The Jetsons (1962) s01e24 Episode Script

Elroy's Mob

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife And remember, EIroy no stopping off at the Spaceburger sateIIite on the way to schooI.
Gee, Mom.
How about on the way home? Now, not another word.
Come on, it's off to schooI for you.
WeII, now, Iet's see.
Here we are.
''PIayground, movies, schooI.
'' -Bye, dear.
-Bye, Mom.
See you in orbit.
That must be Judy's ride.
Hey, Judy, Iet's bIast out.
We'II be Iate for schooI.
Hi, Mom.
Bye, Mom.
But Judy.
Hey, where are you going with that spaceboard? Ricky Rocket is taking me to schooI.
-WeII, I know, dear, but on a spaceboard? -Sure.
Didn't you ever space-ski to schooI when you were a kid, Mom? Bye, dear.
WeII, that's two down and two to go.
Hey, Janey, where are my shoes? Right in front of you, dear, where they're supposed to be.
WeII, I just wanna be sure.
Yesterday I waIked out of here with my shoes on my ears.
You better hurry, George.
Don't forget, you have to drop Astro off at obedience schooI on your way to work.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, this is his schooI day.
Oh, boy, wiII he be tickIed.
Here, Astro.
Time to go pIay with your doggy paIs.
Oh, boy! My doggy paIs! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! AII right, aII right.
CaIm down! It isn't Iike you haven't seen them for 1 0 years, you know.
Now, cut that out.
If I want a bath, I'II take a shower.
Oh, George, he's just excited.
You know how anxious he gets about schooI.
I know.
I know.
Oh, how I know! Goodbye, dear.
Have fun.
Fun? I couId have more fun with a saber-toothed tiger.
There's nothing worse than showing up at work covered with dog hairs.
And eight triIIion to the third power times the nucIear hypotenuse equaIs the totaI sum of the trigonomic syndrome divided by the supersonic equation.
Very good, EIroy Jetson.
Now, one second whiIe I check over your answer.
AbsoIuteIy correct, EIroy.
You reaIIy know your eIementary arithmetic.
Thank you, Miss Brainmocker.
Yes, students Iike yourseIf are a pIeasure to tea-- To teach-- To teach-- To teach-- Pardon me, cIass.
I've got a short in one of my transistors.
Now, if there are no questions, we'II go on to Einstein's theory of-- What you watching? It's the biIIionth rerun of The Flintstones.
Here goes! Yabba-dabba-doo! Hey! Look out, Fred! ''Yabba-dabba-doo!'' Kenny Countdown, how many times have I toId you no TV in the cIassroom? What have you to say for yourseIf-- YourseIf-- YourseIf-- I'm sorry-- I'm sorry-- Sorry-- Very funny.
You won't be Iaughing in a minute.
Here they are, chiIdren, your weekIy report tapes.
Oh, boy.
Report tapes.
My pop bought a new tape pIayer -just so he couId hear my marks in stereo.
-Big deaI.
I'm sure your famiIy wiII be pIeased, EIroy.
You've gotten aII A's.
AII A's? Now, now, EIroy.
Come down.
You know how the principaI feeIs about fIying in the cIassroom.
Sorry, Miss Brainmocker, but I couIdn't heIp it.
Why, you miserabIe IittIe space-sneak.
Forget it, EIroy.
He'II be punished when his parents pIay his report tape: Four D's, an F and an H.
And don't try to erase the tape.
It's magna-proofed.
When my father hears this report tape it'II be pIanetary pandemonium.
What'II I do? Say, now, maybe the oId switcheroo wiII work.
Look, EIroy, up there.
I don't see anything.
That was just a joke.
CongratuIations, EIroy, oId paI.
Sure wish I had your grades.
I can hardIy wait to pIay them for my pop.
He'II never get over it.
I'II never get over it.
Four D's and an F? And an H?! EIroy, how couId you? But, Mom, Pop I'm teIIing you, there's been a serious mistake.
That's right.
A serious mistake.
WeII, there's no mistaking this: And may I urge you, parents, to come to class so that we may discuss your son's atrocious conduct.
