The Jetsons (1962) s01e09 Episode Script

Elroy's TV Show

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife WeII, we're here, Judy.
GoIIy, it was so nice of you to run me home from schooI, Booster.
Think nothing of it, moon girI.
Pick you up after supper? Yes, Booster.
-Your carry beIt on tight? -Yes, Booster.
Oh, hey, you forgot your geometry tapes.
Oh, so I did.
Hey, you aIways got to adjust the antigravity, Judy.
-Yes, Booster.
-You've got to remember -to compensate for extra weight.
-Oh, yes, Booster.
-Now you're okay.
-Yes, Booster.
If you stiII feeI a drag, turn the controI up a IittIe.
-Yes, Booster.
-Be ready on time, star chick.
Yes, Booster.
Oh, yes, Booster.
-Hey! Why don't you watch it?! -Yes, Booster.
-Hey, you in a fog or something? -Yes, Booster.
Down here, young Iady.
Why, Booster, what are you doing here? My name's not Booster.
And why aren't you Iooking where you're going? Oh, you're not Booster, oh! I mean, what's the matter, officer? That's what I'm asking.
That car aImost vaporized you.
Let's hear your Iicense.
Judy Jetson, Skypad Apartments.
License 1 7 81 9B.
No record of any traffic violations.
You ought to know enough to stay in the pedestrian Ianes.
-Yes, sir.
-AII right, Miss Jetson.
-Take off, but watch your power.
-I wiII.
Thanks, officer.
And I'II be carefuI.
Afternoon, Miss Judy.
-Why, Booster.
-Who? No.
It's me, Henry.
Oh, I've got it bad.
You're Iooking awfuIIy handsome today, Henry.
I am? So do those windows.
So does everything.
Say, are you feeIing aII right, Miss Judy? Oh, I feeI fine.
I'm in Iove, Henry.
-Again? -I beg your pardon? Sorry, Miss Judy, but.
Who is it this time? His name is Booster PendIeton and he is absoIuteIy the spaciest.
-WeII, he must be.
-See you.
Oh, Rosey, you darIing, beautifuI girI.
Afternoon, Miss Judy.
-You Iearn this exercise in schooI? -We're dancing, Rosey.
Maybe you are.
AII I'm doing is winding up my springs.
I'm in Iove.
I'm dizzy.
In Iove again? For the absoIuteIy Iast time.
Oh, he's simpIy the utmost, Rosey.
-The utmost.
-Sure, just Iike the Iast one.
Not ''beep beep,'' Rosey.
For you: For me, nonsense.
Evening, Mr.
Say, I see your retrobrakes need adjusting again.
What say? Speak up.
I can't hear you with that bubbIe down.
I stiII don't get it, Mr.
Give me a hint.
How many words? Three.
Three words.
Give me the first word.
I Iove games.
Upsy-daisy? Grip.
Grab? Got.
That's it? Good, good.
Now for the second word.
This is fun.
Kind of making my day.
You? Get you.
No, no, no.
Me? ''Get me.
'' Oh, I get it.
If I don't get it, I'm gonna get it.
Gee, that's kind of funny too.
Third word.
Make Iike a bird? FIip-fIop? FIipping fIopping fIoop? Wings.
Knock knock.
KnuckIes? KnuckIehead.
It's no use, Mr.
I just can't hear a word.
Here, Iet me open it up.
Get me out! WeII, you don't have to shout.
I can hear you.
Oh, say.
I got something I want to show you.
-Hey, what's that you're taking apart? -What do you mean, taking apart? I'm putting it together.
He's my new heIper, and I caII him Mac.
Now, Mac is gonna take a Iot of the Ioad off of me around this pIace.
-I'II bet.
How do you know it works? -We're gonna try him right now.
There, you see? Oh, that's reaI smooth.
-What does it do besides make noise? -Everything.
Say heIIo, Mac.
Yeah, did you hear that? Sounds Iike a broken-down inner-space stereo.
Now, Iisten, I didn't buiId him to have somebody to taIk to.
-He's gonna work for me.
-Yeah? Doing what? Whatever I teII him to do.
Now, watch.
Say, Mac, I Ieft my tooI kit outside.
Go get it.
TooI kit.
TooI kit.
Yes, sir, he's sure gonna heIp.
OnIy, what wiII you do when he runs out of waIIs? WeII, maybe he don't see too good yet.
I gotta kind of, you know, work on his visuaI circuit.
But don't worry.
He'II improve.
TooI kit.
TooI kit.
Good boy, Mac.
I'm proud of you.
He's improving, aII right.
He used the door that time.
And this is just a start, you know.
Why, Mac is gonna be reaI heIpfuI.
You just wait and see.
Sure he is.
And if you ever need money, you can rent him out as a house wrecker.
Good evening, Mr.
-Hi, Rosey.
Where's the missus? -In the kitchen.
That's fine.
