The K2 (2016) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
They're coming!
[Episode 13]
Please say something!
To the reporters.
to the citizens of this country.
I'm sorry that I withheld the truth
from all of you for all this time.
Everything is due to
my own shortcomings.
My Anna
is my daughter.
And Anna is a child who is
like my own daughter to me.
Does this mean that she's not
actually related to you by blood?
Anna is
the biological daughter
of my husband,
Assemblyman Jang Se Joon.
- What?
- Is this true, Assemblyman Jang?
- Please say something, Assemblyman!
- Is this true?
I apologize, everyone.
I'll elucidate this matter
once we're inside.
So does this mean that you acknowledge
that she's your blood-related daughter?
It's all over now.
It's the end for Jang Se Joon!
Why, that crazy
What are you trying to do
here, Brother-in-law?
Are you out of your mind?
I thought you were going to handle this,
Chairman Choi. So what happened?
I'm quite disappointed in you.
Excuse me?
What do you mean by that?
About the witness who said that they
saw Choi Yoo Jin on that night.
What about him?
He was just an actor.
It was all a trap.
You fell into
your older sister's trap.
Ume Hye Rin and I met in 1993
when I was working as
a labor rights attorney
and was doing pro-bono work for
an animal rights organization.
The two of us
subsequently fell in love.
We were also planning
on getting married.
However, in 1994,
I had been running for office
and was suspected of committing secret
crimes with the KFSC and arrested.
And I received word that Ume Hye Rin,
who'd gone to America to film a movie
had gotten married to Director
Go Joon Ho, which utterly broke my heart
while I was still being held
at the detention center.
At that time, when I lost the election
as well as the woman I'd loved
the one who raised me up again
is my current wife, Choi Yoo Jin.
And we got married
shortly after that.
We were happy.
And in 1996
I was able to become an assemblyman
thanks to my wife's touching support.
Yeah, since your wife
basically bought you a seat.
How touching, indeed.
- Oh my.
- And then
after many years had passed,
Ume Hye Rin, who'd left me
brought a young Anna to me.
And she told me that
Anna was my daughter.
It was a nightmarish time for my
wife and I for quite a while after that.
My wife tried her very
best to accept my past
and attempted to negotiate with Ume
Hye Rin in order to protect our family.
But Ume Hye Rin demanded
that I divorce my wife
and wanted me to come and live
with her and my child in America.
And she threatened to reveal the fact
that we had a child together to the press
if I didn't comply.
No. This is all a lie.
This is all a lie.
In other words, she wanted me
to betray my wife, whom I loved.
But I refused.
How could Dad
say such things?
Then, one night, I received
a threat from Ume Hye Rin saying that
she'd commit suicide by overdosing on
sleeping pills if I didn't come to her.
She'd threatened me in a similar
fashion many times before already.
I did not believe
that she'd do it.
And on the next day
I found out
that Ume Hye Rin
was discovered dead.
The results of the police investigation
ruled the death a suicide.
However, I'm fully aware that I'm the one
who is really responsible for her death.
I've had this weigh on my
conscience all this years
and have been living
in pain for all this time.
Citizens of Korea.
I humbly apologize.
I've always said, "govern your family
well before governing a nation"
but I couldn't uphold
those ideals myself.
I'm the one to blame for everything.
So please, do not criticize
my pitiful wife, who embraced
my child as her own and has been
living in pain for all these years.
I'll humbly accept
all criticism and blame
that the citizens
of Korea have for me.
However, please,
at the very least
spare my poor wife from all this.
I beg of you.
Thank you all for hearing out this
sinful man's tale to the very end.
Just you watch.
It'll be the end for
Choi Yoo Jin
as soon as the witness steps forth.
All right, then. Is this the person
you saw at the scene on that day?
No. I'm not saying that
I saw her or anything.
Hey, look at
her face properly, all right?
I thought you said that you saw
this woman when Ume Hye Rin died!
I was just hoping that Anna girl might be
able to get me a good lawyer.
You know, to be honest,
I feel quite wronged.
You said you saw her, though!
This is libel, you know!
Are you aware of that?
How is this libel?
I just said that I thought
I maybe saw her or something.
