The K2 (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
The elevator is going down.
All right.
Make Kim Soo Young lose
his job as a professor
and claim that his role in this
election has been questionable.
And ask for about
three billion won as a settlement fee.
It'll be hard for him to
find a new job then.
I'm sure that he has
terrible credit already as it is.
Madam, it may prove to be
a bit difficult for us to win this case.
Who cares if we lose the case?
We can drag the legal proceedings
out for at least three years.
By that time, his reputation will have
already been irreparable damaged.
Oh, I see.
I understand.
Make sure you block every option he
has so he can't get a job anywhere.
All right, next.
Director Go Yoon Young?
There's not much
about this guy.
There's a record of him being charged
with something, but not indicted.
What is it?
A record of a video chat was
submitted as evidence.
And do you have a video too?
Turn it on for us.
That's enough.
Turn it off.
Release the video and make everyone
think that he's a despicable pervert.
And get a testimony from someone
saying that he sexually assaulted them.
It'll be perfect.
Yes, ma'am.
Show that video to his kids first
before releasing it to the world.
What? His kids were caught up
in sex video scandals too, after all.
Madam. Just because we show his kids a
video of their father acting like this--
They'll probably want
to commit suicide.
Or maybe they won't
go through with it
with something as weak as this.
I was giving this subject some thought
at the family meeting at the funeral.
Which method of death
would be the most painless?
Yes. We'll do as you say
right away, Madam.
Geez, you surprised me!
[Episode 6]
How about knocking?
Do you know what's going
on right now, Madam?
What is it?
Mr. Je Ha
Mr. Je Ha is
This is about that damned
Mr. Je Ha again? What is it now?
Oh my!
What's with you?
Are you that happy?
How is it that he was invited
to Cloud Nine so soon?
- I know, right?
- Oh my.
He's already moved up
so much at his young age!
Yeah. Wow.
I heard that he did something amazing
yesterday, and I guess that was true.
Yeah. Now all I need to do
is make Mr. Je Ha mine.
Oh my god!
Then I'll be
You have no chance now.
How will you possibly have a chance with
him now? He'll never come back here.
Geez, you.
I heard that there isn't anyone
watching the cameras tonight.
So don't go around doing ridiculous
things like before and protect Anna!
But where did that person go
off to on a day like this?
Damn it!
Yes, I'll do as you've said, Madam.
Oh, you're here?
Go inside.
She's waiting for you.
Take a seat.
This is nice.
It's perfect for blocking off
any potential eavesdroppers.
Oh, you sure are knowledgeable.
Is this room on the B or C level?
Figured you'd notice.
We're at D level.
Nobody would be able to hear anything
going on in here. Not even a gunshot.
Then you wouldn't be able to hear
a gunshot outside from in here, either.
Wow, you sure did use a lot
of money for this, didn't you?
So, what did you want to tell me
that you called me all the way here?
No, I called you because
I want to hear you tell me something.
About you.
So what do you
want to hear, exactly?
The story of someone who rushed
into a den of enemies without a command.
The story of someone who even
thought to bring an umbrella for me.
And the life story of someone who still
carries around a handkerchief nowadays.
I'm curious.
I'm curious, too.
Why did I live my life like that?
So, what is it that
you really want to hear about?
That's the truth, though.
I heard about your life in the military
from Chief Joo, for the most part.
All right. I want to hear what
happened to you in Iraq now.
We're going to begin our
hunt for Park Kwan Soo soon.
Is that a good enough
reason for you?
I'm sure you're well aware of this,
but this room is completely soundproof.
Nobody in this world can hear
a word of what we say in this room.
Then who are the people listening to our
conversation from the mikes that are on?
My little Miss Mirror.
She's like a witch's mirror.
Mirror, Mirror.
Who's the fairest person in the world?
You know the fairy tale, don't you?
What's with that look you're giving
me as if I'm a crazy person?
Fine, then.
Mirror, Mirror.
Who's the fairest person in the world?
Snow White.
She even has a sense of humor too!
Assemblyman Jang interacted with the
people by visiting the historical market.
After meeting with his
political opponents
Assemblyman Jang will visit a Catholic
church in Ayang-dong tomorrow afternoon
for the five-year memorial
celebration there.
Now, for our next story.
The Catholic church
in Ayang-dong?
An AI?
