The K2 (2016) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

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for viewers ages 15 and up.
[Episode 14]
What are you doing?
Hurry and get him!
So that's where it was.
Who are you?
What is it?
Oh, yes.
I came out here after receiving
a message from the security team.
You're Kim Suk Han, correct?
Yes, I am.
Can you step out of the car first, sir?
We'll escort you.
No, it's fine.
Hey, excuse me.
How about you step out of there first?
All right, then.
Hands on your head.
Are you Park Kwan Soo's men?
Or are you Choi Yoo Jin's?
Why the hell do you keep
scurrying away like a damn mouse?
Come over here, all right?
Hurry up and get down from there!
Damn it.
Give that here.
After I get back up.
No, hand it over first,
you bastard!
Good! Hurry and get in!
Agent Kim! Agent Kim!
Stay with me, punk!
Step on it!
Stay with me!
What are you doing? Floor it!
Hold on tight, sir.
Hey! Snap out of it!
Madam. It's Chief Joo.
Young Miss. Young Miss!
Young Miss!
Huh? What is it?
Mr. Je Ha is
Mr. Je Ha is
Come on, punk.
Wake up!
Wake up, okay?
Wake up, punk!
Team Leader! Now!
On it.
Now! Block that car!
- Get out of the way!
- Move your car!
- Hey!
- Who do you think you are?
The president's son?
Are you positive?
A-all right. Find him.
What? JSS?
All right.
You haven't heard back?
Je Ha.
Please come back alive.
Please make it so that Je Ha
will be able to come back.
Please allow him
to return safely.
Young Miss!
Whether or not Dr. Kim is hurt
is still unknown to us
but the perpetrator behind the attack is
currently being chased by the police.
Once again, Dr. Kim Suk Han,
the current president's son
fell from the parking garage of
the hospital where he currently works.
Whether or not Dr. Kim is hurt
is still unknown to us
but the perpetrator behind the attack is
currently being chased by the police.
Currently, it seems that the number
one suspect behind this attack
is an employee of a Korean
private security firm
I'll use this chance
and attack JSS headquarters
by having them charged
with a crime.
Hey, Police Chief.
It's me.
Go out and look for JSS's Cloud Nine
or whatever it's called.
I'll send some skilled people,
so go there yourself
and get your hands on all of
the secret information Choi Yoo Jin has.
And delete all the data
on the main server.
Yeah. Okay.
All right. Later, then.
Wow, way to turn the tide!
But you know, the thing
I'm really worried about
is that Kim Je Ha may have
taken Kim Suk Han's memory card
but had it taken from him
by Choi Yoo Jin.
What a quandary.
What about Je Ha?
Where is he right now?
There are police even at
all the hospitals' emergency rooms
so we had no choice but
to bring him to HQ.
Good job.
We're taking him to
the infirmary right now.
Bring him to Cloud Nine.
The police will definitely be here.
Yes, Madam.
Bring all the medical equipment you'll
need to perform surgery and treat him.
Yes, Madam.
- Medical Chief.
- Yes, Madam?
You're a member of Cloud Nine
from this moment onward.
Oh yes, Madam.
The fate of our company
is in your hands.
You must not let him die.
Yes, Madam.
I'll do my best.
Make sure that not even a single
mouse goes in or out of here today.
- You all got that?
- Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Oh, look who it is!
What brings you here, Police Chief?
It's the end for JSS now.
What do you mean by that?
You people have crossed a line
you never should have crossed.
[Search Warrant]
Search every nook
and cranny of this building!
- Yes sir!
- Yes sir!
Hey, come on, punk!
Agent Kim!
No no, Je Ha!
Don't die!
Just a bit more!
Je Ha. Please.
His heart is beating again!
Get the defibrillator!
Oh, please, please!
Come on, Agent Kim.
Agent Kim!
Hurry up and come down, Je Ha!
We'll be late for our flight!
Je Ha.
Anna. Don't come any closer.
You go downstairs first.
I'll be right
What's the matter, Je Ha?
Hey, what's wrong?
Je Ha!
What happened?
- I'm fine, Anna.