When did I ever
That girl asked me if this woman, who'd
appeared on TV with her, killed her mom
so I just said, "Maybe."
That's all I said.
This is driving me crazy.
Apparently, that man was
undergoing an interrogation
when Ume Hye Rin's murder occurred.
Oh, my head.
Send him out quickly. Now!
If we keep him there longer,
we might fall deeper into this trap.
Why, I geez!
I mean, what did
Choi Yoo Jin even do wrong?
That woman who cast him
aside to go to America
because he was going to jail
is the real villain here.
Men and women both need
to be loyal, first and foremost.
I'm sure she didn't know that
he'd be acquitted and released.
But Ume Hye Rin probably only stuck
around because Jang Se Joon let her!
Well, of course he wouldn't ignore
her when she had his child!
He'd be an even worse person
if he just ignored her!
But Choi Yoo Jin
knew all about it too.
And I'm sure she blackmailed
Madam Choi out of so much money too!
- Right?
- Yeah.
Ume Hye Rin wasn't just your
run-of-the-mill beauty, after all.
They say that you can get a good idea
of a person's character from their looks!
- I know, right?
- Exactly!
However, please at the very least,
spare my poor wife from all this.
What did I tell you?
I told you to shoot them, didn't I?
Indeed you did, sir.
How scary, really.
There isn't a single person
who'd fall into that sort of trap.
Apparently, that man really was a fake.
Choi Yoo Jin set us up.
What? How could she do that?
So that man was just lying
to us the whole time?
It'll just be a relief if neither of us
are charged with giving false testimony.
What did we do wrong, though?
We did do something wrong.
And it was quite bad too.
Well, don't worry about anything.
The attorneys will
take care of all this.
So that so-called witness
was all your doing, right?
And this was, of course, a trap set
by Choi Yoo Jin to ensnare Anna.
Do you know how terrible it is
that you're doing all of these terrible
things without feeling any remorse?
Well, I don't really know.
You didn't need to go this far.
You didn't need to drag her dead
mother's name through the mud!
do you want me to do nothing
even though she's a threat to Madam?
You people made a grave mistake.
That must have been quite
hard for you, Madam.
Thank you so much for cooperating
with our investigation.
It was nothing. It was merely
my duty as a citizen.
I'm so thankful that
you see things that way.
To be honest, it was just due to the fact
that you were mentioned in that post
That's enough.
Anyway, send my regards
to Assemblyman Park.
Excuse me?
Assemblyman Park?
Let's go.
Are you denying the claims
of that online post?
It's true that Ms. Ume Hye Rim
blackmailed you, correct?
Does this mean that Ms. Go Anna
will now become Ms. Jang Anna?
How are you feeling right now?
Were the police too hard on you
with their investigation by any chance?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Everything is my fault.
What kinds of things did Ms. Ume
say to blackmail you?
Does Ms. Go Anna know about
all this by any chance?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Please tell us about
how you're feeling now.
Please excuse us.
She's not well.
What did you discuss
during the cross-examination?
Does Ms. Go Anna
know about all this?
What will happen to Ms. Anna now?
- Cheer up, Madam!
- Get well soon!
Wow, just look at her.
She looks like she's on her deathbed.
The world sure is a strange place.
How could they hold the victim there
and humiliate her like that?
It's not like it's a crime to be
the wife of a politician.
Exactly. I'm so glad that
my husband isn't running for president.
I'm sure that Park Kwan Soo was behind
all of this to humiliate Jang Se Joon.
- Right?
- It's obvious!
There isn't a single guy who never
dated before getting married.
And guys who haven't
are really pathetic. Right?
That's right!
- Chief!
- Please say something for us!
- Excuse me!
- I have no comments!
What happened during
the cross-examination?
What? What cross-examination?
We've received word that you have
a witness for Ms. Ume's murder.
and that a cross-examination
was being performed with him.
Hey, why are you
starting rumors yourself now?
Is it true that Ms. Ume
blackmailed Madam Choi?
All we did was take Madam Choi,
who was a clear victim in all this
in for a round of simple questioning
for reference.
That'll be all, then. Goodbye.
Oh man, I've been had again!
That conniving couple!
