The K2 (2016) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
Um, Mr. Je Ha.
Calm down, okay?
Let's settle this
with words. Okay?
L-let's settle this with words!
Where's Anna?
Oh, Anna?
Um, she's at Cloud Nine.
T-that's where she went.
You should hurry and go.
You drive.
R-r-right now?
We can't go there now.
Why not?
Well, you see
Okay, fine.
The bomb it'll go off soon.
And when it does,
everyone there will die!
Then you can just stop
it from exploding.
That'd be nice and all, but
you can't defuse it
once it's been set.
Chairman Choi doesn't know that.
Oh, damn it.
No. No.
Stop being so stubborn.
I even have Suk Han's
memory card now.
Yeah, congrats.
And I've lost
everything now, right?
What you said was true.
I'll just have to die here today.
With this bomb, right here.
Let me ask you just one thing.
What is it?
JB Group wasn't included on the list
of members of the consortium.
So how did you get involved
with Kumar-gate?
Oh, that? That was a trap I set for the
consortium members with my father-in-law.
Suk Han was my schoolmate.
But he was in Iraq to do some
medical volunteering work.
And he was treating Abdul Omar,
the leader of the Kumar people.
So I asked him to
introduce me to him.
And Father-in-Law handled
the consortium members in Korea.
And then you left the consortium?
Because this situation was
bound to blow up sooner or later.
But Suk Han got sly, so my name
got on the list of members too.
As a defense mechanism for him.
What a shame.
You would have washed your hands
of this whole affair too.
At any rate, you were the one
who was really behind Kumar-gate, huh?
More or less.
But how'd you know without even looking
at the contents of the memory card?
Through Mirror.
And Kim Je Ha.
Wow! The more I see her capabilities,
the more I want her for myself!
All right, then.
Let's wrap up this lovely
conversation we've had today now.
Take the bomb and leave.
Oh yeah.
Write me an official
document stating that
you'll give up your
shares before leaving.
I don't want to.
Then I'll be left with nothing.
What good would being
alive do me then?
Let's just die here together.
Do you think it's that simple to die?
Let us out!
Let us out of here!
It's just as I said.
All right, then.
What should I do?
Should I open the door for them?
I'm sure that they're quite desperate to
get out and will do anything it takes.
Want me to teach you what
is more difficult than dying?
A call from Chief Kim.
Put her through.
Yes, Madam.
We've secured the lobby.
Really? Great job.
But there are still some scum left
scurrying around the building
so I think it'll take a bit more time
to completely exterminate them.
All right. Got it.
Take your time with it.
Just a moment, Madam.
Big trouble, Chief Kim!
Anna is inside this building somewhere!
What do you mean by that?
Anna is currently fleeing from
the bad guys around this building!
What? Why is Anna here?
Chief Kim. We've received word that Ms.
Anna was dragged off the plane by cops.
I think that Park Kwan Soo
mus be the one behind this.
And we can't get in touch
with Mr. Je Ha.
We heard that Young Miss was
brought here, so we rushed over.
They're trying to use her as a hostage.
Find her immediately.
Everyone who's not looking for
the rest of the enemy forces!
Go and look for Anna!
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
But it's quite a relief that she's
on the run instead of being held captive.
Yes, Assemblyman.
We're at JSS's HQ right now
but we've lost
Assemblyman Jang's daughter.
What the hell did you say?
Does Assemblyman Jang know that?
She doesn't have her phone, so she
probably couldn't have called him yet.
Then why the hell are you
calling me, you punk?
Hurry up and find her, damn it!
Yes, sir. Right away.
If Jang Se Joon calls, please
try to buy us some time--
Stop spouting nonsense
and find her already!
Je Ha is on his way there now too!
So what are you going to do?
You better hurry the hell
up and find her!
Why, this--
Ugh! This punk!
What if the news about this spreads?
If that punk Jang Se Joon
finds out about this
Oh my! Oh my!
Oh man!
Brother-in-Law is only human, you know.
So if Anna is held hostage, he'll give up
Suk Han's memory card, don't you think?
Who knows?
Do you think that things will really
all go the way you want it to?
