The Irrational (2023) s01e11 Episode Script


Previously on "The Irrational"
He bombed that church 20 years ago.
Bob Caswith, come in!
I would avoid doing anything
that would compromise the investigation.
You think Sanford might be this
Matthias guy we've been chasing.
We've got to look into every angle.
Maybe they targeted Sanford
or someone from his campaign.
What if they knew the church
wasn't gonna be empty?
I still have a lot
of emotional ground to cover.
I need an ambulance at 1950 Dorothy.
Oh, oh ♪
Ooh ♪
Let's get it crunk up on ♪
Have fun up on,
up in this dancery ♪
We got y'all open ♪
This one got away.
Keep it.
Come see Kevin Sanford
speak this Saturday.
I've seen that show before,
the one where the white politician
tries to convince you he's a brother
by speaking at Black churches.
OK, fair.
But you might want to check out
this white politician.
Yeah? Why is that?
He's special, the real deal.
Earned a Purple Heart in Somalia.
He's got a seven-point action plan
for modernizing infrastructure.
What Roger means is,
Sanford has a vision
for a better future.
[SCOFFS] Come on.
But don't take my word for it.
Come hear what he has to say.
- You'll be there?
- Mm-hmm.
I'll think about it.
Hey, Harrison, let's go.
Gonna be late for practice.
Be right there, Alec!
No, a cappella group.
You should hear our rendition
of "Amazing Grace."
Take one for your friend.
Yeah, OK.

Hey, Alec, you want to go
to church this weekend?

How you holding up, sis?
Honestly, not so well.
The first two days,
all I could do was cry.
Now I just can't.
I'm too angry.
I don't care if Sanford's
poll numbers checked out.
That bomb happened at his event.
Jace goes poking around him,
and two days later, he's dead.
Sanford is at the center of this, Alec.
I just know it.
But why would a popular candidate
with everything to lose
bomb a church at his own event?
I don't know yet.
Well, if he's hiding something,
we'll find out what it is.

You want to go back to the hotel?
I need to find a way
to feel safe in my home again.
It's just, walking through the door,
it feels like it's all happening again.
I can stay here as long as you want.
Or I'm sure you can get
some agents to come.
No they're doing drive-bys.
Um, Bob insisted on it.
Double-click on the side button,
and they're here in seconds.
How can I help?
Well, you can help me find
Matthias before he hurts anyone else.
You're using the case as a way
to avoid dealing with your grief.
I know a little something about that.
My team did some research.
According to Sanford's public records,
he was on a plane during
Wes Banning's parole hearing.
And he was in a committee
meeting when Peter Shelby was killed.
Maybe he had a partner.
Before Jace died, we were
looking into three staffers
who might have been targeted
Natalie Price, Ike Chow,
and Roger Silmar,
Sanford's assistant.
Silmar is the only one who
wasn't killed in the bombing,
and he disappeared right after it.
An experience like that
could leave a person
with significant PTSD.
Yeah, I assumed that at first, too.
But I did some research myself.
Silmar applied to work for the Bureau.
He filled out all the paperwork,
but didn't finish the process.
You think he was swept into
the intelligence apparatus.
That would explain why
he's hard to find.
He could be our Matthias.
Agent Clark.
You're serious?
I'll be right there.
That was Dennis.
He thinks they caught Jace's killer
and the man responsible
for the church bombing.
Name's James Belfast.
He and Banning were on
a transfer van to Supermax
when Belfast attacked Banning.
According to whom?
Prison guard in the van.
Can anyone else corroborate?
I can.
Wes told me that someone
in the van tried to kill him.
He didn't give a name,
but he did mention the tattoo sleeves.
We think Belfast attacked Wes
and then followed him out
to his daughter's house
to try and finish the job.
What about the church bombing?
He's been in and out of
prison his whole adult life,
but his first stint was two
years after the church bombing.
He'd been on parole just over a week
when Peter Shelby was killed.
The timing all adds up.
What's his motive?
He's the shot caller
of a neo-Nazi prison gang.
- I'd like to talk to him.
- So would I.
Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.
I'm not asking for your permission.
So you're Matthias.
Let's talk about the church bombing.
How did you get Wes Banning to do it,
and Peter Shelby?
People tend to do what I say.
How much did you pay them?
Pay them?
According to the chat
transcripts we obtained,
paid Wes for the bomb
and hired Peter to detonate it.
How much did you pay?
What it was worth.
Did you pay in cash?
Unmarked bills?
How much did you take out
for each withdrawal?
I'm done talking.

