The Kennedys s01e05 Episode Script

Moral Issues And Inner Turmoil

Previously on The Kennedys Is this the magazine? Damn it! Jack.
I can't live like this.
(German accent) Oh, I know people call me Dr.
I want my patients to feel good.
Christ, dad.
I need to know the truth here.
Did you make a deal with Giancana? (Joe) Sinatra did the deal on his own.
I had nothing to do with it.
Regardless of your intent, it's a matter of perception now.
None of this would've been possible without you, and-- but now I'm out.
The Kennedys Episode 5 (Elder-Man) Civil rights marchers in Macon County, Georgia, were set upon by attack dogs and fire hoses as they demonstrated for fair housing and a repeal of poll taxes in that beleaguered southern state.
27 of the marchers were hospitalized.
(Bobby) These, uh, images are from Macon County in your state, Senator Russell.
I'm sure you gentlemen could, uh, reasonably agree that these are extremely disturbing images and unlawful treatment of ordinary American citizens demonstrating for their basic civil rights.
President, as chairman of the Southern Caucus, I am appalled and outraged that we in the South are being unfairly targeted as the purveyors of all that is evil.
Now, Dick, don't take it like that.
We're all here in the spirit of reconciliation and moderation.
I beg your pardon, but there is nothing in the least bit moderate about attack dogs and fire hoses.
Senator, we're not, uh, certainly not trying to target any, uh, one region.
Well, I-I don't see any photos from Boston here, Mr.
Well, that really isn't the issue.
If I may.
Now are you telling me that negroes are living on Beacon Hill? 'Cause I know for a fact, they are not.
We have a serious problem brewing in this country, Senator.
And unless we can provide equal rights for negroes, that problem's not gonna go away.
This is exactly what I was talking about, Mr.
You turn me loose on those Confederates, and I'll have 'em in your corner so fast, it'll make your head spin.
These bastards wouldn't even listen to the President of the United States.
Why would they listen to you? Because I know these boys inside and out and I know their secrets.
Really? I know what kind of rub they like on their ribs, what kind of scotch they pour, and what kind of gals they like to screw.
Well, that's a pleasant thought.
President, we get out ahead of this thing, we can grab the moral high ground.
Oh, I would love to hear your definition of "moral high ground.
" That would be most illuminating.
I gave up teaching, Mr.
Attorney General.
No, this is the most interesting concept coming from the man (Jack) Bobby.
who stole his first election to the Senate.
Well, now there's buying, then there's stealing.
Well, I'm not, uh, I'm not gonna debate this with you.
President, I have seen the evils of Jim Crow.
My daddy fought the Klan in the Texas legislature.
And, of course, this is a moral issue.
That's all fine, but I, uh, I'm more concerned about law and order right now.
Very anxious about this issue of, uh, rioting in the streets.
(Lyndon) So am I.
So am I.
I do want to utilize your, uh, wisdom and experience on this, Mr.
Vice President, and, uh, I'll be in touch this afternoon.
I'm available anytime, Mr.
Damn it, Bobby.
You can't treat the guy like that.
What? I was being nice to him.
I didn't say half the things I wanted to.
Last year at this time, he was the Senate Majority Leader-- one of the most powerful men in this town, and he's an afterthought at best now.
He has massive insecurities, a tremendous ego.
Okay, so--so why are you defending him? During the campaign, he told everyone who would listen that you were too sick to be President.
Get over it.
I did.
You sat in that room just now.
You saw the way those southerners look at us.
They think we're from another planet.
Lyndon talks the way they do, he thinks the way they do, but he's working for me, so do me a favor-- make him feel important once in a while.
Kiss his ass.
What, that big old hairy ass? Yes.
(Snaps lid shut, lighter clatters) Are you feeling all right, dear? You didn't eat dinner last night.
You didn't play golf this morning.
You know, Rosie (Clock ticking) For the first time in my life, I feel like an old man.
Not you, Joe.
Why, you're just-- They don't want me anymore-- Jack and Bobby.
When I went to Washington the other day, that was what it was about.
Why? I It doesn't matter.
They wouldn't be where they are if it wasn't for you.
(Ticking continues) (Lyndon) I just talked to Senator Russell.
He wants you to know that there was no disrespect intended.
I understand, Lyndon.
A lot is said in the, uh (Telephone buzzes) heat of battle.
