The Innocent (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL LIMITED SERIES How did it go? Aguilar's dead.
But there's no sign of Mat or Olivia.
Where exactly is the hangar Aguilar came from? Near the port.
One sec, I'll send you the location.
There you go.
When Gallardo found you, I thought about looking for you.
I saw photos of you, of your new life.
I swear I was really happy.
Then I started to think you didn't care about what happened to me.
That's not true, Kimmy.
It's not true.
I let everyone fuck me and beat me up.
I thought I didn't deserve to live because I let you die.
But really, I just deserved a bit of your respect.
A bit of love.
I deserved to know the truth.
I didn't know… I couldn't, Kimmy.
I've thought about it every fucking day of my life.
But I couldn't.
Looking for you would've put Emma in danger.
Even if she did give me away, I couldn't… Emma didn't betray you.
Emma died protecting you.
So how did you find me? Gallardo said he had an anonymous source.
But he never said who it was.
Emma was loyal to you until the end.
I would've done the same.
You truly think I wouldn't have kept quiet for Emma if you'd asked me to? When did you stop trusting me? That wasn't it, Kimmy.
You wouldn't be who you are if it weren't for me.
And this is how you repay me? You didn't even make me feel worthy of an explanation, or an apology.
Kimmy, please forgive me.
Forgive me.
I didn't know what to do.
They're here.
Who? Who's here? Kimmy, who is it? Who's here? Who's here? Kimmy.
Hey! Mat! Baby, what the fuck is going on? Open the door.
Let me out! Hey, let me out of here.
Let me out, damn it! Open the door! If you touch her, I swear I'll kill you.
-She's Candance again.
-I don't give a shit! Let me the fuck out! I swear I'll kill you! Let me out! Baby, don't listen to her.
Baby, no! Olivia! Darling! No! Darling, look at me, please! I'm sorry, sweetie.
But for you to understand, I need you to remember.
Don't listen to her, Olivia.
-And for you to remember… -Olivia! …you need to know what I've experienced over and over for all these years.
Over and over.
And nobody cared, not even you.
Let me out of here, damn it! Let me out! Look at me! -No! -Look at me! Olivia, it'll be okay.
Keep looking at me.
Keep looking at me.
Don't touch her! No! Please.
Keep looking at me.
Look at me! Look at me.
Olivia! Olivia, look at me.
Look at me, baby.
I'm here.
Olivia, look at me! Look at me! No! Don't touch her! No! Fucking assholes! No! Olivia! Look at me! Olivia.
Let me out! Get her out! Get her out of there! Get her out! -Get her out of there! -Cover the exits! Olivia! -Get on the ground! Stop! -Olivia! Stop, police! On the ground! Drop the gun.
Drop it.
Look at me.
I'm here.
-On the ground! -On the fucking ground! On your knees! Put the gun down.
It's over.
Drop it.
It's over.
It's over.
Drop the gun.
Drop it! -Take his mask off.
-Who are you? Freeze! Drop it or I'll shoot! Drop it.
Drop the gun.
No, Olivia! Olivia… Baby.
Call an ambulance.
An ambulance! Call one now! What the fuck are you looking at? Get out of here! Baby… Please… I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Everything's going to be okay.
Everything will be okay, you hear me? I love you.
I love you.
I love you too.
…following a police operation in Marbella.
The arrest may be linked to a past case of child prostitution that was being investigated by officers Teo Aguilar and Bruno Soto from the Special Crimes Unit, who lost their lives in the past few hours.
According to sources, the officers were after the retired policeman Rodrigo Gallardo, and the former pimp Ibai Sáez, who both also died in violent circumstances.
They're thought to have lost their lives in revenge killings connected to the prostitution case.
Martina Díaz, who has direct links to all of them, is now the primary suspect in the murders previously thought to have been committed by Mateo Vidal and Olivia Costa, who are now considered innocent.
I never meant to kill your son.
It was an accident.
I promise.
The pain you feel… that all three of us feel… I'd do anything to make it go away, I swear.
But I can't change what happened.
I can't.
I can only learn to live with it and trust that someday I can make it up to you.
Make it up to us? How will you do that? I swear if I could trade my life for your son's, I would.
Do it, then.
