The K2 (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
Anna! Wake up!
Anna! Anna!
No, Anna!
Please don't die!
Please don't die!
Wake up, Anna! Anna!
Wake up, Anna!
What? 911?
Are you crazy?
You can't call 911!
But sir, the JSS ambulance
will take far too long!
We have no time!
You can't! I'll cancel the call to 911
and send over one of our ambulances.
Sir! Sir!
Damn it!
Chief! The situation is
looking quite bad!
Wait for me!
[No Cars Allowed]
- Floor it.
- Yes, sir?
- I said floor it, bastard!
- Yes, sir.
Are you coming to, Anna?
Huh? Anna!
Hey, what are you doing?
Why isn't the ambulance coming?
Damn it, this is
driving me crazy!
Get her in!
Move, punk!
This is K2.
Heading toward the nearest hospital.
You can't go to a hospital.
- Head to the JSS Headquarters.
- What?
We're not in a situation
where we can afford to--
Just step on it already!
If we go to the hospital,
we're all dead!
Ugh, damn it!
- Move.
- Out of the way!
Excuse us!
Move, move!
Huh? Why are they all
in such a hurry?
Look at you, acting all pretty!
It's all Photoshop, isn't it?
- No, I didn't!
- Oh, whatever!
She's so pretty.
Where have I seen her before?
What do you mean?
She's sitting right in front of you.
No, not you.
The woman sitting behind you.
I definitely feel like
I've seen this face a lot.
Isn't it that woman?
You know, that "angel"!
The "angel" that
Jean-Paul Lafelt is looking for!
- Well?
- No way. I don't think so.
Why would she be in Korea?
Isn't she in Spain?
I don't think so.
This looks just like her.
Oh, I know.
Let's put this photo on social media.
[Isn't this woman the Barcelona
Angel, by any chance? #lol]
Please go outside,
Mr. Je Ha.
Oh. Okay.
Leave! You'll only be a hindrance
if you stay here like this!
I understand.
Hey, hurry and take this.
It'll melt.
Your dad told me
to buy this for you.
Did Dad really tell you
to give this to me?
Of course.
If it's from Dad,
I have to eat it.
It's good.
Are you all right?
Miss, are you all right?
Please calm down.
Are you experiencing
any pain anywhere?
Where is this place?
This is the medical room
at JSS Headquarters.
Mr. Je Ha brought you
here from the park.
It would've been terrible if he'd been
even a little bit later than he was.
Hey! How did things
go in there?
I've managed to calm down
the allergic reaction quite a bit.
Um, shouldn't we move her
to a hospital now?
I'm a doctor too, you know.
And we're better equipped
here than most ERs.
Her body will be fine with some medicine,
but the issue is her mental state.
I don't know what she'll do again
in her current mental state.
She'll need to see a
psychologist eventually.
You'll have to keep
an especially close watch on her.
But, um did she say anything about me?
Like, that I harassed her or something?
What kind of nonsense is that?
You think she's in a mental state
to be saying such things?
- Geez!
- Geez.
Why did you send back the ambulance?
Geez. I was planning to get some sleep
because I have to work later!
Such is Anna's plight.
It's better to leave her to die than to
expose her existence to the world.
Do you get it now?
And what better opportunity
would we have had than today
when you gave her strawberries and she
willingly ate them, knowing she'd die?
Even Assemblyman Jang couldn't
say anything about this.
Who's the person who
sent back the ambulance?
What are you going to do about it
regardless of who it may have been?
No matter what you do,
Anna's circumstances won't change.
The only thing you can do is
to protect her at all costs!
If you'd taken Anna
to a hospital before
we all would've been done for.
Mi Ran, the housekeeper,
and the doctors at the ER too!
In other words,
everyone who knows about Anna.
Well, you would've been an exception
since you're a member of Cloud Nine.
Did you already forget why the old
people at the orchard almost died?
Acting this way
is quite unlike you.
If they know you're acting this way,
it'll be harder for you to protect Anna!
If you really want to protect her,
act as you always do.
Go on now.