(Telephones ring, indistinct conversations) Yeah, put her on.
It's my mother.
Give her my love.
Everything all right, mom? No, it most certainly is not.
I heard what you and Bobby did to your father.
He's brokenhearted.
Well, it's a little more, uh, complicated than that, mother.
I am not interested.
He dedicated his life to you boys, and this is what he gets for it.
Can we talk about this a little later? There is nothing to talk about, Jack.
Well, I-I don't-- I never thought that I would say this, but I am very disappointed in you.
(Receiver clatters) (Dial tone drones) (Telephone ringing) (Indistinct conversations) And so how are you feeling? Better than ever.
I have so much energy.
That's the idea.
Good day, madam.
(Door opens and closes) We'll do the Phoenix trip on Tuesday.
On the way back, we'll do St.
Louis and New Orleans.
Are you sure you want to do the St.
Louis trip? I have the meeting with the Historical Society.
We're very close to getting the Civil War pieces for the dining room.
No, no, leave that there.
Did you send, uh, Cassini the thank-you note and flowers? Yes, ma'am.
Has he received them? Yes, ma'am.
Tell Joanna that I moved the armoire to Jack's bedroom.
It looks much better there.
Will do.
And I'm painting with Caroline after my fitting.
Ma'am, do you want me just to reschedule some of this? No.
And I have my phone interview with "Look" magazine after that.
Yes, ma'am.
Tish, you runnin' my girl ragged? Actually, no.
It's the other way around.
We've been invited to the opening of The Met this weekend.
Well, I'm sure you, uh, graciously and, uh, politely declined the offer.
Well, Leonard Bernstein did call me himself.
I just wanted to go up to The Cape.
I told him we'd be there.
Dad's still a little down.
Then I'll cancel.
(Telephone rings) No, no, you--you go, and, uh, I'll take the kids up Saturday, you come up on Sunday.
Don't want you standing up Lenny.
This is the President.
(Hangers clatter) Aw, Jesus.
I'm Dr.
Your father has suffered a massive stroke.
The right side of his body is paralyzed, and he's unable to speak.
Will he survive? I believe he will.
But, um, will he, uh Will he fully recover? There may be some marginal improvement Months, a year.
That's not what I asked you.
I would appreciate a direct answer.
I don't think so.
(Man) A mob of angry students gathered today on the Oxford campus of the University of Mississippi to protest James Meredith's becoming the first negro to enroll at the institution.
The federal court order allowing Meredith to register has gone unheeded by Mississippi officials.
It is unclear what steps Washington will take Yes, Governor Barnett said that, uh, no negro's gonna be admitted to the University while he's Governor.
The court order is, uh, pretty clear.
I mean, Meredith has to be admitted to that campus.
Well, listen, this Barnett, he's a mean son of a bitch.
He doesn't care.
Said he's gonna block Meredith at the door.
You don't think there's any wiggle room? I mean, I--Christ.
I just don't want to get involved in a state matter.
No, I know, but I-- I don't think we he have any choice but to deal with it now.
It's the Supreme Court.
It's incredible what's been progressing down there.
I mean, you wouldn't believe it.
They've got Klansmen on the radio telling people to grab their shotguns and show up at Ole Miss.
They're predicting a mob of 5,000.
This could be a real bloodbath.
This bastard doesn't give me a choice.
I want Meredith escorted onto the campus by Federal Marshals.
That's the problem.
They don't have enough.
I mean, they don't have the kind of firepower they need to handle that mob.
It's Barnett down there, right? Mm-hmm.
All right.
Get him on the phone for me.
I want to talk to him.
All right.
All right.
Did I miss an appointment? Oh, no, sir.
I was upstairs with Mrs.
Why? I've been treating her for some time now, sir.
She's been responding quite well.
Treating her for what? Next week you have the Red Cross dinner in San Francisco.
Um, now I can cancel if you'd rather not go.
No, no.
It's important that I be there.
And from there, I'll fly down to L.
And speak with the American Film Society.
Thank you.
There are some potential conflicts here as well.
What do you think? Oh, no, no, no.
I can do both.
Oh, Mr.
Hi, Tish.
I'm doing a photo shoot.
Uh, can I, uh, talk to you? Sure.
Oh, um I just--I just ran into, uh, Jacobson.
Oh, yeah.
He was just here.
Yeah, he told me he's been seeing you for a couple of months.
