The K2 (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
Hey, don't worry.
You can do it.
Wait, so
do you think she was only
pretending to have sociophobia?
She probably just
didn't want to see us.
And it's completely understandable.
Then she probably remembers
everything I ever did to her
and all the crap I said
about her behind her back.
That's why I've been telling
you to speak less crassly.
I mean, who knew that
a day like this would come?
Good morning!
Oh my--
Good morning!
Um, Young Miss.
Oh my. Is something
the matter, Young Miss?
Is it okay if I have
breakfast with you all?
I'm hungry.
Yes, ma'am.
Wait, what?
Oh, of course you can!
Of course! Yes!
Um, I'll come back downstairs
after I wash up.
What is it?
You eat so well, and yet
I've never seen you eat all this time.
I feel like the food tastes even better
because we're all eating together.
It'd be nice if we all ate together
every morning, just like this.
Yes, Young Miss.
Mi Ran.
Are you talking to me, Miss?
I'm sorry.
Huh? Um, why?
Um, what is it?
I I didn't even say anything.
I didn't consider the fact that
things were hard for you too
since I was thinking only
of myself this whole time.
Also, thank you.
For saving me yesterday.
Well, that's um
I'll make sure that no harm comes
your way because of me
and that you can leave this place.
I'm sure that Choi Yoo Jin will
allow me that at the very least now.
Um, is is all right if I say
something, Young Miss?
I'm sorry, but none of
us can leave this place.
Even if we wanted to.
Don't mess with Madam.
You'll die by my hand if you do.
Is it "needless sympathy"
this time around too?
I'm not sure.
It may or may not be.
You didn't come here to look
after some little kid, did you?
And I didn't come here to
just sit and watch while
you stopped an ambulance from reaching
a girl who was this close to dying.
Oh, did something like that happen?
Think long and hard about why
I want to kill Park Kwan Soo.
Killing someone for interpreting
a top-secret conversation
or trying to kill a banner-hanger
for stumbling across a private scene
aren't really that different at all.
Oh yeah. And to make matters worse,
you tried to kill innocent elderly people
in case that banner-hanger leaked some
info that they shouldn't know, right?
Listen. You people are
all the same as Park Kwan Soo.
You know that?
And I don't want to have another
person end up like Raniya.
I see.
is like another Raniya to you, eh?
I guess it's understandable
that you feel that way.
Anna must be so happy.
All right, then.
What good would it do me to argue with
you about these things any further?
We have things to do, after all.
We have to get
Park Kwan Soo.
But, you know
If all the wrongdoers in
the world are Park Kwan Soos
and all the victims in
this world are Raniyas
then I was a Raniya too, wasn't I?
And my father was
a Park Kwan Soo.
And Jang Se Joon
probably also
made me into a Raniya, too.
A wolf isn't evil just
because it devours sheep.
Wolves were meant to eat sheep.
the children of wolves
become wolves themselves.
That includes Anna.
She wasn't the child of
a sheep, you know.
Mirror has been tirelessly working so
hard while we were busy with Anna.
I asked you what you meant by that.
It means that we'll also die
if something happens to you.
What do you mean by that?
Who said that?
That's what Chief told me
before I came here.
All the people besides us who know
about Young Miss's real identity
will be disposed of later on.
In other words
it wasn't just a mere
oil-related deal.
There's definitely
something else besides that.
And that's why they searched
for a special interpreter
who could speak not English or
Arabic, but Korean and Kumari.
For the sake of absolute privacy.
And unfortunately, that just
happened to be Raniya.
All we need to do now is to find
solid evidence to substantiate this.
Wait, how can you be sure
that such evidence exists?
He could've done away
with it by now.
Bad guys always keep their receipts
when it comes to making deals.
Because it provides them with
protection when they're in danger.
Choi Yoo Jin is the devil.
She's used us all this time
for her whims, and now
she'll just do away with us?
And you were like, "Madam,
Madam!" not too long ago too.
So make sure you properly
protect Anna from now on.
That's the only way
that we'll survive.
Also, you heard what
Sung Gyu said, right?