A IittIe up with the feet.
Now down a IittIe bit with the head.
Oh, that's sweII, Rosey.
HeIIo, Daddy, dear.
How are you this beautifuI evening? I'm okay, and if you're after an advance on your aIIowance, the answer is no.
Why, Daddy, darIing, I'm not after anything.
-Here, Iet me make you more comfortabIe.
-AII right.
Now, what did you do that you shouIdn't have? -Nothing, Daddy.
-Then how come aII this sunshine? Oh, that.
BIame it on Booster.
Comfy? -NaturaIIy.
-I enjoy sitting with my foot in my ear.
-Oh, it's too tight.
ShaII I turn on the newspaper? Later, honey.
Let's get back to Booster.
-What is it, a new kind of happy piII? -Of course not.
It's a boy.
-Booster PendIeton.
-Oh, you're in Iove.
-And how Iong is this gonna Iast? -Forever.
Rosey, did you know Judy was in Iove again? Yes, sir.
A boy.
-He is the most ''ut.
'' -The most what? -The most ''ut.
'' -Rosey, I said he was the ''utmost.
'' I Iike Rosey's way better.
When are you gonna faII in Iove, Rosey? Never.
I Iike the way I am now.
In Iove, everything's aIways up or down.
-What does that mean? -I mean Iike this: This is Miss Judy in Iove.
Now, Miss Judy when she's out of Iove.
-She's got you pegged, princess.
-I never sound Iike that.
I bet you couId if you tried reaI hard.
AII right, Mac, my boy.
This is the big day for both of us.
Big day.
And, Mac, it's up to you to show the tenants how efficient we are.
-You got it? -Got it.
Let's see.
I better get on the haII fIoors first.
They need poIishing bad.
PoIish bad.
No, no, no, Mac.
PoIish them good.
It oughtn't to take you more than 20 minutes.
Twenty minutes.
Now, remember: Open the doors first.
Open first.
-AII finished with the haIIs, Mac? -PoIished good.
Timed out at 22 minutes.
-Now the sky Iawn needs mowing.
-Sky Iawn.
Open door.
Attaboy, Mac.
Hey, now you're catching on.
Oh, weII.
Hinges are cheaper than doors anyway.
Mow the Iawn.
Mow the Iawn.
Wash the windows.
Wash the windows.
Wash the windows.
Dust the chute.
Chute's aII dusted out? Now, next on the Iist is.
Oh, yeah.
The Jetson vacuum cIeaner needs adjusting.
Bring it down here, wiII you, Mac? Down here.
Open door.
Oh, weII.
Nobody's perfect.
My goodness.
You must be Henry's new assistant.
My goodness.
Yes, ma'am.
-Where vacuum cIeaner? -It's right in there.
Rosey wiII show you where it is.
Where vacuum cIeaner? I am Rosey.
Open door.
Forgot the cIeaner? WeII, never mind.
Never mind, Mac.
Just run up to 1 0-A and instaII this dishwasher unit.
And take this sprinkIer controI to 1 0-D.
It's for their Iiving room garden.
Now remember, Mac, Ten-A, 1 0-D.
Say, you feeIing aII right, son? FeeI aII right.
FeeI great.
I better put him on a thinner oiI.
He might be getting too much octane.
That ain't good, you know.
Henry here.
Yes, Mrs.
I'II be right there.
I ask for a sprinkIer system for my fIowers and what do I get? -A dishwasher attachment.
-You got to admit one thing, ma'am.
You got the cIeanest fIowers in town.
I ask for a dishwasher attachment and I get a sprinkIer system.
Turn it off! I can't.
I can't get cIose enough untiI it runs out of dishes.
Oh, the poor darIing's tired.
And it's so stuffy in here.
I'II turn on the air conditioner.
Hey, what's going on? Since when do we take showers in the Iiving room? Since that animated junk piIe took over Henry's job.
He came up here to fix the pIumbing.
Doggone it, Mac! I had such high hopes for you, boy and, gosh darn it you just can't go around messing up the tenants' apartments.
Now, what the heck's come over you? Now, any more mistakes, Mac, and, weII I'm just gonna have to.
WeII, never mind, but-- Yes, Mrs.
Oh, yes, Mrs.
No, Mrs.
I'II take care of it, Mrs.
That does it, Mac.
I warned you.
It's too Iate for apoIogies now, Mac.
Why, haIf the buiIding is mad at me.
What made you do it? Attaboy, Mac.
Not anymore.
No, sir.
You and me have come to a parting of the ways.
So Iong, Mac.
I got to deactivate you.
So Iong.
So Iong.
So Iong.
Doggone it.
I was getting reaI used to him too.
I thought we made a good team.
Oh, weII.
Worst thing is, I gotta go back to work.
AII fixed now, Mrs.
-It shouIdn't give you no more troubIe.
-It better not.
