The Kennedys s01e04 Episode Script

Broken Promises And Deadly Barrie

Previously on The Kennedys The men that we've married have great gifts and great flaws.
Our President is just like his father.
Their need for sexual conquest borders on addiction.
Jackie, do you think Jack should appoint Bobby as Attorney General? I announce the appointment of Robert F.
Kennedy as Attorney General.
If Joe Kennedy thinks I'm gonna take orders from that snot-nosed kid of his And I would appreciate from now on you addressing me as "General.
" You have to be the sounding board for every major decision he makes.
His presidency's in trouble.
The Kennedys Episode 4 (Indistinct conversations) Here you go, Mr.
(Door opens) (Door closes) Francis.
Ambassador, good to see you.
Well, you didn't have to dress up just for me.
(Chuckles) I got a gig at the Drake.
Uh, come on by.
I'll set you up ringside.
Oh, some other time.
I have to be back in Boston.
Sure, sure.
Well, come on back.
Sam's waiting for ya.
(Man) What Vinnie knows could hurt us.
We should probably make him disappear.
Hey, Joe.
Hiya, Sam.
Sit down, Joe.
(Sighs) So what brings you to town, Joe? Well, I'm trying to drum up some support for Jack.
Nice-lookin' boy.
And smart.
Yeah, well, Nixon's smart, too, and he's got experience.
He's not gonna let those commies run wild.
He and Ike lost Cuba.
Cost you millions.
Yeah, it did.
My boy would never let that happen.
Look, Sam This country's been great to us.
We were born in walk-ups, but we both made fortunes.
I want to pay America back.
I want to make Jack Kennedy President (Taps table) Because he'll make this country a better place for our grandchildren and their children.
Yeah, well It's gonna be an interesting race.
Anyway, Frankie here-- he thought, um, you and me, we should meet, so so we met.
I want to wish you and your boy all the best.
Thank you, Sam.
I appreciate you seeing me.
Thank you, Francis.
A pleasure, Mr.
I-I'm gonna stick around.
Hey, Joe.
Is it true about you and, uh, Gloria Swanson? (Chuckles) Huh? What do ya think? Ohh.
Oh, I think you gotta go with Jack.
Is that what you think? I'm in tight with him.
He comes to see me in Vegas.
Ooh, we've had some great times, Sam.
He's one of us, and he needs Chicago.
Now you own the precinct captains.
They'll get people to the polls-- the cripples and the shut-ins.
And you got the unions.
Now you get them to help out Jack, you leave the rest to me.
(Laughs) What do you mean, leave the rest to you? I'll make sure when Jack gets in, you'll have a pass.
The Feds will leave you and the boys alone.
You can do that? (Chuckles) Not feeling any better? No.
Hell, my body's breaking down.
I'm exhausted all the time.
Phenobarbital not working, sir? Unh-unh.
Ritalin not helping you sleep, either? Oh, hell, I had to move a bed in here, 'cause I'm keeping my wife awake.
Unfortunately, the Addison disease makes all these symptoms worse.
How's your back pain? Well, it's not going away.
I can't stand for more than 20 minutes.
I can't sit for more than five.
If the public knew the shape I was in, they'd boot me out of here.
The Demerol's a high dose.
It should be helping.
(Chuckles) Well, it's not.
(Taps ashtray) Gettin' hard to lead the country lyin' down.
I'll speak to Dr.
Runer, but you're on a pretty comprehensive list of medications-- methadone, prednisone, hydrocortisone (Sighs) Gabapentin to relax the muscles, methyltestosterone, lomotil for your stomach, metamucil, Lidocaine, procaine, levothyroxine sodium.
Of course, as First Lady, there are so many public obligations.
(Projector whirring) Naturally, I enjoy them all.
I hope that I represent the country in a way that will make the people of America proud, but my most enjoyable obligation is to be a wife and a mother.
I feel that if you aren't there for your children, nothing else you do matters very much.
Is John asleep? Yes, ma'am.
I've just put him down.
(Sighs) Damn interview.
I'm sorry.
(Sighs) Where's Caroline? Oh, she's asleep as well.
I read to her from "The Velveteen Rabbit.
" She loves that book.
I know she does.
(Sighs) I'm sorry.
It's been a long day.
Of course, ma'am.
Good night.
Good night.
(Footsteps retreat) Ethel, you think I should use the word, uh, "Mafia"? (Children giggling and speaking indistinctly) Well, that's who you're going after, isn't it? No, no.
