The Irrational (2023) s01e10 Episode Script


I know you.
You're Wes Banning.
You're the one that bombed
that Black church.
You killed what, 12, 13 people?
I only made that bomb.
I didn't set it off.
Why so shy, brother?
That was a worthy effort.
Take pride in your good work.
I do.
I'm not your brother.
Mm, just being friendly.
I got to say I am loving my closet.
Funny you should mention that.
I just found this.
So I gave you a closet.
And now you are colonizing my cabinets.
That's a charged word.
I prefer exploring.
Did you sleep at all last night?
I woke up at, like, 3:00.
And you were still working.
I couldn't stop thinking about
who might have been in the church
if the bomb had gone off
when it was supposed to.
So I was digging through some
of Sanford's old campaign records,
found three names.
Sanford's assistant Roger Silmar,
campaign manager Ike Chow, and
his assistant, Natalie Price.
They were all on cleanup and post-game.
Natalie and Ike died in the blast.
Looks like Roger
got lucky or something else.
We should follow up on that.
- Start today.
- Yeah.
You might have to take
point on that alone.
I need to go.
What do you think
about wedding photographer?
That's a new one.
Yeah. I added it to my list last night
along with personal shopper
and life coach.
Let me guess.
The more you add to the list, the harder
the decision becomes.
Psychology patient not on the list.
You're suffering from choice overload.
Let me see.
You might want to
get rid of circus performer.
You're just saying that because you
haven't seen my trapeze act.
I'm saying that because I know you.
And you don't need a job.
What you need is a calling.
You need to ask yourself,
which of these options
is going to make me feel good
getting up in the morning?
Eliminate everything else.
Marisa, what's up?
I don't know how to tell you this,
but Wes Banning escaped from prison.
He was being transferred
to Wallens Ridge SuperMax,
and the prison van crashed.
I'm so sorry, Alec.
You OK?
The man who built the bomb
and killed 13 people,
burned half my body is on the loose.
I'm processing.
We'll get him.
We're already tracking down
family, friends, old haunts,
possible accomplices.
You're covering the external.
But you're also going to
need to understand what's
going on in Banning's head.
I'll hit the lab, do a workup,
hopefully help you
figure out his next move.
Alec, I just wanted to be
the first to give you the news.
I wasn't asking for help.
Maybe not, but I need to help.
Let me help.
Of course.
Talk soon.
All right.
Let's do this.
I went through
Wes Banning's prison time.
He was a model inmate until
he tanked his parole hearing.
After that, he became disruptive,
earned multiple stints in solitary.
Matthias made him confess
to a crime he didn't commit,
robbed him of any possibility of parole.
That would increase his
anger and frustration.
And he took it out on the
guards and his fellow inmates.
So Wes uses violence to
relieve his internal tension.
To a point.
Places Banning bombs
courthouse, law firm,
social services office
they all represented legal authority.
But they were also empty.
I think he wanted to hurt
institutions, not people.
Not then.
But given what he's been through,
he might be more dangerous now.
He's escalated before.
His first arrest was for
slashing someone's tires,
then a domestic disturbance
with an ex-girlfriend,
and finally a barroom brawl that led
to an assault conviction.
Anger issues.
Banning doesn't run from confrontations.
He attacks.
Professor, you've been quiet.
I was just thinking about
Banning facing life
in prison for something
he didn't do and the
damage that would inflict.
He's probably feeling disempowered,
a feeling he doesn't like.
When Wes was arrested,
he had a lot of bombs.
And he built them compulsively,
suggests he may have hidden
some for a rainy day.
You think he might try to get one.
If Wes hid any explosives,
it would have been
somewhere close to him.
The man loves his bombs.
The apartment where he lived?
No. The FBI tore that place apart.
He worked for a while at a factory.
It was abandoned.
They plowed it down a few
years ago, nothing left.
Didn't Banning once have
a job at a community
college near his house?
He worked as a handyman.
And he'd know the secret spaces.
Checking socials of the students.
Pictures from police activity
from earlier today
someone broke into
this utility building.
Campus safety says nothing
of value is missing.
Nothing they know of.
Look, we have to assume
that Wes has a bomb now
and the inclination to use it.
You two get us some food. Use my card.
I have a call to make.
You think Wes Banning is
going to try to bomb the FBI?
