The Innocent (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Where are Emma and Aníbal? I don't know.
I swear I don't know.
Don't make me hurt you even more.
I don't know where they are.
Think harder.
Or by the time I'm done, nobody will want to fuck you.
I swear I-- For the last time, where are Emma and Aníbal? I don't know.
Tell me a city, and I'll call a doctor.
I swear I don't know.
If I knew, I'd tell you.
Or you'd protect him, for fear of him hurting you.
Or you're protecting her.
I don't enjoy doing this.
But I need those tapes.
No, please! -One… -Please, no! -Two… -No! Three.
Your name is Martina Díaz.
But you were baptized "Kimmy Dale" so long ago that Martina forgot the life she wanted.
Maybe you wanted to be a dancer.
A different kind of dancer.
You came from Buenos Aires, full of dreams.
Dreams don't cover rent.
But you weren't going to accept someone else's rules.
Or lose your dignity.
-You're doing a shit job.
-Don't you see? Even if it hurt you.
You started to numb the pain however you could.
Until Candance came along.
She reminded you who you wanted to be, who you had forgotten.
You fear she'll also forget who she wants to be, like you.
And her first time in hell hurts you as much as your first.
You become strong again for her.
You share the best moments with her.
You're so cute! Look what Auntie Kimmy brought you.
And the worst ones.
More than anything, you want to protect her from the brutality.
But you fail.
Hey, Kimmy.
It's Emma.
He killed her, Kimmy.
Aníbal killed Candance.
The future you wanted for her dies, and you're powerless to stop it.
And the guilt of failing her consumes you forever.
But your fate isn't in your hands.
DO NOT CROSS - SEALED And your fucking life goes on, aimlessly.
You try to rebuild your life, find a different path, bury Kimmy.
But the past shows up and mutilates you.
And the future slams every door in your face.
So you go back to the only thing you know to keep from starving.
And for nine years, these stares remind you that you can't escape who you are.
And you feel miserable.
You have a client.
Some weird woman.
Tell her to come in.
Until one day, the nightmare comes to an end.
What happened to you? What happened to you? I promise I'll tell you everything, but… This is all really weird.
I'm not sure why I'm here.
Candance, sweetie.
I'm Olivia now.
And I'm Magic.
But so what, right? Has anyone come asking for me? Asking for you? Until five minutes ago, everyone thought you were dead.
What's wrong, sweetie? This might be a trap.
I don't know if we're safe here.
Why? Wanna go to my place? Yeah.
That'd be better.
Does the bouncer know where you live? -Why? -I need to ask him a favor.
No, he isn't trustworthy.
-But she is.
Want me to get her? -Yes.
-Hi, Lucía.
She's like a daughter to me.
Do what she asks.
Look, this is my husband.
His name's Mat.
We're supposed to meet here, but he doesn't have a phone.
If you see him, can you tell him we'll be at her place? -Mat who? -Mateo Vidal.
No problem.
Hey! Hey! Hey! I'm talking to you.
For the hundredth time, I want my call.
I'm a lawyer.
I know my rights.
For the hundredth time, no calls until he gets here.
Got it? Until who gets here? -Bea, darling.
Thank God.
Why aren't you answering my messages? Didn't Colonel Prieto call you? I asked her to.
I'm fine, but I can't talk now.
How's Sofía? She still doesn't know about Bruno, but I can't pretend I'm not worried.
It could've been you instead of him.
-Teo, wherever you are, come back, please.
-I can't.
But I promise everything will be okay.
Bea, I'm going into a tunnel.
I have to go.
I'll call you later.
-I love you.
-Teo! Is this everything? We won't accept the official version without doing our job.
Ortiz! Ballistics should compare the bullet that killed Soto with Aguilar's gun.
We'll obey the SCU's orders to step away from the case.
I just want one more chance.
We won't believe the word of a fugitive prostitute over that of a SCU officer with an impeccable record.
