The K2 (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
This is Anna.
Come in, K2. Over.
This is K2.
Go ahead. Over.
I forgot to tell you.
Sleep tight. Over.
Oh, um, yeah. You did.
Good night. Over.
Kim Je Ha.
Good night.
Go Anna. Good night.
[Episode 10]
You've never experienced
skills like mine, I bet!
Because I definitely would've
become a makeup artist
if I hadn't become a bodyguard.
It's the first time
I've ever put on makeup.
I'm sure there are lots of other firsts
that you have yet to experience too.
What else should I try?
Getting your first kiss!
First kiss?
Yep, first kiss.
I've had my first kiss, though.
No, that was just mouth-to-mouth!
That's not a kiss!
Oh my gosh.
Honey, it's not a kiss just
because you lock lips, okay?
A kiss is well
I know what a kiss is, okay?
Have you ever kissed someone then?
Of course!
Tons of times!
Even yesterday, I--
When? With who?
Yesterday. Um.
Young Miss. I let you
have K2, you know!
"Let me have K2"?
Of course! It's only because
I let you have him.
If not, I would've seduced
the hell out of Kim Je Ha!
And devoured him whole!
All right. Stop smirking.
And toss away your innocent thoughts
mistaking mouth-to-mouth as a kiss, too.
I'll use this
to make your lips super kissable.
Where's K2?
Why are you doing things you've
never done before now, Young Miss?
You haven't seen him?
He left early this morning.
Oh, he went out?
Man. Well, all right.
I'll go and meet with Madam Choi
so she stops pursuing Anna.
Do you think that'll work?
Be careful, Mr. Je Ha.
What is this?
Kim Je Ha.
Did you see the photo?
Yeah, I did.
Mi Ran put makeup on me.
How does it look?
Well, you look pretty.
He said I look pretty!
See? I told you!
- Kim Je Ha?
- Yeah, I'm listening.
You're mine now.
Mi Ran told me that she's letting me
have you, so you're mine now.
You know what I mean by that, right?
What are you saying--
Fine, fine.
Do whatever you want.
So you have to be careful today
and not get hurt, okay?
All right.
What about Anna?
Does she like that place?
Well, that's a relief.
When is she coming back?
There are many people watching.
Mind your expression, Madam.
He's basically holding her hostage.
You have a live TV show
appearance today, Madam.
You must calm down.
This is the last interview
I'm doing regarding Anna.
Do whatever you can to stop
Anna's identity from being exposed.
Already on it, Madam.
She'll be forgotten about soon.
Anna is completely in
Chairman Choi's hands now, right?
I'm curious about what
Choi Sung Won's next step will be.
He said that he's trying to use Anna as
a shield against his sister's attacks.
That's a possibility.
Until the election, anyway.
But what if Assemblyman Jang emerges
as the winner of this election?
Will the president's wife let Anna remain
in Chairman Choi's hands then?
And do you think that
Chairman Choi is unaware of that?
Anna is not Chairman Choi's shield.
She's a powerful sword
that can be used against Madam.
Oh. Did you sleep okay?
What is it?
Did something bad happen?
Not exactly, but
I am worried about something.
And I'm not sure if I should
show this to you or not.
What is it?
But I think showing you this
is the right thing to do.
It's the police file
on your mother's case.
[Case Report on
Ume Hye Rin's Unnatural Death]
This is something we're more
curious about than anything else.
How did you become
Ms. Go Anna's guardian?
I was quite close to
Anna's mother, Ume Hye Rin.
I met her for the first time
before I was married
when I was working at JB Group, while
she was working as an ad model for JB.
Oh, so that's how it was!
After all, it's true that Ms. Ume
was also a top model for ads.
Yes. And due to that,
we grew close.
Later, she ended up meeting
Director Go Joon Ho
who worked on a film that
our company produced.
And got married too, right?
Oh. Then you were kind of like
a matchmaker for the couple.
Not exactly, but
it's true that those two
met because of me.
You just said "because."
Did you phrase it like that
because they ended up separating?
To be honest, I was in a lot
of emotional pain at the time
and was quite miserable.
I felt like it was bad of me to have
introduced them to each other too.
