The Jetsons (1962) s01e14 Episode Script

Elroy's Pal

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife Reach, space pirates or I'll blast you to bits.
Don't blast us, Great Nimbus! We give up.
Attaboy, Nimbus.
Well, space pals Nimbus the Great has done it again.
The evil space pirates from the Green Planet have learned that it never pays to fool with space magic! Space magic! Nimbus the Greatest will be right back, space pals.
But first, a word about that delicious cereal, Moonies.
EIroy, we're ready to serve dinner.
-Turn the teIevision off, dear.
-Oh, Mom.
Another adventure is coming up.
Never mind.
Your father wiII be home in a few minutes.
Oh, aII right.
Space pals, here's news as hot as a rocket's trail.
Moonies are the powerized breakfast food for all space magicians.
And now, Moonies comes complete with its own television set on the back of the package.
-You're kidding.
-Here, see for yourself.
-Oh, boy! -Pretty neat, eh, space pal? Gee, goIIy.
I'II say! -Okay.
Hand it back.
Thank you.
Now, has everybody got their genuine miniature Nimbus-zoombot with them? -I sure have.
-Then zoom your Nimbus-zoombot around the room once, space pals.
Nimbus the Great, to the rescue! Zoom! Hi, everybody, I'm home.
What the--? Hey, that thing is after me.
HeIp! There's a fIying Iizard Ioose in here! That's no Iizard, Dad.
That's my Nimbus-zoombot.
-WeII, get your Nimbus-zoombot off of me! -Okay.
Home, Nimbus.
And no ''bots.
'' Isn't it space-a-roo, Dad? And it didn't cost a cent.
Just 98 box tops.
Ninety-eight box tops for that? I'II give you 98 cents if you'II throw it away.
-And what is that thing on your head? -It's my Nimbus space heImet.
AII of us space paIs wear them.
Oh, that EIroy.
WeII, there's onIy one way to get him away from that teIevision set.
Watch this, Dad.
Nimbus is gonna do more of his space magic! Why, George! What are you doing up there? Who's George? I'm Nimbus the Great.
-Whatever are you taIking about? -I'm taIking about EIroy.
Can't that kid do anything but watch that siIIy stuff on TV? George, you mustn't get upset.
EIroy's just going through one of those growing-up stages.
Do I have to go through it with him? Every time I see him he's in front of that TV set.
Oh, reIax, George, and sit down.
Now, watch it this time, Janey.
I'm sorry, George.
Honey, that's the third time this week you missed the chair.
What wouId you Iike me to diaI for dinner, George? -How about some Moonies, Mom? -Moonies? Nimbus the Great eats them aII the time.
WeII, you're going to eat something nourishing.
And, EIroy, take that siIIy heImet off.
Oh, Mom.
Nimbus doesn't take his off.
-Nimbus doesn't Iive here.
-You couId have fooIed me.
Now what? Hi, Mr.
Could I talk to Elroy? -Later, WiIIy.
We're having dinner.
-It's kind of important.
It's sort of like homework.
-Oh, weII, aII right.
-I'II get it in the Iiving room.
You see, dear? Now, you needn't be so worried about EIroy.
Just Iook how interested he is in his schooIwork.
WeII, maybe I've been misjudging him.
Let's eat.
I turned off the dining room phone.
-Is this business? -I said it was important, didn't I? WeII, then we gotta give the password first.
-From the North Star.
To the craters of the moon.
To the farthest reaches of the soIar system.
To the ends of the galaxy.
It's space magic! Okay, Sub-Lieutenant WiIIy, what's bIasting? Well, wait till you hear, chief.
There's this big contest, see.
All it takes is 1 0 box tops of Moonies and all you gotta do is write down, in 50 words or less, why you like them.
WeII, that's easy.
What's the prize? -A visit from Nimbus the Great.
-You're kidding.
I am not.
He comes right to your home and spends the whole evening.
-Gosh! -And he does his magic for you, and tricks.
-He tells you about one of his adventures.
-Gee! So you better get busy.
I already wrote out 1 8 entries.
I'II get started right away.
Thanks, WiIIy.
Sub-Lieutenant Willy Lightyear, signing off.
Chief EIroy Jetson, acknowIedging.
So long, Elroy.
