The K2 (2016) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

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for viewers ages 15 and up.
Episode 8
Oh, yes?
- Yes?
- Please go back to the hidden home.
Oh, no. How could I do that?
It's fine. She'll be back home
this afternoon anyway.
So please head there first
and prepare things for Anna.
Yes, Madam.
I think that'd be best.
Let's head back.
You too?
No, you stay here!
No, it's fine.
I'll stay here.
There are tons of people
who need you, Madam.
Yeah. Tons.
Let's go.
You idiot. Still haven't come
to your senses, have you?
All right then. I'll head back
and get things ready.
Keep up the good work.
You'll be going back to
the hidden home this afternoon.
So let me know before then
if you need anything.
You don't need anything?
All right then.
That's fine too.
Why did you bring Dad here?
Because I don't want you to die.
Why do you care if I die or not?
Do you know how many people are
worried sick because of you?
Worried sick?
You're right. Sorry.
For making terrible
people like you worry.
Fine. We're bad people.
We're bad people who have
confined you and watch over you.
But, you know
I'd like it if you recognized our
efforts to keep you protected too!
You call making me ramen
and giving me ice cream
while pretending to be
like my dad "protection"?
Get out.
Looks like I made a stupid
promise to your dad.
Um, we're here, Madam.
Just how the hell are you
running your business?
We apologize.
This was all due to my shortcomings.
I'll take full responsibility.
Take responsibility?
I'll resign.
You don't know what that means?
Do you know what that
even entails at this point?
I'll follow your will.
Fine. And what about those assholes?
They've taken them in and are
pretending to investigate, but
Well, um, the guys who tried to kill the
assemblyman broke through our defense
and the woman with them said she'd sue
the assemblyman for sexual assault
and she wanted
a cross-examination to be done, so
Fine. Let her have her dignity.
I'll take care of her
after she's released.
Chief Kim.
You must make that bodyguard who
betrayed us disappear no matter what.
That's the only way that we'll
never have this happen again.
Chase him to the ends
of the earth if you must.
Yes, Madam.
I'll do as you command.
Park Kwan Soo.
I demand the prosecution
start a strict investigation right away
on the International Finance Group!
Don't worry.
Jang Se Joon is just
putting on a show here.
Because if he touches us, he'll also--
Excuse me!
You can't go in!
We're arresting you on the charges
of breaking laws through the IFG
and keeping slush funds.
You have the right to remain silent
and anything you say can and will
be used against you in a court of law.
Furthermore, you have
the right to an attorney.
Let us go.
No way.
We will now be performing a search and
seizure, and my warrant is right here.
Put your hands down, everyone.
Hey, you!
Hands down!
We're in the middle of our duty here!
Please say something,
Assemblyman Jang!
Do you believe you'll escape from
this investigation unscathed?
Everyone. You're all working so
hard despite it being so early.
I will undergo a fair investigation
and put your minds at ease.
Please say one more thing, sir!
Please come this way.
Oh, by the way.
We're not here to force them to
undergo a search and seizure.
We're just here on a business trip
to the assemblyman's place
who is cooperating with us
for this active investigation
so mind your manners,
all of you.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Oh, you're all here!
Oh, Madam.
I sincerely apologize
for being an inconvenience.
No, not at all!
You're just doing your job, after all.
Please, come in.
We've put together
everything we could.
And if you need anything else,
please feel free to let us know.
Oh, you didn't need
to do our job for us!
Oh, yes.
Have you all had breakfast?
I've prepared some simple
sandwiches in the dining room.
I've made quite a lot, so please eat
to your heart's content while working.
Oh, thank you!
What are you all doing?
Go and grab some sandwiches.
Madam is renowned
for her cooking skills.
Know that it is an honor to
be allowed to taste her food.
Oh, you're making me blush.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
This way.
I've prepared something for
you in my study. Let us go.
Shall we, then?
Wow. Your study is so
refined, just like you.
Really? Thank you.
Please, have some.
Yes, thank you.
Is the investigation of the
International Finance Group going well?
Oh my.
Well, I know that
they're your relatives
but my higher-ups are intent on doing
a thorough investigation on them
so there's nothing I can do for you.
Please investigate them
in a strict, impartial way.
And think of your
higher-ups' will as my own.
