The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Enrollment Part VI

1 Tatsuya! What the hell is Leo! Hey So the backup troops are already here, huh? Terrorists? Meaning we can kick their butts, no questions asked, right? As long as they're not students, no need to hold back.
By the way, did you spot any other intruders? Their target is the library.
Ono? Attacking you here was simply a diversion.
The main force has already gone in.
Mibu is there as well.
Would you mind explaining all this later on? I decline.
At least, that's what I'd like to say But that probably won't fly.
In return, would you do me one favor? What is it? I'm asking you as Haruka Ono, counselor! I want you to give Ms.
Mibu a chance.
Since last year, she's been dealing with the gap between her accolades as a kendoist and her evaluation as a Course 2 student.
I guess it was too tall a task for me.
She ended up playing right into those people's hands.
So You're too easy on her.
Let's go, Miyuki.
Hey! Tatsuya! Don't you think you're being a little callous? Leo You won't be the only one getting hurt thanks to misplaced sympathy.
Hey! Tatsuya! Miyuki Looks like the melee has already started Leo? Panzer! Voice-activated? How rare is that? Brother, he's executing and building sequences Right, he's executing his spells sequentially.
A popular technique ten years ago.
That guy so even his magic's anachronistic, too, huh? Jeez! How can that not break? He's cast a Fortifying Spell over the CAD itself as well.
Meaning that no matter how violently he bashes it around, it won't break? It's magic that was made for him.
Leo, we're going on ahead! Sure! I got this! All right, bring it! Library Two at the foot of the stairs.
One at the top of the stairs.
Four in the Special Reading Room on the second floor.
by my count.
Incredible! With you around, Tatsuya, there's no point in them ambushing us.
I definitely wouldn't want to oppose you in an actual battle.
I wonder what they're doing in the Special Reading Room? My guess is that they're trying to steal the Magic University's classified materials.
Who are you? Stop! Erika! Who's there? Just leave this to me! Very well.
I thought our goal was to end discrimination by magic So why would they need all this cutting-edge magic research? Is this what I wanted to do? All right, it opened! Now we can finally access this country's cutting-edge research materials! Let's copy over the data.
Get me a recordable cube.
Th-The door! Game over! What the hell? Your plot is now history.
Shiba Dammit! Don't do anything foolish.
There's no way that any malicious intent towards my brother could escape me.
Mibu, this is reality.
A world where everyone is equal and receives the same treatment.
No such place exists.
If there was a world of equality, where talent and aptitude didn't matter, we would all be equally snubbed there.
Mibu, you were being used.
This is the reality of that sweet-sounding ideal that someone else whispered to you.
But why How did this happen? Are you saying that trying to wipe out discrimination was a mistake? I'm sure that you yourself grew up being compared to your talented sister.
And you must've suffered unjust humiliation! I'm sure you've been mocked by all around you! I have no contempt for my brother.
Even if everyone in the world but me were to slander, disparage, and mock my brother, I would still give him the same love and respect that I always have.
It's true that there are ignorant people who look down on my brother.
But there are far more people who recognize how splendid he is! Ms.
Mibu, I feel sorry for you.
What did you say? Wasn't there anyone in your life who acknowledged you? Was magic the only barometer by which you could be measured? My brother certainly acknowledged you.
Your swordplay skills and your beauty.
But those are just superficial things! But they're just as much a part of you They're what make you attractive, and they define who you are, don't they? You and my brother have only just met, remember.
What exactly were you seeking from him? Well, I In the end, no one despised you as a "Weed" more than you yourself.
Mibu! Use the ring! Cast-jamming, huh? Brother! Miyuki! Back off.
Brother Shouldn't we have taken her into custody? When you don't have good visibility, there's no need to push yourself too hard.
Besides I'm sure she'll capture her for us.
Who are you? Nice to meet you! I'm Erika Chiba, Class 1-E! You're Sayaka Mibu, the runner-up in the National Junior High Girls' Kendo Tournament the year before last, right? What if I am? No, no, I just wanted to confirm that, that's all! Hey, no need to panic! I can at least wait for you to get your hands on a weapon.
Get out of my way! Or you'll be sure to regret it! Does that make this self-defense, then? Well, not that I'm going to be making excuses like that All right, why don't we have ourselves a serious sword fight, as they say? So quick! A Self-Acceleration Spell? The same as Ms.
Watanabe? Pick it up.
And let me see you go all-out.
The specter of that woman who binds you I'll smash it into oblivion.
I'm not going to rely on something like this.
I'm going to crush that move with my own power I can tell That technique of yours it's the same as Ms.
Watanabe's! My technique is somewhat different than that woman's.
Sorry, Ms.
I think it might be broken.
It's definitely cracked.
I don't mind at least that means that you weren't able to hold back.
You can hold your head up high, Ms.
Because you made a Chiba daughter play for keeps.
Wait, you're a member of that Chiba family? Actually, I am.
And by the way, Mari Watanabe is a disciple of ours.
That woman is a mokuroku; I'm an inka.
In terms of kenjutsu skills, I'm better than her.
I see Hey, Tsukasa.
What do you want, Tatsumi? There's something that I want to ask you.
M-Me? Yeah.
My chairwoman has this sketchy kind of skill, see.