Why, I never
- Cheer up!
- We understand you completely!
- Get well soon!
- Cheer up!
I'll definitely be cheering
you on, Madam!
Be strong, Madam!
I have nothing else to say,
Big Sis, except I'm sorry.
My younger brother
sure can be impudent.
Isn't that right?
Your acting was phenomenal too.
So go and wait
until I decide what to do with you.
Okay, Big Sis.
Don't be too harsh on me, okay?
I'd like it if you stopped
contacting Anna.
Um, yeah. Of course.
I understand.
And as for the staff that
you took with you
Oh, you mean the housekeeper,
Mi Ran, and Sung Gyu?
So you even know their names?
They're your employees now, so you'll
have to take care of them, right?
"Take care of them"?
Take care of them without leaving
a trace after I send Anna abroad.
Sure. Okay.
Don't worry.
Take good care of yourself, Big Sis.
I'll be going now.
Oh, yeah.
It was you, right?
The person who killed
Ume Hye Rin, I mean.
Are you secretly recording me?
What are you talking about?
I'd never do that to you!
Come on, now.
Take care of yourself, then.
Let Anna live, at least.
I'm sorry.
But love isn't meant
to be a group activity.
The person you are trying to
reach is unavailable.
I should've been honest
with you back then.
And told you that I'd gone to the jail.
I'm sorry for lying to you.
I guess I really am an idiot!
It's okay. It's okay.
Don't cry.
You'll wear yourself out if you do.
And if you do that
you won't be able to fight.
Because the real fight begins now.
Your father is here.
You have to see him today.
See him and hear him out.
I'm sorry.
Your dad is a terrible person.
I'm a liar too.
Everything I said
at the press conference
was a complete lie.
Your mother never blackmailed me.
She just
pleaded with me, is all.
And your mother
didn't commit suicide.
And everything I said when
I saw you at the infirmary last time
was all a lie too.
Choi Yoo Jin was watching
us then, so I lied
and broke your heart on purpose.
Why are you telling me all this now?
I don't want to hear any of this.
That's because your father is a coward.
And I'm scared that you
may end up just like me.
And this is the honest truth.
No, I'm sure that you're just scared that
you'll have to retire from politics.
Anna, that's
that's all that your father has.
So if I lose that
I can never save you
or make you happy.
And why do you think that
politics is your everything?
It's because you threw both me
and my mother away for it.
So what do you want to say anyway?
You want me to keep quiet and not cause
any trouble until you become president?
You don't want me to instigate anything
with Choi Yoo Jin, who killed Mom?
You didn't lie to me in the infirmary
because Choi Yoo Jin was watching.
Think long and hard about it.
That was how you really feel.
So don't be afraid anymore.
Because you, Dad, have already
lost your daughter.
All right.
Let's start over now.
I'm sorry.
I've ruined everything.
I'm sorry.
Your mother liked hydrangeas.
Your father got drunk one night
and brought hydrangeas.
And said, "Don't you like these?"
To be honest,
I don't like hydrangeas.
But it still made me feel good.
when I visited your house later
I saw a bouquet of hydrangeas
in a vase in your living room.
I'm sure you believe
that I want to kill you.
But I've never really hated you, even
when I thought I needed to kill you.
Because you're quite similar to me.
I didn't have a mother
when I was your age either.
And in her place
was a stepmother
who'd stolen my father away.
She'd been my father's
secretary, then his mistress.
And finally, she ended
up becoming his wife.
And that woman is the mother
of Sung Won, whom you call "uncle."
But ironically enough
I've become your stepmother now.
I understand what may have
happened with your mother.
It's true that she didn't know
that she'd gotten pregnant.
And she could've gotten married
while pregnant with that child
and ended up having the child.
And gotten divorced.
And she could've come back because she
wanted to see the father of her child.
But, you know
what was I supposed
to do then in that situation?
I threw away everything I had
in order to choose your father.
So are you trying to tell me
that's why you killed my mother?
It would've been so much nicer
if you were my blood-related daughter.
but you won't be Go Anna anymore.
You'll be Jang Anna now.
And then, you'll become my daughter.
You'll really, legally
become my daughter.
And I don't have any
children of my own.
