The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Enrollment Part IV

1 So you didn't see how it started, then? First High School Extracurricular Activities Federation Right.
All I saw was Ms.
Mibu of the kendo team and Mr.
Kirihara of the kenjutsu team arguing.
Is that why you didn't raise a hand at first? I thought that if they were only going to end up with bruises, then they should settle the score among themselves.
After subduing Kirihara, what did you do with him? As he was injured, I handed him over to the Health Committee.
And since he acknowledged his own wrongdoing, I made the call that no further measures were needed.
I guess that's fine.
The Disciplinary Committee has no intention of sending this matter to the Correctional Committee.
What do you say, Jyumonji? So this is the chairman of the Extracurricular Activities Federation, in charge of all club activities Katsuto Jyumonji.
The heir apparent to the prestigious Numbers clan, the Jyumonjis bearing the number “ten” in their last name.
That thick chest, those broad shoulders, those muscles that ripple visibly under his uniform.
It's not just his physical body every atom of his being, the intensity of his presence all are phenomenal.
He's imposing like a craggy rock.
I appreciate your lenient ruling.
He used a highly lethal spell.
Normally, there would be no escaping suspension.
I'm sure he's aware of that himself.
I'll counsel him to learn from this mistake of his.
I'm counting on you.
But what about the kendo team? The moment she took up the gauntlet, she was equally to blame.
Let me confirm this one more time.
Was Kirihara the only one who used magic? That's correct.
I see.
Thank you for your hard work.
Excuse me.
Sorry to keep you waiting so long.
Don't be shy – eat as much as you want.
All right, I won't be shy! Thank you for the meal! So anyway, that second year named Kirihara used a Rank B Lethal Spell, right? You're lucky you didn't get hurt.
That spell has a restricted effective range.
It's no different than dealing with the sharp blade of a sword.
But you're saying that it's easy to deal with a real sword It's all right, Mizuki.
There's nothing to worry about when it comes to my brother.
You sound really comfortable with it, Miyuki.
After all, there's no one who can possibly defeat my brother.
No hesitation at all there, I see! But the Sonic Blade releases high-frequency waves, right? They say you can get as sick as a dog unless you're wearing earplugs.
Well, doesn't that just mean that Brother's taijutsu skills are superlative? Nullifying magic sequences is Brother's specialty.
Brother, you used Cast Jamming, didn't you? I'm no match for you, am I, Miyuki? Of course not.
I can see through anything you do, Brother.
You know, that's not sibling banter.
- You don't think so? - You don't think so? Don't even think about calling out this lovey-dovey brother and sister.
Right, my mistake.
I take exception to that insinuation! Oh, where's the harm? It's a fact that you and I are bound by intense sibling love.
Miyuki, don't get too carried away, all right? There's at least one person here who doesn't realize we're joking.
Joking? Well, that's our Mizuki for you! By the way, didn't you just mention Cast Jamming or something? Don't you need some kind of special rock to do that? Anti-something? It's antinite, Erika.
If I remember correctly, it's extremely expensive.
No, I don't have any.
In the first place, antinite is a military resource.
It's not a matter of price; it's not something that a civilian can get his hands on.
But I'd like to keep this conversation off-the-record To be precise, what I used was something that applied the theories of Cast Jamming ”Specific Magic Jamming.
” Does such a type of magic exist? Probably not, but Doesn't that mean that you've come up with a new type of magic, in theory? I think that "stumbled upon it by accident" is a more apt term.
When you try to use two CADs at once, the Psion waves interfere, and in most cases, the magic doesn't activate.
You all know that, right? Yeah, I even experienced it firsthand.
Who do you think you are? What did you say? Well, there's no way that you have such high-tech skills! Now, now And so, you launch a magic sequence that causes one CAD to jam the other, and with the other CAD you launch an activation sequence that has the opposite effect.
The activation sequence is reproduced and amplified, and Psion signals are released as Non-systematic Magic.
By doing so, you can, up to a point, block an activation sequence of the same type.
Are you serious? I understand the theory behind it, more or less.
But hey, why does it have to be off-the-record? If you patented it, I bet you'd rake in the profits! For one thing, this technique still hasn't been perfected.
The bigger issue is the fact that magic can be blocked without antinite.
Where's the problem in that? You dummy! Of course it's a huge problem! If an easily-acquired technique to nullify magic spells were to spread, this society would be shaken to its foundations.
Antinite isn't yet a realistic threat because its output is so low.
Until a method to counter it is discovered, I can't go public with this.
That's amazing To think that you've thought it through this far.
I think you're over-analyzing a bit, Brother.
After all, reading your opponent's activation sequence during launch isn't something that just anybody can do.
But is that what makes you who you are, Brother? Are you implying that I'm an indecisive wimp? I don't know.
What do you think, Erika? Who knows? As for me, I might want to ask Mizuki's opinion! I think uh Let's see 4-9-2095 / Fourth day of the new member invitation week This is the student council.
A brawl has broken out in Gymnasium No.
All available Disciplinary Committee officers are asked to head to the scene.
This is Shiba, first year.