Oh yes, I understand.
I'll do my very best.
The person you're trying
to reach is unavailable.
You still can't reach
the Chief Secretary?
This is just like Choi Yoo Jin.
Sir, this isn't
the time to be laughing.
What else could I do but laugh
at this point?
She has her uncle by
the neck, so we--
She can do that since her uncle
is a small fish compared to us.
But if she touches me
or my son-in-law Chairman Choi
it'll be the same thing as her saying
that she'll give up on the election.
I mean, what money do they have to fund
their presidential campaign otherwise?
She can't touch us.
She's such a cruel woman and will do
whatever it takes to get her way.
We still have time now
but if we don't find a stable ally
by the time they enter the Blue House
we could very well be in danger.
The International Finance Group is
facing six official charges of corruption
and will be undergoing
a very strict investigation.
The prosecutors are now currently
at the home of Assemblyman Jang
the no-party presidential candidate
who called for the investigation
to investigate him as well.
This case may prove to shed a lot of
light on the current state of politics.
Now, our next story.
The people at IFG
are all our sponsors.
What about those on the inside?
It's okay.
Go ahead.
Among our allies there are Assemblyman
Kim, Assembly Heo, and Assemblyman Song.
It's clear this investigation is being
carried out due to someone's command.
Wow. I was expecting this,
but it still stings a lot.
I believe this will cause the other
assemblymen on our side to be shaken up.
Can you leave for a bit?
Yes, sir. Please let me know when
you're done with your discussion.
Min Chul.
Do you think that Jang Se Joon
is just fated to have a long life?
Or are we just seriously unlucky?
I apologize, sir, but
I think that they have
an exceptional person on their side.
An exceptional person?
The one who targeted you
last time, sir.
Oh, you mean at
the revolving door?
- Prosecutor!
- Please say something!
Out of the way!
Are you going to be like this,
Chancellor Park?
Sir, please don't be like this to
a person like me who has no power
and try to resolve things with
people who are higher up than I am.
Chancellor Park!
You need to properly
rethink your decision
especially when it'll be a while
until you have your tenure!
Has your greed for money
made you blind?
Of course not, sir.
I just want everything to be
resolved rationally. That's all.
Is that you, Chief Kim,
who just coughed?
I knew it.
I knew it.
So you can wait until you receive
more commands at least, right?
Well, it's not like there's a new
investigation that needs to be done.
Anyway, within the next three days.
It'll be best for you to not touch us
assemblymen for that time, then. Okay?
I'm going to be the one to
issue the next command, damn it!
These punks.
How did the police investigation go?
Well, um
they said that it'll be hard to
indict Jang Se Joon of anything.
You blubbering fool!
I apologize, sir.
No, no. I can't just
leave things like this.
I planned to save my trump card for later
but I guess I'll have to use it now.
Based on all the current info, I'm sure
the Angel appeared in Seochon too.
Seochon? Oh my god!
That's my neighborhood!
Many people saw her in
the Dream Forest too.
Focus and contact me if you see her.
What about Busan?
Based on the photo evidence,
there's zero percent chance of that.
I see.
- Please enjoy.
- Thank you.
What about Naegok-dong?
You're the only one who said
you saw her there. Give up, OP.
I definitely saw her there, though.
It seems that a photo of her was
exposed to the public yesterday.
Where is Anna right now?
She's returning to the hidden house.
What should we do?
I think it's time that
you made a decision, Madam.
Fine. Sure.
We're bad people.
We're bad people who have
confined you and watch over you.
But, you know
I'd like it if you acknowledged
our efforts to protect you too!
Wake up, Anna!
What promise?
What kind of promise
did you make?
Geez. I'm not deaf, thanks!
And sit properly!
That's dangerous!
Your dad asked me to protect you.
And I promised him that I would.
Oh. So it was nothing.
Anyway, I did make a promise,
so I'll protect you from now on.
I'll make sure that nobody
will ever be able to touch you again.
Even if that may be
Choi Yoo Jin.
- Nobody asked you to.
- Yeah, you're right.
Even if your dad made such a request
of me, you're a grown adult now.
If you don't want me to,
I'll stop guarding you.
So if you don't want me guarding you,
let me know as soon as possible.
Got that?
What are you staring
so intently at?
You know Lafelt's Angel?