Why didn't you tell me? Oh, I didn't want to burden you with my problems.
I was exhausted.
You don't need Jacobson.
I do.
I'm on 19 different medications.
It's debilitating.
I need the guy to stay awake, for chrissake.
You're using him to go from San Francisco to L.
I'm trying to do my job, and sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in the day.
Okay, okay.
I just want you to be careful.
Okay? They're very strong, and, uh, I don't want you to get dependant on that.
Like you are? Stop comparing yourself to me.
Jack, if you want me to just stay home, fine.
But if not, I need it.
(Indistinct conversations) Tish, I'm ready.
We're ready, everyone.
Let's go.
(Indistinct conversations continue) (Bobby) Well, the President is extremely concerned about this escalating and getting out of hand.
We don't want violence of any kind.
Well, how many demonstrators are on the campus now? Listen, uh, how--how close are you to the Governor? Can you, uh, get the radiophone to him for me, please.
Thank you.
I-I appreciate that.
They're--they're gonna put Barnett on line two in a-- one second.
Hello, Governor? Yeah, this is, uh, the Attorney General.
I have the, uh, President of the United States for you.
Yes, sir, Mr.
I understand, uh, you're having some, uh, problems down there.
I want to do what, uh, whatever I can to, uh, help you, uh, get through them.
I appreciate that, Mr.
It's a combustible situation.
I-I got my police and state troopers on the campus, but, uh, these demonstrators are mighty stirred up.
Now you have a listen for yourself.
(Indistinct shouting and yelling) (Shouting and yelling continue) You hear that? Yes, that's all fine.
Can we-- can we calm that situation down? How do you suggest we proceed? Well, I believe we can defuse this whole matter by keeping Meredith from coming on campus.
Well, obviously the, uh, court has, uh, issued their, uh, order here, Governor.
And I'm bound by oath to carry it out.
I'm bound by oath to, uh, abide by the laws of my state, which prohibit the mixing of races in public institutions.
Well, we, uh, we certainly don't want to have to send the National Guard down there, Governor.
Sending in the Guard's just throwing gasoline on the fire.
Well, it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse down there if you don't, uh, get the situation under control and get Meredith enrolled, do you understand that? If you don't, it's-- it's not gonna stop here.
We're gonna have your state's federal funding withheld, and I'll cut off your, uh, poultry subsidies, and I'll have the NCAA pull you right out of, uh, all future bowl games.
You cannot do that.
Oh, yes, I can.
And I-if you think I've disrupted your way of life now, you haven't seen anything yet.
(Clatters) I thought the, uh, bowl games, uh, was a nice touch.
(Pills rattle) (Pen scratching paper) Suppose you know what's going on down in Mississippi, Mr.
Yes, sir.
I do.
Well, we certainly want Meredith to be enrolled, but, uh if it means him getting killed or, uh, any of these other students, I'm just, uh, hell, I'm not prepared to-- You don't have to explain anything to me, sir.
(Opens drawer) (Closes drawer) I grew up in a bit of an ivory tower.
I don't think I met a negro until I was in college.
I took certain things for granted because Well They didn't affect me.
Learning new ways takes time, Mr.
It takes time.
Yes, sir.
Can you, uh, can you help me out of this chair? Yes, sir.
Where's my wife? She's in New Orleans, sir.
Oh, right.
Back in the morning.
This little guy just doesn't want to go to sleep tonight.
Well, I, uh I'll take him.
(Folders thud) You sure, sir? He's getting awfully heavy.
Well, I'm sure.
Let's go.
I got him.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
(John Jr.
gurgling) Hi.
You miss your old man? I haven't seen you in a couple of days.
You're not getting lonely, are you? (Indistinct yelling playing over TV) Okay.
(Man) The tension is as high as the temperature here in Oxford, Mississippi, as James Meredith, accompanied by a contingent of Federal Marshals, has arrived on the state university campus.
(Shouting indistinctly) We will not be permitted to film the meeting of Meredith and Governor Barnett in the office of the Registrar.
State officials have cited concerns for Mr.
Meredith's personal safety as their reason for the exclusion of our cameras.
(Protestors cheering) Yet the man at the center of this controversy seems surprisingly unaffected by the furor surrounding him.
Meredith appears to be as calm and composed as the crowd is raucous and bellicose.
