The Jetsons (1962) s01e07 Episode Script

The Flying Suit

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife -None of these scripts are any good.
-What'll we do, boss? The agencies demand a new show.
AII right, aII right.
Don't panic.
I'II caII you back.
Let's see now.
'' ''Barber.
'' Yeah, here it is.
'' I'll bet 5 bucks.
-I'll see that and raise you.
-Those writers.
Goofing off again.
I'II fix that.
I've just read these scripts you guys turned in as ideas for a new show.
There's not one of them worth doing! TV geometry Iessons chemistry course, animaIs of the worId.
-What are you trying to do to me? -But, chief -those shows are aII educationaI.
-EducationaI? What ever happened to entertainment? WeII, we've been writing educationaI programs so Iong.
We've forgotten entertainment.
Our mission has been to educate peopIe.
You've educated them so much, they're too smart to watch TV.
-How about a cowboy series? -Or a doctor program? It's tempting, but we don't dare start that stuff again.
That's what brought on educationaI programs.
WeII, Iet's go to Iunch.
We'II go to the Skypark Casino.
Maybe the fresh air wiII cIear our heads.
TabIe for four, pIease.
Table for four.
WeII, that's a nice tabIe.
-Be seated, gentIemen.
-This is sweII, boss.
We'II sit out on the terrace.
Four for the terrace.
-What a view.
-Oh, waitress.
-Yes, sir? -Two moongIows on the rocks.
Two Jupiters, dry.
Two Jupiters, dusty.
Two moongIows, stoned.
Watch it, CharIie! After a Iunch Iike that, you guys shouId be cracking with ideas.
But, boss, you take away cowboys and doctor shows, it Ieaves a big hoIe.
Yeah, but-- Hey, Iook at that down there in the park.
The kid with the dog.
Now do a taiIspin, Astro.
Ready? Go! -Oh, he's cute.
That's a kick.
Nothing more appeaIing than a boy and his dog.
It has, Iike, warmth.
That's it! A boy and his dog.
That'II be our new series.
There's been nothing Iike it since.
What's his name? Brassie? Tassie? It's been so Iong ago.
But, boss, it's got to be educationaI.
It is.
It is.
It teaches a Iesson: Be nice to your dog, and he won't bite you.
That's reaI education.
You guys get going on the script, I'II get the kid signed up.
What an idea.
Spaceboy, Zoom and His Dog.
They're so darn cute, I can hardIy stand it.
HeIIo, IittIe boy.
Get Iost.
-Did he say something? -I think he said, ''Get Iost.
'' What devotion.
It gets me right here and here.
It's about time EIroy started home from the park.
I'II just tune in his frequency.
Oh, my mother's tuning in my frequentIy.
Calling Elroy Jetson.
-Elroy, come in.
-Yes, Mom? It's time to come home, dear.
And you too, Astro.
-Okay, Mom.
-Okay, Mom.
And make sure your antigravity beIts are fastened.
And for heaven's sakes -stay off the freeway.
-Right, Mom.
Let's go, Astro.
Mom doesn't Iike to be kept waiting.
EIroy Jetson, eh? WeII, I'II foIIow him and get his mother to sign a contract.
Turn on the oId antigravity beIt and away we go.
-I'II race you home, Astro.
-AII right.
A boy and his dog.
How basic can you get? That's soIid entertainment.
They're going into the Skypad Apartments.
I'II give him a coupIe of minutes.
Oh, EIroy, how many times must I teII you to turn off those antigravity beIts in the house? I forgot, Mom.
Astro, I think you're putting on weight.
Just a minute.
Now, who couId that be? Yes? -Mrs.
Jetson? Are you there? -Yes.
What is it? I'm Mr.
Transistor president of Asteroid TV Productions.
Oh, I don't watch TV anymore.
It's over my head.
Why don't you bring back doctor and cowboy shows? Oh, we have something better.
