The IT Crowd s02e03 Episode Script

Moss and the german

You wouldn't steal a handbag.
You wouldn't steal a car.
You wouldn't steal a baby.
You wouldn't shoot a policeman and then steal his helmet.
You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet And then send it to the policeman's grieving widow And then steal it again! Downloading films is stealing.
If you do it, you will face the consequences.
Man, these anti-piracy ads are getting really mean.
I think we're sitting too close to the screen.
- The floor's all sticky over here.
- Allright, let's move back then.
- I still think we're too close.
- Well, then sit in the sink.
I'm not sitting in the sink again.
OK, princess.
Your flat is way too small for this telly That's fantastic.
- What's wrong, now? - I need to go to the toilet.
Well, then go.
I'll hold it in.
- Hello? - Hello, Roy.
- Hello, Jeff.
- No, Roy, you know I changed my name by deed poll - I'm not calling you Dominator.
- But I am Dominator! - Whatever.
I'm not calling you it.
- Forget it.
Now listen, I was just wondering, have you seen the new Tarantino film? - I'm just about to watch it, Jeff.
- I have already seen it! Anyway, at the end, there's a very unusual twist.
Now I know there's a twist.
I'm gonna spend the whole film guessing what it is.
Damn you, Dominator.
- Just try and forget there's a twist.
- How can you forget there's a twist? What's wrong with it now? Come on.
If I don't see this film today, Jeff'll find out some way of telling me what the twist is, I know he will.
Come on! Work! Look, I have to go.
Moss? - What's up with you? - I can't do this anymore! Do what? What are you talking about? Let me help - Back off.
- We're just watching the film, Moss.
- Come on, can't you see it? - See what, Moss? We go to a film, sometimes the pub, maybe get some dinner, but it just goes on and on, year in, year out.
We're stagnating! You make it sound like we're an old married couple.
But we are.
Can't you see? You're my wife, Roy! You're my wife.
My wife! We should have married ladies but we married each other.
- You're my wife! - Stop calling me your wife.
You're my wife, Roy, and I can't take it any more.
If anything, I'm the husband.
What's this? What's this? - Come on.
- We don't even have ventilation here.
- I'll stand over here.
- I don't care.
I don't wanna go out on the street.
It's too Soviet out there.
- Soviet? - Yes.
It's cold, everyone looks oppressed.
You know, I remember when smoking was fun.
All the cool kids were doing it.
Every time I want a cigarette now I have to go to Gorky Park.
- Don't answer that! - Why? I know who it is.
It's a man called Dominator who wants to tell me the twist in a film I've been waiting to see for ages.
- Don't answer it.
- Dominator? - His name is Jeff Hawthorne.
- We must answer the phone.
No, we don't.
Look, he'll give up in a second.
I know Jeff.
He'll need to go to the toilet in about another 2 rings.
- We're answering the phone.
- We are not answering the phones.
- You all right, Moss? - I've got the blues, Jen.
Why? Well, Roy and I are becoming like an old married couple.
Will you please stop saying that? And I'm the husband! We just seem to do the same thing day in, day out.
I'm stagnating, Jen, like a packet of crisps on the roof.
It seems to me the problem is that you two spend too much time together.
You should get out there meet other people.
Other people? Yes.
You mean people other than Roy? Well, yes.
And these "other people", where do they congregate? I don't know, you could do an evening class or something.
Hold on a second.
What exactly am I supposed to do while she's out gallivanting at her night classes and whatnot? You could meet other people as well.
I don't like people.
Well, now that's not fair, Roy.
Have you met all of them? I've met enough of them.
People! What a bunch of bastards! Stephanie? Yes, hello.
Of course OK.
I'm off.
- Douglas is coming down.
- Douglas? Why? Well, to be honest with you, he's been making advances.
You know, things like asking me if I wanna go for a ride in his helicopter.
- I wanna go for a ride in a helicopter.
- Well, grow a pair of tits.
Tell you what, if I did have tits, I wouldn't mind letting someone have a go on them for a ride in a helicopter.
Look who it is, everyone.
It's only me.
Jen, do you have a moment? No, I'm very busy.
I don't wanna go for a ride in a helicopter.
- That wasn't what I was gonna ask.
- What d'you want, then? Something work-related? - What department is this? - Sorry? If it's work-related, obviously, you'll know what department this is.
What department is this? Some sort of homosexual department? It's IT! IT.
