The K2 (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
Are you all right?
Excuse me!
Oh my.
There's tons of sick people here.
Are you all right?
Who is that man?
That man.
You mean the guy with
white hair from before?
Are you kidding me right now?
[Episode 4]
Yes, Team Leader.
He just spoke with Chief Joo.
I don't think
his health is too good.
Who? You mean the guy with
white hair from before?
Are you pulling my leg?
That man is
Assemblyman Park Kwan Soo.
He wields the most power among
all the presidential candidates.
But I'm sure that he's the one who
ordered the hit against you and Madam.
Park Kwan Soo,
you son of a bitch!
How old will your son
be this year again?
32, sir.
Oh yes, that's right.
When I'd just been
elected as assemblyman
came to see you, and sat in
this seat for the very first time
he'd probably just entered
elementary school, right?
Yes, sir, that's right.
Wow. Time sure flies.
I had pitch-black hair back then.
But look at it now.
It's all grey already.
Yes, that's right, sir.
Um, but sir.
It'd be best for you to be shaven
by younger guys who have better eyes.
I'm not as good as I used
to be in my old age.
What are you saying?
Who else could I entrust my face
to with a shaving knife if not you?
Use glasses with
magnifying lenses, then!
You're too kind, sir. There's tons
of barbers around, after all.
You'll have a huge task ahead
of you soon, you know.
Starting from next year, you'll have to
visit me every morning at the Blue House.
Oh, of course I'll come!
You're a regular who's come to
see me for 20 years now, after all.
Surely I can come
and see you for five years!
It'd be an honor.
You'll really come, right?
Yes, sir.
- That's a promise, then!
- Of course, sir.
- Oh, you.
- Can you finish it up now, please?
What? What about your
shave and shampoo?
I have an urgent matter
that came up.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
- That's strange.
- What's wrong? Is something missing?
Did you happen to see a business
card booklet on the floor?
A business card booklet?
Yes. Where did it go?
Oh, here it is.
Wait, kid! Stop!
Wait just a second, sir.
Oh no. You got stuck in there
while you were playing, didn't you?
Serves you right!
Hey, come on, now.
Don't cry.
It'll start moving again soon.
Excuse me!
Just a second!
Let's go this way, Assemblyman.
Oh, okay.
Don't cry, all right? Yeah.
Got it.
Excuse me!
I'd like to ask you
a couple of questions.
I'd like it if you cooperated with me.
Show me your ID, please.
- So it was you.
- Yeah, nice to see you again.
Code blue.
Code blue!
All the men to the lobby area!
Block all the exits!
The man we're chasing is a man
in his thirties wearing a black suit!
Hey, stop right there!
What's this?
Main gate. Main gate!
A proximity-based booby trap
on the revolving door, eh?
That's quite like you.
That was a good plan.
Too bad.
It's only fair that I greet him properly.
Thank you.
This will cause quite a commotion
since someone as valuable as you
is doing such dangerous things.
Are you pushing back the email send
time every day as you should be?
That's why you've been safe
up until now, don't you think?
Mr. Kim Je Ha.
If you shoot someone, does
the bullet kill your enemy?
Or does the gun kill them?
Or is the finger that pulled
the trigger the one that kills them?
I heard you can't
pull the trigger.
Because of your PTSD.
I'll pull the trigger for you instead.
No need for that.
I'll do it myself.
No, you're exposed now.
You can't do this alone anymore,
as you saw from what happened today.
He's not the type to
be killed so easily.
And I'm sure he'll have many more
bodyguards protecting him from now on.
I don't know why you're after
Park Kwan Soo, exactly.
But the enemy of your enemy
is your friend, aren't they?
Let us help you.
And wait for the right time.
When such a time comes
JSS will become your gun.
Become the bullet.
I'll pull the trigger for you.
Looks like we met at the right time,
under the perfect circumstances.
What the hell!
I thought that I'd get a huge bonus
and be promoted as Madam's bodyguard.
They called it a transfer overseas
but I rotted away there for two
years without seeing any action!
And yet here I am,
suffering the same fate!