If the assemblyman really
becomes president
then we'll totally
- Become his highly valued vassals?
- Yeah!
Highly valued vassals, huh?
You're right.
So that's how it is, huh?
All right. I've made my decision.
Until the end, I'm totally going to--
Mi Ran.
Hey. She's calling you.
Yes, Young Miss?
Wait, so
if I bring that evidence to you
Park Kwan Soo will lose his
chance at the presidency?
That's exactly right.
I feel like you've
misunderstood something.
I have absolutely no interest
in politics and such.
- The reason why I became your ally is--
- To kill Park Kwan Soo.
To avenge Raniya.
This is the best way to do just that.
- She's here!
- Oh my gosh!
It's okay, Young Miss.
They're all your fans.
Be strong.
You were so good yesterday, too.
You can do it.
Just a moment!
Excuse us!
- We love you!
- Can we have your autograph?
Please get in, Young Miss.
I don't have an autograph
but would you like to take
a photo with me?
- Yes!
- Yes!
- Me! Me!
- Me too!
Please line up, then!
I'll take the photo now.
One, two, three!
One more time.
One, two, three!
Do you know what death is
for a politician?
To them, a true death is no longer
being able to participate in politics.
They have the ability to
dream taken from them.
No thanks. I have no interest in
giving him that kind of death.
Got that?
I just want to make Park Kwan Soo
regret killing Raniya.
And have him die
by my hand.
A man with dreams
doesn't fear death.
He's dreamed of being
president for his entire life.
And then, one day, he dies by
your hand out of the blue.
Wouldn't that be a bit strange?
You call that revenge?
We have to wake him up from
that sweet dream of his first.
And we have to obliterate him so that
he can never have another dream again.
And at the final moment,
you can offer him a rope.
If you do, he'll hang
himself of his own accord.
All while bitterly regretting
having killed Raniya.
A bullet isn't the only thing that
can kill a person, you know.
We came to get some medication.
Our Young Miss is having trouble
sleeping nowadays, you see.
I'm all done here.
What the hell are you doing?
Get the hell up and apologize!
Scram! Get out!
Young Miss.
I'm the last pure martial artist
master remaining in this era, probably.
I'm a master of martial arts.
Wing Chun's successor.
My name is Master Song Young Choon.
What about you, fair maiden?
Our Young Miss here is
the famous Angel of--
Yeah, yeah. I know.
Young Miss. Would you like to learn
some self-defense from me?
Oh, stop it!
Leave already!
- But--
- Self-defense?
All right. I'll now begin Master Song's
special self-defense class for women.
Self-defense isn't anything much, really.
Let's say you're on the road
and run into a fellow like this one.
He has a nasty look
about him, doesn't he?
You think that you'd stand a chance
against him with brute force, Young Miss?
Okay, so. First thing
you do is look at him.
And when I do see?
He's staring right back at me.
With his eyes open,
all wide-like.
- Then you just want to--
- Ow!
Who cares if he's stronger?
He can't even see!
So now, taking him on
is a piece of cake.
Ow, ow!
That really hurts!
See? He says that it really hurts!
So even if a young lady
like you is really weak
all you have to do is push
their pinky finger back.
- Yes, sir.
- All right, last thing.
You know what this is, right?
If you grab him here
and kick there
If you kick him there,
it's game over.
You saw, right?
Self-defense is really easy.
All right. Let's have
you give it a try now.
- What?
- Come here.
Come on.
Oh yeah.
Ow. Ow, ow.
You, you.
Get out here.
All right, so a gruff-looking
guy is coming at you.
If he does, just do what
I showed you and--
Ow! Ow!
Hey! You punks!
Where the hell are you running?
Young Miss.
Those guys have no choice but to
do as their superiors tell them to do.
Quite pitiful, really.
So don't hate them too much, okay?
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
I want to try.
You be the bad guy, Master Song.
No, no. That won't be good for you.
Class is over. Over!
Hey, I was talking to you!
Where are you going? Huh?
Let's finish what we were doing!
Master Song!
Oh geez.
Niece. It's great to see you.
Um, who are you?
