find the safe deposit box.
We can't let her get the judge involved again.
He was carrying a licensed gun, which is missing.
There are no valuable items.
No watch, wedding ring, wallet, nothing.
The officers who found him think he hired a prostitute.
She tried to rob him and killed him 'cause things got out of hand.
-And your theory? -The body is Rodrigo Gallardo.
A retired cop who had a record with the British police.
His prints match the suspect's in the nun's death that Special Crimes is after.
-Ortiz! -I know, I crossed the line.
But it's very valuable information.
I'm telling you so you can pass it on to Special Crimes, if they want it.
First, it's not valuable information.
It's just your theory.
The nun's possible killer being found dead isn't important? You said it, "possible.
" And second, they're not looking for help.
They want us out of the way.
If I call and tell them your theory, they'll accuse me of disobeying orders not to interfere.
I don't want any trouble.
We found this in his jacket pocket.
Gallardo checked in at the Hyatt Regency six days ago.
-He booked a three-room suite.
-Let me guess.
You're going.
-Do you have the widow's number? -I'll send it to you now.
But I can't send you any CCTV footage.
The industrial park is abandoned, and there's nothing else around.
It's the perfect place for a secret meeting.
Send me the widow's number.
This isn't a coincidence.
-Hello? -Elvira Cano? Yes, that's me.
My name's Lorena Ortiz.
I'm a homicide detective from the National Police.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I know it isn't a good time.
-Your colleagues are already here.
-I know.
But I'm calling you from Barcelona.
I have some questions for you.
Is it true what they say? That he was naked and he'd picked up… a prostitute.
Elvira, can I tell you something? I don't believe the official version.
So how can I help you? Do you know why he was in Barcelona? He said he was seeing a friend.
Detective? Did he mention any names? No, I'm sorry.
I need you to look through his things to look for any clues.
-Come with me.
-Why? Do as I say.
-Let go.
-Excuse me.
Tell me what happened.
Can we talk at the hospital? Please let me go with him.
Go with her.
Thank you.
You're under arrest for threatening hotel staff with a firearm.
We're leaving now.
Let's see where she takes us.
Good evening.
-What happened? -An incident in room 2507.
-In Rodrigo Gallardo's name? Yes.
How did you know? It all started around 11:00 p.
A man who wasn't a guest got into a fight with one of the guests in 2507.
-Do we have their names? -Not the guest's.
He was in Gallardo's room.
But we ID'd the other guy.
They took him to the hospital.
His name is Mateo Vidal.
-I sent two officers to watch him.
-Go on.
We called the cops about the fight.
Then an armed woman came along threatening everybody.
Zoe Flament.
-She says she's a private investigator.
-What else? -Another woman was with them.
-Do we have her name? -No.
Her name is Olivia Costa.
I'm sorry.
Where am I? Are you up to answering some questions? Can't we go to the station another day? He's very weak.
I'd really appreciate it.
Just say yes or no, okay? You can do that.
Did you go to the hotel because you thought your wife was cheating on you? They know.
I told them everything.
Your wife says she doesn't know her lover's name because they met anonymously.
Can you give us one? A name.
Your wife also says you had hired a PI, who showed up at the hotel.
-Where is she? -At the station.
She threatened the hotel staff with a gun.
Once we find out why, we'll tell you if we need to see you again.
Excuse me.
I have to take him up for an MRI.
You'll be hearing from us.
There's blood on the floor and railing.
They went this way.
What did you find? His office is full of old files.
He sometimes did jobs on the side, but this… This is different.
He took them from the station.
And there's a locked drawer.
But I don't know where the key is.
I know this is a lot to ask, Elvira.
But if you could find that key and tell me what's inside… We have to find out what the fuck he took from the station.
I'll call Marbella.
He has two broken ribs and internal damage to the liver, but no bleeding.
We'll observe him for 48 hours.
-Then he can go home.
-Okay, thank you.
Detective! Come here! You need to see this.
We found the missing guy dead.
I need to speak to the officers with Mateo Vidal.
Detective Ortiz.
Are you with Mateo Vidal? He's getting an MRI.
You aren't with him? No.
We took a statement.
Seems like she was cheating on him.
-Nobody told us to stay.
-I need you to watch Mateo Vidal.
He may be involved in a double murder.
We're on our way.
Thank you.