So that's why you ended up taking
Ms. Go Anna under your wing.
Oh, you're tearing up.
We'll continue after these messages
from our sponsors.
Um, commercial break!
Ji Yeon.
It would've been better to continue
since I was getting emotional
instead of cutting it off.
You think so?
My bad, Yoo Jin.
I'm sure you really had to
squeeze those tears out too.
Yoo Jin.
Were you really working at
JB at that time, though?
Weren't you studying abroad then?
I went back and forth a lot.
My brother-in-law was
working at JB around that time
but it seems that he doesn't
know anything about this.
What would mere employees know?
He was the president, though.
Ji Yeon.
We're just going by the script.
You know that, right?
Because of my son?
All right, we'll resume now!
My son's abroad now.
Will my kid end up being
separated from his mother
and be forced to wander
around alone for 10 years too?
We currently have
Madam Choi Yoo Jin here with us today.
So you two must have kept in touch
even after Ms. Ume came back from
America after her marriage fell apart.
Oh, um yes.
Yes, I did.
I saw her fall apart more and more
and it truly pained me
to see her like that.
And then, Ms. Ume sadly
ended her own life, correct?
If only I'd paid a bit
more attention to her
I may have been able to stop her
So that's how you came to take
care of the orphaned Ms. Anna?
But I guess you didn't know that
Mr. Lafelt had been searching for Anna.
Of course. I didn't know.
Are you sure that Ms. Ume
didn't know Mr. Lafelt?
Mr. Lafelt?
Of course not.
Right. Because you'd definitely
know about their friendship
since you were friends
with her for so long.
Of course.
It'd be so nice if Ms. Anna
were with us here today too.
Based on yesterday's news, it seemed
that she has some sort of disorder.
You said, "my child is ill," right?
She has a severe panic disorder.
And due to her having
suffered with that for so long
her sociophobia has
grown much worse as well.
Her symptoms must be severe, then.
Yes, a bit.
That's why she can't even
leave the house at all.
I see.
But you know, we're quite capable people!
And because of that, we invited Ms. Anna
to the studio as our surprise guest!
Ms. Go Anna?
Please come out.
You're joking, right?
Who knows?
Welcome, Ms. Anna.
Nice to see you, Ms. Anna.
We dimmed the lights.
Is the brightness okay with you now?
Yes. Thank you.
You were quite surprised,
weren't you, Madam?
You two should greet each other too.
Oh, yes.
You're here, honey?
Yes, lady.
Ms. Anna. Were you aware of the fact
that Mr. Lafelt was looking for you?
No, I didn't.
Then you weren't aware of what kind
of person Mr. Lafelt is either, right?
No, I was aware of
what kind of person he was.
My mother sometimes told me
about him when I was younger.
Was Ms. Ume Mr. Lafelt's fan?
No. She said he was one
of her closest friends from Paris.
But didn't you say that Ms. Ume
didn't know Mr. Lafelt at all, Madam?
Oh, um, yes.
Oh, yes. While we're on the subject
we have a video letter from
a shocking person for Ms. Anna.
You're curious about it, aren't you?
Let's take a look, then.
Hello, my angel!
You know who I am, right?
It's Jean-Paul Lafelt.
I've been searching for you
for a very long time.
I was shocked twice
because of you.
The first time you shocked me was
when I saw you for the first time
and thought that my friend and muse, Ume
Hye Rin, had come back from the grave.
And the second time you shocked
me was after I found you
and found out that
you're Ume Hye Rin's daughter.
Anna, you could
become a top star.
Won't you become my new muse?
Your dreams and new world
are waiting for you here.
Hurry over here.
I'll be waiting.
Wow. I think this is the first time
that it's been announced
that Ms. Ume Hye Rin was
Jean-Paul Lafelt's muse.
Wow. How shocking.
Many say that your career as a model
is set if you become Lafelt's muse.
When are you planning
to go to Paris?
I have no plans of going yet.
Treating my panic disorder
should be my first priority.
But there's something that
I must do here first.
So you're telling him to wait?
Wow, what a befitting attitude for
movie star Ms. Ume Hye Rin's daughter
who was the pride and joy of Korea.
