The K2 (2016) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
[Episode 15]
Wow, everyone is
working so hard.
You all sure are working hard!
Atta boy!
don't want you to worship me.
I just
- I just
- You just wanted to coddle me.
And make me into another
one of your slaves.
What's going on?
An intruder has arrived.
Wow! This is so cool!
Mirror, lock the door.
This is a bomb.
She won't be able to
hear you from in there.
That's a bomb.
That son of a bitch.
Let's talk! I can't hear you!
Mirror, turn on
"Outside Communication" mode.
Please go ahead and speak.
What brings you here?
You didn't even call ahead.
You should've told me beforehand
if you were going to invite a guest.
Yes, Madam. I apologize.
I only did it for the sake
of the company--
Shut your goddamn mouth!
Hey, come on, Big Sis.
You're going to break my eardrums.
What in the world is going on?
Listen carefully to what I'm
saying from here on out.
So, what brings you here?
Me? Well, I came to
install some bombs here.
Open it up.
All right, then.
All of you are watching!
All right, there we go.
There we go.
Two hours is plenty, right?
For our conversation.
Mirror, soundproof the room again.
Where's Anna right now?
Despite all this, she's the only
person you're worried about.
I asked you where Anna is.
She might have gotten
on the plane by now.
Or she might still be at the airport.
She's going to Lafelt.
Well, sure. That's still the best
thing you've ever done for Anna.
Mirror, turn "Outside
Communication" mode back on.
It seems that you've come to
take Cloud Nine for yourself.
Oh, Kim Je Ha.
How's your health?
So you're still alive, huh?
You two sure go all out
when it comes to family feuds.
That's just how our family is.
Oh yeah, Big Sis.
Pick up the phone.
It's probably my partner.
Who is it?
A video call from
Assemblyman Park Kwan Soo, Madam.
Pick up the call.
Good evening or is it?
I'm not too sure, Madam.
As you can see.
My knight went to capture
the queen for me.
So, did you send him
over to kill me?
Oh, no!
Don't say such scary things!
Politicians need to solve things
with words, up to a certain point.
Isn't that right?
Oh, you say this with
a gun in your hand though.
Discussions are no fun unless
they're done like that, after all.
Just like last time.
You do remember how I almost
died last time, don't you?
So what is it that you want
from me this time?
All I need is
Kim Suk Han's memory card.
Pretty simple, right?
And all I need is Cloud Nine.
Mirror, turn on the soundproofing.
Why don't you just be honest
and tell them that you don't have it?
What are you planning to do?
I'll have to get him.
Mirror, turn "Outside
Communication" mode back on.
You keep asking me
for the impossible!
Firstly, I can't give you
Suk Han's memory card.
Because I don't have it.
Is that really true?
Yes, it is.
Kim Je Ha hasn't handed
it over to us yet.
If you give us some time,
we can find out where it is right away.
Hey, Mercenary.
You still haven't handed it over yet?
Oh, yes. If only that guy hadn't tried
to take it from me back then
it would've been
in your hands by now.
And I wouldn't have ended up
in this state either.
Why'd you do that? Did you not
want to pay me that badly?
Oh, come now.
Oh, come on. There's no way
I would've ordered them to do that.
It was probably due to some unnecessary
emotional battles between young people.
You beat up that guy a lot
until now, after all.
You completely destroyed
him on certain occasions.
Well, yeah. I did beat
him up quite a lot.
Payment? Money?
Then was he working together with
Assemblyman Park Kwan Soo?
I'm the one who hired that mercenary.
Did you lie to the members
of the consortium then, Madam?
Is that right?
Seems like I owe you an apology.
You damned traitor.
What are you planning to do?
That's why I told you
to leave Anna alone.
I'll have to get
Park Kwan Soo.
Wow, what a scary fellow he is.
Aw, I feel so bad
for Madam Choi.
She didn't even know that, and
So? Did you lose
that memory card?
No. I've been keeping
it nice and safe.
Can you bring it to me now?
What about the money?
Oh, of course I'll give it to you!
I'll even give you a bonus too!
So hurry and bring it over.
You know where I am, right?
Of course.
Well, I've gotten what I want, so
you siblings enjoy
a nice chat, all right?
All right, goodbye, then.
Here, Miss. Your ticket.
I've checked all your luggage in too.
Thank you.
Mirror, turn on the soundproofing.
Will you be able to do it
in your current state?