Hey, Dad, why do you Iike Moonies? EIroy, what's Moonies got to do with your homework? What took you so Iong? We've finished dinner.
Oh, I'm not hungry.
-Say, Dad, couId you heIp me? -With your homework? Sure.
-I'm never too busy to Iend a heIping hand.
-Gee, Dad, you're sweII.
Now, Iet's see.
You're working on your space history? Star geometry? -Astrophysics? -Moonies.
We'II get out the Moonie tapes, and we'II-- -Moonies? -The powerized breakfast food.
You said you needed heIp with your homework.
No, Dad, you said it.
See, this is a contest.
You just won, because I don't understand what you're taIking about.
WeII, there's this contest, see.
And if you win, Nimbus the Great visits your house.
AII you need is 1 0 box tops and 50 words-- EIroy, EIroy, no.
Gee, Pop.
Ain't you gonna heIp me? With homework, yes.
With Moonies, no.
Get your Space History tapes out.
And not another word about that cIown, Nimbus what's-his-name.
Gee whiz.
What a grouch.
Henry! Hey, you there, Henry? Over here, EIroy.
I'm in my workshop.
-What you doing, Henry? -I'm putting a new pIaid cushion on this chair here.
-Can I watch? -Sure.
Gee, a pIaid cushion, my favorite coIor.
Now, then what's on your mind, young feIIa? This is.
'' -What's ''Moonies''? -Oh, it's brand-new.
Every package of Moonies has a teIevision set on the back.
Is that a fact? WeII, Iet's tune in the spacebaII game.
Joe Moon is pitching today.
You can't get baII games, onIy space magic shows.
You know, Iike Nimbus the Great.
-Say, Henry, wiII you heIp me? -To do what? WeII, I gotta write a Ietter saying why I Iike Moonies.
I never heard of the stuff, EIroy.
That's why I brought a package with me.
Here you are, Henry.
Taste them and teII me why they're so good.
What's the matter with them? They aIive or something? That's just the energy in them.
They're powerized.
Go on, taste them.
AII right.
What have I got to Iose? Looks aII right.
Tastes pretty good, huh? As soon as I stop bouncing I'II teII you.
Why do you Iike Moonies, Henry? WeII, I ain't sure, for sure.
I'II say one thing for them: they're different.
You eat and exercise at the same time.
-ShouId I write that? -No.
I don't think they'd appreciate that.
Let me see here.
How about.
How about: ''I Iike Moonies because they're fuII of get-up-and-go''? ''FuII of get-up-and-go''? What does it mean? It's for the Moonies contest.
''Get-up-and-go''? That's very nice, EIroy.
You be sure and thank Henry for his heIp.
I have a better suggestion: Every time I see a box of Moonies, I get-up-and-go away.
I Iike Henry's idea better.
Maybe now he'II give that siIIy stuff up.
When he doesn't win, maybe he'II Iose interest.
He couId win, you know.
With that driveI that Henry dreamed up? Don't make me Iaugh.
'' That went out with high-buttoned space boots.
Boy, these three-hour days are kiIIing me.
What time is it, anyway? Oh, boy.
Just a few seconds to quitting time.
Four, three, two, one.
ShaII I get your car, Mr.
Jetson? Never mind, CIyde, I'm in a hurry.
-Forget something, Mr.
Jetson? -Yeah.
The car.
I wonder why Jane wanted me to rush home.
Maybe it's a surprise party.
That's it.
She's throwing a surprise party for me.
What a wife.
And now Moonies presents Nimbus the Great and his adventures in space magic! But first, space pals, we're going to announce the winner -of the ''Why I Like Moonies '' Contest.
-Gee, do you think I won? -We'II know in a minute.
-Keep your fingers crossed.
The winner is Elroy Jetson of the Spacepad Apartments.
-Hurray! -I won! I won! I'm home.
I'm home.
Hi, everybody.
Now, what's the big surprise? -Father's Day? -EIroy won the contest.
Oh, that's great.
Where's my Father's Day present? -But it's not Father's Day.
-EIroy won the contest.
-What is it then? Is it my birthday? -It isn't your birthday.
EIroy won the contest! -Oh, it's EIroy's birthday? -No, it isn't, Pop.
-I just won the Moonies contest.
-Aren't you proud of your boy, dear? WeII, I sure am.
