The K2 (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
[Episode 12]
Thank you. Let's have
ourselves a marvelous fight.
Well, I don't know.
It won't be over until one of us is dead.
Let's see what ends up
happening when the time comes.
All right. Welcome!
Thank you!
I'll do my very best!
Please help me to be
the best that I can be!
You people were going to
end up doing this anyway
so why did you end up resorting to
using your wife's secret home?
You people aren't going to win anyway,
so why did you crawl in here?
How about coming up with an original
retort instead of copying mine?
Remember that.
What a load of bull.
Ah, Mr. Joo.
Long time no see.
No, that's not right. You became
a colonel thanks to Assemblyman Park.
No. It's all thanks to him that I ended
up leaving the military altogether.
What a complete asshole.
Is that the place
where my mother is?
Wow, how is it that she
looks exactly like her mother?
Even her proportions
and her stride are the same!
Yeah. I'd believe it if you
told me that she was Ume Hye Rin.
But that's kind of a shoddy grave for
someone who was Korea's top actress.
I mean, wasn't Madam Choi Yoo Jin
from JB Group her friend?
So why did she allow her to
be buried here like this?
That's a good point.
Anna. You should say
hello to your mother.
Give her the flowers first.
I'm sorry that it took me
this long to get here.
I wanted to come by sooner
but I couldn't.
Dad won't come.
So don't wait for him.
rest in peace without
any pills this time.
What's going on?
Your mother probably met
your father in heaven already.
Mom. Mom! Mom!
Yes, Ms. Ji Yeon?
This seems to be
the juiciest bit
among all the other information
I've received about Ume Hye Rin.
Wait, seriously?
So where is that?
Thank you.
So you acted as if you beat
the crap out of Park Kwan Soo
but all you actually did was
hide in his hidden room?
Wow, I didn't even know that, and
So everyone else except
me knew about all this?
Well, probably because
the mission's details were classified.
Yeah, figures.
Why would you tell an old fogey like me
about important things like that?
Don't say things like that.
There's something I'm curious
about, though, Master Song.
What? Huh?
About Chairman Choi Sung Won.
How did he come to inherit JB Group?
I'm sure that Choi Yoo Jin
was a formidable foe for him.
She was quite strong-willed.
A lot of the subsidiaries' CEOs were
pushing for Yoo Jin more, actually.
Yoo Jin no, I mean, Madam Choi,
was quite clever since she was young.
She excelled in school too.
But her eye for men is terrible.
And that was to be
expected, really
since they only drilled her in
management since she was younger.
But then, a huge player like Jang
Se Joon came along and seduced her.
So it's only natural that she fell
head over heels for him.
Wait, so the previous
chairman got angry at her
for marrying him despite
the chairman's opposition and--
Yeah, more or less.
Also, JB Group was going through
a bit of a rough patch then
because they didn't restructure well
after the Asian financial crisis.
And because the chairman
was so opposed to Se Joon
he found tons of rich bachelors for her
to marry instead, to get through to her.
But alas, she wasn't
interested in any of them.
But Choi Sung Won was quick to marry
whoever his father chose for him.
And that's what led to all this.
The fact that Chairman Choi is chairman
now is largely thanks to his in-laws.
That's why he treats his father-in-law
so well even now too.
So Chairman Choi is a bit less
aggressive than his older sister then?
Oh, geez. People don't
know anything, do they?
Sung Won is actually far more
aggressive than his sister.
Nobody can guess
what that man may be thinking.
But how is it that
you know all of this?
You didn't know that I'm the oldest
JSS veteran around, right?
I used to be a bodyguard for JB Group.
And this company basically started as
JB Group's exclusive bodyguards.
So it's only natural that
I'd know everything about that family.
Visiting hours are over now.
Don't worry too much.
Your uncle is here.
Don't be nervous, okay?
All right.
You got a smoke?
Hey, now!
Just let him off the hook this once.
It is a special occasion, after all.
All right then. Say what you need
to say first and quickly.
Wow, way to be petty.
That's what money is
good for, after all!
You don't remember me, Miss?
We met on that night.
In your mom's room.
Oh, do you not remember because
I shined a light on your face?
Do you remember now?
Burglary is my specialty.
And I broke into your house that night
since you people seemed to be well off.
