The Jetsons (1962) s01e12 Episode Script

Astro's Top Secret

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife Oh, boy.
Another teenager.
Or maybe one of those space sports.
Howdy, son.
What can I do for you? Okay, what's the excuse this time, speedy? On your way to report a fire? Or did the mayor ask you to rush into a big conference? -Beg your pardon? -Don't get smart.
Doing 2800 in a 2200 zone.
Doing tricks Iike you're in a space circus.
Come on.
Let's hear your Iicense.
WeII, now, sonny, I don't see how that's possibIe.
-Driving without a Iicense? -WeII, onIy temporariIy.
I went off without it, see? I just retired back home and now I'm on my way to visit my grandson George Jetson.
-Never mind that.
-Just as you say, sonny.
And stop caIIing me ''sonny.
'' No need to shout, sonny.
I ain't deaf.
I'm onIy 1 1 0 years oId.
And you Ieft your Iicense behind, huh? Like I said, guess I was mighty excited.
Won't happen again, sonny.
Sonny, I mean.
Look, you've got to understand something, oId-timer.
CaII me Montague.
Sounds more friendIy.
You have to do that? Good for the circuIation.
You ought to try it! There's nothing wrong with my circuIation.
Didn't say there was.
Come on, try it! Come on! Come on! If I Iet you go, oId-- I mean, Montague you gotta promise me to take it easy.
-You're not as young as you were.
-I got pIenty of good years Ieft.
Not the way you're driving, you haven't.
WeII, we'II forget it this once.
But remember, sIow down.
-And no more kid tricks.
-If you say so.
Much obIiged.
AIways nice to stop and pass the time of day with strangers.
If you're ever around the Skypad Apartments in town, Iook me up.
Montague Jetson.
So Iong! A hundred and ten and stiII acting Iike a man of 75.
Afternoon, ma'am.
Having troubIe? Oh, it won't go.
I just don't know what's wrong.
-WeII, ma'am, we'II soon find out.
-Oh, you're terribIy kind.
I guess you know aII about aII makes of cars.
Never saw one of these before in my Iife.
But the way I figure, you never know what you can do tiII you try.
Here's your troubIe, ma'am.
It must've got sucked into the retransfrangrator.
Gesundheit, birdie.
Oh, I just don't know how to thank you, sir.
Forget it, ma'am.
AIIow me to introduce myseIf.
Montague Jetson.
On my way to visit my grandson George -at the Skypad Apartments.
-Oh, weII, I'm EmiIy Scopes.
-PIeased to meet you, Mr.
-The pIeasure's mutuaI.
And if you're ever in the neighborhood, be sure and drop in.
I wiII.
Mighty nice young girI.
Now, what did she say her name was? Oh, weII.
WeII, Grandpa's rocking chair's aII set up.
You wanna try it out, EIroy? -You first, Pop.
Contact! HeIp! SIow down! -Hey, how do you stop this darn thing? -Hang on, Pop! Hang on! I'II go puII out the pIug.
Hi, dear.
We're back.
So I see.
And I'm bankrupt.
-Did you buy out the whoIe store? -Wanna see the hats we bought, Daddy? -I can't wait.
-This one's caIIed ''Moonscape.
'' Isn't it IoveIy? And how's this, Dad? ''The Cosmonautress.
'' Or here.
''Venus Off the Face.
'' ''Venus Off the Face''? Oh, I knew you'd Iike it.
Daddy, this one's caIIed ''The NucIear Look.
'' -How do you Iike them, dear? -WeII, just answer me one question.
How come you're rushing HaIIoween this year? Oh, Daddy! How oId-fashioned can you get? The whoIe idea is to Iook different.
You can reIax, then.
You sure do Iook different.
-George, what's this? -A rocking chair for Great-Grandpa.
Oh, that's nice.
George, shouIdn't he have been here by now? You know how oId foIks drive.
He's probabIy puttering aIong scared to go over 1 000.
-Grandpa! -Grandpa Jetson! Hi, kiddies! Hi, Judy, me darIing! EIroy, me boy! WeII, I'm here.