-What contest? -The Moonies contest! Oh, no.
The one where that Nimbus character comes to visit the winner? And so, space pal Elroy one week from today, you will be greeting Nimbus the Great as he comes to spend an exciting evening in your home! -Wow! Isn't that great, Dad? -Yeah, yeah, I'm thriIIed.
It's space magic! Oh, boy.
Oh, come on, George.
It's getting Iate.
Turn the Iight out and get to sIeep.
Sorry, Jane.
I guess EIroy has got me upset.
AII he does is eat, sIeep and probabIy dreams -that Nimbus the Great stuff.
-Oh, he's a boy, dear.
And aII boys have their heroes to Iook up to.
WeII, what happened to the way boys used to Iook up to their fathers? -He Iooks up to you, George.
-Yeah, sure.
He Iooks up to me once a week to ask for his aIIowance.
Good night, dear.
-I'II get it.
-Is it for me, Mother? No, Judy.
It's a speciaI deIivery for EIroy -from the Moonie contest peopIe.
-Gee, maybe you better read it.
-It may be important.
-You're right.
''Dear space paI, due to circumstances beyond our controI Nimbus the Great wiII be unabIe to visit your home.
'' Oh, gosh.
WiII EIroy be disappointed.
''As a consoIation prize we are sending you 200 boxes of our powerized Moonies.
'' Oh, the poor darIing.
This wiII break EIroy's heart.
I better caII your father and Iet him know.
Telecall for George Jetson.
Thanks, Miss Asteroid.
I'II take it here.
Oh, George, something awful has happened.
What, what, what? -Nimbus the Great isn't coming.
-He's not? Elroy just got a letter, and he isn't coming.
You caII that awfuI? It's the best news I've had in a week.
George, how can you be so heartless? Think what it means to our boy.
He'll simply disintegrate with disappointment.
-What an awful thing to do -the very day Elroy expects him.
Who does Nimbus think he is? He can't do that to my son.
Don't you worry, dear.
I'II take care of it.
I knew you would, dear.
I feel better already.
Disappoint EIroy, wiII he? When I find him he better use some of that space magic to disappear.
The nerve of that guy.
There's the pIace.
I'm gonna give that guy a piece of my mind.
Oh, boy.
What a coId.
I feeI awfuI.
Come in.
Oh, excuse me.
I was Iooking for Nimbus the Great.
-That's me.
-You? -You're Nimbus? -SiIIy, isn't it? We've conquered space, but we stiII haven't Iearned to prevent the common coId.
-The what? -CoId.
I have a coId in my nose.
-Sorry to hear it.
-What can I do for you? -You a fan of mine? -Not me.
My son, EIroy, is but I wanna to taIk to you.
-Say, are you sure you're Nimbus? -Sure, I'm sure.
-No offense, but you Iook bigger on TV.
-Everybody does.
WeII, anyway, I came about the Moonie contest.
-Too Iate.
The contest is over.
-I know that.
My boy EIroy won your siIIy contest and then he gets a Ietter saying you won't show.
How can I? With a coId Iike this, I'd be Iaid up for weeks.
But what about EIroy? He can deveIop a compIex or something.
-I'm sorry, but what can I do? -Somebody's got to do something.
-What about you? -Me? I got dozens of Nimbus costumes and beIts, power beIts.
You take my pIace.
That coId has gone to your head, Nimbus.
-How can I be you? -Easy.
I'm the fifth Nimbus on the program in the Iast two years.
Anybody can be Nimbus.
It's aII in the costume.
Yeah? WeII, I ain't gonna be the sixth Nimbus.
I'm taking this right up to the top.
Your sponsor's gonna hear about this.
Some hero.
Disappointing IittIe boys.
Oh, dear.
If that guy gets the sponsor angry at me, I'II Iose my job.
I better get into my costume and go see his kid.
Poor EIroy.
He's gonna be so disappointed when he finds out his hero has a coId.
The nerve of that guy, trying to get me to take his pIace.
And why not? You're his father, aren't you? -Who are you? -Your conscience, George.
Yeah? WeII, what do I know about being that siIIy Nimbus guy? What's to know? AII you do is fIy around and yeII, ''It's space magic!'' Yeah, sure, and then EIroy goes right on thinking this Nimbus guy is the greatest thing in space.
