The K2 (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
Damn it.
Geez, it was just a cat?
She scared me, damn it.
You can't eat this.
It's too hard.
I told you, no.
I'm hungry too, you know.
Does it taste good?
Looks like your mom
is calling for you.
Go on, now.
[Episode 5]
[Missed Call - K2]
Whoa, he called me this late?
And yet I was dead asleep!
That punk. I wonder why he called.
Oh my gosh.
Why are you like this every day?
What are you doing
all of a sudden?
I said, what are you looking for?
Come out!
Quickly, Madam!
Give me some side dishes!
What are you planning
to do this time?
Good work today.
Hello, J4.
Oh, why don't you
eat with me, J4?
I mean, um,
Ms. Mi Ran.
- It's fine. You eat up, K1.
- All right. I will.
Oh, there's no soup.
Oh, it's nothing.
But, um, what about K2
er, I mean, the person
on the night watch?
Oh, I think he had something
urgent that came up.
He clocked out
and left already.
Oh I see.
I'm sure he must be tired
if he was up all night.
Yes, I know.
It's still pretty hot
outside, right?
I was watching the cameras before,
and you seemed to be hot.
Or do you just have an abnormally
high body temperature?
You know, the summer is over now.
But why is it still so hot?
Why, you little--
You should be watching Young Miss's
monitor! Why were you watching me?
Um, Ms. Mi Ran--
Make sure you wash those
before returning them, K1.
- Oh, that's so good.
- That hit the spot!
What is it that you eat, sir,
that you're so full of energy?
Come on, don't tease me.
There's people listening.
What are you saying, sir?
You even scored two goals today!
Hey, come now.
If I couldn't even get the shots that
you all set up for me on purpose
how will I ever manage
to have kids?
At this rate, you'll become
a father in your old age, sir!
A father in my old age?
Why not have the child's first
birthday party at the Blue House?
It'll be something
to go down in history!
Do you want to get slapped?
All right. Stop teasing this old man
already and cure your hangovers.
We have to hurry and eat,
and then head to the public baths.
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
- All right.
- Good work!
But, hey. Why do you all
look so drained lately?
Geez, look at you all.
Take a case of some Vitamin D
on your way back, all of you.
I've prepared some
for all of you.
Thank you, sir!
- Thank you, sir!
- Thank you, sir!
Take some vitamins
and recharge yourselves! All right?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Please enjoy.
Please have this
and hang in there! Yes!
Please enjoy!
Hey, this is light.
Is this really all?
I'll give you some more next time.
Please enjoy!
Hang in there!
Oh, sir!
Here you are.
Hey, give me just one more.
I can't. I don't
want to lose my job.
Hey, come on!
I'll talk to him later.
Hey, I told you.
I can't.
I'm just a delivery man.
Why, you little
Yeah, just give him one more.
Assemblyman Kim here has a big district,
so he'll put it to good use.
Just give him another.
I love you, sir!
How disgusting.
Get out of here.
- Move!
- Please enjoy!
What a greedy guy.
Oh, yes.
I just received word that
Madame Choi Sun Ja has died.
Choi Sun Ja?
Oh, you mean
Choi Yoo Jin's aunt?
Then, her husband is--
In charge of
that international finance group.
Oh. That's right.
Shall we go, then?
You don't need to make
an in-person appearance there, sir.
Those people aren't
even that wealthy.
I don't want to miss my chance
at watching this spectacle.
Let's go.
Let's go.
It's not like they even invited us,
so why are we going to watch?
Which one do you prefer, ma'am?
They're all the same,
aren't they?
All my clothes look like
funeral attire anyway.
Bring a different dress.
Yes, ma'am.
Do people who don't have
kids all end up like that?
I'm talking about my aunt.
She got married with
such a huge fortune
but she ended up dying a lonely
death at an assisted living facility.
But still, you took good care
of her in her final years.
I only put on a show so that I could
get her JB Group shares.
That's not true.
Please don't speak like that.
You two genuinely
cared for one another.
It's just that we sympathized
with each other, is all.
But I don't even
have a niece like me.
