The K2 (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
[Episode 1]
Please, give me
something to eat.
Please, give me
something to eat.
Hey, hot stuff!
Hey, what's going on?
You trying to start something?
- Do you want to fight me?
- It's nothing!
You better watch your back.
What were you doing
with that guy, huh?
She's here.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
Are you all right?
You're Korean?
Mister, please save me.
Some bad guys are chasing after me!
Please, save me!
Please, save me!
Please, save me!
Please, help me!
Please, save me!
Please, save me!
Our game of
hide-and-seek is over now.
Let's get you back home now.
You're starting to irritate me.
Get over here!
Stay still!
Stop it.
Hurry up and go.
Damn it.
There's been a mugging
on Platform Two.
Please, help me!
Mister! My dad is in Madrid.
Please, take me there!
I'm telling you the truth!
If you take me there, my dad
will give you a great reward.
- Please!
- Hey.
I'm not taking you.
Just go already.
I'm telling you the truth!
Some bad guys keep on
trying to take me away, Mister!
- Please!
- Hey.
- Please!
- If cops are the bad guys to you
then you're the one
who's actually bad, all right?
So let go, already.
Also, don't live your life like this.
Mister, please believe me!
Please, Mister!
Please, believe me!
Please! Please!
- Hey, you there!
- Please!
- Get over here!
- Please, help me!
- Please, save me!
- Hey.
Please, help me!
Hurry up and go.
Hands up!
We have some questions for you.
Oscar! Oscar!
Where are you?
Please, save me!
Please, save me!
Please, save me!
Please, help me!
Please, save me!
Please, help me!
Please, help me!
Please, save me!
Please, help me, Mister!
Please, help me!
I'm the police.
Be on your way.
Please, save me!
- I told you to piss off!
- Mister!
Please, help me!
Please, save me!
Please, save me!
Please, don't go!
To the airport, please.
What do you want, huh?
No, you can't have these.
They're too hard for your teeth.
Yes, sir?
Geez, I'm so damn pissed!
They said that the banner's
getting loose because of the wind.
So they want it to be fixed.
But we won't be able to
do that by tomorrow!
Just leave it.
I won't go bankrupt or anything.
What brings you here, sir?
I'm here to fix the banner.
Business hours are over now.
I'm here because someone
asked me to come and do this.
Do you have a form of ID?
No, I don't.
Then you can't enter.
Please come back tomorrow.
Damn it.
Wait, young man.
Wait just a second.
How could you send him away?
The manager was demanding
for it to be fixed immediately!
And this man came here last time
to hang the banner too.
I still can't let him in
without an ID.
You're in big trouble now.
The manager seemed to have been scolded
quite thoroughly by Madam, too.
Madam did that herself?
How long is it going to
take for you to fix it?
Well, about 20 to 30
minutes, at the very least.
Aw, man.
Thank you, ma'am.
It was nothing.
People like us who get paid
daily can't afford to waste a day.
My son's in huge trouble nowadays too,
since the job market is doing so badly.
But it's quite windy today.
Will you be all right?
I'll be fine.
What are you doing?
What else?
I was just pouring wine.
Wine, eh?
Come on, take it slow!
Slow down?
That word isn't in
my vocabulary.
I hate doing things slowly.
Oh, just a second.
Hello. Hello.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
You must be as busy as
Mr. Jang Se Joon nowadays, Madam.
Thank you for
taking the time to come here.
No, not at all.
Aren't you tired of seeing her face
already? You see her every day!
Let's hear what she has to say.
We did some investigating to see who
people would prefer as their First Lady
and you were the most popular pick among
people in their twenties to seventies!
So you're the most popular pick among all
the other potential First Ladies!
- Oh, really? I am?
- Yes!
Oh, come now.
Everyone is praising you, calling
you the perfect supportive wife.
Oh, it's not like that at all!
I just make sure that
he eats breakfast, is all.
Wait, so you make
the assemblyman's breakfast yourself?
It's a bit embarrassing, but
I think I enabled some of his bad habits.