You specifically.
Wes targets authority figures.
You told me he once
called you the author
of all his misfortunes.
You need to get out of your office.
In fact, you should evacuate
the entire building.
Or I could wait and see what happens.
That wasn't the
response I was hoping for.
FBI offices are constantly
getting bomb threats.
- We're ready for them
- Marisa
which makes this the
safest place I can be.
And if he does try to come for me,
it might be our best
chance to catch him.
At least alert your security
people just to be safe.
The second I get off this call.
Thanks, Alec.
I'm saying,
pushing the button repeatedly like that
doesn't actually speed up the elevator.
It just seems that way
because it always shows up
closest to the last push.
It's a reinforcement illusion.
Sure. But what if I know that,
and I just like pushing the button?
That's even more irrational.
Professor, we got Thai.
I told him extra spicy for you.
Everything OK?
Things are very much not OK.
Now you all are going to do as I say.
Or I will blow us sky high.
Your phones have been disabled.
I'm the only one with this key.
And no monkey business
with the shades or lights.
Take a seat.
Don't answer the phone.
I want your undivided attention.
Is that why you came
here, to get my attention?
Before we discuss my
wants, you should know,
I've planted more of my
toys all over this building.
So if you don't play nice, not only
will you and your assistants disappear,
so will your life's work.
This doesn't make any sense.
Your church bomb put me in
the hospital for three years.
Why would you seek revenge
against your victim?
You, a victim?
You're rich, famous.
I'm the victim here.
I was supposed to get parole.
That was the deal.
But Matthias made you throw the hearing.
And then in one final act of unkindness,
on my way to my forever home,
some tatted-up windbag tries to shiv me.
It's not hard to guess
who put him up to that.
You think I want revenge?
I want justice.
I want Marisa.
And you're going to get her here.
Or what?
You're gonna blow us sky high?
You don't have a dead man
switch on that vest,
no way to set it off if you die.
And my research on you suggests
that you're not suicidal.
So this is all one big bluff.
Oh, you think I'm bluffing?
Test me, find out what happens.
Get in there.
I can't see them anymore.
I think they went
next door into his office.
You OK?
We're being held hostage
by an escaped prisoner
wearing a bomb vest, so
But the professor, he's the person they
call in situations like this.
He'll know what to do, won't he?
We have to do something.
I need to know what's going on in there.
There might be a way to monitor them.
The old glass to the wall trick,
which actually works, because
Acoustic coupling.
Wanna try it?
Sit down.
Call Agent Clark now.
I'll make you a deal.
You answer some questions.
And if I like the answers,
I'll get Marisa here.
No. We're not playing tradesies.
Call her now.
The problem with bombs is,
you can only set them off once.
If I touch the shades, boom, game over.
If I try to leave, boom, game over.
If I don't call Marisa,
except you don't want this game
to end so soon.
You want to win.
A few questions isn't going to make you
flip over the board, right?
First question,
imagine there's a runaway freight train
headed towards
four children crossing the track.
But you have a switch you
can flip to derail the train,
saving the children
but killing the engineer.
- What do you do?
- Is that
- Is this a joke?
- the Trolley Problem?
It's a variation.
I don't get it.
Is the professor stalling?
Trains and children,
what do I care about any of that?
I think he's also testing
Banning for empathy
or lack of it.
Same scenario, four children
on the track, except this time,
there are four adult male
engineers on the train.
Do you flip the switch?
Of course I do.
It's probably the engineer's
fault the train's out of control.
He's trying to see
if Banning's a psychopath.
One more, imagine that it's not a train.
It's a truck.
And it's rolling downhill, no driver.
And on the sidewalk, there are
children playing in its path.
You don't have a switch, but
you're standing on the curb
next to a middle-aged, overweight man.
And you know if you shove this
man in front of the truck,
it'll divert it, saving the children.
Taken away the switch tests Banning's
willingness to make the trade
without a mediator, right?
Do you do it?
What difference does it make
train, truck, switch,
no switch, engineer, bystander.
I kill him.
I kill everyone I have to
to save the children.
Uh, that answer is a point
for psychopath, right?
Phoebe, what's wrong?
Um, it's, uh
I'm having a panic attack.
Uh do you have meds?
they're in my purse out there.
Intelligence Division is monitoring
anyone West might call
or reach out to you by email.
