The Innocent (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

-Nice to meet you.
-Have a seat, sir.
So, Emma says you're looking for thrills.
The unforgettable kind.
She also says you're a regular client, but she doesn't know your name.
I try not to… give it out readily.
Out of precaution.
Right, but I don't give things to people if I don't know who they are.
Also out of precaution.
Marcos Lizarraga.
-Should it ring a bell? Aeronautical technology.
We're here to relax, aren't we? Go on, choose one.
It's on the house.
Your name is Teo Aguilar.
You're 55 years old.
And you always liked getting your cock sucked.
-To the bride and groom! -Hooray! You're crazy about Bea.
You swore before God to be faithful to her.
And you've tried.
You know she doesn't deserve this.
Not her or Sofía, your child.
The day she was born was the happiest day of your life.
And your father-in-law's life.
He recommended you for the Special Crimes Unit, SCU.
And you were promoted thanks to him.
Your first big case was Aníbal Ledesma.
You were green.
And you were about to meet the devil himself.
We have the big fish, but I need to get in.
And I need time to gather all the information.
What if I say no? I'm offering you a way out.
You knew your weaknesses.
And accepting the mission was like putting an alcoholic in a cocktail bar.
But you accepted.
And you started lying about the investigation.
You wanted time to delve into the hell that was El Paraíso.
Good evening, gentlemen.
If you'd be so kind… And you succeeded.
Nobody knew your name except for Aníbal Ledesma.
For Emma and the others, you were a faceless number.
Number 27.
You unleashed your fantasies.
And you're still paying the price to this day.
Why don't you take me? Lavanda! When he tried to blackmail you, you told him who you were and what would happen if he didn't hand over the tape.
I'll blow your head off.
But the bigmouth probably blabbed.
You know he never revealed your name, but you suspect he told Emma about the tape.
And you were inadvertently responsible for the carnage.
You thought Emma had betrayed you and had run away with Aníbal and the tapes.
They'd fallen off the face of the earth, and you had to give up.
Thanks again.
Until one day, the past nobody knows about knocks at your door.
You play your cards well.
And you find out you were tricked.
You feel you can finally lift this weight off your shoulders.
Where is he? Where is who? Inform all units.
You're going to close the door on your past forever.
Nobody saw your face.
Nobody knew it was you.
Nobody, except for Aníbal.
You're in SCU custody.
This is a government investigation.
It also concerns your husband.
We know he was in the house.
Where did he go? I'm not talking without a lawyer.
I wouldn't recommend that, Candance.
Nobody has to know.
You choose which story you want to tell the baby you're expecting.
The one you've built from lies or the one you're trying to hide.
What do you want from me? I won't be able to protect you here or at the station.
Your house.
Teo, no clues on Vidal's whereabouts.
But a neighbor reported their car stolen.
We have the license plate.
We've put out an APB.
Get in.
So? Let's go to my place.
Her place? We're not going to the station? Trust me.
Police are still looking for double homicide suspect Mateo Vidal.
His wife, Olivia Costa, has been arrested.
Police haven't confirmed her involvement in the crimes, but she might have been an accomplice to her husband and aided in his escape.
Police have set up checkpoints on routes out of Barcelona and are increasing their presence at other key points to prevent the suspect from getting away.
Outside Spain, the top news story of the day is… Hello? Sonia.
Mat? Wait a second.
Mat, what the hell are you doing calling me? Where are you calling from? From a phone booth.
I need you to do me a favor.
You and Olivia are breaking news everywhere.
What's going on? I haven't done anything, I swear.
Why are you running? -Talk to the police-- -The police can't help me.
-And I can? -I have to get somewhere.
The police are looking for the car I have.
I know this is all really strange, but I need your car.
-Where are you going? -It's best you don't know.
It's Olivia.
I have nothing to do with it, I promise.
Sonia, please.
-Look, Mat-- -Who are you talking to? The office.
I'll be done in two seconds.
I know you're talking to him.
Tell him I'm calling the police right now.
Tell him.
I'm staying put until you tell him.
Go on.
I'm really sorry, Mat.
That much coffee isn't good for you.
When did you last sleep? Come with me, please.
If you say I don't deserve to see this through, I'll go home.
But those SCU bastards have Vidal's wife thanks to me.
I know.
And they're using him as a scapegoat.
Everything that's happened up to now is linked to his wife's past, not his.
Mateo Vidal also has a dark past, don't you think? -That inmate's death… -Manuel Romero.
…seems shady.
And the Daniel Vera story changes daily depending on who you talk to.
Two fatal accidents.
Isn't that too much of a coincidence? I don't know.
But all this is too shady for us to look the other way, Chief.