He's such a picky eater that he won't
eat unless I make food for him myself.
Oh, I see! You're famous for
being a great cook, after all.
Oh, stop it. People might
actually believe you!
The guests who visit our home
just say that to be kind.
Wait, you tend to and prepare
food for your guests yourself?
Yes. It's to the point that
it's embarrassing, though.
Wow, you really are amazing.
No more, okay?
Look at you, being so naughty.
- Fine.
- Eh?
I'll be really naughty today.
Oh, look at you.
I'll scold you if you
keep acting like this!
Make sure you have the camera
and record it properly.
Yes, sir.
Close the curtains.
Why, you little
How dare you
Sleep tight.
It'll all be over soon.
- You're not allowed here.
- Yeah, whatever.
Granny, behind you!
No! No!
Is anyone there?
What the
Station One, here.
Answer me! Anybody?
- Sir! There's
- Yeah, I'm on my way now.
- Keep things safe there until then.
- Yes, sir.
Damn it!
Damn it!
Please, get me out! Quickly!
Please, get me out!
Quickly! Quickly!
Move away from the door!
Granny! Granny! Granny!
The cops are here.
- Move out!
- Move out!
Granny! Are you all right?
What about the assemblyman?
What about the assemblyman!
Thankfully, the door to
his room didn't go down.
Call 911.
Call 911!
Requesting an ambulance!
Please unlock the door
to the assemblyman's room.
It's unlocked!
Um, while we're on the topic
of you being a supportive wife
Hasn't there been talk of
the assemblyman's success
being almost entirely
due to his in-laws?
His in-laws?
Oh, did he have some other in-laws
besides my own parents?
That's funny.
But still, you're the eldest daughter
of the chairman of JB Group.
And it's true that JB Group is the most
powerful conglomerate in our country.
To tell you the truth,
I feel a bit bad for my husband
for having met a woman like me.
If he'd met another woman
he would've been a great
son-in-law for another family.
Oh it seems that there were
some difficulties in the past.
My late father
really didn't want a son-in-law
who was in politics.
Wait, then. The reason why
Chairman Choi, your late father
cut off ties with
you, his daughter
was because of the assemblyman?
I apologize. It seems that
I touched on a sensitive topic.
No, it's fine.
Men and women both need to be
loyal to the one they love, don't they?
You really loved the assemblyman
quite a lot, didn't you?
To the point that you gave up your right
as an heir to the company for him.
And truthfully, I still
respect that man.
They're coming out!
- What's going on?
- How's the assemblyman?
- Please, say something!
- What's the current situation?
He works at an advertisement company?
Yes, sir.
And yet he broke that thick glass?
Then do you not have any
JB Group shares anymore, Madam?
I know that you had quite a bit that you
inherited, even before your marriage.
Oh, you mean the shares
I had when I was single?
I already donated those
a long time ago.
Oh, are you talking about
the Pyeongchang Scholarship Foundation?
However, I heard that
there's a special relationship
between you and two
of the board directors.
If that's true, don't you still possess
a lot of JB Group shares in reality?
Mr. PD! They want us to cut
the feed for a second.
Anchor Jo! We'll continue
this after some commercials.
Well, then. I'll hear the response
to your question after the commercials.
We'll continue after
the commercial break!
Ji Yeon.
Yeah, Yoo Jin?
I thought I told you that I didn't
want to talk about that.
Yoo Jin. Wouldn't it be less painful
for me to do this than anyone else?
That's true.
It'll a sore spot for me regardless
of who questions me about it.
Everyone has a weakness.
Just like the matter
regarding your son.
All right, the commercial break will
soon be over. We'll be shooting now!
Please turn on your mics!
All right.
Shall we get started?
Sorry, Yoo Jin.
I overdid it.
Yeah, Ji Yeon.
Let's just follow the script.
All right, honey?
I was so touched by
your interview today, Madam.
Really? Thank you.
I was so nervous!
No! You looked so natural
and so beautiful!
Can you step out for a bit?
- What?
- I'm fine. I'll take off my makeup.
- Thank you.
- Yes, Madam.