Yes. She's an AI that works
with voice commands.
They're even on a lot of
people's phones nowadays.
Of course, my Mirror is a lot
smarter than those ones.
I'm sure you've guessed by now,
but this place is like JSS's brain.
This is where we collect
and store all the secrets of the world.
And a place where we process
all the big data on the web.
Mirror finds the most accurate
answer for the questions I ask
by combing through all this
information that we've collected
and shows it to me.
That's the kind of software she is.
So tell me about you.
If you do, Mirror will answer
all of your questions for you.
Why do you think that I have
unanswered questions?
Because if you didn't, you never
would've needed to join JSS.
Isn't that right?
What's with that look now?
You look like a child who was
caught stealing from his mother's purse.
You don't need to go out of your
way to try and sneak in here.
Every method you can
think of will be futile.
You can't access any data from here
without Mirror's help.
And Mirror is configured so that
she only obeys my voice commands.
I'll take two!
Get into my mouth!
Wow, look at those abs!
So, talk.
Tell me why you're after Park Kwan Soo
and about what happened to you.
There was a Kumar refugee woman named
Raniya whom I met while I was in Iraq.
I wanted to get her out
of that hellish place.
Hey guys!
What's up?
- Hi.
- Hi.
They want you to take
a look at this document.
I love you!
This is important, so it can't be
leaked no matter what.
Got that?
- He says that he's certain.
- He is, eh?
What do I do?
Then I was framed for
murdering Raniya and arrested.
But thankfully, I was able to
escape within a week.
But after I escaped, it turned out
that the Korean politician
I didn't even know, named Park
Kwan Soo, fled the country the next day.
And the Blackstone camp
had already turned on me.
So I ran, hid among the Syrian
refugees, and traveled through Turkey
to get to Europe.
That's everything.
This is the reason why
I must kill Park Kwan Soo.
Looks like you definitely
have a good enough reason.
Oh man.
Mirror. You heard all that, right?
Now answer all of
Agent Kim Je Ha's questions for him.
Yes, Madam.
I want to know what Park Kwan Soo
did on September 15th, 2010.
Looks like he was quite busy.
He was at a small
camp in the desert
at 3:30 p.m. on that day,
about 30 minutes from his hotel.
Why was he there?
There are no materials
pertaining to that query.
From this point onward,
increase your queries by twofold
and use twice as many resources
to answer every question.
Searching again under new conditions.
53.3 percent chance that he was
engaging in secret talks with someone.
And who were the people who
were present at that meeting?
Can you provide the location
of the tent in which they were meeting?
Near Interstate Two in Kumar.
Seven kilometers away from a crosswalk
after coming down the hill.
Assemblyman Park Kwan Soo.
A bodyguard from Blackstone.
Interpreter Raniya.
And Abdul Omar, leader of the Kumar,
was another main party at this meeting.
What was the reason
for his visit?
The tent they were speaking in
was Abdul Omar's guarded tent.
What was the reason
for the secret meeting?
Why did Park Kwan Soo have a Blackstone
soldier kill Raniya after he left?
[Because she interpreted a conversation
she shouldn't have heard]
[68 percent chance]
I knew it!
Damn it!
It was because she interpreted
confidential information.
Then what did Park Kwan Soo
discuss with Abdul Omar?
Can't you find out somehow?
I cannot make any
accurate assumptions.
It's useless to keep asking
if she doesn't have any
information regarding that.
- However.
- However?
What I can tell you is that two weeks
after the secret meeting between them
Abdul Omar broke free from the CIA's
control and created his own army.
Maybe he gave him weapons?
If he did, that Park Kwan Soo
really is something else.
I mean, that's quite
a favorable export deal for him.
What's going on?
This is 102. Where are you
going at this hour again?
This is J4.
I'm going to the store.
If you keep doing this, I'll have to
report it to the Situation Room.
Oh, come on. Don't do that.
I'm just kidding. But get me a cup of
coffee while you're there too, okay?
- Sure.
- What?
Wow, what a surprise.
Where do you want to go, Miss?
Where do you want to go?
Huh? Oh
Yeonhui-dong, please.
- Yeonhui-dong?
- Yes.
About that refugee woman
named Raniya
You loved her,
didn't you?
I don't know.
It was such a miserable
time in my life.
I don't know if I considered her my love
or just some useless sympathy source.