Man, I almost defused
the bomb for no reason!
Tell those guys to come in.
I'll just hold down
the fort here in the meantime
until the rest of our
reinforcements get here.
And if they don't come,
I can defuse the bomb later.
Sure. It'd be better to send
those guys away now.
I'll just tell my men
to come down here.
Hello, Park Kwan Soo's lapdogs.
It must have bee quite
hard on you to wait so long.
I'll reactivate the elevator,
so get out of here. All of you.
Chief Kim.
Kick out the people who
come out of the elevator.
Put your guns down.
Chief Kim. What's going on?
We were attacked by
Park Kwan Soo's forces
but we're currently in
the process of reclaiming HQ.
What about Anna?
She's somewhere inside the building.
We haven't located her yet.
But we will find her soon.
So are you saying that my Anna is
being pursued by some of those guys?
Damn it.
Come to Cloud Nine
with Chief Joo, quickly.
We have to find Anna first--
Aren't you trying to trade
the memory card for her?
You and the memory card
have to be safe
in order for you to trade it,
or whatever else.
Anna won't be safe if
you're captured too.
Hurry and come here.
I'll bring Anna here
as soon as we find her.
Chief Kim.
Escort the assemblyman
and Chief Joo here immediately.
Yes, Madam.
Je Ha.
Oh, Mr. Je Ha!
How did you end up looking like this?
Let's hurry and bring
him to the infirmary!
Where the hell are you going, bastard?
Hey where's Anna?
I asked you where Anna is!
We're looking for her now.
Damn it.
Mr. Je Ha.
There's only one exit.
She definitely hasn't escaped yet.
Find her!
Found her!
No! You'll attract
our enemies' attention!
Je Ha.
Oh, Je Ha!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Je Ha! Je Ha!
Don't make any sudden
movements or the girl dies.
Stay still!
Got her.
Come to the boiler room.
Sit down.
That was a gunshot.
It's Je Ha! Hurry and go!
- Yes, ma'am!
- Yes, ma'am!
Je Ha.
Je Ha.
Wake up, Je Ha!
Are you okay, Je Ha?
Wake up, Je Ha! Please!
You have to get out of here.
All right.
Please wake up, Je Ha!
You're here, Brother-in-Law?
What about the memory card?
Wait here. And Chief Joo.
Go out and block the attacks
from Park Kwan Soo's men.
Yes, Madam.
Turn off the "Outside
Communication" mode.
So this is what Cloud Nine looks like.
Entrust Suk Han's
memory card to me now.
Oh, is this what you want
to take from me?
I'm sorry, but I can't
give this to you.
Because I need to save Anna.
You'll lose your chances of
becoming president if you do that.
Well, that can't be helped.
You'll lose everything, though.
I don't care.
Hey, we don't have time, here!
Are you really
going to throw away your chance at being
president because of your daughter?
I don't know about that.
But the reason why I wanted
to become president
was so that I could become
more powerful than you
and destroy you.
Wow, you sure are
coming on strong.
You should've acted
that way a bit sooner.
Then I would've seen you
in a different light.
But I'm sure that
nothing would've changed.
I would have despised you regardless.
I'm sure that's true.
But to be honest, I
didn't kill Ume Hye Rin.
And I didn't order anyone
to kill her either.
Are you just trying to deceive me
now that this is in my hands?
Of course not.
Stealing that from you in here is
easier than taking candy from a baby.
Then why did you pretend as if
you killed her this entire time?
Because I
was afraid that you'd leave me, maybe.
It was probably because
I was scared to confirm
that I'd made the wrong choice.
Because I wanted to prove to
everyone--no, to my deceased father
that I'd made the right decision,
until the very end.
And if I had made
the wrong choice after all
I wanted to prove that I could make
it so that my choice was the right one.
You were acting all clever by yourself.
But you sure are stupid.
You're right.
I was quite stupid.
I never had to prove to
others that I was happy.
And neither you nor I
would've had to live like this.
But we've already lived
for so long like this.
I'm sorry.
That I made you have
to live like this too.
You're sorry?
Did you just say
that you were sorry?
