The K2 (2016) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
[Episode 11]
Oh, Senior! You sure have
been calling me a lot lately.
I want to take out
an "insurance policy" with you.
Hey, give me a command too!
Master Song.
We told you already!
Just go back!
- Hurry and get in!
- Hey!
Are you looking down
on me right now?
No, it's not that. We just
don't want you to get hurt!
What? Get hurt?
Is getting hurt
the issue right now?
We're going to war with
all of our lives on the line!
But you just want me to
sit by idly and watch?
Now, where's an empty spot? Huh?
- Master Song!
- No!
What should we do, sir?
Take him in our car for now.
And make sure that he can't get out
later on. You got that?
Yes, sir.
Please come this way, sir.
All right.
Hurry up and get in, all of you!
They're on their way now.
But they've deployed tons of men.
Wow, look at those
impudent bastards.
Yes, I understand.
I'll trust you to take good
care of that for me, then.
Who was that?
The director, sir.
I just received word that Choi Yoo Jin's
men will be coming after you tonight
and will be going to your home,
just as we expected.
- They're targeting my house?
- Yes, sir.
How dirty.
Wow, they're really not
pulling any punches now, huh?
The director has put
the special forces up to the task
so they'll be able to
handle the situation well.
Really, now?
Let's end all this tonight, then!
Yes. Then I'll be escorting you to the
hideout instead of your home tonight.
All right.
Hey, are the JSS guys still following us?
Yes, sir.
Park Kwan Soo is heading
toward that location.
All right.
Keep up the good work.
Hey, can't you see that?
[One-way street]
Can I see your license, please?
Just give me the ticket.
Hey, what's that?
I believe we've lost them.
Why, you--
Found them, sir.
Yes. They're heading westward now.
Stand by in the car
until I give you further orders.
Yes, sir.
Stand by in the cars and don't move
until those guys get out of the car.
Prepare yourselves. You have my
permission to shoot them if they resist.
Are we shooting a spy film
or something?
And today is the last time we'll
have to do such a thing, President.
Wow, what a loyal man I have here!
All right, let's put
an end to all this!
Park Kwan Soo has arrived.
It seems that Park Kwan Soo has gone to
his hiding place just as we expected.
He's walked right into our trap, then.
You sure did take out
a great "insurance policy."
Yes, exactly.
Good work, all of you.
Wow, it sure is creepy here.
- It's been a while, hasn't it, sir?
- Yes, it has.
Did you all eat?
Yes, we ate.
What? "We ate"?
"Did you eat" was
actually a coded question!
I'll blast your head off
if you move even a muscle.
Just shoot them.
Over there!
If you can hold out for a bit longer,
the reinforcements will be here soon!
This won't work!
Let's go inside! Hurry!
Cover us!
Cover us!
It'll be the end if we head in now.
Cover us!
Move! Move!
Over there! Hurry!
Sir! Now's your chance!
Please go ahead
and get to safety!
- Hurry!
- Hey, what are you doing?
Are you okay? Huh?
- Are you okay?
- Just go!
Get it together!
If we don't kill him,
we're all dead!
No! No! No! Stop it!
Hurry up and go!
Go, damn it!
Cover me.
Caught you, bastard.
Wait. Wait.
Wait. Wait.
You rotten bastard!
No, no, no. You can't.
Wait a second.
Hear me out, please.
You can't escape this place
alive even if you kill me.
You have to come back alive, okay?
That's an order.
How much money are
you being paid to kill me?
Tell me how much money
they promised you.
I'll give you double that amount.
A bullet isn't the only thing
that can kill a person.
Wow, way to go.
You said exactly what
mercenaries love to hear most.
I know, right?
Looks like you understand
what I'm getting at.
Have a seat first.
- Huh?
- I said sit down.
Also, call your aide and tell
him to let the other JSS guys leave.
Nicely and safely.
Okay. Um, sure. I will.
So it's you.
Mr. Mercenary.
This man knows me.
Do you know me?
Um, yeah. Quite well.
I heard you murdered
someone and ran away.
I wonder just how much he knows.
Then you must be well aware
of why I'm here too.
even if you kill me
you won't be able to escape
this place easily.
So he doesn't know yet
that I can't kill people.
Well, that'll be my issue to take care of
once you're dead, so I'll deal with that.
So twice the amount.
Twice, huh?
But still, I have to do things right,
so I'll call and ask if they approve.
Yes, Madam. It's me.
No, it's nothing. It's just that
Assemblyman Park is right in front of me.
He said that he'll give me twice
what you'll give me if I let him live.