- What happened?
Je Ha! What's going on?
What happened?
Je Ha!
Je Ha! Oh no!
Je Ha! Wake up! Please!
Wake up!
Je Ha! What happened to you?
Je Ha! Kim Je Ha!
Kim Je Ha!
Wake up, Kim Je Ha!
Kim Je--
Young Miss!
Mr. Je Ha is at
JSS Headquarters now.
Senior. I know everything.
If you don't get this elevator moving
now, I'll have you arrested.
For being an accomplice to a crime
and for obstruction of justice.
This is the main server!
Really? Okay!
The important data
will be safe, right?
Yes. That server is just the JSS's
normal employees' server.
Yes, sir!
We've succeeded.
Oh, really? Great job!
Hurry and take care of it, will you?
All right, then.
All right.
Choi Yoo Jin is no more of a threat
now than a cat who's lost her teeth.
So this is the end of
Choi Yoo Jin's prized Cloud Nine.
But Cloud Nine's classified info won't
be handed over to Park Kwan Soo, will it?
Don't worry. We've sent
our own technicians
so they'll do a good job.
JB is yours now.
But I think it's a bit
premature to be celebrating.
Choi Yoo Jin may have
Suk Han's memory card.
Speaking of which, I'm sure
the president won't just sit and watch
now that his precious son
has been hurt.
You're right, but there's probably
nothing that he can do either.
Do you think that Suk Han really
had the memory card stolen from him?
Who knows?
We'll only know for sure
when Suk Han wakes up.
Are you awake, Doctor?
What what happened
to that guy?
He's currently on the run.
We believe that he's hiding
at JSS currently.
We'll be able to
catch him soon.
No, we can't touch them now.
What? What do you mean?
What I'm saying is
that guy helped me.
He helped me when
I was being chased.
What do you mean by that, sir?
That guy had been chasing you
too from the hospital--
Just go with the flow
and stop questioning me!
You must not pursue that man.
No matter what.
Hurry up and spread the word.
Yes, sir.
- It's strange!
- What is?
All of this is just
general information!
There's no way!
Look harder!
What? Pull out?
Says who?
The Blue House?
Ugh fine!
Why, I never!
You sure are lucky, Senior.
Being lucky is a skill
in its own right, isn't it?
See? I told you that
I was a formidable foe.
Indeed you did.
Hey, sprinkle some salt here
to disinfect the place!
Geez, what in the world
is going on here?
How ridiculous.
Um, yes, sir.
I received orders to pull out.
What? Pull out?
Yes, sir.
That is
it was an order from the Blue House.
The Blue House?
So it was taken
from him after all.
What? What do you mean, sir?
Damn it!
That's it.
Je Ha definitely got
Kim Suk Han's memory card from him.
That's why as soon as Suk Han
woke up at the hospital
Then he thought that K2 had
the memory card on him
- and did this of his own volition?
- Exactly.
It means that we're
untouchable to him now.
Because he's afraid we'll make
the contents of the memory card public
if he makes one false move.
That's exactly what happened.
I'm sure of it.
That definitely seems plausible.
I'm sure of it.
Have you searched Je Ha?
Did you find the memory card
on him by any chance?
No, Madam.
Search the inside of
the car just to be sure.
Yes, Madam.
And be sure to put
on a good face.
What do you mean, Madam?
Give off the impression that
you're at ease and confident.
Put on an expression that says,
"we have the memory card."
And Chief Joo,
hurry and find it.
Yes, Madam.
I heard that something
terrible almost happened to you!
So? Was it taken from you?
What are you talking about?
What would I have taken from me?
Man, what are you going to do?
Your dad doesn't have much
time left in office either.
Why don't you just worry about
not losing your company
to your older sister?
It was Kim Je Ha, wasn't it?
Yeah, of course you'd
get it taken from you.
So does Choi Yoo Jin
really have it?
What do you mean, sir?
Park Kwan Soo will back away on his
own if he knows that you have it.
Because everyone
will be at your mercy then.
And you'll be able to take down JB
and Choi Yoo Jin in one fell swoop too.
