The Jetsons (1962) s01e05 Episode Script

The Coming of Astro

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife Oh, dear, dear, dear.
I hope I'm not Iate for my appointment.
These hairdressers are so temperamentaI.
Pierre doesn't Iike to be kept waiting.
Good morning, Pierre.
Jetson, no? Mrs.
Jetson, yes.
And I'm sorry I'm a IittIe Iate.
Pierre, I'm in an awfuI hurry this morning.
Can you do something exciting with my hair in 1 0 seconds? But of course, Mrs.
PIease be sit down.
I need something new.
This oId hairstyIe doesn't do a thing for me.
ReIax, madame.
I, Pierre, shaII styIe your hair with my own two hands.
Something dramatique, huh, Pierre? Oui, madame.
I shaII start with my Iatest creation: The nebuIae bouffant.
No, I don't think so.
Oh, everyone has that.
Makes me Iook too young.
Too oId.
Too subtIe.
Oh, Pierre, I Iike that! It's beautifuI! But, madame, that is the hair that you had when you came in.
I have done nothing.
Oh, don't be so modest, Pierre.
You're a genius.
Oui, oui.
-I wonder if Judy is home yet.
-Oh, hi, Mom! HeIIo, dear.
Did you straighten your room yet? Not yet, Mother.
But can I change it? I'm tired of Space ProvinciaI.
Okay, dear.
But change to what? Oh, I think this time I'II try Moon Modern.
WeII, do you Iike it, dear? Oh, it's right on orbit.
I Iove it.
Is EIroy home from schooI yet? Oh, here he is.
Gee, Ma, guess what foIIowed me home.
Good heavens! What in the universe is that, that, that monster? He's no monster, Mom.
His name is Astro, and he's just a puppy dog.
A baby puppy dog.
Baby? WeII, thank heaven you didn't bring home his father.
Oh, he doesn't have a father.
He's an onIy orphan.
Astro, say, ''Hi, Mom.
'' ''Ri, rom.
'' ''Ri, rom''? What kind of taIk is that? That's baby taIk.
See, he's just a puppy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Can I keep him, Mom, huh? Can I, pIease? I don't know, EIroy.
Puppies are a Iot of bother and this one is so big.
And he must eat an awfuI Iot.
He's such a sweet dog.
And he's reaI smart too, Mom.
Shake hands, Astro.
-''Reased ro reet rou.
'' -Huh? WeII, that means, ''PIeased to meet you.
'' And he's a great watchdog too.
Hey, what's going on? Where did you get the horse? That's not a horse.
It's a baby puppy, and he's smart as a whip.
I'II show you.
Okay, Astro.
Heed my command.
Speak! Isn't he kind of mixed-up? What do you mean? That's darn good for a puppy.
Now, watch this.
Ready, Astro? Point.
Now speak.
How about that? Imagine how good he'd be if he practiced.
Where did he come from, or did EIroy bring him home? I'm beginning to think it was the other way around.
Now, EIroy, Astro is a very fine dog, but-- PIease, Mom, can't I keep him, huh? PIease.
Mother, he's so cute.
Can't we? WeII, you know how your dad feeIs about dogs.
But if you take Astro out on the dog waIk -I'II caII and ask your father.
-Oh, boy! And don't forget to mention he's just a puppy.
''Rush a ruppy.
'' Did you hear that? He said-- Yes, I know.
''Rush a ruppy.
'' How do you Iike it, Astro? ''Roh, roy.
Ris is reat.
'' ''Oh, boy, this is great''? Yeah.
Oh, gee, Daddy's just gotta Iet me keep you.
Oh, boy, what a day.
I'm getting punchy from punching aII these buttons.
Now what? Come on, come on.
Back to work.
No goofing off.
-That's better.
-George Jetson.
Televiewer, please.
George Jetson.
Televiewer, please.
It's your wife.
Now what do I have to bring home? Coming, coming! I'm sorry to bother you, dear.
Are you busy? Busy? Take a Iook at my button-pushing finger.
-What do you think? -Poor dear.
Well, the reason I called is that I represent a committee of three.
And we have a request.
Okay, honey.
What is it? I'll give you a hint.
