The K2 (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

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for viewers ages 15 and up.
What's going on?
What's with that woman?
- Can we meet her?
- Talk to us about your mother's case!
Step aside!
Don't be scared, Anna.
Your name is Anna, right?
Hey, answer her!
You can't do that!
Fine, then.
Anna. Can you tell me
what happened yesterday?
I don't know.
Hey, you told us something
before, though!
Hurry up and tell the doctor!
I told you that you can't
act this way, Officer!
Get out!
Doctor. The thing about crimes is that
the preliminary investigation
is quite important.
Children's memories are
especially delicate
so if we don't get a statement now,
we won't be able to later!
This child just lost her mother.
She just lost her entire world!
I'm the one who made my mom die.
What? Repeat that.
I killed my mom.
I killed my mom.
Turn the lights off!
- Lower this!
- Why isn't she moving?
Look, she's my muse.
- Muse?
- Yeah! Look at her!
She's fine. Let's go.
- You have two muses right here.
- Let's go party.
Wait a second!
I didn't kill her.
I didn't kill her.
Are you all right?
Let's go.
What a rotten driver.
What a rotten driver.
I didn't kill her.
I didn't kill her.
[Episode 2]
Man, since when has the preliminary
training become so hard?
You didn't know?
That's the reason why the guys
up in North Korea ran away.
- Hurry up and come out!
- All right.
Huh? My uniform!
I definitely hung it up here!
So what you're saying is
you lost that banner hanger.
I apologize, ma'am.
It can't be helped.
Untalented people will always be
restricted by their lack of skill.
And I suppose that this is the best
you can do with your level of skill.
All right. Good work.
I'll definitely find him!
Please give me
a little bit of time!
A little bit?
A little bit, eh?
In a little bit, he could
be meeting with a reporter.
Or he could be meeting with another
candidate to help their chances
and get a ridiculous
sum of money in exchange.
And yet you're asking me
for a "little bit more time"?
I I apologize, ma'am.
May I say something, Madam?
We definitely won't be
able to catch him.
How are you so sure of that, Chief?
He's someone I trained while I was
commanding the Special Forces.
Even back then, he was not someone
that could be caught by JSS.
So you're saying that JSS isn't
incompetent, and that he's just strong?
It may sound like an excuse,
but this is the truth.
He was unfairly disgraced while in
the Special Forces and was dismissed.
And he used to be
the best fighter at Blackstone
which is another PMC.
Their best fighter?
- By PMC, you mean
- Yes.
I'm referring to private military
companies, which are all over the world.
And he was even the best among
the mercenaries in Iraq too.
Then someone may
extend him an offer and
No, ma'am.
And how can you be
so sure about that?
He's on the run right now.
On the run?
He was kicked out from
Blackstone due to what he did.
And Interpol has a warrant
out for his arrest too.
There are rumors that
he's joined ISIS too.
But I only realized that he was in Korea
after seeing the CCTV footage yesterday.
All right, that's enough.
So what this all means is that
JSS can't take care of this.
N-no, ma'am! There's not a man in this
world who can't be killed by a gun!
I'll get him with my own hands
Can you find out where he is
at the very least, President Park?
Oh, I'll definitely find him, and
- Chief Kim.
- Yes, Madam?
When you get the location from President
Park, take care of this yourself.
Yes, Madam.
Madam. Please give
us just one chance.
It'd be too much of a waste
to just let him go.
If we can just get him on our side
- Chief.
- Yes?
Why don't you just worry about
protecting the assemblyman?
I was quite disappointed
in you yesterday.
I apologize.
The assemblyman will
be here shortly.
- Yes.
- All right.
Please leave now.
Get some rest, then. Yes.
Oh dear.
Why the long faces?
Did you get yelled at
so early in the morning?
Why? Was it because of me?
Um, not at all, sir.
I don't think that
you're telling the truth.
Get those sad looks off your faces!
This isn't the first time.
What an impudent man.
We're supposedly married
and are working together, so
shouldn't he say sorry
to me at the very least?
Do you still
feel disappointed when
things like this happen?
That banner hanger is supposedly
dangerous, so be careful.
Do not worry, Madam.
- And
- What now?
There's been
a small issue with Anna.
I thought that they
caught her last night.
Yes, but something of
concern happened last night.
What happened?
What is this?
It seems that she was seen while
running and had her photo taken.