It's, uh, it's more than that.
It's, uh, it's a whole network of organized crime.
(Chuckles) Bobby.
You're not a Professor.
You're the new sheriff in town.
"Mafia" will get people's attention.
Dad! Joe squirted toothpaste on Courtney's head! (Laughs) Joe, you smarten up up there! All right? Next time you do that, you're gonna--you'll scrape it off her head and use it! (Door slams) (Children laugh) (Laughs) Oh, Bobby.
Come on.
They learned this from you.
(Sighs) So is, um Jack gonna be there for the announcement? No, I don't think so.
Why is that good? I think that the Organized Crime Division is your brainchild.
It should be your moment.
Oh, Ethel.
(Chuckles) I just want to see you get credit for all the hard work you're doing.
Well, thank you, but I get-- I get plenty of credit.
("The Bunny Hop" playing) (Children laughing) Mom! Dad! The bunny hop! (Laughs) (Ethel and children) One two Hop, hop, hop! One two Hop, hop, hop! One two hop, hop, hop! Come on, Kennedy! Get in here! (Children) One two (All) Hop, hop, hop! One two hop, hop, hop! (Clock ticking) (Chimes) (Chime) (Chime) (Clock chimes) (Chime) (Chime) (Chime) (Chime) (Grunts) (Grunts) (Sighs) (Grunts) (Sighs) (Sighs) 90% of major racketeers would be out of business by the end of this year if the ordinary citizen-- the businessman and the union official and the public authority-- stood up to be counted and refused to be corrupted.
The purpose of the Organized Crime Division is to destroy the cycle of intimidation, corruption, and violence through which the Mafia has flourished for the better part of half a century.
The Justice Department, along with the FBI and other agencies, will not stand by and be aloof.
We will act.
Our position is quite clear.
We will be working together to bring us closer to the day (Women laughing) When organized crime and the men who profit from it will no longer be able to draw strength from the hard work of law-abiding American citizens, and I speak to you today in that spirit, as this is a problem for all America.
Unless the basic attitude changes in this country, the rackets will prosper and grow.
Of this, I am convinced.
In the weeks and months ahead, indictments will be made which will ultimately bring these criminals to justice and which will make this country a better, safer place for all of our citizens.
I thank you.
(Men speaking indistinctly) Thank you.
Well done, sir.
I, uh, had the judges sign off on extending our wiretaps and Covered? You said you were gonna make a deal with your friend Jack Kennedy that if we delivered Chicago, we'd get a free ride.
Now Bobby's comin' after us.
No, there's nothing to worry about.
He's just throwing out a net, Sam.
It's for the small-time guys.
Not for you.
If that bastard comes after me or any of my people, we're gonna have a big problem.
You better tell them that.
Yeah, I gotta-- (receiver clatters, bell dings) (Sighs) (Inhales deeply) (Sighs) (Knock on door) (Grunts) Welcome to the White House, Mr.
(Door closes) Mr.
President, it's good to see you again, sir.
And you as well.
You will be the first negro appointed to the presidential protection detail.
Well, I'm honored, sir.
Well, we're honored to have you, and, uh, you'll report to, uh, Mr.
Henderson here, who I'm sure is gonna have you fill out a hell of a lot of paperwork, and we'll, uh, get you started.
Well, thank you, sir.
He's very good.
I, uh, I met him on the campaign.
He was in the, uh, Chicago office.
Is there a problem? Mr.
President, I'm willing to believe he's the best man since Pinkerton, but are you sure about this? Because he's a negro? No, sir.
There are men who are more qualified with more experience who deserve to be here.
A negro's never had this opportunity before.
Plus, his record is excellent, and, uh, I'm sure Mr.
Bolden will be fine.
Sir, there isn't a hotel south of the Mason-Dixon line that's gonna let him even check in.
That's your problem.
He's part of the detail.
He'll be accommodated accordingly.
Thank you, Mr.
Yes, sir, Mr.
(Door closes) 15,000 east Germans are crossing into the American zone every day-- doctors, lawyers, engineers-- their best people.
Now obviously Khrushchev wants to stop them.
As you know, sir, we've been monitoring closely the buildup of Russian troops in and around Berlin.
Well, the report I read said that it's essentially a benign presence.
To an extent, yes.
I'm sorry.
What does that mean exactly? It means he's gonna shut down access between the Soviet and American zones.
What are his options to do that? We don't know that yet.
Well, what the hell's he gonna do, dig a moat around the city? The field reports are inconclusive at this time.
