The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Enrollment Part V

1 4-15-2095 940 milliseconds! You've cleared it, Tatsuya! Finally Took me until my third try to clear it, huh? B-But that was so unexpected.
So you really do struggle with practical skills Unexpected? Haven't I already made my incompetence clear numerous times? Well, yes, I did hear you say that But I thought you were just being modest Not sure if I should be saying this myself, but if I were even average in practical skills, I probably wouldn't be in this class.
Yes, you're right.
If you were good at practical skills, too, though You'd be way too perfect, and not very approachable, I think.
Tatsuya? Don't you feel bitter? About what? The fact that even though you really do have talent you've been evaluated as if you have none at all Normally, I think that would make anyone bitter.
But since it doesn't seem to be bothering you that much Processing speed is also a crucial factor.
They're not far off the mark, labeling me as unskilled.
But if you were to actually implement it, the truth is that you could activate it much faster, couldn't you? What makes you think that? During your first try Tatsuya, at one point you canceled your magic sequence and rebuilt it from scratch, didn't you? Timing-wise, you read the activation sequence and built your first magic sequence simultaneously.
Seeing that got me thinking.
That for a spell of this level, you could probably build a magic sequence directly, without using an activation sequence.
I never thought that you'd seen that much.
You really do have good eyes.
Sure, for basic single-system spells, I could invoke faster by building my magic sequence directly.
But that method is only viable for spells that don't involve many processes.
For example, when you transform phenomena by moving an egg from the kitchen to a table it calls for a four-process spell.
Remove Movement and Suspension from that spell, and yes, activation is speeded up, but the egg will break But to knock back your opponent in battle, there's no need to absorb the impact, so it can be completed with a single process.
Since I max out at five processes, that's the best I can do.
Well, I think five processes would be more than enough for combat use I'm not studying magic for combat use.
My goal is to use magic to develop energy.
To do that, I need multiple-process spells invoked by activation sequences.
That's why I can live with being evaluated fairly for my inferior processing skills.
There's just no way around it.
That's amazing, Tatsuya! I really respect you! You can use magic, so you become a magician That's the normal way.
But you have your own goals, and that's what you're studying magic for! No Well, actually, that's true, but I'm going to start fresh myself! Initially, I was only studying magic so that I could learn to control these eyes For me, it was never really about wanting to do something by using magic someday I'm going to give it some serious thought! Hey, hey Mizuki Yes, indeed! As long as you have a goal in mind, a little slander can't break our backs, can it? As long as we can achieve our cherished goals! Our grades at this school are only of secondary importance! That's what we live for, isn't it? People should seek what they alone want to live for, and Jeez, Mizuki.
What are you getting all excited for? S-Sorry to cause such a commotion! What I live for? Oh, come on! Get a hold of yourself, Mizuki! It's nothing as grand as that I was forced to become a magician even though I can't use magic.
It's like a curse You asked me a question the other day At first I thought that letting the school know that we weren't all about magic I thought that would be enough.
But now I know that it's not nearly enough.
What we want is to demand that the school improve our conditions! Specifically, what is it that you want them to improve? Well all aspects of the way we're treated! The way we're treated? Like with our classes? The main difference between Course 1 and 2 students is the availability or lack thereof of instructors Do I take it to mean that you want the school to add more faculty? I don't intend to go that far, but Then are you talking about club activities? It's my understanding that the kendo team is allotted the same amount of space as the kenjutsu team Well that may be true, but Wait, are you saying that you're not disgruntled, Shiba? Of course I'm disgruntled.
Then However There's nothing in particular that I want the school to change.
My expectations of this school as an educational facility only go so far.
So long as I can get clearance to read unpublished documents only made available at magic university-affiliated schools, and get my diploma from a magic high school, there's nothing more that I need.
Not to mention, I'm not about to blame the school for the puerility of some of our classmates, who toss slurs at us expressly forbidden by the school itself.
Unfortunately, it would appear that I don't share your principles, Ms.
Attention, all students! We are a volunteer coalition seeking to abolish discrimination within the school! Volunteer? Right We demand an opportunity to negotiate on equal terms with the student council and the Extracurricular Activities Federation! You're late.
What's the situation? They've cut off the power, so they won't be doing any more broadcasting.
However, they've locked the door and barricaded themselves inside.