I never would've imagined that it was the
house of Ume Hye Rin, the movie star.
I got to work because I
thought everyone was asleep
but I felt someone creep into the room
without making any noise at all.
So I went and hid.
I figured that it was just
another burglar like me.
But that wasn't the case at all.
They crept into
the room I was in, silently.
And then, Ume Hye Rin,
who'd been there
I'm not sure if it's okay for me to
tell her daughter this sort of thing.
She'll be quite traumatized.
It's fine. Continue.
Sure. Prepare yourself, though.
That person straddled Ume Hye Rin
and put a needle in her neck.
I was right.
I remembered correctly.
I knew right there and then that I
witnessed something I shouldn't have.
Did you see the face of the person
who put the needle in her neck?
Yes, I did.
Do you remember
what they looked like?
It's about time for you to
do me a favor now, isn't it?
- Attorney Lee.
- Yes?
What can we do for this man?
He had three charges against him.
We can't do anything about the first one
but the second charge
is breaking and entering.
And the third charge is something that
can be settled with the victim's family.
If he does that, he'll be able to avoid
receiving any additional punishment
and can reduce his sentence
by up to four years.
All right, then. Do you remember the face
of the person who put the needle in her?
Of course I do!
Do you need any photos
for reference?
The woman who was by
Young Miss's side.
When you were on TV, Young Miss.
The woman who was
by your side then.
It was that woman.
Can you testify about this in court?
Getting my sentence reduced
is nice and all
but I need to consider
the people who'll be after me regardless.
Sure. Of course.
Sure, then.
Hey. Anna won't pick up her phone.
She's probably busy
at the beauty salon.
Wait, where are you now?
I'm doing security checks
at the fashion show location now.
What? Who's guarding Anna now then?
Don't worry. Anna is at the salon now.
I talked to her not too long ago.
Anna said that she'll come with K2.
So you bring her, okay?
All right, then.
Why? Why can't we report
Choi Yoo Jin for this now?
If we do that now, your father will
have to give up the presidential race.
Are you okay with that?
I don't care.
It's only fair that my Big Sis who
committed a crime is punished.
And you'll only be free
if your father becomes president.
So we have to make sure your dad
isn't tangled up in this incident at all.
Big Sis was the assailant
and your father is a victim.
We have to make that clear to the public
before we reveal her crime to the world.
Do you get what I'm saying?
So this all could end up being
a blessing in disguise
and may cause lots of people
to pity your dad.
So let's change people's opinions first.
This probably won't
take too long, either.
A few days is all it'll take.
How will we do that?
I have a way.
Just trust me.
Oh yeah. You definitely can't
tell Je Ha about this, okay?
Why not?
If she finds out about this,
all our plans will be foiled.
What? Je Ha definitely
won't tell Choi Yoo Jin, though.
Oh, my dear, innocent Anna.
He loves you, but he can't help
but be on Choi Yoo Jin's side.
Let's head to the salon
before Je Ha gets there.
An angel has to capture
the hearts of the people tonight.
- Oh, you're here?
- Yeah.
Why did you send J4 ahead?
Oh, because I'd be
keeping her here too long--
But still!
Well, okay. But don't do that again.
- Let's go.
- Um, excuse me.
I guess you two don't have
a normal VIP-and-bodyguard relationship.
- No--
- Yes.
He's my boyfriend.
Oh, I see!
Please take a seat, Mr. Boyfriend!
- No.
- I'll make you two both look great!
- Oh, thank you!
- Come now!
- Please sit!
- It's fine!
You'll be an embarrassment if you look
this uncool at a high-fashion event!
Isn't that right?
What? I look uncool?
- No!
- Just sit! I'll make you look great!
- Sit. She'll make you look good.
- Wait, do I look uncool?
- No, not at all!
- Sit! Sit!
All right, then.
Are you all right?
Did you take the medication I gave you?
Yes, I did.
Let me know if you need more.
I have more with me.
I will.
Oh yeah. Let's do well today, okay?
Oh, Ms. Anna!
Oh my god!
To think that I'm in charge of
the Ume Hye Rin tribute fashion show!
It's such an honor to have you walk
for me before Jean-Paul Lafelt!
No, I'm the one who's honored.