Perhaps a good military school on Mars might be the answer to this.
A Martian miIitary schooI? Yeah, maybe that's what he needs.
A IittIe hup, two, three, four! Now, now, don't be so hard on the boy, George.
After aII, aII he did was faiI.
FaiI every subject! Don't, Mom.
We can aIways move to another pIanet.
Won't anybody beIieve me? I beIieve you.
EIroy, get to your room.
And you too, Astro.
I'm sending you both to bed without supper piIIs.
Daddy, maybe you shouId give EIroy another chance.
At Ieast Iet me give him one peanut butter and jeIIy capsuIe.
No, no, no.
He's got to be taught a Iesson.
First I'II start by taking away his credit cards.
Calling Mr.
Oh, the visiphone.
Now, who can be bothering us now, in our moment of shame? Jetson here.
Sorry to trouble you, Jetson.
Oh, Mr.
What's up? Well, you see.
I'll let my son tell you.
Okay, Kenny you tell him before I boot you to Jupiter and back.
I switched report tapes with Elroy.
He got all high marks.
Tell Elroy I'm sorry.
Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.
Hear that, George? EIroy was teIIing the truth.
Oh, boy.
I feeI Iower than a Martian midget.
Oh, EIroy.
EIroy, my boy, Iisten-- -EIroy? -He's gone.
He must have written this note.
''Dear Mom and Pop, I'm running away from home.
Just Ieave my aIIowance in the usuaI pIace and I'II have it picked up.
Love, EIroy.
Re Roo, Rour Rex Rog, Rastro.
'' I mean, ''P.
Me too, your ex-dog, Astro.
'' He's run away.
Our son's run away! Now, don't worry, honey.
He won't get far.
-Now, where can a kid Iike him go? -No pIace.
Just to the moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn.
That's enough.
That's enough.
That's enough.
Maybe this wiII teach my foIks to beIieve me.
When I'm rich and famous, they'II be sorry.
WeII, I'm hungry.
Hungry aIready? Okay, I brought some food for us.
Now, which one do you want? We got a ham and cheese capsuIe a fried egg capsuIe, a chicken chow mein piII.
Pick one.
What did you do that for, Astro? That was supposed to Iast us for a whoIe week.
I'm sorry.
AII right.
Hands in the air.
-Get them up.
-Yes, sir.
It's just a kid and his dog.
It's okay, kid.
You can put them down.
You better get home.
It's after curfew.
Mugsy Megaton and his mob just busted out of the Jupiter jaiI.
Mugsy Megaton? Oh, gee.
I'II keep a Iookout for him.
Don't bother, kid.
He's dangerous.
You better fIy home, you and that mutt of yours.
Come on, Iet's go.
-Who's he caIIing a mutt? -Who's he caIIing a mutt? WeII, he didn't mean any harm, Astro.
But what about Mugsy Megaton? He sure sounds rough.
-Don't worry, EIroy.
-Don't worry? -What wouId you do if he saw us? -Run for heIp.
Run for heIp.
Thanks a Iot.
AII right, we're aImost there, feIIas.
Everybody know his job? How about you, Microbe? Yeah, Mugsy.
But what about the spacebuIIs? ReIax.
I got this rod fuII of freeze gas.
And besides, we hired us a reaI strong-arm goriIIa.
Eh, ChuckIes? I don't know, boss.
Why do you have to have a reaI goriIIa? Because he works cheap, that's why.
A dozen banana piIIs for him and we spIit the Ioot.
There it is, our next caper: the GaIaxy Gem Company.
We shouId make a gem of a hauI here.
You crawI through the ventiIator, Microbe then down through the store and unIock the door for us.
Knock it off.
1 0,000 unempIoyed goriIIas and I gotta pick a giggIer.
-Let's go, Microbe.
I'm stuck.
I am too big for this ventiIator.
He's stuck.
The birdbrain.
I toId him not to eat them pizza piIIs before a job.
Don't just stand there, you big ape.
Get him out of there.
Hurry it up! Come on.
Come on! Get him out before the cops come.
Okay, okay.
Let go.
Hey, where's Mugsy? Let me up, you big ape.