Broadcasting Room Can't we open it from outside? Well, the thing is, they stole the master key, so But that's clearly a crime That's correct.
And for that reason, we should handle this with discretion, to prevent them from blowing up any further.
Although I wouldn't count on them suddenly becoming more docile just because we were discreet.
Even if it means being somewhat forceful, we should try to resolve this quickly.
Chairman Jyumonji What are your thoughts on this? I I don't see any problem with negotiating with them.
From the outset, this was just a pretext.
If we refute that strongly enough, it should assuage their anxieties.
So you're saying that we should just stand by? As far as that goes, I can't come to a decision just yet.
Their unlawful behavior can't go unpunished, but I don't find it criminal enough to warrant destroying school facilities for the sake of a speedy resolution.
Is that you, Ms.
Mibu? This is Shiba.
So where are you now? Oh, so you're inside the broadcasting room? How unfortunate.
No, I wasn't mocking you when I said that.
Mibu, I wish you'd be more calm about this situation Yes.
Forgive me.
If you don't mind, I'd like to cut to the chase now Chairman Jyumonji has agreed to negotiate with you.
I have yet to confirm the student council's position No, wait, the student council will also negotiate.
I'd like to discuss the time and date of these negotiations with you No, your freedom is guaranteed.
Yes All right, then She says they'll be coming out right away.
Was that Sayaka Mibu just now? Yes.
She'd given me her private cell phone number so that we could meet up.
Who knew that it would come in handy like this? You sure don't waste time, do you? You've got the wrong idea.
Anyway, I think we should get ourselves into position.
Position? Into position to take custody of those people inside.
You know, it seems to me that you just told them that you'd guarantee their freedom The only person whose freedom I guaranteed was that of Ms.
And besides, I never said a word about the fact that I was negotiating on behalf of the Disciplinary Committee.
Brother, you certainly are evil.
Now you realize that, Miyuki? True.
But, Brother About the fact that you went to the trouble of saving Ms.
Mibu's private number I'll want to hear all about that later, all right? What's the meaning of this? You double-crossed us, didn't you? Shiba didn't double-cross you.
Chairman Jyumonji We'll listen to your demands.
But complying with your requests and approving of the measures you took are two different things.
You're absolutely right about that, but Saegusa? Would you mind releasing them? But I know what you're going to say, Mari.
But We can't set up negotiations with Ms.
Mibu alone, can we? As long as they're students at this school there's no reason to view them as flight risks.
We would never run away! The school has decided to leave this matter in the hands of the student council.
What? Ms.
Mibu, I'd like to discuss our pending negotiations with your coalition Would you mind coming with me? Yes, that's fine with me.
Enrollment Part V Chairwoman? Good morning.
Tatsuya? You, too, Miyuki? What's the matter? We were wondering about yesterday's incident.
They're demanding equal treatment between Course 1 and 2 students.
But they don't seem to have figured out how they want to change things.
If anything, I got the sense that they wanted the student council to come up with concrete plans.
Well, then it turned into a heated back-and-forth.
In the end, we agreed to hold an open forum tomorrow after school.
That happened pretty fast.
While I do understand the strategic merits of not giving your opponent ample time to prepare By the same token, we'll have just as little time to strategize as well.
Which members of the student council will be participating in this open forum? Don't tell me you're going to be the only one? Since we're out of time.
If it's just me, they won't rip me to shreds over minor differences of opinion.
And I'm more afraid of impression manipulation turning this into an emotional debate.
Meaning that you'd never lose a logical argument? And besides If those kids have reasons strong enough to defeat me in a debate Then all we have to do is make that an integral part of running this school from now on.
Course 2 students! We are members of a coalition that seeks to eradicate decimation within this school! As the student council president announced this morning, tomorrow we will be holding an open forum regarding the treatment of Course 1 and 2 students.
This will be our golden opportunity to improve conditions for ourselves, the Course 2 students! Please join in the open forum! Uh um Well I Um Um that's not what I Mizuki? Tatsuya! This guy I'm Shiba of the Disciplinary Committee.
In some cases, holding someone against their will for an inordinate amount of time is considered a nuisance, so please restrain yourself.
Shibata Any time is fine with me, so if you change your mind, will you let me know? Goodbye Who was that? The captain of the kendo team.
His name is Kinoe Tsukasa He also has Hyper-sensitivity to Spirit Particle Emissions, like me Yeah, he didn't seem to be wearing those glasses for style.