Hang in there, Je Ha!
They'll take good care of Je Ha.
But you have to hurry
to Cloud Nine now.
As if. Says who?
Says me!
- Grab her.
- Yes, ma'am.
Let go. Let go of me!
Let go! Je Ha!
Je Ha! Let go!
Let go! Je Ha!
We've found Anna, Madam.
Let go of me!
- How is she?
- She's fine.
- We'll head down now.
- Je Ha!
Je Ha.
I said let go!
Happy now?
Mirror. Call ex-Chairman Park.
Lend me that for a second.
Hello, In-law.
Because many of you still don't
believe that I have the memory card
I'm going to text each of you
the numbers of the bank accounts
you've established at a tax haven
that contain your slush funds.
Please check your phones.
You needn't do this, Madam.
We don't doubt you.
Then you should be well
aware of the fact that
Assemblyman Park Kwan Soo would never
be able to release these documents
even if he had them, but I can.
If there are still any of Park Kwan Soo's
cops left in my building after 10 minutes
I'll release the bank information
regarding the SPC I showed you just now
first to the media.
Oh, yes.
Ask the president if he
got my text too, please.
Then goodbye.
Long time no see, Anna.
Big Sis. Open this door.
What are you doing?
Hurry up and open the door!
Mirror. Open the door.
You didn't expect that
I'd have a gun, Big Sis?
I thought that only those below us
used tools such as those.
You're right. But as you know,
my family background isn't stellar.
All right, then.
Don't just stand there. Sit down.
And you, Brother-in-Law.
Give me the memory card.
Mirror, the elevator--
turn it off.
The elevator has been deactivated.
No. No!
Get up.
Give me the memory
card, Brother-in-Law.
If you don't want me
to kill Anna too.
What? So you're going
to remove my men now?
Oh, Assemblyman. To be frank,
they're not "your men."
They're the special unit
of the police force!
Also, I've had many of my men
massacred due to this already!
So how could I possibly
afford to send any more men in?
My life is hanging by
a thread too.
So you've received orders from
higher-ups, haven't you?
U-u-u-um, sir.
No, that's not it.
If you talk to the higher-ups
yourself just a teensy bit
I'll do whatever it takes
to get things done for you.
Fine. Just wait.
Yes, Assemblyman Park?
Did Choi Yoo Jin
tell you to do that?
To remove my men?
You sure are quick on the uptake.
Did she also tell you that
I could never go there?
Both of you could go down.
But the one who'll really suffer from
all this is you. Am I wrong?
Alongside all of you?
Well, who knows?
We'll have to see.
There's 10 minutes left now.
The bomb inside of Cloud Nine
now can't be defused.
And in 10 minutes, Jang Se Joon,
Choi Yoo Jin, and Choi Sung Won
who are all in there now,
as well as Kim Suk Han's evidence
will all disappear off
the face of this planet.
So I'll be the only one with evidence
regarding the Kumar people left then.
And I'll be the only presidential
candidate left in the running.
You understand
what I'm saying, don't you?
I'm curious to see what you'll
be saying in 10 minutes.
How can we be of help?
Cut off all power and outside
communication channels to JSS.
That's the only way
you people and I can survive.
Just 10 minutes will do.
Cut them off now!
Oh, Mr. Je Ha!
You can't move!
All of you have to
leave this place now!
A bomb is about to
go off at Cloud Nine!
Yes. Chief Joo?
The bomb can't be defused?
Yes. I believe that Park Kwan Soo
deceived Chairman Choi.
You must escape quickly!
Hey, you!
Park Kwan Soo,
you son of a bitch!
Big Sis! You have to
reactivate the elevator.
We have no time!
Mirror! Mirror!
Reactivate the elevator!
Mirror obeys only me.
Big Sis. We have to get
you to a hospital, right?
Hurry and talk to Mirror!
We have no time!
Please, Big Sis!
You brazen bastard.
The elev--
The internal electricity
has been shut off.
Emergency power has been activated.
- The elevator--
- It has been stopped.
Then cell reception too?
Looks like your assemblyman
is the one behind all this.
You won't need to worry.
Your subordinates will
definitely come to save you.