So if you just keep still, you can
become a president's daughter
and even become the owner of
JB Group one day too.
If you really want to get revenge on me
after you've inherited everything I have
do it then.
I don't need any of that.
Then leave quietly now.
Go to Lafelt.
Go be a model or his muse or whatever
and live the life you want to live!
I'll help you as much
as I possibly can!
There's nothing that
you can do here right now.
And it's too late to expose
your true identity now.
Your mother is dead, and your
father isn't too trustworthy.
Do you really want to keep living
with a stepmother like me?
And what if I say no?
What if I say that I'll work to reveal
who killed my mother until the end?
Then your life will continue
to be full of tragedy.
You'll be forced to watch
as everyone you love dies.
Like Mi Ran, Sung Gyu,
the housekeeper, and
Kim Je Ha too.
They'll all die trying to
fight for you and protect you.
No. Before that happens
Je Ha will kill you.
You don't know why Kim Je Ha
is working with me, do you?
Just like you have PTSD related
to seeing flashing lights
Je Ha also suffers from
PTSD as well.
Je Ha can't kill anyone.
That's why I said I'd pull the trigger
in his stead to help him get revenge.
- Revenge?
- Yeah, revenge!
He's working with me to avenge
the woman that he loved!
They were even engaged, I think.
And he'll leave your side eventually
after he gets his revenge anyway.
So don't ever get
too attached to a man.
You didn't know, did you?
Why didn't you ask
your uncle any of these things?
No, it's you who didn't know.
I'm going to leave with Je Ha.
Is that what he said?
That he wants you to come with him?
Do you at least know that
"Kim Je Ha" is just an alias of his?
You don't know a thing, do you?
He can't go overseas.
Because he's on Interpol's wanted list.
I know that too.
That he was framed.
So that's what he told you, sweetie?
That he was framed for Raniya's murder?
You didn't even know
her name, did you?
But that's not true.
Kim Je Ha isn't on the run because
he was framed for Raniya's murder.
It's because he slaughtered
civilians while he was in Iraq
and is considered a war
criminal due to that.
If you can't believe me,
just ask him yourself.
He can't live without the fake
ID that I provide him with.
he'll be locked up in jail forever
if I just make a single phone call.
Do you really want
to do that to him?
- Please enjoy.
- Here you are.
Please eat up and be healthy!
Please enjoy!
Please eat to your heart's content!
Yes, go ahead.
Do you need more food?
Is there anything you need?
Oh, this is so delicious!
Oh, I see.
Is Anna doing well?
Physically, at least,
she's doing fine.
All right, then.
What did you want to discuss?
I think that you truly
are the worst father alive.
So I want to give you a chance
to be a good father to Anna.
It's already too late for that.
I'll make it so that you can
win against Park Kwan Soo
and break free from being
Choi Yoo Jin's puppet.
But in exchange, please reveal
who really killed Anna's mother.
For Anna's sake.
So you have some evidence?
So Je Ha was here
during that whole time?
Looks like he's been working hard.
Um, Madam.
Was there really a need for you
to give K2 access to Mirror?
Do you know why Mirror was named that?
Because you have to reveal
your own self before the mirror
before asking Mirror a question.
Mirror. What did
Kim Je Ha ask you?
Current state of the self-governing
Kumar people's imports of arms.
Current state of Northwestern
Iraq's oil and gas development.
Results of land surveys
for petroleum in the east.
List of consortiums involved with
Kumar oil and gas development.
List of subcontractors involved
with Kumar oil and gas development.
That's enough, now.
So what is Kim Je Ha looking for
by asking these questions?
Evidence regarding Kumar-gate.
Were you the one
who named it that?
That is the name that Agent Kim
assigned to the incident
regarding the fraud surrounding
the Kumar oil and gas development.
If I can really break free from being
Choi Yoo Jin's puppet, as you said
I'll make you that promise.
So tell me now.
What is it that you know?
There's a huge corruption scandal
involving a huge group of people
and Park Kwan Soo
is involved in it too.
Well of course, none of
this has been revealed yet
but our current president is
quite deeply involved in this too.
Really? Do you have grounds
on which your claims are based?