Now the truth comes out.
You are jeaIous.
Who, me? -I am not.
-Some father.
You don't want EIroy to have any hero except you.
I do so.
I'm not seIfish.
I don't mind EIroy admiring this Nimbus guy.
It's just that I-- WeII, I mean, I-- I guess you're right.
I'II do it.
Good boy, Jetson.
Take my word for it, you won't be sorry.
Okay, Nimbus, I'II get you off the hook.
I'II pIay your part and-- How do you Iike that? He's gone.
ProbabIy gone home to bed.
Oh, weII.
I'II just borrow one of his costumes and return it Iater.
This is it.
'' This is where the boy Iives.
Oh, boy.
I don't know if I can go through with this.
But here goes.
-Who is it? -It's me, space paI -Nimbus the Great! -Nimbus! You came after aII.
Come in! Come in! It's space magic! Hi, space Iady.
I'm Nimbus the Great.
-You're kidding.
-I assure you, my good woman I am Nimbus the Great.
No offense, but you Iook bigger on TV.
Everybody does, Iady.
-Now, where is your IittIe boy? -I'II get him.
Oh, EIroy, you have a visitor.
A visitor? Who? -Wow! It's Nimbus! -Hi, space paI.
It's space ma-- -Gesundheit! -Thanks, paI.
I got a coId in my nose.
-You got a coId? -Yes.
I caught it when I captured those space pirates on the moon.
-You wanna hear about it? -I guess so.
Then you go get a hot-water bottIe, and I'II teII you about the pirates.
-A hot-water bottIe? -Never mind, EIroy.
I'II get it.
Boy, do I feeI siIIy in this outfit.
I hope that Nimbus guy appreciates what I'm doing for him.
You're doing this for EIroy.
Remember that, George Jetson.
I know, I know.
Get off my back.
WeII, I gotta go now.
I have an important meeting with the SoIar Secret Service.
FareweII, space paI! -From the North Star.
-To the craters of the moon.
To the farthest reaches of the soIar system.
Gee, he didn't even finish the password.
WeII, maybe he had a secret job to start right away.
He sure Iooks bigger on teIevision, doesn't he? EIroy, now that Nimbus has been here I think you shouId know your father is responsibIe.
Dad? What do you mean? WeII, at first, Nimbus wasn't going to come, but your father got angry and I don't know what he did, but Nimbus was here, wasn't he? Gee, Dad did that for me? He didn't want you to be disappointed, dear.
Come in.
It's space magic! Hey, Mom, that's Dad.
-What's he trying to do? -Beats me.
But don't Iet on we know.
WeII, hi, EIroy.
Sorry about your waII.
Hey, how come you know my name, Nimbus? The Great Nimbus knows everything.
Except that the reaI Nimbus was aIready here.
WouId you Iike to hear about one of my adventures, space paI? That wouId be sweII, Nimbus.
You know what? -You're a Iot bigger and stronger than-- -Bigger than what? -Than you Iook on teIevision.
-ReaIIy? Thanks, space paI.
Now, Iet's see.
How about the adventure of.
The one where you trapped the space pirates? Then they trapped you whiIe you were asIeep? That's it.
What happened then? WeII, then their queen tried to put a magic speII on you, see.
-But you put one on her instead.
-I did? Come on, Da-- I mean, Nimbus.
Sit down, and I'II teII you aII about it.
WeII, it's been a pIeasure visiting you, space paI.
But now I gotta get back to PIanet X.
-So Iong, Nimbus.
-And thanks for everything.
-Oh, you're weIcome.
And remember it's space magic! Sorry about your door too.
Oh, my aching head.
But if it made EIroy happy, I guess it was worth it.
Come in! Hi, son.
WeII, was your teIevision hero here today? -He sure was, and he's terrific.
-Yeah, you shouId have been here.
WeII, I'm sorry I missed him.
I guess he must be a pretty great guy.
-I'II say.
Greatest guy in the worId, I suppose.
-No, he isn't.
-No? You are, Dad.
You're the greatest guy in the whoIe gaIaxy.
That's my boy said that.
-What did I teII you, Georgie? -I know.
And thanks, paI.
Come on, EIroy.
If we hurry, we can catch the Great Nimbus and his -space magic! -Space magic! HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp! Jane!