How the fuck could it not be impeccable given how things work? Do you want to lose your badge? When will I see you? Real soon.
I managed to get the tapes back from Aguilar, but he had me trapped.
I had to jump out the window.
He wanted this tape.
His tape.
He killed Lavanda.
He did this to me.
I'm sorry.
He wanted me to tell him where Aníbal and Emma were.
You could've found me to tell me you were okay.
At least I would've known nothing happened to you since I wasn't there that day.
I'll never forgive myself for what I did to you.
You still haven't told me why you're here.
Because of Paula.
-Paula? -My daughter.
She's sick.
She needs my help.
Your daughter found you? No, she didn't.
Gallardo did, the policeman who investigated my death.
Gallardo? He found me through Paula's parents.
Or so he said.
He sent me here, so I could meet them and help her.
I had to pay him, of course.
SANTA EUGENIA SQUARE I think I should tell you something.
Your daughter came to me.
But she didn't mention Gallardo.
Paula found out she was adopted and wanted to know more about you.
She went to the one place she could get information.
The place where she was abandoned.
They told her you were dead.
That's how she found your grave.
And your grave led her to me.
Your mom loved you very much.
I don't understand.
If my daughter thought I was dead, everything Gallardo told me is a lie.
This has to be a trap.
Maybe what Mat said is true.
Aníbal? Maybe he's using everyone to get to me.
To me and you.
We're the only ones still alive.
I don't understand.
Emma is dead.
Gallardo is dead.
 Sáez is dead.
-Those two as well? -Yes.
Paula's parents are nowhere to be seen.
You said Aníbal died.
-You said you shot him.
But maybe he didn't die.
I don't know.
That's the only thing I can think of.
Did you call the number that sent you the message about meeting in the square? No, I couldn't.
The SCU disconnected my phone.
Here, try with mine.
Want me to try? Yeah.
Can I have some paper? I'm running out of battery.
Right there.
Go ahead.
It's 517.
No answer.
May I? Are you training again? What do you want? I know you have good instincts.
You may even be right, but I couldn't say so in front of the SCU.
If that's an apology, save it.
And I don't even know if I care about this case.
-You care.
-But I have to learn to care less.
Don't I? And learn to think about other things, besides doing my job well.
I get it.
You're mad.
No… You don't get it.
Look, Lorena, moving up the career ladder is like climbing a mountain.
The higher you get, the less air you have and the heavier your backpack gets.
You have less room to maneuver… even if you don't think so.
And people like you, with good instincts, deserve that room to maneuver, to do what you need to do, not what you're told.
Follow your instincts.
One more thing.
I want you to do it.
But I didn't come to see you.
You're on your own in this.
INMATE ACCUSES VIDAL …he was always messing with him.
Now, he's dead.
They say it was an accident.
…Mateo Vidal, an ex-convict sentenced for… I might as well go home if I'm going to sleep alone every night.
Come on, honey.
Laura! For God's sake.
Laura! Damn it, Laura! Why the fuck are you here? Calm down, you're free-- I am calm.
I know you can't screw me again.
I don't want to.
The SCU screwed me too.
I'm on my own.
Aguilar's number.
Track it.
That's illegal without a warrant.
Yes, but you know how.
That's why they wanted to lock you up.
But Vidal's brother stopped them.
Didn't he? If you do something illegal, I do too.
We're in this together.
What's the plan? We know Vidal and his wife planned to meet somewhere.
The SCU knows that too.
I think Aguilar is following Olivia, so if we find him-- He was in Valencia an hour ago.
Are you kidding me? I hate being shut out as much as you do.
Where is he now? Headed to Málaga.
Less than an hour away.
ANDALUSIA HIGHWAY Keep an eye on him.
I'll take the first flight to Málaga.
I'll take it from here.
Where's Candance? I don't know any Candances.
Keep protecting her and you'll rot in prison again.
I want to call my firm and get a lawyer.