May I come in and discuss it? WeII, aII right, Mr.
Transistor but I'm not interested in any more education.
WeII, I don't bIame you.
Now, here's what I have in mind.
I can't beIieve it.
EIroy, star of a series on TV.
As Spaceboy, Zoom and His Dog, Astro.
Just Iook how devoted he is.
Yes, isn't he? -Oh, EIroy? -Yes, Mom? Can you stop that space train for a second? Yes, Mother.
How wouId you Iike to be on TV as Spaceboy, Zoom -and His Dog, Astro? -Okay, Mom.
He went for it big, big, big! He'II be great, Mrs.
Just sign this contract, and I'II get things started.
Thank you, Mrs.
I'II be going now to get things started.
Oh, there was something eIse.
Now, Iet's see.
Oh, yes.
-WouId you mind? -Oh, of course.
HeeI, Astro.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Astro ripped your pants.
It's nothing.
He's just over-devoted.
PoIka-dot shorts.
EIroy, star of his own teIevision show.
I'II caII George.
I'II caII George and I'II teII him and I'II bet he'II get aII excited.
He's not caIm Iike me.
Australian Ratchet Company, Melbourne, Australia, Earth.
GentIemen, your order for SpaceIy Sprockets wiII at any moment be in MeIbourne.
We shipped them out 30 seconds ago.
And when you need more sprockets, remember, SpaceIy Space Sprockets the sprocket that's easy on your pockets, are the best on the market.
Yours truIy, George Jetson.
Oh, no.
Now, where did she go? Oh, boy.
These coffee breaks seem Iike they come every 1 0 minutes.
Yak, yak, yak.
-Yes, sir, Mr.
SpaceIy? -I'd like to see you in my office.
-Right away, sir.
I bet it's about my raise.
I couId use some extra dough.
I've been waiting for this day a Iong, Iong time.
WeII, it's about time you got here, Jetson.
I suppose there was a Iot of traffic in the tube.
-No, sir, Mr.
-These reports of yours are aII fouIed up.
You'II have to stay tonight and straighten them out.
But, Mr.
SpaceIy, I thought you caIIed me in here about my raise.
Raise?! Why, you must be kidding.
You're the shiniest goIdbrick this company ever had.
-But I'II teII you what I'II do.
-What's that, sir? I'II use my infIuence with the board of directors to prevent them from cutting your saIary.
Next to a broken Ieg, the best thing is a boss with a sense of humor.
Oh, Jetson.
There's a personaI caII for you on the phone.
And you know I don't Iike personaI caIIs at the office! I know.
I know, sir.
I know.
-Oh, hi, honey.
You'll never guess what happened.
Elroy is going to have his own television show.
Yeah, honey, but the boss doesn't-- Own teIevision show! Yes, George.
It's called Spaceboy, Zoom and His Dog, Astro.
-And, George, he'll get 5000 a week.
-Five--? Five thousand?! Now, don't get excited, George.
You just be calm.
See you later.
TV-- TV-- TV show.
Five thousand.
Jetson, are you out of your mind? Jetson! Jetson! You're fired! Thank you, Mr.
I didn't know how to teII you I was quitting.
Quitting? Now, wait.
Wait, Jetson.
TeII you what I'II do.
I'II give you fringe benefits.
-A raise? -No.
But I'II guarantee you won't get a saIary cut.
Thanks, Mr.
SpaceIy, but no, thanks.
I have my son's career to manage.
He's got his own TV series: Spaceboy, Zoom and His Dog, Astro.
-See you around, SpaceIy.
-TV show? I can't beIieve it.
Oh, wait tiII my wife hears about this.
Are you sure, Cosmo? Yes, dear.
I checked with the TV station.
Jetson's son, EIroy, is going to have his own program: Spaceboy, Zoom and His Dog, Astro.
A fine thing.
George Jetson gets his son on TV and what do you do? You Iet one of your empIoyees hit it big.
He's not an empIoyee.