He asked me if I wanted to join a club of other students afflicted with this same hyper-sensitivity I see I kept turning him down, telling him that I had my hands full with my classes.
Captain of the kendo team Kinoe Tsukasa, huh? Kinoe Tsukasa Formerly known as Kinoe Kamono None of his parents and grandparents seemed to have any propensity for magic.
So he came from a so-called ordinary family But it's actually a branch of a prominent family of onmyoji The Kamo clan.
Those eyes of Kinoe's must be a kind of throwback to his ancestors Did you know that I wanted you to look into Kinoe Tsukasa? No, it had nothing to do with your request I already knew about him.
I may be a priest, but at the same time no, more than that I'm a shinobi.
Anyone who has a past that might turn out to be problematic I make a point of looking into them all.
Have you looked into us, too? Not that I didn't try to But at the time, I had no idea.
The information manipulation concerning you two is ironclad.
I really have to give you props for that So, Master, what do you know about Mr.
Tsukasa's connection to Blanche? Kinoe's mother's second husband's child In other words, Kinoe's older step-brother is the leader of Blanche's Japan Branch.
And this fellow named Hajime Tsukasa isn't just a figurehead He's a genuine leader who also runs their secret operations, not the least of which is illegal activities.
Kinoe enrolling at First High School must have been Hajime Tsukasa's doing.
That forum tomorrow He might be plotting something 4-23-2095 OPEN FORUM REGARDING THE ELIMINATION OF DISCRIMINATION IN THE SCHOOL THE STUDENT COUNCIL Compared to the Course 1 students, the treatment received by Course 2 students is both inferior and discriminatory in all ways! Aren't you trying to cover up that fact, Chairwoman? You just pointed out that it was "in all ways.
" What are you referring to specifically? The magic-oriented clubs, with their high ratio of Course 1 students, clearly receive the lion's share of the budget compared to the non-magic-oriented clubs mainly populated by Course 2 students! Isn't that proof that preferential treatment for Course 1 students is overlooked even when it comes to extracurricular activities? Even non-magical clubs, such as the legball team, which has compiled an excellent record in national competition, This is no longer a forum it's turning into Mayumi's personal bully pulpit.
have been allotted sums that compare favorably to those given to the magic-oriented clubs.
But still I have no clue what they're up to To say that the club budget allotments result from preferential treatment for the Course 1 students But we can't make any advances ourselves that's a misconception.
Defense-only policy does have a nice ring to it, but Chairwoman Watanabe, please don't make assumptions about resorting to violence I know.
You don't have to worry.
I'm counting on you.
I won't deny that there is a discrimination among the students that is being pointed out.
Blooms and Weeds These are terms that have been banned by the school, the student council, and the Disciplinary Committee, but unfortunately, I must admit that they are still in wide use.
Hey hey Does that mean It's not just Course 1 students.
Is that cool? Among the Course 2 students, there are those who despise themselves as Weeds, and are resigned as well as accepting of it.
Yes, such a lamentable culture does exist here.
What's that? There's no such thing, dammit! The issue is this barrier to awareness! As this school's student council president, this barrier to awareness is what I've wanted to somehow break down.
But that's not something that should be resolved by creating new discriminatory practices.
Every one of us, from Course 1 and Course 2, are students of this school And the time we spend here as students of this school for each of us, these three years are irreplaceable I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you all what I hope for.
In the student council, there is still a system that discriminates against Course 1 and 2 students.
Under the current system, all officers except for the president must be nominated from among the Course 1 students.
This regulation can only be overhauled during the general assembly convened during the reelection of the student council president.
When I step down, my final task as student council president will be to do away with this regulation at the general assembly.
People's hearts cannot be changed by force.
And since that's not the way to go I plan to make as many improvements as I can in all other areas.
Chairwoman! Apprehend him! A gas bomb? Don't breathe in the smoke! All right Convergence of the gas and a Movement Spell, huh? To isolate the gas bomb, smoke and all, in that instant Very impressive! An MID Field! Did she just flood the closed space inside the gas masks with nitrogen? Intruders? Over there, too? Chairwoman! I'm going to go check out the Practical Skills Wing where the explosion happened! Shiba Brother! I'm going with you! Watch your backs! Right! Enrollment Part VI NEXT TIME