I'm your uncle.
You've grown up to be quite beautiful.
Anna. You've saved me.
Take care of yourself.
Don't worry. I won't die and I'll be
sure to keep delaying that email.
This isn't about that email.
Oh, Big Sis!
Wait here, all of you.
What are you doing?
I just came here
to see my niece.
She's my brother-in-law's daughter,
so of course she's my niece.
Why do you look so shocked, Big Sis?
What the hell are you
trying to pull here?
Oh, come on, Big Sis!
A refined person like yourself
shouldn't be speaking like that!
Speaking that way doesn't suit you!
Don't talk like that.
I'm going to go have something delicious
to eat with her around here.
Well, I'm off.
You can't.
I can't?
Then I'm going to go around
and tell everyone who she is.
Hey! Yeah, you.
Do you know who she is?
- She's my brother-in-law's--
- Hey!
Hey, I was just kidding, Big Sis!
You shouldn't be yelling like that
when it was just a joke.
Also, you're not in a position
to be bossing this girl around.
And Anna doesn't need your
permission to do anything.
Right, Anna?
No, I do need permission.
Is it okay if I follow this man?
I'll come with you, then.
Ms. Anna.
Yeah, that should be okay.
And everyone around here is
a watchdog for JSS, anyway.
Let's go.
Make sure
you keep a close eye on them.
Are you all right, Madam?
Not at all.
Get in.
We'll follow you there
if you tell us where you're headed.
No need. You get in the front.
Let's go to Sungdonghwa Hospital.
- A hospital?
- Yeah.
The food there is great.
Pitiful thing. You're ill and yet
you can't even go to a hospital.
are you trying to pull?
Hey. Communicate amongst
yourselves once in a while.
Didn't you hear from
the Medical Chief before?
She's sick, right?
The issue with her is psychological.
We don't know what she'll do next
in her current psychological state.
She needs to see
a psychologist sooner or later.
Do you want to eat
or go to the hospital, Anna?
Hey, Doc.
You can all go.
Have you been well?
Why are you here?
You're the same as ever, I see.
Oh, this is my friend and the head of
this hospital's psychiatric wing.
And this is my niece, Go Anna.
Um, hello.
I wanted Dr. Lee to examine my niece.
Take us to her, will you?
Dr. Lee is good, right?
You may be super shocked
when you meet the doctor.
You can come this way.
It's been a while, Ms. Anna.
You know me?
You don't remember me?
I'm sure you don't.
You were too young
and had been traumatized.
Don't be scared, Anna.
Your name is Anna, right?
Anna. Can you tell me about
what happened yesterday?
Oh Doctor!
So you do remember me.
You've grown up to
be so beautiful.
I was really worried about you.
See? This is so much better than
just taking her to eat, right?
Your name is Kim Je Ha, right?
Let's chat for a bit, shall we?
Let me borrow a room.
Sure. Go ahead.
I'll leave you to keep watch
here for a bit, Ms. Mi Ran.
Yes, sir.
Don't be too impatient.
Psychological consultations and
testing usually take quite a bit of time.
I heard you're quite good at fighting.
What is it that you want
to say to me right now?
Join me.
Wait, no. Join Anna.
Instead of losing her too.
What do you mean by that?
I don't know why you've joined
forces with someone like Big Sis.
I'll do whatever she promised
to do for you. Okay?
What, you can't trust me?
Hey, I may be like this,
but I'm the chairman of a conglomerate!
I'm much more powerful than the president
who only has power for five years!
I feel like you won't even last five
years in the state you're in now.
That's true.
If Anna disappears, that is.
But Anna will choose me.
So protect her.
As one of my men.
I don't know.
Ask Anna later.
I'm sure she would've
decided by now, too.
J4. J4!
J4! J4!
This is K2!
Damn it!
Damn it!
Excuse me. Do you know where
Ms. Go Anna, who was just there, is now?
Oh, she finished getting
her check-up and left.
With that attendant person of hers.
What about Young Miss
and the chairman?
What? I thought you
all were together.
I can't get in touch
with Chairman Choi.