Damn it.
Make sure you watch over
that poor child well, all right?
Do you know Anna?
Not well, no.
I only know that she's been forced
to go abroad due to having bad parents.
Yes, you could say that again.
She has terrible parents.
Damn it. And her dad is the
presidential candidate, of all things.
Damn it.
Who's her father?
That girl's last name is Go.
Her name is Go Anna.
She's not legally
Jang Se Joon's daughter.
Her last name is "Go"?
You didn't know?
Her last name definitely is "Go."
There was a referee by the name
of Go Am Wook. An American.
Her mother, Um Hye Rin,
got married to that guy!
Wait. Then Jang Se Joon
seduced a married woman and--
No, that's not it!
Well, it's complicated.
That's wow, I've lived
quite long, haven't I?
So what happened is
she did get married to the American,
but she was already pregnant by then!
With Jang Se Joon's child!
You get what I'm saying now?
I didn't know that she was
pregnant back then either!
But I don't know what happened.
Maybe she was abused by her husband.
But Um Hye Rin, who'd gone to America,
appeared with Anna in her arms
in front of Jang Se Joon, who was
happily married to Choi Yoo Jin!
You understand what
I'm saying, right?
He acted like a family with them
behind Choi Yoo Jin's back.
But that young girl had
such a terrible fate.
Her mother ended
having a violent death!
And she was dragged abroad
shortly after that.
That's why I'm saying that
she's a pitiful child.
A violent death?
Oh, you mean Um Hye Rin?
Well, yeah.
Suicides are gruesome things, after all.
Isn't that right?
Oh yeah. I don't know if Choi Yoo
Jin will continue to let her live
if she keeps acting up like this.
So, did you give
it some thought?
Why are you in such a rush?
Let's eat first.
The acorn jelly here
is quite good.
I'm sure that you don't have much time.
Since it's been a while
since "that" has started.
It seems that the president still can't
forgive you and Assemblyman Jang.
He doesn't want you two
to betray him, the former president
after he helps you
two into the Blue House--
Are you sure that you're not just
eyeing the position for yourself?
[Reports of Goings-on
Around President - 2016]
These are the things I've noticed
happening around the president.
Of course, this doesn't include
everything that's already happened.
Is this a threat?
[Inside Information Regarding Pyeongchang
Scholarship Foundation - Top Secret]
These are secret documents regarding
the Foundation and JB Group.
All in.
You could squash me so easily
with the information in there.
So you're proposing that
we share our weaknesses?
Is that enough for you
to make a deal with me?
As to be expected of you.
I'm sorry.
We're closed for the day.
Hey, come on.
There are still people in there!
The lights are on too!
They're our last
customers of the day.
Come on. Let me just get
a sip of makgeoli and go.
Must you force yourself in?
Looks like this place
does some great business.
They even pick and choose
their customers too.
Let's go.
Yes, it's me.
I understand why Chairman Choi,
your younger brother, fears you now.
That's a compliment, right?
Oh, of course!
How could I dare insult the one who will
be the First-in-Command in this country?
It's a compliment.
That's not quite right.
My husband will be the one
who'll be First-in-Command.
Excuse me?
Oh, is that right?
All right, then. When would
you like to join our party?
We can't just quietly slink in, right?
I'm preparing a nice show, but I'd like
for you to clear the way for us first.
Really? All right.
Did the meeting go
It went well, didn't it?
Does it seem that way?
Congratulations, Madam.
Thank you.
What a beautiful night!
You don't believe me?
Will they be able
to enter the party then?
Because every country has
corrupt people behind the scenes
and dirty businesspeople
within their government.
I never would've guessed.
So he ended up collaborating with
Choi Yoo Jin in the end, after all.
Then take care of our
internal organization
and prepare a vote
within our party.
Will you be able to do that?
The one who exposes and banishes what
is dirty and rotten will become the hero.
Where did you say
Jang Se Joon is now, again?
Madam's meeting has just ended.
Oh. And judging from your expression,
I assume that it went well?
Yes, sir.