Send Chief Joo to the site, please.
All right.
Also I won't be coming back.
Just leave Cloud Nine
behind and go outside.
I feel like you'll become a bit happier
than you are now if you do that.
I can't leave Mirror behind.
Mirror is me.
That's true. I'm sure she is.
Because Mirror possesses an incredible
power that you can't give up.
That's right.
So you've realized it as well, huh?
That's why I allowed you to
have access to Mirror.
Just look.
He's the chairman of a large conglomerate
and has everything he could ever want
and yet he's going to such lengths
to have Mirror for himself.
this is already yours now.
If anyone experiences
Mirror's powers firsthand
they'll become greedy and want
Cloud Nine for themselves.
So as long as you're
the witch that rules Cloud Nine
you'll be its slave.
So hurry up and leave this place.
I'll take care of Chairman Choi
and Park Kwan Soo on my own.
If only we'd met
under better circumstances
or at a better time.
Mirror, turn "Outside
Communication" mode back on.
Hey, back off.
Also, Mirror, close the door and lock
it as soon as I leave this room.
Yes, I shall.
Open it.
You think you'll be able
to manage in that state?
Hey, shut it.
Let's hurry and go.
Lead the way.
All right, then.
We have to take care of our deal now.
Big Sis.
One of our people will be
get you when you get there.
All right.
Young Miss. Make sure you
keep my number. Don't delete it!
I'll never change my number.
Of course.
Why would I erase it?
What a strange sense of
affection this is.
All we ever did was keep watch over you,
keep you trapped, and do mean things
and yet, you still care about us!
And when we were just about to
be good to you, you have to go!
Oh, don't cry! How am
I supposed to leave then?
Yes, Madam. Don't cry.
I mean, she's leaving
because she's succeeded!
Young Miss.
Go out and live in this big world,
and live however you please.
And please forgive me too.
And make sure to call
when you arrive, okay?
I will.
Looks like Dad isn't coming
this time either.
Please take good care of Je Ha.
Did you forget that
I tried to kill you two?
No, not yet.
But I'll try to forget
from now on.
It's time now. Go on.
Go to Sungdonghwa Hospital's parking lot.
Did Je Ha exit the building?
I see. So he left.
Then first, shut off the elevator.
And cut off all cell reception.
Go and check!
The door won't open, sir.
Oh, come on.
Why are you being like this?
I told you, this is a bomb, Big Sis!
All right, Mirror.
Connect a CCTV feed of what's
going on here to Chief Kim's phone.
What's this?
Hurry to HQ now!
And send all our men
outside back to HQ!
Yes, ma'am.
This is B1!
This is B1!
All agents are to report to HQ now!
All agents are to report to HQ now!
All right, then.
The live broadcast
has started now.
Shall we begin the game now, then?
Where do President Gook's
grandchildren live again?
In the western part
of the United States.
Send the kids' address
to our contractors overseas.
Tell them that it's an irrevocable order,
but in exchange they'll be paid in cash.
They say I won't even live
for two more hours now
so tell them I'll pay them double
if they get it done in an hour.
W-w-wait, Madam!
I deserve to die for what I did!
Stop for a moment, Mirror.
Madam, it's me who deserves to die.
I'm the one who deserves to die!
Please! Please!
So please, Madam!
Please don't fight over JB Group
with the chairman now and--
So that's why you betrayed me?
- Mirror.
- Madam!
Couldn't you give me
one more chance?
I even took care of the Ume Hye Rin
incident under the ex-chairman's orders!
Isn't that why you got to be
the director and CEO of JSS?
Yes, Madam. I'll die.
But please! Those kids
didn't do anything wrong!
- Is that right?
- Yes!
It's true that the kids
didn't do anything wrong.
All right, fine.
Then die right here, right now.
In exchange, I'll spare your grandkids.
You don't want to?
No, Madam. I'll do it.
M-M-Madam. Thank you.
I'll definitely repay
this debt to you in hell.
Sung Hwan.
Did you see that?
This is how you're supposed
to use Cloud Nine.
Wow, Big Sis.
This is so like you.
Don't get too excited.
Because you're next.
You special forces agents over there.
Shoot Choi Sung Won.
What are you saying?
The one who shoots him first
gets a billion won straight
into their bank account.
All right.
No need to feel self-conscious.
I'll give you all a billion won each.
Hey, hey, hey. Wait!
I have a lot more money
than she does!
I'm the chairman of a conglomerate!