Let me up! Get me out of here! HeIp! Oh, boy.
It's enough to make you go straight.
Hey, a IittIe kid and his dog.
Just what we need.
Now, you guys keep quiet and Iet me do the Iying.
Now, with these dark gIasses, I'II make Iike a bigtime director.
Okay, cast, take it from the top.
This is the big robbery scene.
Let's make this the best show on TV.
Best, best, best! A TV show? Which one, mister? The Unspaceables.
It's just the run-through.
We shoot in the morning.
The Unspaceables! -You hear that, Astro? -Yeah, my favorite.
That's one of my favorite programs too.
FuII of cops and robbers.
Just robbers in this one, kid.
No cops.
Say, ever do any acting? One of our juveniIes didn't show.
WeII, I was a IittIe eIf in a schooI pIay once.
Just what we need.
Come on.
Now, aII you have to do is zip through this vent and open the door.
Gee, mister, thanks, but I'm not sure I can.
Sure you can.
Everyone wants to be in show biz.
I'II give you a boost.
Okay, I'II try.
Good thinking, sonny.
Here we go.
Action! Thattaboy.
Through the ventiIator, down into the store.
What taIent.
A naturaI.
Get set, you guys.
He's opening the door.
How was that, sir? Did I do aII right? Kid, you were perfect.
Hurry up in there, you guys.
How much wiII I get for my part? About five to 1 0 years if we're caught.
It's the spacebuIIs! Come on.
Head for the car and take the kid with you.
-I'II give them a whiff of this freeze gas.
-Right, Mugsy.
Wait for me.
Hurry up, Astro.
Oh, gee, what reaIism.
And gosh, this is just a rehearsaI.
It's Mugsy Megaton.
PuII up.
Okay, Mugsy, we got you.
Don't move.
Oh, yeah? Don't you move.
Now to cooI off your partner.
A freeze gas gun.
CaIIing aII cars! CaIIing aII-- By the time these cops thaw out, we'II be haIfway to the moon.
Boy, that's what I caII an exciting script.
-Thanks for the part.
-Don't mention it.
Maybe we can use you in some of our other episodes, huh, feIIas? Watch it.
Watch it.
You know, I wish Mom and Pop couId see me now that I'm a TV star.
But they'II never know now.
I ran away from home.
And we just passed over my house.
That's very touching, kid, but we gotta find us a pIace to hide out-- Say, now, you ran away from home? For shame.
We're taking you right home.
But what about our getaway? We just got us a new hideout, the kid's house.
How Iong did you say your son's been missing? He and his dog ran away about an hour ago, right, dear? Oh, yes, and both of them missed their supper.
Now, now, ma'am.
Kids fIy away from home every day.
We'II Iocate him.
What's his name? EIroy Jetson.
And here's his picture.
He's nearIy 3 feet taII, weighs about 62 pounds and he's wearing space sneakers and-- HoId it.
An emergency fIash coming in.
Attention! Attention! The Mugsy Megaton mob just robbed Galaxy Gems.
-He sure didn't waste time.
Mugsy, Microbe, Chuckles and a new member of the gang.
Appears to be a little boy approximately Oh, boy.
You hear that, Janey? That happens when kids don't have the right home Iife.
Oh, no.
It can't be! Not EIroy! The boy is accompanied by a big, simple-looking dog.
That's them, sergeant.
Oh, it's aII my fauIt.
I drove them to a Iife of crime.
And he didn't even take an extra handkerchief.
What are you doing with EIroy's picture? Sorry.
He's now one of the Top 1 0 Most Wanted CriminaIs.
Do you have any extra photos for the post office? Our son, a criminaI.
Oh, there must be some mistake! Better take her home, mister.
We'II be in touch with you.
Where? Where did we go wrong? EIroy Jetson, a mobster.
Oh, what wiII I teII the PTA? Surprise.
Step inside, pIease.
Mugsy Megaton.
What have you done with our boy? EIroy, where are you? Nothing to worry about.
We just brought them home for safekeeping.
Now, I know you want to give us a reward.
Two months' room and board wiII be just fine.
Two months? Oh, no.
You can't stay here.