She only started working
as an interpreter for Blackstone
because I introduced her to them.
Okay, then.
I'll get going now.
Where are you going?
To my place.
No need for that.
You're a "close line" now.
Go live in the JSS Residences instead.
It's fine.
I like where I'm staying now.
When someone in JSS
becomes a "close line"
that means I'm taking on
the responsibility of
protecting the well-being of that person
and their family from that point onward.
To me, that sounds like, "you're my
slave from this point onward."
I've never betrayed anyone
who's never betrayed me before.
There's no such thing as a master
who doesn't betray his or her slave.
People who don't betray
their friends do exist, though.
Isn't that right?
[Transaction on JB Card:
7,600 won for cab ride]
Great job!
You hear the sound of the music, right?
One foot, one foot.
Great job!
Oh, so will you be reporting to
Cloud Nine every day from now on?
No. I'm not reporting
there for work.
So you failed, huh?
Oh, man.
What a shame.
[Yeonhui-dong Photo Studio]
Excuse me.
Yes, welcome.
Seeing as you came so early,
you must need a passport photo.
Or a school application photo?
About that photo that's
on display over there
Oh you're Ume Hye Rin's
daughter, then, aren't you?
It was Ann Ann..
- Anna.
- Yes!
- Good work.
- Yes, sir.
But, um, it's been quite a while since
J4 headed out, but she's still not back.
I was about to report this
to the Situation Room.
- J4 isn't back?
- Yes.
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh, you surprised me!
You can't! This isn't right!
Damn it.
What? What's the matter,
Mr. Je Ha?
What's going on?
What's the matter?
Oh my gosh!
Your mother really was
at her prettiest around this time.
Her eyes were sparking when
we took this photo, too.
Were you close to my mother?
Oh, how could I have
known her personally?
She was a movie star, after all.
To be frank, your mother wasn't
the type of person
to be taking photos
at a studio like this.
She should've taken her photos
at a much nicer studio!
But on this day, she came to
get your passport photo taken
and then suddenly said that
she wanted a family portrait done.
So I was lucky enough to have
been the fellow to take this!
A passport photo?
A passport photo.
You went to America, right?
You even got a photo taken for
a U.S. visa back then, too.
Oh, and this is the last family
photo you took with this lady.
She was related to your mother.
I folded this photo for the frame,
so it looks like she's cropped out.
Because she's not very pretty.
You're right.
This lady was there.
Yeah. I'm on my way to
the Situation Room right now.
Of course!
We'll have to search everywhere!
Oh yeah, Chief Joo.
What are you going to do now?
We'll have to report this to
Madam sooner or later.
We'll all end up dead
at this rate!
Sir, please calm down.
I think it'd be best
if only we searched for her
at least until the ceremony
tomorrow afternoon.
Yes, of course!
I'll take responsibility, sir!
I apologize, sir.
All right. What disappeared?
And didn't she leave a note or anything?
There was no note,
and my wallet and earpiece are missing.
Are you serious right now?
[Transaction on JB Card: 400 won]
- What?
- My card.
She used my card to take a taxi.
Looks like she used
it twice already.
I'll have to report it to
my bank for fraud.
Are you crazy?
Don't do that.
Leave it and connect me
to the Situation Room.
And find out where the taxi took her!
That's a relief, though.
That woman used to live
in this neighborhood.
I heard that she's living at
an assisted living facility now.
What a shame, really.
Oh, Ms. Yoo Myung Ja
in Suite 101.
Head that way.
You're feeling okay, right?
And you don't have any pain anywhere?
Yes, I've gotten a lot better.
Please let me know
if you need anything.
It's a relief that you've
gotten a lot better.
Excuse me.
It's me, Anna.
Oh, you're here?
I'm hungry. Give me food.
She ate not too long ago.
That lady stole all my food
and ate it. I'm so hungry.
Oh, I'm so hungry.
So hungry.
Um, it's me, Anna.
Do you remember me?
Yes, Hye Rin.
Hurry and run away!
Take Anna and go to America!
You have to hurry!
Choi Yoo Jin knows everything now!
Run! She'll kill you and Anna!
You have to hurry!
Hurry and go!
Hurry and go!
That's right.
It's Choi Yoo Jin, isn't it?
You knew everything, didn't you?
You can't put that
much water in that.