I hope that your show isn't
ruined because of me.
No, no.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to
walk down the catwalk well.
Ms. Anna, it's just walking.
So just walk. That's all there is to it.
Yes. And my clothes
will be your wings! Ta-da!
Please take good care of my Anna.
Don't worry, Chairman!
All right, let's start the rehearsal!
Just a moment.
Please give me some more medicine.
Why? Are you not feeling well?
No, I just feel really
uneasy and nervous.
Then you should take more.
It's fine. He said that they're safe.
What are you doing?
Just give them to me.
Come with me.
Anna. If you take these again,
that will be three times today.
I looked into these, and they're not
good for you if you take too many.
And you'll grow dependent on them.
Just let me do this, just for today.
Look. Everyone is gathered
here today for Mom.
There's this many people
who remember Mom.
But still!
This is a tribute to her.
I really want to do well.
So help me do that. Okay?
I feel like I have to in order
to have no more regrets.
I want to show everyone
that Mom is inside of me.
Give that to me.
Ms. Anna!
What's taking you so long?
We only have 20 minutes
left until showtime!
Come on, let's hurry.
Get Ms. Anna ready! Hurry!
Come on! Hurry!
What are you doing?
What do you mean?
Are you seriously going to act as if
you don't know what I'm talking about?
Why are you going so far as to pump her
with drugs to put her in the public eye?
We have to pay tribute to her.
A star garners love easily,
but they're also easily forgotten.
We have to make the public
remember Ume Hye Rin again
since they've forgotten about her.
And we have to make them
curious about her death.
That's what Anna and I want.
Anna wants me to give this to you.
She said that it seemed like you
didn't even have any water today.
Je Ha, don't worry. I'll do
an awesome stride down the catwalk.
Yes. Yes, I understand.
Please come out, Ms. Go Anna!
She's coming out now.
Are you ready?
Wait! Wait.
The bracelet.
It's the finishing touch.
There we go.
This is a style that Ms. Hye Rin
used to like back in the day.
I prepared this especially
to give to you today.
I think it'll look great on you.
All right, let's see here now.
Hair, earrings, bracelet, dress!
And to top it off, your face!
It's all perfect!
We're good here!
All right, let's go!
Let's go.
I'm Go Anna,
Ume Hye Rin's daughter.
I felt like you were more used to seeing
her like this, so I came out like this.
Thank you for remembering my mother
and participating in this fashion show.
I'm glad that I can do something good
like this, even now, in my mother's name.
And I believe that my mother
is with us here today too.
Thank you.
There are still so many people
who remember you, Mom.
I'll be sure to reveal
the injustice behind your death.
Wait just a bit longer, Mom.
Good job.
I was so nervous!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Good job.
Ms. Anna. You must
hurry and get changed.
We'll be going to the stage now.
Um, excuse me.
Can you give me my medicine?
Here you are.
Thank you.
Are you all right, Young Miss?
[Tribute Fashion Show
for the Deceased Ume Hye Rin]
[Daughter Go Anna Walks As Model]
What is it?
There's a post online, but for
me to repeat what it says is
Since when have we been
so prudish with our words?
Read it.
"Go Anna, the Angel of Barcelona,
is Choi Yoo Jin's real daughter"
"whom she had after having an
affair with Director Go Joon Ho and"
Oh, so Anna was my
daughter this whole time?
"And Ume Hye Rin, who married Director
Go while being unaware of this fact"
"was tasked with raising Anna"
"but returned to Korea after finding out
that Anna was Choi Yoo Jin's daughter"
"and blackmailed
Choi Yoo Jin for money."
"Choi Yoo Jin, who was no longer
able to handle Ume Hye Rin's threat"
"of revealing this fact
to the world any longer"
"eventually killed Ume Hye Rin."
"After that, Jang Se Hoon
and Choi Yoo Jin"
"only put on an act of
being a couple to the public"
"and Anna is currently under the care of
JB Group's chairman, who is her uncle."
That is all.
I can't even bear to listen to it
because it's so damn crude.
And Jang Se Joon gets to wiggle
his way out of all this, huh?
How about we cancel the volunteer
work scheduled for today?
No, there's no need for that.
I'll seem even more
pathetic if I do that.