How surprising.
It's nothing, really.
But you said that you had to do something
else besides receiving treatment.
What's the other reason why
you're making Mr. Lafelt wait?
I want to solve the mystery around
the death of my mother, Ms. Ume Hye Rin.
The mystery around
Ms. Ume Hye Rin's death?
Does that mean that you cannot
acknowledge that she committed suicide?
No, it's not like that.
Then, what
If she really did commit suicide,
I want to know why she did it.
She was still popular around that time
and faced no difficulties.
She'd even gotten a passport made
for me right before she died.
And on that day, Mom and I had
booked plane tickets to America.
But on that night
Mom died.
Without even leaving a will behind.
That's why I
want to know why my mother died.
Oh, I see.
I'm sure that would definitely
give you some solace.
Madam Choi.
You were close with Ms. Ume then.
Do you have anything
you can tell Anna about that time?
Maybe a conversation
that you two had?
I'm not sure.
First and foremost
I want to know what
my mother had been doing
on the day she died
or the days leading up to that.
If anyone knew my mother
or ever spoke to her
please contact me.
I beg of you.
This is a bit weird.
Maybe someone killed her?
Anna. What were you thinking?
How could you appear in front of
the very people desperate to catch you?
Did you do this, Chairman?
Are you the one who made
her go on the show? Huh?
I said that I wanted to do it.
I wanted to rip
Choi Yoo Jin's mask clean off.
If only Uncle hadn't held me back.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Anna.
Why are you doing this? Huh?
I want to get revenge
on Choi Yoo Jin.
Uncle will help me.
you'll protect me.
Are you all right, Madam?
I must have misunderstood
something this entire time.
I'll kill him.
I should've listened to you.
My mom didn't just die peacefully
after overdosing on sleeping pills.
She writhed in pain so much that
her nails broke before she died.
Stop spouting nonsense
and just be straight with me!
Something's up, isn't it?
This isn't something to discuss in
my office over mere coffee.
All right, punk. I'll buy you a drink
for the 40 years of history we have.
Oh, Senior. Consider yourself lucky
that you have someone like me.
Oh, I know.
So go ahead already.
Oh, Senior.
How about you take out
an insurance policy with me this time?
Jang Se Joon is done for.
All right, all right.
But why?
Why is he done for?
Our Team Leaders here will give
our Angel of Barcelona her wings.
Team Leader Shin Jung Eun,
in charge of fashion, hair, and makeup.
And Team Leader Kim Yu Ri,
in charge of handling PR.
And Chief Baek, in charge
of keeping you safe.
The assemblyman is being
released this afternoon.
Congratulations, Madam.
So you're putting on
makeup to go and see him?
- Yes.
- Wow!
The assemblyman must be so happy!
To have such a beautiful wife
such as yourself.
Regarding the issue that
I reported to you about this morning
I'll be sure to take care of it before
the assemblyman is released.
I think it'd be best
to leave Je Ha alone.
We can use him later.
And there's the issue
with the email too.
Yes, I understand.
Let me get you a fresh
cup of hot coffee.
I thought that chairmen would
be busy making money
but I guess you have tons
of time on your hands.
Working is for the worker bees.
What about chairmen, though?
What do they do?
We wage war.
We build castles and steal them.
And expand our territory.
And after expanding
our territory like that
our worker bees till
the land some more.
And then, we wage war again.
I guess what he said was right.
That Anna isn't a shield
to protect you from Choi Yoo Jin.
She's a sword you're using
to attack her.
Oh, nice.
Where'd you hear that?
Yes, that's right. I want Anna to
succeed in avenging her mother.
Because I'll be able
to protect JB Group.
Is that so terrible?
Justice will be served
and I'll protect my castle.
So that's why you showed a girl
suffering from panic disorders
a case file containing traumatizing
photos of her dead mother on purpose?
"Girl"? I think you've been misinformed.
Take a look for yourself.
The woman you love isn't a girl anymore.
Look. Take a good look.
It's so pretty.
She needs someone
who will give her wings.
I guess you don't know
much about your sister
even though
you've watched her your whole life.
Because if you really knew her,
you never would've done something
as dangerous as bringing
Anna to the studio today.