So when are they going to, uh, be conclusive, would you say? Because right now it's just a problem, with no real information to help the President solve it.
We're working it out now, Bobby.
Well, if what your field report is suggesting is true and, uh, Khrushchev is going to turn Berlin into a prison, I think it would be nice if we could actually respond some time in the near future (Sighs) Because the alternative is that we are left holding our balls while the Russians cut off the city like they did in '48.
I understand that, Bobby, and as soon as the information comes in, I can assure you, the President will have it.
Thank you.
Is that it, Mac? It is, sir.
All right, well, keep on this thing, and, Bob, you should talk to the Garrison commanders in Berlin.
Don't want to raise the alert level, but they should know that's a possibility.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Bobby, I want you to talk to Dobrynin at the Soviet embassy.
(Door opens) Yeah, he should know that, uh, we would view any interference with those, uh, refugees as a deep concern.
Right? All right.
(Clears throat and sighs) Yeah, this-- this is unbelievable.
I mean, why do they even, uh, bother coming to the meetings if they're not gonna have, uh, concrete information to help you resolve some of these issues? Bobby, I'm glad you're here, okay? Well, somebody needs to be the bad guy.
They don't need to like me, but they need to have your best interests at heart.
These are qualified people who gave up lucrative careers.
You can't treat 'em like hired help.
Well, it's ridiculous, really.
I mean it.
All right.
(Waves crashing) (Birds calling) Hello, Francis.
Come in.
Sit down.
Thank you, Mr.
Boy, oh, boy.
Jack's doing such a great job.
(Chuckles) Everybody on the coast is so proud of him.
He's Hollywood's President.
Oh, by the way, I have regards for you from Jack Warner.
He told me to tell you, the next time you're out, you gotta look him up.
So, um, what are you doing here? Well, a little something's come up.
Uh, I don't think it's a big problem.
I-I just thought you should know.
You see, Mr.
Ambassador, uh, it's this thing that Bobby just announced.
I don't know what he calls it-- the crime division.
What about it? It's got some of our friends pretty nervous.
What friends? Sam Giancana.
He's not a friend of mine.
He's a friend of yours.
Well, y-yeah, but, uh Well, I mean, you--you met him.
Uh, he helped Jack out pretty good.
You know, a lot of people say, uh, Jack wouldn't have won Chicago if it wasn't for Sam, so People say a lot of things, Francis.
(Rustles papers) What's wrong? Well, I might have overstepped my bounds a little.
(Chuckles) How so? Well, I didn't say anything specific, I swear, but I-I may have let Sam believe that If he came through for Jack That the administration would look the other way at whatever activities he's involved in.
(Clicks tongue) In what world do you think that you can make a deal with Giancana behind my back? No, I n--I never made a deal, Mr.
Now you gotta believe me.
I d-- Shut up! You have put this family in a very dangerous position.
Couldn't you just talk to Jack and Bobby, get 'em to back off just a little bit? Absolutely not.
(Smacks table) Now here's what you're gonna do.
(Tapping) You're gonna go to Giancana and tell him the truth.
You're gonna tell him that no deal exists between him and the Kennedy family and that whatever he did, he did for himself and not for us.
Ambassador, please.
You can't ask me to do that.
Why not? 'Cause Giancana will see what a lightweight, irrelevant phony you really are? You don't understand.
Sam could end my career.
He'll have my throat cut.
In that case, your pal Dean Martin will sell a lot of records.
(Clock ticking) (Rustles papers) Good-bye, Francis.
(Sniffles) (Joe) Congratulations, Bobby.
For what, dad? The, uh, Organized Crime Division-- very smart piece of business.
Oh, I thought you in particular would be upset.
(Chuckles) I know we disagreed about you working for McClellan.
Yeah, disagreed.
Dad, at the time, I thought you were gonna write me out of the will.
Yeah, but you went ahead with it, and--because you thought it was right, and I admired you then, and I still do.
Oh, well, thank you.
I appreciate that.
So you, um You, uh, starting slow? You going after the little fish? No, no.
I figured, uh, Giancana, Trafficante, Marcello, you know, go hunt some whales.
(Typewriter keys clicking) You still there, dad? Yeah, yeah.
I just, uh yeah.
Those are tough guys.
Well, sure.
I think we'll get 'em, though.
I mean, I had Giancana on the grill in '57.
Yeah, but he walked.
Oh, I know, but, uh, I got the whole weight of the justice department behind me now.