Back me up on this.
Let me check one more thing.
Let me at least get to the bottom of Manuel Romero's death.
Because if it was Vidal, maybe he's also capable of killing anyone who was a threat to his wife.
Olivia's past is at the core of this, but there's no way she killed Gallardo and Sáez.
Who do you want to talk to? The warden at the prison where he served his sentence.
You don't sleep much either, then? What do you expect when you live alone? Any news? Whoever shot Gallardo and Sáez was lucky.
The print is very faded.
-Still here? -I was leaving when I heard the radio.
Jaime Vera reported that Mateo Vidal called his wife.
Lorena, you didn't hear it from me.
-I'm going to Marbella.
Which leaves first? Málaga, Granada, or Seville? -There's one in 55 minutes to Málaga.
-Málaga it is.
How much? Eighty.
-Gate E24.
-Thanks very much.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Can you give us a hand, please? He feels sick.
Let's put that there… Of course.
The suitcase, please.
That's it.
How are you? What's your name, champ? What's your name? -Tell him.
-How old are you, David? -Tell him.
You just had your birthday.
-Good morning.
Yours? -Yes, here.
-Thank you.
-Are you traveling together? -Yes, we are.
-To different places, yes.
Excuse me, your sunglasses.
A Coruña.
-And Málaga.
-Thank you.
Go ahead.
SANTA EUGENIA SQUARE, MARBELLA We won't question what you did years ago.
And we're not interested in how you changed your identity.
We just want the tapes Aníbal recorded.
Who killed her? We assume it was Rodrigo Gallardo.
Who was he working for? We were hoping you could shed some light on that.
No, he contacted me for another reason.
-What was that? -It's personal.
Any word on Aníbal? He disappeared into thin air.
Know where he is? I won't say a word until I know what's going on.
All right.
This is what we know.
For some reason, Gallardo and Sáez got in touch with you.
Gallardo is the suspect in Emma's murder.
Sáez beat your husband up and then turned up dead.
We think someone hired them to look for the tapes.
That's why they killed Emma.
But they didn't find what they were after.
This is for a safe deposit box.
But you need another key to open it.
We thought Aníbal had the second key.
But you change everything.
None of this has anything to do with Mat.
Why are you after him? The police are linking him to the deaths of Sáez and Gallardo.
That makes no sense.
Maybe not.
Or maybe it does.
Did you know Mat and Aníbal were in prison together? What? Just for a few months.
It must be a coincidence.
Mat would've told me.
Maybe not if he was involved in all this.
Mat wouldn't hurt a fly.
He killed a guy years ago.
That was an accident.
The incident in prison, too? What incident? You don't know what happened years ago to an inmate in his block? INMATE DIES IN PRISON ACCIDENT OR PAYBACK It doesn't say he killed him.
Either way, we can only help him if you tell us the truth.
It's Bea.
-Hi, darling.
-Hi, love.
When are you coming home? I'm busy with a witness.
If everything goes well, today.
Put Sofía on, darling.
-Hi, Daddy.
-Hi, bunny.
How are you? -I want to ride bikes with you.
-Let's go this weekend.
-Are you sure? -I promise.
A kiss for Mommy and one for you, okay? Bye.
See you soon, sweetheart.
Will you make my daughter happy? I want immunity.
For Mat and for me.
We expected that.
IMMUNITY Give us the tapes and you can keep on living as Olivia Costa.
Candance Russo will stay buried forever.
And we'll make sure Mat is cleared of all suspicion.
The key.
Sign it.
The key.
Sign it.
Not before I see the tapes.
Go to the bank.
 I'll wait here.
Wouldn't it be better to take her into custody? We won't do anything until we're sure we have what we want.
Two more deaths, and you still say he's telling the truth.
He hasn't been in touch with you again? No, I swear, I don't know anything else.
But… Excuse me.
Hello? -Please sit down.
-Yes, I can hear you.
I'm sorry, please excuse us.
This is all very hard for us.
Can I ask you something? Of course.
Why are you so sure he's innocent? I think I've gotten to know him over the years.
And I don't think Mat is that kind of person.
When we visited him in prison, he asked us what would've happened if it had been Dani who had accidentally pushed and killed him.
And I asked myself, what would we have done? What would I have done? And I saw him there, with all that fear in his eyes, and it was like I was staring at my son.
Mat reminds me of Dani in many ways.
If he contacts you again, call me.
Detective Ortiz? Yes.
This is Miguel Torralba, the warden at Mas Recasens prison.
I was told you wanted to talk to me.
I don't know if Mateo Vidal is a killer.
But he spent four years here.
You must have an opinion of him.