All right, look here, Ms. Anna.
Yes. Relax.
Yes. A bit more!
Relax, relax.
Oh, not bad.
Not bad!
Okay, relax just a bit more.
Yes, just like that.
Oh, that's great. Yes!
Come on, big smile!
All right. I like that big smile.
Don't be nervous.
All right, then.
Okay, sit there just like that.
I did my best, but it'll be hard
to get photo shoot-worthy
photos without using the flash.
How about we just take some
profile shots of her today?
- Mr. Han.
- Yes, sir?
Give me just an hour.
I'll try talking to her.
Yes, sir.
All right, let's eat
before we continue.
I reserved a restaurant out front.
- Wow!
- Yay!
- I'm hungry!
- Let's go!
Oh, you go and eat too,
Ms. Mi Ran.
Oh, yes, sir.
These are pills from
Dr. Lee at the hospital.
It's anti-anxiety medication.
She said they'll be effective
an hour after you take them.
Wow. Such medication exists?
Of course! We live in such
a modern world now, you know!
Let's resume the photoshoot
after you take these.
And let's see if these pills let us
use the flash this time.
- All right.
- Okay, then.
What is this?
Anti-anxiety medication.
From the hospital.
But why is Chairman Choi
giving you something like this?
You should pick up this sort
of medication yourself.
I'm sure that he wouldn't give
me any weird medication.
And it's not like you'd stand
for it if he did anyway.
That's true, but--
Let's go to the dressing room. I have
to wait an hour after taking these.
It'd be really great if these
actually worked. Right?
Excuse me.
What brings you here?
It's a flower delivery
for Ms. Go Anna.
You can just give that to me.
I can't do that.
J4. J4!
Damn it!
[No Reception]
Get up, Anna.
What's going on?
There's people after you.
Flee outside ahead of me.
Some weird people forced their way in.
You'll be in danger if you stay here.
Here, let's go.
And how are we supposed to get out?
No, it's okay. You can get out.
You want me to go alone?
What about you, then?
Don't worry about me.
I'll find my own way out.
I'm not going either, then.
I'm coming with you.
Anna, listen to me.
Those suspicious people are
spraying nerve gas in here.
Do you understand what that means?
P-poisonous gas?
You know that I'm a good fighter, right?
I'll take care of things here
and leave, so you go first.
- Let's get you out first.
- No! I'm coming with you!
Anna, it'll be harder for me if you
come with me! I have to protect you!
Stop lying! How are you
going to fight with that gas?
You're just trying to get
me out of here, right?
- Je Ha, let's go together--
- There's no time!
- I'm not going alone!
- Anna! Please!
Listen to me.
I'm begging you.
If we stay together,
we'll both die.
Go up.
Give the phone to Madam Choi.
She's busy now.
Tell me instead.
So it was you.
Stop the guys who broke in here.
Right now.
Why should I?
I don't particularly like you,
unlike someone else
and I don't care about
Anna's dad either.
The fact that this happened
to Madam is all your fault.
Everything was going
perfectly until you showed up.
It's time to put Madam and Anna
back in their proper places now.
Those who are to live must live,
and those who must die, must die.
Just you wait.
Just wait until I get there.
- What is this?
- What's going on?
Je Ha.
Je Ha!
Je Ha!
Je Ha, wake up!
Wake up, Je Ha!
Je Ha! Je Ha!
Wake up!
Je Ha! Wake up!
Je Ha! Je Ha!
Je Ha! Wake up!
Je Ha!
Please, Je Ha.
Please, Je Ha.
Je Ha! Je Ha! Je Ha!
Je Ha!
Je Ha!
Wake up, Je Ha!
Je Ha!
Damn it!
Young Miss!
- Release him!
- Release him!
- We trust Assemblyman Jang!
- We trust Assemblyman Jang!
- Why this investigation?
- Why this investigation?
- We trust Assemblyman Jang!
- We trust Assemblyman Jang!
Should I head out now?
Sure, Senior.
I'll go take care of the paperwork.
All right.
- We trust Assemblyman Jang!
- We trust Assemblyman Jang!
- The assemblyman is innocent!
