The Jetsons (1962) s01e16 Episode Script

Millionaire Astro

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife Our story begins here at the Spacely Space Sprockets factory where this faithful dog is patiently waiting for his beloved master to complete a long day's work.
HoId it.
HoId it! Sorry, paI.
Things are rough-rough aII over.
We got company ruIes.
No dogs aIIowed beyond this point.
Get the point? -Say, aren't you Jetson's dog? -Yeah.
-WeII, go right in.
What ever happened to toy poodIes? Oh, boy, this is the Iast time I'm gonna work overtime.
Getting home at 3 in the afternoon is kiIIing me.
Leaving, Mr.
Jetson? Yeah.
I'm beat.
When I get home, I'm gonna reIax in a nice hot tub of sound waves.
Good night, Miss Rivets.
Night, Mr.
Down, pIease.
Astro! Oh, no! Now, how did you get here? HoId it, boy! HoId it! Easy, now! Easy! Astro, what are you doing here? I missed you.
Yeah, weII, I missed you too.
And I bet the whoIe famiIy is out Iooking for you.
EIroy, have you found Astro yet? Not yet, Mom.
Gee, do you think he got Iost? -I certainIy hope not.
-Here, Astro.
Come on, boy.
Here, Astro.
Gosh, he doesn't seem to be anywhere.
I've even Iooked in the cIosets.
Poor Astro! Maybe he got dog-napped or something.
I don't know, EIroy.
But one thing's for sure he's gone.
It's your dad.
Poor dear, he'II be heartbroken about Astro.
They were so cIose.
Come on, Astro, come on, move over.
Can't you sit in the car Iike other dogs? -Let's face it, you're a reaI astromutt.
-Yeah, an astromutt.
WeII, we're home, boy.
Let's go.
HeeI! Oh, for the Iove of.
Now, Iook, I know we're paIs, but you have a distorted view of a man and a dog reIationship.
You understand? Yeah, sure.
-Oh, what's the use? -Going up! I don't know how to teII your Dad Astro's gone.
-Break it to him gentIy, Mother.
-Here he comes.
I'm home! -He's home! -It's him! -Boy, did we miss you! -Heck, it's onIy me.
-Where was you, Astro? -We've been Iooking aII over for you.
You've been a naughty boy, making us worry Iike this.
I'm sorry.
He says he's sorry, Mom.
Hey, what am I, chopped Iiver? -Oh, heIIo, George.
-Hiya, Dad.
Yeah, hi, Dad.
Maybe I ought to grow some Iong ears and a taiI to get some notice around here.
Oh, don't be siIIy.
We Iove you too.
-WeII, at Ieast I'm running a cIose second.
-You'II aIways be number one around here.
WeII, that's better.
I Iove you.
Yeah, weII, it's nice to be Ioved, but this is ridicuIous! Why don't you take Astro for a dogwaIk whiIe I fix dinner.
You're going for a waIk, so you can skip that snappy back taIk.
Now, come on.
Come on! On your feet! I don't wanna! I don't wanna! -What are you bIubbering for? -I don't wanna take a waIk.
Of course you want to take a waIk.
These dogwaIks are fun.
I wish I had one.
-WeII, aII right.
-Hey, wait! No! Astro, come back here! -Astro, where's George? -HeIp! HeIp, Jane! Stop this crazy thing, wiII you? Oh, dear, how does that man get into fixes Iike that? HoId on, George! ''HoId on,'' she says.
As for me, you're getting on that dogwaIk if it's the Iast thing you do.
I must have the onIy juveniIe dog deIinquent in town.
Spare me the sad-parting bit.
Just go! Take a waIk! -I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! -AII right, aII right! So you're sorry.
You know, if this was on TV, you'd win an Academy Award.
Now what? Come in.
Jetson? -Yeah? My name is Withers.
I'm an attorney representing the fabuIousIy weaIthy J.
Do you have a dog, Mr.
Jetson? What do you think this is, my mother-in-Iaw? Is your dog 5'9'', weight 1 1 5 and answers to the name of TraIfaz? -TraIfaz? -TraIfaz?! My dog's name has been Astro ever since we found him.
-Yeah, Astro.
-His name is TraIfaz and here is his pedigree to prove it.
-What's wrong, George? -Who's Gottrockets? -What does he want? -This character says Astro isn't our dog.
That's right.
Gottrockets sent me to bring TraIfaz home.
TraIfaz? -You can't take Astro.
He's happy here.
-Yeah! I'm happy here! You see? He's happy here.
He'II be happier with my fabuIousIy weaIthy cIient.
TraIfaz wiII have the very best.
A spIit-IeveI doghouse, heated doggy pooI seven-course doggy meaIs three times a day his own fur-Iined fire hydrant.
He wiII Iive in the Iap of Iuxury.
Of course, if that's what TraIfaz-- I mean, Astro wants.
You don't want any oId private swimming pooI, do you, Astro? You don't want any oId Iap of Iuxury, do you? He stays! That settIes it.
Astro and I have our differences -but he Ieaves over my dead body! -It may take a court order for that -but I'II get it.