We both know he didn't do it.
With the new charges, he's
never getting out of Supermax.
His past crimes are violent,
bold, even
home invasion, robbery at gunpoint,
aggravated assault.
He's not the guy who hires
someone to do his dirty work.
He's the guy you hire.
But he's also a habitual liar
with an extensive criminal record,
which makes him a perfect patsy.
- Hmm.
- Look.
I'm gonna say something
you don't want to hear.
Whoever Matthias is,
he was able to manipulate Wes
because he knew about his past crimes.
He knew where Wes's daughter was.
He even knew how to find
the perfect patsy.
Not too many ways you can
get all that information
outside of here.
The FBI.
So either someone in the FBI
is talking to Matthias
Or someone in the FBI is Matthias.
Kylie, what are you doing here?
I could ask you the same
thing, but I won't even
'cause I got more important
things to deal with.
I'm here to drop off some paperwork
because I got an interview tomorrow.
That's a good thing, right?
Yeah, that's a great thing, Kylie.
Hold up. What interview?
Marisa sent my resume
over to the FBI cyber team
to see if they needed
any independent contractors,
and they called me.
If all goes well,
I'll be using my superpowers
for the good of the public,
instead of, you know,
for greedy corporations.
I was hoping to get some pointers.
- Well, best thing is
- Uh-uh.
I have no shortage of advice
from you, big bro.
Thanks. I was talking to Marisa.
Um, just be direct.
Remember that they are trained
to see if you hesitate,
or try to avoid an answer.
Don't worry. You got this.
She's excited.
I used to feel that way
about working here,
that excitement about
being a part of something.
Faith I had in the system.
Good news is, Kylie never
had faith in the system.
I did.
But now I don't know who I can trust.
You're falling prey
to proportionality bias,
believing that something big
has a big cause.
It leads people to believe in
myths and conspiracy theories.
Some conspiracies are real.
It's much more likely we're
talking about one bad apple,
someone Sanford trusted then,
still trusts now.
At least the snacks here are
better than the work snacks.
There are no work snacks
since our office is exploded.
You still having trouble sleeping?
getting a little better.
You find anything on the senator?
I've dug through all
the opposition research.
All I've learned
is why they couldn't beat him,
and they couldn't even
find anything to spin.
No secret links to hate groups?
No explanation for why
he'd want to bomb that church
after his own event
or take out members of his own staff.
Maybe he's innocent.
This might be something.
Teresa Burke, consulting. So?
It's 10 grand a month for almost a year.
So I googled her.
Are we sure that's the same one?
Tax ID numbers match.
10 G's a month in 2002?
Lot of bagels.
Or hush money.
She has a son born in 2002.
He looks a lot like Sanford.
- Hey, hey.
- Professor!
Phoebe. Rizwan.
OK, bring me up to speed.
Uh, possible lead
on a consultant expense.
So we'll let you know
if anything comes of that.
And your e-tickets came in for
Senator Sanford's fundraiser,
but I'm guessing that's a pass.
Or an opportunity.
I'll take it.
You OK?
I'm fine.