- The assemblyman is innocent!
What about Anna?
What happened to her?
We've yet to
Man. What's taking so long?
Yes, there will soon be
an announcement from the prosecution
regarding Assemblyman Jang.
The coverage of this news story will
continue after the announcement.
- Oh, here he comes!
- He's coming!
- He's coming out!
- Let's go!
Due to a new crime that
the prosecution has discovered
while reviewing materials from
our search and seizure
Assemblyman Jang, who was
scheduled to be released today
will not be released, due to a new
need for a corroborative investigation.
That is all.
- Is it a severe crime?
- Tell us!
- Tell us!
- What kind of crime is it?
Do you think he'll be acquitted?
How is Assemblyman Jang's
condition as of now?
Well, I'm sure we'll request
an arrest warrant
once our suspicions are confirmed.
- Oh, the other assemblymen!
- Assemblymen!
Assemblyman. We'll have to move you
to the general investigation room.
Damn it.
- Sung Gyu.
- Yeah?
Let's go to the secret house.
I think that'd be the safest
place for us right now.
Chief Kim can't attack JSS, after all.
All right.
Let's do that, then.
I'll send my security team over there.
Yes, Chief. It's me.
Analyze it.
We'll ask for the legality
of these proceedings to be reviewed
while they're getting a warrant
but we're not sure what
the charges are exactly at the moment
so it'll be tough for us to block
their first offensive strike.
What the hell are you saying?
If all of you couldn't even
handle an attack like this
why the hell did I even bother
helping you damn attorneys?
I apologize, Madam.
Rather than relying on legal methods,
it'd be best to go a political route--
Shut your mouth!
Bribe a judge, or threaten them!
Do whatever you have
to do to prevent an arrest!
Accounting team?
Yes, Madam.
Are you sure that there were no errors
in the documents we released to them?
Definitely not, Madam.
They were completely perfect.
All right. Bye.
What about the Chief Secretary
at the president's office?
He's still in the middle of a call.
Just think of this as
a preventative measure we're taking
to prevent scum like
Jang Se Joon from entering our party.
Are you threatening the president
right now, Assemblyman Park?
What? Oh, of course not.
I'm just saying that the president needs
to be ready to take what he dishes out.
So I wanted to meet with him and discuss
what we should do about all this.
Assemblyman Park.
Are you that scared of
Assemblyman Jang entering the party?
Oh, of course I am.
Scared doesn't even begin to cover it.
This peasant looks
like he's gearing up
to do some hand-to-hand
combat with a noble such as myself
so how could I not be scared?
Fine. So what do you
want me to do now?
I heard that there are tons of huge carp
near the Uiwang Dam right now.
So just get yourself a seat
and take your time fishing there.
When I become president, I'll be sure
to secure you a nice little spot
at a prime location.
Well, I'm busy, so I'll be going now.
Yes, welcome.
Welcome, welcome.
Oh man, I almost died back there!
Yes, yes, welcome back, my children.
You all worked hard.
Daddy! They hit me and stuff!
Oh, they did, honey? Where?
- Good work.
- SIr!
- Yes, yes.
- Sir!
Excuse me, can we get
some uncooked tofu?
Here, take a seat.
Go. Go.
A round of applause, everyone!
- Sir.
- Yeah?
Some younger assemblymen from another
party are peeking in at the entrance.
Looks like they have a good
grasp of the situation, then.
Give them some space in the special
guest room without making them feel bad
and seat them near
some good-tempered assemblymen.
Yes, sir.
And tell them that they
definitely don't need to be ashamed.
- Because I'll get over it later.
- Yes, sir.
What could Park Kwan Soo's
secret trump card be?
I'm not so sure, but I do know that
he's pressuring the president's chief
and I'm sure that he's pressuring
the president somehow too.
The president?
Once their request for an investigation
is approved and they get a warrant
those guys will definitely drag
this on until election time.
And even if we win the court battle,
we'll lose the presidency.
Madam. We only have one
method available to us now.
We must kill Park Kwan Soo tonight.
Is that
even possible?
I'm sure that they've got the best
special guards with them now.
Well, we have ourselves
a special fellow too, don't we?
Do a sweep of the inside!