That's Tatsuya, you got another committee meeting today? Isn't recruitment week over? Yeah.
I'm off-duty today.
Looks like I'm finally getting some downtime.
You sure were front and center in all that activity.
You're famous now, Tatsuya.
They're calling you the mysterious first year who took out all those magic-oriented club regulars without using magic yourself.
What do you mean, mysterious? Miyuki I'm so sorry, Brother.
Making you wait just for me It was student council business, right? Don't worry about it.
Shiba? You're Ms.
Mibu, right? I'm Sayaka Mibu.
In Class E, the same as you.
Thanks for the other day.
I'd like to thank you properly Would you mind hanging out with me for a bit now? I can't do that now.
But in fifteen minutes, yes.
Um, then I'll be waiting for you at the cafe! STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICE All right, I'll be reading in the library.
But aren't you going to meet Ms.
Mibu? Miyuki? It's not like we're going to have a long chat.
She's probably just going to ask me to join the kendo team.
Do you really think that's all? I have a feeling that it might be something else.
Not for any particular reason.
I'm uneasy.
Although I'm overjoyed that you've gained such renown If they get even an inkling of your true powers, people will swarm about you in great numbers, with only their own selfish interests in mind.
Please be careful.
Don't worry.
Whatever happens, I'll be fine.
That's exactly what I'm worried about! I'll be fine.
I won't get reckless, no matter what.
Please promise me, Brother.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Oh, Shiba! Uh, once again, thank you very much for what you did last week.
I was just doing my job.
It only got resolved peacefully because you defused the brawl without injuring anyone, Shiba.
Although I did hurt Kirihara But Kirihara and I crossed swords fully prepared to sustain injury, after all.
And yet, there are a lot of people who want to make a big deal out of such a trivial matter.
Disciplinary Committee officers so they can score points for themselves.
Well, I'm a member of that committee myself, so S-Sorry! I didn't mean it that way, I swear! Sure, I can't stand those people, but Wait Hey, Shiba, are you a bully? So what did you want to talk to me about? I'll be blunt.
Shiba, will you join the kendo team? I appreciate the offer, but I decline.
Would you mind telling me your reason? Actually, I'd like to hear the reason you're recruiting me.
At Magic High School, magic grades are given precedence over all.
But don't you think it's wrong to be defined in all respects by just magic? Please go on.
Course 2 students can't receive practical skills training.
But being discriminated against in class is something we have to live with.
Because that's only a matter of us lacking talent.
I can't stomach the thought of my sword being held in contempt just because I'm not good at magic.
Being ignored is unbearable.
I won't let them deny all I have to offer just on the basis of magic! Ms.
Mibu? That's why we, the non-magic-oriented clubs, have decided to unite.
Sometime this year, we're going to form an organization separate from the Extracurricular Activities Federation, and present our argument to the school.
That we're not all about magic.
Towards that end, we'd like your cooperation, Shiba.
I see Are you mocking me? That wasn't my intention at all.
My own misunderstanding just gave me a chuckle, that's all.
I thought that you were just a beautiful kendo girl, so you can see I have no eye.
Beautiful girl Ms.
Mibu Wh-What is it? You're going to present your argument to the school.
What are you going to do after that? Enrollment Part IV STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICE Tatsuya? Is it true that you verbally abused the second year, Mibu, in the cafe yesterday? Since you are a refined young lady yourself, I don't think you should be batting around vulgar phrases like “verbal abuse.
” Thanks! You're the only one who treats me like a refined young lady, Tatsuya.
Is that right? Not treating his own girlfriend as a lady apparently, your boyfriend isn't much of a gentleman.
That's not true! Shu is Why aren't you saying anything? Should I make some kind of comment? So is it true that you verbally abused Mibu of the kendo team? That's not the least bit true.
Is that so? I have witnesses who observed Mibu blushing red and looking embarrassed.
Brother? What in the world were you doing? Magic? Your Interference Power must be unusually potent, Miyuki.
Calm down, Miyuki.
I'll explain everything to you.
Forgive me About Ms.
Mibu It seems that the Disciplinary Committee's activities have earned the students' animosity.
What do you mean? Actually Trying to score points, huh? Mibu's mistaken about that.
The Disciplinary Committee is just an honorary post, and isn't subject to evaluation.
But it's also a fact that the Disciplinary Committee wields considerable power within the school.
Some will see you as misusing your authority.
Well, but there is someone who's been manipulating that impression Do you know that person's identity? No, no, it's just a rumor.
If we knew who it was, we'd have stopped him already.
I don't mean that.
I'm talking about the people behind whoever's doing the manipulation.
Brother? For example The anti-magic international political organization, Blanche What? How do you know that name? That's classified information It would be impossible to keep a lid on all sources of rumors.
On the contrary, I think such things should be fully disclosed.
The government has been ineffectual in its handling of this matter.
I agree Despite the fact that there's an organization hostile to magic, they cover it up and refuse to confront them head-on.
That can't be helped, considering your position, Chairwoman.
This is a national institution, and the country is doing all the restricting and hiding.