What should I do?
What? What do you mean by that?
The Offensive
isn't with you, are they?
What do you mean
"what do I mean"?
It means that this job has just gotten
a bit more expensive for you.
I'll give you three times the amount.
Three times.
Hey, come on.
That's no way to do business.
You can't just change
your offer as you please.
It's because he's alone
that he can't kill him.
What do I do?
What do I do?
Give the phone to Park Kwan Soo.
All right.
Oh, Madam Choi!
Wow, you sure took me by surprise!
I thought I was going to die!
Yes, sir.
I don't think you will.
How about it? Want to place
a bet with me right now?
I've lost, Madam.
So please, let me live.
I'll have them release
Assemblyman Jang right now.
No, no.
I feel like I'd be getting the short
end of the stick with just that.
My knight has captured
the king now, after all.
If you kill me now
Assemblyman Jang won't be able to
leave the prosecutor's office.
So give me just this one chance.
Well, I don't know.
Only time will tell whether or not
Assemblyman Jang will be released.
All right, then. What if I let
Assemblyman Jang into our party?
I'll make the announcement right now.
Well? How about it?
Is this a good enough offer for you?
I don't know.
How about you forfeit
the presidency on top of all that?
Oh my.
Oh oh my, Madam Choi.
Just kill me, Madam Choi.
Just kill me.
Of course you feel that way.
All right.
I'll give you 15 minutes, then.
I'll be waiting.
Give the phone back to
that fellow now.
Yes, Madam Choi.
Take it.
Come back alive.
No matter what.
Pull out!
Everyone, pull out!
- Pull out?
- Pull out?
Huh? The other forces
are moving out!
Just let them be.
Hey, what was that?
Why are we just leaving?
We didn't even lift a finger!
We've already caught their boss.
We won, Master Song.
We caught Park Kwan Soo!
What do you mean?
[Interrogation Room]
- Oh!
- He's out!
What kind of sentence did you receive?
Is it about the money you received
from JB Group for the election?
What is the reason that you
were deemed not guilty?
What was the additional crime
they charged you with?
Are you planning to sue
them for defamation?
Please say something, sir!
I want to, but all I'll say
is that the prosecution
has acknowledged their grave mistake
and has issued a formal apology to me.
Are you going to continue being
unaffiliated to any political party?
We heard the majority party issued an
invitation to you and then withdrew it!
What are your plans now, sir?
- Please, sir!
- Say something, sir!
Congratulations, Madam.
Save that for when K2 returns,
safe and sound.
[Democratic Progressive Party
Press Room]
- What's going on?
- Is something the matter?
What brings you here
at this hour, sir?
Are all the reporters here?
Yes, we've called most of
the important ones.
So what's going on, exactly?
I'll be making
an emergency announcement now.
As the innocence of Assemblyman Jang
Se Joon has been revealed by prosecutors
we'd like to extend a formal
invitation to him to join our party.
That is all.
Did you all really have
a meeting about this in this situation?
You all can get the article
about this online ASAP, right?
We can put it up, but
Sir! Sir! Wait!
[Chief Kim]
Here. Two million U.S. dollars.
I'm sure you saw
inside my safe, but
will you be satisfied
with just this amount?
I can give you everything that's
inside that safe, you know.
I'm no thug.
You really are a pro.
I like that.
Damn these business ethics of mine
You used to work at Blackstone, right?
Why are you acting so shocked?
Where in Iraq were you?
Oh, I see.
Were you one of
Blackstone's customers too?
Well I suppose
you could say that.
I put them in charge of
guarding me, after all.
So did you land
a big one over there?
Why are you giving me
that kind of dirty look?
I'm kind of a rude guy, you see.
And on top of that
a VIP such as yourself who paid 30,000
dollars per day for Blackstone's services
wouldn't have a reason to go
there strictly for leisure.
And it reeks of oil here too.
No, it's not the smell of oil.
It's the smell of blood, probably.
The smell of blood?
I like you.
To be honest, I've been looking
for a way to meet you in secret.
But thankfully, Choi Yoo Jin sent
you right over to me like this.
Why me?
What do you mean "why"?
You're the closest to
Choi Yoo Jin, aren't you?
A competent young man like you
can't live like this forever.
How am I supposed
to live then, pray tell?
Do you have any thoughts of working
alongside me for the sake of this nation?
This nation?
This country was
oh so considerate of me before.
And you'll be making some
money on the side too.
Let's do that.
Let me know if you have
any money-making opportunities for me.
It'll be easy for you to contact me
since you now know who I am.