Search the chairman's office,
his home, and his vacation home!
Search every spot
where he may be.
let every single one of the JSS
agents at JB Group know about this.
Tell them that they'll be able to come
to Cloud Nine if they catch the chairman.
Yes, Madam.
But Madam, your hand--
Hurry up and let
those agents know!
Yes, Madam.
We'll be carrying out an emergency
security measure for a short while.
Please do as we say.
What? The house too?
Why are you so surprised?
It's just as we expected.
Yoo Jin that insolent child.
How dare she barge into the house
where the late chairman lived?
Don't worry. It'll all go well
according to our plan.
Yeah, Chief Joo.
What? The license plate was fake too?
Damn it!
You all heard, right?
It's over for us if we can't find her!
But Chief Joo, still
He's the chairman of JB Group.
Is it okay for us to do this?
I'm a bit taken aback by
all this as well, sir.
But we need to get a grasp
of the situation first.
[Cancellation of
Bodyguard Contract With JSS]
Chairman Choi Sung Won has fired you
as the security company for JB Group.
As of now, we at Jinhan Group will be
taking care of guarding JB Group.
We'd like every JSS agent to leave now.
Oh me, oh my.
Looks like this is all torn up.
Hey, is that legible to you?
No, sir.
What? Fired?
What do they take us for?
So they took Anna with
a sorry excuse of a plan like this?
It's war.
Destroy them all.
How about you stop this now?
All right.
We've received orders from Madam Choi.
Found her!
This is HQ.
We found the car.
It's at a four-way intersection
near Janghamun road.
The car is currently parked.
K2 here.
Heading there now.
- What's this?
- Huh?
What's wrong with this thing?
Sir! Our CCTV feeds
have been cut off!
What? Hey, what's with
all these screens here?
Do something!
I believe that the police feed
has been cut off, sir.
Oh, damn it!
I'm so damn busy as it is!
Hey, it's me.
Our CCTV feeds have all been cut off!
What's going on here?
Oh, sir!
You can't do this anymore.
What? Hey!
What do you mean by that
all of a sudden?
Are you out of your damn mind?
You saying that you don't need your
"insurance policy" anymore? Huh?
Sir, I really have to choose
the right side here.
How about you take this chance to take
out an "insurance policy" with me?
What did you say?
Are you looking down on me?
Did Park Kwan Soo
put you up to this?
Come by soon, sir.
Let's have a drink and a nice chat.
Hey, get out here.
Get out, bastard.
Where is she?
The chairman wanted
me to give you this.
Where are you right now?
I'll send you
the location via text.
Make sure you come alone.
You'll be putting Anna
in danger otherwise.
Damn it!
We still haven't
That son of a bitch!
How dare he!
You're here?
Je Ha's here!
See? I told you he'd be
here around dinnertime.
Well? Go in!
Why'd you take so long to get here?
What are you doing? Sit.
You're making enough food, right?
This guy looks really hungry.
Yes, Chairman.
Welcome, Mr. Je Ha.
You were surprised, weren't you?
Oh, Mr. Je Ha!
- Welcome.
- You're here?
What are you doing? Sit down.
You tricked me.
It's K2, Madam.
Yeah? How did it go?
Yes, I've found her.
I'll hand the phone over
to Chairman Choi.
Yeah, Big Sis.
You were quite worried, weren't you?
I'll hang out with Anna
a bit longer before I go.
That's fine, right?
Why didn't you just
tell me that before?
Sorry. Geez.
Anna said that
she wanted to get some air.
Oh. I see.
Because you didn't bother
to tell me sooner
I almost went and killed your wife.
Big Sis.
Don't you know me?
If you keep nagging at me like
this, I really won't come.
But why is your father-in-law
acting like this again?
Oh, you mean the dismissal of JSS?
It's because he was worried
about me because of you!
How long are you going to keep on
receiving favors from your father-in-law?
If you keep doing that, he'll become
hungry to have JB for himself.
Don't worry about others
and curb your own greed.
I'm going to hang out with
Anna a bit longer. Okay, Big Sis?
Also, I told my father-in-law
to tell the Jinhan guys to back down.