Shoot yourself and leave us alone.
Would you say the same if your son were in my shoes? He'd never have done something so brutal.
He pushed me, too.
It was an accident.
It could've been Dani here.
-Don't you dare say his name.
-Calm down.
He wasn't a scumbag like you.
Don't you dare compare yourself to him.
He didn't die in an accident.
You killed him, you bastard.
You killed him, you bastard! -Calm down, damn it! -Fuck! Or you'll have to leave.
Excuse him.
What's your name? -Me? Andrés.
Do you have children, Andrés? -A girl.
-A girl.
Tell me something.
If this scumbag made you come here to feed you these lies after he killed your daughter, what would you do? I'm just doing my job.
Well, it's a shitty job.
-I've had enough.
Let's go.
Let's go! -Let's go.
-I never meant to hurt your son.
Please believe me.
I never meant to hurt him.
 I promise.
Come on.
Your name is Jaime Vera.
And you've hated Mateo Vidal ever since he took your son away.
That night, the phone ringing felt like a knife stabbing you deep in your soul.
You're a doctor.
You know how much pain the human body can take.
But you never would've imagined that this wound would hurt more than any other.
Dani! Or that the pain would have a first and last name.
You soon learn that pain is like a wild animal.
Either you tame it, or it devours you.
And you let it devour you.
Your son wasn't just torn from you, your sentence is much worse.
All those memories turn into ghosts that will haunt you for the rest of your life.
You believe a fair sentence will fill the immense void.
Mateo Vidal Rivera, I sentence you to four years in prison for negligent homicide.
But your son's killer only gets four years.
The maximum sentence isn't enough for you.
And from now on, nothing will be enough.
The only time you're happy is when his suffering resembles yours.
But life suddenly gives him something that you'll never have.
Another chance.
Your son's murderer gets out of prison and is born again.
And you realize that those ghosts will never stop haunting you.
I'm sorry.
One more time.
Everything's fine.
The bullet wound didn't do any damage.
I found the heartbeat.
-Do you want to hear it? -Yes.
Congratulations, Mom and Dad.
It was just a scare.
That's all.
Here, dry yourself with this.
I'll be back for the gynecological examination.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
What is it? Mat.
We've told each other everything, right? Of course we have.
Why do you ask? A guy who was in prison with you said on TV that you killed an inmate.
I need to know.
-Did you? -No, I didn't.
-I don't understand why… -I'm sorry.
-Olivia, look at me.
-Forgive me.
I couldn't get it out of my head.
Hey, you have to believe me.
Okay? Sorry, but no boys allowed.
Vidal is not the same man he was years ago.
Prison can turn you into a real bastard.
From the day he arrived, Romero was always messing with him.
Now he's dead.
INMATE ACCUSES VIDAL They say it was an accident.
It wasn't.
We knew they had it in for each other.
They're covering it all up.
But we know it was Vidal.
Emma committed suicide.
She chose death over betraying her friend.
What about the money? Where are the 50,000 euros Olivia paid? I don't know anything about that.
She says she gave it to Gallardo and Sáez, and her bank statement confirms it.
I don't know, maybe they ripped her off.
They were vultures.
Dead vultures that can neither confirm nor deny what you're saying.
That has nothing to do with me.
I just wanted Candance to tell me the truth, face-to-face.
That's all.
Wanna know what I think? You got Gallardo and Sáez to con Olivia.
Then you killed them and kept the money.
I didn't kill anyone.
FINGERPRINT REGISTER - RECONSTRUCTION Hello? I just sent you Martina Díaz's prints.
I'll frame 'em.
They're no use if I can't compare them to anything.
You still don't have Gallardo's prints? The partial on the trigger was very worn.
I'm doing my best.
I'll call you back.
Where are they? The tapes.
Aguilar had them, but Forensics hasn't recovered them.
Colonel Prieto.
Nice to meet you.
So? Are you accusing me of something? If so, you can report me.
They'll take your statement out there.
You don't realize the damage those tapes could do in the wrong hands.
I completely agree.
That's why we must ask ourselves which are the right hands.
What the fuck do you want? I said I'd call you.
What? No, sorry.
Yes, speaking.
Aníbal Ledesma's death wasn't a murder.
It was a death sentence.