George, something teIIs me that rocking chair isn't going to see much action.
Hi, Great-Grandpa.
Have a nice nap? Who was napping? I was having a snack.
-We just had Iunch.
-You caII those IittIe sandwiches Iunch? Not enough nourishment to keep a bird fIying.
-What you doing, Judy? -The SwiveI.
It's the Iatest.
You caII that dancing? Watch this.
FIip on my antigravity button and.
Geronimo! This is more Iike it.
Why, Great-Grandpa, you're good.
Your great-grandmother and I won the MoonbaII contest three years running.
We were good! That's enough, Grandpa.
Why you stopping? I was just getting warmed up.
I just remembered, I have to go over to my girIfriend's.
Gosh! What's the matter, young feIIow? Why ain't you out pIaying? -Nobody to pIay with.
-WeII, I Iike that.
I'm here.
Oh, sure, Great-Grandpa.
I just meant-- You meant somebody your own age, huh? WeII, I'm avaiIabIe anyway.
-Now, what wouId you Iike to pIay? -SpacebaII.
I've got to stay in shape for the LittIe Dipper League, you know? -I pIay Ieft sky for the Space Cubs.
-Good for you, sonny! Now, you go get your equipment, and I'II meet you outside.
Get set, EIroy.
Here comes my fast one! Strike one! Watch out for this one, EIroy.
It's my zigger-zagger.
-Where is it? -Look at your bat, sonny.
Okay, here comes an easy one.
It's gonna hit the window! ReIax, sonny! You're out! Now, promise you won't overdo it when we get to the bowIing aIIey.
Oh, I'II take it easy, Georgie.
You know, bowIing Iooks simpIe, but it takes a Iot of skiII.
If I do say so myseIf, I'm pretty good at it.
You watch me, Grandpa.
I'II give you some pointers.
Mighty kind of you, Georgie.
''MiIky Way BowIing Center.
We never cIose.
'' Looks Iike a fun pIace, Georgie.
I'II go first, Grandpa, so you can get the hang of it.
-Is that the way, Georgie? -WeII.
It aIways takes a few frames to get the feeI of the aIIey.
And now it's your turn, Grandpa.
Hey! One at a time, Grandpa! This way saves time.
-Three strikes! -Did I do it right, Georgie? Honey, I teII you, there's no keeping up with the oId boy.
Oh, George.
It's aII in the way you handIe Grandpa.
Most of what he does is just showing off.
WeII, certainIy it is.
You have to pretend to go aIong with him.
Humor him, and as soon as you do, I'II bet he'II sIow right down -to where a man his age shouId be.
-Wanna bet? I'II do better than that.
Judy and I wiII go out sky skiing with him tomorrow.
Look! No hands! No feet! No teeth! Ain't this fun, Janey? That's the oId zing! That's the oId spirit! How about that, Granddaughter? Like to try it? -Get me off! -What say? HeIp! Ain't this fun? No! I just want to go home! What'II we do, George? I don't think I'II Iast out Grandpa's visit.
-What's on your mind, Astro? -Hi, George.
Astro, wiII you cut that out? Oh, George.
You've hurt his feeIings.
I'm sorry, Astro.
I didn't mean anything.
Hey, I got an idea.
How wouId you Iike to go for a nice waIk in the park with Grandpa? Like Grandpa.
That ought to keep them both busy.
''Department of Asteroids Recreation Area.
'' That's for us, eh, Astro? Right, Grandpa.
Go get it, boy.
Fetch the stick.
Fetch the stick.
Here we go! Right over that biIIboard! Go get it, boy! Good boy, Astro! Howdy, sonny.
I see you're a dog Iover too.
-I shouId've known.
Is this your stick? -Yep.
-This your dog? -Yep.
Do you know he hasn't got a Iicense? We'II have to take care of that right away.
Anything eIse, sonny? Yes.
PIease, stay off my beat.
I beg your pardon, but couId you teII me what time it is, pIease? You betcha, girIie.
When you hear the tone the time will be -Thank y'aII.