Give me some soup.
Some soup, please.
Hye Rin.
Please, give me something to eat.
I'm so hungry.
Give me some food.
Oh. Missis.
Put a patrol car near
the front and back doors.
We're going in now.
Make sure you block
all and any exits.
Um, have you seen a person
who looks like this?
Oh, the one who came looking
for the patient in 101?
She went that way.
Go, J4.
This is J4.
The target is not here.
Do a good sweep of the place!
She went that way!
She's not in any of
the male patients' rooms.
Yes, Assemblyman?
I'm sorry. Yes.
We'll definitely find her.
Yes, I understand.
Was that Assemblyman Jang?
So it looks like the news
reached him after all.
They couldn't even keep
quiet for that long.
What did he say?
He said to make sure that she definitely
doesn't come to the Catholic church.
So he's more worried about
himself than he is about her.
Well, he is a politician, after all.
Dad isn't that kind of person.
This is all because
Choi Yoo Jin is with him.
Here, give that to me, ma'am.
I'll hold it for you.
- Oh.
- Here, please take my hand.
- Wow, look at them.
- They're such nice people!
It's a steep walk, isn't it?
- Wow, who's that?
- Whoa.
Let us move this way.
- What a jerk!
- What's with that person?
- How rude!
- Unbelievable!
Assemblyman Park and Assemblyman Jang
are worlds apart, seriously!
- I know, right?
- What a jerk!
- That wasn't Assemblyman Park.
- Yes, it was!
- There we go.
- Watch your step.
She's definitely somewhere near here.
Make sure to search high and low.
She mustn't get anywhere near
the VIP, no matter what.
Oh, hello, sirs.
- Please, take a seat.
- Yes, sir.
Please, sit.
Let's see here.
Where's Jang Se Joon?
Over there.
Oh, so he's helping
someone in need, eh?
Thank you so much.
I'll leave your bag here, ma'am.
Hey, Assemblyman Jang!
Over here!
Come here!
Come on.
Get over here.
You too, Madam Choi.
There are seats here! Come!
- No, it's fine.
- Come on, man! Get over here!
Why are you being like that?
There are seats here!
Come on, get over here!
- Please take a seat here.
- No, it's fine.
We'll go to the back.
Oh no, we couldn't allow that.
Please, take a seat.
- We're fine, so please sit here.
- No, it's all right!
Really, it's fine!
Please, don't!
- Oh my, thank you.
- Thank you! Thank you!
Looks like I shot myself in
the foot with that one.
Today, nuns from
different nunneries
will be singing an offering song
to honor those who are deceased.
Why is Anna
With the nuns.
The target is among the nuns.
I'll make a move.
No, Anna!
- Stop her!
- Right now?
We don't have any other options!
Use force if necessary!
- If she even opens her mouth now--
- Wait.
Oh, it seems that we have
one more offering song.
Amazing grace,
how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost,
but now am found.
Was blind, but now I see.
'Twas grace that taught
my heart to fear
and grace my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear
the hour I first believed.
You can't, Anna.
Anna. No.
Anna. Anna!
What is it?
No, it's nothing.
Dad. It seems that
I've lost my way.
Please come and get me.
You know where I am, right?
If the world finds out about Anna's
existence now, we'll be done for.
That's what I want to
say to you right now.
Just how did you go about
protecting this child
that something like this happened?
Shut it.
How about you think about
where she is first?
I told you, I don't know.
That child is waiting,
believing that you'll come for her.
And yet, you
don't even know
where she may be?
How am I supposed to know?
It's been over 10 years already!
Anna is in a pathetic situation,
but even I feel sad.
To think that she believes that a father
like this will come looking for her!
Stop it, already.
What are you trying to do here?
Chief Joo.
Step out for a bit.
Yes, Madam.
On that day 14 years ago, the
last day I ever made breakfast for you
if you'd kicked the door down and left
then, I wouldn't despise you this much.
I'm almost done with your breakfast.
[Shock! Top Star Ume Hye Rin
Commits Suicide]
If you leave this house now
Anna will die too.
Then was I supposed to let
Anna die by your hand too?
Ugh, you murderer.
I thought so, too,
for all this time.
That you're doing this so that you could
protect Anna from my murderous rage.
we both know the truth now.
You were just afraid that Anna would
get in the way of your ambition!