She'll look more like a ghost today
since she can't even put on makeup.
Well, she'll have
to look ghastly
to be of use to me
in this fight.
Where are you off to?
I was actually on my way to see you.
Oh, come with me.
Let's talk on the way.
Huh? Wait, where are you going?
Did you get anything good?
No. I just saw him giving his
cronies some money. That's all.
Don't waste too much of
your energy and wait.
You need to bide your time
when it comes to getting revenge.
Here, put this on.
What's this?
You have to mind your manners
when going to a funeral.
Why are you all here
instead of going inside?
The temple staff are
blocking the entryway.
They said that it was the request
of the family of the deceased.
All outsiders are not to enter.
Only those with invitations are allowed.
And only one driver
and one assistant are allowed.
You're doing well, I presume?
Thank you.
Let's go.
You must be quite happy.
Because my aunt passed away?
Because you're getting
more JB Group shares.
It's true that your aunt's shares
will be given to you, after all.
Who knows if my uncle and his son
will give them up so easily, though?
Oh but that son isn't
blood-related to your aunt.
Sons tend to be
a bit pathetic, after all.
It's just as we'd predicted.
They've set up
a tight security perimeter.
The VIP is here.
What is it?
You may have to leave.
The staff here are not
letting our men enter.
And they have security guards from the
international finance groups in there.
What's this, now?
Are you all shooting
a gangster movie or something?
They think that this is an effective
form of psychological warfare?
How immature.
- Let's go in.
- Madam.
You have to consider what
could possibly happen to you.
Like what?
If an attack occurs in there,
it may be hard for me to reach you.
It's not like they'll try to kill me when
I have an assemblyman next to me.
I said, let's go.
Let's do this, then.
We'll escort you, then.
May she rest in peace.
It's because I didn't take care of her
that she passed away.
You're here, Madam?
Let us go together, then.
Where are you going?
There's been a call for
you from your house.
My house?
You go on ahead.
All right.
What's this?
If you feel like something is up
when you go in, just press that once.
So I can assess the situation.
And if you feel that you may
be in danger, press it twice.
And if I do?
Who knows?
[Amitabha Shrine Room]
[Meeting for the Family
of the Bereaved]
Welcome, Big Sis.
Have you been well?
Mr. Choi.
Show some respect.
Yes, sir.
Come and sit here.
What did you give to Madam?
- Just a pen.
- I'm being serious.
It really was just a pen.
A MJ-7081.
Let's move.
It's good for writing, and we also
don't have to worry about interference.
The only downside is that it doesn't
work over distances that are too far.
I really hope that I won't
have to use this too often.
Usually, the will is only made public
after the funeral proceedings are over.
However, since the family
of the deceased has said
that it's hard for them to
make time to get together
and due to the fact that
the deceased's conditions have been met
I will now be reading
the will aloud to you all.
However, I actually do not have
the key to this briefcase.
I'm sure that someone here has had the
key entrusted to them by the deceased.
I'd like for that person
to give me the key now.
Do you have it, honey?
So everyone knew, eh?
This is the will.
I'll read it now.
I, Choi Sun Ja
will donate my entire fortune to the
Pyeongchang Scholarship Foundation.
Why do you not have even an ounce
of respect for your superiors?
Because I don't respect you.
Maintaining respect for your
superiors within an organization
is the most fundamental part
of functioning in society--
Yeah. I don't have
any basic etiquette.
Yeah, that's right.
You don't.
But what I want
to know is why.
I told you that I'm a rude person.
So if you ask me why I'm rude
I'll tell you that it's just
because I'm rude, obviously.
Fine. You're right.
- You're good, right?
- Yeah.
Don't talk to me
anymore, then.
So you're going to keep
speaking to me informally, huh?
That's all.
Looks like your mother was
quite fond of Yoo Jin.
All right, that's enough.
Take that and go wait outside, Attorney.
I'll head back to
the office now.
I said wait outside, damn it!
Oh. Yes, sir.
Actually, we didn't all gather here
today to hear this obvious outcome.
It's on.
Let's get right into it, then.
Well, what are you going to do?