I'm just so happy that you're back.
You were pretty much
imprisoned over there
among foreigners whom
you can't even speak to!
I'm pretty much
imprisoned right now, too!
What else could you
possibly call this?
- Young Miss will hear.
- Who the hell cares?
She's sleeping right now!
Yeah. I won't be able to get
promoted or date anyone
and I'll die of old age here with
Madam without ever seeing daylight.
- Seriously.
- Just wait a bit longer.
There's only a year left
until the presidential vote.
So when exactly will that
year hurry up and be over?
How come I'm the only one
who has to suffer like this?
How about you clean a little
while making a mess, you punk?
What is this?
What are you going to do if
the assemblyman suddenly drops by?
Hurry, now.
Assemblyman? Her dad?
Why would he come here?
He'll never come.
Well, he could.
She's his daughter, after all.
No way in hell.
Nobody will come as long as that
scary Madam has her eyes wide open.
She'll hear!
I told you, nobody is coming here!
Yeah. It's not that
Dad isn't coming.
It's just that he can't come
because of that woman.
Hey, you businesswoman!
- Me?
- Yeah!
Why are you calling me
a businesswoman?
Because you just took
care of business in there!
Geez, you make me
so boiling mad.
That's no good,
unless you're pasta!
Oh my, what are you even saying?
Hey, wait!
Oh my! Mr. Kim Je Ha!
You came here to get your
cast taken off, didn't you?
- Yes.
- Sit down for just a second.
"Oh my, you're here,
Mr. Kim Je Ha?"
He looks like a damn pretty boy.
How is it?
Is it all right?
Why does it seem like you're a lot
gentler on him than you are on me?
What are you even
still doing here?
Hurry up and get out of here!
It looks like your hand is fine now,
so come to training starting today.
I've been going easy on
you because of your cast
but new hires need to
undergo training. Got that?
Hurry over, all right?
- Grab like this!
- It hurts!
- Stop being a baby!
- It really hurts!
Oh, hey. No need to sit.
Get over here.
Come here.
Have you heard of me before?
It's Song Young Choon.
- Yes, um, Mr. Song
- No, not Song. Young Choon.
Nothing's coming to you?
Um Seo Young Choon.
You imbecile. You've never
heard of Wing Chun?
I'm the true successor
of the famous Wing Chun!
I'm Master Song Young Choon!
No need to make this long-winded.
Come at me.
- Excuse me?
- Attack me!
Who told you to do it like that?
When you're fighting, you need
to get into the proper stance.
You bow, and then begin.
Got that?
All right!
Who trained you?
All right. When your opponent
is standing like this
the center of their balance
is at the front, so
And that's how you dodge that!
Got that? And then, you grab
Oh! All right.
Great job. Good!
And then, when they're
standing like this
All right.
Stop it already.
You saw that?
You saw that, right?
You want to knock them off the
center of their balance, just like this.
Make sure you learn the proper form
and practice all this, all right?
Do you get what I'm saying?
Huh? Do you?
- Mr. Kim Je Ha?
- Huh?
- What do you want?
- Chief Joo has summoned him.
And here I was planning to
properly educate you today, too.
You sure got lucky.
All right, go.
All right. Then
Well, then.
What? What?
I heard you got your cast removed.
Then your probationary period is over.
Go to the VIP place. And you go
with him, Team Leader Seo.
This is too soon, sir.
The members of my team aren't
ready to accept this man
If you're finished,
I'll get going now.
I want to take a shower before I go.
All right. Go on.
The feelings of those who've suffered at
his hands last time have worsened.
- Team Leader Seo.
- Yes, sir?
Do you enjoy hunting?
A hunter got a great
hunting dog from someplace.
So he brought him
home happily, I imagine.
But there were already
tons of hunting dogs at his house.
And they started growling as soon
as they saw the new hunting dog.
So, tell me.
What should the hunter do?
You just throw hunting dogs
among other hunting dogs!
And they'll take care of re-arranging
their hierarchy on their own.
Will he put his tail between
his legs and be bitten to death?