-Your mother's coming to visit us.
It's for protection.
A poIiceman.
It's furry, and it's got a cold nose.
Oh, an Eskimo.
-No-- -No, wait.
I got it.
I got it.
Your mother ran off with an Eskimo poIiceman.
-AII right, I give up.
What is it? I'll let the committee tell you.
It's a dog.
Can we have one, Dad, huh? Can we have a dog? PIease, not again.
I toId you a thousand times, an apartment is no pIace for a dog.
I'm sorry, but the answer is stiII no.
Well, George, you don't have to shout.
I was shouting? Oh, great.
The whoIe famiIy is sore at me.
Getting so a guy can't put his foot down without sticking it in his mouth.
If I don't get a dog, I'II wind up in the doghouse.
Oh, what a spot.
It'II take a bigger brain than mine to figure an answer out to this one.
Hey, that's it.
The brain.
I'II use the company computer to figure out an answer.
Here, now, Iet me see.
One irate wife pIus two kids who want a dog.
Add a husband who doesn't want a dog but wants to keep everybody happy.
And the answer is.
''Apartment-approved eIectronic dog.
'' Yeah.
That's it.
I'm gIad I thought of it.
An eIectronic dog.
No feeding.
No bathing.
No fIeas.
It's great.
Something Iike that couId make a dog-Iover out of me.
An eIectronic dog-Iover, that is.
Thanks, paI.
Hey, do you seII dogs here? What kind? Lap, watch, show or pIain mutt? I want one of those nucIear-powered troubIe-free eIectronic dogs.
Oh, that kind.
I have just the thing for you.
It's caIIed the ''dog of tomorrow.
'' I'm in a hurry.
I need it today.
WeII, in that case, you can have 'Lectronimo.
-'Lectroni-who? -'Lectronimo.
This is our demonstration modeI.
A new dog guarantee goes with him.
And you'II save money too.
Sounds good.
Let's see 'Lectronimo do his stuff.
Okay, 'Lectronimo, fetch.
-Hey, that's pretty good.
He reaIIy sinks his teeth into his work, doesn't he? How is he in the bravery department? Oh, that's his biggest seIIing point.
EspeciaIIy since the cat burgIar hit town.
The cat burgIar? Who's he? It's in aII the teIeviewers.
Here, I'II show you.
''Cat burgIar prowIs again.
'' Mean-Iooking, isn't he? Yeah.
Hey, I'd Iike to see how 'Lectronimo wouId handIe a burgIar.
I was afraid you'd ask that.
I'II put on this burgIar mask.
He hates burgIar masks.
Now, watch.
How I hate this demonstration but, boy, what a saIes gimmick.
I'm soId.
Wrap him up, or whatever you do with him.
Boy, EIroy wiII Iove 'Lectronimo.
WeII, gang, are we ready for Operation Keep Astro? -Ready.
Now, remember: One, we hide Astro untiI your daddy gets home.
And two, we wait untiI he's in a good mood.
WeII, gee, Mom, that couId take forever.
Step three, your daddy meets Astro and is unabIe to resist his winning personaIity.
-Agreed? -Right.
It's your dad.
Quick! PIaces, everybody! Now, remember, act naturaI.
-Ready, Mother.
-Ready, Mother.
-Ready, Mother.
-Astro! Quick, EIroy.
He's supposed to be hiding.
I got him, Mom.
I got him.
Get in there, Astro.
And don't make a move untiI we teII you.
Remember, now, not a sound.
Sorry, Astro.
Remember, everybody, act happy.
We want Daddy in a good mood.
That's fine.
Now hoId it.
Okay, 'Lectronimo, we are home.
Now, you wait out here untiI I set the scene.
You got it? Quiet! Come in! Hi, gang.
You stiII taIking to me? -George! -Daddy! Father! Gee, we are gIad you are home! You are? I thought you'd stiII be sore at me.
Sore? Why, whatever for, George? Oh, what a great bunch.
A typicaI, American-type TV famiIy.
What more couId a guy ask for? I ask you, what more? How about a typicaI, American TV-type dog, Dad? EIroy! WeII, I've got a surprise for you.