I'll be the one to hire
you first next time.
I hope that you'll carry out your end of
the deal smoothly when that time comes.
Um s-sir!
- Are you all right, sir?
- Yep, yep.
- Hey, get him!
- Wait, wait, no.
It's fine. Step aside now.
This man here is my guest.
I'll be seeing you again later, then.
Wait, what
what's going on, sir?
Oh, I sent him off with
a bit of money today.
What, sir?
Everyone in this world is the same
when it comes to these things.
Isn't that right?
You okay, man?
What's this?
Wait, this is money.
I asked you what this is!
Yeah. Yeah.
So something like
that happened, eh?
All right. Thank you, Chairman Choi,
for protecting Anna.
I'll continue to leave her
in your capable hands from now on.
All right.
I'll be seeing you then.
So she did try to kill Anna
in the end, did she?
That may be true, sir,
but Chairman Choi made the first move.
Chief Joo.
Are you saying that you're
ultimately Choi Yoo Jin's pawn too?
That's not what I meant.
What, then?
Are you implying that Anna did
something to deserve to be killed?
I just wanted to say that,
despite all this
it was Madam Choi who got
you out of the prosecutor's office.
Shut your damn mouth.
You won't have to forfeit your head.
Don't you dare touch Je Ha.
If you do, I may be
the one to kill you first.
I can do anything that
Kim Je Ha can do for you!
Then you should be able
to understand too.
That I want to do what you
want to do for me, for Je Ha.
don't make me kill you.
And don't try to do
what Je Ha can do either.
You have to stick to doing
what you're good at.
I'd like to see you
for a bit at home.
Young Miss! Please come and eat!
Young Miss! Come and eat!
Just leave her alone.
She probably has no appetite right now.
Why wouldn't she be able to eat?
People even eat in times of war
to keep up their strength, you know!
I bet K2 is off somewhere eating
rice and soup somewhere too.
No, that's just you,
you idiotic girl.
Whatever. It's her loss
if she doesn't eat.
She won't even have strength to fight.
He must be back.
Aw. Look how happy she is.
How could anyone not be
brought to tears by this?
But what's with them? Why does it
look like they're shooting a movie?
It's because they're both
ridiculously good-looking, obviously.
Welcome back.
I'm back, safe and sound.
Good job.
But I couldn't get the oil ddukbokki
you wanted me to get.
I didn't have any cash
on me, you see.
I left my wallet behind, so
It's okay.
I'll let you off
the hook just this once.
But in exchange
do you want to go and eat
something even better than that?
I'm fine.
Step outside, all of you.
I told you not to touch Anna.
And that our contract would be null and
void if something were to happen to her.
You'll be nothing if I don't
become president, Choi Yoo Jin!
All right already.
I'll leave Anna alone.
you don't want to become
president then, right?
You've become quite immature.
You call that a threat?
If I make a deal with Sung Won
I'm sure he won't give
me all of JB Group
but I'm sure he'll give me
a few of JB's subsidiaries.
And I won't have to worry
about getting by.
What a riot.
You'd never be able to do that.
Your greed can't be
satiated by just that.
You're well aware of
that fact too, aren't you?
Is that right?
That's true.
All right. Should I make
my goals a big grander?
Should I
make a deal with
Park Kwan Soo this time?
Just like how
I made a deal with you?
It's not much of
a difference to me, honestly.
Because you and Park Kwan Soo
are both vile human beings.
I can tell him that
I'll offer him your neck
in exchange for him giving me JB Group
when he becomes president.
Do you think that Park Kwan Soo
would decline such an offer?
You think I'm joking, don't you?
Have you forgotten who I am?
You really have, haven't you?
You you're really
nothing without me.
So stop messing around.
Anna will die if she does
something deserving of death.
If you don't like that,
just say the word whenever.
That you'll drop out of
the presidential race.
What's with that pitiful
expression of yours?
I'm the one who deserves to be pitied!
You're the one who seduced
me when I was a young woman
for the sake of your foolish
political delusions of grandeur.
And I fell for you, even though I'd never
once been properly loved by you.
Let me tell you something that's
embarrassing for me to admit.
My heart used to skip a beat whenever
you touched me up until recently.
You knew that too, didn't you?
Of course you did. And you used that
for your benefit sometimes too
in order to mock me.
But it's too bad.
I don't have any feelings
for you anymore.
Go ahead and touch me if you want to.
You're good at things like that, after
all, since you're such a playboy.
All right, I admit it.
You were pretty cool.
You were young, intelligent, and just.
Or that's what I believed, anyway.