Then we'll have to change some of
the content for today too, won't we?
We can't cross the people
at the Blue House.
That's right. You'll have to
come on a bit softer today.
I'll get the questions changed too.
All right.
Go on, now.
Yes, sir.
Congratulations, Madam.
No need for that.
How's that child doing?
She's in the infirmary, Madam.
Really? So she survived the trip here.
I apologize.
Why are you sorry?
That's just her fate.
Where's the infirmary?
What? You want to see her, ma'am?
Yeah. You go on ahead
to Cloud Nine, Chief Kim.
- Where is it?
- Oh, I'll guide you there.
How's her condition?
Can she manage a conversation?
Yes. Her body is
a lot better now
but we'll have to get her psychological
help due to her suicide attempt--
A hospital?
No need.
Just do a better job watching over her
so that she doesn't do anything stupid.
Leave for a bit.
All of you.
Oh, yes, Madam.
Hey! Follow me!
A hospital? Seriously?
That nun outfit looked
quite good on you.
And your singing voice
was quite touching too.
Did you learn that at the nunnery?
But, you know
just what were you expecting
when you showed up there?
Did you think that I was interfering
so that your father couldn't see you?
You saw him at the church
today too, right?
Why is Anna
Your dad doesn't want
to meet with you.
Your dad won't show up here.
Just like how he didn't show up
when your mom Um Hye Rin died
or when you left for Spain.
I'm sure it hurts.
And I'm sure you want to
deny this because of that.
But this is reality.
Dads are all like that.
I know this
since I'm someone's daughter too
but daughters all have special
feelings toward their dads.
But dads are all kind of like that.
They don't know how we feel.
I'm sure you thought that
you were all your dad had left
but you don't mean
that much to him.
You're a small, burdensome
fragment from his past.
Then let me meet Dad.
- I'll ask him myself--
- How?
You want me to drag him here
against his will?
Even a couple in love needs to mind their
manners toward each other, you know.
You dad doesn't want to see you,
so what do you want me to do?
Dad doesn't love you.
Is that what your mother told you?
Sure. I understand how
she must have felt.
She must've hated me
quite a bit.
But, Anna.
There's something you didn't know about
your mom, since you were too young.
It's hard for people like us
to understand.
But do you know what the life goal
for all assemblymen is?
It's to be re-elected
during the next election cycle.
Your dad's no exception.
However, do you know
what your mom said to him then?
Your mom was using you
to blackmail your dad.
With the election coming up, too.
She may have been
a good mother to you, but
well, figures.
I'm sure it was hard for you as well,
since your mother was an alcoholic.
How else could you have given her
those pills with your own hands?
That's not true.
My mom didn't die because
of the sleeping pills I brought her.
There was someone at my house then.
And they tried to kill me too.
Was that me?
Anna. Your memories
are lying to you.
Sometimes, the truth is
just too unbelievable.
But this is the truth.
Your mom died because
of the pills you gave her.
Lies. I heard everything
from our old housekeeper.
Your old housekeeper?
Oh, the lady who you went to see
before at the assisted living facility?
If I did kill your mother and that
woman had known about that
do you really think that
I would've let that woman live?
Please, stop it already.
Anna is quite ill.
Looks like I've said way too many
unnecessary things today.
And to an ill person too.
All right, Anna.
You must be tired too, since you've been
on the run since early this morning.
Get some rest.
And take good care of yourself.
Come to Cloud Nine.
Don't cry.
And wait.
I'll bring your dad to you.
What brings you here?
I wanted to see
Assemblyman Jang's appearance.
See his appearance?
What the hell are you planning now?
But that person--
It's nothing.
What a rude punk.
All right, everyone.
It's been tough lately, hasn't it?
- Yes!
- Yes!
Yes, that's right. We're standing
at a crossroads right now.
The poor are getting poorer
while the rich are getting richer.
The number of elderly people
we have is increasing
but the number of young people paying
into pension funds is decreasing.
However, the younger generation is
crying out, saying there are no jobs.
