The Innocent (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL LIMITED SERIES -Where were you? -I had a job with squirrel-face.
-Lucky you.
-I always get the biggest bores.
-Okay, let's go.
-Wait, let's get a drink, please.
-There's nothing around here.
-There's the Stein.
-There's no way they'll let us in.
Leave it to me.
What did you say? I promised him ten minutes in the bathroom.
If Aníbal finds out… Fuck him.
I can do whatever the fuck I want on my night off.
Two tequilas.
Thank you.
The house special.
What's in it? It's a surprise.
To Mom and Dad.
Do you know her? But you'd like to, right? What do you think? Go over there.
You go.
Will you hold my wedding ring? Go on.
Girl, there's a hottie over there who can't keep his eyes off you.
He's really hot.
-Go on.
Wow, he's so hot! No, come on.
Today's for us.
That's it.
Okay, I'll say no more.
Death to all men.
She's not alone.
So talk to them and politely ask the other one to leave-- -No… It's been 18 months-- -Mat.
Time to pay the toll.
If the hottie comes to hit on you and you need help, just yell.
-Real loud.
-Shall I go or not? -Yes.
It's now or never… Come on.
May I? It's not taken.
And your friend? Isn't… Where is she? Probably getting into trouble.
Do you come here often? -Seriously? -What did I say? Sorry.
I didn't think anyone used that pickup line anymore.
Is it that obvious? I've been out of the game a while.
Don't worry.
It's like riding a bike.
Tons of horses on a huge ranch with snowy mountains.
Right? No! Not horses, they're cows.
-That's it.
You herd cows in the Sierra Nevada.
You're right.
I'm a cowboy.
-Really? -No.
I think you need some more practice.
Let's see, let me try.
-Wow, I don't believe it.
-If it's bad, I don't want to know.
I only see good things.
I see parties, laughter, a fun girl with lots of friends.
People want to be near you, but you also need time alone.
Come on, guys.
Let's fucking toast! Behind that facade, there's a girl no one knows.
An undiscovered treasure.
-Sorry, I'm boring you.
I didn't mean to-- -No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Wanna get out of here? -What? -Let's go.
By the way, my name's Mat.
What's yours? Everyone's called you Olivia Costa for years, but your real name is Cándida Isabel Russo.
Your family calls you Isa.
Clients call you Candance.
You were born in Mexico's poorest neighborhood.
You've always thought three names were too many for someone who didn't even deserve one.
Mom, wake up.
You don't know your dad, and you don't remember your mom.
Mom! And at times you're grateful you don't.
When you're five, you realize only a family will make you happy.
Four-eyes! But the orphanage is a daily reminder that you'll never have one.
For years, a postcard from unknown cousins is your only hope.
And you swear you'll stop at nothing to make that come true.
BEST WISHES FROM SPAIN! YOUR COUSINS You run away from the orphanage and manage to get to Spain, thinking the worst is behind you.
But it has only just begun.
Paco? No family, no money, and no papers.
You become a ghost in everybody's eyes.
Two years later, you're still sleeping on the street.
And then, you get a glimpse of the abyss.
You realize you'll be deported and sent back to the place you ran away from.
And when you think the end is near… You're so pretty.
…you're offered a way out.
-What's up, boss? -Good evening.
Go on, count it.
It'll take you a while.
Aníbal Ledesma stops your deportation.
-Her ID.
-It's been a pleasure.
Take care.
This is one big family.
-Isn't that right, honey? -Yes.
Yes, babe.
You'll feel at home here.
He promises you papers to stay in Spain and makes you believe you'll have a future at last.
What you don't know is that future comes at a price you'll never be able to pay.
You start working at the club as a waitress and dancer.
But you won't pay off your debt like that.
Enjoy! That day, little Isa dies forever.
You become Candance Russo, Aníbal Ledesma's slave.
But in the darkest hole, you find the love you had always been looking for.
Kimmy becomes a mother figure who'll always be there for you.
And she'll give you the only advice that has helped you survive.
To stop being yourself out there, with the clients.
You have to wear a mask, put up a front that shields you from the pain.
But it's not always enough.
You know what comes after the cheers.
And you feel miserable.
Until one day, a guy looks at you with the purest eyes you've ever seen and asks you your name.
By the way, my name's Mat.
What's yours? Olivia.
I'm still Olivia, Mat.
The same person you met at that bar, who you've been with all this time.