I think she's Korean.
She does look a little bit like her.
But I don't think these speculations
are good enough for an article.
- I know, right?
- Yeah.
Keep up the good work.
For listening to Dad's request.
And for bringing him to me and helping
me confirm that he threw us away--
Stop being such a whiny crybaby!
Your dad didn't throw you away.
You don't know anything!
My dad threw us away!
He didn't show up when my mom died
or when I got dragged off to Spain!
You're right! Your dad is a terrible
person! A terrible politician!
But if your dad had really
thrown you away
you wouldn't even be alive right now.
Because Choi Yoo Jin never
hinges her fate on uncertainties.
That's why you need
to grow up now too.
If you want to survive after taking
on a foe like Choi Yoo Jin, that is.
Huh? This bastard!
Hey, where's Reporter Park?
He's dead if I catch him!
Hurry up and get out here!
How could you steal this story
from me? You're so damn petty!
- I'll be back, then!
- Okay. Be careful!
I will.
- Get back in.
- Why?
Hey. Who are you? Huh?
Um I'm sorry.
Such is Anna's plight.
It's better to leave her to die than to
expose her existence to the world.
I'm not sure if Choi Yoo Jin will let her
live if she continues acting like this.
What's the matter?
Who was that just now?
All right. Ice.
What is this?
You don't know this game?
When I say "ice," you have to freeze,
and when I say "ding," you can move.
Freeze and go!
All right. Ding.
Good job.
Okay, next.
- Sit.
- What?
Like this?
How obedient.
Good job.
What was that?
Just teasing you.
Ice. Ice!
I'm begging you, Master.
Yeah. I've lived
long enough, anyway.
Oh, hello? This is
the entertainment department, right?
I'm calling about
the Barcelona Angel.
I know who she is.
Yes, of course.
I'm telling you, I do!
What would I have to gain
by lying to you people?
Yes, her name is Anna! She's the daughter
of Ume Hye Rin, the movie star!
I'm positive!
Who am I, you ask?
Oh, I'm Master S--
wait a minute!
It's not proper manners
to ask things like that!
Bye! I'm going to call a different
newspaper then! I'm busy!
You're still going to say that
she's not in Naegok-dong? LOL!
- Whoa!
- You found her!
- That's 100 percent her!
- Wow!
- It's Naegok-dong!
- Tell us where that is, OP!
The address is Naegok-dong 3589-1.
Hurry over! You can meet her if you do!
On my way now!
Put the address of
this place online too.
If you gather a bunch of people in
front of the house within an hour
I'll let you take a photo with her.
Got that?
Another article, Madam.
And the netizens found the address too--
Move Anna now!
Well, the netizens and reporters are
surrounding the house already.
Listen carefully to what
I'm about to tell you now.
- Hello?
- Yes, Madam?
- Where are you right now?
- Heading to Anna, ma'am.
You know what you need to do, right?
Yes, of course. We'll have
to shut their mouths first.
That's right.
Don't fail me now.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, yes.
- But, um, Madam.
- Yes?
I need to receive permission
from you to do something first.
What is it?
I'll decide after assessing
the situation on the scene
but just in case
Just in case what?
If Anna is exposed to the public,
wouldn't it be best
to deal with the situation first
and report back to you after?
Are you joking right now?
It's much easier to kill and dispose
of a corpse than to silence someone!
Yes, I understand.
But I don't think that Assemblyman
Jang will feel the same way.
Call the captain of the offensive force.
Are you trying to make
a deal with me right now?
Oh, I'd never dream of it!
I'm just reluctant to touch someone
who's the future president's daughter.
So I'm just a bit scared, is all.
Yes, Chief?
He's next to me right now.
I understand.
I'll stand by.
The person you should be
fearing right now is me.
Oh, oh of course!
I'd do anything for you, Madam!
Let's talk about the details
at the scene. I'm heading there now.
At ease.
- Let's go.
- Yes, ma'am.
Yeah, the address is
Naegok-dong 3589-1.
Find out who the real
owner of this house is.
Also, look into her relationship
with Ume Hye Rin.
What do we do, Chief?
What do you mean?
Lock the doors and wait quietly!
Hello? Hello?
Yes, Chief?
President Gook is on
his way there now.
And he's bringing
the offensive team too.