I'll respect the deceased's wishes
and use the money for the foundation.
But still, Big Sis. Why not put in a good
word for us at the foundation and--
Chairman Choi.
Just sit still
and keep quiet.
Yes, Mother.
Yoo Jin.
You can't keep all of
that for yourself, now.
Well, if Uncle goes out of
his way to take legal action
I suppose I could give
him a small payout.
No. I'm talking about you having both
the presidency and JB Group.
Let me be frank, Yoo Jin.
Everyone knows that you're
the sole owner of the Foundation.
And we also know that you're using
JSS to monitor JB Group through it.
Well, I don't really like
the word "monitor."
I think that the word "inspect,"
if anything, is more suitable.
Well, um, Big Sis is
just looking out for me
because she's worried that
I'll sully my father's name.
Right, Big Sis?
I wonder how much it all amounts to.
The JB Group shares
that the Foundation holds
plus the shares you just received from
your deceased aunt today, I mean.
Sell all of that to me.
I have no interest in JB Group,
so don't misunderstand my intentions.
I'm planning to give them to
my son-in-law here as a gift.
Oh, Father-in-law.
You don't need to do that.
I'll pay you twice the
amount they're worth.
Twice their worth?
I'm sure that money will be more
than enough to get you the presidency.
I'll give three times
what they're worth, then.
This is my final offer.
I don't think that's a bad deal.
That kind of money
would help our business.
And it'll be much easier for me
to get the presidency.
Right, Brother-in-law?
How could I freely sell the shares
that belong to the Foundation
when they don't
even belong to me?
Is it hard for you to make this decision
or do you just not want to?
I'll help you out a bit, then.
There will be an emergency directors'
meeting at the Foundation soon.
The purpose of it will be to
choose a new CEO.
The feed cut off.
There's plenty of
directors on the board
who are quite disappointed
in you, to say the least.
A directors' meeting without
me there is null and void, you know.
Of course it is.
That's why we're planning to get you
dismissed from your position first.
And when the shares
have all been sold
we'll make it so you can be
in charge of the Foundation again.
Also, Assemblyman Jang?
We'll assist you as much as we can
on your path to the Blue House.
The assemblyman will have
to become president for us
to get a return on our
investment. Isn't that right?
That's true.
I'm sure that your phone
won't work in this room.
If you just sit tight and wait,
this will all be over soon.
Assemblyman Jang.
Shall we play a game of
Baduk in the meantime?
Well, sure.
It's not like I have
anything else to do.
Looks like I fell right
into your damn trap!
I came here to claim
my share of the will
but it looks like I'll be losing
my beloved Foundation instead.
JB is the company that
my father established.
- That's Chairman Choi's father, too.
- No, it isn't!
My father, who used to eat with his
laborers on the floor of his factory
while my mother and I
made money by weaving baskets
before he made you, his pretty
little secretary, into his mistress
that father of mine is the one who
established this company!
Looks like you got cocky because you
were offered too high a price, huh?
What's the matter?
Doesn't something
seem off to you?
Can't you tell?
They're talking about money.
She probably turned it off on her own
because she doesn't want us to hear.
Yeah. This woman's ambition isn't
something that can be bought or sold.
Start the engine
and wait in the car.
Why? Where are you going?
Do you know why your father
didn't choose you as his successor?
You think it's because
you're a woman?
Not even close.
It's because he didn't love you.
Because your father found out
just what a horrifying person you are!
Because he was well aware
of what would happen
to the company and to Sung Won
if he left the company to you!
Did you think that I was
unaware of your plan
to make your husband
the president and use that power
to get JB Group for yourself?
Fine. I was your father's mistress.
- Mom!
- But you
You, who even got married
with an evil agenda in mind!
Take a good look at
what you've become.
Are you even happy?
What's gotten into all of you?
Please stop this.
State your business.
I'm here to escort
Madame Choi Yoo Jin out.
Nobody may enter
without explicit permission.
What's going on?
It seems like there's a fire!
What? Hurry up
and open the door!
Hurry up and open the door!
- Hurry!
- Move!