Mat, I know you have a lot of questions.
Will you tell me what's going on? I don't know where to begin.
At the beginning.
It's complicated, Mat.
Why'd you say you were going to Berlin? Why did you send me those videos of you with him? -What? -Yes, the videos on my phone.
-I didn't send any.
-They're on my phone, in my jacket.
I swear I'm not lying.
You're the one on the bed.
I don't know.
They must've filmed it while I was asleep and then erased the messages.
-Who? -There were two men.
Sáez and a retired policeman.
Gallardo, I think.
What do they have to do with you? Olivia.
The unidentified body was found near a hotel on the outskirts of Barcelona.
Official sources say this death may be related to that of a retired policeman from Marbella, who was also found dead in an industrial park in the Zona Franca.
The police neither confirm nor deny any link between the cases, but we do know they have a suspect.
We have to go.
-Excuse me.
-Yes? Where have they taken Mateo Vidal? Mateo Vidal.
To the main floor.
Room 202.
Here you go.
Watch out.
Room 202? We're looking for Mateo Vidal.
We know he was just sent here.
We need backup at the Clínico, possible Code 60.
I knew we'd meet again.
That's what they all say.
As a PI, you're not licensed to threaten civilians with a firearm.
I plead guilty.
Where do I sign to get out of here? -Why did Mateo Vidal hire you? -Who says he did? You were at his house yesterday and at the hotel during the fight.
We're friends.
How is he? In the hospital.
I said how, not where.
And I asked why you were at the hotel.
Are you recording me? Yes.
Why? All this fuss for a stupid fight.
It doesn't add up.
A fight that led you to threaten the staff with a gun.
This was in your car.
All right.
Mat asked for help because he suspected his wife was cheating on him.
When you got to the hotel, you stayed in the car.
But you went in minutes later threatening everyone.
-How did you know he was in danger? -Intuition.
When I was little, my dad would play a game.
It was called Truth or Lie.
He was a cop, so he always caught me.
He taught me to look beyond words and gestures.
To find people's weak spots.
Yours is over-confidence.
Mateo Vidal was in the same cellblock as Aníbal Ledesma.
What does that name mean to you? Nothing.
The thing is, he was the boyfriend of the dead nun we've yet to identify.
Mateo Vidal spoke to her two days before she died.
So circumstantial that Mateo Vidal didn't report that he'd been run down by a Fiat rented by an ex-con, Ibai Sáez, who coincidentally is sleeping with his wife.
He rented it at the airport when he arrived from Marbella.
I spoke to the company, and they said a PI asked about the same license plate.
Guess who that was? What does Sáez have to do with all the dead nun business? Rodrigo Gallardo.
An ex-policeman from Marbella linked to her murder.
Finding him was hard, but we did.
Tell me what the link is between Rodrigo Gallardo and Ibai Sáez.
-I don't know.
-Really? No, I don't know.
-Ask Sáez.
-I can't.
-You know why? -No.
The two men you were investigating for your client are dead.
One was sleeping with his wife.
And the other probably killed the nun.
Do you want to keep playing Truth or Lie and get into trouble, or shall we do some straight talking? Well? Clear too? Look in there.
-Well? -Nothing.
-You? -Shit.
Me neither.
Excuse me.
May I? Go ahead.
The cart from two.
-So? How's it going? -The usual drudge.
It sure is.
Do you have a smoke? I've been working nights for two weeks.
I'm sick of it.
I'm not surprised.
-Do you think she's hiding something? -I don't think so.
The ballistics report is in.
The gun we found next to Sáez's body is Gallardo's missing weapon.
Gallardo was killed with his own gun, probably by the same person who killed Sáez.
And we haven't found any evidence of a prostitute being there.
The car wasn't forced open either.
Gallardo knew his murderer well enough to let them into the car.
Any prints on the gun? One.
A partial one on the trigger.
It's so worn it'll be a miracle if we manage to reconstruct it.
Oliete wants you in his office.
Tell him I said hi.
Teo Aguilar and Bruno Soto from Special Crimes.
Thank you for deciding to share our findings with Special Crimes, Chief.
Chief Oliete hasn't decided anything, Detective Ortiz.
We're here of our own accord.
And as a courtesy to you.
We came in person to ask you to stop seeking any legal measures and to not interfere in our work on the Sister María Luján case.