So far, no hits yet.
Our behavioral psych expert says
that Wes likely has a bomb,
and he wants to use it.
This office is his most likely target.
Now, we're already on high alert here.
But keep an eye on any
other potential targets,
like, parole boards,
courts, boards of prisons.
Let's get to it.
Yeah, hang on for just one second.
Hey, boss, report of a
stolen car not far from where
the prison van crashed
- could be our guy.
- Track it down.
- I've got to take this.
- Yeah, give me the numbers.
Kylie, what's up?
Please tell me you've
caught Wes Banning.
We haven't, but we will.
Something's wrong. You sound worried.
I can't get a hold of
Alec, or Phoebe, or Rizwan.
They're not answering their phones?
No. And not just that.
I checked. Their phones are
off Alec's phone is never off.
What if Banning came after him?
I just talked to Alec a few hours ago.
He thought that Banning had
a different target in mind.
Well, my brother would
be the first to admit
he's not always right.
I'm going to his office. You should too.
And bring, like, everyone
bomb squads, sniper guys,
urban assault vehicles,
all that police state noise,
because for once
we might actually need it.
The best treatments for
anxiety involve medication
and lifestyle interventions.
So aside from your meds, what helps you?
Walks walks in the woods,
warm baths, Pilates the machine kind.
But I can't do any of that here.
I'm just panicking about panicking.
What about work?
Does that help?
OK, then.
So what's your call on Wes?
Is he a psychopath or not?
Um, uh, not entirely, no.
100 Just maybe 60%.
He feels bad when he talks
about killing someone to
to save the children.
So he's capable of empathy.
But he's also
very angry.
Enough questions.
Get Agent Clark here now.
But before I do, you should
weigh the pros and cons.
If I ask Marisa to come
here in the middle of the night
with you on the
loose, she'll be suspicious.
And she won't come alone.
You think you're so damn clever.
I've just armed all the
bombs I placed in this building
and set them on a 90-minute timer.
Now, I need Agent Clark.
Get her here before time runs out.
Or your clever mind
will be turned to ash.
Wes, I am on your side.
That day at that church,
we both lost something.
The man I was before that died.
You lost your freedom.
We both want justice.
So let me help.
You don't want Marisa.
You want Matthias.
Tell me who Matthias is.
And tell me what he has over you.
I don't know Matthias's real name.
But whoever he is,
he's threatening to kill my daughter.
Tell me about your daughter.
I studied you for years.
There's no record you ever had a child.
I'm not on her birth certificate.
Her mother and I were
a roller-coaster ride
ups and downs, and
When Dahlia was born, we were down.
He never wrote her from prison?
She never visited?
I didn't want her to see me in there.
I mean, I wanted her
to remember me from
From the purple place.
The purple place?
That's what she called it.
When Dahlia was little, her
mom and I got back together.
I got a job making appliances.
And we moved into this apartment.
And the walls were purple.
But it was nice, you know.
We were happy.
Except it didn't last.
For me, nothing good ever does.
Hey, the advance team is setting up.
Security cameras confirmed
Banning entered the Institute
a little after dark.
And Alec and his two
assistants are still inside.
No one's answering the phone in there.
But no shots fired or explosions.
So hopefully, everyone's still OK.
We got to make sure our people
avoid Banning sight lines
from the south-facing windows.
Better reschedule that
meeting with Ike's widow.
You should talk to her.
Your ex was taken hostage
by a guy with a bomb.
I figured that took priority.
Thank you. I mean that.
But this is all happening
because we started working
on the church bombing again.
That's practically proof
that there's something there.
We need to keep momentum.
And we need to get to Ike's
widow before Matthias does.
So I'll handle this.
You go find the real bomber.
I don't like the idea of
leaving before Wes is caught
and before I know you'll be safe.
I promise not to get
blown up while you're gone.
I'm going to hold you to that.
Economic stressors can be
triggers for personal crises.
I was triggered, all right.
I couldn't provide for my daughter.
One day I ran into my ex-boss at a bar.
He asked me how I was doing.
I broke his nose.
Single father, felony arrest,
I'm guessing you got a visit from
a social worker.
And it didn't go well.
No, Daddy.
She called me an unfit father.
Daddy. Daddy.
She dragged Dahlia away
screaming and crying.