I'm going to be entrusting my family's
personal security to Jinhan from now on.
My father-in-law is so worried
about his daughter, you see.
Okay? Bye.
Jinhan's agents are pulling
out of JB Group's HQ now.
Get our people out
of Sung Won's house.
Yes, Madam.
"Come alone.
Otherwise, Anna will be in danger."
You were surprised, weren't you?
Well, a little.
I was surprised too.
Uncle was so good at acting.
I've decided to just call
him that from now on.
Ah, I love this place!
About what you mentioned this morning
You said you heard that from
the chief right before you came.
So, does that mean that you
came willingly, knowing all that?
But why?
- Do you--
- Yes, that's right.
It was because of you,
Ms. Mi Ran.
I agreed to this
so that I could save you.
What kind of bullcrap is that!
What, did you not like it?
Guys are supposed to initiate
this kind of thing, you know.
So, are you planning
to stay here, then?
I'm thinking about it.
I don't want to go back to
that other house anyway.
I don't exactly have
another place to go either.
Do you trust Chairman Choi?
I'm not sure yet.
I think we're similar in that
we both hate Choi Yoo Jin.
Don't worry too much.
You're by my side, after all.
Hey, ow!
Try and catch me!
Hey, slow down, Ms. Mi Ran!
I'll kill you if I catch you, girl!
What is it?
Try and catch me too.
What do you mean?
Chase me too, like those two!
It looks like fun.
Hey, come on.
How does that look fun?
They look like crazy people!
Come on, try and catch me.
Here I go.
- You have to catch me.
- No!
I told you, I don't want to!
I can't!
What is that?
That looks so immature!
Ice. Ice.
Wait, okay?
You have to come and catch me, okay?
Ding? As if!
- I'm not going to do it!
- Come on, let's have fun!
It's fine to have fun, but
Catch me, okay? Ding!
Just go.
I'm not doing it.
So immature!
I told you, I'm not doing it!
- I told you, I'm not doing it!
- Ding!
I don't want to!
Why are we doing this?
Are those two dating?
Oh, no way, sir.
No, no.
They suit each other way too well.
That punk.
He's got nice looks, but
You seem like her real
uncle, acting like that.
I told you I decided that
I'm going to be her real uncle!
Thank you, Chairman,
for saving all of us too.
Of course!
You're Anna's family, after all!
You don't need to worry about
anything anymore.
Just be sure to take
good care of Anna, okay?
Yes, Chairman.
Is it really all right for us
to join you at the table, sir?
Yes! Come on, sit.
Come on.
Just take a seat already.
You sit too.
All right.
Let's make a toast.
Come on, everyone.
Get in here.
Cheers to Anna's dream.
All right, then.
- Cheers to Anna's dream!
- Cheers to Anna's dream!
What are you thinking about,
all by your lonesome?
I'm wondering what
your plan may be.
You know, things like that.
I'm kind of a simple-minded guy, you see
so I'm sure it'll be
easy for you to guess.
I'm wondering
what were you thinking
stealing Anna from Choi Yoo Jin.
You must've expected that
you'd be in some level of danger.
You saw at the funeral.
Big Sis is trying to steal JB from me.
And I'm doing my best to prevent that.
But then, Anna appeared,
saying "ta-da!"
And I know that she's my
brother-in-law's daughter.
So if Anna is by my side, Big Sis
won't be able to steal JB from me.
So this was all strategic, after all.
Well, duh!
I'm a businessman, after all.
Yeah. I'm a pretty
simple-minded person.
I just want Anna to stay healthy and
happy by my side, for a long, long time.
As my guardian angel.
Yes, Brother-in-Law?
Oh, I'm doing well.
Don't worry.
Well, they yes.
Why would anything be off?
She likes me too.
Don't worry. And, oh.
Her bodyguard is here too.
Yes, just a moment.
Don't mention any names.
There's definitely someone with him.
Here, take it.
Yes? It's me.
Yes, it's me. I heard
you've worked quite hard today.
You didn't forget your
promise to me, did you?
No, I haven't.
All right. Thanks.