I-I was just, um, thinking, politically, if you get 'em, that's good for you and Jack, but if you don't, after Bay of Pigs, you don't want any more losses, Bobby.
You want wins.
Well, sure we do, but, uh, we'll get 'em.
Don't worry, dad.
Well, uh, I hope you do.
Good luck.
(Chuckles) Bye, Bobby.
All right.
Bye, dad.
(Receiver clatters) (Clatters) (Children laughing and speaking indistinctly) Excuse me, Mrs.
The delegates have arrived downstairs.
They're early.
I still have five minutes.
Well, they're on a tight schedule, and, uh, there's a lot of them to meet.
Ma'am, they did help to get your husband elected.
(Children continue laughing and speaking indistinctly) I have to go.
But, mommy, aren't you gonna draw a star with me? I'll draw you two stars, and you can color them in.
It's hard to do stars, mommy.
You just keep practicing, okay? Okay.
I love you.
I have to go help daddy.
(Children continue laughing and speaking indistinctly) You wanna color with me? Okay.
We'll color it in yellow.
(Children continue laughing and speaking indistinctly) (Clicks and whirs) This footage just came in from Langley, Mr.
(Pills rattle) We estimate that within the next 18 hours, the entire border between the Soviet and American zone will be sealed off.
Ambassador Dobrynin told me this is just simply the first step, that their intention is to eventually build a, uh, permanent wall.
Mac, any idea how long before they, uh, seal the border? Less than a week, unless we intervene.
We are going to intervene, aren't we, Mr.
President? Well, I-I'm not sure.
I strongly recommend military action, sir.
Well, I think it's quite clear that military, uh, involvement at this stage is the least desirable option that the President is considering.
I thought we were supposed to be the moral leaders of this world.
How do we keep honor, sir, if we turn our backs on what is obviously a human tragedy? (Mcnamara) Berlin is 300 miles inside of East Germany.
We cannot win a tactical engagement without incurring casualties that would run in the tens of thousands.
We're obligated on the NATO agreement to come to the aid of West Berlin if they are under threat.
I-I realize that, Mac, but we cannot maintain supply lines over that distance through hostile territory.
We are outnumbered 3 to 1.
I think you guys are missing the point.
As far as, uh, I can see, West Berlin is not under threat.
(Sighs) I detest what the Russians are doing here, but this is, uh, essentially a domestic issue between them and the East Berliners.
Am I to assume then, Mr.
President, that you're willing to allow this crime against humanity to go unchallenged? Gentlemen This idea--a wall-- is, uh, it's a terrible thing, but a war? Christ, that's worse, and they're easier to talk about than they are to win.
Now I think we monitor the situation here, but unless there's a significant change in the ground conditions, I think we stay the hell out.
(Footsteps retreat) We are presiding over the demise of this nation as the moral and military leader of the free world, and you know it.
Well, if you feel so strongly that we're moving in the wrong direction, General, I'm sure the President would be willing to accept your resignation.
Kennedy, you were supposed to do the morning show on Thursday.
They need to push it up to tomorrow.
Why? Uh, I don't know, ma'am.
They didn't tell me.
Uh, we have to be at the studio at 7:00.
Caroline starts school at 8:00, and I promised her I'd be there.
See if they can do it at 9:00.
Uh, it has to be at 7:00, ma'am.
It's about the White House restoration.
Uh, all the members of the committee will be there.
Well, I know all the members of the committee will be there.
See if they can do it without me.
Kennedy, uh Look, to be honest, you organized the committee, but without you there, no one cares about the restoration.
Tish, I-I have to see my children.
I know that, and I will cancel all your engagements for the rest of this week, but you really need to do this interview.
(Sighs) Can I count on you for the interview? Fine.
Thank you, ma'am, and I'm sorry.
(Clock chimes) (Chime) (Chime) (Chime) (Chime) (Chime) (Chime) (Chime) (Chime) (Door opens and closes) Was that Tish? Did you just get home? Yeah.
How was your day? Well, it was just, uh A little, uh, more of the same.
I'm starting to realize that, uh, this job is, uh, about choosing between two lousy options, and the, uh, right choice is the one that's just a little, uh (Chuckles) A little less lousy.
(Chuckles) How was your day? Fine.
Fine? I hear you're doing great over there at the, uh (Chuckles) West Wing.
You got a-- (Sighs) You got a lot of fans.
Is this the magazine? Goddamn it! (Whispers) Jack! (Grunting and panting) (Thud) I can't live like this.