Geez, you surprised me, damn it.
Also, I'm the only one who knows
the password to defuse this bomb.
And it has a location sensor,
so if I leave this and go
it'll just explode!
Really? Okay.
Then forget my last order for now.
Wow. It was a good try though, Big Sis.
But did you think that I really
didn't think this far ahead?
I think you'll end up
dying after all.
Can you all step outside?
We need to talk.
Yeah, go outside and stand by.
Also, take good care
of the president.
Yeah, you did make
great preparations.
But you really don't know
people, do you?
Soon, those guys will be
pointing their guns at you
to make you defuse the bomb.
And they'll want me to reactivate
the elevator after that.
If they kill you for me.
You've made a grave mistake
walking into this place.
There's no exit for you here.
Yes, it's me.
I got the memory card.
Really? Good job! Good job!
What should I do with this guy now?
Well, you have to get
rid of him, of course.
Yes, I understand.
Just a moment.
Are you okay, Agent Kim?
- Get up.
- Yes.
You okay?
No. Just a sec.
Hello? Hello?
Yes, so where do I need to bring this?
Oh oh, Mercenary!
Is that you?
Yes, it's me.
What about the guy
who was with you?
Aw man. Well
he went and died already.
So, about the money.
Is it ready?
Um, yeah! Of course!
I just need to go to the place
where your safe is, right?
Um, yeah. At my place.
Oh man. This punk.
Just what kind of punk
is he, anyway?
Did you find the memory card?
Thank you.
Hurry to the hospital now.
No. This isn't yours anymore.
I have to reveal its contents
to the world now.
Chairman Choi has broken into
Cloud Nine and installed a bomb there.
To steal Cloud Nine.
We have to take down Park Kwan Soo
and Chairman Choi right now!
And in order to do that, we have to
expose its contents to the world.
Agent Kim.
If we do that now, it'll be the end of
the assemblyman's political career too.
Give it to the assemblyman. We must use
it for JSS or for his political career!
No. We have to stop Park Kwan Soo
and Chairman Choi right now!
I know!
But this is no simple matter.
JB and Jinhan will both be in
danger if you release it now.
Then what'll happen
to the presidential race?
Do you know what will happen
if we don't release this now?
Chairman Choi will get
Cloud Nine for himself!
Choi Yoo Jin could die
alongside Cloud Nine.
Je Ha. For the greater
good, sometimes--
The greater good?
You're the same as ever, aren't you?
You said that small fry needed to
be sacrificed for the "greater good"
back when I had to
leave the army, didn't you?
I'm not telling you to sacrifice
yourself this time, though!
Yes, Je Ha. I have to hold onto that
for me to realize my dream
and for you to get your revenge.
What about Ume Hye Rin then?
And what about Anna?
If it's hard for you,
I'll do it myself.
Don't make me shoot
you, Agent Kim.
You said that these people were quite
formidable when I first joined JSS.
And that they'd definitely
get the presidency.
But look.
You, Chief
are throwing away the last shreds of
morality you have left for him.
What about you then?
You killed civilians in Iraq
just for some money
and ran away because you got fired
from your last employer, didn't you?
What you said is
both wrong and right.
It's true.
It's true that I became a killer-for-hire
after I was cast aside by the country.
And it's true that I did
mercenary work. But
I never killed any civilians.
The reason why I was actually
being pursued is because
Blackstone found out that I was
going to stand as a witness at
the International Criminal Court about
the murder of civilians in Iraq.
And they were after me
to stop me from doing so.
Je Ha.
You said that I was
a puppet, didn't you?
You're right.
But now, we're about
to lose Cloud Nine.
So if we don't have the memory card,
I'll be even less than a mere puppet.
I'll become a scarecrow.
Why would you be a scarecrow?
You have to be a father to Anna now!
I've grown sick and tired of you people.
My original motive was protecting
Anna from Choi Yoo Jin
and killing Park Kwan Soo.
Well, I'm off to kill
Park Kwan Soo now.
What's all this?
Aren't these C-4 explosives?
Hey, Agent Kim.
How are you going to
do this by yourself?
You saw what was
in the trunk, didn't you?
Surely you're not planning to--
Are you planning to
blow yourself up too?
Hey, Agent Kim!
Hey! Agent Kim!
Big Sis!
Can't you just give me Mirror?
Let's share Mirror. Please?
Now you're planning
to nag me about it?