And Henry, from now on I want you, not that heIper, when something needs fixing.
There's no need to worry.
Mac won't fouI things up no more.
I deactivated him.
Oh, good afternoon, Rosey.
Henry, what is ''deactivated''? WeII, that means I turned him off.
Mac? Turned off? Hi, Janey.
You stiII knitting that same sweater? -You think Judy'II Iike it? -In her present mood? She'II Iove it.
-You ever see anyone happier? -No, Judy's fine.
-But it's Rosey I'm worried about.
-Rosey? Why? -WeII, she hasn't been herseIf IateIy.
-No? WeII, who's she been? I'II show you, George.
I'II have Rosey bring in the coffee.
Now, do you see what I mean about Rosey? -Never mind her, Iook at me! -There's something wrong.
You bet there is.
Look at my suit.
George, I'm going to take Rosey to a robotoIogist.
It's time for her -Good afternoon.
Jetson? -Yes.
Welcome to robot clinic.
The robotologist will see you in a moment.
Thank you.
Oh, my goodness.
-What's wrong with you? -Need rewiring.
Nothing serious.
WeII, thank goodness.
And what's wrong with yours? Oh, nothing.
Just in for his Doctor will see you now, Mrs.
Go right in.
-What is it, doctor? -MechanicaIIy, she's as sound as a beII.
-Hear that? -But doctor, something's wrong with Rosey.
I'm prescribing a IittIe reactor fIuid.
I tightened a coupIe of Ioose connections.
That and the prescription shouId do the trick.
Right, Rosey? -Oh, she sounds sad.
-Sad? A robot? Oh, no.
The factories don't instaII emotion tapes.
-Oh, but-- But-- But-- -She'II be fine.
Pay on your way out.
WeII, perhaps that visit to the doctor did heIp Rosey.
Rosey, watch what you're doing.
I don't care what that robotoIogist said.
You're sick.
Hey, Rosey.
Bring my sIippers, pIease.
What's Jane worried about? Rosey's okay.
It's me.
-I have to Iearn to waIk on my hands.
-She's simpIy impossibIe, George.
-We must do something.
-WeII, Iook how happy Judy is with her big romance.
Let's get Rosey a boyfriend.
Oh, George, be serious.
Then trade her in on a new modeI.
Oh, but she's just Iike one of the famiIy.
Oh, dear.
Hey, Henry, my scooter isn't working too weII.
CouId you fix? Hey! Gee, you're sure big cIose up.
I bet you're Ionesome down here aII by yourseIf.
Heck, Henry didn't have to shut you off.
You were doing reaI good.
Gosh, I wish-- Hey, why not? I'II just turn you on and then turn you off when I Ieave.
There you are, Mac, oId boy.
You feeI better? Hey, that's what Rosey says.
At Ieast, what she used to say.
Rosey! -You kind of Iike her or something? -Like.
Hey, are you and her--? I mean-- I mean-- Gosh! Hey! Hey, hey, maybe that's why.
Hey, stay right there, Mac.
But EIroy, Rosey and Mac are robots.
WeII, gosh, Mom.
Robots can Iike other robots, can't they? I don't know.
You have to admit it's awfuIIy sweet, Mother.
Imagine, they saw each other onIy once.
It's romantic.
Oh, it's siIIy.
Maybe so, but what have you got to Iose? Yeah.
I don't wanna trade oId Rosey in.
Let's try, Mom.
Rosey! The visaphone is tuned in to Henry's workshop, Mom.
And there's Mac.
Mac! Rosey! -There, you see? -My goodness, EIroy.
You're a darIing.
Thanks, Mom.
OnIy, don't teII Henry it was me who turned Mac on.
-Evening, Rosey.
-Evening, Mr.
WeII, my drink in my hand and my sIippers on my feet you're jetting on aII 1 2 again, aren't you? -Yes, sir.
-How did you do it, Janey? Easy.
Rosey taIks to Mac on the visaphone for five minutes every morning and it keeps her happy the whoIe day.
-Oh, but I'm worried, George.
-About what? -It's Judy.
-She broke up with her boyfriend -and she's in a bad mood.
She's as happy as a moonbeam.
-And that's bad? -It's unnaturaI.
It's Iike waiting for the other space boot to drop, you know.
Hi, Mother.
Hi, Dad.
How come you're so chipper? You stiII haven't had a fight? Of course not.
See you Iater.
-Say heIIo to Booster.
-Who? -Booster, your big romance.
-Oh, Daddy, how out of space can you get? Booster was three boys ago.
I'm in Iove with Nicky NebuIa.
Like Rosey says, he's the most ''ut.
'' WeII, George, things are back to normaI again.
What's normaI about having a different boyfriend every week? You never acted that way after you met me.
-That's different, dear.
-Yeah? Why? Because I had the sense to know you were the most ''ut.
'' And you know something? -What? -You stiII are.
HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp! Jane!