I've gone over his file so I can help you.
What do you want to know? Did he mix with an inmate named Aníbal Ledesma? His file says he hardly mixed with anyone.
That's what I remember.
He kept to himself.
What about Manuel Romero? As you know, nothing could be proven.
I want to know what you think.
You'd have to be very strong to knock that man down.
So I'm inclined to think it was an accident, and he fell.
Nobody saw anything.
And all we had to go on was this.
Who would've you believed? Some poor kid who was paying dearly for an unlucky twist of fate or this bunch of desperate souls? Roberto Aranda is convinced he's guilty.
Aranda is convinced he wants 15 minutes of fame.
And he's getting it.
A TV channel has come to interview him.
And as things stand, turning them down would have been worse.
Excuse me.
What? I'm busy.
I need to talk to you.
You should come here.
It's a delicate matter.
I need to talk to you too.
Don't speak to anyone.
Not even Prieto.
We need to see them first.
Hurry up.
All set.
By the window.
Would you mind making me a coffee? Do you have them? The box is empty.
You're calling me for that? What about the husband? He fled in a stolen car.
We're looking for him.
But we don't know where he's headed.
We can't locate him.
I need your help with this.
I'm on it.
I'll let you know when I get the green light.
…no news about Mateo Vidal, the suspect in a double homicide case.
Vidal managed to escape from police when he was about to be arrested.
His whereabouts remain unknown.
Excuse me, Officer.
The guy you're looking for… We went through security together.
He had bruises on his face, and… -I think he was going to Málaga.
Take her statement.
Get me the SCU.
You knew who Emma Durán really was and didn't tell me.
The SCU forbade it.
I meant before they took the case… Why? I had to protect the school.
Wasn't that my job? When you got me into this, you asked me to protect the school's reputation.
Since you got me involved, you could've at least shown me some damn respect! -You're right.
I'm sorry.
I don't think you were protecting the school… You were protecting yourself.
Stop wasting my time.
Why did you ask me to come? I HEREBY TRANSFER CUSTODY OF PAULA… A few years before we took Emma in, she asked for help for a friend.
She was pregnant and couldn't keep her daughter.
That adopted baby came here, two months ago.
Are you Irene Baltierre? -Yes.
-My name is Paula.
I know I was adopted.
I found some papers, and your name was on them.
Can you give us a minute, please? -What was your name? -Paula.
I never told Emma.
Paula had found out she was adopted, and her only lead was the documentation I'd signed, where her mother had given up her rights.
EL PARAÍSO STAR BODY IDENTIFIED AS CÁNDIDA RUSSO I told her the truth so she'd stop looking.
But, of course, I didn't know then what I know now.
That her mother was still alive and that I saved her when Emma brought her here with a bullet wound.
But there's something else.
Emma left this for me at a notary.
It arrived this morning.
She left it in case anything ever happened to her.
I was meant to give it to a friend of hers.
I didn't want to open it.
Because whatever's going on here must be related.
HOW ARE YOU? EVERYTHING OKAY? …is calling for more security guards in the area.
This is the third such incident, and neighbors have already reported the situation.
And once again, we have more on Mateo Vidal.
We spoke to Roberto Aranda, his cellmate at Mas Recasens, where Vidal served time for the death of Daniel Vera.
This is what he told us about the suspect's time there.
Vidal is not the same man he was years ago.
Prison can turn you into a real bastard.
From the day he arrived, Romero was always messing with him.
Now he's dead.
They say it was an accident.
That's not true.
We knew those two had it in for each other.
They say he fell over the railing.
They're covering it all up.
But we know it was Vidal.
The network reached out to the warden for his account of Manuel Romero's death, but he declined to speak to us.
I told you.
We all have secrets.
He's lying.
Perhaps you don't know who your husband really is.
Sometimes you don't even know who you sleep with at night.
-I have to go to the bathroom.
I have to go to the bathroom.
All good in there? Yes, I'll be right out! What's going on? Nothing.
I felt dizzy and fell over.
Can you help me? Sure, open the door.
Coming! Come in! How did you know? Drop the gun and we'll sort this out.
Drop yours.
We'll go to the police.
If I go down, you're coming with me.
They'll find out who you are.
And what you did.
Are you going to sacrifice everything? Exactly.
Me neither.
Hello? -Are you okay? -Freeze.
Get away from that door.
What's going on? We heard shots, so we called the police.
-Everyone leave.
-What? Everybody go home.
Teo? Hello? In the bathroom! He has me cornered! He's on the tapes.
He was one of the clients that abused minors.
Teo! Don't listen to her, Bruno! She has a gun.
She tried to kill me.
He'll kill us both and blame me.
