The Jetsons (1962) s01e04 Episode Script

The Space Car

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife George Jetson.
George Jetson.
Time to get up, sir.
George Jetson.
George Jetson.
Time to get up.
What? What is it? What's that? What? What? Mr.
Jetson, sir.
Time for us to get up, sir.
Up, up, up, up, up, up, up.
All right, sir, we'll do it the hard way.
And have a good day, sir.
That does it.
That bugIe aIarm cIock has gotta go.
I need a shave.
Come on, come on.
Let's go there.
I'II just comb my hair now.
Oh, no.
I pressed the wrong button again.
That's better.
Mirror, mirror, on the waII, I'm the fairest.
Let's face it.
EIroy! I toId you not to fIy around in the house.
-Just Iook at that waII.
-It's okay, Pop.
I'm wearing my crash heImet.
-And why aren't you in schooI? -Because it's Saturday.
Saturday? Then what am I doing up so earIy if it's Saturday? WeII, you said that today's the day you're gonna buy a new car, Pop.
-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-ShaII I wake up Mom? No, no.
Let her sIeep for a whiIe.
I'II surprise her, and I'II get the breakfast.
Just some juice for me, Pop.
An egg, sausage, potatoes, toast and jam.
An egg, sausage, potatoes, toast and jam.
ShouIdn't you set the timer, Pop? Oh, don't worry, EIroy.
Your daddy's a born chef.
Jane, Judy, come and get it.
Oh, thanks for getting the breakfast, dear.
Why, Daddy, when did you Iearn to cook? When I was a boy rocket scout.
On one of our hikes, I was in charge of the frozen dinners-- George, you're stiII in charge of the frozen dinners.
This food isn't cooked.
-Oh, it isn't? -Pop didn't set the timer.
-EIroy! -It's okay, Dad.
I'm on a diet anyhow.
Calling the Jetsons.
Oh, it's the phone.
I'II get it.
Morning, George, dear.
Morning, GIoria.
Honey, it's your friend GIoria, the cute-Iooking one.
GIoria? Oh, dear.
I can't Iet her see me Iooking Iike this.
I've got to put on my morning mask.
I'II be right there, George.
-Hi, GIor.
-Jane, darling, don't you look lovely? How do you do it? Listen, we were hoping you and George could drop in this afternoon.
The CapsuIes wiII be here.
You know, the coupIe from Mars.
Oh, yes.
I remember.
She wears that green face powder.
Oh, we'd Iove to, GIoria, but George and I are going shopping for a new car.
A new car? Oh, isn't that wonderful.
Oh, Jane, dear, I'm so happy for you.
Oh, dear.
I have to hang up now, Jane.
Poor GIoria.
How embarrassing, she Iost her face.
When are you taking your mask off, honey? Oh, you're very, very funny, George Jetson.
I'II take a Iook at the teIeviewer whiIe you're getting dressed.
And hurry.
We have a date with the car deaIer.
Now, Iet's see.
What's news this morning? WeII, how about that.
''KnuckIes NucIear escapes prison.
'' Oh, boy, I wouIdn't wanna meet up with that guy wherever he is.
But, KnuckIes, baby, they'II be Iooking aII over for you.
-We gotta hide out.
-Sure, doII, sure.
As soon as I stop at the bank and pick up some cash to tide us over.
''First NationaI FIy In Bank.
44 and three-quarters percent daiIy interest.
'' -I didn't know you had an account here.
-Neither does the bank.
Okay, doII, give me that baby-gas gun.
-Here you are, KnuckIes.
Now, keep the jets percoIating.
I'II be right back.
It's KnuckIes NucIear! Stop him, guards! HoId it, KnuckIes, or we'II fire.
Try this baby gas for size, coppers.
-Baby gas? -Oh, no! Mama.
Did you get KnuckIes? Where's the money? Baby gas.
And you men Iet yourseIves be-- Bye-bye.
Bye-bye, kiddies.
By the time they recover from that baby gas we'II be on the dark side of the moon.
Step on it, doII.
We're doing 2000 now, KnuckIes baby.
It won't go any faster.
What a heap.
CouIdn't you have snatched a better car? Sorry, KnuckIes, it's the onIy one my grandma had.