Let's leave.
Don't worry.
There won't be an emergency
directors' meeting at the Foundation.
Let's leave now.
We can't just let
things end like this.
I definitely didn't
press the button twice.
But he knew that
I needed him anyway.
Nobody has ever made a move
without me commanding them to before.
But this man didn't need
my command or permission.
Yeah. He's not a hunting dog.
He's a wolf.
How dangerous.
I'm sure that I won't be
able to tame him.
Straighten your back.
And raise your head.
Your enemies are watching.
What happened?
That happened out of nowhere.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
Damn it.
What the hell is this?
What? The emergency directors'
meeting has been canceled?
What are you doing?
Get out of the way!
Yoo Jin, my niece.
May Aunt rest in peace.
Wow, what's all this, eh?
Take a different car back.
And take your time too.
Go play some Baduk or something.
Nothing ventured,
nothing gained.
Isn't that right, Sir Monk?
People are just too greedy
for their own good.
- Isn't that right?
- Yes.
Don't do things as you please
without my permission next time.
You got that?
Sure, whatever.
I I apologize for
his behavior, Madam.
He hasn't been properly
educated in etiquette yet.
All right.
Let's go to Cloud Nine.
Yes, Madam.
Cloud Nine?
Are you hurt?
No, I'm just fine.
Oh, I see.
What about the directors'
meeting at the Foundation?
I went there myself to put an end to
it and beat the traitors to a pulp.
I got letters of resignation
from all of them.
Great job!
T-thank you, Madam!
What about Cloud Nine?
It's ready, Madam.
Let us go.
He was awesome!
He beat up all those special security
guards in the hallway!
All of them!
He's so cool.
And then, the door opened.
Obviously, they couldn't just keep
themselves locked in there after that.
There was a fire, after all!
Yep, yep!
Wow, that punk is so smart!
I know, right?
Wait a second.
Did you see that for yourself, Chief?
Why are you saying that as if
you saw him do that yourself?
I'm friends with Chief Eum, who works at
STT, the company who was doing security.
All the bodyguards who
went there today
are going to be out of
commission for eight weeks!
Patients are witnesses too, you know!
Eight eight weeks?
Even a mere scratch gets you
the same diagnosis nowadays!
You can't even get a settlement
with that kind of diagnosis!
Wow, how shocking.
How about you go
and practice your upperkick or something?
Forget about that guy!
Tell me what happened next!
And then he went and fetched
Madam amidst the sprinkler-rain
Anyway, he went and fetched
Madam amidst the sprinkler-rain
and held an umbrella for her, all cool!
Wow, he's so cool!
I bet Madam totally fell for him then!
Well duh, of course she did!
Kim Je Ha has tons of doors
open for him now!
Wow! Wow!
He's so handsome too!
Wow, he's just so cool!
Are you busy?
No, not exactly, but I was planning
to wash up since I have night duty and--
Follow me.
Here. Say "ah."
There you go!
It's good, right?
Korean pork is the
best pork, am I right?
But, um why are you buying
me a meal all of a sudden?
Huh? Well, eat first.
And make sure you
chew a lot, okay?
Here. Say "ah."
There you go!
It's good, right?
There you go.
Time to clock out!
How dare you be so impudent
to your elders, huh?
How how about you let go
of me before continuing, sir?
- Do like I asked you.
- The floor here is hard, though!
I guess mere words
won't work with you!
Oh my.
Oh my! Oh my!
- Why, you little--
- Um, ow. Ow. Please
Oh my gosh!
What are you doing?
Ow, my head!
Are you okay, Mr. Je Ha?
- Ow, my head!
- Are you all right, sir?
- Oh man, you're bleeding.
- What?
I'm I'm bleeding!
Oh my gosh!
Ow, my head! Ow!
Ow, ow!
Why do you have a lump of metal
in that purse of yours?
Sorry. The world is a scary
place nowadays, as you know.
That's why you shouldn't have
done that in the first place!
And you too, Mr. Je Ha.
You played along with him
just because he bought you meat?
Um, I apologize.
I just um wanted to help
you two with your relationship
Oh my, how ridiculous!