Anna, can you put some
pressure on this for me?
I'm going to go out
and assess the situation.
You're asking Anna to do it?
People shouldn't be so
shameless, you know.
It's okay.
You don't have to do it.
Looks like your wish came true.
Don't talk.
You'll make yourself bleed more.
Looks like
I'll finally die.
Yeah your mom was
dying then, too.
When I got there.
It's a bit too late now, but
I had a father too,
just like you.
But the funny thing
about dads is that
they're never there
when you need them.
But they always show up
when you don't need them.
My dad found out about
your mother's existence
and took action when
nobody asked him to.
Even though I begged
him not to do it.
And in the end
he ordered one of his
men to kill your mother.
For my sake.
And was Master Song
that employee of his?
So you knew already, huh?
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry.
I found out that my dad had ordered
that to be done, and followed him, but
I got there too late.
Then I realized that Master Song
was holding you
behind that door.
But I couldn't bear to
turn around and look.
Because I was afraid
that I'd see your face.
And I
Turned around to
leave, but then
your mother
begged me to save her.
Please, let me live.
And for the briefest moment, I
was considering calling 911.
I couldn't do it.
Save me.
Love isn't meant to be shared.
And I coldly
turned away from her.
Even though I could've
possibly saved her.
I did kill your mother.
And after that
I lived my life
just like my father had.
No, I was even worse
than my father.
On the day your mother died
I obeyed the commands that
the devil inside of me gave me.
So you can stop
pressing down now.
I'm your enemy,
who killed your mother.
What are you planning to do?
We don't have much time left.
We have to hurry and get downstairs.
Oh, give those to me.
Oh hey, come with me.
Let's go to the basement.
That's the closest spot to Cloud Nine.
Oh, Chief.
Can you call more people here?
We'll need more manpower
to pull people up.
Team Leader Seo.
Gather more of our agents.
This is as far as we can go.
Man, that sure is deep.
You stay here, Master Song.
We'll need more hands to pull people up.
Je Ha.
When I give you the signal,
pull the rope up right away.
Got it. Be careful.
Man, he sure is fearless.
Oh my. Choi Yoo Jin.
All of you have to--
Je Ha. Je Ha.
So you're finally
showing your true colors.
We're going up first.
Let's go, Anna.
No, I don't want to.
Let me go!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Anna's going to get hurt, okay?
Yes, Kim Je Ha.
Send those two out first.
And she needs something
to lift her up.
You heard him.
Lead the way.
It'll be a bit heavy
if we both go up, right?
You two can come up
after I get up.
- Hey, lift me up!
- No, Anna goes first.
Damn it.
We have no time!
Je Ha!
Hey, hurry and lift me up!
Je Ha! Don't move.
I told you not to move!
No. No.
What about Miss Anna?
Don't do stupid things
if you all want to live!
- There's only three minutes left.
- What?
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Hey, what are you doing!
Get out of my way!
- What do we do?
- Damn it!
- No!
- What do we do now?
You guys have guns, right?
- K2!
- Yes, we do!
Wait just one minute.
I'll give you the signal,
so cut the elevator cable then.
The cable?
- He can't.
- He shouldn't.
All right.
Anna, help me up.
Je Ha!
You have to get out of here now.
Je Ha.
We have no time.
We have to get you out of here.
Just give up.
It's too late.
You have to hurry and get out of here!
We have no time!
All right, let's go.
There isn't a place
for me to go anymore.
I want to get some rest now.
Take Chief Kim and go.
I was wrong.
Hurry and go.
Save Anna.
Damn it.
Assemblyman, get into
the elevator now with Chief Kim!
- The elevator is
- Hurry! There's no time!
We may not have time to go
up, but we can go down.
Every elevator has safety
features in case of free fall.
Je Ha!
So if we get down, we may be
able to survive the explosion.
Is that true?
This is just my assumption.
That's a bit disappointing to hear.
All right, hurry.
All right!
Get ready, everyone!
Cut the cable now!
Hurry and shoot at the cable!
Where are you going, Dad?
What are you doing, sir?
I can't save you like this.