Let's be real. Didn't you give up on JB
when you decided to marry Brother-in-Law?
I was quite jealous of the courage you
had to be able to do that back then.
That's not true.
Your mom stole JB from me.
I envied you.
You're not the daughter of
some mistress like I am.
Everyone liked you and said that
you'd become the next chairwoman.
And of course, I didn't
doubt that in the slightest.
But you made me most envious of you
when you refused to
get an arranged marriage
and married Brother-in-Law.
I had a woman that I loved too, you see.
But I had no choice
but to give her up.
I would've actually believed that
lie if I were a bit more gullible.
Oh, damn it!
I almost had you.
Man, you sure are clever, Big Sis.
But it is true that Father had higher
hopes for you than he did for me.
And judging from what I just heard
didn't Dad tell President Gook to cover
up the fact that you killed Ume Hye Rin?
What would you know?
Okay, fine.
Then let's do this, Big Sis.
I'll give you half of my JB shares.
So let's both use Mirror together.
Isn't that fair?
So after I get Jinhan, you can
be the chairwoman of JB Group.
And I'll be the chairman of Jinhan.
Since the clock is still ticking,
is it making you uneasier?
Sung Won.
I'm sure that when you
first came in here with that
you wanted to take
Mirror or just destroy it.
You didn't think that
we'd have to die here together.
But now that you can't leave, the
only thing you can do is defuse the bomb.
So why would I agree to
make any kind of deal with you?
Before those guys out there get
anxious and turn into feral beasts
just defuse the bomb now
and take it out of here.
If you do that, I won't kill
you, at the very least.
Um, Assemblyman.
Will you really do a press conference?
There's only one reason why I've covered
up your corruption and stuck around.
It was the constant amount
of authority you always exuded.
But if you want to throw
all of that away now
I have no reason to
remain by your side.
Geez, you sure are
coming on strong, punk.
Chief Joo.
What about you?
I believe that Madam should
have a say in a situation like this, sir.
That's true too.
Call Choi Yoo Jin.
Let's see how she's holding up.
A call from Assemblyman
Jang Se Joon, Madam.
Wow, that sure was fast. Not.
I'll take his call.
Yes, Assemblyman? Go ahead.
Oh, so it seems that the bomb
hasn't gone off yet.
What, are you sad that it hasn't?
You seem to have some time,
so I'd like to ask you something.
Go ahead.
Je Ha left a gift to me.
It's Kim Suk Han's memory card.
Oh no, Sung Won.
He told me that I had to hurry
and release this if I'm to save you.
Je Ha said that?
Yes, he did. But
what should I do?
Should I release it or not?
Are you crazy?
Why would you do that?
Don't worry about Sung Won.
He won't allow the bomb to go off.
Okay. Then
I think we should
take this chance
to straighten Park Kwan
Soo and the consortium out.
I should wait, no. You call
ex-Chairman Park directly.
And tell them that we'll destroy
the consortium and Park Kwan Soo
and JB as well
if they don't straighten up.
Wouldn't it seem like more of
a realistic threat if you say it?
As to be expected of my wife.
What about Je Ha?
What about him?
His condition.
Well, he doesn't look
like he's doing that well.
Where did he
No, never mind.
See you later at home.
Looks like Park Kwan Soo will soon
pull out of the race of his own volition.
So? What will you do, Sung Won?
Should we just destroy everything
and I'll begin JB anew?
Cancel the press conference.
And call Chairman Park.
Yes, sir!
Yes, Chairman Park.
An interesting item
has fallen into my hands.
It's Kim Suk Han's memory card.
Oh, why are you so shocked?
I heard that you're a member
of the consortium too.
I'd like to see all those
members face-to-face
and have a cup of coffee with them.
What? Jang Se Joon
has the memory card?
Yes. Does he know
what's in there too?
Oh my.
Then, um
well, firstly I okay.
Oh my. This is bad.
Then, does that mean that Kim Je Ha
gave it to Assemblyman Jang?
Yeah. There's something
strange going on with him.
I think he's a double agent
for me and Choi Yoo Jin.
Turn the car around!
Turn the car around!
- Yes, sir.
- And, you!
- Yes, sir?
- Call men to the hideout
and make sure you
catch him, all right?
Yes, sir.
Wait. Jang Se Joon has
a daughter named Anna, right?
Yes, sir.
Call the Police Chief
and tell him to get her.
Yes, sir.