Daddy, don't take me away.
Yeah, I was angry.
So you made a bomb.
I enjoyed blowing up
that busybody's office.
I mean, it was so satisfying.
Made you feel better, like you mattered.
And then you did it again.
And then one day, Matthias appeared.
The church bomb.
What if there were no
people on that train of yours
and it was headed for your daughter?
Would you blow it up?
You thought the church was empty.
I didn't know there was a church.
I didn't ask what it was for.
I just gave Matthias what he wanted.
And I hoped that would be the end of it.
But the day before
your wife arrested me,
Matthias reappears.
And he gives me this.
And he tells me that Dahlia
is with a loving family
and that she's going to
have a wonderful life
if I do as I'm told.
And if I don't, well,
her life will be short.
So you threw yourself in
front of an oncoming train.
But after I served my time, Matthias
shows up at my parole hearing.
I've learned from my time.
And it's not hard to guess
what he wants, not hard.
He served 15 years.
What's another couple of
decades for Dahlia's sake?
But now, I know Matthias
doesn't want me in prison.
He wants me dead.
So I want him dead.
Time's ticking, man.
You want to help me?
Help me kill him.
Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
'Cause every little thing
is gonna be all right ♪
It's not helping.
There's got to be something I can do.
Can you make lorazepam from scratch?
But some experiments show
placebos work nearly as well.
Ta-da, medicine.
Won't work, because
I know that's a placebo.
A few studies found placebos can
have a positive effect even when people
know they're taking them.
I've read those studies.
They didn't test the placebos
against the meds that I take,
and mine work.
But maybe we can mimic their effect.
So when you take your pills,
how do they make you feel?
It's going to sound silly.
No, no.
When I take my medication,
it feels like a
like a hug.
Yeah, we could replicate that.
You take one of these.
And when you do
and I know we're coworkers and all
but I could give you a hug
as a friend a friend hug.
Yeah, a friend hug.
Yeah, we're friends.
It's OK.
It's going to be OK.
I need eyes in there.
Let's set up the thermal scanners.
- It's better than nothing.
- Ma'am.
Like hell I'm staying out.
You're only here because I summoned
y'all like a Patronus spell.
Look, I understand
you've got a relationship
to the hostages.
But this area
is off limits to civilians.
My brother is in danger.
And I want to help.
Look, I heard you say you
need eyes in Alec's office.
He has a whole system
of mics and hidden cameras
to record his experiments.
Guess who set that up.
Can you get access?
Only if you let me inside.
Let's see what she can do.
That's all you've got on Matthias?
I already knew all that.
Marisa and I haven't identified him yet.
But for you,
you should know that revenge
is far less satisfying
than fantasizing about it.
I'm looking for satisfaction.
No. You're looking to
protect your daughter, so am I.
Then it doesn't matter whether
Matthias lives or dies.
What was that noise?
I'm in.
Bomb vest.
Looks like C-4.
At least I don't
see a dead man's switch.
That's a triggering device.
We have eyes on the suspect
wearing a C-4 explosive vest.
What happened?
Alec turned off the cameras.
There, the camera's off.
How about you put that thing away?
It's it's too late.
They know I'm here.
They're going to try and get in.
No, they won't.
The FBI won't try a breach if
they can't evaluate the risks.
And I just blinded them.
I've been trusting you.
Now you trust me.
There's something I need you to do.
We're even.
- Oh, thank god.
- Whoa.
Whoa. Whoa.
- Whoa.
- Where are you going so fast?
She has medicine in her purse.
She needs it. Let her go.
Wes, we've been through this.
We're on the same team.
We'll all find Dahlia.
You and I will go get her.
Now, you set them free.
If we find a way out of
here without getting caught.
We'll find one.
That's probably Marisa.
I should answer it.
Who is this?
Hello, Wes.
That's my voice.
Someone cloned it.
Got it in one.
Now listen carefully.
I will be at Dahlia's
house in 38 minutes.
If you're still alive when I get there,
I'm going to put a bullet in her head.
Matthias, this is Alec Mercer.
Let's talk this through.
There's no discussion here.
Please don't bring Dahlia into this.
You did this.
You have a bomb.
Blow yourself up, 38 minutes
or your daughter's dead.
There's no other way.
Every move I make, every single
one, I can't get ahead of him.