Uncle. Did you really
make this post go viral?
But how could you make up
something so ridiculous and untrue?
You can't make my mom out
to be such a terrible person!
Of course it has to be ridiculous.
If this were true,
it'd be big trouble.
We have to sully your mother's name
with this kind of outlandishness
for it to be reported.
But you're the one
who put this online.
They should be reporting
Choi Yoo Jin, not you.
Oh, my innocent little angel.
I have to do this for Big Sis to
get investigated by the police
and that'll lead to her getting
questioned for being involved in murder.
And we'll pull out our hidden card then.
Do you get it now?
You're confused, right?
It's okay. Your uncle will
take care of all this.
Also, I'd never frame your mother
for this kind of ridiculous crime!
Everything will be revealed
once the investigation begins.
And Choi Yoo Jin will be
brought to justice for sure too.
You didn't tell Je Ha, right?
No, I didn't.
All right, good.
We have to drop by the police station,
so get ready and come down.
The rumor is quite shocking,
so it's spreading like wildfire.
Ms. Anna is Madam Choi's daughter
whom she had through an affair?
But Ms. Anna was born way before Madam
Choi and Assemblyman Jang got married.
How can someone have an affair
if they're not even married?
Can you really call
this an affair, then?
Well, yes, that's true.
An affair, by definition, is something
you have after getting married.
It'll only sully Madam Choi
and Assemblyman Jang's names
to continue talking
about this nonsense.
So I'll stop talking about it.
But regarding the issue that Ms. Anna
really is related to Madam Choi
We're living in
the 21st century now, folks.
A simple DNA test will
resolve all this, won't it?
That's right, yes.
And regarding the rumor that Ms.
Ume Hye Rin blackmailed Madam Choi
and Madam Choi
killed her as a result
that's just ridiculous.
And all this happened due to the mystery
surrounding Ume Hye Rin's death, right?
But Assemblyman, wasn't that
already ruled a suicide?
After hearing what Ms. Anna
said on TV the other day
I understood how she felt.
Wouldn't anyone have suspicions
about their mother's death
with the circumstances surrounding
it being so mysterious?
So Madam Choi should go
to the police and confess everything
and the police should look into
the mystery behind Ms. Ume's death.
I believe that such an investigation
should be carried out, yes.
So, a re-investigation?
Doesn't that require
the victim to petition for it
or for some new decisive
evidence to come out?
Exactly. But I'm just voicing
my own personal opinion.
But if they don't want to, that's fine.
Is that man really on our side?
Not anymore, it seems.
Oh, they're coming in!
Please say something, Chairman Choi!
I've never seen such
a vile post in my entire life.
We'll definitely be
suing for defamation
and we'll definitely find the one
trying to sully our family's name
and bring them to court!
Hey, isn't your uncle
an amazing actor?
Oh hello, Chairman.
Welcome, sir.
Hello, Police Chief.
Let us be on our way, then.
We heard all about it.
You must be quite upset.
No, I'm okay. We just have to
catch them and throw them in jail.
Here's the bill of indictment.
Oh, you didn't need to
bring this yourself!
I was thinking of sending
it directly to my attorney
but I figured I'd get some photos
of me taken by the press
and wanted to talk to you
in person, so I came here.
Please take good care
of this investigation.
Of course!
People who are spreading
rumors like this--
There's that, but I'm talking about
Anna's mother's incident in particular.
This may all start
as a defamation case
but once you get to investigating
the witnesses for the case
you may find that this may be connected
to other cases too, don't you think?
By witnesses, do you mean
Let me help you, ma'am!
Please get some rest!
You don't need to
help us this much.
Thank you so much.
No, no. You're always doing
such good deeds, Father.
I'm more thankful.
- Shall I put the chairs out too?
- Yes, please.
What? Is that true?
Yes. I'm sure that Chairman
Choi's target is Choi Yoo Jin.
And it seems that he has witnesses
prepared already too.
Wow, these rich people sure play
dirty when it comes to money!
What should I do, sir?
Hey, do you even need to ask?
Of course you should
start an investigation!
Dead people don't deserve to have their
reputations sullied because they're dead!
We need to help her
let go of her grudge!
All right, then.
Her grudge?
What do you mean by that, sir?
