The K2 (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
This is that second encounter
that I was telling you about.
Shoot her.
Shoot her.
Shoot her!
Please, help me.
Please, save me!
Please, help me!
Shoot her!
Shoot her!
I'm telling you, shoot her!
Shoot her!
Shoot her, damn it!
Kill her!
Kill her!
Shoot her!
Kill her!
Kill her!
Shoot her!
Shoot! Shoot!
Kill her! Kill her!
Kill her! Kill her!
Shoot her!
It seems that
there's someone else wanting
you dead, besides just me.
Put your guns down.
Guns down!
Madam is in danger!
All of you, get out.
And get a car ready for me outside.
Just do as he says.
Get Madam's car ready.
Did you come back here to kill me?
But you know, you'll never
get out of here alive if you kill me.
How about you stop voicing your
unsolicited concerns for others
and worry about
your own well-being first?
The only way you have
any chance of surviving now
is if you stop this now
and beg me to spare you.
My finger has pulled
the trigger about halfway.
this small gun packs
quite a punch.
Got it.
Turn the car around.
Let's head back to the house.
And step on it!
What's going on?
Madam has been taken hostage.
Stop the car right up there.
You have a cigarette, right?
What are you doing?
I just emailed something.
It's a video that recorded everything you
said and everything that's happened.
I sent it to the press,
the prosecutors, and
the Blue House.
Don't hate me too much.
I've set it up so that
it'll be sent in 24 hours.
Leave me and the people
around me alone.
Do you think that there won't be someone
else to send this email even if I die?
So all you people need to do
is to pray that I get through each
and every day alive, no matter what.
- No.
- No!
You. Go outside and take care
of the situation out there.
If one of your men does something
stupid, like trying to kill me
you'll be in big trouble.
Chief Joo. Aren't you supposed to
protect me from danger?
- Yes, sir.
- But
it's dangerous right now.
Isn't that right?
I'm trying to keep my promise
to you right now, Assemblyman.
A promise?
Anna is at the house
right now, sir.
What are you doing?
Floor it!
Oh, Madam!
Yes. Thank you for
all your hard work.
Oh, not at all!
I wonder why that motorcycle ended
up on this peaceful block, though!
Wait. Madam is actually driving herself?
Hurry up. Hurry!
Looks like I underestimated
you way too much.
You really didn't
think things through.
I had no interest in your husband's
illegitimate daughter before.
And I had no interest in what
you were interested in, at all.
Fine. I'll acknowledge my mistake.
Let's start the negotiations, then.
Name your price.
Oh, so you want me to sell you
the login info to that email address.
There's no such thing as a
priceless thing in this world, after all.
Well, the price of accessing the email
is probably similar to that of my life.
Does that mean that I'll die, then?
Go ahead and name a price.
I'll give you double of that.
how much are you worth?
If I told your husband that I'd only sell
either you or access to the account
which would your husband
choose, I wonder?
Would he give up political power
and choose you? Or
would he sell you out
for political power?
What, are you not confident
that he'd choose you?
Does that mean that you're worth
less than the email access, then?
Looks like your subordinates
aren't good at obeying orders.
Team Leader Lee!
I apologize, sir.
I failed Madam.
Why, you
what about Anna?
Young Miss is safe.
Move out!
Shall I call Miss Anna for you, sir?
No. It's fine.
I need to get some rest.
I'm tired.
Yes, sir.
Why don't you slow
down a little? Okay?
I'm not the one who
sped up the car!
The car is acting strange!
The brakes won't work!
Looks like someone's
hacking your car.
So there were even more
people wanting you dead, huh?
What? Who?
Those guys.
Who are those people?
"Those people"?
There's a motorcycle
next to Madam's car.
A motorcycle?
It's no use.
The glass is bulletproof!
There's a crosswalk.
A crosswalk!
There's no time. Hurry and move
to the passenger's seat! Now!
She's driving too fast.
There's something off about this.