38 minutes, he must have
to drive to get to Dahlia.
We get there first
and get her to safety.
This all ends here.
Matthias wants you to fear
him, but you eluded his hit.
You escaped prison, and you got to me.
Now he wants to take you out,
because he's afraid of you.
Yeah. But even if he is,
I don't know where my daughter is.
OK? If you can't find Matthias,
how am I supposed
to believe you can find her?
Because you have a picture of her.
Phoebe, Rizwan.
Can I have it?
It it's 15 years old.
It's a start.
Up there on the right,
is that a covered bridge?
We can figure out where this is.
We need to do a search.
Tell me more about Matthias.
What does he look like?
I'll tell you everything I know,
when my daughter is safe.
OK. Thermal imaging scanners are up.
We should have the feed now.
They just look like blobs.
At least we can confirm four people.
And they're all alive.
Can you tell which one is Wes?
Not with any level of confidence.
I might have something.
I also helped Alec install this
experimental EQ radio system.
It's supposed to detect human emotion
by monitoring heart rate,
breathing, stuff like that.
OK, wait. So you want to rely
on intel from a college professor's
experimental emotion detector?
It's real.
It came out of MIT.
And if we can detect
everyone's emotional states,
we might be able
to put names to the blobs.
It's our best option. Do what you can.
There are only three
covered bridges in Virginia.
The farthest one is only
26 minutes from here.
We only have 30 minutes.
You're running out of time.
Not this one, the roof is wrong.
We can get there.
It's one of these two bridges.
Yeah, I'll give you two more minutes.
OK, it's ready.
This is the iceman, calm, collected.
So I'm guessing Alec.
The other three,
all are registering off
the charts levels of stress.
This one, uh, is typing at a computer?
It's probably Rizwan.
That's his usual workstation
which leaves us with these two.
This one's stress levels
have stayed about the same,
while this one's agitation is decreased.
Wes Banning is a bomb maker.
He's focused, hard to rattle.
Making that one Banning and
that one the other assistant.
I'll relay that to the sniper.
Oh, wait. Wait.
I don't want anyone shot
based off of what I just said.
Banning hasn't issued any demands.
If you ask me, he is not
planning to come out alive.
It's your call, boss.
Send the info, but hold for orders.
Intel received.
Acquiring target.
Locked on.
Targeting a head shot to avoid the C-4.
OK, that's it. Time's up.
That's it.
You guys got to go out.
Everyone out.
Get as far away from
the building as you can.
You can still get to her in time, right?
We can do that.
We we're not leaving.
Dahlia deserves to see her father.
Wes, I need you to stop Matthias.
If it's the one on the bottom,
that's only 17 minutes away.
Wes, we will get this figured out.
We just need a little time.
- Target's isolated.
- Take the shot?
Oh, wait.
Hold on.
I'm not so sure that's Wes.
Why not?
Alec approached person P,
got in their face,
and P flared with anger.
Why would Phoebe get angry with Alec?
After the confrontation,
P's anxiety level actually falls,
like someone who's made
their mind up on a plan,
Which makes that Phoebe.
And that is Wes.
I've got it. It's the closest one.
It doesn't matter.
This is taking too long.
I told you.
We can save her.
Just have faith.
The sniper has the new target.
Kylie, we clear on Banning?
I don't know.
I think yeah, yeah,
I think it's right.
Your call, Agent Clark.
They're all leaving.
What's happening?
They're on the move.
I think he's going to blow the place.
- Boss?
- Target confirmed.
- Fire.
- Fire. Fire. Fire.
I don't have the shot.
Target blocked.
Oh, God.
- Alec!
- Kylie, it's not safe.
Well, I need to get inside.
Kylie, you cannot go in right now.
We have to wait for them to clear.
We can't wait. Alec's in there.
- Phoebe, Rizwan, there in there.
- I know.
- You think he's dead?
- Kylie, no.
Do not say that.
We just have to let the bomb
squad clear the building.
We have to stay here for now.
Agent Clark.
We're OK.
Where's Alec?
He's alive.
Oh, thank god.
Where is he?
With Wes, they escaped together.
How much time do we have left?
11 minutes.
But we're close.
There's only one block with views
to that bridge from the backyard.
Just keep going straight.
You know, we could have
snuck out without you
blowing up my office.