You have to believe me.
Call for backup if you don't believe me.
And a doctor.
I'm wounded.
-He's lying to you! -I'm losing a lot of blood.
Number 27.
His tape is number 27.
Open the box.
Check it.
Bruno, please.
Drop that tape.
This is all your fault.
The police will be here any minute.
One of us has to make a move.
Fine, you win.
Take the tapes.
Get them and go.
Toss the gun where I can see it.
You'll have to trust me.
The problem, Candance Russo, is that I don't trust whores like you.
My name, you piece of shit, is Olivia Costa.
Stop! Get out! Shit.
Back the fuck up! TRACKER / SCU READING ANTENNAS, CREATING MAP DEVICE LOCATED TAPPING IN PROGRESS National Police, how can we help you? My name's Olivia Costa.
I need to talk to Detective Ortiz.
It's urgent.
-I'll try to get hold of her.
Okay, please hurry.
DISCONNECTING USER -Hello? -Hi, this is Olivia Costa.
Mat said you're in charge of the case.
Not anymore.
The SCU is.
Aren't you with them? No.
That's why I called.
One of the SCU officers is on the tapes.
He killed his partner.
-Go to my place.
He's there.
-Come on.
-Tell me where you are.
-Come on.
I can't, sorry.
I have to get somewhere.
I know you don't know me, but right now, I'm the only police officer you can trust.
Tell me where you're going, and I'll try to help you.
Okay? I don't know.
Come on, for fuck's sake.
Please trust me.
Okay, fine.
I have the tapes.
But if I tell you, you must promis-- USER DISCONNECTED Hello? Olivia? Hello? NO SIGNAL Shit! Fuck! Fuck! What's going on? The bosses are starting to pressure me.
Olivia Costa.
She ran off with the tapes.
She had them at her place.
We have to find her, Teo.
Whatever it takes.
There's something else.
She killed Soto.
That fucking bitch killed Soto.
She wants the police to think that I did it and took the tapes.
I had to disconnect her phone and lost the signal.
But I have the plates from the car she stole.
Give me the fucking plates.
I'll deal with the police.
-Did the neighbors see anything? -No.
They just heard noises and called us.
But a woman reported her car was hijacked right outside.
The description of the carjacker fits Olivia Costa.
-I have the plates.
-Just give them to me.
No, Lorena.
 With the SCU in charge, I don't want any trouble.
The SCU wants to talk to you.
Can I help you? -Are you the officer in charge? -Yes.
Colonel Amanda Prieto wants to speak to you.
Detective Ortiz.
Olivia Costa called you, right? And you cut her off before she said anything relevant.
Your officer knows everything she said.
For your own good, that better be so.
Take your men off the case.
You'll be escorted to the SCU office in Barcelona to hand over the case file.
And if we ever cross paths again, I'll ensure you're kicked off the force.
Do I make myself clear? -Yes.
We found it.
The car Olivia Costa stole.
It's at an industrial park on the outskirts of Barcelona.
Yes? Teo, we've got her.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will shortly be landing at Málaga airport.
Get down! Get down! Everyone on the ground! Get down! Everyone on the ground! -No! -On the ground! I haven't done anything.
Calm down.
Don't move.
I didn't do anything.
Excuse me, have you seen this woman? No, I'm sorry.
She was driving that car, the gray 208.
I didn't see anyone.
Sorry, but I have to leave now or my boss will kill me.
Thank you.
Olivia Costa wasn't at the industrial park, Colonel.
But all the trucks were going to Marbella.
-I'm heading there.
Mateo Vidal has been arrested at Málaga airport.
Don't let anyone talk to him until I get there.
I'll get him to take me to his wife.
How long till you arrive? Three hours and a few speeding tickets.
Keep me updated.
-Can I ask you a favor? -It's not a good time.
-Soto's widow is here.
-That's just it.
Bea, my wife.
Sooner or later, she'll find out.
I don't want to worry her.
I'll speak to her.
Thank you.
Taxi! Santa Eugenia Square, please.
Thank you.
-Thank you very much.
Excuse me, I'm Olivia Costa.
-Olivia Costa.
-Why are you telling me? Did anyone leave a note or ask for me? No, I'm sorry.
SANTA EUGENIA SQUARE, MARBELLA Let's give our lovely Cindy a big round of applause! And now, it's time for a walk down memory lane.
From the heart of the old Paraíso Star, where she was the queen of queens, the one and only, Magic.
You have a client.
Some weird woman.
Tell her to come in.
It's 80 for half an hour.
I don't know what you want, but no weird stuff.
Okay? Hi, Kimmy.
Subtitle translation by: Tom Sullivan
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