I knew that, yes.
That's what I wanted, actually.
You see, my computer's broken and I need someone to fix it.
Roy's your man.
How do you fellas get any work done with a hot piece of finger-licking chicken like that? Me? I'd be a 24-hour tripod.
Watch this, it looks good.
I've actually been looking forward to seeing this.
Yeah? You wanna come round to mine? We can watch it there.
I gotta pretty nifty home cinema system.
Mine is broken but I think that maybe I'll just watch it Excellent, that's settled! Seven o'clock tonight.
I'll get my PA to phone you with my name and address.
Whoa, there.
That's not my office.
Well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
And I'm the gander! I hear the ballet in Prague is excellent this season.
- Hello, Yorg.
- Hello, Jen.
Terrible isn't it? Every year it gets worse.
First they take away our smoking room, then they push us outside.
I wonder when they will decide to get it over with and kill us.
Yorg Such a pessimist.
- Has he gone? - Has who gone? Bruce Wayne.
He's long gone, although Roy's got a man date with him.
It is not a man date.
I am not a man-woman, we are not married, I am not your wife! You'd willingly spend time with Douglas? I really have to see this film soon.
By the way, I took your advice about those evening classes.
- I'm gonna learn how to cook.
- Oh, I'm so pleased, Moss! And I have to say women do love a cook.
Well, answered an ad online.
This time next month, when you want German cuisine, I'm your man.
German cuisine? Is German cuisine not good? No.
Sounds fine.
There's nothing more romantic than a glass of wine and some Schweinefleisch.
Good, because usually when I try something new it ends up a disaster.
I got a reply to my advertisement.
Maurice Moss.
He sounds delicious! Guten Abend.
I mean hello.
- Hello.
I'm Moss.
- Yes, yes.
I'm Johann.
Come in, come in.
Nice TV.
Good distance from the sofa.
Would you like a drink? White Russian, please.
I don't know that.
How do you make that? I don't know.
We might as well get to it.
Really? Gosh.
So eager, so brave.
Well, once I've made up my mind to do something, that's it.
That's very admirable.
So just do whatever you want with me, I'm ready for anything.
Well, right! I will I suppose Take your clothes off, - and we'll get started.
- Right.
- So how long does this course last? - Sorry? - How long does this course last? - Course, what course? - Hang on, take my clothes off? - Yes.
- Sorry.
I'm confused.
- Well, so am I.
What did you think this was? Well, I was going to eat you.
I may have misheard you there.
Did you just say that you were going to eat me? - Right, you did say that.
- Yes.
- Yeah, no, I'm here for the cookery.
- No, this is the cookery.
Look, I've got your advert here.
I printed it out.
"I want to cook with you.
" No, my English is not so good You want to cook with me, using me, you mean.
Ah yes! Yes.
You see.
I see where the confusion was.
I thought this was a cookery course.
But you wanted someone who would agree to let you kill and eat them.
Ja! You see? That is funny.
So you're not interested? No, thanks, it's not for me.
How disappointing.
I'm sorry, Johann, this must be such a let down.
Had my tonsils out last month, I could have kept them.
I feel like such a turnip.
- Do you want to watch a film? - OK.
- I have Ocean's Eleven.
- Original or remake? Well, yeah, you could come over here, we could put on some music, I could give you a back rub, see what happens.
Oh, no, wait, I've got this guy coming over to watch a DVD.
Another time, maybe.
And some chicken wings, please.
Thank you.
There's somebody at the door! There's somebody at the door! There's somebody at the door! Hey, it's my G! I'm really sorry I was late.
It was It's cool.
You know, we should do this sort of thing more often.
I hate the whole boss/employee thing, don't you? Yeah.
You wanna seal the deal with a high 5? Yes.
So, what are we watching? It's a Tarantino produced, South Korean zombie movie.
I didn't know there was a South Korea.
OK, put it on.
I've ordered pizza and chicken wings and there's a cooler beside you, - so help yourself to beer.
- Don't mind if I do? I've heard of this flick.
There's a twist in it, isn't there? Yeah.
Just just try and forget that and hopefully we'll still be able to enjoy it.
I bet he's a woman, that bloke.
No, you think it's the future, but it's actually set in the past.
It's not Earth.
- It's all a dream.
- Oh, could you not Could you not try and guess what the twist is? It's just that might get a little annoying.