They've noticed us.
Speed up and tail them!
You can't lose them, no matter what.
They're changing drivers!
What? Madam and the hostage taker?
- The motorcycle is still following them?
- Yes, sir.
What's going on?
What do you mean?
They're probably on the same side!
If this was a part of their plan,
they wouldn't have done that.
There's a curve right up ahead.
A perfect spot to fake an accident.
What are you doing?
I can't lower my speed,
but I can raise it.
Are you crazy?
Why are you speeding up?
Their remote only works if
they're within 20 meters of us.
That's why they're
tailing us so closely.
We have to get more than
20 meters away from them
to break free from
their remote's control.
Madam's car is
speeding up even more!
What should we do?
What else, damn it?
After them! Hurry!
You can't lose them, no matter what!
They're speeding up?
That steep curve is
coming up, though.
Keep pressing the window-down
button until it works.
You can't lose them!
Floor it!
We'll lose them at this rate!
Go faster! Faster!
Yes, ma'am.
That's good.
Be careful.
C-Chief! A gun went off
from inside the car!
Was the gunfire
directed at Madam?
No, sir. They were
shooting outside of the car.
Madam is safe.
Outside the window
outside the window.
The motorcycle.
Take care of it! Now!
Looks like your men
have finally caught on.
They're a bit late, though.
Kill them.
What's going on here?
What happened?
Hey. Hey!
Hey, wake up. Hey!
Hey, wake up!
Are you all right?
What what about Madam?
It's too late, Chief.
What are you doing?
Hurry up and save Madam!
You can't get any closer!
You'll be in danger
if you get any closer.
- Let go. Get out of my way!
- No!
- Let go of me!
- You can't, Chief!
- Madam.
- Madam!
He's alive.
What should we do?
Take him to the infirmary.
And have drugs
on hand to knock him out.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, Madam.
To the hospital.
Yes, Madam. We will soon
take you to the hospital.
No, not me. Him.
Take him to the hospital.
We can't
let that man die,
no matter what.
Yes, Madam.
We're well aware of that.
No you don't know.
Do you think that the sunset is even
more beautiful in heaven than it is here?
Do you really think that
such a place really exists?
Heaven is a place
that has no wars.
So in that way, Korea must
be like heaven, too.
It could seem like heaven to some.
But to others, it could
be the exact opposite of that.
Oh, also, there's 2NE1 in Korea!
That's why it's heaven!
Who's the best?
What? Did I get it wrong again?
No. Well, if your Korean is this good
even if you've never been there before
you're pretty much a genius, Naniya.
I was the best at Korean
in my department.
Wow, you're good.
- Naniya.
- Yeah?
Um, so
to tell you the truth
I think I'll have to go
back to Korea.
I can't
ever work here anymore.
I know.
That you can't do
anything about that.
Then when are you
going to Korea--
Do you want to come with me?
I mean, um, if we're to be wed,
you can get a passport too, Naniya.
B-be wed?
Um well, that means
well, um
that means um
g-getting married.
Well, um, it was way too hard to try
and get a ring in this neighborhood.
So for now, this is
all I could get you.
Um, don't misunderstand.
It'll just be so you can get the papers.
I just want to get you out of here.
What's the matter?
Why are you crying
all of the sudden?
Hey, what am I
Well, um, if we go to Korea together
and you really hate being with me
it's fine if you go
somewhere else
Let's get married!
Don't you dare get any funny ideas.
Um, don't, please.
Hey, I told you!
We're the cops!
And I told you, I know.
You must be kidding me.
Hey, everyone is in
an uproar right now!
It's crazy right now!
And the person in here is the biggest
victim and most important witness!
You're obstructing justice right now!
I don't give a damn about that.
And as for this person,
he needs to have complete bed rest.
That's what the doctor told us.
But if you still want to go in,
bring a warrant.
Got that?
This ass.
Who the hell
are you punks?
Tell the head of security
to come here.
If you want to go meet him,
go to him yourself.