This is the only way we can make Choi Yoo
Jin and Park Kwan Soo both face justice.
To protect Anna.
And to restore her mother's
reputation, which is what Anna wants.
Where is Chief Joo right now?
I'll locate him.
You can't make it obvious that
we're looking for something.
I can't find it anywhere, though.
Yes, Assemblyman?
Are you looking for something
Je Ha dropped by any chance?
How did you
Je Ha meant to
give that to me.
So that I could take down Park Kwan Soo
and break free from Choi Yoo Jin's grasp.
Seems like you're having
a difficult time believing me.
Nevertheless, it's the truth.
How else would I have known
about this otherwise?
I'd like it if you brought it to me
when you find it.
I want to, but
I know you're more on
Choi Yoo Jin's side than mine.
But if that falls into
Choi Yoo Jin's hands
I won't be able to be
a proper president.
I'll be partly--no, completely--
a puppet president.
And that'll be the case
until the end of my presidency.
And then, the entire political system
will be no different from a marketplace.
Please watch your words, sir.
I'm not even sure if
I can find it just yet.
Hey, what are you doing?
Kim Je Ha almost died.
Anyway, hurry up and get out.
Yes, Madam?
Yes, I'll head up there now.
Head up? To where?
The ninth floor.
Je Ha is on the ninth floor?
Master Song.
Do you know where Je Ha is?
Well, no. I don't know.
Je Ha is in a lot of pain right now.
Please tell me where he might be.
I'm not positive, but
he's a member of Cloud Nine,
so he's probably on the ninth floor.
The ninth floor?
You can't go there, Young Miss.
Not just anyone can go there.
Please scan your access card.
I told you, we can't go there.
It's no use, Young Miss!
Je Ha. Je Ha!
Get her the hell out of here.
Yes, Madam.
What are you all doing?
Get rid of that outsider
on the ninth floor stairway.
How's his condition?
His condition has
become much better.
All right. Good work.
Make sure you contact me immediately
if his condition changes in any way.
Yes, Madam.
You can't act like this here, Young Miss!
Please talk to
Madam for me, sir.
Please ask her to let me see him!
Just once! Please!
Young Miss.
Let's come back later, okay?
It won't be of any use
if you come back later either.
Please let me see Je Ha.
That's no way to refer to me.
Say "Mom."
Isn't a stepmother
still a mother?
Please let me see
Je Ha just once.
I'm begging you.
Go home now.
Please, I'm begging you.
Please let me see Je Ha.
What are you doing, child?
Oh, you pitiful thing!
Get up, Anna!
Oh, you pitiful thing!
Yes. I have to consider what'll
happen after Je Ha wakes up too.
Je Ha is still in critical condition.
And the wounds from his surgery
haven't closed up yet either.
Be careful.
Yes, I will.
But you know, Anna
you're really
not going to leave?
Won't it be hard for Je Ha to
protect you in his current state?
When Je Ha gets better
I'll leave.
But will you actually leave
when he gets better?
Je Ha can't even go to the hospital
in the state he's in now.
Because if he does
he'll be arrested for attempted
murder against the president's son.
I'm protecting Je Ha and putting
everything I have on the line to do so.
It's time for you to
protect him now too.
His identity has been leaked.
And as long as you're here,
Je Ha won't be able to leave your side.
he'll eventually be caught.
I'll save Je Ha.
So just leave.
That's the best thing you
could possibly do for Je Ha.
Go and do whatever you want to do.
I'll pay for everything!
if fate allows it, one day
you can meet him again.
think of the housekeeper,
Mi Ran, and Sung Gyu.
You want them to live, don't you?
I'll leave.
But in exchange
you have to help Je Ha
survive no matter what.
Je Ha.
Why are you so badly hurt?
Je Ha.
It hurt a lot, right?
You're in a lot of pain, right?
Oh no!
What are we going
to do now, Je Ha?
What are we going to do?
Je Ha. Are you listening?
You can't die.
You can't die, Je Ha!
You have to live, okay?
Je Ha.
I love you.
I love you.
You can't die.
Where are you planning to send
Anna off to this time?
To Lafelt.