You don't know anything we don't.
And it's obvious that you have a problem respecting hierarchy.
Yes, perhaps.
Perhaps… But you're wrong, thinking you know everything.
I have a hunch.
And I'm very close to putting the pieces together.
Are you okay? It's nausea.
I'll tell you everything at home.
Now, news just in.
According to reports, the two deaths that occurred this evening in the city of Barcelona may be related.
It appears that the body found near a well-known hotel in the city is that of Ibai Sáez, an ex-convict who served time in Alcalá Meco prison for maiming the owner of a nightclub.
Both victims were sharing a room in the hotel where the second body was found.
According to witnesses, just before the death, there was a fight, which we don't have details of.
But there may have been several people involved.
We lost track of her almost ten years ago.
Her real name is Emma Durán.
She worked at El Paraíso Star, a brothel in Marbella.
Ibai Sáez was the bouncer.
They had met as client and prostitute.
But Emma's case is unusual.
She started out as a dancer and escort.
But she ended up in a relationship with the owner, Aníbal Ledesma.
His business consisted of recruiting vulnerable young girls.
Many of them foreign.
And many of them underage.
Aníbal would handpick them meticulously, setting his club apart from other places in the city.
He offered them jobs in exchange for fake promises.
And he kept their passports to keep them there.
Aníbal was running a serious racket.
Many of his clients were rich and powerful people who came from all over the country.
The perfect combination for someone with no principles.
Months earlier, Aníbal had launched a new business in which he offered complete anonymity to his clients.
Good evening, gentlemen.
If you'd be so kind… He protected their faces as well as their names.
They were only known by the numbers they were given when they arrived.
Only Aníbal knew their identities.
And only he kept the images of everything that happened in there.
Aníbal put his crown jewels in charge of this special service.
The first was called Lavanda.
She didn't last long.
The girl suddenly disappeared and was replaced by Cassandra, the Paraíso's latest acquisition.
And she ended up playing an important part in all this.
Kimmy Dale was the one who lasted until the end.
She gave us the most information when the case blew up.
And Candance Russo.
Her murder was what revealed Aníbal's torrid business, which we'd been covertly investigating for a while.
What happened to her? How did she end up dead? She, Kimmy, and Cassandra were the madams in charge of the orgies for a long time.
And it was those orgies that led Candance Russo to her tragic death.
Besides absolute anonymity, Aníbal promised his clients two things.
That all the girls would be underage, and that almost nothing was off-limits.
Aníbal knew that many of his clients were influential, important people.
They were so well-known that it would destabilize the country if word got out.
But Aníbal's true business was not the high price clients had to pay to participate in those orgies with minors… It was what came after.
The blackmail he subjected them to.
I worked undercover on the case for months.
My mission was to dismantle Aníbal's ring from the inside.
So I offered Emma Durán a deal to help us gather information.
But it all went wrong.
And from here on, the story gets confusing.
We're not sure how things went down.
We know what goes on at El Paraíso Star.
Emma had to choose.
Her only option to avoid ending up behind bars was to betray Aníbal.
And she had plenty of reasons.
But we think she ultimately decided to break our deal and tell him we were onto him.
They planned to run away together and disappear with the loot.
-Go home and grab our things, babe.
But these are all guesses.
All that's certain is that Candance must've found out.
And Aníbal caught her.
One way or another, Candance Russo was brutally murdered.
And we suspect Cassandra saw it.
She disappeared that very night, and that's the last we knew of her.
But not just her.
Aníbal and Emma also disappeared off the face of the earth.
The main thing, and the reason we're here, is that they took the tapes as life insurance.
Rodrigo Gallardo was leading the investigation.
The fact that both he and Sáez have been found dead is no coincidence.
And it must be connected to everything that happened after Candance Russo's death.
That may be when their relationship began, and it seems to have continued until now.
The only trump card Gallardo had to clarify what happened was Kimmy Dale, Candance's close friend.
She was the one who informed the police about the tapes.
Officially, the case remained unsolved.
But we think that, like us, Gallardo kept investigating for all these years.
He and Sáez were obviously after the tapes.
AIS LOOK UP Some people would pay a fortune to get them back.
That's why Emma Durán died under her identity as Sister María? Emma Durán had a key to a safe deposit box, where we suspect the tapes are hidden.
Gallardo and Sáez didn't find it because we have it.