I needed Matthias to think I was dead,
buy us time to find Dahlia, so
we can make sure she's safe.
So I threw a switch, all right?
Throw a switch, save a child.
Tell me about your daughter.
What do you remember most about her?
She was independent just like her dad,
always insisted on doing
everything herself.
One time, I was making her
a peanut butter sandwich
just peanut butter, no jelly.
She'd come over and say
she wanted to make it.
But I wouldn't give her a bread knife.
So she got one out of her
own Barbie kitchen set,
come over and cut the
sandwich into little triangles.
For a long time,
I thought you were a psychopath,
a stone-cold killer without
the possibility of redemption.
That's why you asked
me all those questions.
I don't put a lot of
stock in a ten-minute quiz.
But I will say that you are capable
of empathy and love.
And you held on to that,
even after years of injustice.
Well, life sucks.
And then you die, right?
Pull over. I see something on the left.
You said Dahlia you loved
the purple place, right?
She loved purple flowers?
No, don't. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
If this is the place
that she lives, I
- this isn't a good idea.
- Wes.
I'm the source of everything bad
that's happened in her life.
I scared her mother away.
I screwed up with social workers.
I mean, I built bombs.
- Wes.
- We have to go.
Hey, Wes, I'm knocking on that door.
You you shouldn't be here.
Wait, wait, wait.
I suppose you've seen the news.
I can't help you.
I definitely can't hide you.
That's not why we're here.
Look, you need to come with us.
That's not happening.
Dahlia, I'm I'm Alec Mercer.
I helped your father find you,
because your life
may be in jeopardy.
You you're the guy who
survived the church bombing.
My father did that to you.
But the man really responsible
is on his way here.
We do not have much time.
If I can trust your father, you can too.
Dahlia, please.
OK, here's the deal.
Hi, sweetie.
She has a daughter.
Dahlia, the man coming after me,
we need to get you out of here.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
He's after you too.
He's been using you to
get to me this whole time.
Is that true?
We'll get you both somewhere safe.
Then Wes is going back to prison.
I know it's a shock.
You don't know anything.
I haven't seen you since I was a kid.
And you show up.
And now my life is in danger?
Please, there isn't
a lot that I'm proud of.
But the one good thing
I ever did is you.
Now, I never got to say it.
I never got to show it.
But whenever I had a
choice, I always chose you.
What does that even mean?
We can explain later.
Is there a way out through the back?
I'm hungry.
I want to make a peanut butter sandwich.
I promise you.
You can make one later tonight.
Cut it into little triangles even.
We can cut through the neighbors' yards.
OK, sweetie, go get your jacket, OK?
Thank you.
Get down.
- Dahlia, get down.
- Ah!
Are you OK?
You were hit.
Dad, it's OK.
I'm OK. You saved me.
One good thing
No, Dad.
No, please, don't.
- Hey, you had me sick.
- Oh.
Ooh, I'm so mad at you!
Thank God you're safe.
I'm OK.
And thank yourself.
It was Kylie who realized that
you had been taken hostage.
And she got us eyes
inside your building.
She's been a big help.
That's my sister.
That's Jace.
- I should take this.
- Mm-hmm.
Is Wes
Yeah. His daughter's inside.
I need to talk to her.
But we'll catch up later.
Thank you. I'm so glad you're here.
Love you.
Love you too.
Hey, what's up?
I got some news for you, new theory.
It's good. Near Marisa-level.
Will definitely make you proud.
You always make me proud.
Hear it over breakfast, your place?
It is where you keep your toothbrush.
Thank you.
How's Grace?
She's a little shaken up from the noise.
But she doesn't understand
what happened, thankfully.
If it helps, you're safe now.
It doesn't.
And what did he mean when he
said that every time he had
a choice, he always chose me?
For a long time,
someone was threatening your life,
unless your father did what they said.
Wes never told anyone, because
he wanted to protect you.
Well, what did he know
that was so important?
Oh, the reason behind
what happened to me.
Your father was set up.
I never had a chance to get to know him.
What you do know
is how much he sacrificed
for you and Grace.
The FBI is adding protective detail
out of an abundance of caution.
But they have people you can talk to.
can I talk to you?
Jace, I got your favorite bagels.
I need an ambulance at 1950 Dorothy.
Agent down!
I repeat, agent down!
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