You think that a woman would fall
for a man just because of that?
You think that a woman would fall for a
man just because he's good at fighting?
All right. I get it.
I won't do anything like this again.
Sorry for everything.
I'm sorry for dragging you
into all this too.
Um, hey!
Um damn it.
Master Song!
What are those two doing?
Thanks, Je Ha.
This is all thanks to you.
No, it wasn't. This is all
because of your own charisma.
Right? I am a bit
charismatic, aren't I?
I think you owe me another
round of meat for this one.
Oh, sure! There's a place that
has great goat meat over there.
Let's get the medical chief
and bring her with us.
I heard goat meat is
really good for women.
All right.
Why does she have an electric
blanket out in this weather?
When your heart is cold,
so is your body.
There's nothing in the house,
so how would she have any contraband?
Here. Hold this.
Oh, so that's what it is.
So was my body cold all this time too
because my heart is cold?
Then is Mr. Je Ha
my personal heater?
No, you're just cold because
you dress so skimpily.
I think Young Miss has lost her
appetite. She isn't eating much.
All right.
Okay, then.
There she goes.
She's going in.
Yes! Yes!
All right!
What is it?
Huh? What's she doing?
Hey! You--hey!
Hey, why why are
you doing that?
Where'd she go?
Okay! Found her!
Found her! Found her!
Found her! Found her!
Oh, Mr. Je Ha!
Oh, so you're on
a break, huh?
Um, yes.
I came out to exercise for a bit.
I'm sorry for not picking
up your call yesterday.
It's fine.
These things happen.
It was just so sudden.
Well, um, I was wondering
whether or not I should pick up.
And I eventually just
decided not to.
But it's a work hotline.
You should've picked up.
Hot line?
Okay. I'll be sure to
pick up from now on.
Oh yeah. I heard that you
used to work in Barcelona.
Ugh, don't even bring that up!
It was so hard!
That girl was so intent on
finding her her dad, or whatever.
It's fine. You don't need to refer to
them with honorifics in front of me.
Yeah! I mean, it's not like
he's the damned king--
or whatever.
Wait, so what was that
about her dad?
Oh yeah. Her dad.
She ran away so many times,
saying that she'd find him.
I see.
- But, um
- Yes?
Why hasn't her dad
ever visited her?
Oh, her dad?
He doesn't have much interest
in his daughter at all.
I reported back so many
times when I was in Spain
saying that Anna
was looking for her dad
but there was no response to
that until the very end.
And even when he came to Madrid for
a business trip, I thought he might come
but he didn't.
But she was unaware of all that
and was intent on meeting her father.
So she ran away from home.
And we had to go and look for her.
- Man.
- That's so sad.
Yeah, you feel
bad for me, right?
I've been living
such a hard life, you know!
Here I am, picking up
after some girl at my age.
That's what my life is like right now.
Yes, this is J4.
Status here: normal.
What is it?
It was the Situation Room.
They said you're off duty today.
They told me to cover
for you today.
Yes, Chief?
Yes. Right now?
All right.
Ninth floor? Got it.
Did they call you to tell you to come
back to the company building?
- To the ninth floor?
- Yes.
- Oh my god.
- What?
You just got called
to Cloud Nine!
Oh my god!
What's "Cloud Nine"?
Mr. Je Ha, you
I'm here to escort you, sir.
Let's go.
Hey, I'm going to go
and get changed first.
Go ahead then, sir.
Wow, he even got sent a car?
He's really rising through the ranks!
Oh my gosh!
- All righty, then.
- Please sit in the back.
- What?
- Um, please sit in the back.
You're joking, right?
Let's go.
- I'll start the car, then, sir.
- Sure.
Please scan your access card.
Thank you.
I'm going down.
What is it that
you really want to hear?
I'm starting the hunt now.
Is this a good enough
reason for you?
Dad isn't that kind of person.
It's only because
Choi Yoo Jin is with him.
Choi Yoo Jin found out everything.
She'll kill you and Anna!
Dad. I guess I lost my way.
Please come and get me.
Anna. No.
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