By manipulating air currents, and combining multiple fragrances, she can whip up a truth serum without using any illegal drugs.
And now we've got evidence! Evidence that it was you who was pulling the strings! Tsukasa! Tsukasa! Please come quietly with us.
Dammit! Enrollment Part VI For over a year, Captain Tsukasa has been exhorting the kendo team to bring about an end to discrimination by magic.
Nurse's Office The captain once lured me to the Blanche branch office, as well.
Apparently, his older brother is the head of the Japan Branch Not long after enrolling here, there was an incident in which I was discriminated against as a Course 2 student I think that's why I listened so intently to what the captain had to say.
What kind of incident was it? Um The kenjutsu team had caused a disturbance, recruiting And I saw Ms.
Watanabe's magic sword skills when she suppressed it, which took my breath away.
So right away, I asked if she would take me on and advise me, but she just coldly brushed me off What's that? Mibu, is that true? You said, "You're no match for me, so it would be a waste of time.
Go pick out an opponent you're worthy of.
" I thought it was probably because I was a Course 2 student.
And the thought of that Hey Hey, hold up.
I remember what happened that day.
Listen, I never brushed you off, all right? If I remember correctly, this is what I told you that day.
"With my skills, I could never hope to be a match for you.
It would be better if you practiced with someone worthy of your skills.
" Am I wrong? Um Wait, Mari.
So you said that you were declining to practice with Ms.
Mibu because she was stronger than you? Well, of course, if magic were involved, my skills might be superior But Mibu has trained in pure swordsmanship - no way can I beat her with my sword.
Then it was all a misunderstanding on my part? I don't believe this I'm such an idiot Just assuming Misunderstanding you like that Putting myself down Wasting a whole year, resenting your kindness I don't think that it was a waste.
Shiba? This is what Erika had to say after observing your moves.
You became so powerful, like a different person compared to when you were in junior high.
That's undeniably the result of the swordsmanship skills you polished with your own two hands.
Instead of wallowing in resentment, or drowning in sorrow, you kept on improving and polishing yourself - no way can that year be called a waste.
Shiba There's just one thing I'd like you to do for me What is it? Please don't move for a second Now, then The question is, where are the people from Blanche at this moment? Tatsuya, don't tell me you're planning to take them on in battle? That's not an appropriate choice of words.
I'm going to demolish them.
That's dangerous! You'd be overstepping your boundaries as a student! I'm against it, too.
We should leave non-school-related issues to the police.
So Will you be sending Ms.
Mibu to Family Court for attempted robbery? I see.
Police intervention would be undesirable.
That said, we can't just let this go.
Still, Shiba We're up against terrorists.
Neither I, nor Saegusa, nor Watanabe would ask the students here to risk their lives.
Of course you wouldn't.
From the start, I never intended to turn to the Student Council or the Extracurricular Activities Fed for help.
Are you planning to go on your own? Normally, that's what I'd prefer to do.
But I'm going with you! I'll go, too! Me, too! Shiba, if you're doing this for me, I'm begging you to please stop.
I'll be fine.
I know I should be punished for what I did.
But if something were to happen to you all because of me I'm not doing this for your sake, Ms.
The zone in which I live has been targeted by terrorists.
If anyone tries to ruin my daily life, and Miyuki's, I will eradicate them all.
For me, that is my highest priority.
But, Brother.
How are we going to locate Blanche's headquarters? If there's something you don't know, just ask someone who does.
Ono? Um Thinking I could hide from a disciple of Master Kokonoe I guess that was naïve of me An abandoned factory? It would be better to go by car.
Are we going to break in head-on? Yes.
I'll get that car for us.
You're going, too, Jumonji? As a member of one of the Ten Master Clans, it's obviously my duty.
But more than that, as someone who's also a student at First High School, I can't ignore this situation.
Then Saegusa, you can't go.
It wouldn't do for the Student Council president to be away at a time like this.
But if that's the case, Mari, you can't go, either.
After all, there still might be some remnants hiding on campus.
Not having the Disciplinary Committee chairwoman around would be problematic.
Chairman! Please take me with you, too! Why should I, Kirihara? As a student at First High School, I can't let such lawlessness go! No good.
I can't take you with me.
Chairman? Not for a reason like that.
It's too flimsy to risk lives on.
Let me ask you one more time.
Why? Chairman, in junior high, I admired Mibu's sword skills.
Unlike my own sword skills, which were meant to kill, hers were meant for pure competition I thought it was beautiful to see.
But Somewhere along the line, her sword became clouded.
And I didn't like that.
Is that why you pulled a stunt like that brawl? It's not as if I was trying to make her see the error of her ways.
I just lost my temper and picked a fight with her, that's all.
You're calling it an error, but wasn't it Mibu's intent? No, it wasn't! Mibu's will her sword is nothing like that! Someone changed her sword - someone corrupted it Some bastard must have used Mibu in today's incident, I just know it! This isn't even for Mibu's sake it's just me venting my anger.
I'm begging you! Please take me with you, Chairman! Fine.
Chairman? That's a good enough reason to risk your manhood on.
Thank you very much! Hey, Big Bro Shiba.
I'll be joining you today.
Enrollment Part VII NEXT TIME