- Then, you
- However
the person who put this photo
online is Jean-Paul Lafelt, so
Jean-Paul Lafelt?
You mean the designer Paul Lafelt?
Furthermore, many netizens have already
seen this photo on his social media
and many of them are
attempting to identify her.
Do not worry, Madam.
I'll do whatever it takes to prevent this
from making international news.
What now?
I'm hearing noises again!
Why are all of you like this nowadays?
I apologize, Madam.
How are you planning to stop this?
If Paul Lafelt finds her
reporters and the paparazzi will make
sure that all of Europe knows her
and everyone will
be looking for her!
I think we should just
take this chance and
cover it up through an accident
Are you out of your mind?
Anna is the only thing I can use
to control Jang Se Joon.
Jang Se Joon won't stand for it
if anything happens to Anna!
I won't be able to
control him anymore!
I apologize.
Yeah. It'd be best to keep
a closer watch on her.
Bring Anna here immediately.
However, if she comes here,
your mental health, which is
The presidential nominations
are just around the corner!
This is no time to be worrying about
my damn mental health!
Get it done immediately.
Yes, Madam.
They look alike.
What's my schedule for today?
Yes, sir.
In the morning, you're meeting
with the National Parents Association.
You'll have lunch at
the historical market.
You're going to the press center for
your press conference in the afternoon.
You'll be having dinner with
the youth group in Yeouido.
- And then
- Ugh.
You'll kill me at this rate.
Well, you have to go
to all of these, sir.
All right, all right.
Chief Jo.
Yes, Assemblyman?
Do you have cigarettes?
Let's stop at a quiet spot.
Yes, sir.
Man, I wonder where our assemblyman
is off causing trouble this time.
It's safe in this car, Assemblyman.
And this fellow is
a trustworthy person.
You can speak comfortably
What, did I get backstabbed that time
because I wasn't trustworthy then?
- Secretary Song.
- Yes, sir?
Go out and have
a smoke or something.
Um, yes, sir.
I understand.
You know why he's so
temperamental, right?
Oh, yes, sir.
How's Anna?
We got her back safely.
I know that too.
Young Miss is the same as ever.
She still has social phobia.
It'd be good if you
were to see her
You know that I can't
do that right now.
I'm pathetic, aren't I?
And I'm supposed to be her dad.
Chief Jo.
Yes, sir?
You're Choi Yoo Jin's man,
through and through.
But I'm the one who will
become president.
Of course, sir.
And I'm considering appointing you to be
the head of security at the Blue House.
So until that happens, the person
whom I can entrust Anna with
is only you.
I may be a pathetic
and worthless person
and I know just how
much that child hates me.
But still, she's the only reason
why I was forced to obey Choi
Yoo Jin's every whim all these years.
So go to that woman
and tell her this.
That, if the hostage dies, so does
the person holding them hostage.
If anything happens to that child
everything that Choi Yoo Jin has worked
toward will crumble before her.
I'll be sure to do that, sir.
And I'll protect Anna
no matter what.
Thank you.
Man, now the car is
acting up on me too?
Damn it all!
If you can't do anything,
just leave it be.
And if you don't know how to
fix it, be on your way!
Why don't you call
your insurance company?
You think I'd be here doing
this if I had insurance?
Then call a tow truck.
If I had money for a tow truck, I
would have taken out an insurance policy!
Hand me some gloves, Mister.
Do you actually know
a thing or two?
Are you sure you're not just
going to make it worse?
As if this car could possibly
break down even more.
Give me the gloves.
Sure. Here.
Hey, your senior is here!
Oh, Senior!
Why didn't you just ask to
see me outside of the office?
You didn't need to come
all the way here.
It's because we're both busy people!
Oh yeah, here.
Take a look.
This here is a really bad guy
and I have to catch him.
But I have no idea where he ran off to!
Oh, Senior. Sheesh.
If it's something like this,
you have to report it first
and then get a warrant
and put them on the wanted list!
Want me to call that Chief?
Are you crazy? Why would
I be here if I was going to do that?
Here, look. I'm practically offering you
a free insurance policy right now.
How possible do you think it'll be for
Assemblyman Jang to become president?
Well, I don't know.
He is popular, but is running
as an independent, so
But the one who's high up there
thinks a bit differently.
Candidate Jang Se Joon
will soon shed his status
as an independent.
Then he'll join a party
You have to keep this
a secret, all right?
What percent chance do you
think he has of winning now?