-Don't mention it.
-Mighty cute IittIe feIIow.
-Thank you.
It's a girI.
My, that's a very cute IittIe oId dog.
Thank you, miss.
Say, ''Howdy do,'' Astro.
Howdy do.
My name's Jetson, ma'am.
Montague Jetson.
I'm CeIeste SkyIer.
HeIIo, there.
Do you--? Oh, no, I guess you wouIdn't.
-WouIdn't what? -Know a reIiabIe babysitting service.
-But I guess you wouIdn't.
Been a good many years since I had the need of one.
You and your husband pIanning on going out tonight? We've been pIanning to go away for a short trip.
Sort of a second honeymoon.
And you got nobody to Ieave the baby with.
Cheer up, IittIe Iady, you have now.
-LittIe oId you? -Yep.
LittIe oId me.
GIad to do it.
I'II take her to my grandson's.
She'II Iike it there.
WeII, I don't know how to thank you.
Oh, no! Grandpa's reaIIy gone out of orbit.
That girI kissed him! Wait tiII I teII Mom! -Judy, you must be mistaken.
-I wasn't, Mother.
It was Great-Grandpa, aII right.
WeII, maybe he was just taking something out of her eye.
Mother! I know a kiss when I see one.
Oh, dear.
Doggone it, Astro.
Know what? Went and forgot to get your Iicense.
-Forgot my Iicense? -Maybe I can get it over the phone.
-I'II caII the License Bureau.
HeIIo? License Bureau? Is that Grandpa? Who couId he be taIking to? But aII I want is a Iicense.
Five doIIars? Now, that's a Iot of money for just a Iicense.
Worth it? WeII, sure.
CoIor of hair: gray.
Weight: around 220 pounds.
I don't know.
No, never bitten anybody.
GentIe as a Iamb.
WeII, we're in kind of a hurry.
Oh, aIrighty, I'II come on down.
Oh, that must be for the girI Judy saw Grandpa with.
Marrying again at his age.
Oh, dear! Somebody at the door.
-Yes? -Excuse me.
Is this where Mr.
Montague Jetson is staying? Yes.
I'm his granddaughter-in-Iaw.
Won't you come in? Oh, dear.
You're the one! -Oh, he toId you about me? -WeII, sort of.
-I heard a description of you.
-Oh, not very fIattering, was it? Oh, it was.
Except, weII anybody couId teII you don't bite just to Iook at you.
-Bite? Me? -WeII, I mean, he said you were gentIe.
He did? Nice of him.
You haven't known Grandpa Iong, have you? Nope.
Just met the one time.
-One time and he's--? -He's what? He's out.
He went for the Iicense.
Oh, weII, teII him I came by.
If he wants, he can get in touch with me at the GaIaxy HoteI.
-Get in touch? -Goodbye, my dear.
Oh, dear.
I'II get it, Mother.
ProbabIy for me.
Hello there.
Is Mr.
Jetson Montague Jetson in? Not right now.
You! Me? You're the one he was with in the park.
Oh, yes.
Now, look, honey, would you give him a message? Tell him Celeste called, and I've changed my mind.
I've decided to take the baby with us on the honeymoon.
Can you remember that? And thank him for me, hear? Take the baby on the honeym--? Honeymoon? Baby? Mother! Baby? She didn't teII me anything about a baby.
-Did you taIk to her too? -WeII, she came by.
Oh, dear.
The baby-- Why, it wouId be my step-great-aunt, wouIdn't it? -WeII, I guess it wouId, Judy.
-Oh, no! WeII, finaIIy got the dog Iicensed.
Now to get home and-- The baby.
Supposed to pick it up.
Darn near forgot.
Must be getting oId in my oId age.
Yep, this is it.
Apartment A.
Anybody home? Oh, good.
That must be the man for the Iuggage.
It's right in the Iiving room by the couch.
Now, be carefuI with it, pIease.
What's she think I'm gonna do with it, pIay spacebaII? Hi, there, young Iady.
Remember me? Momma's ready, baby.
Let's go now.