I'll be out by tomorrow.
See you then.
Yes, all right. Bye.
You can leave now if you're busy.
No, no. I can't do that.
This is a serious investigation, so I
should stay here for three days at least.
Hey, Prosecutor Kim.
Take off your socks, man!
Why are you acting like you're at
someone else's house? Get comfortable.
Oh, Senior.
"Self-reflect before
you attack someone else."
I'll make sure I survive first
and then beat the crap out of you.
All right, then.
Have you made
your decision now?
Will you join me
or stay with my Big Sis?
I'm going to leave.
Only after I do everything
that I need to do, though.
Really? What a shame.
And here I thought you and Anna
suited each other quite well too.
But what is that thing
that you need to do anyway?
You'll find out later.
- Welcome, sir.
- Yes, hello.
I'm sorry I made you keep
the restaurant open so late.
Oh, it's fine.
Why weren't you more forceful
if you said you'd help him?
What could I do as his father-in-law
when he, the owner, says no?
"Everything and everyone
comes from nothing."
A company doesn't have
a permanent owner.
A customer can become
the owner, and vice versa.
Such is life.
Oh, is that how you use that adage?
Well, I'm not sure.
"That's just how I heard it."
Where are you going, Anna?
Oh, well I had a couple glasses of
wine, and my cheeks are so hot.
So I was going to get
some air near the ocean.
- The ocean?
- Yeah.
You can't. That's dangerous.
Come with me.
Why not? I told you
my face feels like it's on fire!
Hey, how hot could it possibly be--
Wow, that feels so nice and cool.
Ooh, that's nice.
You're right.
Your face is pretty hot.
Here, let me see.
Ooh, that's so nice and cool!
- It is?
- Yeah!
Who told you to drink
this much alcohol?
Ah, that's nice.
So nice and cool.
- Get over here.
- Ow! What? Why?
Wow. If I had just one more glass,
I would've needed to call a fire truck.
Well? Is it still hot?
- No, it's fine now.
- Okay.
Then give that back.
You could end up
catching a cold like that.
So you can use this again,
but later. Okay?
Wait, you have to head out again?
Yeah. I'm going to check
the area over one more time.
This place isn't as safe as
the secret house, after all.
So that means that there's really
no safe place for me anywhere, huh?
But that's okay.
Today was tons of fun.
What's this?
A walkie-talkie?
If you hear a weird noise,
or feel cold, or need anything
tell me right away with this.
It's faster than calling me.
Understood. Over.
Are you stupid? You need to
press this before talking.
- Like this.
- Oh!
Understood, K2.
Good job.
Ah. Ah.
Where are you? Over.
Living room.
You're not saying "over"? Over.
I'll say "over." Over.
The fire on my cheeks is
now fully extinguished. Over.
You don't need to speak
so formally like that. Over.
Really? I don't need to?
Where are you now? Over.
I'm behind the house. Over.
Aren't you scared by yourself? Over.
No, I'm not. Over.
Where are you now?
On the sofa in the living room.
So you're back now.
You're tired, right?
No, I'm fine. I can get some rest now
after the next guard takes over.
You must be tired.
Get some sleep.
Over and out.
Okay. Good night.
Je Ha.
I think I like you.
K2. Are you sleeping?
Why is he sleeping here,
of all places, like this?
Did you have a dream?
Yeah I-I think so.
- Um
- Yeah?
I was just going to put this over
you in case you got cold.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
No, I'm not cold at all. Oh.
- It's so hot.
- Oh.
The weather is so
I'll go back to my room.
Sure. Go.
I'll be going, then.
Okay. Good night.
Okay. Bye.
Damn it.
Damn it!
Damn it, I can't do it.
You're mine now, Kim Je Ha.
When will you return?
This is the police file
on your mom's case.
To you, Anna isn't a shield to
protect you from Choi Yoo Jin.
She's a sword that you're
using to attack Choi Yoo Jin.
We've invited Ms. Go Anna to
the studio as our surprise guest.
The chances of him
coming back alive are slim.
Please, I'm begging you.
If we stay together, we'll both die.
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