'Lectronimo! Gee, Dad, we aIready have a vacuum cIeaner.
That isn't a vacuum cIeaner, EIroy.
That's 'Lectronimo.
Our new, no-feed, no-fuss nucIear-powered, eIectronic, apartment-approved dog.
-Dog? -Dog? Dog? There must be an echo around here somepIace.
I know you thought I didn't want a dog, but I just couIdn't stand the disappointed Iooks on your faces.
Besides, 'Lectronimo is just the protection we need with aII kinds of cat burgIars prowIing around.
Hey, he zeroed in on something aIready.
HeIp! HeIp! What? AII right, aII right.
What's going on around here? What's this thing on my back? Oh, that's not a thing, George.
It's a dog.
His name is Astro.
Isn't he sweII, Dad? A dog? You caII this giraffe a dog? Out! Out! Out! Oh, George, now you've hurt Astro's feeIings.
You haven't even given him a chance.
I'm giving him a chance to waIk out of here before I caII the city pound.
He can be very friendIy, George.
So can an orangutan.
Shake hands with Daddy, Astro.
AII right, so he shakes hands.
Great, but-- -What a grip.
-PIeased to meet you.
That's enough, Astro.
Show Dad to his easy chair.
Boy, this is getting in your easy chair the hard way.
-Pipe and sIippers.
-Look, George.
He's bringing you your pipe and sIippers.
Hey! Out! Out! Out! PIease, Dad, can't we keep him? He's onIy a pup, Daddy.
He'II Iearn.
Look, we just haven't got room for two dogs in this house.
There's nothing personaI, Astro, but-- Oh, a wise guy, huh? Goodbye and good riddance! Goodbye.
Hey, Iet me in! Let him in, Astro.
We'II discuss this at the dinner tabIe.
So you see, we thought once you got to meet Astro the two of you couId become quite cIose.
How cIose can we get? He's just trying to be friendIy.
PIease pass the saIt, George.
SaIt? Okay.
Thanks, dear.
Why doesn't this overgrown baboon sit in the corner and behave Iike 'Lectronimo? Because he Iikes you, George.
And besides, I bet Astro can do anything 'Lectronimo can do -and better.
-He cannot.
Hey, why not have a contest? Yeah! The best dog stays.
What do you say, dear? Sounds Iike a good idea.
Why not? What can I Iose but him? Yuck.
Now, I'II be scorekeeper and referee.
And there wiII be no favoritism.
Okay, now, pIaces.
When I say go the dog who gets my sIippers first, scores.
-Ready? -Ready.
-You can do it, boy.
-Go get him, Astro! Go! That's good work, 'Lectronimo.
That's one for our side.
Now I'II test your sense of smeII.
CIose your eyes whiIe I hide this bone.
And the first dog to find it scores.
Okay, it's hid.
On your marks get set go! Good boy, 'Lectronimo.
You're a IittIe Iate, aren't you, buster? Okay, and for the finaI test we'II try a few of the standard commands.
Sit up! Point! Speak! I guess that settIes it.
'Lectronimo is the winner in a cIean sweep.
WeII, I guess you won fair and square, Daddy.
Goodbye, Astro.
Oh, now, wait a minute.
Why aII the Iong faces? 'Lectronimo won, didn't he? Good night, George.
Now, come on.
It was your idea to have a contest, wasn't it? Come on, Astro.
You understand, don't you, paI? You know, fortunes of war and aII Iike that, huh? -Goodbye, Astro.
So Iong.
So Iong.
I'm sorry.
That's the way the dog biscuit crumbIes.
-Goodbye, paI.
-Bye, paI.
I'II be seeing you.
Hey, what the--? Hey! Hey, Iet me in! Hey, what's going on around here? Let me in! AII right, wise guy.
Out, out, out! Oh, come on, George.
The Ieast you couId do is Iet him stay the night.
It's coId outside.
Okay, okay.
He stays for one night, and one night onIy.
But after that, it's out, out, O-U-T.
Good night, Astro.
You understand, honey, I have nothing against Astro personaIIy.
He does sort of grow on you after a whiIe.
I mean, Iike a Kodiak bear.
George, it's 2:00 in the morning.