Problem is, to open the box, you need two keys.
Who has the second key? We suspect Aníbal Ledesma has it.
His whereabouts are unknown.
There's someone who may know where it is.
Mateo Vidal.
He was in the same cellblock as Ledesma.
And he spoke to Emma Durán two nights before she died.
He's also linked to Gallardo and Sáez.
Vidal and his wife fled the Clínico.
We have authorization to search their home.
We have to hurry.
No sign of Mara and the kids.
The car isn't here either.
What is it? They're at our place.
No sign of them.
It looks like they weren't here.
We have to keep looking.
I'll request a warrant to tap Mateo Vidal's and Olivia Costa's phones.
But I don't think it'll be ready for three or four hours.
Well, we contacted the rest of… Elvira, hello.
He was investigating an old murder case.
Cándida Isabel Russo, Candance.
Her autopsy report was in the locked drawer.
It's full of pictures and notes.
I need you to take photos and send them to me.
Right away.
Thank you.
Gallardo's wife just told me he was investigating Candance Russo's death.
But we don't know why the autopsy's so important.
She sent it to me.
This makes no sense.
 It's a closed case.
There's someone who can help us.
Who? -Mat, what is it? -Mara.
Sorry to call so late, but I'm in trouble.
I'm at your house.
I need your car.
I'm at Jorge's.
The kids went to a party in Barcelona.
They stayed at their friend's.
It's important.
-You're scaring me.
-I can't tell you.
No matter what you hear, trust me.
Okay? Both bodies were found this evening.
The police suspect the person behind these deaths may be Mateo Vidal, an ex-con incarcerated for the death of Daniel Vera, a college student who died nine years ago during a fight.
-Yes? -We're here to see Mr.
I called him earlier.
He's expecting us.
 Teo Aguilar.
Come in.
Wait here.
Officer Aguilar.
It's been a while.
How can I help you? This is all I could find.
I think it's enough.
-Enough for what? -We have to go.
Go where? Olivia, I won't go anywhere until you tell me what the hell's going on.
Gallardo and I kept in touch for some time while I was writing the article about Candance Russo's murder.
But he never let me see this.
How's he doing? He died tonight.
I see.
Otis, we have all the pieces.
But we're missing something.
What part of an autopsy from years ago could be so important? -He highlighted the fact she had AIS.
-He highlighted many things.
Do you know what AIS is? No.
AIS is androgen insensitivity syndrome.
Candance Russo had XY chromosomes.
It means she was partially a man.
She had balls and hairy armpits? She had a vagina, but she couldn't menstruate or have children.
AIS would have made her a prized asset coveted by everybody, and-- Otis, three people have now died because of all this shit.
Do you know anything that we don't about Candance Russo's death? No, my friend.
All I know about Candance's murder is the version you know.
Aníbal killed her because she found out that he was using them to blackmail powerful clients.
Candance Russo's death was a tragedy.
Her skills were unlike anything ever seen before.
What skills? She and Kimmy Dale had an unforgettable act.
They were the beasts from hell dancing in Paradise.
Come with me.
Where are we going? I'm sure I have a photo of that act.
You'll love it.
How do you know a nun called María Luján? How do you know that? The police are linking me to her death because someone called her from this landline two days before she died.
On Saturday, Carla asked me to cover for her.
I was at the office.
You came here.
I haven't told anybody, but I know you made that call.
It has to be here.
I called from here, so it wouldn't be logged on my cell.
Logged on your cell? We had a code.
-What code? What are you saying? -What happened to Emma? Emma? María Luján's name was Emma.
Otis, it's not relevant to the case.
Leave it.
We have to go.
My friend.
Please tell me what happened to her.
All I know is someone pushed her out a window and faked her suicide.
I've been protecting you.
But I can't anymore.
I want you to tell me now.
Here it is.
I need the truth now.
The girls holding their masks.
If you don't, I'm leaving.
Hold me.
Because I don't know if you'll want to after this.
What do you mean? The link among the three murders isn't Mateo Vidal.
 It's Candance Russo.
Candance Russo is dead.
She isn't.
Her name is Olivia Costa.
And she's Mateo Vidal's wife.
My name isn't Olivia.
What? My name is Cándida Isabel Russo.
And everything you know about me is a lie.
Subtitle translation by: Tom Sullivan
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