A fitting end for someone who devoted his life to destroying people.
So I say this with pride: I killed that animal.
I shot him.
I dumped him in the sea, and I cursed his memory for eternity.
"Don't blame anyone but me.
" The body was found in the same area you dumped it.
They often find bodies of immigrants who died crossing the Strait there, but this one had been down there for years.
The dental records confirm it's Aníbal.
Listen, if this letter is real, you have nothing to worry about.
Can we stop worrying, then? Well, Mat will be under a lot of scrutiny because of his record.
And you will get some grief about Officer Soto's death, but the DA will be on your side.
The autopsy and ballistics will do the rest when the tapes are released.
The case will be out of the SCU's hands.
Where are the tapes? In a safe place.
I can't risk them entering the chain of custody.
Maybe it'd be better if they disappeared.
So they can't do any more harm.
What's better? Getting justice or making sure nobody suffers? I don't know.
It's okay.
One last thing.
Martina Díaz wants to see you.
She says she knows where your daughter lives.
-Thank you.
I'll be waiting right outside.
I know you wouldn't be here if you had any other way of finding your daughter.
Where is she? She's fine.
She's not sick.
I made that up to make sure you'd come.
I know I'm in no position to ask for things between us to be different.
But when I saw you on the floor… trying to save me… I thought you might really die because of me.
And I swear my heart stopped.
I just want to ask you one thing.
What do you want? For you to forgive me.
I get that you were terrified… that you just wanted to survive.
And you didn't think it would come at such a high price.
Abandoning me.
I didn't know what else to do, Kimmy.
I know.
It all happened so fast.
And we thought it was the only way to get out of there.
Not a day has gone by that I haven't regretted it.
I wish I could do something now.
You can.
Tell her about her aunt Kimmy.
Thank you.
35 COBAS FRAILE STREET, BILBAO Flight 1545 to Bilbao is now boarding.
All passengers please proceed to gate B18.
Are you okay? Yes.
I'm not sure this is a good idea.
You'll be great, and I'll be by your side.
Whatever happens, I'll be there with you.
I know, but-- What if she was ashamed when she found out who I was? And what if-- What if she only wants to tell me to my face how much pain I've caused her? I don't know how I'll be able to look her in the eye if I can't… Olivia, look at me.
Hey, look at me.
You can do it.
She came looking for you.
Your daughter wants to meet you.
I can't show up looking like this.
Come here.
Get over here.
-Lorena Ortiz? -Yes.
The package you were expecting.
Heads are going to roll.
After this, they'll either make you chief or send you to the gallows.
Oliete had to take a lot of shit while you were away.
If you hadn't solved the case, his head would've rolled.
That's why I want to close it once and for all.
This morning, we learned that Mateo Vidal and his wife, Olivia Costa, have been released.
This confirms that the main suspect in the murders of retired Marbella police officer, Rodrigo Gallardo, and former pimp, Ibai Sáez, is Martina Díaz, also known by the aliases Kimmy Dale and Magic.
We have no further updates… Are you all right? They released him.
He's free.
…Special Crimes officers Teo Aguilar and Bruno Soto, who both died in the past few hours.
There's a gag order on the case, but it's possible their deaths are linked to it.
Sorry, I think you're at the wrong booth.
Your brother will be in later.
Don't worry, he's waiting outside.
-Who's the kid with him? Your nephew? -Why? What's going on? Funny how kids change your life.
Suddenly, the future isn't just about you, and you'd do anything to protect them.
Right, Roberto? Who are you? A friend of Mateo Vidal's.
If you go, you won't see your family today.
-What do you want? -The truth.
Life can't be easy for a prisoner whose whole family is unemployed.
Taking good money for saying shit about Mateo Vidal is understandable.
No one paid me anything.
So why say Mat killed a man inside right when the cops are after him? Well, nobody had asked me before.
Look familiar? Shall we talk about how your brother makes ends meet while unemployed? About his dealing? It's low-level, but enough to leave your nephew without a dad or an uncle.
Tell me something good.
'Cause if I leave empty-handed, you and your brother will be cellmates.
Pastor, give me some good news.
That depends on what you want to hear.
I did the reconstruction.
Martina Díaz's prints don't match the one on the gun that killed Sáez and Gallardo.