[WHISPERING] Shh, don't talk so loud.
What is going on?
There's a bug in my house.
Someone planted a bug in my house.
Well, Matthias knows
we're looking into him.
He has eyes and ears inside the FBI.
And now he has ears inside my house.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Rose.
- Surprise.
I just got back from Paris, love.
Hey, do you know Professor Rachel Myers?
Yeah, I had her for
Cognitive Psych in undergrad.
She offered me a position.
Cool, but you have a position.
Don't get me wrong,
I appreciate everything
I've learned here, but
I know what happened was crazy.
But it's always crazy.
I think
and my therapist agrees
I just need something more
Like a regular office,
where people sit behind desks all day
and talk about what movie
they saw over the weekend
and have casual Fridays.
You'd hate casual Fridays.
That's not the point.
Can we talk about this later?
Let's see if Sanford's
baker consultant is home.
Well, the place is clean.
If you want, I can go back to your house
- to deactivate the bug.
- No.
As it stands now, whoever it is
doesn't know we're on to them.
Good point.
Well, I should go back home, unpack.
You know, since the FBI's
been compromised,
we could use all the
independent help we can get.
Don't you think?
We do need help.
OK, then.
Where do we start?
Can I help you?
Hi, we work for Senator
Kevin Sanford's campaign.
It's about your son.
We can protect him
and you from the press
if you'll just give us
a moment of your time.
So, if you're here,
I'm guessing he's finally
going to announce
that bid for president.
Well, I can't say anything officially,
but if there's anything
that might come out
in the campaign,
we need to know about it.
You want to know who else knows.
Well, his campaign can rest easy.
Jason doesn't know who his father is.
No one else knows.
Just assume we keep it that way.
The affair, it must have happened
around the time of the church bombing?
That was awful, wasn't it?
Look, I was a stupid, naive kid
who was taken in by Kevin's charisma.
Just like all the rest.
The rest?
Come on.
I was hardly his first.
Most certainly wasn't his last
on that campaign trail.
So there were others?
A lot of others.
Good work. Thank you.
That was Phoebe.
She said Sanford was involved
with several women on his staff;
young, attractive women
that idolized him.
It was Natalie Price who died
in the bombing, correct?
Maybe she became a threat.
Tried to expose the relationship?
So he bombed the church to take her out
in some crazy kind of misdirect.
There are easier ways
to kill your mistress.
Maybe not when
you're running for Senate.
You said Silmar has been in
the wind since the bombing.
Possibly working for one
of the intelligence agencies.
I'd ask the Bureau, but
You can ask me.
If he's with the FBI,
CIA, or NSA, I'll find him.
OK, I'll call you later.
I'm just getting to my interview.

Kylie, are you all right?
- Did they hurt you?
- Oh, I'm fine.
Alec, really.
The local Robocop said
that there are shootings
in this neighborhood all the time.
No, someone called you
and lured you to this address
and then fired at you.
Did you get the name of the
person from the FBI who called you?
Tracey or Stacey something.
She said she was someone's assistant.
And she called from a blocked number.
I really should have known better.
It doesn't matter.
There was only one shot?
No follow-up?
- Yeah.
- And you were standing
- over there out in the open?
- Mm-hmm.
And the bullet hit your car over here?
That means the killer was
either a terrible shot or
It's a warning.
I think you should lay low for a bit.
Go down to Norfolk. Stay with Dad.
Alec, no.
Look, I want to find out
what happened to me,
but I'll never forgive myself
if something happened to you
because of me.
Hey, I'm not walking away from this
any more than you are.
Well, then we need
to get security on you.
I'm already texting Rose.
She knows all the local
private security specialists.
Is that really necessary?
Until we find Matthias,
none of us is safe.
- Well, do you have any leads?
We do now.
Rose thinks she found Silmar.
They're selling
to the Iranians, I'm told.
You can relax.
I don't work for the
Russians or the Iranians.
Who do you work for?
Myself these days.
But if you fire that thing,
I can assure you
my former employers will be alerted,
and you really don't want that.
Not to mention
you'll blow your surveillance
of the arms dealers.
What do you want?
I want you to talk to a friend of mine.
He has some questions for you.
You're interfering with
a government investigation.
You're a CIA agent operating on US soil,
so whatever it is you're doing
is off book, shall we say?
You can talk to us,
or I can get in touch
with my contact who helped me find you
and tell him what you're up to.
How about we make things easy?