Or will a new leader
for their pack emerge?
You'll see for yourself once you
revisit the dogs the next morning.
Have you been well?
Hey, go away.
Damn it.
Watch the floor.
It's slippery.
I told you, you all need to be careful.
It's slippery.
Hey, let's go!
Oh, Master Seo.
Watch your step.
The floor is slippery
It's Song Young Choon.
Not Seo Young Choon!
Ow, my butt!
I told him it was slippery.
He's so impatient.
Did you find anything?
No, nothing.
I'll be introducing someone new
who will be on the VIP team with us.
Mr. Kim Je Ha.
His alias will be K2.
What's with your faces? Huh?
Did you all chew on some
shit or something?
We failed to protect the VIP.
We all pathetically succumbed
to the power of a single person.
However, this one person
gave us the opportunity
to see what cracks exist
in our security system.
It's something to be
quite thankful about.
Therefore, the research team is using
this valuable opportunity given to us
to analyze the issues inherent
in our security system
to create a new one and ensure
that this never happens again.
As such, we've had no choice but to
change the work schedule.
The details are on the bulletin board
outside, so take a look on your way out.
That's all.
I wish you all luck.
You'll be working where there
won't be a need for any teamwork.
It doesn't really matter to me.
Yeah, hey.
Oh. My. Gosh.
- What?
- Did you hear about Kim Je Ha?
No, why?
He's working the night
shift for Section C.
Section C?
The night shift?
Wow, looks like he has the worst luck.
I feel so bad for him.
How did he end up here?
In other words, he's on
Leader Seo's shit list, just like me.
Yeah, exactly.
I feel so bad for him.
And some girl is the only one
lucky enough to be with him.
Wait, what?
What girl?
You, girl!
Huh? Me?
You're in Section C too!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Awesome! This is freaking awesome!
All right!
You're dead, Kim Je Ha!
Oh my gosh, this is crazy!
Hey, but who are you guys
guarding anyway?
Just someone.
It's classified.
It's obvious. Probably
Candidate Jang's lover, right?
Oh, don't ask me things like that.
Hey, wait. Are you properly dressed?
My clothes?
I'm just wearing comfy clothes.
Ugh. This is why things
don't work out for you.
Je Ha is on his way over
there right now, hon.
What? Je Ha is?
Why are you only telling
me that now?
Kim Je Ha?
Can't you tell me what your
relationship with Park Kwan Soo is?
It'd be better
if you didn't know.
Who's this young lady named Anna?
Assemblyman Jang's daughter,
who he's been hiding.
That means that Madam
isn't her mother then.
That's why she must remain hidden
from the world no matter what.
So in other words,
a shut-in.
Something like that.
There's almost nobody who knows
about this, even at the company.
Thus, the people who know about
this are special exceptions.
Me too, then?
You've been a special
exception from the very start.
She must not be exposed to the world
before the election, no matter what.
And Park Kwan Soo's people really
must not find out about her.
- Hello, Chief.
- Yes, hello.
It must have been hard for you.
It's merely work, sir.
What's with you?
What do you mean, sir?
Oh, say hello.
This is Kim Je Ha.
He'll be the one on
night duty from now on.
You've heard about him, right?
Rumors? No.
Um, why?
That's strange.
You haven't heard the rumors yet?
Remember how Madam
was taken hostage last time?
Wait, no. You were there
back then too.
Oh, that incident!
Yes, I do know about that.
I'm K2, Kim Je Ha.
Hello. I'm J4,
Jang Mi Ran.
Oh hello, Chief!
Oh, I'm no chief.
Say hello to Madam. She's the chief
and has much more experience than I do.
Nice to meet you.
Have a seat.
All right. Shall we get started, then?
All right, then. I'll talk to you
regarding the Section C VIP job
as well as the rules that
come with this assignment.
J4, Jang Mi Ran.
Yes, sir?
Just take a seat.
Now, Madam.
Please explain everything to us.
Young Miss actually has
a severe panic disorder.
Sometimes, flickering lights trigger it.