Oh, wait.
Thank you so much for today.
I baked these cookies.
I'm not sure if they're any good, though.
Oh, I'm so touched, Madam!
Can I take a photo of these?
What? Oh, no!
Stop it.
I won't eat these
and treasure them forever!
Thank you.
Who was behind it this time?
The investigation hasn't
been concluded yet, but
but I believe that Assemblyman Park's
people were probably behind it.
No doubt about it.
Cookies that Madam
baked for me herself!
Behind them is the bag that
Madam has used for 20 years.
I respect you and
love you, Madam! Heart, heart!
Hey, what are you doing?
Man, I respect her so much.
Madam made these herself!
- Give me one!
- No!
These are my new
family heirlooms!
Geez, you're so stingy.
Let me see the photo, though.
What shall we do, ma'am?
Alter the scene of the crime
so it seems like some unidentified
assailants attacked the office.
Yes, ma'am.
What about that girl, then?
Just leave her be for now.
We'll definitely have
a use for her later.
Yes, ma'am.
That's fine for now.
Looks like I'm getting
wrinkles in my old age.
How old is she?
Excuse me?
That girl.
She's in her late twenties.
At least she's not a minor.
It's me.
Wait, so, am I eating breakfast
that you made starting tomorrow?
Nice show you put on there.
Yes, I trusted that
you'd take care of it.
Also, about that
banner hanger
please take good care of
that for me.
It seems like the rascal
got a good look at my face.
The banner hanger?
Is there something that
you're hiding from me?
What? Oh, Madam!
Of course not!
How could I ever
I really shouldn't be like this
but I'm starting to get
quite suspicious.
Oh, Madam!
It's not like that at all!
I just didn't want you to bother
you with unnecessary burdens
so I was going to take
care of it myself, and then
Oh, yes. I apologize.
I'll remember that, ma'am.
I'll be sure to take care of it
and report back to you.
Yes, yes.
Please get some rest.
Damn it, how did she
find out already?
The men are on their way, right?
Yes. They'll catch them soon.
Why do I have to go to all this
trouble because of some banner hanger?
- This is the only footage we got?
- Yes, sir.
Wait. Rewind.
Yeah, right there.
No way.
Could it be?
Yes, Chief Jo.
Please recall the men.
Say what, now?
If you don't, all those men
may die at his hands.
What do you mean by that?
Chief Jo!
You sure have gotten funnier
nowadays, but that's really a hoot.
- Our men are in danger!
- Wait, wait.
So what you're telling
me, is that you, Colonel Jo
oh, I mean, Chief Jo.
He's someone who you trained
while you were in the special forces?
All right, then.
I feel like you're trying to tell me that
he's the strongest agent you trained
- No, that's not it, sir!
- Chief Jo!
I don't think you quite
get what I'm saying.
I even sent my offensive team to catch
one measly banner-hanger.
Do you get that?
This is the offensive team of JSS,
the best security company in Korea!
You'll soon come to realize
what I'm saying.
Why, that little
That impudent bastard!
Why, I never!
Leave at once.
Sir! Sir!
What happened?
What happened, damn it?
What a relief.
What do you mean
you're relieved, Chief?
Nobody's dead.
Why are you here
in the living room?
It seems that I'll be sleeping late today
since there are matters to attend to.
Why? Is there someone else causing
trouble around here besides me?
Your daughter, Assemblyman.
What about Anna?
She ran away again.
She should have
matured a bit by now.
But it seems not.
Maybe it's because the apple
doesn't fall far from the tree?
If something bad
happens to that child
our contract is null and void.
You know that, right?
What's going on?
What's with that woman?
No. No way.
So what you're saying is
you lost that banner hanger.
He's not someone that can
be caught by JSS.
Who sent you?
If I come to see you
for a second time, you'll die.
You were in the wrong
place at the wrong time
and saw something
you shouldn't have.
I'm sorry.
You're pretty, just like your mother.
I remember everything.
Mom didn't commit suicide.
She's the reason why I've been forced
to obey Choi Yoo Jin's every whim.
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