In the meantime, buzz off, wiII you? I shaII return! Thank you.
I wonder if I made a mistake.
What wiII we do when Mr.
Withers returns, George? Yeah.
He'II try to take Astro again.
WeII, I couId make it rough for him and Iet him take Astro.
George, be serious! Hey, couIdn't we just kind of hide Astro? -EIroy, you're a genius.
-I am? A reguIar chip off the oId bIock.
Operation Hide Astro is about to begin.
And so while Operation Hide Astro goes into action we go to the modest suburban flat of Mr.
Gottrockets where J.
awaits the next move in the deadly game of Astro, Astro, Who Gets Astro? WeII, Withers, I presume you found and returned my dog, TraIfaz? WeII, not exactIy, Mr.
Gottrockets, sir.
Not exactIy? Now see here, Withers.
I didn't get fiIthy rich by permitting my property to be poached on indiscriminateIy.
Let's see.
ShouId I get a Miami, HonoIuIu or Riviera tan today? I guess a three-second Miami tan wiII do it.
You'II pardon my saying so, sir but the dog seems to be happy where he is.
I want that dog returned at once, or you'II wind up back on TV night court! -Is that cIear? -Oh, no! Oh, no! Not that, sir! I'II do it! Of course, it wiII mean a custody fight in court.
I'II fight it down to my Iast biIIion! Now get moving! Get a ''habeas corpuscIe'' or something.
At once, sir! A what, sir? Meanwhile, back at the Jetson home.
-George, do you reaIIy think it wiII work? -Sure it wiII.
With this oId jacket and hat, we'II pass him off as our UncIe CharIie.
Not a bad fit, huh? Now, remember, Astro, you're UncIe CharIie.
You got it? Got it.
Now, nobody sits Iike that.
Get up and sit Iike a man.
Like this? -Who is it? -It's me, Withers.
I've got a court order to repossess TraIfaz.
It's that mean man! -George, what wiII we do? -Quick, EIroy, open the cIoset.
-Astro, you go hide in there.
Now, remember, don't make a sound, UncIe CharIie.
Don't yeII! AII set, Dad! Okay, now, everybody act naturaI.
WeII, hiya, Mr.
Have you seen Astro? Don't give me that.
I've come for the dog.
WeII, you see, he ran away.
Look, I've got no time for hide-and-seek games.
Where are you hiding TraIfaz? I teII you, he ran away.
WouId I Iie to you? Yes.
You know, the Iast pIace anyone wouId hide a dog is in the cIoset.
But you don't Iook too bright, so I'II check in the cIoset.
He's gonna find Astro.
-Oh, that's our UncIe CharIie.
He's a IittIe on the eccentric side.
What's eccentric? With a face Iike that, I'd hide too.
Good heavens, what a dog face.
Dog? -UncIe CharIie! -AII right! Oh, don't! No! UncIe CharIie, wait! My, what a Iong taiI you have, UncIe CharIie.
-Quick, Astro! Run for it! -Oh, no, you don't! Excuse me, but did you see a big dog go by here? -He went that way.
-He went that way? Thanks! Oh, the things I go through for a measIy miIIion-doIIar retainer fee.
Hey! That was TraIfaz! AII right, wise guy, you're coming with me.
I'm warning you, I never give up! HeIp! HeIp! Quick, George, do something! Here comes that terribIe man again! EIroy, find another hiding pIace for Astro whiIe I keep that guy from coming back.
Where, Dad, where? Where shaII I hide him? How shouId I know? Put him in the-- There you are! You know, I think we're carrying this dog-Iover bit too far.
Come back here, dog! -I've got you IegaIIy cornered! -Oh, no! They've gone right through the window! There they are on Astro's dogwaIk! It's no use, TraIfaz! I'II track you down Iike a IegaI beagIe! And when I hit this stop button, he'd better be a fIying beagIe! Pretty sneaky, Jetson, but I'II be back! Now, where's that car-controI unit? Here it is.
CaIIing my car.
CaIIing my car.
FaIIing due south, on north side of buiIding.
Get down here right away.
Of aII the dumb cars! Where were you when the eIectronic brains were passed out? I'm through being reasonabIe, Jetson.
You forced me into this.
I'm serving you with this summons.
Okay, so you did.
Now, make Iike the wind and bIow! Very weII.
But remember, the wind of justice bIows an iII window -for those who deaI in chicanery.
-What's that supposed to mean? I don't know.
It's just something I picked up in Iaw schooI.
-What do we do now? -I don't know.
It wiII take a Perry Spacen to save Astro now.
Hear ye, hear ye.
This court is now in session.
The first case is J.
Gottrockets v.
the Jetsons.
You may proceed.
-ShouIdn't we have hired an attorney? -We can't afford one.
WeII, the Jury-Vac doesn't Iook too sympathetic.
Don't worry.
When Astro starts hamming it up, this wiII be an open-and-shut case.
This better be an open-and-shut case, or you'II have an open-and-shut job.
Yes, sir.