You've been lying to me for years.
I thought all that was behind me.
I'm sorry.
You should have told me.
I was too afraid.
Afraid of what? I swallowed my fear and guilt to be honest with you.
I told you everything, Olivia.
It wasn't that easy for me.
-You think it was for me? -No.
Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
I didn't know any better.
Until you came along, I'd only known fear.
You, this life… All this was a dream I never thought I could have.
And… I couldn't lose you.
I couldn't put Emma in danger.
It might be the police.
Mara, did you just call here? Yes, it was me.
To tell you I just left.
And Jorge? He didn't ask and won't say a word.
I'll be there in 40 minutes or so.
Okay, please hurry.
That was Mara.
She's on her way.
Did you know I spent my first… night out of prison here? Isma and Mara took me in.
Thanks to them, I had another chance.
But I wasn't sure I deserved it.
I don't know how I would've ended up if I hadn't met you.
Me neither.
We saved each other that night.
You said you didn't deserve to have met me.
And I kept thinking it was the other way round.
That's why I didn't show up at our date the next day either.
But we found each other again.
There's one thing I've never lied to you about.
I love you.
I love you more than anything in the world.
How did you manage to get away from all that? Thanks to Emma.
That's why I had to protect her.
-It's sort of a long story.
-We have until Mara gets here.
Aníbal put us in the program every night.
He made a lot of money off us.
But it wasn't enough for him, so he decided to use us in a new business.
Why are we here? That was the beginning of his demise.
And where Emma comes in.
Babe! Your temple.
A place without rules, where you'll be my squires, my guardians.
Anyone who comes here will be anonymous, they'll be a number.
Only I will know the true identity behind each number.
If that rule is broken… there will be consequences.
What do you mean, "guardians"? What will we guard? Show them, babe.
You know how I feel about all this.
Do it.
Ladies… my newest recruits.
The most precious commodity.
You'll take care of it.
They were young girls.
Aníbal recruited them like he had done with us, by taking their passports and threatening them.
Our duty was to oversee those wild orgies.
Word started to get out.
More and more bastards were coming and paying a fortune to get in.
We knew they were important men.
Getting in had a price tag few could afford.
What we didn't know was what a man is capable of when freed from his face.
For months, those beasts raped those poor girls.
They tortured them, and we couldn't stop it.
And there was one pig in particular who let his aggression run wild.
That day, things changed forever.
Don't leave me alone with him, please.
Why don't you take me? -We have to stop that bastard.
-What do we do? We have to get Aníbal.
Calm down.
Someone help me! Please! It's okay.
It's okay.
It's over.
Are you okay? Let me see.
What happened? Lavanda! Candance! Lavanda! Don't go in there alone! Lavanda! Lavanda! Open up, you bastard! Kimmy, we have to call Aníbal! No! Lavanda! Open up! They didn't come out.
We called Aníbal, but he didn't let us see what had happened.
Emma told us later on.
I'll be brief because I've been on the boat all night, and my voice is… hoarse.
This is Cassandra.
From now on, she'll live with you and take Lavanda's place.
Her "place.
" Is that all she was to you? This is a business, sweetie.
There's no time for feelings.
It's over.
No more orgies.
Excuse me? You heard me.
Candance and I fill your club, no complaints, but you've gone too far.
We won't let you subject these girls to those savages anymore.
You'll do whatever I want, as always.
If we refuse, I'd love to see how you open the club tomorrow.
Well, well.
Looks like we have a union rep.
What else, Kimmy? A 35-hour week? Paid holidays? A bit of dignity would do.
You know what? If you're going to ask for something, first, you have to be sure you deserve it.
Do you think you do? -Kimmy! -Well? Let go of me! You fucking… You fucking bitch.
Kimmy! Do you think you deserve it? I can't hear you.
-Well, you bitch? Do you deserve it? -Let go, you bastard! Aníbal.
I can't hear you, Kimmy.
-What now? -Aníbal, stop.
-Fuck you.
I'll kick the shit out of you.
-Look at me.
She has to work tomorrow.
I'm sorry you had to see that.
They were asking for it.
It's okay, babe.
Shall I call a doctor? No.
-I don't want to get you in trouble.
-What's up with the new girl? She's a bitch.
Be careful around her.
Why are you still with him? Being with him doesn't make me any freer than you lot.
Don't cry, sweetie.