The rich and poor
are at odds with one another
and the old and the young harbor
hostility toward one another.
What's worse, those who love
each other and want to marry
This is K2.
There's a suspicious character near
the front of the stage, at the middle.
Our population is aging fast, but the
marriage and birth rates are quite low!
This is Team Leader Seo.
What do you mean by that?
Why is that?
"It's the economy, stupid!"
It's the economy, stupid!
Well, of course, I'm not
calling you all idiots.
10 o'clock, 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock,
and 2 o'clock from the upstage center.
They have something
suspicious on them.
The guys sitting at B12 and C16
are hiding something.
The issue still remains
with the economy.
Team Leader here. Those people
passed the security check before.
They're fine.
Oh, but someone told me that if
I feel pain, I should go to the hospital.
That's right!
Looks like there's another
person in pain right there.
Yes, that's right.
We're all in pain right now.
I'm sorry to ask this of your generation
when you're busy looking for jobs
but to be honest, my generation
didn't study too hard.
We were busy with dates, firstly.
But a guy like me, who's ugly,
didn't get asked out a lot.
I was able to pass the bar exam in
my junior year. And with top scores.
Yes, I am bragging.
I'm sorry.
Secondly, we didn't have to study if
we were involved in political protests.
Who'd care about grades, after all,
when the country is in turmoil?
So we didn't worry about getting
married or getting a job.
Why? Because the country
was in turmoil!
To be honest, it was because our
standard of living was getting better.
There were tons of jobs to be had!
And we didn't worry
even if prices of things were rising!
K2 here.
Stop the show.
The VIP is in danger.
Are you crazy?
K2. Where are you?
This is why the elderly say now that
things were much better back in the day.
However, how are things now?
"It's the economy, stupid!"
It's the economy, stupid!
Stop doing useless things
and just sit still.
I went on a date
with my wife.
I was a poor guy without
a single cent in my pocket
Hey, K1!
What are you doing here?
Move before you damage
the goods, got it?
You must be destroyed!
Jang Se Joon, who hates international
finance! Wake up from your delusions!
- Wake up! Wake up!
- Wake up! Wake up!
Let go of those people.
Do not cover those people's mouths!
These people don't deserve
to be treated this way.
These people have the right to throw eggs
at me and the other Korean politicians!
And that's because these people have been
let down by so many politicians thus far.
And I'm not going to die just because
I'm pelted by a couple of eggs.
And if these people really
wanted to hurt me
they would've thrown stones, not eggs.
Isn't that right?
- Yes.
- Yes.
It's because these people
have affection toward me
that they threw eggs at me.
That's what I believe.
And the thing they chanted.
"Wake up." Isn't that right?
If I am a politician,
I do need to wake up.
I understand.
I'll do that.
I will wake up.
I demand the prosecution
start a strict investigation right away
on the International Finance Group,
who these people believe that I hate
which has been far too
suspicious as of late.
Furthermore, as of now
I will not exercise the immunity
given to me as an assemblyman
and will head to the prosecutor's office
tomorrow morning to be investigated.
Furthermore, I will submit to
a search and seizure
at all locations related to me, including
my home, office, and election office
and ask that they will find and expose
any hint of corruption, if there is any.
And if the search yields anything that
sparks the slightest hint of suspicion
I will pull out of the presidential
race as your candidate.
To those of you who
threw eggs at me today.
If you're satisfied with the results
that this investigation yields
please don't waste eggs by throwing them
and just give them to me instead.
It's fine to attack me with
eggs and all that
but I'd rather bring them to
my wife, who loves to cook, and
be loved by her even more.
- Jang Se Hoon!
- Jang Se Hoon!
Man, this reeks.
I reek, don't I?
It's all right.
Those punks.
I told them to only throw two or so.
Why'd they throw so many?
Is there some pent-up frustration
toward me or something?
But still, this stunt had
a great effect.
You have some pent-up
frustration toward me too, don't you?
What? Of course not.
Maybe love, but not frustration.
I need to shower, so that's
going to take a bit of time.
I'll call you when I'm done.