(Telephone rings and clicks) (Elder-man) Hello? (Jack) Chuck, it's me.
Hi, Jack.
How ya doin'? Well, I'm, uh, getting pretty beat up over here.
I'm a little exhausted.
I need something to keep me going.
And your doctor still won't give you amphetamines? That's right.
Who's the, uh, who's the fella you mentioned, the doctor? Oh, you mean Feelgood.
His name is Max Jacobson.
Jacobson? (German accent) Pfft.
Oh, I know people call me Dr.
I'm not insulted by this.
I want my patients to feel good.
(Clinks bottles) Well, my, uh, friend Chuck Spalding tells me, uh, everyone in New York swears by ya.
(Chuckles) How, uh, how long until it, uh, takes effect? Before I'm out the gate, Mr.
(Sighs) Yeah.
Ja, gut.
Yeah? All right.
(Sighs) Well, I'd, uh, like to pay you in cash.
President This country saved my life.
I would never charge you.
(Chuckles) However, if you wish to recommend my services to some of your friends, I will be happy to charge them.
Thank you.
I will see you in a few days, Mr.
(Door opens) (Door closes) (Projector whirring) (Bundy) This footage came in last night.
The East German guards have shoot-to-kill orders.
Have there been any fatalities so far? Yes, but as you can see, there's still lots of people who are willing to take the risk.
Yeah, and getting killed for it.
I have one concern, Mr.
It just seems that we're handing the Communists one success after another.
General, this is the best example we have of the failure of Communism.
I, uh, I want to get this to the networks.
They have it? No.
Get it to 'em.
Bobby, we get this on the air tonight.
All right.
Show the whole damn world what Communism's all about.
Yeah, I read about it.
Did you talk to Giancana? (Sinatra) When they served him the indictment, he went out of his mind.
He's threatening everybody-- you, Jack, Bobby.
He--he's gone crazy.
I-I don't know what he's gonna do.
Did you tell him I had nothing to do with it? I-I tried.
I-I couldn't get through to him.
I never seen the guy like this.
Your association with this family is at an end.
Do you understand me? Mr.
Ambassador, please.
(Knock on door) I helped get Jack elected.
You didn't do a damn thing.
You sang some songs.
(Clatters, bell dings) (Sighs) Mrs.
Kennedy, it's Tish.
Ma'am? Yes? The UNICEF breakfast is about to start in the East room.
(Chuckles) Now? Yes, ma'am.
I think you overslept.
Um Mrs.
Kennedy, if you're not able to do it, I'll just tell them that you're not feeling well.
I'll be there.
Thank you, ma'am.
(Organ music playing) (Woman, voice breaks) Ohh.
Please forgive me.
(Lowered voice) Help me protect my sons.
That's what this is about? I need to know what Hoover's got on Sam Giancana.
(Lowered voice) You know Hoover better than I do.
Ask him.
No, I-I can't.
Bobby's his boss.
It's--it's It's too close.
It's n-- well, you were in the bureau for 25 years.
You know what's in the files.
I'm retired.
I can't get access to-- Oh, don't give me that, Bill.
You still know the guys down there.
I can't do it.
Even if I could, what are you gonna do, go after Giancana yourself? I just need him to know that I know where he's weak.
He's not.
That's why he's Sam Giancana.
I gotta do something.
Who knows what this animal is capable of? Joe Unless you're talking about going all the way No.
No, no.
Then leave it alone.
Jack and Bobby can take care of themselves.
Thank you for coming down here.
Clyde said it was urgent.
(Door closes) I don't think that's an overstatement.
As you requested, we've cast the widest net possible on known members of organized crime.
Let me just play this for you.
The first voice you hear is that of Sam Giancana.
He's speaking with a Johnny Roselli, who is a small-time-- Sure.
I know who Roselli is.
All right.
(Clicks) (Sam) Sinatra was down at the hotel in Florida.
He said he was gonna talk to the old man.
(Johnny) You mean Joe? Yeah.
Maybe one of these days the guy will do us a favor.
(Chuckles) Between you and me, Sinatra saw Joe Kennedy three different times.
Joe Kennedy--you know, the father of the President.
(Click) How would you like to proceed? (Jack) Well, no, it's working.
I can't believe the way I feel.
I haven't had this much energy in years.
Oh, I'm delighted to hear it, Mr.
You should feel the benefits for some time, and of course I will be in touch, and we will see how it goes.
All right.