No, I'll do you one better
and give you evidence.
- Physical evidence?
- Yes.
Park Kwan Soo will back away on his
own if he knows that you have it.
Because everyone
will be at your mercy then.
And you'll be able to take down JB
and Choi Yoo Jin in one fell swoop too.
what is the reason why you
want to give me this evidence?
Because you're quite
a corrupt politician.
And you're ready to betray
Choi Yoo Jin at any given time.
Choi Yoo Jin has currently set plans in
place for Anna and everyone around her.
This is the only way we can make Choi Yoo
Jin and Park Kwan Soo both face justice.
To protect Anna.
And to restore her mother's
reputation, which is what Anna wants.
All right. Fine.
I'll try being a good father
to her for a change.
Did Kim Je Ha ask about anything
related to me by any chance?
No, Madam.
Then what about Ume Hye Rin?
No, Madam.
See? He's such a gentleman.
Maybe he knew that it'd be impossible
to get information about you from it?
Well, it doesn't matter.
Mirror. What was the last query
that Agent Kim had for you?
The Korean people living near the Kumar
people who had no political affiliations.
There were such people
among the Kumar?
Yes, there were.
Show me.
They're just medical volunteers.
What what's the matter, Madam?
Kim Suk Han.
Mirror. Is this Kim Suk Han
that Kim Suk Han?
It is just as you'd suspected, Madam.
Do you mean the psychiatrist?
It's his son.
The president's son.
So Je Ha found him.
The biggest key player in Kumar-gate.
Have all the preparations
for the surgery been made?
Yes. We're standing by.
All right, let's go.
Oh, what brings you
all the way here?
Regarding the money
I got from you last time
I want you to give me the rest of
the balance you promised me now.
What do you mean?
It's because I need money.
Why, are you planning to ditch
Jang Se Joon and do a midnight run?
Wow, you sure are
quick on the uptake!
Take a seat.
But you know
after the incident with
that troublemaker's daughter
Choi Yoo Jin's popularity rose a bit.
But Jang Se Joon's fell quite a bit.
So I'm not sure if I really need
your assistance at a time like this.
But you're not in a situation where
you should be resting easy either.
Why, did you hear something?
Evidence regarding Kumar-gate.
I think I've almost found it, you see.
How did you find out about that?
Well, who knows? How do you
think I found out about Kumar-gate?
And that person, Kim Suk Han,
is being closely watched too.
Kim Je Ha met with Park Kwan Soo
secretly in the middle of the night.
What? He met with Park Kwan Soo?
Wait, you didn't know about
this either, Madam?
Then that punk
Leave him alone.
This is all part of a plan.
- Chief Joo.
- Yes, Madam?
Provide back-up for Je Ha.
Understood, Madam.
Be on your guard.
This plan will decide the winner of
the upcoming presidential election.
No it may even change the
fate of our country as we know it.
- Welcome, sir.
- Yes.
Oh, I'm sorry about dropping
by like this at this time.
No, it's completely fine, sir.
We're thankful that you're gracing
us with your presence.
Oh, is that right?
It can't be helped. Presidential
candidates need full-body physicals too.
- This way.
- Yes.
Wow, what a huge hospital.
Hello, sir.
Yes, hello.
But, um, sir. The bodyguards
this time stand out too much.
Excuse me!
My team members are saying
that you people stand out too much!
Sir. I think you'll have
to head to the CT room.
CT room?
That's not on my schedule
for today, though.
A presidential candidate is here.
Assemblyman Park Kwan Soo.
You mustn't move, sir.
Dr. Kim.
I want to receive a consultation
regarding my health from you.
Let's do it now, then.
I'll take care of this.
Yes, sir.
It makes things complicated for me for
you to come see me yourself like this.
Then you should've picked up
my calls properly.
Well, I'm here to get my physical
as a presidential candidate
so don't worry about
what others may think.
What's going on?
You'll have to keep
a close eye on the "dangerous object."
There's someone who's
looking for it now.
Someone named Choi Yoo Jin.
The people on her side
have caught a whiff of it.
You should move it from wherever
you've been keeping it hidden now.
Or just get rid of it altogether.
Well, I don't know.