If he's to join a party
with that popularity of his
So it'd be good for you to take out
an insurance policy with me now, right?
How can I be of help?
Here, press down.
Stay still.
Be careful, okay?
All right. Go.
Where's your brush cutter?
- The brush cutter?
- Yes.
What are you planning
to do with that?
I was going to trim that for you a bit.
No need for that!
I don't have money!
I don't need money.
Is that the storage shed?
It should be over there, then.
I told you, stop it!
I'll feed you and you
can sleep over there.
But you better leave tomorrow.
No access yet, sir.
Just wait a little bit.
It'll definitely open up.
Oh, I'm getting a signal!
What are you all doing?
Hurry and find him!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Excuse me.
This guest should eat too.
She said not to wake her
until we arrive.
Oh, I see.
She drank a bit too much last night.
Yes, I understand.
Please enjoy your meal.
Put your clothes on, Anna.
Your father is waiting for you.
What about Dad?
Drink this. It's to make sure
you don't get motion sickness.
What about Dad?
You have to drink this for
your father to come.
Yeah, it's a lie.
Your dad isn't coming anymore.
I'm going to Dad.
Take me to him!
I'm sorry.
This is all we have.
We only eat to survive these days.
It's all right, sir.
I'm sorry for getting
mad at you before.
Oh, I found him!
What? Where?
Here, sir!
- When was that?
- This morning.
But he disappeared after
going into the bathroom.
Looks like he changed his clothing.
Track all of the guys
who came out of here!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
You little punk.
You'll live for a little longer yet.
It's a mine field.
Everyone, get out.
I can't walk!
Hey! Yesterday, he saved my life.
Hey, we're entering
civilian territory.
We have to take a detour.
I cannot walk anymore!
I'm dying of pain!
We can't risk hurting civilians!
I'm a civilian too!
I'm going to pay you double
the amount you get paid here!
Just go.
- No.
- Three times!
Back off.
What about you?
Have a swig.
Today's the 49th death
anniversary of our son.
When you ran into us before,
we were on our way back from the temple.
Fruit trees are just like children.
They've become like this in such a short
time because nobody looked after them.
I'm going to get rid of all of them.
Nobody's claimed them,
so I'll set them all ablaze!
Listen here.
Could you clear these trees out for me?
Do you really want that?
Of course I do!
Get rid of all of them!
It's a bit hard to do on my own.
I understand.
Oh, I feel like a burden
has been lifted off my chest!
Then please do this
for me tomorrow.
I'll give you cash
for your trouble.
Oh, what a relief.
I feel great!
All right, all right!
Let's get this done!
Yeah! Yeah!
All right!
We definitely have to catch him!
Don't fall asleep!
All right, eyes wide open!
Keep going!
Clear that entire field.
Sir! Sir!
We've found him.
You found him?
If you want to stay longer, you can.
If you really mean that,
I might actually stay.
- Right?
- Yeah.
This belonged to our dead son.
If it's not too insulting to you,
you can wear this while you work.
Wow, it looks like it's just my size!
Thank you.
Do you have another blade?
- I don't think so.
- I'll go and buy one, then.
- Does she have any
- No, no. She just got too drunk.
Please let me know if
you need any assistance.
Hey, what are you doing?
Let me ask you one more time, then.
Where is this guy?
I don't know! I told you,
he left this morning!
All right, then.
It can't be helped if you don't know.
Hey, what are you doing? Huh?
No! No! Stop it!
No! Stop it!
No! No!
No! No! No!
Hey. Who sent you?
If I tell you that,
I'll die too.
That's what everyone tells me.
It's nothing personal.
I'm just doing this to make a living.
We're pros, after all.
Sorry, it's nothing personal.
I'm just doing this
to make a living too.
You and I are both pros, so
so I'm sure you understand.
Even if it's not by my hand,
you'll soon be killed.
It's been like that for
a long time already.
But you know, you bastard
it's fine that you tried to kill me.
But I really
don't get why you'd do that
to that old couple.
What are you talking about?
Are you implying that I tried to kill
those old fogies for shits and giggles?
From this point onward, all the
people who help you hide will die.
That's the command
that I received.
Those people will eventually
die because of you.
You can tell me who
sent you right now
or you can tell me in
10 minutes. I don't care.
I really don't like it
when people are loud, though.
All right, I'll get started, then.
Who was it?
Have you eaten?
You're an adult now.