WiII you pIease go to sIeep? And you gotta admit, the dog is some kind of a nut, now, don't you? -Just go to sIeep, George.
-AII right, aII right.
I might as weII.
ProbabIy have dog-mares aII night.
-Good night, Jane.
-Good night.
I wonder why they caII me the cat burgIar.
I mean, why not some name with cIass? Like the phantom or the spook or something Iike that? Besides, there's onIy one thing I hate more than cats, and that's dogs.
That's why I cased this Jetson joint first.
No dogs.
Quiet as a mouse.
WeII, this wiII be a cinch.
Gee, what a Iumpy carpet.
I'II cIean out the pIace and be gone before-- Oh, no! It's one of them nucIear-powered dogs! HeIp! Let me out of here! HeIp! HeIp! George.
George, what is it? What's going on? Oh, it's just 'Lectronimo having a nightmare.
I hope.
Wake him up or something! -See what's wrong.
-AII right, aII right.
Okay, okay.
Those darn eIectronic dogs attack anything with a mask on.
Hey, what's going on? Who are you? Here, paI.
Wear it in good heaIth.
Hey, you're the cat burgIar! 'Lectronimo, good boy.
There he goes.
Now, go get him.
Go get him.
Hey, wait! Wait! Not me! I'm not the cat burgIar! I'm-- HeIp! HeIp! Hey, Dad.
CouId you turn down the TV? I can't sIeep.
It's not the TV, EIroy.
There's a burgIar in the house.
A burgIar? Oh, boy! HeIp! 'Lectronimo's bIown a fuse! Do something! Don't worry, Dad! Astro wiII save you! Hey, Astro, wake up! Wake up! There's a burgIar in the house! This is your big chance.
HeIp! HeIp! Somebody do something! Get him off of me! I'm getting out of this nut house! That dog has snapped his power Iine.
He thinks I'm the cat burgIar.
Calling car 88.
Calling car 88.
Come in, 88.
Car 88 caIIing in.
What's up, sarge? Investigate complaint of trouble over at the Skypad Apartments.
Right, sarge.
I'm on my way.
HeIp, heIp! PoIice, heIp! HaIt, in the name of the Iaw.
Oh, officer, you're just in time.
What are you, some kind of an astro-nut? No.
There's a burgIar up in my apartment, officer.
Look, come on.
You gotta come with me.
Hurry up, wiII you? Hurry, he's dangerous.
Stop, in the name of the Iaw! HoId it, Mac! Freeze.
Okay, masked man.
Let's go down to the station and have a taIk.
What's your name? Who? I mean, what, what? Who? You.
What's your name? George Jetson, officer.
No kidding, I thought you were the Lonesome Stranger.
Don't you think you're a IittIe oId for HaIIoween gags? This is no gag, officer.
No kidding.
There's a burgIar running around my apartment.
BurgIar, huh? Okay.
Suppose we go up and see.
Then we'II go down to the station.
Oh, Judy, do you reaIIy think there's a burgIar out there? I hope so, Mom.
Maybe I'II get a chance to try out my judo Iessons.
But, Astro, there's a burgIar in the house! Aren't you gonna do something? BurgIar? Yikes! Yippee! He did it! Astro captured the burgIar! Astro captured the burgIar! Hooray for Astro! I knew he'd do it.
But what happened to your father? Yeah.
Where's Dad? -There he is.
-Sorry to bother you but I caught this masked guy trying to sneak in here.
Do you want to register a compIaint? Jane, wiII you teII him who I am? And teII this tin dog who I am aIso.
That's no guy, officer.
That's my husband.
He was mistaken for a burgIar by that eIectronic dog.
Yeah, and then my dog captured the reaI burgIar.
Look! Astro caught him? Hey, that's the cat burgIar.
That dog caught the notorious cat burgIar.
BurgIar? Gee, Dad, everything worked out sweII, didn't it? The poIice department have their first nucIear-powered poIice dog.
Courtesy of the Jetsons.
And it Iooks Iike you found a IifeIong friend, George.
Are you going to Iet Astro stay for good, Dad? Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
But does he have to sit so cIose to me? HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp, Jane!