I really had to work my magic on the partial print.
So the suspect is telling the truth? It wasn't her.
Because we have a different match.
There's your killer.
She didn't see it… It can't be easy.
Olivia needs to meet her daughter.
That must be Jorge.
I told him to come over so you could meet him.
I'll get it.
Can we talk for a minute? What's going on? We know Martina Díaz couldn't have killed Gallardo and Sáez.
The reconstructed print from the murder weapon isn't hers.
So? You should come with me.
The judge and Chief Oliete want to question you.
What am I? A suspect? Your prints were found on the gun.
I promise you'll be given due process, but I need you to come with me.
They're framing me again.
That's why you have to prove you're innocent.
This is a fucking nightmare.
-Listen-- -No, you listen.
I'm not going anywhere.
If you don't come willingly, I can't stop them from arresting you in front of your family.
-You keep playing for a bit.
We'll be right back.
okay? Okay.
Let me tell them.
-Any news? -Yes, but they won't say.
I'm going to the station.
I'll call you when I find out.
okay? -I'll come with you.
-It's okay.
They said it won't take long.
-Are you sure? -Yes.
I'll get my jacket and phone.
-You were right, Mat.
Aranda got paid through his brother to tell the press about Romero's murder.
The police are here.
They think I killed Sáez and Gallardo.
-This can't be a coincidence.
-It's not.
Jaime Vera, Daniel's father.
He paid Aranda.
He wants to fuck you over.
Do you have proof? Where is he? He went to get his jacket.
I thought he was with you.
What's going on? -Crespo.
He's gone.
The payment's untraceable.
Aranda's brother was paid in cash.
Jaime Vera was careful to keep himself clean.
Without proof, I have nothing.
Aranda tipped me off, but he won't confess to the police.
Drop me at Jaime's and go.
Are you sure? The police confiscated it.
I know you have another one.
It's my only option, Zoe.
-Mat, what are you doing here? -Where's your husband? -Upstairs, why? -Tell him to come down, please.
But… What are you doing with a gun? -It doesn't concern you.
-What doesn't? -Listen.
-This is Jaime Vera.
Mateo Vidal's in my house.
He has a gun.
Listen, whatever happens, this has nothing to do with you.
What doesn't? Close the door.
Why are you in my house? I know it was you.
I don't know how the fuck you did it, but it was you.
You paid that guy to say that shit to the press.
You turned everyone against me, like in the trial.
Now you want to pin Sáez and Gallardo's deaths on me.
-What does he have to do with that? -I don't know.
But I swear I won't leave until I find out.
-What's he talking about? -I called the police.
Come down.
Get the fuck down here! Okay, thanks.
That was HQ.
Jaime Vera just reported that Mateo Vidal is at his house.
He says Vidal has a gun and is holding him and his wife hostage.
Send all available units and a negotiator.
No, I have to go.
Ortiz, your instincts were right about Officer Aguilar, but look at Vidal.
What happened to him? He's holding two people hostage because he wasn't arrested in time.
You let him get away.
I admit I made a mistake.
But sending a negotiator is a mistake.
Right now, Mateo Vidal doesn't trust anyone.
-Not even you, it would seem.
-He'll at least talk to me.
You have one hour to get him out.
Not a minute more.
If you can't, we'll do it my way.
I contacted Aranda.
Officer Ortiz went to see him.
Then he offered to tell his version of the story for money.
-No, he lied because you paid him.
Aranda said what he thought, what most of us think of you.
I just seized the opportunity.
Is that a crime? Guilty as charged.
You can leave now.
And Sáez and Gallardo? I have no idea.
He's lying.
Your husband's not telling you the truth.
Sonia, I swear on Dani's grave I don't know who those scumbags are.
I want an answer, and I want it now.
Mat, put the gun down.
Listen to me, he's lying.
Okay, but put the gun down.
Don't even think about moving.
Listen, I swear if anyone tries anything, I'll do whatever I have to.
All right.
We won't go in, but tell me what's going on.
Jaime Vera.
He's behind all this.
Zoe can prove he bribed Aranda to say that shit about me.
That's nothing compared to what you're doing, Mat.
I have nothing to do with Sáez and Gallardo's deaths.