We have nothing to do with that.
Geez. I'm so pissed that
I can't even do my job properly.
- Let's go.
- Um, what?
Sir! Sir!
- How could you just leave like that?
- What? They're right.
- Let's do things by the law.
- But still
Who the hell are those guys, anyway?
JSS Security.
Oh, so they're a security company?
Then we outrank them!
- Those impudent assholes--
- Hey, hey, hey! Get back here!
Just get back here, punk.
Hey. The CEO of that company is close
with the director of the police force
and he's really close with the
director at the Prosecutor's Office, too!
- The director?
- You're so ignorant.
They're not your run-of-the mill guys
who do security work for celebrities.
You don't even know and--
wait, how do we get out?
Um, sir!
Yes. What you're seeing here is footage
from last night of Madame Choi Yoo Jin
Assemblyman Jang's wife, arriving
at the hospital via an ambulance.
What do you think of this
incident, Assemblyman Kim?
Well, this is clearly
an act of terror.
Korea, which is a very well-developed
country among the OECD nations
has had such a terrible and
uncivilized terrorist attack occur. How?
It truly is a shame.
But, um, isn't it hard to say for certain
that this was an act of political terror?
I mean, isn't this evidence
more than enough to prove it?
Just think about it.
The mere fact that they used a hacking
tool to try and make an accident happen
and thus perform this act of terrorism
means that this is no mere petty crime.
- Yes, so what I'm saying is--
- Yes, that's true.
However, they must finish
investigating the dead perpetrators
to know all of this for
sure, don't you think?
Oh, yes.
That's true, of course, but
can't you say that, with all crimes, the
person or group who has the most to gain
from the incident should
be the prime suspect?
Um, Assemblyman Kim?
Um, it does seem that way a bit, yes.
That may be the case, but what
you're saying now has the potential
to be construed as quite
a dangerous comment, don't you think?
Well, um, what I'm trying
to say here is
I'm just saying this
is a possibility.
I never said that Assemblyman
Jang Se Joon's political opponent did it.
Wow, what a funny fellow.
He's pretty much accusing Park Kwan Soo
of being behind this outright. Right?
Did you tell him to
do that, Chief Kim?
No, he's doing this
of his own will.
When he's done with the news, call
him and praise him for his good work.
And tell him I'll see him
once I've been discharged.
You needn't do so
much for him, Madam.
Considering how we
usually handle things
it's only natural that he should be
doing this without being told to.
Did you have a restful sleep?
Yes, all thanks to you.
Thank you.
Oh, no need to say that, Madam!
We're just so honored that you
chose our hospital to stay at.
Please feel free to call on us anytime.
We'll come running!
Oh, yes. How's the man who was
brought here alongside me doing?
Oh, you mean your bodyguard?
Yes, the bodyguard.
He has a fracture on his left
thumb, which we put a cast on
and he broke a couple of things, but
the CT scans show that he'll be fine.
He has such a sturdy body,
so he'll be just fine.
I see.
That's a relief.
That bodyguard has
been trained quite well, it seems.
If you'd received the brunt
of the injuries like he had
it would've been quite terrible.
Do you think he'll be
awake by this evening?
Yes, of course.
He'll be up shortly.
I'll be on my way now, then.
If there's anything you need,
please call me here anytime.
Yes, I will.
About that so-called guard
things will get complicated if he wakes
up and says weird things, won't they?
I'm going to use him
as my real bodyguard.
You think he'll
agree to that?
Agree to it?
Who knows?
Is that really so important?
It's best to keep someone I need
to be most wary of closest by my side.
Just like Anna?
You can't keep Anna by your side.
Hey, Mr. Kim.
Have you been well?
Why are you so shocked?
Stop frowning, my friend.
What's with all this?
- Chief!
- It's fine.
These kinds of bindings would
be useless against him, anyway.
Also, go outside.
What are you doing? Leave.