Aníbal must pay for this.
And he's going to.
I swear.
Come here.
I never dared use it.
But I think we'll need it now.
Kimmy… I promise we'll get out of here.
Aníbal has our passports.
We'll buy new ones.
I have some money saved, not much, but in a few years, we'll have more.
Trust me, sweetie.
We'll get out of here, okay? We danced for him.
We fucked for him.
We were his slaves, but we still got our tips.
We stole small amounts, trying not to get noticed.
Emma always knew it was us.
Who the fuck is stealing from me? But she protected us.
She protected us from everything, except her.
We did it.
Look! I can't believe it.
Do you see that with what we have we can start over? I can't believe it.
TAPE 27 Haven't you heard of fucking knocking? I'll go if you want.
I came to tell you Kimmy and Candance want to screw you over.
You're good little savers, aren't you? How much is there? Count it.
One thousand.
Two thousand.
Five thousand.
Kimmy! Candance! Get off me! Kimmy! Kimmy! -Come here, you motherfucker.
-Let go of me, you bastard! -Kimmy! -Candance! Kimmy! What's up? What is it, asshole? Come and say it to my face! Emma decided to rebel against Aníbal and end his reign of terror.
She devised a plan for the three of us to run away.
Some time ago, the police had offered her a deal if she gave them information about Aníbal.
They thought they could eventually dismantle his ring.
Aníbal set up another business alongside the orgies.
Minors are profitable, but blackmail is even better.
I don't know their names.
Aníbal conceals their identities on the tapes and assigns them numbers.
They're reputable, married men with money.
You can't imagine how much they've paid him.
Do you know where the cash is? No, but the tapes are in the safe in his office.
I know the combination.
We could blackmail Aníbal with the tapes.
Either he lets us go, or we destroy them.
If he loses those tapes, he'll just record more.
We're not interested in all the tapes, just one in particular.
Aníbal made the mistake of blackmailing the wrong person.
A powerful guy who could ruin him and his whole business.
The son of a bitch who killed Lavanda.
His tape is number 27.
If we get it, we'll have Aníbal by the balls.
-When's he giving it to him? -Thursday at midnight.
We need to get him out of there so I can get the tapes.
I'm with a client all day in Puerto Banús on Thursday.
I'll do it.
No, you can't do that alone.
-It's now or never.
-Stay out of it.
Kimmy, listen to me.
It might be our last chance.
Everything will be okay.
I managed to convince Kimmy, and we went ahead with Emma's plan.
If you still need makeup, get to the dressing room… We used the window while Aníbal made his rounds before opening the club to carry out our plan, so Emma could sneak into his office.
We had to steal that tape just before his meeting with number 27, so that Aníbal would have no choice but to accept our demands.
He'd have to give us back our passports, which he kept in a compartment inside his safe, and enough money to skip town and leave that life behind.
That morning, Kimmy got ready to go to Puerto Banús.
I still remember how she looked at me when we said goodbye.
I didn't know it then, but that was the last time I saw her.
Sure you don't want me to stay, baby? Not now.
Finish your drink and go.
I have a meeting.
This can't be happening.
What's wrong, baby? Did you lose something? TAPE 27 Haven't you heard of fucking knocking? It was you.
You took it.
What? You're the only one who saw me put it in there.
Where the fuck is tape 27? He sent you, right? You work for him, don't you? I swear I didn't take anything.
Don't worry, okay? It's okay.
It's okay.
Wasn't that your plan from the start? That's why you've given me pussy nonstop.
-No, I just want us to be together, honey.
-Of course, me too.
-I want us to be a team.
-We are a team.
So tell me where it is.
Where is it? Aníbal, please.
Where is it? You bitch.
You bitch.
Come here.
What have you done? She stole from me.
This bitch stole… No, she didn't.
You want this tape? Listen closely and do as I say.
If you think I'll obey two backstabbing whores, you're wrong.
You don't have a choice.
-My men are outside.
-They're enjoying the show.
You're alone, and in 30 minutes, you have to deliver this.
You choose.
What do you want? Our passports and 100,000 euros.
No fucking way.
 You know I don't have that much in the safe.
Not in the safe, but we both know you have it.
Let us go and I swear you'll never see us again.
You fucking bitches.
You win.
Kimmy's too.
I think it's all there.
Drop it or I'll blow her head off.
Don't do it, Candance.