You the one that
took a shot at my sister?
No, I don't know who your sister is.
How about Kevin Sanford?
I haven't seen or talked
to Kevin Sanford in 20 years.
'Cause you disappeared.
You went underground after
the church bombing
that did this
to 60% of my body.
I'm sorry.
Sorry because
that's something people say
or sorry because
you're the one who did it?
You think I bombed that church?
You got to be kidding me.
Well, something happened that night
that you've been running from
ever since.
And in a way,
I've been doing the same thing,
but the difference is,
you remember what happened.
I don't.
I don't know anything
about that bombing.
I swear to God.
You didn't help your boss plan it?
Why the hell would Sanford
bomb his own event?
Maybe for the sympathy vote
or to get rid
of an inconvenient mistress?
That man would have to
blow up three counties
to get rid of all his mistresses.
Well, only one of them died
in that church bombing.
No, she wasn't
I wouldn't call her that exactly.
As far as I knew anyway,
it was just the one time.
When was that one time?
Please, it's important.
There was a fundraiser on a yacht
two days before the bombing.
Everyone was there
the big campaign donors,
all the staffers.
Natalie was Ike's
assistant officially,
but she was also Sanford's
unofficial volunteer coordinator.
She was very smart and ambitious,
but a little naive,
a true believer in Sanford.
Sounds like you knew her well.
Not as well as I wanted to,
to be honest.
She was a little
out of my league.
Some of the younger staffers
brought the party drugs,
but I wasn't about to get high
with the boss around.
I couldn't believe
the risks he'd take.
Politicians were supposed to
be morally above reproach
back then, anyway.
I was worried
he was gonna get caught,
and the whole campaign was
gonna come crashing down.
And if you want to know
the truth,
you could say I was jealous.
Sanford could have any woman.
He had to get her, too?
I thought I was gonna walk in
on them fooling around,
but I walked in
on something else.
So you saw Sanford
holding Natalie's body,
and you never told anyone this?
Sanford told me later she
just took too many Percocets,
but he gave her CPR and she was OK.
And do you have anything
other than Sanford's word for this?
Come on, She was at
the church two days later.
Why'd you disappear?
I was offered a job, and I took it.
Did you actually see Natalie
at the church?
Do I specifically remember seeing her?
This whole thing
was all a cover-up.
If Natalie died on that boat,
Sanford would have had
to get rid of the body.
He needed a place where people
would assume Natalie would be.
Source confusion would have
tricked everyone's memory
into thinking that Natalie
was there that day,
even if she wasn't.
Alec, it's OK to admit that
this is all a little hard to take.
He's not just a US senator,
he was your friend.
Mine, too.
I can't think about that right now.
OK, now who's using the case
to avoid their feelings?
What I'm feeling right now
is overwhelming disappointment.
I get that.
Who would use a hate crime
to cover up a murder?
When people feel cornered,
our moral codes bend more
than we or they could imagine.
So if it wasn't Silmar,
who did Sanford call to hide the body?
Whoever it is, Sanford
is still calling them now.
I can't hack into
government cell phones.
I've tried.
I have my reasons.
We don't need to,
but I do need a tuxedo.

There's no way.
I don't know how you did over there.
Hey, Alec Mercer.
- How you doing, man?
I heard you cheated death yet again.
Something like that.
Must be a relief
to know that Wes Banning
is never gonna harm another soul.
I think Wes Banning wasn't as
terrible as everyone thought.
That's incredibly gracious of you,
considering he tried to blow you up.
Oh, I took it as an opportunity.
You know what they say.
Keep your enemies close.
- Close the door.
- Can't. It'll look suspicious.
It was my idea to try
and peek at Sanford's emails,
so you don't have to stay.
- No, I want to.
- OK, then.
Cover me while I try to turn
this computer screen on.
I'm sorry.
This room isn't open
to the public this evening.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Um, I just couldn't help
but admire the Purple Heart.
People forget.
Before he was a senator,
Kevin was a real life hero.
I'm Douglas.
Whoever killed Jace, they'll find him.
You know, you sound sure.
The FBI solve rate is basically 100%
when one of their own goes down.
They're working around the clock,
and they're analyzing the
physical evidence as we speak.
They already know that it's a male.
- Mm-hmm.
- Probably over 40.
Wears a size 12 shoe.
That could describe anyone.
Me. You.
It turns out
he left a lot of DNA behind.
They're gonna run that
through all the databases
by morning, which means that
if he has a criminal record
or he is a government employee,
he's toast.
I hope they find him. I really do.
Battle of Mogadishu.
Led his team into the city to
save the downed helicopter crews.
They were cut off from
the main relief column
and pinned down by enemy fire.
Most of them were injured
almost immediately.
Kevin was hit, too, but not as badly.
And he single handedly
stormed the machine gun nest,
destroyed it,
and led his team to safety.
Got all of them home alive.
Those men, they owe their
lives to the senator.
That's so interesting.
We think Sanford's accomplice might be
one of the guys in this picture.
It makes sense.
The allegiance that men in
combat feel to one another
is a powerful, unbreakable bond.
The military fosters that
allegiance intentionally.
The trust they share is
crucial to military success.
Not to mention reciprocity.
Sanford saved Matthias's life,
so Matthias feels obligated to save his,
no matter what the cost.
On top of that, we're talking
about special ops.
They're well trained,
more than capable of taking out
Wes Banning and Peter Shelby.
Even Jace. He didn't stand a chance.
Given the secrecy of Delta Force,
it may not be easy to get names.
I can try,
but it may take some time.
There's no need.
I know who Matthias is.