You're pretty, just like your mother.
Who? Me?
This is no way to talk to someone
who's taken care of you all this time
despite your erratic behavior.
Think about what you did to
an ignorant nine-year-old.
Were you disappointed?
Oh, so you were.
Oh well. You must
come to terms with it.
I did it all for you
and your father's sake, after all.
I remember everything.
Mom didn't commit suicide.
That's why
you should've just become a nun.
Yes. I don't think
you'll be able to eat.
What a shame.
I wanted to see you eat.
I even put my all into
making that food for you.
I don't think she has much of
an appetite. Send her upstairs.
Yes, Madam.
Oh my goodness!
How about making some
noise when you walk?
Wow, you're more handsome
than I'd thought.
You're that banner hanger, right?
I imagined you to be someone
with more of a rough face.
You walked right in?
How brave of you.
I didn't know that you'd
really appear before me.
I'm here to give you a warning.
Leave me and the people
around me alone.
And what if I don't?
If you don't, I'll come and find you,
no matter where you may be.
I'll end our first encounter
with just this warning
but if I ever come see
you a second time, you will die.
It's just as Chief Jo said.
What did he say again?
"Attack the originator."
I heard that you're trained to attack
the one who ordered the attack on you
if you get attacked.
After finding out about that
it became quite easy to catch you.
Sorry. You were just in
the wrong place at the wrong time
and saw something
that you shouldn't have.
So there's nothing else that I can do.
Is this your own way of loving
the husband who cheated on you?
Love, huh?
How simple.
To think that you believe
that I could love that man.
I envy your naïveté.
That's why
there's one thing
that I'm curious about.
Why did you come here?
I never understood the logic behind going
to attack the one who ordered the hit.
You're on the run anyway, so you
could've lived on the run forever.
I can't let
innocent bystanders die.
Innocent bystanders?
Are you talking about those
people from that orchard?
Didn't you just meet them yesterday?
And yet you fell into this
trap just because of them?
Are you serious?
That's your reason?
I'm sure you people
aren't aware
since you've lost that part
of yourself a long time ago.
But people who've been
at war for too long
eventually forget why
they fight altogether.
What a shame.
You seem like
such a decent guy.
If we'd met at a good time
under good circumstances
we could've been friends.
Leave those people alone.
Do the people from the orchard
really know nothing about you?
No, they don't.
For some reason, I feel like
I can trust your words.
Fine, I'll believe you.
But I don't think I'll be
able to let those people live.
Stop right there!
This isn't a toy.
Risking my destiny on
the veracity of your claims
isn't something that
I'm willing to do.
You'll soon regret this.
That's why you never
should've warned me.
Because we'll never meet again.
Take him away.
And don't make it hurt too much.
Oh, you two must be working quite hard!
Hello. What brings you here?
Well, someone stole a delivery
man's motorcycle and ran off!
But someone said that they saw
that motorcycle come this way!
- This way?
- Yeah!
That must be a mistake.
I know, right? Exactly!
If that thief came this way,
he must be stupidly reckless!
Entering this area is like entering
the mouth of a tiger, after all!
Oh, I think it's that one!
Just a second.
Give me the license plate
of that motorcycle.
Yes, 3812.
No, no!
38, and then 12!
Really? That's a match?
Oh my.
This is the stolen motorcycle.
I told you.
Is something going on?
What could possibly be going on?
I'm telling you, there's
something going on here!
Hey, there's a mouse in the house.
Everyone come and get it!
There's a mouse in the house?
That's terrible.
Please be on your way now.
What? Go? Where?
I have to maintain
the scene of the crime here!
If we found the missing motorcycle,
we have to restrict the area
and get fingerprints off
the thing to catch the crook!
Your era is over! Things aren't
like they used to be, you know!
As the first person to have found it,
I have to maintain the crime scene!
That's how
Oh my!
There's definitely
something going on in there!
Looks like you're going to destroy the
whole house because of one mouse!
All right. I'll head there now.
This is that second encounter
that I was telling you about.
Shoot her.
Shoot her!
Shoot her!
Please, help me!
Save me!
Save me!
Shoot her!
Shoot her!
Someone who has to maintain the
façade of being your wife from now on
should do at least this much, right?
I will be victorious in
this fight, everyone!
Don't touch the people around me.
It'd be dangerous
to go home now.
The brakes don't work!
So there were other people
hoping for your death, huh?
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