(Protestors continue shouting indistinctly) (Protestors continue shouting indistinctly) (Door closes) Meredith, I gotta hand it to you.
You're a mighty brave fella.
I'm honored that you're here to welcome me.
(Laughs) There are plenty of negro schools out there.
Are you sure you wouldn't be more comfortable with your own kind? Sir, I'm a citizen of Mississippi.
I am with my own kind.
Now according to the school's charter, I've met all the entrance requirements.
All but one.
Governor, this is the Supreme Court order empowering us to see that Mr.
Meredith's civil rights are not infringed.
Well Far be it from me to infringe his civil rights or disavow the nobility of the court.
But according to Mr.
Registrar, there's been a small clerical error and the freshman class is all full up.
So if I were you, I'd just turn around and go on home.
Sir, the freshman class is not full, and we both know it.
If you're not a student or an employee of this university, you're a trespasser.
But he's fine otherwise? He wasn't, uh, harmed in any way? No, no, I-I-I appreciate that.
Thank you.
All right.
(Receiver clatters) They're, uh, at a stalemate now.
Barnett won't let him in, uh, Meredith refuses to leave.
(Sighs) Well (Folder thuds) I'm not gonna give Barnett a victory by pulling out Meredith.
Meredith has to stay there.
He's gotta be guarded by Marshals and, uh-- Well, he's on the campus now, so, uh-- on the campus.
But I just think, uh, we can't get by now without, uh, having some sort of address by you.
Just let the American people know that this is in the, uh, hands of the President.
I agree.
(Sighs) I'm gonna go on television tonight.
(Telephones ring) Well, what's he gonna say on TV? That law and order will be maintained, and that Meredith will be admitted.
General now that's gonna kill me politically.
Well, this really isn't about your political future.
You either accept it and you become part of the process, or we'll have no choice but to send in the troops.
I had hoped we could reason this out.
This has gone well beyond reason because of your actions.
However the President is willing to save your face and praise your stewardship if you agree to the inevitable.
(Scoffs and laughs) What could I say in the light of the overwhelming odds stacked against me? You can give me your word that Meredith will be admitted.
(Protestors shouting indistinctly) (Sighs) Yes, sir.
You have my word.
(Receiver clatters, bell dings) (Protestors continue shouting indistinctly) Please, Joe.
Bridget made such a wonderful cobbler-- the last peaches of summer.
Don't be difficult.
It's such a waste, Joe.
(Clatters) I need your help, Michelle.
(Birds calling) I can't feed him.
I'll take care of it, Mrs.
(Door closes) (Thunder rumbles) Hello, Joe.
(Thunder rumbling) (Michelle) Here you go.
Try it.
(Rumbling continues) (Organ music playing) (Music continues) (People speaking indistinctly) (Woman) You have five minutes left.
Five minutes.
Keep within the lines, Rosemary.
Don't do that.
That costs money.
It's all right, dear.
No, it's not all right.
Don't tell her it's all right.
(Rustles pages) Let's do this one, hmm? (Crayon scratching paper) (Rose) My daughter, Rosemary, was very upset last year when she was held back.
We've all tried to help her-- her brothers and sisters, as well myself.
My husband travels quite a bit, so he hasn't-- She doesn't need our life story.
Ask me, all she needs to do is to work harder and develop some self-control.
It's more complicated than that.
According to the Binet Intelligence Test, Rosemary's I.
is between 60 and 70.
She'll never advance beyond the intellectual capacity of an 8 year old.
(Clock ticking) But that--that's impossible.
I'll hire tutors, uh, as many as she needs.
That is only part of the problem.
Her fits of temper are expressions of her frustration.
She understands that she can't keep up with her classmates, and this will only get worse as time goes by.
No, it won't.
I know my daughter.
She'll get better.
What should we do? There are a number of facilities throughout New England that do wonderful work with children like Rosemary.
You you mean an institution? I-I-I'm not sending her away.
Well, we don't have the resources or capabilities to help her.
Then we'll do it ourselves.
No! No! Rosemary.
I don't like my food! I don't want to eat my food! Please stop.
Aah! Rosemary, what are you doing?! No more food, daddy! No! No! Rosemary, this is our house.
No, no more.
No! You don't throw plates at your mother! Joe.
Joe, don't hurt her.
No, no more food! Joe, please be careful with her.
Stop right now! Please be careful with her, Joe! No! No! No! No! Stop now! Stop it, Rosemary! Please.