Is that Bob Caswith?

Yeah. I need I need a minute.
Who's Bob Caswith?
FBI head of intelligence
and Marisa's mentor.
You know, you really could use a plant,
or something in here.
It's temporary.
Look, I'm sorry.
I know how much Bob means
meant to you.
It all makes sense now.
How Matthias manipulated Wes Banning
for all those years,
how he found Wes's daughter.
Jace Jace wouldn't have thought twice
about letting Bob in.
He trusted him!
I trusted him!
The Bob I knew was an honorable man.
He put his work first.
How could he murder a fellow agent?
An honorable man wouldn't commit murder
or cover up crimes.
So he resolved that cognitive dissonance
by telling himself that he was
repaying his debt to Sanford,
that his loyalty was a higher
order moral obligation.
Is it possible for a person
to rationalize that much?
Smart and creative people
are better at rationalizing.
He was torn between loyalties.
That led him down a terrible road.
- So that makes it OK?
- Of course not.
But knowing that he is Matthias
is only half the battle.
Now we have to prove it.

I guess you got my email?
We made it look like
it came from Sanford.
I guess it's true.
You always do what he says.
You don't want to do this, Marisa.
How about we put the guns down
and talk this out rationally?
Nothing this man did was rational.
You and your old war buddy figured,
in a world full of hate crimes,
what's one more?
Peter Shelby, Wes Banning,
just a couple of criminals, right?
What I don't understand is how
you could murder Jace.
He was one of us, and you knew
that he was only looking into
this case because of me.
You could have just killed me.
Why couldn't you let it go?
Someone taught me to
pursue justice until the end,
no matter what it takes,
no matter the cost.
Bob, I know what you're thinking,
that you're in too deep.
It's too late.
You've invested too much to stop now.
That's sunk cost fallacy.
The truth is,
it's almost always better
to cut your losses.
There's always time
to make a better choice.

Come on.


Marisa, Alec, you OK?
I-I called the police.
They're on their way.
Hey, Bob.
He left me the strangest message.
He was ranting about things
he did 20 years ago.
First, I-I just couldn't believe it.
He said he was gonna meet you guys here.
I mean, what happened in
Somalia would mess anyone up.
But I think it threw Bob more
than even I could imagine.
- So it was Bob's idea?
You didn't ask him
to hide Natalie's body?
Of course not! I barely knew Natalie.
Hey! Here!
Over here!
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Over here!
My God, he's gonna get away with it.
- Hurry!
- With all of it.
He won't.
I promise.


What a surprise.
I came here to tell you,
you win.
The election?
I'm going to ask Marisa to stop
investigating the church bombing.
I don't understand.
I don't want to lose anyone else.
Neither does Marisa.
If you intended to scare us, you did.
And I'm here to say that I'm done.
I don't want any part of this anymore.
Alec, you know me.
I know you to be a fair
and honest man.
So I'm asking you.
If I promise to leave this case alone,
will you leave my family alone?
I would never, ever harm your family.
I'm glad to hear that.
You have no idea how glad.
You know, I'm about to
announce my run for president.
Listen, if there's anything
that you ever need,
my door is wide open for you.

there is one thing.
What's that?
I just want to make sure
we've got our story straight.
I'm pretty sure that we can pin
almost everything on Bob.
But the problem is,
Bob wasn't at the fundraiser
two nights before the bombing.
I don't follow.
It's just that some
new evidence came in,
and I need to know how
you'd like me to handle it.
An eye witness saw Natalie
at the fundraiser
less than 48 hours before
the church bombing.
He thought she overdosed.