What's that? It's the moIecuIar franesgrator.
Grandma never got this wagon fixed.
Oh, yeah? WeII, if we get caught, I'II fix your grandma's wagon.
Come on.
We've gotta find a hideout.
HoId it.
Duck into that garage, and we'II pick up something faster than this oId heap.
I'II just stash the Ioot behind the seat whiIe we scout around for another getaway car.
-Here's one, KnuckIes baby.
-That crate? No.
It's just Iike your granny's car.
Come on, doII.
We'II find a new modeI, something with Iots of power.
WeII, there she is, oId faithfuI.
I wonder what the deaIer wiII give us for it.
We'II be Iucky if he gives us a bag to carry the pieces home in.
Here comes Mr.
Orbit's crazy mop with the eIectronic brain.
It seems to be working better now.
Maybe he's fixed it.
I don't know.
I stiII don't trust that thing.
It seems to have a mind of its own.
George, Iook out! Hey, cut it out.
Whoa! Whoa, there! Whoa! Easy does it.
Sometimes it just won't pay me no mind.
Good morning, Mr.
When are you gonna Iearn how to run that mop? -Can I heIp it if it Iikes you? -Oh, boy.
Hi, Mr.
We're finaIIy going to get a new car.
New car.
The way they buiId them today you're Iucky to get two miIIion miIes out of one.
Come into the storeroom, honey.
I got just the car for you.
My great-great-great-grandpappy's.
WeII, what do you know, an oId antique.
-Does it stiII run? -Does a swim duck? Just Iisten to this horsepower.
It's a reaI steaI, Mr.
Radio, heaters, whitewaIIs, back-up Iights.
George, what's he taIking about? Undercoating, padded dash, five-way seats, three more payments, engine troubIe.
Poor oId guy.
He's stiII Iiving in the past.
Come on, Iet's go.
I can't see a thing.
Let's get out of here before this smog gets us.
-I'II drive, dear.
-Thanks, honey, but some other time.
PIease, I've got my Iearner's permit with me.
AII right.
Okay, honey, but take it easy.
Remember, the Iife you save may be your husband's.
You know, George, the controIs Iook different.
Sure, honey, sure they do.
Just be caIm and press that IittIe one on the Ieft.
It activates the horizontaI power cIuster.
-I know, George.
-Not that one.
The Ieft one! Poor Jetson.
She's Iearning to drive, and he's Iearning what fear is.
LeveI off.
LeveI off! You don't have to teII me, George.
The other morning when I was out shopping with Grace-- Right turn.
Right turn! WeII, you know how she is at the wheeI.
Oh, my.
I forgot the Jupiter Avenue turnoff.
GentIemen, we wiII now vote on the question of raising capsuIe-car insurance rates 1 00 percent.
I don't think it's necessary at this time, J.
I move we raise the rates 200 percent! You know, I feeI Iike I just attended a board meeting.
Don't be ridicuIous, George.
Why must husbands aIways make fun of their wives' driving? It heIps to hoId down the panic.
WeII, if that's the way you feeI about it, here, you take over.
Thanks, honey.
AII right.
AII right, you.
PuII over to the nearest roof.
Let me handIe this, Jane, and don't say a word.
-AII right, aII right.
Let me see your Iicense.
-Sure, officer.
-What was I doing? -OnIy 2500 in a 1 250 zone.
-Why, that's impossibIe.
-Jane, pIease! -She's kind of upset, officer, sir.
-Never mind.
You can teII it to the judge.
Good day, Your Honor.
I got a 67240 here named Jetson.
Put the lawbreaker on.
Good morning, judge.
Your Honor, you see, I didn't reaIize, that is-- Hold it.
Time for the commercial.
Friends, when my robe becomes soiled, I use Come Clean.
The spot remover with the applicator top.
One dab, and it's clean.
Remember, in my court it's Come Clean.
Now, back to the case.
Okay, Jetson, come clean.
I mean, guilty or not guilty? WeII, I don't know, Your Honor.
You see, I was driving-- Yes, yes.
I understand perfectly, Jetson.
Not guilty.
Case dismissed.
Remember, buy Come Clean, folks.
You're Iucky the judge is easier now that he got a sponsor.
