The Jetsons (1962) s01e13 Episode Script

Las Venus

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife Remember, EIroy you and Judy behave yourseIves at Grandma's whiIe dad and I are away.
-You're to do just as she says.
-Sure, Mom.
We Iove Grandma.
Oh, yeah, I know she's a nice oId Iady, but her cuisine is murder.
Yeah, and so is her cooking.
Judy! EIroy! George, are you going to permit them to taIk about Grandmother Iike that? Oh, no.
Of course not.
EIroy, Judy, I've eaten Grandma's cooking, and it's no worse than your mother's.
-George! -I mean-- I mean, it's deIicious.
When I think of Granny's homemade Iiver-and-onion capsuIes and her frozen puree-of-prune pudding-- Take it easy, Pop.
Astro's got a sensitive stomach.
Oh, gee, Mom.
I envy you.
You and Daddy are gonna have a baII in Las Venus.
Thanks, dear.
Las Venus is kind of a second honeymoon for us, isn't it, George? Oh, won't it be romantic? Oh, yeah, honey.
BIackjack, rouIette, space dice-- You gave me your word that if we went to Las Venus, you wouIdn't gambIe.
Oh, sure, honey.
I won't gambIe.
I'II just try to win back the money I Iost the Iast time I gave you my word.
WeII, here we go! How Iong wiII it take us to get over to Grandma's house, Pop? Just hang on, everybody.
We'II be there in a jiffy.
Chicago, coming up! Get ready, we're dropping you at Grandma's.
Are you sure you're on target, Pop? Of course I'm sure.
That's Chicago down there.
I know, Pop, but remember the Iast time you dropped me over Boston? I came down on the Tower of London.
That's true, George.
And he didn't even have his raincoat.
WeII, that was a sIight maIfunction of the gyroscopic caIcuIator.
You ready, EIroy? Judy? -Ready! -Ready! Have a good time! You too, and give our best to Grandma.
Goodbye! -Bye! -Bye! They're going in for a Ianding, right in front of Grandma's.
-Oh, nice shot, George.
Okay, Astro, oId hound dog, you're next.
Here's the kenneI.
Your paIs wiII be waiting for you.
And stay away from that French poodIe, she'II break your heart.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Geronimo! Oh, George, darIing, we're aIone at Iast.
Just the two of us.
Just think, honey.
If I hadn't crash-Ianded into your patio, we never wouId've met.
Let's have some music.
Oh, George, what a wonderfuI coincidence.
They're pIaying our song.
Oh, it's a IoveIy tune.
I remember when we first heard it.
There we were, the two of us, parked on the Big Dipper.
I took your hand in mine, and as I started to kiss you, you said-- Look out, George! We're at the skyway to Las Venus.
-HoId on, here we go.
-Not yet, George.
Watch for an opening.
No, no.
Don't try it yet.
Maybe after this sky truck.
Honey, pIease, wiII you Iet me do the driving? I'm experienced at this kind of thing.
Here's our opening.
Can I open my eyes now? Sure, honey.
We've got it made.
Oh, you are a good driver, George.
No hitchhikers, buddy.
Now, get off my back.
Scram! Excuse us.
Must have been the smog.
-Bye! -Goodbye, robot-head! ''Robot-head''? Oh, boy, it's Iucky for him I'm in a hurry, or I'd step out and run for heIp.
We're out of the traffic now anyway.
-Look at aII the scenery.
Hey, Iook at that sign up ahead.
''When on Mars, drink Cosmic CoIa.
'' I wonder who thinks up those crazy signs.
Hey, Iook at that ad.
Hello there.
I use Solarsweet lipstick.
It's solarlovely.
That's for sure.
George, stop Iooking at that biIIboard.
Oh, yeah.
We'II be in Las Venus any minute now.
-Lady Iuck, here we come.
-Don't jinx us, George.
The Iast time you mentioned Iady Iuck on vacation Mr.
SpaceIy gave you work.
Don't worry, the boss won't spoiI things this time.
He's cIosing a deaI on the moon.
Good, just so he stays there.
Now, sIow down, George.
Quick, Iook at that sign! ''LunarviIIe.
SIow down to 2000.
'' You're going too fast, George.
Are you kidding? I don't even see the town.
Wow! Now, that's a reaI hot rodder.
Must be fuII of yokeIs.