But isn't that half the fun, trying to guess the twist? Personally, I think it It kind of, it ruins the fun.
Well, I think it makes it more fun.
- It's just I don't.
- Well, I do, and I'm the boss.
I'm your boss.
They're all clones.
He's his own brother.
Everyone's a ghost.
Have you still not seen the film yet? What's that? What? It's cold and I'm going out for a cigarette.
You must be Jen's mother.
What a night I had last night.
- Yes, the cookery, how was it? - I am so embarrassed, - I cannot tell you.
- What happened? It wasn't a cookery class at all.
- What was it? - He wrote it down wrong, - cause his English isn't very good.
- Always the way.
And it turns out he didn't want to teach me how to cook He wanted to cook me! What? He wanted to eat me! I know egg and my face were in alignment.
- He wanted to eat you? - Yes.
He's one of those German cannibals.
He is and he was such a nice man.
- Was he? - Yeah.
He was a fine Young Cannibal.
Hang on He wanted to eat you? Yeah, keep up Jen.
So we had a laugh about it and in the end, I didn't really feel like being eaten, so we just watched Ocean's Eleven.
Original or remake? Is that really the most important question? I hang on, - You watched a film with him? - Yes.
- With the man that wanted to eat you? - Who else? - Why didn't you call the police? - Why would I call the police? He wanted to eat you! Only with my consent and, believe me, my consent was not forthcoming.
- Good for you, Moss.
- But eating people is illegal! - Only without their consent.
- No, Moss, no.
- It's a grey area, give me that.
- I knew something was askew.
Who ever heard of German food? You should see his place, it's incredible.
He's got a great system, 50" TV.
Really? Maybe we could watch the film at his place! I don't know, he's only really interested in people he can eventually eat.
- Tell him he can eat me! - Are you insane? You've got to call the police.
Jen, don't be such an old fuddy-duddy.
The world has changed.
If two grown men can't make a pervert happy for a few minutes in order to watch a film about zombies, then maybe we should all just move to Iran.
I don't know, Roy.
It does seem a little immoral to mislead him.
But then, as Jen pointed out earlier, being a cannibal's a little immoral too.
I'm in an ethical pickle.
Turns out meeting new people is a lot more complicated than I'd originally thought.
- Yen! - Yorg.
What are you doing? You cannot smoke here.
They are moving us to a new smoking area.
- So the rumours were true - Quickly, before they see you.
What are you doing? It's over, Yorg.
We must fight them, Yen.
We must all fight them.
We must keep smoking until the bitter end! Yorg.
Yorg, such fire.
I am too tired for revolution.
And we've walked f miles.
Goodbye, Yorg.
Taxi! - Let's not fight again.
- No.
And look, we're out, we're meeting people.
- You were a bit wonky.
- Thanks, dear.
Hello! Hello! How wonderful! Johann, this is Roy.
Roy, this is Johann.
Hello Johann.
I brought dessert! Come in.
Come in.
- This is lovely! - Yes! Yes.
Isn't this nice! So we'll watch the film, then I'll tell him I changed my mind.
Lovely and Now, that's a guitar.
So, Roy, has Moss explained to you - my desires? - He has indeed.
- And are you interested? - I'm very interested.
Splendid! Moss, if you will excuse us? - Do you eat in here? - Yes, this way, please.
But didn't you want to watch the film that I have here? I'd completely forgotten.
There was that film that I wanted to watch before Johann ate me.
- That's right.
- There it is there now.
- Yes.
- So you want to watch a film? - Yes, thanks.
- Is that OK? - Yes, of course.
- I'll put it on.
Is it very long? Two hours, 20.
No, I'll wait.
- You wouldn't steal a handbag - These piracy warnings Tell me about it.
What now? You wouldn't shoot a policeman, then steal his helmet Hello, there.
Yes, can I help you? Police! Don't move! If my mother thinks I'm a cannibal, I'll be for the high jump.
For once, can we please not bring your mother into it.
Here we go again! Well, boys, we're in a bit of a sticky situation, aren't we? Where d'you get this film? This is an illegal copy of a film.
Are you not worried that we might be cannibals? Cannibals? The man who was with us is a cannibal.
- He was going to eat me.
- Well, it's not really my area.
I do copyright violation, that sort of thing, but I'll let someone know.
Anyway! Where d'you get this? Interesting film.
Who'd have thought at the end that bloke turned out to be the
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