Stop it now! Stop it! (Clock ticking) I've given her a sedative.
She'll sleep through the night.
She may be a little groggy tomorrow, but it'll wear off.
(Rose) Thank you, doctor.
(Ticking continues) How many more times are we gonna go through this? Oh, Joe, it was my fault.
I forgot she doesn't like steamed carrots.
It was the carrots tonight.
Last night, it was the dress.
It'll always be something, and it's gonna get worse.
Now I love her, Rosie.
You know that.
But this isn't the best place for her.
She needs help we can't provide.
(Voice breaking) She needs us.
So do the others, and let's be honest.
They have a future, and she doesn't.
She's gonna be like this for the rest of her life.
She's our gift from God, Joe.
(Ticking continues) You can visit her whenever you like.
But I'm insisting now.
(Ticking continues) (Sobs) (Sighs) (Jack) A series of courts, all the way to the Supreme Court have repeatedly ordered Mr.
James Meredith's admission to the University of Mississippi.
He is now in residence on the campus.
This is as it should be.
For our nation is founded on the principle that observance of the law is the eternal safeguard of liberty.
(Voice amplified) The President is giving a speech to the nation claiming victory over our sovereign rights.
(Crowd shouting indistinctly) Now I'm giving my own speech to you good people and I'm exhorting you to rise up in indignation if President Kennedy tries to impose his will upon you.
And defiance of the law is the surest road to tyranny.
I will uphold the traditions of my state! (Cheering) And I will honor the history of this fine university! Americans are free, in short, to disagree with the law, but not to disobey it.
I look around me, and I see all these federal marshals (Crowd booing) Sent here by people up in Washington who think we're nothing but a bunch of violent, bloodthirsty hillbillies.
For in a government of laws and not of men, no man, however prominent or powerful The President and his brother don't understand that we're a peaceful, God-fearing people.
(Cheering) And no mob, however unruly or boisterous, is entitled to defy a court of law.
We will not retreat.
Even in the face of the strength of the entire federal government, we will stand up to tyranny in the name of justice! (Cheering) God bless you all! And God bless the great state of Mississippi! (Cheering) (Shouting indistinctly) (Indistinct shouting continues) (Cheering and shouting) It's a massive riot.
He riled up the crowd, he withdrew the state troopers.
The marshals can't control it now.
Where's Meredith? Well he's safe for now, but I'm gonna prosecute that son of a bitch.
The hell with that, Bobby.
Make him more of a martyr? For chrissake, he's not even the problem down there right now.
We gotta get it under control.
I want that rioting stopped.
Now, uh Send in the National Guard.
(Instrumental piano music playing) Look at you.
Hmm? My handsome man.
(Footsteps approach) (Music continues) Mrs.
So nice to see you.
I had a last-minute schedule change.
Where's my mother-in-law? She's at mass.
(Music continues) Hi, grandpa.
(Music continues) You're wearing the robe we got you for your birthday.
It looks so nice on you.
I was in New York this morning, and I had to come by and see you before I went back.
I was barking orders, getting everybody crazy.
You would've been proud of me.
(Music continues) And I brought you something.
Can you guess what it is? (Music continues) (Box clatters) (Paper rustles) (Music continues) I ordered it from that store on Savile Row you used to shop when you were Ambassador.
(Music continues) You're going to be needing it very soon.
(Music continues) (Waves crashing) Mr.
Kennedy got through the whole day without taking a nap.
I think that's very encouraging.
After his therapy tomorrow, I'll take him for a ride up The Cape.
He hasn't been out for a couple of days.
And he could use some more pajamas.
He really likes those silk ones, those silk-- Michelle, I'd prefer to eat alone, if you don't mind.
(Utensils clatter) (Taps fingers on table) Of course.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
(Spoon clanks against cup) Thank you, Mike.
Kennedy and I really appreciate this.
I-I can't take it, Mr.
Just between us.
Thank you, sir.
(Whispers) Come on.
(Door closes) (Normal voice) Rosemary (Engine turns over) You can't keep running away from the convent.
You make the sisters very upset.
I'm a good girl.
I know you are, but mommy and daddy are very worried.
There are no boys at the convent.
I like talking to boys.
It's fine to talk to boys.
But we don't want anything to happen to you.
I'm a good girl.
I'm a very good girl.
Luella, take Rosemary to her room.