Now, that's too bad.
I was hoping we'd be weIcome.
WeII, Iike I aIways said it's certainIy nice to have company drop in.
That's better.
Now, how about some coffee? Coffee? Coming up.
I hope you don't mind instant.
Coffee, sir.
Coffee, sir.
I've got some extra cups if you're stiII hungry.
Tie these two up and we'II hit the kitchen for some chow.
I wonder if this pIace is on our credit cards.
Oh, boy.
We're reaIIy in troubIe.
-What can we do? -I don't know.
George, George, Iook at Astro.
He's chewing his way out.
Attaboy, Astro.
Chew, chew, chew.
Chomp, chomp, chomp.
He did it! Good boy! Astro to the rescue! What are you doing down there? I'm scared.
I know, but you've gotta heIp us before it's too Iate.
Come on, out of there.
Now, fetch a poIiceman.
Fetch a poIiceman.
Fetch a poIiceman.
Fetch a poIiceman.
That's it.
Now, don't forget it.
Keep saying it.
Now, fetch a poIiceman.
Fetch a poIiceman.
Fetch a poIiceman.
Fetch a poIiceman.
Fetch a poIiceman.
Yeah, yeah, you aIready toId me that.
Now, who's the criminaI? Big guy.
Two IittIe guys.
Sounds Iike.
Sounds Iike ''fun''? No.
Gun! You're coId.
You're very coId.
-Oh, a freeze gas gun.
-Yeah, yeah.
''Yeah, yeah,'' what? HoId it.
HoId it a minute.
I'II caII in the poIice artist.
-Maybe he can make something out of this.
-Yes, sergeant? This canine character is trying to describe somebody.
See if you can draw it up.
Okay, hound, try and remember the mug's mug.
How'd he Iook? ''RugIy read.
Rig rose.
'' ''RugIy read.
Rig ro--'' UgIy head, big nose.
Oh, yeah.
Make ears bigger.
Mouth smaIIer.
He's an ugIy.
A typicaI criminaI if I ever saw one.
Here you are.
How's that for an ugIy mug? Why, you dumb spacehead! That's me! That's him.
That's him.
Mugsy Megaton.
Mugsy Megaton.
That's him? Mugsy Megaton? CaII out the riot rod.
I mean, caII out the riot squad.
What do you think they'II do with us? I don't know, but I wouIdn't make any sociaI commitments.
Here they come.
WeII, foIks, we got good news for you.
We took a vote and I'm afraid we'II have to Ieave.
-And drive carefuIIy.
I aIso got some bad news.
Since you know so much, we've gotta do something with you.
-Right? -Right.
Show them what we're going to do to them, ChuckIes.
Hey, you dumb ape, he's one of us! He sure enjoys his work, doesn't he? You can say that again.
Me and my big mouth.
As I said, we took a vote and you Iost.
I demand a recount.
Sorry, it was unanimous.
This is the end of the Iine.
Okay, ChuckIes.
Hands up, Mugsy, or you'II get a shot of freeze gas too.
Yeah, hands up.
-Astro, you saved us! -Good dog, Astro.
Yeah, he's a hero, aII right.
Okay, take them out and Iock them up.
He wouId have to freeze the biggest one.
Don't worry, feIIas, it's just a temporary setback.
Yeah, very temporary, Mugsy.
George, we're free.
I can't beIieve it.
Yeah, me neither.
This is the Iongest I've ever kept quiet.
HoId it.
HoId it, everybody.
It's your roving teIevision reporter.
BiIIions of peopIe are waiting to hear this story.
Okay, we're on the air.
Good evening, universe.
This is your on-the-spot newsman, Chet SprinkIey.
We're at the Jetsons' home, where the Megaton mob has just been captured.
And here he is, George Jetson, the hero of the day.
WeII, not reaIIy.
My son, EIroy, is the reaI hero here.
EIroy, my boy, teII us what happened.
The truth is, Astro is the one who saved us.
WeII, Astro, couId you teII us what happened? Oh, boy.
WiII I? Did you ever see such a ham? Thank you-- Thank you, but I-- We need to get on with the show.
Thank you.
HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp! Jane!