So the chase, and that trap
you were the one behind
it all along, Lieutenant.
Hey, I left the army
as a colonel, you know!
And I was forced to leave
as a private.
I'm sorry. I had no power back then.
It wasn't power you lacked. It was just
that you had no reason to help me.
You need power to make your
will become reality, it seems.
Big Sis!
Who the hell did this to you?
Are you okay?
Can you knock when you're entering
my room next time? Have some class.
Oh, my bad.
So you are here too,
Older Brother-in-Law.
Have you been well,
Chairman Choi?
It's the same-old with me, of course.
But are you okay,
Big Sis?
Park Kwan Soo is the one
behind this, right?
- Who knows?
- No. It definitely was him.
He'd be able to do
much worse than that.
Evil bastard!
Oh no, that curse word just slipped out!
How crude of me, really!
Chairman Choi.
If you want to seem like you have
some decorum in front of others
you should use formal speech
with me, don't you think?
I told you I don't want
to do that, Big Sis!
It feels weird as if we're
not close! No, I can't do that.
But we're not exactly
that close, either.
Assemblyman? It's time for the news.
The cameras are all here, too.
Oh, really?
All right, then. Enjoy your time
together. I know it's been a while.
I'll get going now.
Don't make any mistakes,
Older Brother-in-Law.
Good luck.
Come over here for a second.
What is it?
You have to look this disheveled,
at least, to play the role
of the husband who was by
his ailing wife's side all night.
You really are like a great
housewife and a wise mother.
Oh, I'll take out that "wise mother"
part since you have no children.
All of you, step back a bit.
How is Madam
right now, Assemblyman Jang?
Who do you think was
the one behind this?
Do you think it may be
someone close to you?
Don't be like that, sir. Please say
something for us regarding how you feel.
How I feel?
How do you think I must
feel when I've been
watching over my wife all night
when she almost
died because of me?
All she knows how to do is
to look after others.
And yet, she was so
gravely injured
and she had to take painkillers
and sleeping aids all night to cope.
And all the while,
all I could do was watch.
I'm such a terrible husband.
What kind of comment
do you want from me?
Wow, he's putting on an act
on live TV?
- Wow.
- My wife gave up everything for me.
She gave up her position
as an heir to a conglomerate
and all the privileges
that came with it.
She's only known hardship
as a poor politician's wife.
I was quite a wicked man in my youth.
I got involved in many
political protests
and slept on the cold floor of the
detention center at the police station.
I've been making things hard
for her since then.
I, who had much rage toward the world
and began walking on the wrong path
could not reach out and grab the
hand that she'd extended toward me.
It was because she was so brave
that I had such doubts about her
just because she was from a rich family.
However, my wife
was quite a brave woman.
She threw away
everything she had
and loved me,
who had nothing.
Wow. He should totally
become an actor!
It totally feels as if he means it!
Because that much was true.
I, who couldn't even
protect my kind wife
I, who had a hard time
coping with myself
will such a person as myself be able to
withstand the weight of a position that
beckons me to take on the sadness and
pain of the 50 million citizens of Korea?
No, before that
could I ask my wife
who is still bedridden
and shedding fearful tears in secret
that I want her to continue walking
alongside me, on this bitter path?
As of this moment, I will
stop all my political activities
regarding the presidential race.
Does this mean that you'll be dropping
out the presidential race as of now?
You can't!
- You must not give up now, sir!
- That's right!
In exchange, I'd like
to begin a new fight!
Those opposing me with terrible
tactics by using terrorism and violence!
Those attacking our wives
and daughters on this innocent land
and the forces of terror who
seek to trample upon the weak.
I will face and fight them, head-on.
As a politician, using all the power at
my disposal to fight the forces of evil
is even more important
than becoming president.
This is something that is possible
to do even if I am not president.
- Jang Se Joon!
- Jang Se Joon!
This is something that I can do
even if I am not a politician!
- Jang Se Joon!
- Jang Se Joon!