You have to believe me.
If that's true, I promise we'll prove it.
But, right now, I need you to come out and cooperate.
All right? Mat.
Mat, stay with me.
Keep talking to me.
Mat, relax.
I can help you, okay? Fuck this.
Forty minutes.
Then we're going in.
What now? If you run, you lose.
If you turn yourself in, you lose.
If you do anything to me, you lose.
Whatever you do, you lose.
And I win.
What do you mean, you win? What do you win, Jaime? What are you talking about? -We're leaving.
-Jaime? I asked you what you win.
Let's go, Sonia.
You're not going anywhere.
You're in no position to negotiate, whatsoever.
We're leaving.
Are you coming or not? I pushed your son because I wanted to hurt him.
I pushed as hard as I could because I couldn't control my anger.
Everything I've done to fuck up your life has been nothing, you bastard.
You deserve to rot in prison for the rest of your life.
And I swear I made sure that'll happen.
What have you done, Jaime? I got what no one ever gave us.
Justice? There's your answer.
What else? -Well? -Tell me everything.
-I don't owe you an explanation.
-But you owe me one.
And I swear you're not leaving until you tell me what happened.
Didn't you just hear him? I heard you.
Can't you see he was provoking you? I don't know how you can be so blind.
Me neither, Jaime.
I don't know how I could be so blind.
Look, your ambition cost me my son.
And I'm still here.
So tell me the truth now.
You owe me that much.
-Go on.
We can also get in through the garage and kitchen.
But we'll wait.
We only have 30 minutes.
Any news on Mat? We found him, but I need you to listen carefully.
He's making a mistake, and only you can stop him.
What are you doing? Neither of us wants the police here, right? Come on in.
Come in.
Jaime, what does all this mean? When Dani died… I became obsessed with you.
I hit rock bottom.
I tried to forget about you, about Dani, about the pain, about everything.
I swear I tried, Sonia.
I thought I could do it.
I thought I could be like you.
But everything went to shit the day I saw you again, at the hospital, with your whole future ahead of you.
At that moment, I realized that my pain was still there.
And that it had turned into a kind of hatred that I couldn't control.
They're having a baby.
For a moment, I thought you had won.
I swear I did, but something happened.
Olivia, you said this was your first pregnancy, but my examination indicates you've given birth before.
I'd rather we kept this between us.
I want to tell him myself.
I found out your wife was lying to you.
A secret is like a tumor.
If it's isolated, it can be harmless, but if it starts spreading… it can be lethal.
And I looked for a way to hurt you.
I soon found out your wife did strange things.
She met the same woman at the zoo, every week.
And she always did it behind your back.
And soon, I realized she was no ordinary woman.
She had secrets too.
Ma'am, you can't be here.
Ma'am! Where is he? He has 15 minutes or they're going in.
Go on.
I knew her death wasn't an accident.
So I decided to dig a little deeper.
And only the nun's killer could help me.
Even if that meant putting my own life at risk.
What do you want? I don't care that you killed the nun.
What I want to know is why.
They were looking for a Candance Russo, but they'd reached a dead end.
The nun hadn't betrayed her friend.
They only knew she'd given her baby up for adoption.
And it was clear that this Candance Russo… could only be your Olivia.
I want to make a deal.
But your Kimmy must be kept out of it.
I told you he wants money.
There'll be money, but for you.
And why would you pay us? I won't pay you.
She will.
Old, untraceable cell phones.
Now listen to me carefully.
I don't know who it is.
-Hello? -Is this Olivia Costa? -Yes, speaking.
-I'm calling on behalf of Paula's parents.
The daughter you gave up for adoption.
You'll tell her what you'd planned to, that her daughter has a very serious kidney disease and that only she can save her.
With a slight difference.
You'll ask for all her savings in exchange for putting her in touch with the supposed adoptive parents.
-What did that whore do to you? -Nothing.
It's her husband whose life I want to wreck.
After ruining him, we'll destroy his love by telling him that his darling Olivia has been unfaithful.
Driving a man crazy is easy.
First, take his money.
Then take his love.
And finally, take his freedom.
Jaime, what have you done? Mat.
It's me, Olivia.
Listen to me, honey, please.