However, big flashes
of light are terrible for her.
That's why we have the curtains
drawn in the house all the time.
Does she fear the sunlight, then,
kind of like a vampire
She can go out
during the daytime.
But if she faces a strong beam of light
head-on, like sunlight or a camera flash
she can get short-term amnesia.
That's why she almost never
does anything in the daytime.
And she only ever walks around
the house at night, too.
She gets up around
9:00 p.m. every day
and goes to the bathroom at the
end of the hall on the second floor.
She usually spends
an hour in there.
While she's in there, we clean
her room and make her bed
- and we also
- Search her room.
To make sure that she doesn't have
anything dangerous or forbidden.
Young Miss has severe sociophobia
on top of her panic disorder
so she hates meeting outsiders
and hates seeing even us, as well.
I prepare food for her, and she comes
down at night to eat alone.
So we never go upstairs after 10:00
p.m. unless Young Miss calls for us.
She never leaves her
room after that either.
That's so funny.
However, as I'm on duty 24-7,
I come running as soon as I get a call.
Then what does
she do at night?
She watches TV.
Especially the home shopping network.
There won't be much for
you to worry about.
All you have to do is watch the CCTV
cameras in the separate quarters.
Of course, in the case that
the VIP is in danger
you're to enter the main house
and take the proper measures.
And then you're to report
what happened.
I understand.
You're here, sir?
You two know each other, right?
- Please look this way.
- It's nice to see you.
- Please look this way!
- Assemblyman, look here, please!
In conclusion, there are
16 cameras inside and five outside.
Due to privacy reasons
the rooms and the bathrooms
are monitored by thermal cameras.
Therefore, every spot in
the house is monitored.
There is 24-hour surveillance
via these cameras
and the footage is archived
automatically every 24 hours.
The night shift starts at 9:00 p.m.
and lasts until 6:00 a.m. when someone
comes to pick up your shift.
Plus an hour.
So you'll leave at 7:00 a.m.
That's all.
Any questions?
- Naw.
- All right
- "Naw"?
- Yeah.
Did you just use
informal speech with me?
Why, you young little hey!
You fawn-looking-ass-bastard.
I know how old you are, you know!
Also, I have a lot more years at
this company than you do, punk!
- Hey.
- You little
I heard you're from the special forces.
That's what the lieutenant told me.
That's right.
I was in Division 040-151.
What about you?
What about you?
But, um
We're at a company now.
- Senior.
- Yeah.
- Get me a cup of coffee.
- Yes, sir.
We only have instant
coffee mix, though.
- Yeah. Get me that.
- Yes. Do you like it strong, sir?
Yep. Mix me two.
Oh, I'm all right, sir.
I want two for me.
Oh, I see.
- Leave your cigarettes here.
- Yes, sir.
- They're over there.
- Mix me two.
Y-yes, sir.
Did you find anything?
No, I mean what's there to find?
This is all for naught, really.
Yes. It's too bad that you have
to suffer for nothing.
I thought there may be something, but
it looks like I'm leaving empty-handed.
- Nice to meet you.
- My wife.
Oh, hello!
This is my wife.
I'll be seeing you later, then.
- Madam!
- What do you want?
Oh my why aren't you
wearing any pants?
I am, all right? It's just
that you can't see them.
What's for dinner tonight?
Might as well put on a strip
show while you're at it.
All right. Let's see how
far you get this time.
You were putting on
quite a show back in Barcelona
because of that foreigner,
going like this and that.
But then you were just
wearing your sweats
when you were going like this
with him, on the couch!
But the person watching
this time is different!
Come on.
What's for dinner tonight?
Who knows? I don't have
much of an appetite.
How about we get super-fancy
and make some ramen?
Hell yes!
How about speaking with a bit more
class if you ever want to get married?
"Hell yes"?
Come on, now.
What's wrong with saying that?
Everyone says it.
And I'm sure that my
Mr. Je Ha can't even hear me, anyway.
Mr. Je Ha?
Man. Summer's already
over, so why is it so hot?
You just unbuttoned
another button, didn't you?