Well, we'll see you in a couple of days then.
Good day, Mr.
But the wiretap was vague.
It's nothing actionable.
Nothing actionable? Well, not unless there's clear evidence of wrongdoing.
Dad's name came out of Sam Giancana's mouth, for chrissake.
Hoover knows about it.
Well, I-I think we should speak to dad first and find out what it's about.
It's about the election.
No, no, no.
We don't know that yet.
It's the only thing that makes any sense.
It's the only thing that would tie dad together with, uh, Sinatra and Giancana.
We needed Chicago.
He controls the unions.
He controls half the precincts up there.
Well, it's only an issue if he made an actual deal, and I find it hard to believe that he would do that.
Bobby, he was desperate to win.
Well, I just--I don't think we should jump to conclusions here.
Well, you may be right, but if he's, uh, mixed up in this thing, I'm gonna protect the Presidency.
(Bobby) I went to, uh, mass today.
It's Wednesday.
I know.
I just felt like going, really.
Well, I wish you would've called me.
I would've gone with you.
I was, um Thinking about my mother.
When I was, uh, a child, she used to take me to church with her.
She, uh Taught me that God loves us, and by doing what's right, we show our love for him.
I believe that, too.
I know.
(Sighs) It's just that when you're a child, it's easy to know what's right.
Not so easy anymore.
What time did his plane land? About, uh, 30 minutes ago.
(Sighs) If you're, uh, around this weekend, maybe we can get the kids together.
Yeah, I'll talk to Jackie.
(Intercom buzzes, clicks switch) Yes? (Woman) Mr.
President, the Ambassador is here.
Send him in.
(Click) What's so important? Why couldn't we do this over the phone? Well, dad, uh, come on in here.
Sit down.
So what's the big mystery? Uh, we wanted to talk to you about a tape I heard.
It's a wiretap of Giancana.
He was talking to Johnny Roselli about you and Sinatra.
About me? Yes, you.
He mentioned that, uh, Sinatra met with you on several occasions during the campaign, dad.
Well, I I talk to Frank from time to time.
So what? Well, we understand that, but why would Giancana know about it? Well Sinatra runs his mouth.
He tells everybody in the world he's a friend of the Kennedys.
It's the biggest thing in the guy's life.
So what the hell is this? Why are you wasting my time with this crap? No, no.
This is not crap, dad.
This is not a trivial matter.
This, uh, distresses us a great deal.
We need to know what Sinatra said to Giancana.
These guys say a million things to each other.
Was it about the election? How the hell would I know? Christ, dad, I need to know the truth here.
Did you make a deal with Giancana to deliver Chicago? Is that why we won up there? No.
Dad! (Smacks table, objects rattle) We need to hear the truth from you.
We need the truth here.
Sinatra did the deal on his own.
I had nothing to do with it.
Yeah, but you met with Giancana.
To convince him to support you.
That was--that was the end.
After I left, Sinatra sat down, and the dumb bastard said that he and his boys would have a free ride under a Kennedy Administration.
And you swear you didn't know anything about it? Absolutely not.
Not until the indictments came out.
Sinatra phoned me, wetting himself about, uh, Giancana going crazy.
I didn't tell you because I thought the whole thing would blow over.
I thought I-I could I could, uh, take care of it myself without bringing you boys in, but, uh But I couldn't.
(Smacks leg) (Sighs) Jesus, dad.
This, uh This puts us in a, uh, tough spot here.
Yeah, I-I know it does.
I'm sure you had the, uh, best intentions.
You always have.
But this, uh This affects our whole moral position tremendously.
I mean, uh, regardless of your intent, dad, this is, uh, a matter of perception now.
I, uh (Sighs) I owe you more than I could ever repay.
Well, we all do.
No, no.
I don't-- I don't want to hear that.
No, I think you need to.
I-I believe none of this, uh, none of this would've been possible without you, and (Smacks palms) But now I'm out.
Well We're not, uh, we're not saying-- Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
That's--that's how it has to be.
I-I have to disappear.
I can't be part of your Presidency anymore, even as an advisor.
And don't talk about repayment.
I've been repaid a thousand times.
The kind of men you are, what you're trying to do for this country It's beyond It--it's beyond anything I ever dreamed.
I love you, boys.
(Sighs) You should begin to feel better almost immediately, hmm? I hope so.
Good day, madam.
(Door opens) (Sighs) (Door closes) (Exhales deeply) (Clicks) (Click) (Click) (Exhales deeply)