Here's one of your yokeIs, George, dressed Iike a poIiceman.
KindIy puII over to that cIoud up ahead.
Now, sir, do you know the penaIty for speeding through this town? What town, officer? There's nothing here.
Oh, we got a town, aII right, it's out being cIeaned.
We got a judge too.
Officer 55, caIIing the court.
Live one.
I repeat, Iive one.
Come in, judge.
Hear ye! Hear ye! The court of LunarviIIe is now in session! This is Judge Fairly speaking, otherwise known as the ''Hanging Judge.
'' How do you plead, stranger? Guilty or not guilty? -Your Honor, I pIead-- -Guilty as charged.
Penalty is 1 0 years in jail or a $ 2000 fine.
What will it be? Have I got a choice? I'II pay the fine.
Good thinking, stranger.
Case dismissed.
This has been a recording.
A recording, a recording-- The judge wiII have to make a new recording tape.
This one is worn.
Yeah, so I notice.
But teII me, officer, what happens if the defendant isn't guiIty? Oh, shucks, you got me.
The judge has never made a tape for that.
Now, here's your stamps.
You fiII five books, and we take care of a parking ticket.
Twenty books, and with any sentence, you get to pick your own jaiI.
Oh, thanks a Iot.
There's nothing beats picking your own jaiI.
I know one driver who saved up enough books so that he was his own judge.
-So, what happened? -What eIse? He gave himseIf a suspended sentence.
Come back and see us again! Bye! ''Come back and see us again''? He figures I'II have more money by then.
Now, now, dear, you're not going to Iet a IittIe oId fine ruin our hoIiday.
You're right, dear, I'II-- Look, Jane, we're here.
Las Venus.
There's the Sonic Sahara.
And there's the famous Riviera SateIIite.
Look! The fabuIous FIamoongo.
You know, I think they're trying to teII us something.
Here we are at our hoteI, the Supersonic Sands.
Oh, George, it's IoveIy! WeIcome to the Supersonic Sands, sir.
You have a reservation? Yep.
and Mrs.
George Jetson.
Of course, Mr.
We're expecting you.
Now, Iet's hope you win a nice room.
How about that, honey? We even get to gambIe on the room we get.
I think it's-- It's-- Yes, it is! Suite 7 1 1 .
Oh, you're in Iuck, sir.
It has its own private deaIer.
You hear that? Now I can Iose a bundIe in privacy.
First, we'II take care of your car.
Hey, my car! Don't worry, sir.
We aIways give you a new one when you Ieave.
How do we get to our room? You don't.
The room comes down to you.
Now, that's what I caII room service.
I'II bet it has everything, incIuding hot and coId running poker chips.
Just beautifuI.
There's nothing Iike traditionaI, is there? And what a IoveIy view.
Why, Iook, George.
We have a hoteI right next door to us.
The Las Venus Venus.
''AII-star show featuring Dean Martian.
'' My favorite space-shouter.
Oh, I must see him, George.
I promise.
Now I wanna check and see if we got our own private deaIer.
I'm the deaIer.
Name your game.
Name your game.
I Iike him.
He's got an honest face.
I'II see you Iater, buster.
Can I heIp you unpack? Thanks, but I just brought a few things.
It'II onIy take a second.
Didn't you forget the kitchen sink? Oh, I brought that too.
-Come in.
Try your Iuck.
Try your Iuck.
I'm due.
I'm due.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Oh, boy! Robot sIot machines.
I'II hit this one, honey, and you try the other.
Let's go, jackpot-aroonie! Let's have it, now.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Miss? Don't waste your money on these one-armed bandits.
They'II never pay off.
Look, George! I hit it! I hit a jackpot! -What were you saying, dear? -Nothing.
Okay, that's it, tightwad, on your way.
Hit the jackpot! Hit the jackpot! You can't miss.
You just Iost your jackpot.
Now, come on, out.
Out! Out! George, Iook what happened to my swimsuit.
It's stretched aII out of shape.
Yeah, I see.
It's practicaIIy a tent.
There's a gIamour shop in the Iobby.
Maybe they have one of those new Saturn bikinis.
Saturn bikinis? What's that? Oh, just some rings around the right pIaces.
You'II Iove it.
I'II see you Iater.
I'II bet it's a reaI ring-a-ding-a-dinger.