Oh, yeah, right. No.
No, I saved that poor girl's
life that night,
only to have her die two days later.
Makes sense,
except you said you barely knew her.

Hold on a second.
I can't even remember very
much from that whole party.
I was experimenting a little myself.
Things you do when you're young.
Right. The problem is,
no one had seen Natalie use drugs
before that night.
It turns out,
she had an opioid allergy.
So she wasn't inclined
towards experimentation.

So how'd she end up unconscious
in your arms?

It was a misunderstanding.
Of course it wasn't your fault.
But in order for me
to make this go away,
I need to understand what happened.
Did she reject your advances?
Oh, God, no. It's nothing like that.

You know, we just
got our wires crossed there a little.
you gave her something
to loosen her up, right?

Uh, of course, you couldn't
have known what would happen.
How would I know that it would kill her?

Look, we can talk
about this later if you want.
I have a press conference
to announce my run for president.
Oh, you didn't realize.
The press conference has already begun.
Check your mic.
It's on.
- No, it's not.
- Oh, it is.
I had my sister turn it on,
the one you tried to scare away.

But that didn't work, did it?
Bob is dead, by the way.
So it looks like for once,
you did it all on your own.

Just give me a moment
to make a comment, please.
Please, everyone.
Here it is.
"Senator Sanford's campaign
has been officially suspended
"before it was even announced
due to allegations
"of his involvement in the
2002 Virginia church bombing
and the death of campaign
staffer Natalie Price."
How does it feel to have this
case finally closed, Professor?
To be honest, I haven't
fully processed it yet.

I have to tell you something.
And I don't want you
to be upset or hurt.
You're taking the job with Rachel Myers.
What? She told you?
I'm the one who recommended you for it.
Wait. Why would you do that?
I thought that Phoebe might
need a break from all of this.
I saw that Rachel was in need
and that you were perfect for the job.
I didn't say anything
because I didn't want
to influence your decision.
If you accepted, it was up to you.
I did what you would do.
I considered the pros and cons.
And even though I'll miss you both,
I have to put my mental health first.
That's something we all have
to do at one time or another.
You will be missed. I won't lie.
But we both want what's best for you.
Isn't that right, Rizwan?
I need to take this.
You know what this means.
What? More work for me.
You're number one now.
You'll have to help the
professor choose a number two.

Thanks for the ride home.
You know, you really need
to get yourself a new car.
I have been experimenting
with a car-free life,
and it has worked out so far.
It feels strange, doesn't it?
Closing the book on this case?
I feel relieved knowing that the man
who did those terrible things
isn't out there anymore.
understanding why it happened
doesn't change what happened to me.
It may make the world a better place,
a more just place,
does it make me any different?
I guess you're gonna
have to collect more data.
- You know I will.
- Mm-hmm.
What about you?
I'm taking it day by day.
Knowing the truth doesn't
bring Jace back to life
or make Bob the man I thought he was.
But still, it feels right.
It does. It feels righted.
So, now that we have closure on the case
that brought us together,
what are we?
I guess we're friends.
Unique friends?
Unique friends,
OK, I can live with that.
So, friend
- Unique friend.
- Unique friend,
you want to grab dinner?
We can order in from 12 Dragons.
I would love to, but
I have plans tonight with Rose.
Well, let me leave you to it.

I'm sorry about Jace.
Thanks, Alec.
Next time then.
- Next time then.
- Mm-hmm.
- Night.
- Night.

Amazing Grace ♪
How sweet the sound ♪
That saved a wretch ♪
Like me ♪
I once was lost ♪
But now I'm found ♪
Was blind ♪
But now I see ♪
When we've been there ♪
10,000 years ♪
Bright shining as ♪
The sun ♪
We've no less days ♪
To sing God's praise ♪
Than when ♪
We'd first begun ♪
Than when ♪
We'd first begun ♪
I'll see you tonight, Alec.
Oh, great.
- You need some help?
- It's all right.
I'm calling the Auto Club.
Well, I can patch that for you.
I work at a service station
just down the street.
I don't have any cash.
It's on me.


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