Yes, sir.
Oh geez.
I kept you waiting, didn't I?
Have you eaten?
- Yes.
- Oh.
I'm going to head in first,
so come in quickly. Okay?
Yes, sir.
Oh, what a cutie.
Why don't we get some coffee?
Who knows how long this
will take, after all?
You stand by here, okay?
Yes, sir.
What are you doing?
Come in!
Yes, I'm coming.
Here you are.
Get your clothes on.
You need to get out of here.
- Who are you?
- Police! Move!
- Stop right there!
- Stop!
- Who's this?
- He's on the same side as that woman.
And the cops will be forcing
their way in here any minute now.
Since the cops are on their side too.
Do you want to be arrested, damn it?
Don't look at them.
There he is!
Get him!
Stop right there!
What's going on?
The cops set a trap.
I'll leave it to you. Thanks!
- What's with those guys?
- They're Park Kwan Soo's cronies.
A trap?
Geez, you bastards.
You do know that this is
an obstruction of justice, right?
Go ahead and arrest me, then.
The suspect has fled the scene.
Block the entrance.
Hey, secure the CCTV footage.
And show me your arrest warrant.
Though you probably don't have one since
you planned this and waited outside.
A warrant?
I don't need that.
The victim called us
and reported him for sexual assault.
Chief Joo! Look.
These two were on the same side.
Call the Central Office and report that
the cops conspired to kill a politician.
And send out the photo evidence too!
Yes, sir.
We lost them!
All right. I think the show is over now.
See you next time, then.
Oh man, that was a close one!
Wow, thanks.
No problem, sir.
No, really. If it hadn't been for you,
I would've been in big trouble.
Yes, I'm sure.
But, um, where are we headed?
To meet with your daughter.
Stop the car.
Stop the car, damn it!
If you don't want to
freaking see her
If you don't want to see her,
go and tell her that to her face.
Instead of giving
a young woman false hopes.
Who ordered you
to do something like this?
I'm not the type to do something
like this because I'm told to.
This bastard!
Do you think you'll be okay
after doing something like this?
You know, dogs
even have a sense of duty to protect
puppies that they've taken in.
And here, you have a child.
Shouldn't you supervise her, at the very
least, if she's such an inconvenience?
You impudent little punk!
How dare you--
Do you
know where I found
Anna today?
Dream Land.
Do you remember now?
Do you know
what she said when I found her?
He's not mad that I suddenly
appeared out of nowhere?
She was worrying about you.
But now I know the truth.
That the bad person who'd been
bothering my dad so much
was me all along.
She ate strawberries?
She has a severe allergy,
so if she eats them--
Yes, that's right!
That's right.
She she could die.
didn't try to commit suicide
because she hates you, I think.
It's because she realized that she's
a burdensome existence in your life
and tried to disappear quietly.
That's probably why she ate it.
If you really did all this
just for Anna's sake
promise me this.
That you'll protect her
until the very end.
If you do,
I'll meet with her.
I promise.
Yes, Chief?
Hey! Why haven't you
been picking up?
Where are you right now?
I asked you where you are, punk!
It's me, Chief Joo.
Geez. You're going to blow out
my eardrums at this rate.
I apologize, Assemblyman.
I'm at JSS Headquarters right now.
Come here to pick me up.
Yes, sir.
The reason why I didn't meet
Anna for all this time
is because me seeing her
puts her in danger.
I've sold my soul to the devil
for the sake of my own greed.
And due to that, I've lost
my morals and the people I love.
But this thing called greed
doesn't come with brakes.
I need to speed up even more in order
to escape Choi Yoo Jin's clutches.
Anna is a hostage.
I can only save her if I gain
the ultimate amount of power.
If I turn back now, Choi Yoo Jin will
deem Anna useless as a hostage.
And if that happens,
Anna will be in danger.
If I meet with Anna
and say even one wrong thing
Choi Yoo Jin will realize
what I'm trying to do
and hide Anna where
I can never find her.
That's why the fact that Anna is in Korea
now feels like a death sentence to me.