Is that your way of consoling me? B-But Chairwoman, it was Shiba who drove you to the brink.
To drive someone to the brink and then follow through on your own, you're quite the brilliant gigolo.
And it looks like you've got Mayumi tied around your finger! M-Mari! Don't say things like that! Gigolo A brilliant one Hey, calm down, Miyuki, they're just joking.
So Tatsuya.
How are you planning to deal with Mibu? I'm the one who's waiting for her answer, so I'll decide after hearing it.
I see.
I'm counting on you.
Fine, but at this point, I have no clue what it is that I should be counted on for.
Whatever you can manage that will be fine.
You either have high hopes for me, or none at all That's quite ambiguous.
I'll do whatever I can manage.
Excuse me.
Sorry to call you in on such short notice.
So? Are you used to high school life now? No.
With so many unexpected events popping up, I haven't been able to hit the books.
What's the matter? According to the modern-day dress code, I believe your outfit is too provocative, Ms.
I-I'm sorry.
So why was I summoned here? I asked you to come here today to ask for your cooperation in our work.
At this school, in order to get a grasp on the students' psychological tendencies, we have ten percent or so of the first years receive ongoing counseling.
In other words, you're saying that I'm a guinea pig? If that's all there is to it, I'll be glad to help, but what's your real purpose? I'm not that malicious a woman, you know.
Well, I do think I'm too unique to be used as a sample.
That's precisely why I'd like your help.
Fine, then let's leave it at that.
All right, then Would you mind if I asked you some questions? No, please go ahead.
Thank you.
That's all I wanted to ask you today.
Then please excuse me.
By the way, this has no direct bearing on your counseling, but What is it? Is it true that Ms.
Sayaka Mibu, a second year, has asked you out? Where exactly did you hear such a false rumor? So it's a false rumor? It is, but does that inconvenience you somehow? No, it's nothing.
Well, to be honest, I was hoping to ask you to do something for me if you did have any intention of dating her.
I did say that it was groundless, but where did you hear of it? I'm sorry, that's classified.
All right, then I'll be leaving now.
If Ms.
Mibu ever causes you any trouble, you can consult me anytime.
Just because I'm a Course 2 student, I don't want people to reject even my non-magical aspects.
I I don't want even my sword to be Mibu, that sentiment is shared by every other Course 2 student.
We need his power, no matter what.
Is it all right if I watch, too? Since it doesn't seem to be something that you should ignore, I thought it would be better to share this information.
Cabinet Name, Blanche open.
The political organization engaging in anti-magic activities whose name came up today? Although they claim to be a grassroots movement, underneath it all, they're bona fide terrorists.
And there seems to be no question that these guys are working behind the scenes at our school.
In fact, during my council activities, I spotted a student who seemed to be working with Egalite, Blanche's subordinate organization.
You mean a Magic High School student, at Magic High School? Even as they advocate anti-magic policies, on the surface they don't reject magic at all.
Their slogan is "Eradication of Social Discrimination by Magic.
" So what do they mean by discrimination? The fact that someone's abilities and efforts aren't reflected in their social status, perhaps? What Blanche sees as discrimination is the gap between median income.
But the reason that magicians' median income is so high is because the high-income bracket includes people with skills that are crucial to society.
People who can't use magic don't they know that using magic requires long years of study and training, not just ability? No, they know that, all right.
They know, but they don't say it.
They keep their mouths shut about anything inconvenient, and they deceive others, as well as themselves, with their sweet-sounding concepts, such as equality.
Then those Magic High students working with Egalite is that also because? They don't want to forsake magic, but they can't stand the thought of not appearing to be legitimate.
They ignore the fact that those working on the front lines also have a price to pay, and reject any evaluation by magic as "discrimination.
" Well not that I don't understand that kind of weakness.
I know that deep down inside, I share that sentiment.
That's not true! Brother, you have the kind of talent that no one can emulate it's just that you happen not to have the same abilities as other people.
You've put in far more effort than anyone else, nobody can deny that! Right.
Because I've got that "kind of talent that no one else can emulate.
" And if that weren't the case, I might be clinging to this beautiful ideal called "equality" myself Even knowing full well that it's a lie.
Those unable to use magic.
Those with inferior magic skills.
All right, then these instigators who know everything what's their true agenda? Behind them, there's a hidden force that's driven to turn this country into a nation where magic has died out.
Do you mean that the Anti-Magic faction is trying to undermine this country's power? Probably.
That's why they're willing to stoop to atrocious acts like terrorism.
So if this country is drained of its power, who profits? It can't be Someone's lurking behind them? Apparently so.
We can't stand by and do nothing, but it's not something for you to worry about.
But there's no way that the Ten Master Clans will ignore them.
Especially the Yotsuba family.
If our aunt were to intervene, we'd We'd have to go back to being Yotsubas.
You don't have to be afraid.
If push comes to shove I'll take care of it.
Brother Miyuki, are you enjoying high school? Yes.
I think you've found a couple of good friends in Erika and Mizuki.
No matter what their number, I won't let any of them destroy this life of ours.
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