I was thinking about doing that, but
seeing as how you got rid of
Father's chief secretary with it
I feel like I really should
hold onto it now.
And even if you make it
into the Blue House
don't forget that I have "that"
in my possession.
All right, then.
We're all done.
There weren't any worrisome symptoms.
You won't need to come back
again to see your results.
Yes, thank you.
An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure.
It's best to get checked
before you actually catch anything.
You should beef up your security.
Otherwise, your father may suddenly
end up suffering a terrible fate
because of you, despite being
totally unaware of all this.
Oh, where did my shoes go?
Oh my, oh my.
My shoes are gone.
Goodbye, sir.
- Oh, you needn't see me off.
- No, sir! It's fine!
It's not just him. Look down.
10:00, 2:00, and 4:30.
Park Kwan Soo's men are everywhere.
That person is from the Blue House,
and that person is Park Kwan Soo's man.
Leave, sir.
I don't know what you're planning,
but it'll be difficult without my help.
Come with me, then.
How did you know to come here?
Madam Choi sent me.
Mirror, huh?
She said you'd fill me in on
what's happening when I got here.
So what's going on?
Keep an eye on just one doctor.
And make it really obvious
that you're doing so.
What do you mean,
make it look obvious?
Judging from what I've observed,
our target has hidden some important data
somewhere in this hospital.
Important evidence?
Then he probably hid it in his office
or in a safe, don't you think?
I actually looked into
the hospital's security records
and there was evidence that
a thief broke into his office.
So that means someone
already dug through there.
That was probably one of
Park Kwan Soo's men.
Yes, probably.
People are trying to steal this data
through any means necessary too
so that means that
he hid it in a place
where it couldn't be found even even if
a search-and-seizure was performed.
So that means it can't be his office,
home, safe, bank security box
or any other personal place like that.
I'm sure he didn't store it on
a computer or a cloud server
since they could
potentially be hacked.
So he probably saved it on
an external memory drive
and keeps it close in a location
he can check at all times.
Wait, but why did you tell me to make it
obvious that he's being watched?
Because we have to make him uncomfortable
enough so that he'll move it
and thus, show us
exactly where it is.
JSS agents are all over the hospital,
under Agent Kim Je Ha's command.
So that punk Kim Je Ha was right.
How many bodyguards does
Kim Suk Han have on him now?
He usually has three close-range ones,
provided to him by the Blue House.
Police will come assist him if
he's ever in need of aid
but all the police are
on our side, so it'll be okay.
I still feel really uneasy
about all this.
All right, then.
Keep a close watch.
If you suspect that JSS is close to
getting their hands on the evidence
make sure you get our own men
to get in there and grab it first.
If that's not possible, destroy
the evidence on the scene.
Yes, sir.
It can't fall into Choi Yoo Jin's
hands no matter what.
Got that?
Yes, sir.
- Where is it?
- There, sir.
You don't look well, sir.
Did something happen?
I'm fine. Don't worry.
Kim Suk Han wasn't the type of guy to
ever get involved in things like this.
It'll be amusing to see
who ends up with "that."
If it falls into Choi Yoo Jin's hands
things will definitely become
difficult for you, Chairman Choi.
Who knows? Let's see
if that'll really be the case.
But you know, Choi Yoo Jin
really is quite incredible.
She's found us out, so we'll
have to take care of this now
through Jang Se Joon
or Park Kwan Soo now, won't we?
The people sitting here
will have to side with
whoever gets Suk Han's
memory card, won't they?
Yes, that's right.
If Choi Yoo Jin gets it, Park
Kwan Soo and us will be at her mercy.
But if Park Kwan Soo gets it,
nothing will change.
Looks like we've decided
who the next president will be.
The person you're trying to
reach is unavailable.
You will be taken
to the voice mailbox.
What's with you?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Hey, it's here. Let's go.
What are you doing?
Hurry and get him!
So that's where it was.
Who are you?
If we make a surprise attack now, we
can get both Cloud Nine and Choi Yoo Jin.
Do you want to form
an alliance with me?
The fate of our company
is in your hands.
No. No, Je Ha.
Don't die.
Please let me see Je Ha
just once.
I'm begging you.
I said no.
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