Just like the voters.
But that wasn't the case.
You were old, cunning, and disgusting
back then too, like you are now.
That's why you were able to betray
Ume Hye Rin, who loved you so much
and leave her to die.
By using my rage and jealousy
to your advantage.
You disgusting creature.
I was going to have my men
chop off that hand
which was the first one that
has ever struck my face
but I decided to let you
keep it since you'll need it
to shake people's hands
during your campaign.
Take good care of it.
Because I'll come
back to claim it
once you won't need it for
things like that anymore.
Where shall I take you, Madam?
All right, let's have a drink!
- Yeah!
- Raise your glass!
Good work today, everyone.
Let's eat until we die today!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Hey, come on, now!
Your face is going to
get all hot again.
It's fine!
Hey, leave her alone.
It's just one drink.
Yeah, man.
What's with you?
Are you really going to be okay?
This much is fine.
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
- Drink! Drink!
- Drink! Drink!
- Get the alcohol down! Down! Down!
- Get the alcohol down! Down! Down!
Wow, you sure are good
at drinking, Young Miss.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Ew, come on!
- What?
- Ew!
You've lost if you're jealous, you know.
I knew something was up when
she took two pieces of meat.
- Wow!
- What are you doing?
Just eat the pork and lettuce
together instead of drinking!
I think I smell like the meat!
Was he always so close
to the Offensive Team members?
No, Madam, but
Shall I call K2 over?
I'm sure he's tired.
Let's let him have
a drink and rest for today.
Bring him to Cloud Nine
tomorrow morning.
Yes, Madam.
Let's go!
Hey, you know,
we all have to cheer up!
Go ahead, then.
Cheer up, baby!
Cheer up, baby!
Cheer up a bit more!
Je Ha.
For what?
What's with you?
What's with you, Big Bro?
This isn't like you at all.
You're acting weird.
"Big Bro"?
- Oh
- What?
- What?
- Oh, you!
What's with you?
Let me go already!
- Oh, Je Ha.
- You're grossing me out!
I hate it when guys get all touchy!
Ew, he's giving me goosebumps.
We all had so much fun today
thanks to you, Young Miss!
- We had fun!
- We had fun!
I had lots of fun too.
We're off, then.
Hurry up and go!
You all are so rowdy!
- Leave, leave!
- Let's go!
- Hey, hurry up and go, man!
- Hey!
Who's driving?
Did everyone drink?
I believe so, sir!
So you'll have to drive
yourself, Team Leader Seo!
- Nyah nyah!
- Why, you little--
What is this?
- You too, Team Leader Seo!
- No, not me!
Come on!
This is why all the designated
drivers run away from you!
Men have to be mindful of
their looks nowadays too!
Oh, Mr. Je Ha!
Have a seat!
How ridiculous.
I can't even bear to look at you.
Yeah, you put one on too!
What's the matter?
Are you hurt?
Huh? Oh, no. I'm fine.
Okay, then. If you're okay,
come and take a seat.
Yeah. Put one on.
- I don't want to.
- Why not?
I don't want to. These things
are for ugly people like them.
If you have my looks, you don't
need to go so far as to--
- Whoa, now.
- Hey.
Get your butt over here, punk!
Don't look at me with those on.
It's grossing me out.
Wait, is the issue with the mask
or with your face, though?
Come on.
I said I'm not putting it on!
I told you, no!
Stop laughing, damn it.
Oh, Ms. Mi Ran!
I'm not Mi Ran, idiot.
Geez, you surprised me.
Why am I even here?
Killing them isn't
an option either. Ugh.
Yeah, you put one on too!
What's the matter?
Are you hurt?
Huh? Oh, no. I'm fine.
[To Je Ha: You asleep?]
You asleep?
Where are you?
On the roof.
You guys cleaned all this up?
No, I asked the housekeeper to do it.
I asked her to clean this
since you come up here often.
- How is it?
- It's amazing!
- Do you like it?
- I love it!
Hey, what are you doing?
Take this off.
Why all of a sudden--
- Hey, what are you--
- Just take it off.
Hey, aren't you being
a bit perverted right now?
- You can't.
- Why not? Stay still.
I'm not ready for
that kind of thing right now.
Man, this must have hurt so much!
No, I'm fine.
They're just scratches.
You call this a mere scratch?
- Ow. Ow.
- Huh? Huh?
Ow, Anna!
You better go see
a doctor tomorrow. Okay?
Okay. I can just go
to the infirmary tomorrow.
You're mine, remember?
So you shouldn't be
mistreating your body like this!
Okay. I won't.