Don't worry.
I won't hide her anymore.
There isn't even a need
to hide her anymore anyway.
The whole world knows
about her after all.
And that she's the daughter of
the oh-so-very-famous Ume Hye Rin.
Everyone thinks that Ume Hye Rin
was a wicked witch now.
And the online commenters stripped
Anna's status as an "angel" from her.
But none of that matters overseas.
That child
won't even want to
come back to Korea.
I'm going to be quite good to Anna.
And I'm going to make
her quite happy.
Just as if she were
my own daughter.
So that she won't even remember
her own mother anymore.
She even called me "Mom," you know!
It's the first time
I've ever been called that!
Well, that's a relief at least.
Our plans may be different, but we're
both striving for that happy ending.
I'm positive that
Suk Hwan's memory card was stolen.
Even though he's denying it.
If it really is in
Choi Yoo Jin's hands now
then we'll have to rearrange
our loyalties too, won't we?
Are you talking about
the upcoming presidential election?
Isn't that obvious?
Don't get too ahead of yourselves now.
First, let's monitor
the situation and
I trust that everyone
is doing well?
Did all of you receive a message?
The answer is obvious now, then,
if she's aware of exactly who is here.
Looks like we have quite
a cute new member joining us.
We'll have to reply
to her, won't we?
"Congratulations on being
our newest member"?
Oh, Chairman!
What brings you here, sir?
You're on your way to
work right now, right?
- Well, yes.
- I'll give you a ride.
Let's have a chat.
It's been a while.
Oh, it's not like she has
a lot of things to pack anyway.
They said that we can't go with her.
What if they're planning to
do away with us later on?
No, they won't.
Because they promised
me that they wouldn't.
Young Miss!
They said that
they'd leave you two alone.
So don't worry too much.
Won't it be difficult for Je Ha to
protect you in his current state?
I'll save Je Ha.
So just leave.
That's the best thing you
could possibly do for Je Ha.
Also, think of the housekeeper,
Mi Ran, and Sung Gyu.
You want them to live, don't you?
I'll leave.
But in exchange
you have to help Je Ha
survive no matter what.
- Oh!
- Hello, Senior.
You don't look like
you're doing too well.
I'm sure I'm in the same boat as you.
You're getting your company
taken from you, after all.
Yes, that's right.
But it's not completely
the end yet.
Do you want to form
an alliance with me?
I'm sure that our chances of
surviving will improve then.
You had so much fun in Iraq
all thanks to me, and yet
you're suffering now because you
teamed up with my ignorant father-in-law.
I'll take Cloud Nine for myself,
and you can take Suk Han's memory card.
Doesn't that sound good?
Well, yes, of course. But
Never mind if you still actually
have anything to lose, though.
Talk to me again after you
get everything from the ninth floor.
But why does everyone think that
Cloud Nine is on the ninth floor?
Well? Did you find it?
Not yet, sir.
Even though you
searched that much?
It'd be nice if Je Ha woke up
and told us where it was.
Well, yeah.
But we can't find it as of now.
So if time keeps passing, they'll
eventually find out that we're bluffing.
Je Ha will just have to
wake up before that, then.
- Mr. Je Ha.
- Yes?
Are you awake?
Yes, Madam.
Mr. Je Ha is awake now.
Really? All right.
I'll head over there.
Yes, Madam!
Oh, you can't, Mr. Je Ha!
You'll be in big trouble if you move now!
You have to lie still for the time being!
But, um, where is
this place
Madam hid you from
the police by bringing you here.
And yesterday
Ms. Anna came here.
Anna did?
Anna pleaded and begged,
so it seems Madam let her in.
How is she now?
Anna, I mean.
Well, you know.
She's the same as always.
- Mirror.
- Yes, Agent Kim Je Ha?
Do you record what goes on in here?
Then can you show me what happened
in here when she came yesterday?
All right. Show me.
It hurt a lot, right?
It must hurt.
You're in a lot of pain, right?
Je Ha.
Je Ha. What do we do now?
What are we going to do?
I love you.
I love you, Je Ha.
You have to survive
no matter what.