Assemblyman Jang is
at the prosecutor's office
and I can't move either.
Be careful.
Anna's fate is in your hands now.
I think we'll need to block
the media outlets first.
If Anna looks like she's about
to say anything about her dad
you must kill her.
Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
We'll be there soon.
Make sure to take your designated
places quickly when you get out.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Stand by as close to
the target as possible.
In case our long-distance maneuvers fail,
it'll be up to you to take her out.
After taking care of her, flee
the scene quickly and stand by at BT.
Yes, sir.
Even if you people get caught,
you and I don't know each other.
You know that, right?
Yes, sir.
All right, get up.
It's time.
Hey, don't worry.
You can do it.
- Oh, she's coming out!
- She's coming out!
No, it's not me!
- Are you serious?
- It's not me!
Young Miss will be out soon!
But I have something to ask
you all, which is why I came out.
You can take photos, but you must
not take any flash photography.
Young Miss really hates that.
You understand, right?
- Yes!
- Yes!
Yes, thank you.
Please don't use flashes!
Thank you!
- Yes!
- Yes!
Station One.
- Young Miss?
- Yes?
It's your turn now.
Be strong!
Locked onto the target.
At the ready.
Oh, it's the Angel!
- Whoa!
- It's the Angel!
- Over here!
- Look over here!
- Please look here!
- No, here!
I love you!
All right! Shush! Shush!
Shush! Shush!
Hello. I'm the daughter of
the late movie star Ume Hye Rin.
My name is Go Anna.
Her voice is heavenly!
Are you the Angel of Barcelona?
I'm not an angel.
But it's true that
I was in Barcelona.
- Not an angel? A goddess, then!
- It's really her!
What's your nationality?
Oh, and who's your father?
Shoot her!
What are you doing?
Shoot, damn it!
I'm Korean.
And as for my father
My father
is the deceased director,
Go Joon Ho.
- Whoa!
- Wow!
What are you playing at?
Who knows? I'm sure
you'll soon find out, though.
What are you doing?
Don't use flashes!
- Stop it!
- That's messed up!
- Stop it!
- Turn that off!
- Please, stop it!
- Stop it, lady!
Young Miss!
Young Miss!
Anna! Anna!
Wake up, Anna!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Please, stop it!
My child is sick!
Are you okay, Anna?
Those two didn't do
anything wrong.
I put them up both to it.
Yes, Madam.
We thought it was your command--
Shut your damn mouth!
Why did you do such a thing?
Isn't this better than having her being
killed in front of tons of people?
So why didn't you report that first?
If I'd gotten her killed,
it would've been more of a headache.
Yeah, you're right.
You took care of things well today.
Good work.
Madam. He's clearly lying.
You mustn't fall for his trickery.
It's fine. I could just kill her
tomorrow if I really wanted to.
Isn't that right?
You two worked hard too.
Thank you, Madam.
Thank you.
Can you leave now?
I have to talk
to him privately.
You've been through
quite a lot the past few days.
You saved Assemblyman Jang
from Park Kwan Soo's clutches
and saved Anna from me.
But, you know
are you just going to keep on
picking up after little girls?
Have you completely given up on
getting revenge for Raniya?
Our opponents have
drawn their blades
so I want to pull the trigger now.
Madam, that man is lying.
They definitely planned this--
- I know!
- What?
Are you an idiot?
Why were you trying to
start an argument there?
Can't you tell the difference by now
between me pretending to be tricked
and actually being tricked?
Anna has the knife
in her hand now.
The Barcelona Angel
made famous via social media by renowned
foreign fashion designer Jean-Paul Lafelt
has been revealed to be a Korean person,
and has garnered much interest.
It has been revealed that
Ms. Go Anna is the daughter
of the late movie director Go Joon Ho
and actress Ume Hye Rin.
Due to this, she has garnered
a special amount of attention.
- Furthermore, Ms. Go Anna
- Anna?
Assemblyman Jang's wife,
Choi Yoo Jin, is her guardian.
Many are curious about
the relationship between these two.
- Way to go.
- Now for our next story.
Oh oh my!
What are you doing here?
Um, nothing much.
Doesn't that hurt?
Um, no.
It doesn't hurt.
I'm sure you got injured.
Are you really okay?
Um, yep.