This is something that
all of us can do!
I will be on the side of all of you!
I will stand by all of you
and win this fight, everyone!
- President Jang Se Joon!
- President Jang Se Joon!
- President Jang Se Joon!
- President Jang Se Joon!
He really is something else.
Looks like he still has feelings,
even though he has no morals left.
This is quite a shocking
announcement, don't you think?
What do you think of this, Assemblyman?
It truly is shocking, yes.
To think that he's giving up on the
presidential race for his wife wow.
This is a bit ambiguous,
but we can consider this to be
his official announcement
that he's dropping out, right?
What are you saying?
This is Assemblyman Jang Se Joon's
declaration of war
against the violence
and corruption in our society!
- Um, yes.
- So
why would a person like that drop
out of the race due to violence?
That would mean that he's submitting
against the pressure of violence!
What those terrorists want--
Um, excuse me.
What those terrorists want is
exactly that! That's what I'm saying!
We cannot bow down due to the pressure
from these terrorists, no matter what.
Oh, um, I see.
Furthermore, if Candidate Jang's
wife is watching this right now
there is something that I must tell her.
And what is that?
Please, have strength!
And please, return Candidate Jang Se Joon
to us, since he's our nation's father!
I ask you this
on behalf of all of Korea.
Um, yes. We'll be taking
a short commercial break.
Hey, come on.
Aren't you coming off too strong?
No, no. I can do at least this much.
Let's feature the election today.
Just wait and see.
- President Jang Se Joon!
- President Jang Se Joon!
How ridiculous.
Get the car ready.
Where are you going, sir?
They say that she's sick,
so I should go and pay her a visit.
Get me my clothes.
Um, yes, sir.
Jang Se Joon. Geez.
Here. A gift.
What's this?
[Citizen ID Card: Kim Je Ha]
Kim Je Ha?
What, are you planning to
use me or something?
Just think of yourself as
a loyal citizen of our country.
Don't worry.
This ID is real.
He's someone who went abroad and went
missing. There won't be any problems.
And I've registered everything under
your real name under this name, too.
In exchange, don't try to
make a passport with that ID.
There are issues abroad
that we haven't figured out yet.
Wow, Big Sis.
At this rate, you'll really
become the First Lady.
Take care of yourself then,
Big Sis. I'm off.
Oh yeah. Is the company not doing
well financially these days?
Why do I keep hearing about your
company's funds here and there?
Oh, that? Well, people always
have their eyes on me.
I can't just withdraw lots of money.
Wait just a bit. Your share is traveling
overseas, so it'll take a bit of time.
- Really, now?
- Of course!
I just thought it might be because
you didn't want to let go of that money.
Of course not! I'll get paid back ten-
fold if you become First Lady, after all.
What, you weren't planning
to help me out? Hmm?
Bye now!
Hello, Assemblyman!
Oh! Hey, what's with this?
Why are you all armed?
What, are you planning
to take me away or something?
Of course not, sir.
Our higher-ups commanded that we stand
guard due to what happened yesterday.
How unnecessary.
Sir, will you be all right?
Your opponent is watching for a chance.
Don't go around
fabricating stories, okay?
- Is this live right now?
- No, sir.
- Oh. You're sure about that, right?
- Yes.
There are rumors that say that you were
the one behind that terrorist attack.
Hey, I'd like to be on the receiving
end of such terrorist acts myself.
My approval rate will skyrocket, and I'll
be able to relax here for a few days.
Does that mean that you see this as
a machination on Assemblyman Jang's end?
Hey, now, there you go again.
Stop making up tall tales here!
That's a bad habit, you know!
What, am I not funny?
What kind of conversation will you
have with Assemblyman Jang?
No, no. I'm just here to
visit his injured wife.
This is really quite a terrible thing.
It shouldn't have happened. Oh, no.
See you all later, okay?
No more of this.
You must be quite worried.
How could something
like this have happened?
Well, then.
A bodyguard?