We'll get rid of both Jang Se Joon
and Kim Je Ha tonight!
No matter what!
Excuse me, ma'am.
Could you turn off your phone for
a short while for safety purposes?
[Turn off phone]
The person you are trying to reach
has shut off his or her phone.
Our plane will be taking off soon.
Please put on your seatbelts--
We'd appreciate your cooperation.
Have you see this person?
Over there.
Ms. Go Anna?
[Police Officer]
Please come with me.
He's here.
Kim Je Ha is here.
All of you, be careful.
And find him!
Put the gun down.
Put it on.
Put it on!
Put it on.
What the hell?
Where is Park Kwan Soo?
He told me to tell you that
if you want to save your girlfriend
you need to give him
the memory card.
What what did you say?
- Who?
- Your girlfriend. Go Anna.
What did you just say?
He caught her just as she was
about to leave the country.
Where are they now?
If you want to save her,
you have to bring him the memory--
Tell me, you son of a bitch!
Please, spare me!
I'll tell you!
Tell me now!
- Hello?
- It's me, Ms. Mi Ran. Kim Je Ha.
Where is Anna right now?
Are you feeling okay?
Young Miss just left the country.
I think Park Kwan Soo
kidnapped Anna.
Call the airport
and confirm it for me.
Young Miss was kidnapped?
What do you mean by that?
What do you mean, she's been kidnapped?
But we just saw her board the plane!
I don't know, but I think
Park Kwan Soo may have kidnapped her!
I think Mr. Je Ha is going after them.
This is the airport, right?
I want to know about a plane
that was scheduled to leave.
Oh, a video call?
To what do I owe this pleasure?
I thought it'd be best in a situation
like this to talk face-to face
Assemblyman Jang.
Oh, you must have
been in quite a rush.
Oh, of course. A person's life
is at stake here, after all.
Don't worry.
I wouldn't have you killed.
No, I'm not talking about me.
Just a second.
Dad? Dad!
Dad! Save me!
How about you stop looking
at that unpleasantness now?
What the hell are you doing?
Come, now.
Calm down.
I don't need to explain
anything now, right?
Assemblyman Jang.
Bring me Kim Suk Han's memory card.
Trade me that for your daughter.
Come to that place what was it called?
Ah, yes. Cloud Nine.
I'll bring your daughter there too.
Let's settle this there.
It may be an enemy base,
but I'm at a loss for options, so
That's fair, right?
You know killing
young ladies and such
I'm not too fond of
doing such things, but--
I'll go.
Oh yeah, I heard that it's a memory
card that you can't copy data from.
So don't play any games
with me, all right?
Because I'm going to check it all.
I'll head there now.
All right, then.
Send her over there.
Let's end this entire affair
with the memory card
and that Cloud thing
and all these people right now.
Yes, sir.
Hello? Mr. Je Ha.
The cops got there right before
the plane left and took her.
I think Park Kwan Soo
was telling the truth.
All right.
Damn it!
Please help me!
Please help me!
Save me, please!
Save me, please!
Please help me!
What are you doing?
Kill him now!
You too.
There we go.
Master Song!
Master Song.
Are you all right, Young Miss?
Oh, yes!
Master Song!
Who are you people?
Let's go.
- Master Song!
- Go, quickly!
- But--
- Now!
Let's go together.
Oh, I surprised you, didn't I?
I'm sorry.
M-Master Song.
It was you?
On that night
the person who covered my
mouth and flashed a light on me
Young Miss.
On that night
Um, Mr. Je Ha.
Um, don't overreact, okay?
Let's settle this with words.
Let's settle this with words!
How about it?
Where's Anna?
Oh, um, Anna?
S-she's at Cloud Nine.
She's there now.
You should hurry.
- You drive.
- N-now?
Um, we can't go there now.
Why not?
Well, um
Okay, fine!
The the bomb will go off soon.
And when it does,
everyone there will die!
Then you can just stop
it from exploding.
That'd be nice, but
you can't defuse it
once it's been set.
Chairman Choi doesn't know that.
Oh, damn it.
No! No!
What's the prize?
Let's just die here together.
So my Anna is being
pursued right now?
Damn it.
I didn't defuse the bomb.
Wouldn't he trade
the memory card for Anna?
Who knows?
Do you really think everything
will go according to his plan?
All of you have to get
out of here now.
When the bomb goes off,
Cloud Nine will
Let go of me! Je Ha!
I swear it.
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