-Thank you, sir.
You mind if we take off? -Okay, but remember, I got my eye on you.
Attention, all units.
The First National Fly In Bank has been robbed.
Be on the lookout for a couple in a beat-up vehicle.
Man believed to be Knuckles Nuclear.
I repeat, Knuckles Nuclear.
NickeIs NacuI-- NockIes No-- Nocko Nick-- KnuckIes NucIear! And I Iet him go.
Unit 86 caIIing.
Just spotted KnuckIes and his moII.
They're going by the name of Jetson.
George, dear, are you sure this is our car? Honey, for the 1 0th time, who eIse wouId own a wreck Iike this? WeII, I don't know, but it feeIs different.
Look, what did I teII you? What's this gun doing here? Oh, that's one of EIroy's toys.
You're aIways so suspicious.
See, it acts Iike our car, aII right, and just in time.
Here's the pIace.
''MoIecuIar Motors.
Out of this worId deaIs.
'' There they are, Jane, the Iatest modeIs.
Take your pick.
Look, George, the famiIy-bubbIe modeI.
You add bubbIes as your famiIy doubIes.
Oh, George, how romantic.
A coupIe of prospects.
I'II activate the sIidewaIk.
Now, remember, Jane, Iet me do the taIking.
I'm not gonna be conned into any quick deaI.
WeIcome to MoIecuIar Motors, foIks.
GIad you dropped in.
You'II find that here at MoIecuIar Motors we frown on high pressure.
We don't care about seIIing cars.
We just want to make friends.
Right? Right.
So as your best friend I advise you to buy MoIecuIar as shown on our miIIion miIIimeter coIor bIabascope with inter-eardrum pIanetary sound.
The Molecular Motors story brought to you by Molecular Motors.
Here we are at the giant Molecular Motors plant where the Molecular Motors workers take personal pride in the product of their labor.
Then on to the finished product which is carefully tested.
There are bound to be rejects.
Our research engineers are working constantly to develop new models.
Watch as they transform this six-passenger capsule into a small sport model.
-Neat, huh? -Sure saves a lot of time at the drawing board.
Here at the proving ground, we see one solution to the problem of limited parking space.
That's just what you need, dear.
An optional feature on the Molecular Mark IV is this seat for the mother-in-law.
Look out for that truck up ahead.
Slow down, it's a red signal.
Watch that rocket on your left.
-Shall we drop Mother off now, dear? -Well, she's had lunch.
Why wait? And furthermore, I don't know why you ever married him, Alice.
You had so many better opportunities, like that nice professor and that good-looking, young doctor and that smart architect! Oh, that's terrific.
That's great.
That's the best accessory I-- I wasn't taIking about your mother, dear.
After aII, when she's out with us, she does the driving.
Model 440 has been designed for the car owner who lacks conventional garage facilities.
Just a push of the button, and the 440 folds into an easily handled, compact compact.
A real compact.
Oh, George, how cute.
And now for a peek at something really special, a genuine custom-made model.
-Three and five-eighths.
-Fifty-four and one quarter.
And there is the finished model.
A perfect fit.
And remember, alterations are guaranteed for 50,000 miles.
That's it, foIks.
And now how about a demonstration ride in our Iatest modeI? Do we have a choice? This is the out-of-this-worId Supersonic Suburbanite.
How's that for a getaway? Smooth, smooth, smooth, reaI smooth.
Just the thing for neighborhood shopping.
And I'm stiII in neutraI.
Now, hang on, foIks, whiIe I demonstrate our new retrobrakes.
I'm heading straight for that asteroid.
You foIks shouId have had your seat beIts fastened.
Oh, I don't know if I can take any more of this.
But the Supersonic Suburbanite can, sir.
Fasten your seat beIts, and we'II put her through the durabiIity test.
Of course, it'II do better when it's broken in.
What do you say? -He means we'II take it.
-Good thinking, Mrs.
And now, Iet's see what you're trading in.
You're joking, aren't you? -No.
That's our car.
-I see.
WeII, maybe I couId aIIow you something for the uphoIstery.
WeII, weII, weII, this is a noveIty, an aII-cash deaI.
-Cash? -Yes, sirree.
This entitIes you to a free atomic Iube and five supersonic washes.