You and your wife wanted your sister-in-law's car.
To go where? Tell me and you can make that call.
What? Don't you trust me? You don't want my colleagues to find your wife before I do.
Why are you so keen to find Olivia before anyone else? She has something of mine.
I want it back.
That's all.
What is it? Some tapes.
Hey, come on.
We both want to forget this shit and go home to our families.
Tell me where she is, and I'll make you a deal.
In writing.
For you and for Olivia.
I don't think you understand what's going on here.
Without my help, Olivia will be in prison until she's… what, 60 years old? Do you really want her to go through what you went through, five times over? I only have the name of a square.
And a time.
She was meeting someone in Marbella.
Who? Tell me.
Take me with you and I'll tell you everything.
NATIONAL POLICE FORCE Is everything there? Sergeant… I'll take him.
It's still busy.
I'm worried about Mat.
He'll turn up and I won't be there.
You're sure the waitress is trustworthy? Yes, I can call and ask her whatever you want.
Thank you.
El Paraíso Star was one of my first big cases.
I was undercover for a while.
And that's where I met your wife.
Sáez and Gallardo were also there.
They both knew her well, too.
Tell me, Mat, did you kill them? Did you do it for her? Can I ask you something man-to-man? What happened at that party ten years ago? Daniel Vera.
Was it really negligent homicide? It was an accident.
It takes a lot of strength to kill someone.
He lost his balance and hit his head.
It was bad luck.
And in prison? Bad luck, too? Romero had it in for you, and he ends up with his head smashed in.
Anyone who rubs you the wrong way ends up with their head smashed in.
Don't rub too much then.
Hi, Lucía.
It's Magic.
I wanted to know if you had any news.
You haven't seen anything odd? Okay.
If you see anything, let me know.
Keep an eye on the square.
If you see him, tell him to come here and not to talk to anyone.
All right.
Wanna say anything else? No.
Thank you, Lucía.
Call again.
-What's wrong? Not connecting? -No.
Come on, let's use the pay phone.
The signal's bad here.
You just called from here.
It's worth a try.
What if Mat comes? We'll be right back.
The phone's right in front of the trailer.
Wait, the number.
It's okay, I think my battery will last.
I hope you can forgive me.
You being here is the best gift I've had in years.
Kimmy, I can't go back in time and change things.
But I can take you to Barcelona with me, if you want.
Are you okay? Yes, it's nothing.
There's something I haven't told you.
I'm pregnant.
Really? That's why I need to put this all behind me.
But we'll be fine.
Thanks to you.
2% BATTERY REMAINING What did you-- What did you do to me? My baby.
Lies always lead to more pain, sweetie.
I got the idea of poisoning you from Gallardo.
I contacted him when your daughter came to me.
When the police closed the case, I hired Gallardo to find those responsible for your death.
But he failed.
I didn't hear from him again until Paula came to me looking for information about your death.
…find your biological mother.
Gallardo didn't really remember the case.
But after he reviewed his files, it hit him.
AIS LOOK UP So… Cándida Isabel Russo is alive.
When he first told me, I didn't want to believe it.
I couldn't believe you'd done something that hurt me so much.
But you did.
That was so cruel of you, Candance.
How could you let me rot inside? I had to be the one… to look for you, so you'd show your face.
Gallardo asked Sáez to help him find you both.
Gallardo followed the trail of Paula's adoption to the school.
And that's when Sáez recognized Emma.
I wished you were both dead.
How could you abandon me? You're sure? Yes, the text had a palm tree.
This is it.
Hey, you.
Who's that? Are you Mateo Vidal? Yes.
I have a message from your wife.
She's at Magic's place.
Open the door.
Put these on.
Open the fucking door.
Put them on.
If you yell, I'll dig a hole, and you'll sleep with the worms.
DON'T TRUST HIM Who's this? I'd recognize your voice anywhere, Kimmy Dale.
Likewise, you bastard.