I fired him.
Look at your son over there.
Arthur's Ioaded with taIent.
I wanna be on TV.
I can do anything better than EIroy.
And my dog, Zero, is smarter too.
PIay dead, Zero.
That's very, very good.
Oh, that's not aII Zero can do.
Cosmo, I don't care how you do it but you get Arthur on TV, or eIse.
Yes, dear.
Who needs SpaceIy and his sprockets, which are easy on your pockets when your son is a TV star? Come on, now! Let me in! Let me in! They never give a guy a chance to get on the freeway.
You just gotta force your way in.
Oh, weII.
The traffic wiII thin out by the time I turn off.
I'II go up the back way, into the kitchen.
Here we are.
Surprise! I'm home, Janey, honey.
Hey! What are you doing in my apartment, Mr.
Lunar? It's my apartment.
You pressed the wrong button again, Jetson.
Let's see, now.
This makes the third time this week, doesn't it? Oh, boy.
What a pest that Jetson is.
Can I taIk to you whiIe you're working, Mama? Oh, certainIy, Judy.
I'm just washing windows.
What is it? WeII, is it true about EIroy? -Is he reaIIy gonna be on teIevision? -It sure is.
Your brother is going to be Spaceboy, Zoom and His Dog, Astro.
Now, what do you think of that, Judy? Judy! It's bad enough having a kid brother around the house -without having one on teIevision.
-With your brother a teIevision star he couId put you on the show for a guest spot.
Hey, I never thought of that.
-Oh, EIroy! -Oh, dear.
-Can I heIp you? No.
GirIs don't know anything about scooters.
Oh, you're the best brother a girI ever had.
I'd do anything for you, EIroy.
Anything at aII.
WouId you do something for me? No, you're not gonna be on my TV show.
Kid brothers! Come on, EIroy, this is the big day they start shooting your series.
Let's zoom! -Goodbye.
Why, Judy, I do beIieve you're jeaIous of your brother.
JeaIous? Me, jeaIous of EIroy? Just because he's on TV? JeaIous? That's a hot one.
JeaIous? Yes, I'm jeaIous.
I'm onIy the big sister of Spaceboy.
Zoom! There's nothing to worry about.
Your dad'II be with you aII the time.
I'II probabIy have vaIuabIe suggestions to heIp the show.
Oh, brother.
WeII, here we are.
Asteroid TV Productions.
WeII, weII, weII, weII, weII.
You must be Mr.
Thank you for coming, sir.
How are you, EIroy? We got a great script for our kickoff show.
It's going to be-- PIease, EIroy, caII off Astro.
Down, Astro.
Down, boy.
Come here, Astro.
Such a devoted animaI.
Oh, boy.
Thirty-nine weeks of those sharp teeth.
WeII, time to Ieave.
We'II go over to Iocation on the studio bus with the rest of the cast.
Transistor, I have a suggestion.
-Yes? Since EIroy is the star, we don't wanna give him an inferiority compIex.
At his age? It'd boost his moraIe if he went in a vehicIe more suited to his position Iike a chauffeur-driven Iimousine? A chauffeur what? Okay, okay, anything to get this show started.
Come on.
We are approaching the Iocation set, Mr.
Fine, fine.
Transistor seemed quite pIeased with my suggestion for this Iimousine ride.
Here we are at the pIanet Jupiter, EIroy.
This is the Iocation for your show.
We're coming in for a Ianding, Mr.
PIease hurry, Mr.
These Jupiter days are short.
One moment, Mr.
I might have some suggestions to improve the script.
No kidding.
-It doesn't read very weII.
-Of course not.
You had it upside down.
Oh, boy.
Why do these things have to happen to me? WiII you caII EIroy and Astro out of the dressing room? We're ready to roII.
Yes, sir.
EIroy, Astro, on the set, pIease.
-The kid Iooks great.
There's nothing to worry about, EIroy.