Well? Did you find out
where she might be?
Search every person
coming out of the church!
Keep your minds sharp!
We have to find her
no matter what. You got that?
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
If this ends badly, it'll be
the end for all of us too!
- What? The Viking ride?
- That!
Oh no.
- She can't?
- No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Anna.
You're just below the cut-off line.
You'll have to ride it next year, okay?
Dad! Hurry!
Over here!
I got the ice cream!
Let's eat up!
Looking for a missing child.
Yeo Han, six years old,
from Ssangmun-dong.
Wearing a blue striped shirt
- Anna.
- Hmm?
Do you know what to do if
you ever get lost at a place like this?
Take a cab!
And ask them to take me to the bus
stop for the 371 bus that goes to Jongro.
Wow, you sure are smart, Anna.
I'm eight years old, you know, Dad.
That much is basic knowledge.
But what if you can't
take a cab, Anna?
Like, if you're abroad,
for example?
Then I'll have to hurry
and find you, Dad.
Anna. If you keep going around looking
for me, I won't be able to find you.
That's true.
What should I do, then?
If that ever happens, wait for me at
the exact spot where you lost me.
- Really?
- Yeah.
No matter how scared you may get,
you have to withstand that and wait.
Then Daddy will come to where
you are, Anna, and find you.
Got it.
I'll stay right there.
You have to come
and find me, okay?
Oh, of course!
Yeah, I changed my number.
- It's crazy!
- You don't need to edit your photo.
I'll take a photo
and send it to you.
- They want a photo?
- Yeah.
All right.
Wait, this side.
All right!
- Oh, it's so cute!
- What a great photo!
I've found her!
Oh, you're right.
Thank goodness.
We found her.
- Where is that?
- The Dream Forest.
- Hey, Team Leader Seo.
- What?
- I have a request.
- What? A request?
It's not a command?
No. It's a request.
What about Dad?
Your dad is busy.
You know that.
I came here
because he sent me.
I'm telling you the truth!
How else would I have known to come
here if your dad didn't tell me?
Good job back there,
holding it in.
What did Dad say?
Your dad?
What did he say again?
He wants you to wait
a bit longer. And
- when he becomes president
- He wasn't mad?
That I just appeared
out of nowhere?
Of course not.
He was just really worried.
Hey, hurry and take this.
It'll melt.
Your dad told me
to buy this for you.
So Dad sent this to me?
Of course.
Okay. If it's from Dad,
I have to eat it.
It's good.
It's Team Leader Seo. Don't
get closer until K2 brings the VIP out.
Yes, sir.
Give me a status update.
What are they doing?
They're eating
ice cream together.
This used to be Dream Land.
And it was my
mundo de ensueño (dream world).
It was the first amusement park
that I'd been to with Dad.
There was a scary
roller coaster there.
It would go all the way
up and back down.
But I was too young,
so I couldn't ride it.
To tell you the truth
the mere fact that I was at an amusement
park with Dad made me so happy.
Because I finally had something
to brag to my friends about.
Yeah. I'm sure that you must
have been really happy.
But I couldn't brag. Because I
couldn't tell people who my dad was.
That's what my mom told me.
That my dad
my dad
was too powerful
of a person, so
if people found out that
we were his family
some bad guys would
would harass my dad.
I didn't really know what
she meant back then, but..
but I was just scared
of bad guys
harassing my dad.
So so I didn't say
anything, and held it in.
Hey, Anna.
Are you feeling ill?
It's a vana ilusión
(futile dream).
Anna, are you all right? Huh?
But now I know the truth.
That that I was that
bad person all along.
Anna. What's the matter?
Huh? Anna!
This is K2!
Call an ambulance! Quick!
- What?
- Call an ambulance now!
Damn this guy.
Anna, wake up!
Wake up, Anna!
Strawberry ice cream?
Oh my gosh.
Oh no.
Anna has a severe strawberry allergy!
A strawberry allergy?
She could die even if
she eats only a little bit!
It's because of the strawberries, punk!
She's allergic to them!
What? Strawberries?
Dad sent this to me?
Of course.
It tastes good.
Does she still have a pulse?
Yeah, she does.
But it's really weak.
Damn it!
That means she's having trouble
breathing. Give her CPR until help comes!
If you don't, she'll die!
Wake up, Anna!
Wake up, Anna!
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