Let's go now, Anna.
I don't think I can.
I'm too scared.
Let's go.
You have to be careful since it's
hard to see what's in front of you.
How is this?
Is this okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
are you scared?
Are you hungry, though?
Was that me?
Yeah, it was.
Um, no. It's just because
I'm still in shock.
Want me to make
r-ramen for you again?
N-no. I'm fine.
Why is your stomach
growling if you're okay?
Um, no. I told you, no.
- Watch your step.
- Okay.
How are you feeling?
Better now?
Um I'm a little scared.
Yeah. Well--
I think we're at the door.
- Oh oh.
- Yeah.
I'm opening the door.
Huh? Okay.
- We're going in.
- Okay.
All right. What do you want
to eat the most right now?
What do I want to eat?
Um, I don't know.
But, um I think we're here.
Yeah. Already.
How do you feel?
Still scared?
I'm scared.
Are they, by any chance
Oh man, oh man!
It's best to plan a blitz attack
when the enemy least suspects it
but due to the circumstances, they'll
definitely be expecting us tonight.
They'll have a trap set for us and wait.
Even a skilled guy
like Je Ha will
That may be a possibility.
We do have a chance at
disposing of Park Kwan Soo, but
But the chances of him coming
back to us alive is slim to none.
What are you saying?
If we have even one percent
chance of succeeding
we have to try
and see if it works out!
If we don't make a move tonight,
JSS is done for anyway.
Where is Kim Je Ha now?
He went back
to the hidden house.
All right, let's do that. I'll go.
But in exchange, please promise
that this place will remain safe.
When I've confirmed that,
I'll head out right away.
Wait, where are you going?
I'll be back really soon.
Don't go.
Don't worry.
I'll be back soon.
No, don't go!
You're going because of me, aren't you?
Don't go.
So you're saying that it's
possible to kill Park Kwan Soo
but it'll be hard for me
to come back alive.
Yes, I'll do it.
I'll kill Park Kwan Soo for you.
I have a condition.
A condition?
Go ahead. Anything's fine.
Firstly, give me a head.
This woman's head.
If you do that for me,
I'll give you Park Kwan Soo's head.
What will you do, Chief Kim?
Yes, Madam.
I'll do that for you.
But in exchange, you must bring
Park Kwan Soo's head first.
I'll offer you my own head then.
That makes sense too.
Doesn't it?
Sure. Let's do that.
promise me that you'll leave Anna alone.
In exchange, I'll make sure that Anna
will no longer get in your way.
Let's do that.
I promise.
It's fine.
Is that all?
Oh yeah.
Give me your offensive team too.
I can't be the one to take
all the hits, after all.
Sure, of course.
Are you sure
that's all you want?
I'll be going now.
But just in case
can't you tell me
your email address before you go?
Come on. It's about time, isn't it?
We're not strangers anymore.
We're family. Right?
It's fine.
I don't need that.
If Je Ha doesn't succeed,
we're all done for anyway.
Isn't that right?
What are you all doing? If you've
made up your minds, hurry up and go.
We have no time.
Yes, Madam.
Je Ha.
If you find yourself in
a situation that's too dangerous
it's okay if you just come back.
Why are you acting like this?
This isn't like you.
So what is like me, then?
Don't worry.
I deleted the email a long time ago.
Jae Ha.
believe that you're someone
who keeps your promises.
Yes, Anna?
Can you get me some oil ddukbokki
from the neighborhood I used
to live in on your way back?
I want to eat that.
I think I'm going to
be really late.
It's okay
even if you're going to be late.
Why don't you ask
Ms. Mi Ran for that kind of thing?
I can't. She'll eat
it all by herself.
I want to eat it with just you.
Yes? Go ahead.
You have an additional
assignment for tonight.
Kill both Park Kwan Soo and K2.
Even if you fail to take
Park Kwan Soo's life
you still have to kill K2,
no matter what.
And also, take K2's phone.
Got that?
Okay? You have to buy it.
If you forget to,
I'll kill you!
I guess I really have to bring it
back for you if I want to live.
You better come back alive.
That's an order.
Okay. Got it.
I'll definitely come back to you.
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