Je Ha!
I'm sorry.
But love is a luxury that
neither of us can afford.
So, if we launch a sneak attack now
we can get both Cloud Nine
and Choi Yoo Jin?
Wait a minute.
But if something goes wrong, we might
just make things worse for ourselves.
That's why timing is of utmost
importance with these things.
Even if Kim Je Ha wakes up
he won't be able to last long,
since he's so badly injured.
Can you really trust the person
who'd be letting us in, though?
Oh, don't worry!
Just make sure that
you prepare yourself well, Senior.
Okay, then.
So you're awake.
You did take the memory card
from Suk Han, right?
Where is it?
Hey, we don't have time
for this right now!
I didn't steal that to give to you.
What do you mean by that?
Do you even know what dangers we
faced to keep you alive and hidden--
That's enough.
Well, then?
Why did you bother with
stealing it at all, then?
To destroy Park Kwan Soo.
Exactly! That's why we
want you to hand it over!
No. Because you won't be able
to destroy Park Kwan Soo with it anyway.
And why is that?
Because if it gets out,
JB Group will crumble too.
The person who's most deeply
involved in all this is Chairman Choi.
So you won't be able to reveal
its contents to the world
if you have no intention of
destroying JB Group.
Fine, then.
So it'll be the best security
measure at the very least.
I didn't steal it to protect you.
Well, then? Why?
It'll be the new version of
the email I had against you before.
To protect myself and Anna from you.
Damn it, this is all wrong!
I'm telling you, they'll see through
our bluff sooner or later!
Man, what are we
supposed to do about this?
What do you mean?
In my opinion, Madam Choi
has gone completely mad.
Gone completely mad?
Do you mean
She's way too crazy about that punk!
Crazy about him?
Geez, and you're usually
so quick on the uptake too!
How could you be so ignorant
about romantic things?
Madam Choi would've definitely
used any means necessary
to have him tell her where the memory
card was if he were anyone else
especially with that temper of hers!
All right. Are you planning to
remain here then, Chief Joo?
I mean, come on.
It's clear that your dreams of
becoming a cool Chief of Security
serving the president
and his family at the Blue House
is nothing more than
a mere pipe dream now.
Sir, please calm down first.
Um, okay.
Oh, um
aren't you working as a bodyguard
at the assemblyman's event today?
Yes. I have to head out now.
Let's talk about this again
later after I get back.
Sure, let's do that.
you did it in order to take me down?
So you did.
But why?
You're my friend, aren't you?
Have you ever wept
out of pity before?
My entire life has been
full of nothing but tears.
No, I don't mean
out of self-pity.
I mean out of pity
for someone else.
I'm sure you haven't, much.
Because you people are
oh-so-sensitive about your own pain
whereas the pain of others
means nothing to you.
But you know, other people
get hurt too, just like you do.
The old cleaning lady and the
old couple from the orchard too.
And the housekeeper,
Mi Ran, and Sung Gyu too.
And Raniya too.
And those people want to become
happy, just like you people.
Well, of course.
Everyone wants to be happy.
From their own place in life.
Just like you people killed Ume Hye
Rin to maintain your place in life
you're capable of killing
many others easily too.
That's why
I can't be your friend.
Oh, also
it's not friends you need right now.
You need people like Chief Kim,
who worship you.
Or a person whom you could worship.
That's what you really need.
Just like how you worshipped
Jang Se Joon when you were young.
I'm sorry, but neither of
those options suit me.
So? Have you made a decision?
I'll be waiting for you.
We have no time. Hurry!
Oh no, it fell!
Hey, clean this up.
Hey, I'll look at the monitors, okay?
So clean this up already!
Oh, geez.
I'm not usually so clumsy.
- Go and get a rag.
- Yes, sir.
And put this back up, okay?
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Check to see who they are.
Get them!
Wow, they sure are
good at fighting, huh?
Let's go.
Wow, you brought plenty
of guys with you too!
Thanks for working so hard, guys.
Atta boy!
don't want you to worship me.
I just
- I just
- You just wanted to coddle me.
And make me into another
one of your slaves.
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