I know you're doing all this to prove you're innocent, and I need you to know that I believe you.
I've always believed you.
All the police in the country can say what they want, but I know you're not a murderer.
I have him.
 Awaiting orders.
Copy that.
Mat, listen.
Don't prove these people who think you're a criminal right.
Don't come out until you prove what you came here to pro-- Listen up, we're going in.
Everybody in position.
And above all, do not shoot to kill.
We still don't know what he'll do.
I've been patient enough.
You gave me an hour.
I still have ten minutes.
Ten minutes and we're going in.
Everyone get ready.
How did Sáez and Gallardo end up dead? Talk.
See? It's fishy.
Sáez and Gallardo found out who I was and got greedy.
What is it? We need to talk about Mateo Vidal.
Where are you going? To clear my head.
What do you want? Five hundred thousand.
I told him I'd never give in to his blackmail, but he threatened me.
I didn't mean to kill him.
It was an accident.
I don't know how, but it happened.
I was terrified and just didn't want to be linked to any of it.
I was a mess, Sonia.
I was alone.
I decided to end it all.
I swear I nearly did it, Sonia.
I was ready to pull the trigger.
But in my head, I kept thinking that it had been an accident.
It was an accident.
And I couldn't let him beat us over an accident, Sonia.
So I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger.
I don't know how long I spent feeling sorry for myself, but it was a good while.
Until all of a sudden… someone called me on the cell I'd bought to talk to those two scumbags.
-Hello? -It's Sáez.
Shut your fucking mouth.
I know Gallardo's with you.
He's not answering.
We need to talk.
I need instructions.
Shit hit the fan.
Life had given me the opportunity I'd been waiting so many years for.
All I had to do was go to your house and see if your car was still there.
There was no turning back.
It's about fucking time.
-Where's Gallardo? -He's in the car.
-What happened? -What the fuck happened? -Come on.
-Mateo fucking Vidal.
He found us.
He showed up at the fucking hotel.
I didn't know who to call.
Is he alive? Yes.
Well, I think… I think he is.
That's how I got the chance to take away your freedom.
You killed them, Jaime? No.
He did.
And that's what we'll say when we walk out together in a state of shock.
Dani would be ashamed of what you've done.
He gave me the strength to do it.
No, Jaime.
Dani has nothing to do with all this.
Sonia, this bastard ruined our lives.
Look at what we've become.
What you've become, Jaime.
I'm so sorry.
Really, I am.
Let's go, Mat.
I'm sorry, Jaime.
Where do you think you're going? -Let's go.
-There's something else.
It was me.
I tried to have you killed when you were in prison.
I sent that inmate to kill you.
I thought it'd be easy.
Just the thought of you paying for what you did gave me strength.
But I failed.
I failed because I underestimated you.
I forgot your true nature.
You're a killer.
That's your true nature.
That's what drove you to kill my son that night and to kill that inmate.
You're a murderer.
-A murderer.
-No, Mat.
You're a murderer! Mat, please.
Don't do it.
Do it.
Mat, please.
Dani, son.
Don't do it.
Dani, look at me.
Look at me, Dani.
Look at me.
You're no murderer.
Son, don't do it.
You don't have to, Mat.
Stop blaming yourself.
Your name is Mateo Vidal.
You never imagined a man could be reborn twice.
But you were.
Thanks to the forgiveness of a woman whose soul you broke.
Thanks to the love of a woman who went through hell.
And thanks to the power of second chances.
The ones that let us right our wrongs… and do things a little better.
You'll make the most of yours.
You'll learn to look to the future without the past hurting you.
And you'll find a way to heal wounds you thought would never close.
To find relief, you'll have to forge paths you'd never imagined.
And bit by bit, you'll sever ties with your past.
OFFICE FOR REN You'll decide to help people who want to start over, like you.
How are you, José Luis? To help them rebuild bridges over impassable chasms.
You'll leave behind everything you were, and you'll think about everything you could become.
And you'll decide to embrace this new life with all your might.
Until you finally feel like you have everything you want.
What you've spent years fighting for.
And then you'll know that you don't need anything else to be happy.
Well, maybe just to bury something in your mind.
Now it's time.
Now it's time.
Subtitle translation by: Tom Sullivan
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