Looks like all of this will come tumbling
down without me having to do anything!
Call the prosecutor's office
for me, will you?
Yes, sir.
I have a really good
feeling about this.
Yep, yep.
What will happen with
the accusations regarding Ms. Go Anna?
What do you mean "what'll happen"?
It's only natural that the police
investigate any accusation that comes in.
We have to investigate the people who
are spreading baseless rumors online.
No, not that!
I'm talking about
the parties involved in all that.
You know, like Choi Yoo Jin
and Jang Se Joon.
We'll only know after the police
do the initial investigation.
I'm sure Assemblyman Jang
will be disgraced
but it's not a situation
we can do anything about.
- And?
- As for Madam Choi Yoo Jin
she should be investigated
if only as a potential witness.
She's a victim in this
defamation scandal, after all.
Really? And?
What do you mean "and?"
If something suspicious does turn
up during the investigation
and Ms. Ume's death may have been due to
foul play just as Ms. Anna suspected--
Then you'll re-investigate the
circumstances of Ms. Ume Hye Rin's death?
Well, duh.
Really? I'm writing about
this as an exclusive!
Don't share this with anyone else until
an hour after I write my article, okay?
I'll give you 30 minutes.
[Circumstances Around Late Actress
Ume Hye Rin's Death Being Questioned]
"Investigation to resume
after 14 years."
Nice, nice.
Please come back for
more if you need it.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
- Eat up!
- Yes!
- Enjoy.
- Enjoy!
Please come back for
more if you need it.
Madam Choi!
- Just a moment!
- Stop!
- Just for a moment, Father!
- Please!
Madam Choi! The police say that they
will re-open Ms. Ume Hye Rin's case!
Have you heard about that?
Is it true that there was a witness
at the scene of the murder?
You may be called in as a suspect
instead of just a witness!
Were you aware of that?
Please say something for us!
Please leave.
She'll do an interview later.
I'm sorry.
Over here!
- Madam!
- Madam!
Wake up, Madam! Madam!
- Madam!
- Call 911! Quick!
- Yes, ma'am.
- Madam! Madam!
How is she doing now?
Please tell us!
Why did she suddenly pass out?
Please tell us!
Excuse us!
Madam Choi Yoo Jin, the wife of
presidential candidate Jang Se Joon
was taken to the emergency room
this morning while volunteering.
Ms. Choi, who is currently
a victim of a malicious post online
Wow, looks like Big Sis
sure was in a rush!
She thought to hide at the
hospital, even with that temper of hers!
Wait, so you're saying that
Madam Choi really passed out?
She wasn't putting on an act?
Yes, it seems that way.
Wow, no way!
She's the type to not shed blood in
public even when she's been shot!
I'm sure that she was
just putting on a show.
I wish that were the case, but
Hey, don't worry!
I'm sure that this was all
part of some plan she had!
Oh, geez.
The claim that Madam Choi
gave birth to Anna is ridiculous
but she didn't even know that
Ms. Ume knew Mr. Lafelt
and only acted later as if she did.
And yet she says that she knows
nothing about Ume Hye Rin's death
even though the entire
situation was quite fishy.
And on top of all that, there's
even a rumor going around
that there was a witness to
Ms. Ume Hye Rin's murder!
Why not write about facts like
a real reporter if you really are one?
Why, you little--
What a dirty, rotten world this is.
People who loved
Madam Choi up until yesterday
are now writing
the nastiest comments about her.
Who do you mean?
Choi Yoo Jin?
Who else?
- What about Jang Se Joon?
- A lot more people pity him than not.
Isn't that obvious?
He may have been living with a woman who
had another man's child this whole time.
Yeah. And if this is true, Ms. Angel's
name will be dragged through the mud.
Aw, man.
Um, she's refusing to come out.
Really? I'll have to go to her then.
He didn't show when she was actually
waiting for him, and look at him now.
Open the door.
Let's talk, face-to-face.
I have something to
talk to you about.
I have nothing to talk to
you about, so please leave.
I think you'll have to hurry
and go see Chairman Choi, sir.
I'll leave for today then, Anna.
See you next time, okay?
Master Song!
Hey, is Madam Choi inside?
She is, but what brings you here?
What else?
She's sick, so I'm here
to visit her, obviously!