-Drop it! -No! Unless you shoot, he'll kill us.
-Shut up! -Shoot him! -Candance, please! -I can't! This is how you thank me for all I've done for you? You fucking bitch! You're just a fucking whore like the rest of them.
Are you okay? I don't know.
Are you? What do we do? Let me think.
Get undressed.
What? Take your clothes off! Finish getting dressed, quick.
Why do you want my passport? When the police identify the body, they'll think it's you.
Look at me, honey.
You can become whoever you want.
-Nobody will look for you.
-But they'll look for you.
No, they'll look for Aníbal.
They'll think I couldn't betray him and we ran away together.
We'll both be able to start over.
What about Kimmy? We have to leave her behind.
What the fuck? I won't leave her here.
Now that Aníbal's gone, Kimmy will be able to start over.
And someone has to tell the cops the clothes are yours.
You and I have to disappear, and Kimmy will be our alibi.
But she'll think I'm dead! -I can't do that to her! -You'll have to! Or we're all dead! This'll be our life insurance.
We need to work out how to get rid of him.
Son of a bitch.
Don't worry, we'll get someone to see to you after.
It'll all work out.
I swear it'll all work out.
How do you feel, honey? How are you? Show me.
Look at me.
We'll dump him and then go.
It'll be really quick.
You get that end.
Get your things.
Hang in there, we're almost done.
Hi, this is Kimmy.
Leave a message.
Hey, Kimmy.
It's Emma.
Honey, the plan's off.
It all went wrong.
Aníbal caught Candance looking for the tape and went nuts.
He killed her, Kimmy.
Aníbal killed Candance.
I wish I could've done something, but it all happened so fast.
Aníbal's really worried Cassandra will tell the police everything.
He's threatening me.
I have to go with him.
I have no choice.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I got you into this mess.
I never thought it would end this way.
I hope you can forgive me someday.
Good luck, honey.
FORGIVE ME I've never forgiven myself for leaving Kimmy behind.
But I didn't know how to contact her without betraying Emma.
I had to decide in a split second.
And that split second has haunted me all this time.
Your scar… It wasn't a childhood accident, was it? No.
They couldn't take me to the hospital.
They did the best they could.
We came to Barcelona because Emma had a contact at a boarding school.
A distant relative who could get us fake birth certificates for our new passports.
Candance! -She's injured.
-Injured? -Yes.
-Why didn't you tell me? What's wrong with her? What are we going to do? You have to take us in.
We have nowhere to go.
She was the one who took care of me.
And weeks later, she had sorted everything out.
Emma, are you aware of the step you're about to take? If you stay, you must follow our rules… You'll live your life within these walls.
That's exactly what I need.
Very well.
From now on, your name will be María Luján Calvo.
MARÍA LUJÁN CALVO WAS BAPTIZED IN THIS PARISH What about you, dear? What do you want your name to be? By the way, my name's Mat.
What's yours? Olivia.
Emma and Candance had died for good.
Or so we thought.
We hid those tapes in the safest place we could find.
I kept one key and Emma kept the other.
In Candance's whole life, you were the closest thing to freedom.
So when I rebuilt my life… I was lucky to do it by your side.
There are things from Candance I could never erase.
And others that I decided not to.
All these years, Emma and I never lost touch.
Sorry I'm late.
No problem.
We met every Monday at the zoo and made ourselves call each other by our new names.
-I'm pregnant.
-No way! Poor Emma.
She was always afraid that someone would betray us.
I'm sure they killed her for the tapes, for number 27 or any of the others.
The men on the tapes would do anything to stop them from getting out.
What does going to Berlin have to do with it? It's Zoe.
The police took her.
Mat, they let me out an hour ago, and they took everything from my office.
They'll find you soon.
Tell me how I can help you guys.
I'm calling her.
Are you both okay? We're hiding.
What do I do? Turn off your phone, don't use credit cards, and tell me where you are, so I can help you.
We're at Mara's.
She's on her way.
She's going to lend us her car.
Things have gotten complicated.
The police requested a warrant to tap your phone.
And while they held me, I heard your arrest warrant is already in Madrid.
Be very careful, okay? Okay, thank you very much.
Good luck.
Zoe can't do anything.
We're on our own.
Olivia, why did you say you were going to Berlin? Tell me.
Why did you disappear like that? This is the hardest part.
I have a daughter.
Her name is Paula.
What do I do? It'll be okay.