George Jetson, long distance.
Long distance.
Oh, I hope it's not that pest SpaceIy.
-Jetson! -Mr.
I mean, Mr.
Jetson, I just got word we're in luck.
Galaxy has just checked in to the Las Venus Venus Hotel.
who? -Galaxy.
The head of General Rotors.
We've got a big contract hanging fire with them.
It just needs a little push.
I told Galaxy you'd be right over.
Oh, but-- But I can't.
I'm on my second honeymoon, sir.
You know, with my wife.
You promised me time off.
I promised you nothing of the-- Oh, you're right.
I did promise you the time off.
I'm sorry, Vice President Jetson.
Forget it.
Thank you, sir.
I knew you'd under-- ''Vice President Jetson''? Yes, but what's a puny vice presidency as compared to a second honeymoon? I mean, why should you care about a mink-lined private office with your name in gold neon? GoId neon? And a secretary who's been nicknamed ''The Heavenly Body.
'' The HeavenIy-- Forgive me, sir, but I don't wanna keep G.
GaIaxy waiting.
Vice President Jetson, over and out.
GaIaxy, eh? I'II show SpaceIy I know how to handIe big wheeIs.
I'II get the contract signed and get back before Janey even misses me.
-Be right with you, darIing.
-''DarIing''? Oh, pardon me, Iady, but G.
GaIaxy is expecting me.
Come in, darIing.
I'm Gigi GaIaxy.
What did you say your name was? What, darIing? Oh, I'm George Sprocket of SpaceIy Jetsons.
Now, darIing sit down and teII me -who are you? -My-- My name is George DarIing.
I mean, Jetson.
Jetson, of course.
SpaceIy wired me you were coming.
He negIected to say you'd be in shock, darIing.
ShaII we get down to business? Business? What business? Business.
Oh, sure.
Of course.
Why not? You've spent 1 5 minutes teIIing me your name, darIing.
Suppose we discuss the contract over dinner tonight? Downstairs in the FaIIout Room.
-ShaII we say about 8? -Eight? -But-- -I'II make the reservations.
-But-- But-- But-- -Not much of a vocabuIary, have you? See you this evening.
In the meantime, I'II take a good oId-fashioned bath.
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the expense fiIIing the tub with oId fashions.
Ta-ta, darIing.
But, darIing-- I-- I mean, Gigi! -But Gigi GaIaxy's a woman! -Of course she's a woman.
What did you expect, a prehistoric space monkey? But you don't understand, Mr.
-She wants me to have dinner with her.
Make sure she enjoys herself.
Spare no expense! HeIIo? HeIIo, heIIo? We must have a Ioose connection.
Someone said, ''Spare no expense.
'' That was me, you missile head! Just don't come back without a signed contract.
-But what about my wife? -Let her get her own contract.
Do you read me, Vice President Jetson? Loud and cIear, sir.
Loud and cIear.
Oh, gosh.
Vice President Jetson.
Oh, boy, boy, boy! Oh, George! I'm back.
-Don't teII me you hit the jackpot again.
-Oh, no, siIIy.
I just bought a few IittIe accessories to go with my ring-a-ding bikini.
And what do you think I'm doing tonight? Going to bed earIy, I hope.
No, siIIy.
I made reservations.
We're having dinner downstairs at 8.
Dinner at 8? I just Iost my appetite.
Oh, nonsense.
It's going to be a IoveIy evening.
Dinner, dancing.
Remember, honey, it's our second honeymoon.
Yeah, I know, but I have a date.
-What did you say? What did I say? What? What? Oh, I said, we're eating at 8.
George, it was a IoveIy dinner.
Those Martian meatbaIIs were heavenIy.
Yeah, and those Venus veaI cutIets were out-of-this-worId.
-What's for dessert? -Here comes the dessert tray now.
Hey, Iooks deIicious.
SIow down! What kind of dessert was that? It's the Iow-caIorie speciaI.
You don't get to eat it.
And now, space bunnies, it's time for our nightIy dance contest the Stratospheric Hop.
And here to provide the music is that space-bunny personaIity himseIf Starrence WeIkome.
Yes, friends, this is Starrence WeIkome with space-bubbIe music.
And now for the contest.
Fasten your dancing beIts for the PIanet PoIka.
-Is my dancing beIt on right, honey? -Yeah.