How did you know?
I can imagine the stupid show you're
putting on even without looking.
I wonder if your Mr. Je Ha is
watching you do this right now.
I bet he's going wild
watching me right now.
Hey, aren't you clocking out?
Huh? Oh, wait.
I wonder who made
such delicious ramen?
It's delicious!
Looks like Assemblyman Jang
is quite popular among the ladies.
It's a relief, really.
Since half the eligible voters are women.
Yes, exactly.
And the world is quite a big place.
And there are tons of beautiful women.
And so, I couldn't
stop laughing!
I'm quite jealous of
Assemblyman Jang.
To think that he has such
an understanding woman as his wife.
Well, he doesn't let his nether regions
make all of his decisions, though, right?
Well, then.
Has your recovery gone smoothly?
Yes. Thanks to you.
Wow, the world is becoming
such a cruel world.
How will you ever be able to ride
a car without being scared again?
Looks like you won't be able to go to
your barber comfortably anymore.
Oh, so you heard?
Yes, I did.
Thankfully, they said that they think
the criminal will be caught soon.
And when we find them, we'll
find out who was really behind it.
Oh, you're here?
I'm sure that the one really behind my
incident will soon be discovered, too.
I even got evidence
from my car, after all.
Have you been well,
Mr. Secretary?
Oh, so you're friendly
with our Ms. Kim here?
She's been working at our
foundation for a while now.
Good work.
You can go now.
The world isn't very nice,
even to pretty women like her.
But how could you
blame her beauty, really?
The ones really at fault are the
snake-like men that crawl on this planet.
She keeps telling me that she wants to
confess to me about something she's done.
Whatever shall I do?
Geez, it's my staff who are the problem!
Always doing unnecessary things!
Oh my.
Yes, it does make me wonder why
there are so many subordinates
who just keep doing
whatever they please nowadays.
Do we have a tie now, then?
Isn't this more like
a cease-fire agreement?
We may get upset with each other, but
we shouldn't physically hurt each other.
I feel like I'm getting
the short end of the stick here.
But I'll accept your offer
of a cease-fire.
You really are quite generous.
Hey, don't go!
Don't go.
Geez, she s-surprised me.
What do you want?
Where are you going?
What is she looking for?
Are you hungry?
There's nothing in there?
Do you need bowls?
Look on your left.
Look up.
What, it's not there, either?
What's she looking for?
What's this?
Oh. Ramen, huh? Geez.
No, that's way too big.
Atta girl.
That's perfect.
All right. Get some water in there.
That's good.
Hey, that's enough.
Hey, that's too much water.
That's too much!
Hey, I'm telling you!
That's too much!
I'm telling you,
that's way too much water!
I guess she really wanted
to have some ramen.
What? The fire?
Why isn't the stove lighting?
Oh, the gas valve is turned off.
The valve.
No, don't look down.
Look up. Up! Look up!
Look on your left!
Your left!
Look up on your left.
10 o'clock.
Like 30 degrees up.
The valve is
Turn the valve.
Why are you looking down
for the valve? Look up!
Hey, wait!
Where are you going?
You're not going to eat your ramen?
All you have to do is turn the valve!
Why are you taking that?
Where are you going?
Don't give up!
Don't go!
Geez, that girl!
Geez, how is it that she
can't find the gas valve?
And just because of that,
she can't eat the ramen?
Come on! All you need to
do is turn the valve!
Seriously! Ugh!
How frustrating.
How is it that a girl doesn't know how
to make ramen of all things?
Geez! How frustrating!
Should I make ramen for her?
Please take a different car back.
Excuse me?
You're going to be heading
out again anyway.
It just makes things
harder for our staff
and that young lady has
been waiting quite a bit.
You don't need to be
so considerate toward me.
All right, then.
See you at the meeting tomorrow.
Get me a car.
There's a lot of cameras here
so how about
waving goodbye before you go?
Shall I, then?
Good work, everyone.
How about a lovey-dovey pose,
Oh, come now. You can't
ask me to do things like that.
This is good, right?
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost
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