Wait just a second.
There, all done.
- It's done?
- Yeah.
It doesn't hurt at all anymore.
The nights are already getting so chilly.
Yeah. But it's okay now.
Just a second.
Oh, it's pretty chilly.
Wow, this is so warm.
Wow, this really is warm.
- I'm just joking!
- Oh, it's so cold!
It's so cold!
Here you go.
How is that?
It's warm, right?
- But
- Yeah?
Do we only have one blanket?
Then why are you doing this?
Later, much, much later on
do you want to go
live in Spain with me?
What, you don't want to?
That place
is where I wanted
to escape from really badly.
it's the place where
the two of us first met too.
Sure, let's go.
I think it'll be okay
if I go with you.
But thinking about it, there really
isn't much I know about you.
What did you do in Spain?
I was being chased.
Because they framed me for the
murder of the person I couldn't protect.
Was it a person whom you loved?
And that's why you have
nightmares every night?
That must have been
quite difficult for you.
it must still be
quite hard for you now.
I'm okay.
I didn't have anything
I wanted to protect before.
So there was nothing I could lose.
But now, I've found
a person I want to protect.
I think I can become happy now.
do you think
we'll be able to go to Spain?
after this war is over?
- Nice, man.
- Nice.
Welcome, sir.
Madam Choi awaits you.
I couldn't bring Park Kwan Soo's
head anyway, so don't worry.
forgive me for the way
I acted toward you before.
What's with her?
Chief Kim?
What? It's only natural.
You're the hero that
saved JSS, after all.
Don't feel too uneasy about
the way Chief Kim is acting.
She's probably just scared
that she may lose her head.
I'm sure you're aware, but I didn't
bring Park Kwan Soo's head.
So there's nothing that
can be done about that.
Do you still want me to give
it to you anyway, though?
Chief Kim's head, I mean.
Sometimes, your jokes sound
as if you're being serious.
I wonder why that is.
I guess my acting is just that good.
All right. Well, is there anything
you got from Park Kwan Soo?
He told me he'd ask me for your head
soon and gave me money. That's all.
So you succeeded, then.
Were you able to sleep well
despite all that happened?
That's a relief.
Oh yeah.
You two, and Madam.
I've assigned you all to
work directly under me.
And I've raised your wages too.
That's fine with you all, right?
I mean, I did make this decision
without consulting you all
so just let me know
if that displeases you.
Um, thank you for--
We'll do our very best.
All right.
Don't pay any mind to JSS now.
All you have to do is
protect Anna. You got that?
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
But, um, this house belongs to
JSS, so the security is
This house?
No, it's not! This house's deed
is under JB Development's name.
I just lent it to my Big Sis.
So turn off all the security
systems, and install new ones.
If you call the secretary, they'll
compensate you for the expenses involved.
Yes, sir.
Oh yeah.
You all need money, right?
This card has no limit,
so use it whenever you need it.
Come on, hurry up and take it!
Thank you, sir.
Also, I'll make it so that
this house's deed is under your name.
So you live here, okay?
Under my name?
Yeah. What I'm saying is,
just keep living in this house.
Yes, I was planning on doing that.
Thank you, Chairman.
Really, thank you so much.
Young Miss didn't
understand what that means.
Young Miss. At times like this,
you're supposed to say thank you.
Oh, it's fine.
She doesn't need to know.
The smell of blood, eh?
And not the smell of oil?
It definitely seems like that's
something he said unintentionally.
It probably means that he got that money
by selling weapons or something, right?
It could.
I'll look into that
with Mirror a bit more.
So now, it's finally
time to lay my trap.
It won't be long before
Park Kwan Soo approaches you.
Because his desire to kill me
will grow stronger and stronger.
And you have to grow closer to him.
Um, do you know where
my mother's grave is, by any chance?
Yeah, of course.
I was wondering
when you'd bring this up.
What great timing.
Tonight is the fashion show
in tribute to your mother
so let's pay our respects
to her before we go to that.
All right. It's time for you
to do your work too.
Yes, Madam.
It's already in motion.
Je Ha must not find out
about this no matter what.
You know that, right?
I'll be sure to remember it, Madam.
I want to show them
that Mom is inside me.
You have to make the populace
remember Ume Hye Rin again too.
You don't remember me?
We met that night.
You can't tell Je Ha
no matter what.
Are you on my side
or Choi Yoo Jin's side?
I'll definitely find
the people behind this!
I'll take them to court.
- Madam!
- Madam!
Choi Yoo Jin isn't the type of person
to dirty her hands like that.
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