Daddy wiII be cIose by aII the time.
PIaces, everyone.
That's why I had that space heImet put on you, buster.
Hey, get that number-three camera into position.
Yes, sir.
Camera three ready, sir.
AII right, EIroy.
Come by the camera and give your yeII for the titIe shot.
Spaceboy, zoom and his dog, Astro! Zoom! -I have a suggestion to make.
-Yes? -Instead of having EIroy yeII-- -HoId it.
HoId that pose.
I'II be right back.
Oh, CharIie.
You think we couId rig up the oId robot for the mad-scientist routine? For him? But, boss, he Iooks Iike such a nice guy.
We'II never get this show going with him around.
-WeII, okay.
Get ready.
Jetson, I have big pIans for you.
I can see you as the mad scientist of outer space.
Me? George Jetson, a star? The mad scientist -of outer space.
We'II get you started in EIroy's first episode.
Now, EIroy, this scene is where the mad scientist sends a robot after you but you press a button on the robot and it turns on the mad scientist.
-Got it? -Yes, sir.
Get fIying, Spaceboy and take Spacemutt with you.
Spaceboy, zoom and away! And Astro, zoom and away! Great.
Okay, mad scientist send the robot after Spaceboy.
There goes Spaceboy.
Go get him, mad robot.
Oh, knock it off.
Knock it off, mad scientist.
You're out of the scene.
-Hey, is that aII I do? -Keep your mustache on.
As soon as the robot gets cIoser, Spaceboy wiII swing up and press a button on the robot.
Then the robot comes down to take revenge.
Hey, Iook.
Spaceboy's about to push the button.
He did it.
He sure Iooks mad.
Hey, by the way, who does he take revenge on? -The mad scientist.
-Hey, wait.
That's me.
HeIp! Cut the scene! Cut! Mr.
Jetson, you were great, just great.
Transistor, I quit.
-It worked.
He's quit.
-Yeah, boss, but Iook.
-I mean, Iook who eIse is quitting.
-Who cares? As Iong as-- -Oh, no.
-I quit too, Dad.
Let's go home and watch TV.
We're ruined.
There's no other boy on Jupiter.
You and your bright idea to make Jetson quit.
You're fired.
Hey, Jetson.
SpaceIy, what are you doing here? I heard you were on Jupiter, George, and onIy you can heIp me out.
-With what? -My wife won't Iet me in the house untiI I get Arthur on TV.
WouId you pIease put Arthur in EIroy's series? Just a bit part wouId be okay.
PIease, George.
WeII, I'II teII you what, Mr.
SpaceIy, because you've been so nice to me I'II puII EIroy out and put Arthur in as the star.
George, you do this for me and you can have your oId job back with a nice, guaranteed no saIary cut.
You're aII heart, Mr.
Oh, and one more thing.
Make suggestions to the director.
He Ioves suggestions.
Thanks, Jetson.
I wiII.
Come on.
I'II set it up for you.
Transistor, this is my boss, Mr.
He and his son have agreed to take over the series.
WeII, what do you think, CharIie? Why not? I mean, you've seen one kid and his dog -you've seen them aII.
-It's a deaI.
I've aIways been crazy about teIevision and I've got Iots of ideas too.
I'II rewrite the scripts, set up the cameras.
-In fact, I'II heIp you direct.
-CharIie-- I know, boss.
I know.
I'II put the robot back together for the mad-scientist bit.
Spaceboy SpaceIy, zoom and his dog, Zero! Great.
Okay, mad scientist -send the robot after Spaceboy.
-This is wonderfuI.
I've aIways wanted to be in show biz.
There goes Spaceboy! Go get him, mad robot.
-Hey, Iook.
Arthur pressed the button.
-Here comes the robot after the mad scientist.
HeIp! Cut the scene! Cut! Oh, I can't stand it.
SpaceIy you better quit.
It's too rough on you.
What? And give up show biz? Never.
HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp! Jane!