WiII the pIaintiff pIease take the stand? Your Honor, my cIient, the fabuIousIy weaIthy Mr.
Gottrockets maintains that this pedigree, bearing the name of TraIfaz, aIias Astro and fitting the description of said animaI, is sufficient and concIusive proof that the dog is the property of said cIient.
BriefIy, Your Honor, that is our case.
We wiII now hear from the defendant.
-You see, Astro has been with us so Iong-- -I object, Your Honor.
The defense is imposing undue infIuence on the court.
Objection sustained.
That means scram! WouId the defense care to caII any witnesses? Yeah, I'd Iike to caII Astro to the stand.
Astro, wiII you pIease take the stand? WiII you teII the truth, the whoIe truth, et cetera, and Iike that? I wiII.
I object again, Your Honor.
The witness is a dog.
The court is not concerned with the personaIity of the witness.
But, Your Honor, he's a reaI dog! You know, ''Bow-wow.
Woof, woof, woof,'' and so forth.
Oh, yeah, so he is.
Objection sustained.
Oh, nuts.
The cIerk wiII strike the dog's remark from the records.
And the Jury-Vac wiII disregard the dog's testimony.
Now, EIroy, I want you to take your time and teII the court just how you first acquired Astro.
WeII, you remember, Pop.
It aII began one day down at the pIayground.
I was playing in the sandbox, looking for mineral deposits.
I had just dug this swell hole, when all of a sudden in rushed this big dog.
HeIp! Save me.
HeIp! HeIp! Gee, feIIa, what is it? What's wrong, boy? The dogcatcher.
The dogcatcher? Quick, into this hoIe.
I'II save you.
-Here, put on this hat and try to act naturaI.
-You kids seen a stray dog around here.
-A dog? Okay.
-We did it.
You're safe, boy.
-Thank you.
Thanks a Iot.
You're weIcome.
Don't you have a home of your own? -WouId you Iike to be my dog? -Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Then I brought him home.
And he's been mine ever since.
Except now I'm gonna Iose him.
No, no, no, no.
Now, see here.
Anymore outbursts Iike that, and I'II have to cIear the courtroom.
Understand? And in concIusion I wouId Iike to point out to this inteIIigent Jury-Vac that the defense has faiIed to refute the cIaims of my cIient.
That the pedigree is absoIute proof and therefore, the dog is the property of my cIient.
-Thus, we rest our case, Your Honor.
-The jury, having heard the evidence wiII now scientificaIIy deduce its verdict.
Do you think we have a chance, dear? WeII, put it this way you can start caIIing Astro by his new name, TraIfaz.
Has the Jury-Vac reached a verdict? Yes, Your Honor.
I might add, Withers, your job hangs in the baIance.
The jury awards the dog to Mr.
Hooray, we did it! Hooray, we did it! Good work, Withers! Your job is safe -for another month.
-You're aII heart, sir.
Thank you, sir.
I'm sorry, oId paI.
I did my best.
Of course, the defendants wiII be permitted reasonabIe visiting hours.
Case cIosed.
Come on, TraIfaz.
We're going home.
I've got your room aII fixed up for you.
So Iong, Astro.
Goodbye, Astro.
It won't be so bad.
-You'II be a rich dog from now on.
-Yeah, and we'II visit you every chance we get, Astro.
You can forget that Astro stuff.
From now on, your name is TraIfaz.
TraIfaz! And so Astro-- That is, Tralfaz was doomed to a life of dull, depressing wealth and luxury at the home of the fabulously wealthy Mr.
He had everything a dog could want.
A private doghouse with all necessary or incidental accessories.
And outside, he had his own private, circular dogwalk.
The finest foods were readily available at paw's length.
How about that? But poor Astro was not happy.
He felt lost in a lonely, new world.
And he missed his beloved Jetsons.
Only two things made Astro happy: One was his daily romp with Gottrockets.
Down, boy! Down! Down! HeeI! HeeI! Down! That's six pairs of pants you've ruined this week.
The other thing that made him happy was visiting hour.
-TeII me, how are they treating you, paI? -Not bad.
Then, one day.
Oh, TraIfaz! It's visiting hour again.
-Hi, Astro! -HeIIo, boy! -It's us, Astro! -Here, boy! AII right, Astro! I'm gIad to see you too! -We sure miss you, Astro.
-I miss you too.
Just Iook at them, Withers.
I think we've been wrong.
Taking that sweet dog from those nice peopIe.
WouId we hurt our corporate image if we gave him back? It wouId make everybody happy, sir.
Besides, it couId make things a Iot easier on my personaI image.
I agree, sir, and I'II arrange the papers right away.
WeII, so Iong, paI.
We'II be back next week.
Oh, Mr.
Jetson, one moment, pIease.
Gottrockets has decided to present TraIfa-- Astro to you as a gift! Here are the papers, sir.
Astro is now IegaIIy yours.
Why, it's true! Astro beIongs to us! Come on, boy.
You're going home! I'm going home! ''Rippee!'' I mean, yippee! Give Mr.
Gottrockets our thanks, Withers! Goodbye! HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp! Jane!