Come here.
I got pregnant while I was working at El Paraíso.
I wanted an abortion, but Aníbal wouldn't let me.
Over time, I learned to love that life that grew inside me.
When she was born, I felt so much love that I thought my heart would explode.
The family I'd always wanted was right there.
Kimmy, Paula, and me.
That was my future.
But Aníbal had other plans.
I didn't want to give her up, but what could I do? Condemn her to grow up in that hell? To have my life? I had the chance to give her a family and a future.
I couldn't be that selfish.
So Emma took her away to save her from all that.
That was the last I heard of her until we went to see the house.
-Hello? -Is this Olivia Costa? Yes, speaking.
I'm calling on behalf of the parents of Paula, the daughter you gave up for adoption.
There was never a call from work or a trip to Berlin.
That day, my past came back.
We agreed they'd take me to Paula in exchange for 50,000 euros.
I'd like to withdraw 50,000 euros, please.
Can you put it in here? She had a problem, and only I could help her.
If I've learned anything, it's that you can never escape your past.
No matter how well you think you've buried it.
You look really well for a dead woman, Cándida Isabel Russo.
How did you find me? I'm the detective who investigated your murder at El Paraíso Star.
I have to hand it to you, you had us all fooled.
The disfigured face, your DNA in the other girl's room… Nobody thought anything was off.
Just another whore beaten to death by her pimp.
That was until, years later, some worried parents hired me to find the biological mother of their adopted daughter.
But something didn't fit.
According to the autopsy, the dead woman had AIS, a genetic disorder that meant she couldn't have children.
AIS LOOK UP And from there, bingo.
How do I know she's my daughter? Genetics are amazing, aren't they? She's your double.
You two… could have fabricated all this.
They said Paula has a congenital kidney disease.
She needs a kidney or she'll die.
That's why her parents were looking for me.
How do you know it's true, just from a photo? It's her, Mat.
I know it.
How can you be so sure? And what do the videos you sent me mean? I didn't send you anything, I told you.
You didn't? They were from your phone, Olivia.
I don't know, Mat.
I don't get it, either.
I… I don't know.
I waited ages while they set up a meeting with my daughter's parents.
I fell asleep.
I don't know, maybe they drugged me.
Olivia, none of this makes sense.
If it were a lie, I wouldn't have received this.
Her dad sent it to me today.
It's real, Mat.
SANTA EUGENIA SQUARE, MARBELLA My daughter's in Marbella.
So you have to go? Your daughter's there? -I can't abandon her again! -Can't you see they're fucking with us? -Who, Mat? -I don't know.
You tell me! Olivia, what is it? It's not possible.
Tell me.
Look at me.
We'll dump him and then go.
He was moving before we threw him overboard.
-It's over.
Let's move him.
-Careful! Go! He was alive, Mat.
But there's no way he could've survived.
It's Mara.
Turn off your phone.
Turn around! Hands on your head.
Hands on your head.
Turn around.
On your knees.
On your knees.
Get out.
Come on, get out! Mat.
They let me out an hour ago, and they took everything from my office.
They'll find you soon.
Get back to me when you can.
The police have requested a warrant to tap your phone.
And while they held me, I heard your arrest warrant is already in Madrid.
It was her.
That cop wants to fuck me over.
What do we do? I don't know.
They'll charge me with the deaths of Sáez and Gallardo.
-I'll tell them what I told you.
-They won't buy it.
 They have a culprit.
Take her and let her go, as we agreed.
Why me? Because from now on, we're handling this.
No, this is my case too.
Not anymore.
Mateo Vidal and Olivia Costa, you're surrounded.
-Let's go.
-Let's do this the easy way.
Come out.
Final warning.
Come out right now.
We're coming out.
Listen to me.
You're right.
They're after you, but not me.
-What? -Listen to me.
-You must remember this.
-Santa Eugenia Square, 11:00 p.
-I won't go.
Listen to me, Mat! They have nothing on me.
-I won't go-- -They have nothing.
Trust me, please.
Final warning.
You have 30 seconds to come out, or we'll use force.
Come on.
Come out with your hands up! Hands up, come on! On the ground.
Vidal hasn't come out.
Go! There's no sign of Mateo Vidal in the house.
Where is he? Where is who? Inform all units.
Nobody sleeps tonight until we find Mateo Vidal.
Subtitle translation by: Tom Sullivan
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