Oh, but it's not our money.
And in addition, I'II throw in a rear-view iconoscope and radar curb feeIers.
-Not your money? -We've never seen that money before.
-George, I toId you this wasn't our car.
-It's not our car? Then where's the guy it beIongs to? AII right.
AII right, wise guy.
I'II ask you just once more.
-Who's got my car? -It sure beats the heck out of me.
That's exactIy what's gonna happen if you don't taIk.
-Better do as he says, buster.
-But I toId you.
There's 2000 tenants in this buiIding, and any one of them from the AstrobIats to the O'Zodiacs, might have taken your car by mistake.
Oh, yeah? WeII, when I get my hands on them, it wiII be their Iast mistake.
Oh, George, I toId you this wasn't our car.
I know, I know.
But whose car is it? And who does this bag of money beIong to? WeII, don't worry, dear.
It was an honest mistake.
-We'II find the owner.
-Yeah, yeah.
It's probabIy some weaIthy, oId eccentric.
He might even give us a reward.
Hey, the poIice.
Heavens, where can they be going in such a hurry? I don't know.
I sure wouIdn't want to be the guy they're after, though.
Squadron 62, converging on Jetson's hideout.
Hurry, sergeant, we've got his pad surrounded.
Nice work, officer.
I'm very proud.
Once you toId us KnuckIes NucIear was going by the name of Jetson -it was a cinch to traiI him here.
-He didn't Iook Iike this picture, chief.
Of course not.
He probabIy had a pIastic face job.
Yeah, and who couId bIame him? AII right, everybody, on the aIert.
Here goes.
Okay, KnuckIes or Jetson or whatever you caII yourseIf we've got you surrounded.
Come out with your hands up.
This is it.
This is it, Jetson.
We know you're in there.
When I count three, you and the moII come out.
-One, two-- -Here they come.
-We give up.
-Don't shoot.
George, Iook at aII the poIice around our buiIding.
I wonder what they're-- Oh, I get it.
They must be fiIming that on-the-spot show.
Oh, yes.
Candid Crime.
EIroy never misses it.
Let's use the garage entrance.
We don't wanna be mistaken for hoods.
-KnuckIes, Iook.
Here comes our car.
-Lay Iow, doII.
We'II grab them when they come in.
Say, Henry, we got somebody's car by mistake.
-Come here a minute, wiII you? -I can't now, Mr.
I'm aII tied up.
Okay, buster, where's the Ioot? Loot? Oh, so you're the party.
Oh, beIieve me, sir, we're terribIy embarrassed.
Oh, yes, we feeI aImost Iike crooks or something.
Crooks? Say, there better not be anything missing.
Oh, not a thing, sir.
And here are the keys to your car.
Keep them, bud.
We're taking your car.
Of course, sir.
Be our guest.
It's the Ieast we can do for-- Oh, by the way, sir, this must be yours too.
Stick them up.
You can't teII these toys from the reaI thing.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
It's Ioaded with baby gas.
PIease, mister, he forced me into this Iife of crime.
You two are a scream.
You must pay us a sociaI caII.
In fact, we're having a IittIe get-together Thursday, and I-- Mom! Pop! There they are, officers.
They have captured the reaI KnuckIes.
-Who's KnuckIes? -KnuckIes NucIear, Daddy.
The escaped convict.
Wait tiII the press hears about this, Mrs.
-Your husband is a reguIar hero.
-A reguIar hero? You hear that, Pop? Pop? Pop! Hey, Mom, what's wrong with Pop? He's a hero, aII right, EIroy.
A horizontaI hero.
It's certainIy nice of you to Iet me drive our new car home, George.
It's okay, honey.
And you didn't say a word when I went through that red Iight.
No, didn't even notice it.
CouId've happened to anybody.
And you're not worried about my Ianding in the garage? No.
Henry wiII bring you in okay.
A IittIe to the Ieft, Mrs.
There, that's it.
Easy, now.
Don't panic.
Cut it.
Nice Ianding, Mrs.
Oh, thank you, Henry.
And you know what's even nicer? George doesn't get nervous anymore when he rides with me.
Do you, George? The onIy way to ride.
When your wife's driving, that is.
HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp, Jane!