I'll be up in a minute.
I don't want you to worry.
Come on, now.
It's late.
Let's get you to bed.
(Rose) If she keeps running away, anything could happen.
She could get kidnapped, she She could get pregnant.
I know.
(Indistinct shouting) (Indistinct shouting) (Sirens wailing) (Glass shatters) (Screaming) (Shouting continues) (Bobby) Over 200 people arrested, 160 wounded, and, uh, 2 bystanders killed before the guard took control of the crowd.
Now the, uh, Southern Caucus is calling it "an egregious exercise in federal power.
" That son of a bitch.
Barnett brought this on himself when he pulled out those state troopers.
Is Meredith still with the marshals? Yes, he is.
Is he safe? I believe he's fine.
(Door closes) (Telephone buzzes) Yes, Mrs.
Yes, put him through.
(Receiver clatters) Governor.
Sir, I'm here on the campus.
Meredith is signing his enrollment papers at this very moment.
His first class is tomorrow morning.
I believe it's Colonial American History.
Now I hope we can put this rather sordid affair behind his and restore an atmosphere of congeniality.
You lied to me, Governor.
People died last night because of that.
I hope you can live with it.
President, my only regret is, the wrong people died.
(Clicks button) This issue is, uh, far from over.
Well, look at it this way, Jack.
You got Meredith enrolled.
It's a good start.
Uh, yeah, we can meet at, uh, 5:00 a.
, before the kids wake.
Can you do that? I gotta be back by the time the kids get up.
(Receiver clatters) Hi.
How are you? I heard Meredith enrolled this morning.
That's wonderful.
Well Yeah, it's a--it's a start.
Those calm me down.
(Sets bottle down) Well, what's, uh, what's the problem? I can't sleep.
I'm wired.
Jacobson up the dosage? Yeah, I asked him to.
Why? Well, I I don't have time to sleep, to be honest.
Tomorrow, I start at 5:00 a.
I have the Noble Peace Prize breakfast at 9:00.
And then I have five state dinners for this month.
Did you like the foie gras from last Thursday? Mm-hmm.
I'm working on the guest list, too.
And then we have Kenneth-- I have to meet with him for 15 minutes.
Caroline's doing her show-and-tell.
It sounds like you're doing too much.
Well, I'm not going to do this job halfway.
It's all or nothing.
I'm just saying, maybe we could talk to, uh, Tish and have her lighten up the, uh, schedule a little bit.
I can handle it.
Can you? Look at this.
You're running yourself ragged.
(Sighs) Jacobson said I just need-- No, no, I think, uh, you need a break from him.
Lay off this stuff for a while.
Hmm? Jack I'm afraid.
What if I can't do it? Gonna help you.
I'm sorry.
Kennedy's asleep.
Will there be anything else? No, thank you.
Good night.
Good night, ma'am.
(Rose) Why is Rosemary here? She's had a procedure.
I ordered it done.
Without telling me? Well, I didn't want you to worry.
It's very simple.
It's called a lobotomy.
Just calm her down a bit.
Is it dangerous? No.
No, not at all.
She'll be our happy smiling girl again.
(People speaking indistinctly) There you are.
She's fine.
How are you feeling, dear? Daddy only just told me about all this.
You look swell, honey.
It's me.
It's mommy.
Rosemary, your mother's talking to you.
Answer her.
Rosemary? Rosemary Mommy's here.
Joe? Joe, she She sh-- she doesn't know who we are.
(Crying) She doesn't know who we are.
Rosemary, talk to me.
It's daddy.
(Sobs) Rosemary, talk to me.
(Rose cries) (Voice breaking) What have you done? How could you do this? (Crying) What have you done? (Cup rattles) (Sips) (Cup rattles) (Waves crashing) I was so happy when Aunt Rose called.
I've always loved it up here.
It'll be wonderful spending time with the two of you.
It's a bit chilly.
I'll go get you a blanket.
I'll be right back.
(Giggles) How did he react to seeing you? It's hard to tell, but I don't think he was very happy.
It's just the surprise.
He'll be fine.
Isn't it wonderful that Ann has come to be with you? I, uh I let Michelle go.
It was just too hard having her here.
And besides, Ann is family.
She's done a few nursing courses, and, uh She's much better equipped than Michelle to handle your needs.
(Tapping chalkboard) (Birds calling) Not mine, Joe.