That whore Candance, is she with you? Why? She has something I want.
And I don't know what you're up to, but I have something that might interest you.
What? Where is she? Where is she? With her friend, but not here.
What? What friend? Kimmy Dale.
They used to be close.
-Where's Aguilar? -On the outskirts of Marbella.
But while in Málaga, he was at the airport terminal.
At the National Police station.
Lorena, the news said Mat was arrested at that airport.
Good evening.
Detective Ortiz.
Where is Mateo Vidal? Olivia's meeting was a trap.
To get even for something she did in the past.
She got scared.
She ran off with Kimmy, who found her a safe place to hide.
Why should I believe you? Because I have no reason to lie to you.
And because I'm your only option right now.
-I'll go too.
Wait here.
Wait here.
Isn't life funny, Kimmy? Nine years later, but in the end you'll take me to the tapes.
Where is Candance's husband? What are you going to do with them? That's my problem.
Just tell him I know where his wife is.
I'll take care of the rest.
My tapes.
Where are they? First, apologize for not believing me.
My wife is waiting for me at home.
I don't have time for games.
Apologize, you fucking bastard.
Just fucking take me to what I came for.
You fucking bitch! TAPE 27 One day you'll pay for everything you did, you bastard.
That's my Kimmy.
Where's my wife? Her friend will take you to her.
Go on, get out.
She's waiting for you.
Thank you, Sergeant.
-Zoe, where are they? -Fourteen miles away.
Take the first exit on the right.
I'll direct you.
Mat? I'm Kimmy.
-Pleased to meet you.
-Where is she? Come with me.
This way.
Olivia wasn't feeling well.
What do you mean? Congratulations on the pregnancy.
We were talking a lot about you and the baby.
She's really happy.
Why is Olivia here? I brought her here so you could catch up.
No! Open the door! Open the door, you bitch! Teo, what happened? I have them.
I'm on my way back.
You'll have the report on your desk tomorrow morning.
Good work.
Go home to your wife and daughter and take a few days off.
I will.
Aguilar's car is on the move again.
-Where to? -Away from the hangar.
He's really close.
He's coming towards you.
He's heading for the freeway.
He's only one mile away.
Unless you intercept him at the roundabout, he'll get away.
This is unit H-50.
Detective Ortiz.
Send backup.
Exit 8, MA-20.
Suspect on the run.
Goddamn… Drop the gun! Drop it! You're finished, Ortiz.
Put these on.
Put them on.
Where's Mateo Vidal? You're ambitious.
I can see that.
Turn around.
Tell me the job you're gunning for, and I'll make sure you get it if you let me go.
Don't move! You have no idea what you're doing, you bitch.
Where are the other tapes? You won't get anything out of this.
I'll make you wish you were dead, you arrogant brat.
You think I don't know who you are? Behind that facade, is just a little girl with a complex.
You won't be a better person by destroying my family.
By destroying so many families.
Shut up.
Don't move.
I won't let you do this.
Believe it or not, I'm no longer the man on that tape.
Give me the tape! Detective Teo Aguilar.
Special Crimes Unit.
I don't know what Detective Ortiz told you, but I order you to lower your guns.
Nobody lowers anything until you explain what's going on.
Sergeant, aim at me.
I'm not going to shoot Officer Aguilar.
I just want to give the judge something I took from him.
Sergeant! I order you to remove my handcuffs and give me that case.
It's a government matter.
The case.
Put it on the ground.
Where are you going? You forgot something.
Before you give this back to him, you should watch it.
Give me that tape! That's an order! And I'm disobeying it.
Sergeant! I order you to call Colonel Amanda Prieto.
At the station.
After we see the tape.
Drop the gun and surrender, Aguilar.
Don't you see you're not doing yourself any favors? My daughter… Sofía… She can't find out what I did.
She's just a kid.
Don't do it.
Please don't do it.
Don't do it.
Subtitle translation by: Tom Sullivan
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