Totally fine.
Hey, why are you doing such
dangerous things like being here
Don't go.
Stay a while.
Don't stand. It'll be super dangerous
if you fall from here.
It'll be dangerous if you trip too.
Look, you tripped
and broke these tiles.
Hey, it's not dangerous!
Like, not at all. Sheesh.
- It hurts, doesn't it?
- No.
For everything.
Absolutely everything.
For what you did at the Barcelona
train station and for the ramen.
And the ice cream.
And for bringing Dad to me.
And for before.
And for now, too.
Well, that's well
of course
of course you should
be thankful. Yep.
You should be thankful.
Your life will be quite
different from now on.
Because you've attracted
the interest of so many people now.
You'll be able to go anywhere you want
and do whatever you want.
And if you want to be alone
nobody will be able
to bother you.
But, you know
you can't be alone.
The moment that you break
free from people's midst
you'll die.
The only reason why you were
allowed to live up until now
was because Choi Yoo Jin didn't
need to be wary of you.
But the situation's done
a complete 180 now.
You've become Choi Yoo Jin's
greatest weakness now.
You could destroy her world
with a single word.
She may act nicely toward you now,
but when people lose interest in you
Choi Yoo Jin will be watching
and waiting for that moment.
What if I tell the world that
Jang Se Joon is my father first?
You'll be a child who
destroyed her dad's life.
Are you okay with that?
I get it now.
That's why my mom died too.
Because she was afraid that
my father, a politician,
would be ruined because of her.
All Mom wanted on the day
she died was for Dad to come.
Like an idiot.
My dad was supposed
to come that day, but
Dad never showed up.
And Mom began drinking.
Just like she always did on nights that
my dad didn't come when he promised to.
Hey, Jang Se Joon.
You said you'd come.
You said you'd come today.
That's right.
He never had any intention of
coming with us to America.
Who cares about some politician gig?
What's so great about it?
I'm going to let
the whole world know now.
I have no interest in politics!
However, she couldn't, in the end.
I really hated seeing
my mom drink.
The smell of alcohol, sweat,
and tears would radiate off her.
And seeing her come into my room, take
me into her arms, and cry, was, well
It'd make me think, "This is why
Dad doesn't want to come."
Oh oh yeah.
My Anna.
I have my Anna, don't I?
[Sleeping Aid]
My daughter.
Come to Mommy.
But I didn't go to her.
Do you hate Mommy?
You reek of alcohol.
I'm sorry.
But Mommy is so sad right now.
It's because Mommy
is so sad, honey.
Mommy is so sad, Anna.
Can you hug Mommy tight?
I didn't hug her.
On that day, I just
I thought that Mom
that she was just spouting nonsense
because she was drunk as always.
I'm so sorry, Mom!
Mom! Mom!
I'm sorry, Mom!
It's okay.
You were just young
back then. That's all.
You were just so young.
It's all right.
It's okay.
No. I was so mean to her.
If I think about what
what I did next, I
Here, Mom.
Have some of these.
You don't like to see Mommy
cry, do you, Anna?
So, do you want me to sleep
for a long, long time?
I don't want to see you cry.
I want you to sleep without waking up.
Mommy wants to sleep
a long, long time, too.
Mom. Take some
of these and sleep.
And when Daddy gets here,
I'll wake you up.
When Daddy is here?
Looks like Mommy will have to sleep
for a really long time, then.
I I'm the one
I killed my mom!
I'm sorry!
If I'd known that was
the last time I'd see my mom, then
I'm sorry, Mom!
Sir, the Chief of Police is here.
Send him in.
Did you call me, sir?
- Sit.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Well, you're looking well.
Well, it's always
thanks to you, sir.
Looks like you feel relieved
because you're confident in the
people who have your back.
Excuse me?
What do you mean by that, sir?
You're on both my side and
Assemblyman Jang's side, after all.
N-no, sir! You know that
I'm only loyal to you, sir!
Whatever. Did you bring
what I asked you for?
Yes, sir.
Here it is.
He's going by the name
"Kim Je Ha" right now
but he was a mercenary in Iraq
and fled after killing a refugee.
Interpol has him on
their wanted list too.
And wow, he's a really
dangerous person!
Iraq? Blackstone?
Why, I never!
I can't believe this!
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