I have to lessen the impact for
you as much as possible.
What are you planning to do?
Anna. You've lived on just
fine without me for all this time.
So you'll be just fine.
And honestly, you don't
need a person like me.
Take good care of my daughter Anna.
No, Dad! Dad!
Why did you come back?
I'm going to bring this in there.
That way, we'll be able to
lessen the impact, if only a little!
This glass room
will contain the explosion a little!
Hurry up and go.
So I can close the door.
Close the door now.
the door.
Won't you be my companion
on the road to the underworld?
We almost seem like
a happy couple, acting like this.
- Are you okay?
- Je Ha!
K2. K2!
Answer me, K2!
- This is the Team Leader.
- Please.
- Please!
- K2! K2!
This is the Team Leader!
Answer me!
This is the Team Leader!
Answer me, K2!
K2! K2!
This is the Team Leader.
Je Ha.
Answer me, please!
This is K2.
This is K2.
I'm answering. Over.
Young Miss.
Young Miss, are you okay?
What about K2?
Hey get us out of here.
I'm in so much pain. Over.
It's K2! He's alive!
Do you swear to tell the truth regarding
the Blackstone civilian massacre?
Yes. I swear.
Ah, this is nice.
This will be a bit cold.
- Here.
- Ugh, I can't deal with you kids.
I wonder what'll happen to us now?
She did inherit the entire fortune
and lives at the main house now
so I wonder if she'll ever
call for us ever again.
I haven't seen her since
the assemblyman and Madam's funeral.
She's not ignoring us, is she?
No way.
- I
- Hmm?
only need you, honey.
Quit it already, you two!
So that means that Anna is Choi Yoo Jin
and Jang Se Joon's only heir.
Then the Pyeonchang
Scholarship Foundation too?
But it won't be of any use
since she doesn't have Cloud Nine.
But she has
that dangerous memory card.
I hope she doesn't act rashly with it.
There's no way.
The thing about power is that it's not
easy to give up once you've had a taste.
Choi Yoo Jin was once an innocent
young girl too, wasn't she?
And it's only after girls grow up
that they become witches.
Well, even so, what could a young,
orphaned girl like her do by herself?
Just you watch. She'll soon
contact us, wanting to make a deal.
Yes, yes. Just wait patiently.
Let's get going.
You must have suffered
quite a bit, sir.
Oh man, I'm alive!
Thank goodness!
I thought I was dead, man!
Hey. Hey, what is this?
Let go!
You can stop now, sir.
I never would have dreamed that
I'd be forced to commit suicide.
What can we do, though,
since the world changed overnight?
Did your phone call go well?
What about your identification papers?
Is everything resolved now?
Yeah. We can go anywhere
we want anytime now.
That's great.
So, how was it?
Did you have fun today?
I tried a day in Choi Yoo Jin's
life to see how she lived
but there wasn't a single
fun thing that she did.
I have no idea how she managed
to live when her life was so boring.
Well shall we eat?
I love this place.
I'm always here.
- Is it good?
- Yeah.
- Anna.
- Yeah?
Are you sure you're not
going to regret this?
You really have to think about
this carefully, though.
If you do this, you have to give up all
the power that Choi Yoo Jin left you.
Do you realize that?
Why are you being like this too?
It's been hard enough
for me as it is
since Chief Kim has been
sweet-talking me too.
All right, then.
Okay, so all you have to
do now is press enter.
- This?
- Yeah.
Do you know what'll
happen if you press this?
It'll reveal that the politicians
and rich people in this country
are one and the same--
[Your email is being sent.]
Hey, come on!
We should've experienced
a historical moment like this together
and we should have
pressed it together--
Oh, whatever! I don't want
to do something like that!
Wow, I can't believe you.
Just doing whatever you please, huh?
What? Huh?
See? You're always doing
whatever you please.
You're not being considerate
of my feelings and--
Don't you regret it a little, Anna?
What do you mean?
You couldn't restore
your mother's reputation.
Because I got my dad in exchange.
- Je Ha.
- Yeah?
I love you.
I know.
Hey, Kim Je Ha.
What's your real name anyway?
My real name is
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