And that's why you shouldn't
have brought me here.
But there's no use in
crying over spilled milk.
You better keep your promise.
I'm begging you.
All right. Let's go.
To make my poor daughter even sadder.
What's going on, Assemblyman?
I heard that Anna is here right now.
Oh, yes.
Assemblyman Jang is going
to the infirmary?
All right.
Show me the CCTV feed from
the room that Anna is in.
Anna. Your dad is here.
Is she asleep?
Um, no. Not yet.
Oh no.
I guess Anna is mad at me, then.
Geez. I'm sorry, Anna.
I was so busy up until now.
What kind of illness does she have,
though? Why is she still here?
Well, she ate strawberry
ice cream, and--
Strawberry ice cream?
Well, so what?
Well, um, Young Miss
has a strawberry allergy, so
What? She's allergic to strawberries?
Oh no.
You should've been careful!
Why did you feed her such a thing?
Anna did it hurt a lot, honey?
He's her dad, and yet he didn't
even know about her allergy?
Can all of you leave?
I want to talk to her alone.
Yes, sir.
Nobody is here now.
So let's talk a bit with Daddy, okay?
That's right.
Yes, Anna.
Oh, my daughter.
I'm sorry, Anna.
I missed you so much, Dad!
Oh, yes.
Yes, I missed you too, Anna.
All right, let's look here.
Oh my.
Looks my daughter is
all grown up now.
You could probably even
get married now.
Yes, Anna.
Wait just a bit longer.
When I become president,
I'll choose a fine guy for you.
You'll be able to go on dates
and meet up with friends.
You'll have a fun life.
And when the time comes,
I'll let you get married.
So you don't need to
worry about anything anymore.
Dad, please listen to me.
Mom didn't commit suicide.
I remembered everything that
happened that night.
When I'd gone into Mom's room,
she was already passed out.
And someone covered my eyes
so that I couldn't see who they were
and my mouth too.
All of that is in the past now.
You must forget about it now.
It's true, Dad!
And that woman came in.
Choi Yoo Jin definitely killed Mom.
You shouldn't just
say things like that.
Don't ever say anything
like that ever again.
If anyone hears you say that,
it'll just get in my way
and it'll be bad for you too.
You're just imagining all that
because you experienced something
traumatizing at a young age.
No, Dad.
Mom cried a lot that day, so
I did give her that medicine, but--
Are you really going
to be like this?
Are you doing this because you
want to see your dad fail?
If you say anything like that again,
I'll never see you again.
Are you okay with that?
Yes. You're a good girl.
Yes. That's how you should be.
I'm sorry, Anna.
Wait just a bit longer, please.
There's something that
I want to ask you, Dad.
Yes? What is it?
Did you love Mom?
Of course I did.
That's why you were born.
And did Mom really use
me to blackmail you?
Choi Yoo Jin.
You devil.
Is that why you threw
me and Mom away?
Those are adult matters.
I'm an adult now too.
And I want to know.
None of that matters anymore.
You said you loved Mom, though.
But Mom died!
And I was forced to go abroad, but
you didn't even come to look for me!
So why is that meaningless?
Your dad is someone who's doing
important things for this country.
And when you do
important things like I do
matters that are less significant
fall to the wayside.
So it was true.
What do you mean?
I'm sure you thought that
you were all your dad had left
but you don't mean that much to him.
You're just a small, burdensome
fragment of his past.
What Choi Yoo Jin
told me was true.
It's a vana ilusión
(futile dream).
Yes, I'm sure you must
be quite tired today.
It'd be best for you
to get some sleep.
Also, don't think about
unnecessary things anymore
and keep yourself healthy.
I I'll come by
often from now on.
To think that I hinged
my fate on scum like you.
Please investigate him
in a strict, impartial way.
I'll have to pull out the blade first.
Why did you bring Dad here?
Because I don't want you to die.
Standing by as close to
the target as possible.
My father is
Anna is in your hands now.
I'll protect you from now on.
I'll make it so that nobody will ever
be able to touch you again.
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