Just go back home, sir.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Please leave, sir.
Hey, how dare you stand in my way!
Sir, she's sick right now!
Get out of my way, punk!
I'm going in there!
- But--
- Shut it, punks!
- Please leave!
- Move!
- Master Song!
- Move!
- Just leave, please!
- Move!
I told you to move!
Madam Choi!
It's me, Song Young Choon!
- I told you, she's not well!
- Shut it!
What the hell are you all doing?
Let him in, Chief Kim.
See, you punks? Bunch of runts.
How are you feeling, Madam?
Please take one of these, Madam.
What are you doing?
It's the juice that I used to love.
Yes, that's right. You always wanted
this whenever you were ill.
- So they still make this, huh?
- Yes, ma'am.
Right? It's good, huh?
Master Song!
Step out, all of you.
I want to have a private
conversation with Master Song.
I really do feel a bit better
now that I've had this.
Really? What a relief.
Please get better soon, Madam!
You can just use informal
speech with me. It's okay, Mister.
Is that okay?
Well Yoo Jin.
Yes, Mister?
Leave Anna alone, if you can.
You came here to tell me that?
If you shoot a female animal when hunting
you're supposed to let the babies live.
You're making me really uncomfortable.
Yoo Jin. If your father, the late
Chairman Choi, were alive
I'm sure that he'd be
against doing this too.
If you're really going to
continue being like this
I won't be able to do what
my morals tell me to do.
See Master Song out!
Oh, Brother-in-Law!
Please, take a seat.
Someone else's house is in flames,
and yet it feels like a party here.
It is a party.
But it seems that you don't
know who this party is for.
Who else would it be for?
It's for Assemblyman Jang, of course.
Seems like you were quite worried
because of your wife, Assemblyman Jang.
Didn't that post online make
you feel anything, Brother-in-Law?
Like what?
You were conveniently
left out of this entire mess!
You'll rise to the top,
just as we planned.
Cast Choi Yoo Jin aside now.
It'll be a win-win situation if you do!
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Why didn't you see your dad?
I don't need him.
Anna, I know you've been going
around with Chairman Choi a lot.
But Choi Yoo Jin isn't the type of person
to dirty her hands like that.
And if there really was a witness, she
would be aware of the danger they pose
and definitely
wouldn't have let them live.
That's not the case this time, though.
are you on my side
or Choi Yoo Jin's side?
What do you mean by that?
Of course I'm on your side!
Why do you stick around
Choi Yoo Jin all the time, then?
Mi Ran and Sung Gyu quit working at
JSS to work for JB Group's chairman.
But you're still at JSS.
What are you and Choi Yoo Jin up to?
The reason why I'm purposely not telling
you what I'm doing with Choi Yoo Jin
is because it'd be best
if you didn't know.
Because it involves killing someone.
All right!
This is whiskey that's
been aged 40 years!
Are you sure that
this isn't a fake?
What? Fake?
Hey, I-I went to the store myself, and--
You took out a fake "insurance policy,"
so who knows? This might be fake too.
Oh, is that what
this is all about?
I'm sorry. That's why I'm buying
you this expensive liquor, after all.
Here, pour me a shot.
All right, then. Cheers.
Well, how is it?
Is it good?
Well, the taste is
It's amazing, isn't it?
It sure is!
No, no. Allow me.
Sure, sure.
Well, then. Are you here to get
information about Choi Yoo Jin?
No, no need for that!
It's all clear as day anyway.
It'll be a bit difficult this time.
Well, that still doesn't
mean impossible, right?
Oh, but still,
regardless of the outcome
Assemblyman Jang will still be
able to become president, right?
Also, Madam's reputation
may have been dealt some blows now
but Assemblyman Jang is
okay, so don't worry.
are you here to lay down some
sort of groundwork by using me?
Lay groundwork?
Of course not!
You have to stick right by
Park Kwan Soo's side.
- What?
- That way, I can follow your lead!
What's this, though? Looks like your
trust in Assemblyman Park has crumbled.
Then should I follow your lead
and switch sides to Assemblyman Jang?
Of course!
You've already shown
all your cards to me!
You don't need to worry about a thing!
Wow, how nice!
You get to have your cake and eat it too!