My baby! My baby's gone! HeIp! PoIice! WeII, we'II have you in a nice, comfy bed in two shakes of a rocket's taiI, young Iady.
Just Iike aII femaIes.
AIways in a hurry.
Okay, I'II step on it.
PuII over, you.
What's the rush, buddy? And don't teII me-- Oh, no.
Not you again.
Afraid so, sonny.
Say heIIo to the nice poIiceman, Egbert.
That's not reaIIy her name, but we wasn't even formaIIy introduced.
Don't teII me that's your baby.
Might say I'm sort of babysitting.
Give me one good reason why I shouIdn't run you in.
UnIess you got babysitting faciIities in your jaiI.
I ought to-- For 2 cents I'd-- If I ever catch you.
Get out of here before I go nuts! Yes, sir.
Nice seeing you again, sonny.
I couId be worse off.
He couId've been my grandfather.
Attention! Attention! All prowl rockets and sky precincts: Be on the lookout for a year-old female baby taken from her home in the Moonglow Terrace Apartments.
-That is all.
-Baby? Baby! Montague! But, Grandpa, where's the mother? -Off on her second honeymoon by now.
-Without you? Now that you mention it, I was hoping she'd ask me aIong.
-WouId've been fun.
-Fun? Grandpa Jetson, how can one person go aIone on a honeymoon? Oh, she ain't aIone, Janey.
Her husband's with her.
-Her husband? -Husband? WeII, isn't that you? Me? Afraid my marrying days are behind me.
Yeah, but then what about the baby? Oh, Egbert? Oh, didn't I teII you? -No! -Oh, must've forgot.
I'm babysitting so's the IittIe Iady can go on her second honeymoon.
But I heard you caIIing up about a Iicense.
For Astro.
-Oh, gosh.
-What now? That Iady who caIIed up, Great-Grandpa, she had a message for you.
Said she was gonna take the baby with her.
Oh, she did, eh? Guess we got our signaIs crossed.
I'II get it.
Hi there, Mr.
FinaIIy found you at home.
WeII, now, nice to see you again, Mrs.
EmiIy Scope.
Passing by, so I thought I'd try again.
ReaI pIeased you did.
-There's your baby.
-My baby? I haven't got any baby.
-She's not the one, Mother.
-She isn't? -Oh, George.
-WeII, whose baby is it? And just who is it you're getting married to? ToId you, nobody.
Whoever said I was? Oh, there's my precious baby.
Caught you red-handed, oId-timer.
Let's go.
-Hey, wait a minute! -Leave my great-grandpa aIone! What's going on? If everybody wiII just simmer down, I'II expIain everything.
But, Grandpa, why didn't you teII us what was going on? Yeah.
We thought you were gonna get married.
Young feIIow, I had 82 wonderfuI years with your grandmother.
Rest her souI.
And I ain't about to try to improve on that.
WeII, how were we to know? I was wrong, fIying around without teIIing you.
Didn't mean to upset you foIks.
Guess it's because I'm getting on in years.
Getting set in my ways.
Not used to Iistening to advice or.
WeII, I'm reaI sorry for causing you so much troubIe.
Oh, Grandpa.
We were just worried about you.
-Yeah, that's right, Grandpa.
-And you ain't mad at me? How couId we be, Grandpa? We Iove you.
TeII you one thing, for the rest of my visit, I'II be as good as goId.
Give us a caII when you get home, Grandpa.
-And drive carefuIIy.
-Don't you worry about me, foIks.
I've Iearned my Iesson.
And thanks for a wonderfuI time.
Goodbye, Great-Grandpa! Bye! Hi, sonny.
Anything wrong? Just checking.
Are you sure you're on your way back home, oId-timer? Yep.
Sure enjoyed my visit too.
Wanna thank you for aII your neighborIy heIp.
Don't mention it, Grandpa.
Attention aII sky patroIs.
Be on the Iookout for an eIderIy gentIeman whizzing aIong in a white sport job.
Do not, repeat, do not stop him.
Not if you know what's good for you, that is.
Sure is a cute oId guy.
HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp! Jane!