Oh, that's sweII music.
I Iove it.
Maybe we can win, George.
Now, remember, friends the first prize for men is a trip to Mars with the girI of your dreams.
Second prize is a trip to Mars with your IittIe wife.
That's a IittIe joke.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Liftoff! Let's go, George.
Up, up and away! Yeah, but not too high.
My ears wiII pop.
Come on, you space sissy! Fred Astarr's got nothing on me.
WonderfuI! And remember what you promised me.
After this, we're going across to the Las Venus Venus to see Dean Martian.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Las Venus! Contract! Gigi GaIaxy! If I don't get that contract signed, I'm a goner.
Gee, what was that? I'II just wait one second more and-- You certainIy make an entrance, darIing.
I'd just about given you up.
I can't stay Iong.
About the contract-- Let's taIk about it whiIe we dance, darIing.
They're pIaying my favorite, the SoIar Sambaramba.
Dance? Oh, but I just-- It's my favorite form of vioIence, darIing.
Let's show them a thing or two, shaII we? Solar Sambaramba Solar Sambaramba I'd like to see, see, see The contract-y I'd like to see, see, see You dance better with me N'est-ce pas, darIing? Is there a sky-ropractor in the house? Now you're getting it, darIing.
Too bad this isn't a contest.
The contest! I repeat, what was that? Oh, George, you dance divineIy.
I mean, thank you, dear.
Look! Look who's here, honey.
Isn't that Mr.
SpaceIy just coming In? SpaceIy! Oh, come on, now, knock it off! I must say, darIing, you're a wonderfuI dancer.
Let's sit this one out and taIk about the contract.
Just a few more s, s, sì's, darIing.
I don't want to miss it when they doubIe tempo.
Miss it? The missus! I'II be right back.
I think I'm being paged.
That does it, I quit.
Let's sit the rest of this dance out.
I'm getting tired.
-You're getting tired? -Jetson! -Mr.
SpaceIy! -So there you are.
I wanna taIk to you.
See you in a minute, honey.
I just remembered I promised to caII the kids.
But-- But, George.
Have a IittIe refreshment, darIing, before I sign the contract.
Oh, how nice.
Nothing Iike a soft drink, is there? To SpaceIy Sprockets and GeneraI Rotors.
May they make beautifuI dividends together.
ReaIIy, darIing, you shouId sip, not guIp.
I don't know what's in that stuff, but it sure makes your head spin.
In fact, I'm kind of starting to see things.
That Iady coming in, she aImost Iooks Iike Jane.
Jane? I'm so gIad you have a tabIe for us.
I Ieft word for my husband to meet us here.
I don't know what happened to him.
You see, we were dancing-- Garçon, tabIe for three.
She's coming this way.
FoIIow me, pIease.
FoIIow me, pIease.
But, darIing, what are you trying to do? I'm trying to disappear.
Look at that cIown, Mr.
I'd hate to be his wife.
Yes, there's one in every crowd.
But Iook who's with him.
It's Gigi GaIaxy! DeIighted to see you, Miss GaIaxy.
How nice.
-Of course, you know my escort, Mr.
-Jetson? HeIIo, boss.
George Jetson! Honey, I can expIain everything.
Out with another woman? It wasn't another woman.
It was just Gigi GaIaxy.
WeII, thank you, darIing.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
I didn't know he was married.
Where's the contract? Quiet! You shouId be proud of him, Mrs.
-AII he thought of was the contract.
He doesn't have a romantic bone in his body.
True, true.
Very true-- Hey, wait a minute.
And you'II have the signed contract in the morning.
I knew you'd do it, Vice President Jetson.
Oh, thank you, sir.
Oh, it's the Sambaramba again.
Come, darIing, I need a new partner.
George, wiII you ever forgive me? -Oh, sure, honey.
-Vice president.
I'm so proud.
WeII, I don't know for how Iong, but in the meantime, Iet's Iive it up! -Yes? -Jackpot.
Try your Iuck.
Try your Iuck.
I'm due.
I'm due.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Win here.
Win here.
Jackpot money.
Jackpot money.
-Try your Iuck.
FeIIas, wait a minute, wiII you? Look, wait a minute, I'm out of change.
FeIIas, I'm broke! WiII you get Iost? Leave us aIone, wiII you? HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp! Jane!