If we play both sides, we'll emerge
victorious no matter what!
You're absolutely right!
All right, then.
Let's drink up!
Yes, Senior!
I wouldn't be too shocked if you
really did kill Anna's mother.
I'm sure there's tons of
people you've gotten killed, anyway.
So I'd like it if you were honest
with me at the very least.
Why do you want to know that?
Because of Anna.
Anna firmly believes that
you killed her mother.
But I'm not sure if I should
hold her back or not.
Just let her be.
Let her do whatever she wants.
Then let me just ask you this,
out of pure curiosity.
Did you
kill Ume Hye Rin?
I'll be honest, just with you.
didn't kill Ume Hye Rin.
And I definitely didn't order
anyone to either.
So why did you let Assemblyman Jang
and Anna believe that up until now?
Because that's the only way
that Jang Se Joon will truly believe
that I am capable of killing Anna.
Because that's the only way
that I could ensure
that Jang Se Joon
could not leave me
that night, or ever.
And I
know who the real murderer is.
I can never say who it is.
If there's anything else
you're curious about
go and ask Mirror.
Mirror knows everything about me.
I've configured her so that
she'll obey you from now on too.
You're the only one with
that power besides me.
All I can do now is head
to the police office.
And I'll face the investigation
with confidence.
But I don't know what my
enemies will do in the meantime.
So someone needs to be able to access
Mirror while I'm gone, right?
But why is that me, of all people?
Because you trusted me
and deleted that incriminating email.
That email was like your lifeline.
Mirror is a similar existence for me.
It's no different than my own life.
And I'm entrusting it to you.
Oh no, I forgot to knock again.
My bad.
What's with this strange mood in the air?
You can leave now.
You're doing better
than I'd heard.
Sung Won.
I'm really disappointed in your
writing composition skills.
What are you talking about? I've even
received an award for my writing before.
Don't do something that
you'll regret later.
If you do, I might just destroy
the company too.
Give JSS to me, then.
Wait, no. You can keep JSS.
Just give me Cloud Nine.
That'll solve everything.
Sung Won.
Lately, I've been thinking
about why Father gave JSS to me
while he made you the next chairman.
We needed Jin Han's help back then
to survive, so it was a strategic move.
But maybe he did this in
order to prevent JB Group
from being swallowed up
by Jin Han Group later on.
Why do you think that your greedy
father-in-law, who's eyeing JB Group
is so antsy about not
having Cloud Nine?
Father just didn't think that Jin Han
could be swallowed up by JB Group.
Big Sis.
If I trusted my father-in-law,
JB wouldn't still be alive and kicking.
Especially with that greedy
old geezer eyeing it for himself.
If I wasn't being held back by
Cloud Nine and its watch over me
Jin Han probably would've been
swallowed up by JB by now.
I see.
What a relief
that you don't take
after your mother.
Fine. Just pick some of JB's
subsidiaries that you want.
They're yours.
Wow, I'm brought to tears.
Well, that's what family
is for, after all!
But you know, you won't have
much time to think things over.
You'll have to choose quickly
whether or not you want to
undergo a simple witness investigation
or be arrested for
Ume Hye Rin's murder.
Mirror. Do you know who I am?
Yes, you're Agent Kim Je Ha.
All right.
Can you answer my questions for me?
Yes. Agent Kim Je Ha
has access authority over me.
Are there any limitations
to what I can access?
No, sir.
So I can ask you whatever
I want to ask you?
Of course, sir.
Does that include questions
regarding Madam Choi Yoo Jin?
Of course, sir.
What did you want to see me
so early in the morning about?
I thought it'd appear better if we
head to the police station together
since we both have
to go there anyway.
Well, yes, I'm sure.
And I'd like you to be next to me.
What, do you need someone
to support you?
Shall I send you some of my bodyguards?
They're coming!
- Madam, please say something!
- Please, anything!
To the reporters.
to the citizens of this country.
I'm sorry that I withheld the truth
from all of you for all this time.
Everything is due to
my own shortcomings.
My Anna
is my real daughter.
And Anna is a child who is
like my own daughter to me.
Anna is
the blood-related daughter
of my husband,
Assemblyman Jang Se Joon.
- What?
- Is this true, Assemblyman Jang?
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