You used to do that back
in Iraq too, didn't you?
You're lucky, getting offered a job with
benefits when unemployment is so high.
You get paid based on skill, too,
so you'll be making quite a lot of money.
You know, I'm not going to pledge
my loyalty to anyone anymore.
To any country
or to any organization.
Loyalty? What's that?
Give that to the dogs, for all I care.
I'm not loyal to anyone,
per se, either.
All we need to do
is earn our keep.
How much money are you getting
to do this kind of job, then, sir?
You know as well as I do that you'll
just get used and then discarded.
We just have to make
sure to discard them first.
Yes. You've changed quite a bit.
The world is what really changed.
The JSS that I'm in charge of is
no ordinary security company.
If you were to compare
it to the military
we're the biggest data center.
Behind the facade, we have access to
JB Group's deepest and darkest secrets
and on the outside, we collect
and monitor the data networks
regarding politics, finance,
and the media regarding this country.
These people are no joke.
They'll definitely win the presidency.
And if that happens,
you could be executed.
You know, I'm tired
of being a runaway.
And I'm useless now.
Why? Is it because you
can't kill people anymore?
I got your diagnosis from
Blackstone this morning.
Don't worry. I destroyed it after reading
it, and I'm the only one who saw it.
After seeing that the men who
we'd sent after you were alive
I thought that there was
something peculiar going on.
If you knew that much, why are you
so intent on getting me to work for you?
Hey, you.
Do you think that a bodyguard
is a cold-blooded killing machine?
You, who was the strongest soldier
on battlefields and has such keen senses
are now the ultimate defender
who can parry any opponent's blow.
And now, you are no longer
able to bite your master.
That's the number one trait
to have as a bodyguard.
I'd like it if you could remember
that I still have that email.
Mr. Kim.
Let's go to the Blue House together.
If we do, we can get revenge
on the bastards who did this to us.
The Blue House?
"Those bastards"?
You know
I told myself that I'd never come
to this godforsaken country.
And now I remember the reason
why I spat at Incheon Airport
and swore to never return!
You know that?
And as for getting revenge on people,
that's a huge pain in the ass.
Just stay at JSS
until the presidential election.
If you do that, we'll benefit each other,
and you won't have a reason to flee.
I came back here
because I was worn out.
It's been quite a while since I've lost
interest in what happens in this world.
If nobody touches me,
nobody will get hurt.
I'll erase the contents of that email
once the presidential election is over.
Hey, Mr. Kim.
Hey, Mr. Kim!
Well, how are you feeling?
It's all thanks to you, who's
apparently concerned about me.
[Get well soon!
From President Kim Jung Hoon]
It was an honor to have the head of
the State Affairs Committee visit me.
The head of the State Affairs Committee?
Oh, come now. The Chief Secretary
should've come himself.
No. I'm sure they're busy
with state affairs anyway.
Oh, of course not! I'm sure that they've
had your cheonggukjang often too.
That's not right.
Really. How uncouth.
Someone of such a high rank
wouldn't bother with people like us.
- Is that right?
- Of course.
Oh, speaking of which. You often had
cheonggukjang at our place, didn't you?
When my father
was still alive, that is.
We don't eat cheonggukjang
that often nowadays.
Because it reeks.
Oh, I see!
How funny.
Your late father was
quite an insightful man
judging from the fact that
he prepared for the future
by choosing that young
chairman to be his successor.
At any rate, I hope you
get better soon.
I'll get going now, then,
since I'm busy.
Thank you. I'm afraid I won't be able
to see you out, though, due to my state.
Oh, don't you worry about that.
What a frustrating woman. Really.
This is Mr. Kim Je Ha, who will
be working on our VIP Team.
Nobody will come as long as that
scary Madam has her eyes wide open.
It's not that Dad isn't coming.
He can't come because of that woman.
There are a lot of cameras, so how about
you wave to them before you go?
You're supposed to just put hunting
dogs in a pack full of them!
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